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My name is Franklin Coba. My Nickname is Francho because so my friends tell me. I’m 20 years old.

I was born in Quito on April 6th of 1993.

I live in Latacunga since 2002. Before I live in Salcedo.

I studied at Semillas de Vida Kindergarden until first grade.

I studied at Simon Bolivar school and Primero de Abril highschool.

I’m studying Acounting and Auditing at Technical University of Ambato. I’m in second semester.

My father is Gonzalo Coba. He was born in Quito . He’s 55 years old. He works at Contraloría General del Estado in Latacunga. He was married with my mother.

This is mother Mercedes Cepeda. She is 45 years old. He’s house wife. He was married with my father since 1983. They had three children.

My first brother is Pablo. He’s 38 years old. He live in Latacunga. He is married and He has two children. Pablo and Anthony.

My second brother is Diego. He’s 40 years old. He lives in Brescia, Italy. He was married since 2012. He has a daughter. Her name is Ilary and We love her so much.

I will be an engeneer in Accounting and Auditing in the future I hope to get a job at Contraloria General del Estado or be a army officer.

I would like to travel to other places for know another cultures, people, etc.

Franklin coba fp  
Franklin coba fp