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The Gadfly Vol. XVI, Iss. III

“To persuade and reproach” - Socrates, The Apology

March 6, 2012

Does Franciscan Send Missionaries? The aim of this article is twofold. First, to ask: Does Franciscan University send missionaries, particularly via Missions of Peace? This necessarily entails describing what a missionary is the in the life of the Church. Second, to provide a critique of the incredible amount of fundraising which takes place every year by the numerous groups of purported missionaries at this school. I want to mention that I have taken part in a Missions of Peace trip (New Mexico, 2010). My perspective is an “insider” perspective, though not definitive. Moreover, I am willing to admit that my thoughts on this subject may be dated. MOP has come under new management since 2010, and it is possible that some of my concerns are null and void. If this is so, I will gladly renounce some of the critiques presented below.

at all. No matter what manifestation that witness takes (preaching, catechizing, or silent works of loving service), this truth is unavoidable: Christ calls missionaries to be his voice of evangelization, his hands of service, and his heart of love. How could others, especially those who do not yet know Christ, not benefit from that? The missionary may benefit to; in fact, if it is his vocation, then he most certainly will benefit. Nevertheless, that cannot under any circumstances be the expressed goal of the missionary.

The second aspect of this first question is the use of the word “mission” and “missionary” in these Spring Break trips. Do you notice the difference between the Franciscan “missionary” and St. Francis Xavier? The latter, being a true missionary, abandoned home and livelihood entirely in order to bear witness to Christ in the East. He did not go for a week and a half, but for Does Franciscan University send mis- twelve years, until he died. Why was sionaries? I begin with the expressed he successful as a missionary? Cergoal of the mission trips. During Mis- tainly because he trusted in God, but sion Immersion Day that I attended, also because he gave his whole life for the students were cautioned against those to whom he was sent. He faced thinking that they are going on misyears of rejection but, upon discoversion trips in order to change the lives ing that he would not relent, his audiof others. They are told that although ence opened its ears. His witness bethey expect to minister to others, they came credible because he did not will discover that they are the ones who merely show up, preach, and get back are really ministered to/served. This on a boat the following week. The fact is, missionary work cannot be done in presentation of missionary activity confuses the whole enterprise. Did St. a week but requires time, perseverance, and a concrete goal: the growth Francis Xavier become a missionary and ultimate stability of the newlythinking beforehand that he would founded local church. Missionaries are benefit others then discovered that he was the one who benefited? Not sowing seeds, but they must also cultiat all. What St. Francis Xavier offered vate the growth until it is stable and was truly something new and extraor- flourishing. dinary: faith in Jesus Christ, the sacraments, incorporation into the Church, This leads directly into the second and most importantly the divine life of question about fundraising. As I write the Trinity dwelling in the souls of the this, students are posting on Facebook that they desperately need to raise last new Christians. Is it really so selfimportant or prideful to think so? Not -minute funds. One number astounded

me: $29,000 for one mission trip. $29,000? That‟s a lot of money! For what? So a few students can give chastity talks and sing praise and worship songs. There is a lot of good in those things, but is it worth $29,000 or more each for 12-16 mission trips? It would be one thing if a missionary were raising funds, in order to depart from Ohio and spend the rest of their years ministering in China. But a week? Can‟t we make better use of donated money than splurging on international plane tickets for short-term, ineffective mission trips? Do you want to serve, evangelize, and take on Christ‟s mission of lowliness and service? Do you want to serve as Bl. Teresa of Calcutta did? You do not need a plane ticket. You need to walk down the hill, make a left, walk about two blocks and discover there are myriads of poor and broken families in our own backyard, downtown Steubenville. Can you imagine if each mission trip took the tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars raised every year and tried to help out those in Steubenville? Or if we raised the same amount of money, but donated it to the longterm missionaries, who spend both frigid winters and scorching summers in these foreign lands? No, instead we spend this money on ourselves, so we can have a romanticized experience, so we can come back and gush about how much it meant to us. If you are called to be a missionary, give up everything and become one. Don‟t pretend, in the mean time, that your vacation to the Caribbean is missionary work. ~ Brian J. Donahue

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~Mission Statement~ The Gadfly is an attempt to “bite the sleeping horse� in the spirit of Socrates. It is a student publication whose purpose is to facilitate discussion concerning campus and cultural issues as they pertain to students of Franciscan University. It aims to be a forum for open, wellthought out, and honest discussion towards the end of knowing and loving truth in its most robust sense.

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I begin this letter with an urgent appeal for you all to keep fellow Franciscan University student, Neal Rylatt, in your prayers. Neal has been very sick recently with a relapse and needs the healing of the Divine Physician, Jesus Christ. In lighter news, I welcome you all to another intellectually stimulating issue of The Gadfly. This issue is complete with another letter on the happenings of the Franciscan University Student Government, from whom The Gadfly receives funding. In addition, this issue includes an interesting article on politics and anarchism, which stands alongside articles that relate to student life here at Franciscan University. I hope that you all keep an open mind when reading the following articles, and that, if you find yourself disagreeing with an expressed opinion, you would consider writing and submitting a rebuttal to The Gadfly, rather than letting your opinions go unheard. In Christ, D.R.D.

Letter to the Editor: Kevin LeRoy rightfully addresses issues and shortcomings that happen in Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) as well as in other governmental bodies. Unfortunately, as with any legislative decision, the constituents are effected. The only wrinkle which specifically regards FUSG, is how few people know what we do or who actually represents a respective class. This is not a slight against students, nor is it to say that there is a collective apathy on campus, but rather, that the primary means of reaching students is via the funding of clubs and organizations that sponsor campuswide events. This is not a hard and fast rule, as we see with the affair brought up about the funding of additional field house hours. I would like to first address the issue of the appropriated funds for Grad Week. The legislation in question is Senate Bill (SB) Spring 2012-06 "Allocation of Funds to Student Government for Grad Week." This bill was sponsored by Senator Goyette and was originally for the allocation of funds for Grad Week to the tune of $15,000. This was later amended and the bill was finally passed with a new total of $10,000 allocated for Grad Week. $10,000 clams seems like a lot of money for Grad Week, however, that is thousands less than we historically allocate, and more will needed later. The specifics of Grad Week have not been worked out, and I am not entirely clear if those will fall under the purview of FUSG. I only know that we have the responsibility of appropriating funds for Grad Week.

As to the lack of long debate on SB Spring 2012-06, I can see how it would appear that there was a certain amount of collusion to syphon funds away from the FUSG Contingency Fund for our own devices and purposes. However, this bill was very much an administrative measure in order to guarantee that enough funds were available for our primary spring monetary responsibility, which is Grad Week. Joey Schlueter, the student president of the Baron Athletic Committee, presented his excellent idea to establish extra hours for the Finnegan Field House (FFH) to FUSG on several occasions and with several methods of possible implementation. He has done an excellent job thus far, and has been willing to do as much due diligence as we have asked of him. As a non-voting member of FUSG (and one who does not represent anyone except the student constitution and by-laws,) I do not wish to give my opinion of the matter, but I will whole heartedly applaud the efforts and initiative of an individual student who is trying and get a large project accomplished for the benefit of all students. That is both good civic consciousness and the opposite of current generational apathy toward community life. Using FUSG funds to pay employees of the school is a very grey area of responsibility, and one that requires a high level of inquiry. The obvious problems are not the ones that we have to worry about in this situation, rather it is details such as: what department will our money go to (FFH or (See Fortin, page 6)

St. Felicity, pray for us!

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The Classics?! “Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.” ~ Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Dating at Franciscan: Benefits or Burdens? Dating. At some point or another, just about everyone at college thinks about dating long term. This can weigh heavily on the student‟s mind while choosing his or her spouse. At Franciscan, the dating prospective is quite unique compared to other schools. But are the rules at Franciscan a benefit or burden to the students at Franciscan? The dorm life is where most of the dating for students occurs. Of course, there are rules to dating in the dorm, as this is the place where most relationships take place. The University tries to make any meeting of the opposite sex in a dorm a “safe scenario,” where the students involved would not be tempted in any way. Take, for example, the open door policy during visiting hours. This rule is made so that students could not be tempted when alone in their rooms. Anyone

can see that a bedroom would be a bad scenario for one to put himself into. It is clear for this situation that the benefit will outweigh any burden the couple may experience. But another policy is the 1 a.m. rule that the University strictly enforces, that states that no member of the opposite sex should be allowed in a dorm after 1 a.m. (2 a.m. on weekends). It should be understood that this rule is about preserving the soul of the student, but this can be a burden towards students. Even though the couple is under public watch while in the common room or lobby, the opposite sex is still forced out. The student might wonder how the lobby of a dorm could possibly be a bad scenario.

because there is suddenly no one to watch over the student and make sure that he or she is following the Catholic teaching. The student will suddenly be landed with responsibility. But did the University teach the student responsibility by enforcing the rules? And furthermore, does the student understand the concept of self-control? If the student did not learn anything by the enforcement of rules of the University, then the rules did nothing but delay the sin from happening and kept it off campus. So it comes down to the students, not the University, to teach themselves how to be responsible and have self -control. The University‟s rules are out to benefit the student by creating a safe enThe other dating possibility is vironment, even though it dating off-campus, which is a may be thought of as a burden. vast change from dating in the dorms. In this situation everything has changed. This is ~ Pegasus

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St. Raphael the Archangel, pray for us!

Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition Diversity. Franciscan University of Steubenville is a unique place for innumerable reasons. I have had many good experiences here, as well as some not so good experiences. I have made countless friends and have grown as a person in so many ways due to my time here at Franciscan University. However, this brings me back to the word “diversity.” It seems that one of the most glaring aspects of life at FUS is the, almost, complete lack of diversity. Diversity is not singular term. It does not merely refer to racial diversity, but rather, it also refers to a diversity of thoughts, opinions, and experiences. To clarify, I am not attempting to assert that all students at FUS are cookie-cutter copies of one another. Such an assertion would be false. Rather, I am trying to elucidate how there tends to be a severe drought of diversity in the way that FUS students tend to view the world.

world.” (Keep in mind that this diatribe is coming from a History and Philosophy dual-major, and a member of the University‟s Honors Program. Therefore, my readiness to become a functioning member of the global workforce should be called into question.)

full possession of the truth and that they know what is right and wrong. They make such bold statements because they identify as “Catholic,” and therefore think that they know what the Catholic Church teaches. Oftentimes, yes, they do know what the Church teaches on abortion. However, this is because the pro-life message is so often propagated from the pulpit; but the same people are apt to be woefully ignorant of Catholic teaching on social justice. These Catholics are seemingly unaware of the diversity and plentitude of thought that is present within the intellectual history of the Catholic tradition.

However, to return to my previous point: I had argued that the reason why students should attend FUS is primarily to be good students, and not just to be good Christians. This is because the whole direction of our lives, as Christians, should be to unite ourselves to the perfect love of Jesus Christ. Therefore, to attend FUS with the sole intention of becoming a better Christian is missing the true pur- Therefore, it seems that the greatest pose of a higher education. travesty associated with the lack of diversity at FUS is that we are so rarely chalThe “real world” is a diverse place. lenged in our beliefs, thereby we become There can be no argument on that point. comfortable in our faith - possibly one of The world is full of a diversity of ideas, the most detrimental setbacks to the beliefs, and backgrounds. To be ignorant Christian life. Not once did Jesus Christ I do not wish to feed stereotypes, but and ill-prepared to dialogue with these ever assert that being a Christian would FUS students can be loosely characterdiversities will only serve as an obstacle be easy or comfortable. Quite the oppoized as being: politically conservative, for the college graduate entering into the site, Christ taught that people would hate staunchly pro-life (on abortion, that is), workforce. Therefore, let us ask ourChristians because of their belief in the dye-in-the-wool Catholics, daily Massselves: Is the lack of diversity on our truth of Christ‟s name. Therefore, I apers, denim-skirt and T-shirt wearing campus a “good” thing? peal to the student body of Franciscan Caucasians who tend to see reality in a University to question one another and different way than the prototypical However, there is a deeper and more en- to be more open to the diversity of American. To clarify, I am not claiming demic problem surrounding this question. thoughts and opinions that a stimulating to be immune from the above depiction, The problem is that there is not just a intellectual life harvests. save on a few points. However, I feel that lack of diversity, but an opposition to diwe, as students of this fine university, versity. I have often noticed this strong Together, we can make this campus a must ask ourselves: Is this extreme hodiverse melting-pot of ideas in the auadversity to any thoughts or ideas that mogeneity a healthy preparation for go- might be considered heterodox, or nonthentic pursuit of the truth, as evidenced ing out into the “real world”? traditional. My problem with this singu- in the Christian philosophical tradition. larity of thought and expression is that: If This is why I shall refer to myself as Her In a previous letter, I had detailed how Majesty‟s Most Loyal Opposition - not everyone believes and thinks the same the general purpose of receiving higher things, then how is there supposed to be because I espouse Labour Party ideology, education was for personal enrichment, in any authentic dialogue, which brings us but because I remain loyal to, though order to become a better person and a closer to the truth? The problem can critical of, aspects of our dear Alma Mater. more productive member of society. Es- best be seen as one of pride. sential to this understanding is my belief that an education should largely prepare Many people who I have talked with on an individual for working in the “real this campus assert that they are in the ~ D.R.D.

Please, we want to h ear what you have to say ! Submit ar ti cles to: N otes totheg ad fly@G mai l .com

St. Anthony, pray for us!

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Inside and Out: A Brief Exposition of Prison Conditions tions of the Federal Department of Corrections can cause inmates to gain more time on their sentences. When they are released on parole, ex-convicts are faced with the daunting task of re-entrance into society. There is a shocking lack of support for the rehabilitation of criminals in the US, with many released prisoners forced to report on apartment, job, and other applications their criminal record. Our society has become precisely what Victor Hugo taught against: a society that punishes for life, with no chance for redemption. Not only do prisoners face harshness inside prison walls, they face far worse rejection and disapproval outside the walls. If we truly believe ourselves to be a Christian nation, Worse than the terrible conditions shouldn‟t we try a little harder to in which inmates live, however, is live the Christian virtues of love, the lack of reason to hope. In the forgiveness, and charity, helping reform conditions for prisoners This past week, a prison in Hon- United States, “land of the free”, crimes are dealt harsh sentences, both on the inside and the outside? duras caught fire, and more than 300 prisoners burned or suffocated and inmates are faced with strict to death, locked in cells they could regulation of visitation and communication from the outside not escape, abandoned to die by world. Letters that are sent to intheir guards. In Germany, laws exist to castrate sexual offenders mates that do not meet the regula- ~ La voix meutte Les Miserables, written in 1862 by Victor Hugo, is widely considered to be one of the most important and influential pieces of literature released in the 19th century. It focuses on the life of an ex-convict, Jean Valjean. After committing a relatively small crime (stealing bread to feed his sister‟s starving children), he is thrown into deplorable and humiliating prison conditions, then forced to face similarly harsh conditions repeatedly throughout his life due to his convict status. Seems archaic, right? Wrong. In the 21st century, prisoners around the world, and yes even in the United States, are faced with shocking living conditions, humiliation, degradation, lack of support, and worst of all, lack of opportunity for rehabilitation.

in the hopes that it will decrease the likelihood of repeat offenses. The Larri Ganchos prison in Peru was built to accommodate 3,000 male prisoners, however it currently holds more than 10,000; California is capable of housing 100,000 inmates yet it currently has more than 170,000 incarcerated. Across the globe, prisons are faced with overcrowding, limited medical services, and in many cases inhumane treatment from fellow inmates and prison staff. According to a survey conducted by Human Rights Watch, approximately 21% of male prison inmates in the United States have been coerced into unwanted sexual activity while incarcerated.

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Confessions of a Former Anarchist Politics is an arena that a majority of people avoid. The reasons for the skirting of this social sphere are understandable, considering the history and stigma that has developed over time. Discounting politics is hardly an adequate response for Catholics to take. Let us define Politics: it is the means by which men meet other men in order to govern other men justly. Why is it then that we have come to wash our hands of it? It‟s quite analogous to how the nonreligious wash their hands of religion, because of the conflict or corruption seemingly inherent in the institution. Yet, viewing politics through the eyes of a lay Catholic as well as a former anarchist, I can see how necessary it is for all persons to be involved in the political sphere. I am not saying everyone needs to be an expert on all the issues or involved deeply in the bureaucracy that has developed in our political system. What I am saying is that no one can simply push away politics nor wash their hands of it. As persons, the political realm is the avenue or sphere that we must be at the very least aware of in order to participate and help the common good. Before anything further, forgive that ambiguous phrase, „common good‟ but I use it to point out the general mission for society. What should be stated are exactly what politics are and what the true purpose of this association of men. Philosopher Hannah Arendt states it simply, “Politics is based on the fact of human plurality” (The Promise of Politics p. 93). Essentially, it is the sphere of human relations of how each person has to come together in association to govern the whole of humanity, despite the inherent uniqueness in every person. How should being Catholic factor in our attitude toward politics? It should inform us of the nature of man, as in how our finite nature

keeps our prevailing imperfection in the forefront, yet it is important to maintain a realist outlook upon our views toward humanity. While we are thinking of the apparent faults of politics currently, is this only where our discrepancies with politics lie? Given, any human institution shall be given to pitfalls, failures, and even corruption; but then, politics operates within one of the most powerful entities within society, which is government. Responsibility seems to be absent in the attitude of those that govern of late. This does not discount the men in power who have been just, but sadly, most persons, especially in America, have become extremely disillusioned with the political system. The disillusionment should not be disregarded. If nothing else, it should inspire more direct action from the people.

religious view and simply identify with the conservative standpoint. This is dangerous as well: to not only ignore the religious viewpoint, but to only see one side of the political sphere. It is one of the principle reasons why the apathy for politics exists among the Catholic community. Liberal and conservative ideologies have created a very large rift in America; and though I am not discounting the obvious flaws in liberal thought, such as abortion and contraception, it is inexcusable for Catholics to be participating in the demonization of liberals as such.

Where does all of this leave us in the explanation of politics and how it matters to a Catholic? Rather than trying to list the explanation, it follows thus: Politics is the place where men must come together to govern one another. It is the avenue for proper laws and justice to be conWith this corruption aside, why do those ducted in order for men and women to persons who see the wrongs not seek to live in harmony and freedom. It is the correct or even replace those in the posi- social dimension of which persons come tions that are causing the conflict? Here together in order to cooperate for the at Franciscan I can understand the apacommon good of all. With these simple thy toward the political system coming things in place from the Catholic standfrom a Catholic perspective, yet when point, there is nothing that should stop issues such as abortion, contraception and persons from coming together and helpthe like are pushed forward, we become ing society in this way. It is our apathy intently focused on them. This seeming and inaction in the political sphere that bipolar reaction to politics is something has allowed for the structure to become of an interesting phenomenon, but one absent of any morality. Yet, with clearthat is troubling. The other interesting minded and faithful Catholics there can perspective is how we can become inbe a change. credibly one-sided when it comes to conservative versus liberal. Speaking strictly True holiness does not mean a flight as a Catholic, observing both of these from the world; rather, it lies in the political views despite their various hiseffort to incarnate the Gospel in evetorical context and connotations, each ryday life, in the family, at school and at side has value for a Catholic. The “fact” work, and in social and political inthat remains on campus is the seemingly volvement. – Blessed John Paul II Conservative + Catholic = Orthodox equation. This equation often leads to how some individuals may put aside the ~ A.S.P.

very reason that not enough information had been collected. Sen. Renzelli, is not a formal sponsor of a bill, but is acting as a liaison between the senate and Mr. Schlueter. Debate and passage cannot take place until a bill has been presented. So far, there has only been informal talks on what needs to be done before a formal bill can be introduced, debated, and voted upon. When a formal bill is introduced, anyone at those meetings will Furthermore, a formal bill has never been see a good show of debate and adept usintroduced on the senate floor for the age of Roberts Rules of Order in action. (Fortin from page 2)

SWOP), questions of payroll tax (both employer and employee), possible interference with Federal Work Study/SWOP money, etc. The details were the bigger concerns for FUSG, and not the matter of not wanting to shell out thousands of dollars for the program itself. Not enough information had been nailed down.

Once again, thanks to Kevin LeRoy for bringing up the issue in the Gadfly, as well as the Troubadour for addressing the same issue in last weeks edition. This shows that there is civic debate and general interest in a program such as the FFH hour extension. Sincerely, James Fortin

St. Clare of Assisi, pray for us!

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Pop Culture Quote: “And the Lord spake, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.”

~Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Veiled in Confusion Some women prefer to veil when in the Eucharistic Presence of the Lord, and it‟s a beautiful thing. Many Catholics, however, still dismiss veiling as an oldfashioned or outdated ideal. I used to be one of them, until I felt the call to veil myself.

which is pretty cool.]

Secondly: Veiling is, surprisingly, not limited to wearing chapel veils. In fact, lace veils didn‟t become popular among American Catholic women until Jackie Kennedy wore one for a papal audience. Most women just wore regular hats durI began veiling my final year of highing Mass back in the day. Here, I‟ve seen school. I literally wore the veil for a Mass women wear scarves, kerchiefs, berets, at Christendom as an attempt to fit in and mantillas. with all the other girls [However, my Thirdly: Veiling is not a statement of, neckline was undoubtedly too low for “Oh, I am a woman and must cover my their standards, you could see my neck.] hair because it will tempt men during When going up to receive the Eucharist, Mass.” Nor does veiling say, “Oh, I am it struck me rather profoundly that the required to do something men don‟t have Mass is a wedding feast, and I was walk- to do because I am inferior.” ing down the aisle to meet my BrideI consider myself a feminist- which is groom. I was even wearing a veil! The beauty of the symbolism there was over- precisely why I veil. Think of the nature of veiling in the Church: the tabernacle whelming, and so I continue to veil today. But enough about my personal rea- used to be veiled in between Masses, and the chalice is covered as well. I once read sons for veiling. that the reason they are covered was First, I would like to clear up a simple similar to the reason women cover as matter: Women who veil do not have well- it points to their unique, life-giving “holier-than-thou” complexes. We don‟t properties. Veiling is asserting the beauty think women who don‟t veil are harlots. of femininity, of how women are uniquely We don‟t think we are better than them called in God‟s plan to bear life. in any way. [I do, however, sometimes In addition to all this, veiling, quite simfeel like I‟m in some sort of secret club,

ply, reminds a girl where she is, which is another reason I like it. Every time I walk into a church or chapel I‟m reminded of the fact that I‟m going before the Eucharistic Presence of the Lord, and so I need to prepare my heart for Him, and so the act of putting on a veil is a reminder in itself. Veiling is a beautiful devotion- one that, I‟ve found, many women desire to take part in, but are afraid of what others would think because of stereotypes. Veiling does not make you an SSPXer, it does not mean you are an MRS major, it is not anti-woman, and it is not something that makes you automatically holier than everyone else. Veiling is not a statement of the self, but rather a statement to the Lord. If a woman feels called to cover, I would encourage her to pursue that. I know it‟s helped my faith life grow personally - like any devotion would. I just hope that no girl fears the judgment of others, as those stereotypes are – unlike the veil – outdated. ~ Emily Rolla

WRITE! WRIT E! WRITE! WRITE! Tel l u s what you thi n k by emai l in g : n otes totheg ad fl y@g mai l .com

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St. Catherine of Alexandria, pray for us!

Requiem for a Nightmare Don't get me wrong. I love the atmosphere on campus here at Franciscan. Maybe not the quality of the atmosphere in Steubenville (yellow fog, anyone?), but certainly the student body and the general “atmosphere” on campus. Who doesn‟t like getting enthusiastic hugs and seeing people get serenaded? What I don‟t like is living on campus. It‟s not the smog or the snoring roommates that I don‟t like living with. I cannot tolerate living under the thumb of the Residence Life policies. We are not respected or trusted, we pay exorbitant rates and are required to live on-campus as undergraduate students. We must abide by rules that often make no sense and regulate aspects of our lives that are of no concern to the school. In the school‟s mission statement, it says that the school “desires all its programs to be guided by the law of love.” Does not love also imply trust? Does not love also imply respect? One can find neither in the dorms. The open hours (or lack thereof) in the dorms are ridiculous. Eight hours per week of allowing gender mingling is not enough for building reasonable community. In Gaming, students have over eight hours per DAY of open hours. The community in Gaming was amazing and no one got pregnant during open hours, even with the door shut. Does the school not trust us to spend our time wisely? Do the administrators not trust us to make responsible choices? Maturity and responsibility can only be learned through mature and responsible choices. Without the opportunity to make bad choices, we lose the ability to make good choices. If the school truly guided its residence program by the law of love - as it claims -

students would enjoy trust and respect rather than suspicion and distrust.

the door shut, undisturbed and content. The other option involves us needing adult supervision like children and desThe mantra of those in favor of the perately searching for an open common school‟s open hours and visitation policy room, only to find a household in one, a is that they “prevent scandal.” Scandal – couple awkwardly cuddling in another the portrayal of immoral behavior reand finally settling into the third, where gardless of the presence of immoral bewe are subject to people walking by, rehavior – in the dorms is not present moving my laptop from the entertainunless someone makes assumptions. If I ment system I have and keeping a light see a man and a woman coming out of a on that does nothing but cause glare off dorm room, my assumption should not be the screen of my laptop. Option two that they were behaving immorally. Nei- sounds so wonderfully appealing, doesn‟t ther should yours. The faith community it? here is strong enough that de jure admoCompounding my frustration is the nition is not needed. The average stuschool‟s rule that all undergraduate students here do not need written rules to know appropriate behavior. We do what dents must live on campus. The combined is right because it is right, not because it cost of the dorm and the meal plan is nowhere near competitive on the local maris written in the handbook. ket. The monthly price of the dorms is When the policies mandate virtuous be- comparable to a three-bedroom house in Steubenville. Three students can live offhavior, true virtue is not cultivated. Rather than have false virtue mandated, campus - groceries included - for a year true virtue should be cultivated through on what it costs to rent a room in the faith and education. Do students have sex dorms on campus for one month. on campus at Franciscan, like at every Assisi Heights is even worse. For a fourother college in the nation? Not at the same rate, but yes. Are you scandalized? person unit, the semester fee is $1800 each. That translates to $1800 per month If so, wake up to the real world (which you will soon be living in). We are called in rent for an apartment that consists of 3 as Christians to live in this world, but not bedrooms (for four people), a small kitchen, a bathroom and living room. of it. If we are to live in the world, we must have knowledge and understanding $1800/month will BUY you a fourbedroom house in Steubenville within 2 of it. years. Clearly the rules are not deterrents to I am here for an education and to grow in those who wish to have premarital relafaith. I am not here to be mollycoddled by tions and only serve to hinder students‟ social lives. When I wish to have a female an administration that treats me like an adolescent. friend over to watch a movie, there are two options. Option one involves us both being treated like responsible adults, sit~Asilus Magnus ting in my room watching a movie with

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Volume XVI, Issue 3  

The March 6, 2012 edition of the Gadfly. Features: "Does Franciscan Send Missionaries?" by Brian J. Donahue, "Dating at Franciscan: Benef...

Volume XVI, Issue 3  

The March 6, 2012 edition of the Gadfly. Features: "Does Franciscan Send Missionaries?" by Brian J. Donahue, "Dating at Franciscan: Benef...