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L O S T The 70 Unanswered Questions A compilation of obsessive, thought provoking, mind-numbing and improbable questions dedicated to the show Lost on the ABC Network. by Francis B. Allgood Jan. 8, 2010

LOST: The 70 Unanswered Questions One night in 2008, my wife and I each created a list of baby names. We were expecting the birth of our second child. We skimmed through a book of baby names. My list consisted of more than 40 possible names for our first daughter. My wife, Jeneane, is a teacher, and therefore eliminated all the names of problem students from her past. Her list only had 14 names. We did find three names that matched, and on June 9, 2008, Penelope Frances was born. We are avid fans of the

70 Question: What was the incident?

69 Question: Is the island done with Desmond?

show Lost. Instead of “Star Trekkies,” we are “Lost Trekkies.” We have matching octagon-shaped pendants that say we are each other’s “constant.” If you see a car with the tag “LOSTGRL,” no, Jeneane’s not actually lost. We have Lost t-shirts, books, figurines and other merchandise. We followed Terry O’Quinn at the 2009 BMW Charity Pro-Am. And, yes, we named our daughter after a character on the show. Her hospital room was No. 422 (4 and 42). Feb. 2, 2010 marks the

beginning of the end – the final season of Lost on ABC. How will it all end? Well, we only have 16 episodes to figure it all out. Within these pages are a variety of questions. Some will make you say, “Oh yeah.” Others will have you shouting “duh!” And others will leave you with, “um... what?” Should we expect to get all the answers by the end of the show? Heavens no! The shroud of mystery is why we all love Lost. I fully expect the season to end with more questions. And you, too, may have ques-

An explosive ending OK, so this should be the first answer we get in Season 6, which is the only reason it takes the last spot in our Top 70 Questions list. At the end of Season 5 – an episode titled “The Incident” – we see Juliet at the bottom of what should become the Swan Station. Crippled by her fall, Juliet attempts to detonate a bomb. Was she successful? Did everything “reset?” Was this the incident all along, or was this a changed incident?

Special delivery Desmond wakes up in 2007 in a panic. All of the sudden, he remembers that Daniel instructed him to go find his mother. Desmond does find Eloise at the Lamp Post Station in Los Angeles, but she doesn’t seem surprised to see him. In the end, Desmond walks away, but not before Eloise tells him that the island “isn’t done” with him. Was Desmond’s visit to LA a waste of time? What’s left for Desmond on the island?

tions not listed below. As a collection, this list is designed to help viewers link the missing pieces together as we approach the series’ finale. Special thanks to the Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack, The TailSection, Lostpedia and DocArtz Web sites, and of course, to the writers and producers of Lost for creating such a wonderful show. Are you ready to get lost? Read on... Francis B. Allgood is a writer and editor based in Mauldin, S.C. He may be reached at

Created by Francis B. Allgood

68 Question: How does Brother Campbell know Eloise Hawking?

67 Question: Did Locke blow up the Flame Station?

66 Question: Was Eloise always the jeweler, and did Desmond always get whacked with a cricket bat?

65 Question: Will Esau reconnect Sun and Jin?

Top 70 Questions

A greater calling Desmond was engaged to a woman named Ruth. Desmond got cold feet and drank heavily, asking God if he was doing the right thing. He woke up on the streets, meeting Brother Campbell. Desmond took this as a holy sign to become a monk. He would later be kicked out for drinking monastery wine. But on his way out, we see on a desk a picture of Campbell with Eloise. What’s their relationship?

Checkmate At the Flame Station, Locke finds a computer displaying a chess game. Mikhail warns Locke that it is too difficult to beat, because it cheats. However, Locke does win, and he receives a video clip of Marvin Candle. When Candle asks if there has been an incursion by the “hostiles,” Locke enters 77. Later, the station blows up. Did entering 77 cause the explosion, or is Bea Klugh, who was hiding in the basement, responsible?

Every kiss begins with Kay During Desmond’s time traveling experience following the hatch implosion, Eloise tells Desmond that he is not suppose to buy the ring. She tries to explain herself, which just adds to the confusion. “The universe has a way of course correcting,” she said. But wait! In a bar, Desmond remembers Jimmy Lennon hitting the bartender with a cricket bat. But in the new sequence of events, Desmond gets hit. Did the future change?

‘You have my word’ Esau is the name given by Lost fans to the unnamed man in black seen with Jacob at the beginning of the final episode of Season 5. By the end of the episode, we are led to believe Esau assumed the appearance of Locke, who’s dead body is revealed at the end of the season. People are debating which one is evil: Jacob or Esau. Well, Esau-as-Locke promised to help Sun find Jin. Will he keep that promise?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

64 Question: What was John Locke’s display at the science fair?

63 Question: Is the boy in the photo important and why does the frame change?

62 Question: How did Anthony Cooper arrive on the island?

61 Question: Is Claire dead?

Top 70 Questions

Weird science As a student at Cowin Heights High School, a young Locke is stuffed in a school locker by bullies. His teacher, Mr Gellert, pulls him out of his locker and walks Locke in to his office. He tells Locke that Mittelos Laboratories is interested in him attending a science camp, possibly because of Locke’s display at the science fair. Was there something special about Locke’s display? Was it revolutionary, like Juliet’s findings?

Take a picture, it will last longer When we are first introduced to Miles, he is on a ghostbusting hunt in Inglewood, Calif. A woman’s grandson had been murdered and she wants the spirit gone. As Miles climbs the stairs, we see a picture of a boy. When Miles comes back down the stairs, the frame has changed. Who is this boy? Is he connected to Eko or Michael? And why did the frame change from wood to silver?

The magic box Ben tells Locke to imagine a “magic box,” where whatever he wished for would be inside. He then opened the door to a room containing his father, Anthony Cooper. Producers of the show have said there is no physical “magic box,” but one producer did call the island one “big magic box.” How did Anthony Cooper get to the island? Was it by some mystical force, or did the “others” just kidnap him?

‘I’m with him’ The last time we saw Claire, she abandon her baby in the jungle and walked off with her dead father, Christian. In a cabin also containing Christian, she tells Locke that she’s “fine” and “I’m with him.” Prior to leaving Aaron behind, we see several instances where Miles gives Claire a peculiar look. Is she dead? If so, how does she – and Christian – carry the baby? If she’s not dead, is she possessed?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

60 Question: What are the whispers?

59 Question: Did Johnny or Starla die in the balcony incident?

58 Question: How did Ben communicate with Harper, and where is she now?

57 Question: Why paint a map on the blast door?

Top 70 Questions

Pssst! Whispers are heard frequently on the island. We’ve heard them before the “others” arrive and before the smoke monster appears. We’ve also heard whispers off the island. Hurley hears whispers right before his surprise party. Michael hears them on the freighter. What did Ben mean when he told Danielle, “If you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, you run the other way?”

The biggest loser After winning the lottery, Hurley’s bad luck is linked to the death of two people. He stepped onto a deck that was holding 23 people, but was only built to hold up to eight. The deck collapsed, killing two people. Hurley blamed himself for the accident because of his weight. Who were the two that died in the incident? Was one Johnny, his best friend from Mr. Clucks, or Starla, his love interest?

Not quite Dr. Phil Harper is a therapist and wife to Goodwin Stanhope. We’ve seen her twice: during therapy sessions with Juliet, where she eventually confronts Juliet about her affair with Goodwin, and in the jungle, where she tells Juliet that Ben wants her to stop Charlotte and Danielle from allegedly releasing deadly gas at the Tempest Station. Ben was locked up at the time. How did he do it? After delivering the message, did Harper “vanish?”

Painting in the dark There is reason to believe that Stuart Radzinsky and Kelvin Inman were the last Dharma Initiative survivors on the island. It also stands to reason that they were painting the map because they were quarantined to the Swan Station. But why paint in the dark on the blast door? Did the camera’s stop working when they crossed the two wires to close the doors? Did they think the “others” were spying on them?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

56 Question: What’s in the guitar case?

55 Question: Ji Yeon is the first baby conceived on island to be born following the ‘incident.’ Does that make her ‘special?’

54 Question: Why does Dr. Pierre Chang use multiple aliases?

53 Question: What ‘lies in the shadow of the statue’ that will ‘save us all?’

Top 70 Questions

Rock on, dude When Sayid was taken to the hospital after killing some of Charles Widmore’s men, Hurley took the blame. He gladly did so because being locked up was the easiest way to distance himself from Ben. But the charges were dropped, and waiting for him outside was a cab with Jacob and a guitar case. Jacob said the guitar case wasn’t his, but Hurley takes it with him on Ajira Flight 316. Is it Charlie’s? What’s in it?

A missing link Everyone makes a big deal that Aaron was the first baby born on the island following the incident. I guess maybe some people think this makes him a naturalborn “other.” But Ji Yeon was conceived on the island. Isn’t that the true mystery: Why do babies conceived on the island die with their mothers? If the illness starts at conception, this should makes Ji Yeon very special.

True identity We know that Dr. Pierre Chang is a Dharma Initiative leader and an astrophysicist. Why an astrophysicist is one of the top scientists on the island is a thought provoking question in itself, but what we really want to know is why Chang uses various pseudonyms. He’s also known as Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Mark Wickmund and Dr. Edgard Halliwax. His appearance never changes. Who does he think he is fooling?

Not your average sundial Ilana and Bram have a secret question: “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” If you don’t know the answer, they don’t trust you. At the end of Season 5, Richard finally gives the answer in Latin, translated into English: “He who will save us all.” Jacob lives in the bottom of the statute. Is he in the “shadow?” The body of Locke is unveiled next to the statute. Maybe Locke is “he who saves us all?”

Created by Francis B. Allgood

52 Question: Why did Bea Klugh take a bullet?

51 Question: Did Isabel have any real authority?

50 Question: Who is Sarah’s baby’s daddy?

49 Question: Why was Frank Lapidus replaced as the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815?

Top 70 Questions

That stings In Season 2, Beatrice tells Michael to rescue Ben, and then later instructs Hurley to warn Oceanic survivors to stay on their side of the island. However, we don’t see her again until she’s scurrying through the dark basement of the Flame Station. Once captured by Sayid, she orders Mikhail to kill her. Why? So they won’t go into “others” territory? Shouldn’t Mikhail have killed himself, too, then? Dude, that sucks.

I shot the sheriff At the 2007 Comic Con, producer Damon Lindelof was quoted as saying Isabel is dead. We don’t know how. One could presume during the tent explosions on the beach at the end of Season 3. Still, when Tom was explaining her role with the “others” to Jack, he called her “like a sheriff.” It seems Richard can talk to Jacob, but Ben calls all the shots. What was Isabel’s role? Did she know Jacob?

Bun in the oven Sarah was the woman Jack fixed. After what seemed like a miracle surgery, the two fell in love and were married. However, Sarah began seeing someone else while Jack was busy at work. We never did find out who the mystery man was. Jack accused his father of the affair, but he wasn’t Sarah’s boy toy. In Season 5, we learn that Sarah is pregnant. Is she married? Is the bun in the oven of significance?

Ajira Airways’ Cap’n Sully We know Charlotte was born on the island, Daniel is the son of Eloise Hawking and Miles is the son of Pierre Chang. Of the four that Naomi was suppose to protect, we still don’t have Frank Lapidus’back story. Why did Seth Norris replace Frank as the pilot of Oceanic flight? Did his drinking problem (Naomi called him a drunk) cause him to be replaced as pilot, or did he begin drinking after the supposed crash?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

48 Question: Ben’s mother died off island, yet she appears as an apparition on island. Is this Emily?

47 Question: Who was flying the helicopter that Naomi ejected from?

46 Question: Does Miles really need a body to connect with the dead?

45 Question: Was Alex’s death the will of Jacob?

Top 70 Questions

Mom? Emily died giving birth to Ben. Ben’s father, Roger, never came to grips with the loss of his wife. In fact, Ben felt like his father blamed him for her death. When Ben was 8 years old, his dad joined the Dharma Initiative. On the island, Ben began to see visions of his mother. She even talks to him. Is this Ben’s mom, or is it someone else pretending to be Emily?

Splish, splash Was Frank Lapidus the only pilot on the freighter? It would seem that there was at least one more who is now swimming with the fishes. When Naomi parachuted on the island, she did so because her helicopter crashed in the ocean. Did Naomi fly alone or did a crew of freighter people crash in the ocean? Could she pilot a helicopter? If Desmond let Charlie die, would Penelope somehow have taken the place of Naomi?

Ghost whisper Miles was hired by Howard Gray to contact his dead son. He wanted to know if his son knew that he loved him. Despite not having a body, Miles told Howard his son knew of his love for him. However, Miles would return to refund Howard, stating he had lied. But is a body really needed? Miles did work for a woman who wanted her grandson’s spirit exorcised from her house. The ghost led Miles to his money and drug stash.

The death of Sally Slingshot Ben and Ethan were told to kill Danielle. When Ben entered Danielle’s tent, he sees she has a baby, Alex. Instead of murdering Danielle and her child, he took Alex and told Danielle to run if she ever heard “whispers.” Back at the “others” camp, Charles Widmore is upset that Ben didn’t kill Danielle and Alex, saying it was the “will of Jacob.” Was it Jacob’s will, or was it just what Charles wanted?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

44 Question: Was Eloise banished from the island, just like Charles Widmore?

43 Question: Who is Daniel’s adoptive father?

42 Question: Why didn’t Daniel serve as a constant for Charlotte?

41 Question: Why was Ilana injured and how does she know Jacob?

Top 70 Questions

The tribe has spoken Daniel had a passion for the piano, but his mom had bigger plans for him. Eloise didn’t want her son dabbling in the musical arts or socializing with girls. She wanted him to be a physicist to fulfill a greater purpose. It seems that purpose may have been a selfish one – to help her reconnect to the island. How did she get off the island anyway? Was she banished in the same fashion as Charles Widmore?

Mamma’s boy Daniel is the daughter of Eloise Hawking. In Season 5, Charles Widmore says, “He’s my son, too.” So, if the two of them are Daniel’s biological parents, then how did Daniel get the last name Faraday? Was there another man in Eloise’s life? Did this mystery man cause Eloise and Charles to break up? Does this person have ties to the island? I bet he would have let Daniel play the piano!

Chocolate: A natural aphrodisiac Charlotte was 6 years old when she left the island. Unlike Miles, who left the island as an infant, she had the opportunity to accumulate memories. For instance, she told Locke to go to the well to move the island. Of course, she also screamed “This place is death!” Her parents probably discouraged her from trying to find the island. But, in the end, why didn’t Daniel serve as a constant like Penelope did for Desmond?

The bounty hunter When Jacob visits Ilana in a Russian hospital, she recognizes him. He asks her to help him with “something,” and she agrees. Much later, she captures Sayid, claiming to be working for the family of Peter Avellino – a man Sayid killed. Eloise claimed everyone needed to be on Ajira Airways Flight 316. Who really wanted Sayid on the flight: Avellino’s family, Jacob, Widmore or maybe even Ben?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

40 Question: Where is the elder ‘others?’

39 Question: Why didn’t Danielle recognize Ben as Alex’s kidnapper?

38 Question: Did Ben and Charlotte know each other while part of the Dharma Initiative?

37 Question: How do the effects of temporal displacement impact the past?

Top 70 Questions

An active retirement We’ve seen “others” wear dirty clothes and roam the island barefooted. We’ve also seen “others” who wear nice clothes and hold book club meetings. Why are there two sects? And then there’s Amelia. She helped Juliet prepare for the book club meeting. The actress who portrays Amelia is 83 years old. So, she’s been bouncing around this island all this time? Go, grandma, go!

Never forget a face In Season 2, Danielle captures Ben in one of her traps. She tells the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 that he’s an “other” and shouldn’t be trusted. That’s all she tells them. I mean... That’s ALL she tells them? Come on! Wouldn’t you remember the face of your baby’s kidnapper? True, we’re talking about a span of 16 years, but Ben’s appearance hasn’t changed that much. I’d be asking, “Where’s my baby?”

Charlotte from the block After Charlotte, Daniel and Miles landed on the island, Locke and his posse capture Charlotte. Ben grabs a gun and fires two shots into Charlotte’s chest. Lucky for her, she was wearing a bulletproof vest. Ben then rattles off a bunch of facts about Charlotte and her freighter crew that he got from his spy, Michael. But Charlotte and Ben were kids on the island at the same time in the late 1970s. Didn’t they know each other?

Out of your mind When George Minkowski slips out of consciousness, he travels back to what seems like a point in his childhood (he said he was on a Ferris wheel). When Charlotte’s consciousness travels back in time, she, too, is a child (no chocolate before dinner). Yet for Desmond, he is an adult struggling to understand why his mind keeps slipping in BOTH time periods. Did George and Charlotte faint in the “past?”

Created by Francis B. Allgood

36 Question: Who is supposed to raise Aaron?

35 Question: If Jacob welcomed the crew of the Black Rock making them ‘others,’ why were the slaves in the hull dead?

34 Question: Did Jacob visit Juliet’s sister?

33 Question: Why was Libby Smith in a mental institution?

Top 70 Questions

My little goober Apsychic tells Claire she must raise her baby instead of putting it up for adoption. He later changes his mind, and pays for her plane ticket to Los Angeles where a family is awaiting her arrival. In short, the plane crashes, the baby is born on the island and Kate ends up taking care of Aaron. In a dream, Claire tells Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island. Is leaving him with Claire’s mom the right thing to do?

Jacob doesn’t care about... At the end of Season 5, we see what appears to be the Black Rock coming to the island. Of course, how it reaches from the shore to somewhere in the jungle is still a mystery. Leslie Arzt theorized a tsunami swept the ship into the jungle. However, if the dynamite survived in the hull, it would seem the slaves would have survived, too. If some of the “others” are made up of people who sailed, why were the slaves left for dead?

Feel me, touch me, heal me Juliet accomplished two great medical feats: impregnating a male field mouse (it didn’t carry to term) and successfully assisting her sister, Rachel, to get pregnant, who was infertile due to chemotherapy to treat cancer. However, Ben later tells Juliet that the cancer came back, but Jacob would heal Rachel if Juliet stayed on the island. Was this all a hoax or did Jacob really heal Rachel?

Mad about you Following the death of her husband, David, Libby was admitted to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Hurley was also a patient there at the time. Why was she there? It’s one thing to go to rehab or to see a shrink, but she was institutionalized! Did she go “mad” and commit a crime? How did David die? Was his death so gruesome that she had nightmares?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

32 Question: What role does religion play on the show?

31 Question: Who did Juliet fire back at while time-jumping along the coastline?

30 Question: Are Gerald and Karen DeGroot still professors at the University of Michigan?

29 Question: Is it a miracle that Charlotte Malkin is alive?

Top 70 Questions

Thy will be done The show’s character names have often been linked to the Bible. Some are subtle references, while others are obvious, such as “God loves you as he loved Jacob.” Charlie, Desmond, Hurley and Eko all have Catholic backgrounds. It seems Christian’s funeral service is held in a Catholic church, and the Lamp Post Station is in the basement of a Catholic church, too. What’s religion’s role, particularly Catholicism?

Right back at’cha While sailing around the island heading back to the Orchid station, another raft opens fire on Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Faraday, Locke and Charlotte. Juliet begins to fire back when the group time-jumps again. When the time-jump is over, the enemy raft is gone, it is the evening, and it is pouring rain. Who fired the shots and when did this happen? Why did they shoot? Was it Ilana’s clan or the “others?”

Hail! Hail to Michigan! A fascinating tidbit of information that I think has gone unnoticed is the connection of the Dharma Initiative to the University of Michigan. Unlike the countless other clues we analyze (Mittelos Bioscience is anagram for “Lost Time”), the university is a real place! Only in orientation videos have we seen the founders of the Dharma Initiative. Are they still doing work in Ann Arbor, Mich.?

Divine work? The reason Eko traveled to Australia was to see if the story of Charlotte Malkin was a miracle. She supposedly drowned, but came back to life when the doctor was performing the autopsy. Her father, Richard Malkin, said there was no miracle. He also admitted to being a psychic and a fraud. But Charlotte met Eko at the airport with a message from his dead brother to “have faith.” Did Jacob bring Charlotte back to life?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

28 Question: Did all the remaining survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 die in the flaming arrow attack?

27 Question: Why does Richard have long hair and wears primitive clothes only in 1973 when he meets Ben?

26 Question: What happened to Annie?

25 Question: How is the Hanso Foundation connected?

Top 70 Questions

Up in flames The simple answer is probably, “yes.” This was an easy way to do away with the remaining characters we never had intimate connections with on the show. If this is the case and they are all dead, who is going to take the bullet? There are no more log-carrying guys! Still, there are some of us who always thought it was cool when an unknown survivor got to say a few lines. Then again ... there was Nikki and Pablo.

Hair! Flow it. Show it. I know, the more obvious question is, “Why doesn’t Richard age?” But the flowing locks need to be answered! Richard always upheld a clean cut image. In the years we’ve seen Richard – 1954, 1956, 1961, 1974, 1977, 1989, 1992, 2001, 2005 and 2007 – he’s always had a short hair cut, neat slacks and a tucked-in shirt. But in 1973, he looked like a hippie. Was this a “wild” year or does this mean something?

Are you OK, Annie? All we know of Annie is she was a childhood friend of Ben. She comforted Ben during an attack on the Barracks, and she would later give him two wooden dolls made in their likeness on his birthday. It seemed like Annie was Ben’s only friend while he was part of the Dharma Initiative. Would Ben agree to having her killed in the “purge?” Did he have a choice? Did she become an “other” or ever leave the island?

Reach out to a better tomorrow This past season we got a glimpse into Dharma-life back in the 1970s. However, we must not forget that the research was funded by the Hanso Foundation. So how did Dharma find out about the island to begin with, and how is Alvar Hanso connected? For an island so difficult to find, how did Dharma and the Hanso Foundation became interested in it in the first place? Did the ageless traveling Jacob give them the scoop?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

24 Question: Why did Libby Smith board Oceanic Flight 815?

23 Question: Is Michael’s death significant?

22 Question: What’s the significance of Juliet’s branding?

21 Question: What caused the four-toed statue to fall?

Top 70 Questions

Bad medicine Libby claimed she was a clinical psychologist. She exhibited some medical prowess, notably helping a man with a broken leg and providing emotional advice to survivors. However, we also know she was a mental health patient in Los Angeles. As a widow, we see her give her boat away to Desmond in 2001 while visiting the UK. She also claimed she skied in Vermont once. But why was she in Australia?

Divine intervention There are a lot of people who were upset with how Michael’s story ended. I suspect the answers may have been within the two episodes cut due to the writers’strike. Anyway, I think we can still ask the question, “Why was Michael’s death significant?” He couldn’t kill himself. Martin Keamy tried to shoot him and couldn’t. When Michael did finally die on the freighter, why did Christian appear?

Tramp stamp Is it an upside down Scientology symbol or the marking of a Cadbury Cream Egg? Juliet received the branding after Jack threatened not to treat Ben’s infection following spinal surgery. Is there significance to Juliet’s branding, or was it only a ploy to fool Jack? We do later learn Juliet was still working for Ben. If it is a mark for exile, does Charles Widmore have a similar branding?

Toe jam Perhaps the better question would be, “Why does the statue have only four toes?” But, now that we believe the statue is of an Egyptian god or goddess, I’ll assume it has four toes just like most cartoon characters have four fingers. It’s just easier to draw! Is the island the lost city of Atlantis? If true, the statue survived long after the city fell. The area seemed very jungle-like when Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles and Daniel saw it.

Created by Francis B. Allgood

20 Question: Who is Penelope’s mother?

19 Question: Why was the exit-end of the pneumatic tube connected to the Pearl Station never finished?

18 Question: Is Mikhail dead?

17 Question: Why do pregnant mothers die?

Top 70 Questions

Filthy little mudblood OK, so we know Daniel’s parents are Eloise Hawkins and Charles Widmore. This makes Daniel and Penelope at least half siblings. But it is doubtful Eloise is Penelope’s mother. When Charles is banished from the island, Ben tells him he was expelled for regularly leaving the island and having a “daughter with an outsider.” Technically, Eloise is an insider. So who is Penelope’s mum?

Litter Bugs When Locke told Desmond the Pearl Station was designed to study the behaviors of those in the Swan Station, Desmond questioned if perhaps it was the other way around. When we see the big pile of recordings dumped outside, we’re led to believe maybe Desmond was right. But that doesn’t make sense. Pearl Station workers could come and go freely. Also, Dharma was full of hippies. Why would they litter?

Just call me Jason Voorhees He’s like Jason from Friday the 13th. Mikhail was pushed through a sonar fence, bled from the ears and foamed from the mouth, but didn’t die. He didn’t even become hard of hearing! In the Looking Glass Station, Mikhail took a spear to the chest. However, he still wasn’t dead, and he managed to scuba dive outside the station and set off a grenade in an attempt to flood the station. Are we sure he’s dead?

Life at conception We know pregnant mothers and their unborn children die on the island during the middle of the second trimester. This mystery is why Juliet was brought to the island. Oddly enough, if you are conceived off island (Aaron), you can be born on island. If you are conceived on island (Ji Yeon), you can be born off island. If I was a pregnant “other,” I’d be boarding a submarine ASAP.

Created by Francis B. Allgood

16 Question: Was anyone off the island during the ‘purge’ and Ben’s turning of the ‘frozen donkey wheel?’

15 Question: What’s with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42?

14 Question: Who were Adam and Eve?

13 Question: Is Carl the only person to wear the glowing goggles?

Top 70 Questions

Separation anxiety It would seem that during the “purge,” not all of the Dharma scientists would be on the island. Some would be doing work in the United States. Case in point: In 1977, Daniel visited Michigan and Miles and Charlotte, as children, left the island. It would also make sense that when Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel, some of the “others” would be elsewhere, such as Portland, Ore., or perhaps in a New York loft with Arturo!

As luck would have it The numbers are listed in sequence on the door to the Swan station, on medicine that Desmond and Claire receive, in Danielle’s notes along with a mathematical formula and on Eko’s stick. The numbers are also used for Hurley’s lottery ticket and Kate’s trial number. These are just a few sightings. In the Lost Experience, they are linked to a formula designed to predict the end of humanity. What does it all mean?

Skeltons in the closet In the first season, two skeletons were discovered by Jack and Kate in a cave. On the corpses were one black and one white stone. The producers of the show have indicated that “Adam” and “Eve” will show that certain elements of the show were planned early on. So who are they? Jack and Kate? Sawyer and Kate? Juliet and Sawyer? Are the stones a clue? Rose and Bernard?

Glowing goggles It would seem odd that Carl would have been the only person to ever watch the strange video in Room 23. In addition to some bizarre imagery, we see the following: “Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit.” “Everything changes.” “We are the cause of our own suffering.” “God loves you as he loved Jacob.” “Think about your life.” Is this video an integral part to becoming an “other?”

Created by Francis B. Allgood

12 Question: Why did the ‘others’ take the children?

11 Question: Does the island really move or does it simply become ‘unfindable?’

10 Question: Who is Juliet suppose to look like?

9 Question: How does the smoke monster choose who it kills?

Top 70 Questions

Teddy on a string The “others” took three children among the tail-section survivors. They are later seen among a group of “others” outside a cage holding Jack. While we know the “others” were doing experiments to figure out why women die during pregnancy, this doesn’t explain why they needed to take the kids. Was it so they could brainwash them into joining their army to protect the island, or is there a deeper meaning?

Fantasy island An airplane crashed on the island. Desmond’s boat and Danielle’s raft accidentally landed on the island. Asubmarine can go to and from the island (Richard, Tom and Ethan leave freely). A helicopter and Daniel’s raft-boat can go between the freighter and the island. The U.S. Army found it. Michael steered a boat off the island to find rescue. Yet, according to Eloise Hawkins, the island is constantly moving. Huh?

‘You’re mine’ Everyone knew Ben had the hots for Juliet. Even Juliet got the vibe, but she didn’t realize how strong it was until Goodwin told her everyone saw how he follows her around “like a puppy.” When Harper confronts Juliet about her affair with Goodwin, she tells her Ben would kill anyone who stood between himself and Juliet. She also said Juliet looks like “her.” Who’s “her?” Annie? Emily? Juliet from the 1970s?

Up in smoke We’ve seen the smoke monster “scan” Locke, Eko, Juliet and Ben. The smoke monster let Eko go the first time, but after he denied his sins before an apparition of his brother, smokie came back and laid the smack down. Not everyone got second chances. The smoke monster killed the Oceanic Flight 815 pilot instantly, and it killed a member of the “freighties” after Ben summoned it. Is there a moral code?

Created by Francis B. Allgood

8 Question: Who is Henry Gale?

7 Question: Where did the parachuted supply of food come from?

6 Question: Is someone(s) taking on the persona of dead bodies, are they ghosts or are they not dead at all?

5 Question: Is there a reason why certain people time travel or is it strictly by chance?

Top 70 Questions

Somewhere over the rainbow In Season 2, we learned Ben’s real name was not Henry Gale. But there was an African-American man from Minnesota who did pilot a hot air balloon that landed on the island. His dead body was found by Sayid buried in the ground underneath his balloon hanging from a tree. The basket did have stickers on it for Widmore Labs and Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack. Was Henry looking for the island?

It’s raining meatballs During a lockdown incident at the Swan station, a large pallet of food and supplies dropped from the sky. Everything was marked with the Dharma logo. Where did the food come from and who sent it? The drop came long after the “purge,” where the “others” killed off the Dharma Initiative. Who is still making Dharma-branded food? For an island supposedly so difficult to find, how did the pallet parachute onto the island?

Two places at once At the end of Season 5, we think Esau took over Locke’s body. We are lead to believe that because Locke wasn’t buried (Amy made a big deal of burying dead “others”). Was this Esau’s lone shot to plot how to kill Jacob? Also, did Esau take on the bodies of Christian and Claire at the same time? What about Charlie at the psychiatric ward? Why couldn’t Esau claim the bodies of a dozen or so log-carrying guys?

When am I? When Ben turned the frozen wheel, Locke was with the “others,” Jin was in the ocean, Oceanic Flight 815 survivors were on the beach and Daniel was in a boat. They all began to time travel. Yet Frank and the Oceanic 6 in a helicopter did not. Why didn’t the “others” time travel? What about the children captured by the “others?” Why did only Hurley, Kate and Jack fall into 1977 during the Ajira flight?

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4 Question: Who is the ghost-like man in the cabin?

3 Question: How does Walt’s special powers play a role in ‘Lost?’

2 Question: Where in the world is Cindy Chandler?

1 Question: Did the fact that Charlie knew how he was supposed to die alter future outcomes?

Top 70 Questions

Old guy in rocking chair Now that we know Jacob is a dashing young fellow who was very much alive until he is killed by Locke at the end of Season 5, who is the mystery man sitting in the cabin? Is it Locke with hair, Jack, Horace or Alvar Hanso? Ben allegedly knows how to find the cabin, but he tells Locke he was surprised when things went crazy that night in the cabin. My theory: It’s bearded Bernard. He and Rose did build a cabin.

Weird Walt There’s still a lot of mystery about Walt. A wet Walt can materialize frequently to Shannon and motion “shh.” He can tell Locke he’s “got work to do.” He also has the power to make birds fly into a window, and he dreams of Locke when he’s not on the island. In a mobisode, it is revealed the “others” locked him away because they feared him. Now he’s just an average middle school student in New York? Bitch please!

From the beginning Cindy Chandler was a flight attendant aboard Oceanic Flight 815. She survived the crash with the tail-section survivors. However, during a trek across the island to reunite with other survivors, Cindy is allegedly taken by the “others.” We later see her and the missing children watching Jack in a cage. Was she always an “other?” Was she brainwashed using glowing coke-bottle glasses?

The variables Where’s the helicopter that rescues Claire and Aaron? It never happened. But that’s what Desmond promised Charlie if he died according to his vision. It seems Charlie could have escaped with the door locked behind him. Instead, knowing he was supposed to die, Charlie took his own life, thwarting destiny. As a result, no helicopter. Was his death a “variable” that changed the course of time?

LOST: The 70 Unanswered Questions  
LOST: The 70 Unanswered Questions  

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