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Introduction: Welcome to your TermiCam Local Area Marketing pack. This pack has been prepared in consultation with marketing professionals and using the latest advertising databases to produce strong local marketing concepts. In the pack you will find information on key areas of local marketing including press, radio, direct mail and much more. We see the L.A.M (local area marketing) pack as a living growing document that can be added to with your own personal marketing strategies, plus successful marketing concepts generated not only from our national marketing department but also from you and your team . So use all the tools you have available in this pack as well what's available locally from TV and radio representatives, to your local press agent. Never fear to look well outside the square, some of the most innovative marketing concepts have come from a local idea. Finally, although this is a LAM pack it is vital that TermiCam marketing has one identity. Your local marketing and our new National Marketing strategies must work totally together to deliver one strong result for all and at many levels of our business. Simply put, your success in marketing is our success!


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Definitions and Aims

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POS Signage

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Radio Marketing

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Television Marketing

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Local Press Marketing

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Direct Marketing

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Yellow Pages Guidelines

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Vehicle Signage

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Uniforms as a Marketing Tool

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Links and Contact details

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Local Monthly Newsletter File

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Newsletter File

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Definitions and Aims of Local Marketing: What is local marketing ? Local marketing is any marketing or advertising you do to cover your primary marketing area (PMA). If you’re in a regional town your area may cover the town proper plus outlying areas, it may extend to neighbouring towns. In the city it may be an area of your local suburb and adjoining suburbs or it may be a particular area of a city like the Western suburbs. The key is to define your market. Know where your customers come from and more importantly know how far you are prepared to travel to service a customer. It is also vital you research your primary business area use the Australian Bureau of Statistics web site for information on wealth patterns and housing types and density. Once your are armed with this information the next step is to identify the media that services your PMA. Check the coverage of TV and radio signals (particularly in regional areas), talk to your local press agent from the various local papers they can supply you with distribution maps and circulation figures. Look for Out-Door signage opportunities not only near your location but in major thoroughfares, such as billboards or bus signage etc. Use letterbox leaflets to market specific streets, this form of LAM is the most target specific you can have with local marketing. Check local business groups, they may have a local marketing group you can join or start your own with complementary businesses, this can lower your advertising costs. Set your budget and sales goals early, know how many jobs you want to get over a set period. This will allow you to define your cost per lead for each job you get. One of the most important factors is make sure you have a strong offer to put into the market place so work on the offer before you book your media. TermiCam must be seen as a quality service set well above the standard pest exterminator, offering latest Key points to Remember technology and professional standards. All 1. Define your Primary Marketing Area offers should have a strong call to action 2. Identify your Media availability for your customers “special offer” “call now!, “selected offer”. Don’t forget your 3. Establish your marketing budget local marketing is also your van signage, 4. Set your marketing time frames your uniforms, your business card, your store/office front and much more. Don’t be 5. Develop your offer afraid to redefine and change your offer. If you have success with one style of media 6. Maintain a quality offer and promotion reuse it at other selected 7. Book in your media to your plan times of the year. Finally TALK about your 8. Don’t forget to tie in your marketing to us, to your partners, to your additional marketing tools staff. The more they are part of the program the more chance of success! 9. Talk to your staff, make sure they know your promotion details

10. Be prepared to redefine your offer

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POS and Promotional Signage: Point of sale (POS) and promotional signage is an integral part of your local marketing and is one of the strongest marketing tools a business can have. The key to this form of marketing is to keep your signage simple and to the point. Don’t try to put too much into a sign, banner or sticker. The message should be short and to the point at all times (eg: TermiCam…..Setting the standard in pest control). Always use a bold text font (recommended Helvetica neue bold or Aerial bold) to create your statement. All POS should carry the TermiCam logo and the 1300 number. The rule for using POS is simple, put it where your customers are. Don’t forget your store front or office, professional POS makes a defining statement about your business. Look for opportunities where people gather, football ovals, shopping centres and halls. Keep it fresh, nothing says more about a business than a faded sign and worn POS. We have produced a series of functional signage that you can order to use in any promotional opportunity you have. We can design a personalised signage for you or just use us as a sounding board for any signage idea you may have. The following designs can be seen in more detail on the DVD/CD provided in the rear of the LAM pack. A Frame 841mm x 594mm Natural Anodised Aluminium This sign can be used indoors or out, at shopping centre displays or front of office. It could be taken on the road and used near your vehicle as a roadside sign. It is UV safe and weather proof. Includes 2 infill banners similar to below Cost: $298.00 ordered in pack of one, freight additional

Setting The Standard In Pest Management

A1 Banner 841mm x 594mm 300gsm Synthetic Paper This sign can be used indoors in windows or on walls of offices etc. Cost: $135.00 ordered in pack of two freight additional

For Fast…... Non-intrusive Detection of Termites and other Pests call TermiCam Now on …...

1300 837 642

* not actual size

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POS and Promotional Signage:

2 4 6 7 3 1300 8 Standard In Setting The

ement Pest Manag

* not actual size

09 Termi/002/04

Promotional sticker DL size (back stick) This UV/vinyl coated sticker has a multitude of promotional uses as a giveaway It can be used on cars or office windows, booklets etc Front stick version also available (P.O.A) Cost: $157.00 ordered in pack of 50, freight additional

For Fast Non-intrusive Detection of Termites and other Pests call TermiCam now‌

Call 1300 837 642 * not actual size

Vinyl banner 600mm x 3000mm, ropes and eyelets This sign can be used indoors or out, at any display opportunity. It could be taken on the road and used near your vehicle as a roadside sign. It is UV safe and fully weather proof with corner eyelets for easy securing . Cost: $350.00 ordered in pack of one, freight additional

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Brochure / Flyer Distribution: Using letterbox or local newspaper for distribution of your brochure or flyer is one of the strongest local marketing tools a modern business has. Letterbox distribution systems allows you to target a specific geographical area. You can choose to drop a quantity that would cover your PMA totally or you can select a smaller region or area to target a specific group or demographic of your potential clients. Letterbox distribution can also be time sensitive that is, can target your media to hit at a certain time of the year eg: Easter for the renovators or Spring for established home sales inspections. However letterbox distribution can become very crowded we’ve all seen our letterboxes over flowing at particular times of the year. As a service industry we should try to avoid these key times of the year and target our timing so our PMA marketing has a far better chance of getting noticed by the customer. So as you can see letterbox distribution allows a tremendous amount of flexibility that you can use to suit your marketing plan. In Australia there are two national letterbox distribution companies, they are Salmat and PMP limited. They have offices in all states and their contact details are shown on the contact and link page of this booklet. There are also many small locally run distribution companies available check the yellow pages or internet for details. All pricing should be set by cost per thousand items delivered (eg: $40 per ’000) and will vary depending on area. Country areas and acreage blocks will cost more to distribute than metro areas. Certain areas may not be covered by any of these private companies but Australia Post has a similar service that can get to these outlying areas. However, you will find that the post service is usually considerably more expensive than the private distributor. All bookings for Australia Post delivery can be made Key points to Remember through most major post offices. 1. Define your PMA The distribution quantity of your brochure or flyer is critically important. Standard service industry research shows that a well prepared flyer with strong offers usually generates between a 2-4 % in customer leads. So, as you can see it can become very much a numbers game, the more you can distribute the more leads the marketing should return. The design of your brochure or flyer should be kept simple with a clearly defined offer or offers. Do not crowd the flyer with too much information as customers tend to lose interest in promotional material very quickly.

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 5

2. Define your distribution quantity 3. Set your timelines 4. Develop budget & targets 5. Develop your offer 6. Keep your flyer simple 7. Don’t forget your call to action 8. Logo and 1300 number

Brochure / Flyer Distribution:

Side 1

A6 postcard flyer $95.00 per 200 pack freight additional

* not actual size

* not actual size

Side 2

* not actual size

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 6

DL flyer $69.00 per 200 pack freight additional

Brochure / Flyer Distribution:

A5 –A4 flyer L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 7

A5 $115.00 per 200 pack A4 $175.00 per 200 pack freight additional

Radio Marketing: Many businesses have great success using radio as their major media strategy. Radio marketing is often called theatre of the mind, with the ads themselves generating a desire for your product or service. In many ways, radio marketing is easier than television. Buys are more simplistic and production is relatively easier. However the key to radio is having an ad that cuts through the noise and delivers your message or offer clearly with impact. The commercial radio market in Australia is basically broken up into two specific types, Regional and Metro radio. Metro radio marketing is excellent for multi location businesses. It does not operate well for a single business as most metro costumers will not travel. However for service business it come back to what we spoke about in the beginning of this booklet. If you are prepared to travel across a large metro area to service your client then radio can be effective. The cost of metro radio can be prohibitive for stand alone businesses, again a great course of action here is to join together with other like business or other franchisee in your area. Develop a good relationship with the stations direct sales dept, you’ll find they will assist you in developing your media buy. Regional radio marketing is usually much more affordable for businesses and is one of the most utilised medias in country areas. Again you must decide your PMA and if you are prepared to travel to your neighbouring towns. Regional radio is a great local branding tool for your business. Try to develop a strong relationship with your local radio representative, you’ll find they are to the vital to the success of your advertising. An important factor in both regional and metro radio is spot placement, in other words there’s no point having 20 commercials if their all broadcast between 3 and 4 in the morning. Radio ads are best when produced in a 30 second format as this allows more information to be placed in the ad. Radio buys should be based around, breakfast, morning, afterKey points to Remember noon and drive, otherwise known as BMAD. So 1. Define your PMA depending on your budget your paid spots should 2. Set your timelines appear in these times zones. Look for stations that suit your demographic, teenagers don’t usually need 3. Develop budget & targets pest control. Bonus spots will be offered to you 4. Check your buy (BMAD) depending on the dollar amount spent, try to get these 5. Develop your radio offer (as much as possible) scheduled for BMAD. Like all TermiCam marketing, radio ads should be branded 6. Keep your ads interesting with the 1300 number and have a strong offer. Radio copy can be developed by your local station the better 7. Don’t forget your call to action the brief you can give them the better the ad. Of 8. Brand and 1300 number course don’t hesitate to contact us for feedback on any scripts you have developed. Look for copy or 9. Tie in other medias & POS sound effects to make your ad stand out. Music tracks can often fill in an ad and subtlety make it more “memorable” to the consumer. L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 8

Radio Concept Scripts:

TermiCam Radio Concept Script

Key No: Termi/003/0409 Air Date: TBA

Production RIAS Advertising

Theme: Setting the standard

Duration: 30sec

(no sound bed) Did you know that one in three homes have termite damage. Did you know that termite damage to homes in Australia runs into millions of dollars every year Did you know that traditional forms of termite inspection can damage your home But the answer is simple, call‌.. TermiCam 1300 837 642 TermiCam is setting the standard in termite detection and management Using state of the art thermal imaging equipment TermiCam can inspect your home in just a few hours . Our comprehensive report will ease your mind knowing TermiCam has the answer. Hurry call TermiCam now on 1300 837 642! (optional tag) TermiCam‌.. setting the standard in pest control

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 9

Radio Concept Scripts:

TermiCam Radio Concept Script

Key No: Termi/004/0409 Air Date: TBA

Theme: They Can

Production RIAS Advertising Duration: 30sec

(no sound bed) (2 voice) (voice 1) TermiCam can! (voice 2) What (voice 1) TermiCam can! (voice 2) Who (voice 1) TermiCam their our locally owned pest control professionals and their setting the standard in pest control Using the latest thermal imaging systems they can inspect our home not only for pests but also moisture in walls, heat loss and structural changes. (voice 2) That’s great (voice 1) Yes and it’s totally non intrusive and safe (voice 2) Hey TermiCam ……..they can !!! Call TermiCam now on 1300 837 642 TermiCam!

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 10

Radio Concept Scripts:

TermiCam Radio Concept Script

Key No: Termi/005/0409 Air Date: TBA

Theme: Be Safe

Production RIAS Advertising Duration: 30sec

(no sound bed) With 1 in 3 Australian homes damaged by Termites the danger is out there and it’s real Don’t let your home become another costly statistic Book in your termite and pest inspection now with TermiCam TermiCam has fully trained inspectors with the very latest, non intrusive, world leading thermal imaging equipment ready to go Plus you'll receive a full written report with detailed recommendations It’s easy to be safe with TermiCam Call TermiCam now before it’s to late on 1300 837 642 that’s 1300 837 642 (optional) TermiCam setting the standard in pest control

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 11

Television Marketing: Television marketing remains the most dominant form of advertising in the world. TV can reach more people in one showing than many other media combined. It also has the ability to present your product or service in a virtual world, eliminating product shortcomings and presenting the viewer with the best perceived value of the product or offer. Television marketing can be prohibitively expensive for small business especially in the metro markets. Television production can also be to expensive for the small stand alone business to consider. However there are alternatives. In metro markets consider using community TV (eg: channel 31) these community stations are beginning to have an impact on the market. A word of caution some community stations will only offer 12 month sponsorship packages these can tie you in and not allow you flexibility if the media fails to deliver. Another possible alternative is late night spots on one network usually the 3rd level network such as the Ten network in Australia. In regional areas again buying spots one network can lower your overall costs and production. In all markets you should consider joining together with other franchisees to lower costs, this may make TV marketing viable for your business. Some regional networks offer ad packaging, this is were you take only a segment of an ad usually 10 seconds of a 60 seconds or 30 second advertorial. These can be successful if you have strong offer and can stand out from the other advertisers. The buying of TV spots can become a difficult process so like radio it is good to develop a strong relationship with your direct TV representative. TV media time is broken up into a number of formats, Zone 1 sometimes called prime time is 6pm to 10.30pm, Day 6am to 6pm and late night 10.30pm to 6am. Each time zone has a different price structure with most small businesses targeting late night or selected day spots. In addition you can buy TV spots by particular shows. Each show has a rating and networks can provide you with “Cumulative� numbers of people watching a specific show or time span. As TermiCam is a service business we should target shows that have a strong demographic of home owners or potential home owners and property investors. Current shows that fit this brief would be- Better Homes and Garden on the 7 network, Selling Homes on Foxtel, Hot Property on 7 network or Money on 9 network. By targeting these styles of programming you can spend less budget compared to a full spread of ads and most importantly still achieve excellent results.

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 12

Television Marketing: There are two distinctive types of ad styles you can use in commercial television marketing. They are retail ads with a defined offer, timeline and set pricing. The other is corporate ads that make a statement about your brand or service. Whilst it can be a matter of opinion, we feel that corporate style advertising can be used to deliver your message and be affordable. The goal of any ad, retail or corporate, should be to build your business both short term with inspections and new clients, as well as long term with brand recognition. Understanding television production is not that difficult providing you stick to the basic fundaKey points to Remember mentals of ad production. Keep your ad simple 1. Define your PMA don't try to say to much, one clear statement 2. Set your timelines often goes a long way to getting your ad noticed. Keep it visual the more something is 3. Develop budget & targets happening in the ad the better. Some advertis4. Check your buy, Prime Time etc ers use comedy but a word of caution if you want to use comedy in your commercials make 5. Develop your TV offer sure it’s funny not just to you. Its easy for a 6. Keep your ads visual “funny” ad to become annoying to the viewer 7. Don’t forget your call to action often then creating a negative impression of or branding your brand. A recent trend has been to use 8. Logo and 1300 number you the owner to front their commercials. This can work well specially in regional markets 9. Tie in other supporting medias where you can build a local identity for you and & POS your business. Even if you don’t wish to present offers in the commercial it’s a good idea to have you and your staff involved to some degree. Like all advertising remember the basics, your brand and 1300 number and tie it up with other supporting advertising like POS, flyers etc. Monitor your ads and their performance. Don’t be afraid to change your offer if needed.

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 13

Television Marketing:

TermiCam Television Concept Script

Key No: Termi Air Date: TBA

Production RIAS Advertising

Theme: Call TermiCam


Duration: 30sec


V/over: They could be in your home right now (background noise) They could be destroying your home and you wouldn’t know (background noise) Just finding them can cause damage (Background noise)

Slow zoom into wall of room Fast cut termites in wall Zoom continues into wall Fast cut termites in wall Zoom continues into wall Fast cut termites in wall

But there is an answer call Termicam


Termicam’s proven award winning thermal imaging technology can locate termites without the need for destructive searches Termicam technicians are licensed and accredited pest inspectors

LTC: Shot of wall then up comes Termicam camera fade to Termicam vision

Hurry call Termicam now 1300 837 642 before its to late!

Graphic: Termicam 1300 837 642

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 14

LTC: Termicam technician smiling

Television Marketing:

TermiCam Story Board Television Concept They could be in your home right now

background noise (loud)

background noise

But there is an answer call Termicam

Termicam’s proven award winning thermal imaging technology can locate termites without the need for destructive searches

They could be destroying your home and you wouldn’t know

background noise (louder)

Termicam technicians are licensed and accredited pest inspectors

Just finding them can cause damage Call ...1300 837 642

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 15

Hurry call Termicam now 1300 837 642 before its to late!

Television Marketing:

TermiCam Television Concept Script

Key No: Termi/005/0409 Air Date: TBA

Production RIAS Advertising

Theme: Be Safe

Duration: 30sec



V/over: With 1 in 3 Australian homes damaged by Termites the danger is out there and it’s real Don’t let your home become another costly statistic

LTC: Shots of homes

Book in your termite and pest inspection now with TermiCam

Graphic: logo

TermiCam has fully trained inspectors with the very latest, non intrusive, world leading thermal imaging equipment ready to go Plus you'll receive a full written report with detailed recommendations

LTC: Termicam inspector in house working

It’s easy to be safe with TermiCam

LTC: smiling client shaking hands with Termicam staff member Graphic: logo 1300 837 642

Call TermiCam now before it’s to late on 1300 837 642 that’s 1300 837 642

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 16

LTC Shot of wall falling down

LTC: Termicam staff discussing report with client

Press Marketing: Newspapers and magazines have long been a staple for advertisers around the world. Indeed some of the oldest marketing concepts come from the early days of newspapers. While there is no set structure in print media I like to break it up into 2 groups, the daily's which are newspapers like Sydney Morning Herald , The Age Courier Mail , The Advertiser and local papers. The other print area is magazines lead by the majors like Women's Weekly, New Idea, Homes and Gardens etc. There are other print formats such as newsletters but these are not a major marketing area. Apart from the fact that they can have similar ads placed in them, daily’s and magazines vary greatly in costs and marketing strategies. They key to any print media is circulation and readership, that is the number of copies printed and sold plus the number of readers of the publication. Most major (and many local smaller) publications are independently audited by Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) or the Circulations Audit Board (CAB). Newspapers and magazines who use these services can supply you with fully audited figures. This is usually the first stage of buying press marketing, the more you know about the distribution of a particular group of papers the easier it will be to make a decision on where to place your ad. The dailys are very much short term marketing in structure. Even the majors have only a days life span at most. Ads placed in these papers will become ineffective within 48 hours. Depending on the offer and size of your ad better responses from press are achievable but a 4-5 day window is usually the best. Suburban and regional Local papers especially those delivered directly to the mailbox may have a slightly longer response time. What the dailys can offer is mass marketing with many papers having readerships over 250,000 and some up to 500,000. Whilst the ad timeline is short the numbers of readers seeing your ad is large. Most smaller businesses won’t be in a position to use Daily’s as a marketing tool, however it is possible to use small targeted strategic ads in selected papers. Sunday papers have a high readership which can assist rapid take up of your offer. Local papers vary greatly in quality and readership some can be little more than real estate rags. Judge your local paper or papers by a number of factors. Readership, circulation, quality of local content and business advertising. Ad sizes in papers now varies greatly with old 35cm x 7 columns now replaced with virtually any size you want. Always aim to place the biggest ad you can on the top right hand pages of the paper as the reader’s eye will always fall to this area as she turns a page. Depending on your budget the more forward in a paper you can place your ad the better, for example the best retail spots are pages 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. but do remember an ad close to the front may incur a loading on top of the normal costs. Keep your ad simple, less is best especially on smaller ads, colour ads are not always the best in a paper consider ads that have 2 colours to standout. Most publishers will produce the ad for you but as always never hesitate to give the marketing department a call to discuss your concept. The same rules apply if you’re placing a classified ad the key to classifieds is repetition. It’s important to establish an ongoing formal presences particularly in local press L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 17

Press Marketing: Magazines are similar to other press in many ways, the single biggest advantage in magazines is their longevity with their readership. Most of the major mags still have strong readership numbers up to two weeks after their set publication dates. They also have strong ownership meaning magazines are kept in the house or work place for weeks or even months with various readings or rereading of the publication. Like newspapers magazines circulation and readership is vital information to gain before placing an ad. An interesting fact is that Australian women buy more magazines per capita than most western countries. Magazines are targeted to specific demographic groups such as teenagers, young women, family etc. The average TermiCam client is very much in the home owner/investor demographic and this area is served by many home style and DIY magazines. Magazines are also Key points to Remember audited and most magazine reps can supply 1. Define your PMA you with their audited figures. The major requirement with magazines is that your ads stands out and has presence. Use pictures and bold colours to enhance the ad. Make sure you have an offer or statement that can be effective days and weeks later. Virtually all major magazine publishers will be able to produce your ad but be aware most will charge an additional fee for production. Magazines ad sizes are set by page area, full page, half page, quarter page or smaller. As always if you have any comments or questions on magazine marketing give the national advertising dept a call.

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 18

2. Set your timelines 3. Develop budget & targets 4. Select press or mags 5. Develop your press/mag offer 6. Keep your ads clear simple 7. Look for right hand side placement 8. Brand and 1300 number 9. Tie in other medias & POS

Press Marketing:

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 19

Press Marketing:

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 20

Press Marketing:

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 21

Press Marketing:

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 22

Press Marketing:

TermiCam Setting the Standard in Pest Management

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 23

Direct Marketing: The power of direct marketing from a return on spend point of view is excellent . Direct marketing can be the most cost effective local marketing tool a business has. Direct allows you to talk to your customer via a number of formats, virtually one on one. You can target their specific needs and desires by offer. Direct marketing comes in four formats 1. Addressed letter by mail. 2. Email. 3. Text message. 4. Phone. In this LAM booklet we will be focusing on letter and email marketing. The success of direct marketing relies total on the quality and quantity of your customer database. This database comes directly from your customers information supplied to you at the time of purchase or enquiry. Whilst the purchase of customer database lists is still technically legal in some sates, privacy laws and the negative sentient generated by unsolicited mail makes this unsolicited mail a non option for TermiCam. In developing your local database there is mandatory information requirements to make you database effective . They are: Customers full name Customers mailing address Customers email address Date inspection carried out Brief description of dwelling Customers acceptance or decline of inspection report recommendation Date pest management completed Brief description of work carried out Key points to Remember Notes: such as follow up requirements 1. Define your Customer

• • • • • • • • •

2. Set your timelines

You can purchase mailing programs to input this 3. Develop budget & targets data or you can use Microsoft word and Excel to set up a simple manual database. As you can see 4. Select your database fields it can be fairly simple to setup the database as the 5. Develop your database information requirements are not excessive. The 6. Keep your database key to direct marketing success is to keep inputting simple every customer details into the database and 7. Update the database regularly (minimum monthly) review the database regularly a send out a mail offer or service up date. This will keep you business name in the customers mind and will lead to future business. Remember the size and quality of your database will give you direct marketing success

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 24

Direct Marketing: Making the most out of direct requires a good direct mail letter / email which is easy and interesting for the customer to read. I have listed some points below to assist you in drafting a direct letter, also in the link page of this booklet we have some excellent web sites to assist in developing your direct skills.


Send your sales letter to the right people. Make sure your mail goes to the person who generated the initial enquiry


Personalise your sales letter. Call the person by name not a generic salutation


Write different versions of your sales letter for different segments of your target market. Primarily we should have a follow up letter for additional services and re-introduction letter for customers who declined a report recommendations


Include an offer with your sales letter. This is particularly important for people who declined our initial recommendation


Don’t include fancy graphics in your sales letter Keep it personal and short


Don’t use mailing labels on your sales letter envelopes. If possible hand write on the address envelope


Send out a repeat mailing 2 to 3 months later This may generate customers desire to use our service


Be realistic about the response rates your sales letter may generate. It’s an ongoing long term program don’t be discouraged if returns aren't immediate

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 25

Direct Marketing:

Example direct mail letter

Mrs L. Smith 16 Wilson Av Bunbury WA 8763 Friday 8th May 2009 Dear Mrs Smith, On behalf of TermiCam I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting our company for your recent home pest inspection. I hope you found our comprehensive TermiCam report detailed and informative. At TermiCam we pride ourselves on delivering to our customers the highest standards in pest management, with one in three Australian homes having termite damage^ it’s a challenge we take very seriously. As a valued client I would like to offer you a 10% reduction* on any future inspections and a upgrade to our premium pest management service for any pest treatments around your home. This offer is available to you or any member of your family. Simply call us on 1300 837 642 Once again thank you for your business and we look forward to making your home TermiCam safe Yours sincerely,

Phil Stromei Director PS: Did you know we can also check your home for rodents, heat loss and moisture!

If you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list please call 1300837642 or contact your nearest TermiCam office * Offer available for 12 months from mailer date shown above ^ Source CSIRO

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 26

Direct Marketing:

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 27

Example e-mail

Guidelines for Yellow Pages Advertising: Advertising in local telephone directories like Yellow Pages is vital for

Sensis Aust’ ad sizes

a service business. This form of advertising falls into 2 categories - the traditional printed directory or the on-line version. Whilst the demise of the printed version has been predicted by many, at this stage the printed version still has marketing potential especially in the older demographics. So, any package that you buy from Sensis (the company controlling Yellow pages/online in Australia) must have print and online. The requirements for a strong response ad are simple. In the printed version, the bigger the ad the better, but of course this must be weighed up against your budget limitations. A large ad also gives a more prominent position in your chosen category . All Yellow pages ads are booked on a 12 month cycle. Most cities or regional towns are covered by a single directory edition. Your ad should be in the Pest Control section. You can use colour but this will attract additional costs over the standard black and yellow ad. Contact Key points to Remember details for Sensis are in the links page of this booklet. 1.

On-line directories are much the same. You can pay to be featured early in the listing. When a customer makes a search for a selected category, businesses who have purchased larger packages will come up first on the screen. Information online should correspond to your print version with the inclusion of your email address and link to the TermiCam home page.

Check your directory area

2. Check book release date 3. Develop budget 4. Select categories required 5. Develop your ad design 6. Keep ads clear and simple 7. Review your online package at the same time as producing your print ad

Standard 1 unit AD example

8. Brand and 1300 number World leaders in Thermal imaging technology For fast non intrusive detection and management of termites and other pests

1300 837 642

L.A.M Pack Edition 1 Page 28

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Car Signage: There is no better visual marketing tool than your own vehicle. It’s vital that your van, ute or car be signed with the current TermiCam vehicle signage. There are many ways to sign your car - permanent paints, UV resistant semi-permanent vinyl lettering, magnetic signs and more. The key is to make your cars as visually exciting as possible. They should stand out and catch the customers eye no matter if you're on a job, driving down the main street or just parked at the local football ground. It’s all part of local marketing awareness. Whilst there are many companies who can handle car signage, we have set up a standard layout with Sign A Rama who Key points to Remember have numerous franchise outlets and offices throughout Australia. They are easily contact1. Select the vehicle you able on 1300 744 666 or on the web (see link wish to sign pages at the back of this booklet). However, if you do not have a local Sign A Rama near you 2. Select which panels to sign please contact the TermiCam office and the marketing department can send directly to your 3. Develop budget sign company detailed specifications and 4. Contact Sign A Rama logos. This will help simplify the process. If you're having difficulty with the design fitting 5. Don’t add to much your car, contact us and we can produce a additional text mock up design for you. All you need to do is 6. Keep your ads clear & supply pictures of your vehicle. simple

Using your vehicles in advertising - press and TV- will assist greatly with local recognition.

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7. Brand and 1300 number

Car Signage:

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Uniforms: Many people do not consider uniforms as a marketing tool - they are wrong! A uniform gives an initial indication to customers about who we are and how professional we are. Nothing looks more professional than arriving at a job in a clean uniform with logo displayed. It says to the customer we are professional, we value ourselves and our company name, so therefore we value you and your custom. Uniforms also are a silent marketing tool as well. Just walking down the street or in a cafe having lunch, they can give a message to potential customers about who we are, our professionalism and our brand. There can be much debate about styles and colour of uniforms -the key is to wear it with pride. A clean uniform says a lot about a business. A recommendation from service industry professionals is to keep a second shirt available in the car or at your office. So, when quoting the customer in their home they see you at the best possible standard. All staff should have at least two uniform items and it should be mandatory for any staff dealing with customers to wear the uniform at all times. Uniforms can deteriorate with daily use, no matter what quality, Key points to Remember check your shirts every few months. If they're old or stained discard them. If your uniform is old and 1. Keep your uniform fresh tired, what message does this send to our customers? Uniforms can be ordered directly through the 2. Wear your uniform daily TermiCam office. 3. Keep a clean shirt for initial quotes with customers

4. Check regularly and replace when needed

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Contacts and Links: This page gives you details re contact information, web links and phone numbers we have mentioned in this pack. If you have any request for additional information on any matter in the LAM pack please call the TermiCam office.



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Marketing Newsletter:

As we stated at the commencement of this L.A.M pack, we see local marketing as a growing and expanding area of our business. So to keep up with all the latest developments, as well as information gained in the field by franchisees we will be developing a monthly L.A.M Marketing Newsletter. It will focus on TermiCam marketing and other marketing issues affecting our business. We will be sending this by mail in a hard copy which can then be placed in the following sheet protectors for future reference. Good reading!!!


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