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Francia Villabona Triana 2015













ays gpass o  by as successions of light and darkness. Now, for me   my,ddays A continuous dawn and dusk. time’s  metaphor. Daily sparkles work as a metaphor for time. That imperceptible time, these banal hours to which every day I get used. I’m looking for what has been lost. Nevertheless, I want to detain once again, to have freedom of contemplate. for To see the time going by, being unfolded.

Arctos. Installation with painted plants and light 2015

“This drop falling is time tapering to a point. Time, which is a sunny pasture covered with a dancing light, time, which is widespread as a field at midday, becomes pendant. Time tapers to a point. As a drop falls from a glass heavy with some sediment, time falls. These are the true cycles, these are the true events. Then as if all the luminosity of the atmosphere were withdrawn I see to the bare bottom. I see what habit covers.�

Virginia Woolf. The Waves.

5 sugar kilos Candy, cups and dishes. 2014

No title Found cups and dishes 2.9 mts. 2014

It’s burning ice, it’s frozen fire, A wound which doesn’t hurt, which is not felt. It is a blessed dream, a present evil. Francisco de Quevedo.

Yellow flowers Ice and flowers. 2013 - 2014

Dead you look prettier. Ash roses and artificial daisies. 2014

With flowers and drawings, I told you ‘get away from here’

‘Get away from here’ Painted bottles and bricks. 13 cm. x 15 cm. x 22 cm. Each one 2013








I love banality. I love taking ordinary and quotidian clichés. I am only celebrating everything I see. I love objects, objects are a   memory; they condense time, their materials change and ruin daily. Photographs are images and objects. We can touch, manipulate and handle them with our hands. Quotidian photos taken with disposable cameras are modified with chemical solutions that alter their colors. We’ve got abstract images of spots and impurities that remember the fragility and the materiality of the photographic medium and our memory.

Happy Days Analog photography 18 Photographs 2014

“In the words of Maurice Rheims: For man, the object is a sort of insentient dog which accepts his blandishments and returns them after its own fashion, or rather which returns them like a mirror faithful not to real images but to images that are desired.� Jean Baudrillard. The system of objects.

Beautiful objects Pencil, crayons, paper. 2013

Collages Paper, pencil and ink 21.5cm. x 28cm. Each one 2013 -2014

When we are afraid, we shoot. But when we are nostalgic, we take pictures. It is a nostalgic time right now, and photographs actively promote nostalgia. Photography is an elegiac art, a twilight art. Most subjects photographed are, just by virtue of being photographed, touched with pathos. All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt. Susan Sontag. On Photography.

Happy Kids Ink on paper 25cm. x 17.5cm. 2012

Costume party Photoengraving 19.5cm. x 17 cm. Print 2012

No tittle Pencil and ink on paper 21.5 cm. x 28 cm. 2012

The girls. Photoengraving 18.5cm. x 12.5 cm. Print 2012

No title Metal engraving 18 cm. x 8,5 cm. Print 2012

Francia Villabona Triana. 25.10. 1991. Bogotá - Colombia

2013. November 22nd – 29th. 206 Show. -Exposición 206-. Casa taller. Bogotá. November 14th – 21st. Frecuencias Visibles. Centro Colombo Americano. Bogotá. November 1st – 3rd. Que Soda. Curator group member. Salón Internacional de artistas. Edificio Antioquia. Medellín.

Studies, stages and prizes. 2009 - 2015. BFA. Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá, Colombia. 2014. International exchange Université Bordeaux - Montaigne. Bordeaux, France. 2014. Ramón de Zubiria Excellence distinction. Universidad de los Andes. 2013 - 2014. Guest writer. Aventuras Xtremas Magazine, Art section. 2012. April 18th. Participant in Convergencias – Humanities students in conversation. Essay “Nathalie Seurrat y la novela perforada”. Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá. 2011. October 20th - 27th. Stage in La Otra. Contemporar art exhibition - Bogotá. 2011. Excellence honour. Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá. 2010 - 2011. Editor team Rec Magazine – Humanities and arts students publication. Universidad de los Andes. 1995 - 2009. School studies. Colegio la Candelaria. Bogotá - Colombia.

2012. December 7th – 13rd. Improntas en tinta. Espacio La Quincena. Bogotá. December 4th. Binario Show -Exhibición Binario-. Abandoned building. Bogotá. May 25th – July 1st. First Tollota Room. -Primer Salón Bi-universitario Tollota. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Bogotá. March 26th – April 2nd. Colombia-Columbia. LeRoy Neiman Gallery. Columbia University. New York.

Individual Shows. 2014. April 23 – April 30. Yellow flowers. Universidad de Los Andes. Bogotá.

Collective Shows. 2014. December 10th – 12nd. The impermanence. -L’impermanence. Atelier photographique- Maison des Arts, Université Bordeaux - Montaigne. Bordeaux. France. June 6th. Light Table. -Mesa de Luz- Casa Común. Bogotá. May 15th – June 5th. Art and dress poetics. -poéticas del Vestido en el Arte. Casa Faro del tiempo. Bogotá. May 15th – 17th. Golpe Bajo. Espacio Odeón. Bogotá. April 9th – 30th. Young women artists. Galería Casa Cano. Bogotá.

She lives and works in Bogotá - Colombia.