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Health Combines with Wealth - The Franchise Way Modern day hectic schedule along with the lifestyle does not really allow you to stay in shape. This simply means that sooner or later you would need to hit the gym or join a fitness centre in order to stay in shape and be healthy. This is the same reason why the industry has exploded in the recent past and the things are likely to continue in the times to come. Established brands of the field are also looking to build up market share and generate increased profits. Most of them have opted to franchise models in order to ensure speedy growth.

A number of national and international players have stormed into the field and the industry is flourishing. Studies reveal that increased awareness towards fitness is the major reason behind the same, which in turn is inspired by a number of different factors including Better Education Awareness Spending power And probably the most important of all, Bollywood Experts of the field are of the view that toned bodies of the well-known actors and actresses is one of the major factors that has inspired the youth. Whether the above reasons hold true or not, people of all age groups in the country are more cautious towards their health in the modern times and are making efforts to improve the same. The Figures The experts are of the view that the field is all set to grow even further in the times to come. Currently, it is poised at $0.8 billion. However, with a compound annual growth rate of around 25 percent, it is all set to touch $2.5 billion by the end of year 2015. As per the records, there are over 20, 000 health and fitness centres across the country in present times and the number would surely increase in the times to come. The Contributing Factors The coming up of new organizations and the entry of international corporations has provided better job opportunities to the people in recent past. They are earning well; however, the timings of the corporate culture do not really allow them too much time to indulge some kind of physical activity. Most job types also require sitting in front of a computer and managing the things, which certainly do not provide the desired exercise. Increased work pressure also means that we are eating out more often than ever before and are more reliant on fast food as well. If you look carefully, these are some of the major reasons behind the coming up of health issues including heart diseases, obesity and diabetes among others. Perhaps the only solution that is

left is opting for a fitness program to lead a healthy life. In addition, the conception that those who exercise regularly are generally happier than those who do not has also resulted in popularization of the concept. Working out increases stamina and energy, while reducing stress, depression and anxiety among others. The Big Names The huge potential has attracted the national and international players alike. Gold's Gym of the United States and Fitness First of UK are some of the prominent international players to have entered the country and have opted for franchise model to capture the market. Some of the well-known domestic competitors include Champion Barbarian Power Gym Talwalkars Burn Gym and Spa Gold Gym Gold gym is a well-known name even in the international markets and has over 700 facilities around the globe. They entered the country back in 2002; however, till date have only 65 outlets in India. They offer franchisees as well and this simply means there is a huge opportunity to tap the power of a world-renowned international brand using the same. Barbarian Power Gym Barbarian Power Gym entered the field more than 10 years before the coming up of Gold Gym. The first outlet was opened in the year 1991 in order to provide better fitness solutions to people. In modern times, there are 10 fitness centres of the company around India and they are certainly planning to grow in a big way in years to come by riding the franchisee power. Talwalkars Talwalkars is probably the biggest Indian player that is using the franchise model to expand and gain a higher percentage of the ever-expanding market share. They are present in as many as 69 different cities of the country. The total number of fitness centres is over 125 and has a whopping 1, 25, 000 members. Burn Gym and Spas Burn Gym and Spas are relatively new to the field. However, they are growing at a rapid pace and are planning to open their fourth outlet soon.

The requirements of opting for fitness franchisees are based on a number of different factors including franchisor, city, area and facilities offered. You may need to invest somewhere between ` 20 lac to ` 2 crores. Certified trainers are required when it comes to opening a fitness outlet and this is where the franchisor can help in providing the desired training and hiring the right person. They can also be of big help when it comes to buying the right equipment at correct prices. The investment is certainly not a small one and you would certainly want to ensure that the decision taken is a correct one. The best thing to do in the scenario is to seek the help of an expert of the franchise field who would not only guide you in selecting the right option as per your needs and preferences but would also help in setting up the meeting with representative of the franchisor, taking care of the paperwork and providing all the desired help to ensure that the process is carried out in a smooth manner. Franchise Partners ( is one well-known name that comes to the mind when thinking of an expert of the franchise field. All you need to do is get in touch with them and clarify all the details. Kalyan bose has been working into franchise consulting business since last more then 10 years, He is experienced franchise business consultant whoprovides proper guidance to franchises of different sectors including retail, food, education and many more.

Health Combines with Wealth - The Franchise Way  

Modern day hectic schedule along with the lifestyle does not really allow you to stay in shape. This simply means that sooner or later you w...

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