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Sept. 2016 Vol. 4 Issue 8

Top Snap and Franchise Buyer lead the ‘best practice’ way in presenting franchise brands

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High Performance Entrepreneurs and Charisma

Where to set up a ‘White Collar’ franchise





Sept.2016 • Vol 4. Issue 8 04 Cover Story TopSnap Partnership – Franchise Buyer announces their partnership with TopSnap photography to expand franchise brand coverage.

20 Brands In Action: - ActionCOACH 22 Store Location Peter Buckingham’s tips on where to set up and operate a ‘white collar’ / consulting type business 25 Brands In Action: FIFO 26 Brands In Action: Degani

08 Market Happenings An update on ‘happenings’ around the traps in franchising and beyond 10 High Performance Entrepreneurs Siimon Reynolds tells of how charisma can influence success in a business by following some key tips 14 Retail Insights Brian Walker encourages retailers and franchisors in particular to keep up with growth and technology

28 Peak Performance Adam Gibson gives us his big 5 business lessons he learnt from a toddler we can all take in 30 Brands In Action: Badbacks 32 Franchising Your Business Brian Keen on the eye opening personality types needed to run a successful franchise business 34 Brands In Action: ChemDry 35 Brands In Action: Drug-Safe 37 Inspired Reading 38 Online 39 Technology / App Chat

16 Brands In Action: Stellarossa 40 Franchise Classifieds 17 Sales Trent Leyshan on the integrity of verbal ‘agreements’ to buy 19 Brands In Action: Base Zero

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Editor Glenn Walford Features Writer Leona Devaz Editorial Content Writer Rachel Kurzyp Brand Marketing Coordinator Luke Vogelaar Art Director Katherine Bercasio Contributors Siimon Reynolds Brian Walker Trent Leyshan Peter Buckingham Adam Gibson Brian Keen • September 2016 •



Cover Story

What is a Picture Worth in Today’s Content Obsessed World?

In a world where we are exposed to as many as 10,000 marketing messages a day, fit-for-purpose imagery has never been more important. Brands are now not only competing to be seen, they are competing for attention. The human brain is getting better at filtering out irrelevant information and our attention spans are around eight seconds. So how do we cut through the noise and produce valuable content that makes our customers stop and take notice? By Rachel Kurzyp


he short answer is imagery. But not just any old picture. The picture must be informative, actionoriented and easily digestible. “An image is worth more than a thousand words”, explains Franchise Buyer Founder, Glenn Walford. “It can mean the success and sale of a business”. Since day one, Franchise Buyer’s vision has been to play an integral role in presenting franchise businesses to the market in a way that does justice to the investment owners make. “We care about the way brands and businesses for sale are presented” explains Glenn. “It’s always baffled me,



and really defies logic, why the business and franchise sales market has not lifted its game and properly invested in professional photography to present such enormous assets for sale. We spend hundreds or thousands of dollars staging houses for sale, yet for a business that can be valued anything between around $50,000 to five million, we do nothing”. To address the issue, Franchise Buyer and Top Snap have formed a strategic alliance. This new partnership has come at the perfect time, allowing Franchise Buyer to continue to build on and implement its broader national

• September 2016 •

Cover Story vision: To most effectively and efficiently connect buyers to sellers, and vice versa. “I was seeking an alliance that could help address the problem we knew brands were having: brand storytelling; the ability to convey their brand messaging correctly”, explains Glenn. “I searched for the right partner until I found the franchise group Top Snap. I knew straight away they were a natural fit, having been in the professional photography business for more than 10 years. Top Snap understands the importance of visual content impact and has a network of professional media service providers across most major metropolitan areas”. Top Snap owner and CEO, Ralf Barschow, says, “We are excited about our new partnership with Franchise Buyer as we are naturally passionate about franchising, especially on a Franchise-to-Franchise (F2F) basis”. Unlike other professional photography agencies, Top Snap’s

highly trained and experienced team provides a personalised and tailored service. Ralf explains: “Top Snap photographers are specifically trained to shoot property (be it commercial or residential), and are experts in capturing your people working in your space. Our photographers come directly to offices, stores or shop fronts and within a very short time frame you can have visually appealing photos that bring your brand and business to life”. After more than 15 years in the industry, Glenn has found that many brands are trying to use consumer-related marketing imagery and messaging at both the consumer and business opportunity (recruitment) marketplace, but they aren’t the same market. “There is a distinct difference in the type of imagery you would use for consumer and then business related opportunities”, shares Glenn. “For example, for a pizza business, if you were trying to sell a franchise opportunity you wouldn’t put a picture of a slice of pizza. • September 2016 •



Cover Story

That might be amongst the imagery but the store front and foot traffic walking past the business are the types of images you want to use”. “Business-in-action and presentation shots”, as Glenn describes them, shouldn’t be undervalued. “Many franchises haven’t given enough thought to the types of imagery they are using. They go and get stock images that don’t match their brand or messaging. The impact a fit-forpurpose image has as opposed to a generic image is huge”.



It’s for these reasons, Top Snap and Franchise Buyer have come together to offer the Australian Franchise sector a comprehensive marketing package, from email campaigns to professional photography. As part of this alliance, Franchise Buyer will now be able to offer its clients a unique marketing package that is not currently offered by anyone else in the franchise industry. The marketing package includes: • Professional photography ‘packs’ as standard; • On location shoots that were potentially considered ‘out of reach’ cost wise; • A seamless approach to coordination and managing the production of images via the Top Snap custom tools; and, • ‘Office based’ portrait and other professional imagery on an ‘as needs’ basis. This Marketing Imagery Pack contains ten images that are fully owned by the brand. “This core, marketing message material”, explains Glenn, “allows brands to use their images for a range of strategic purposes: on the side of their mobile van, in the boardroom or training area”. These ready-to-you images can also be used in blog posts, across social media, and in email marketing campaigns. “In today’s cluttered media world where potential customers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, professional visual content is critical to stand out from the crowd”, says Ralf. With the growing importance of brand storytelling, it is important franchises are prepared with strong, fit-forpurpose imagery they can send to suppliers and vendors with the click of a button. Now, thanks to this alliance, branded imagery is one element franchises don’t need to worry about.

• September 2016 •


Market Happenings


Australian business celebrates female franchise owners this Business Women’s Day

ome Instead Senior Care is a specialist, national provider of high quality in-home care for older Australians and celebrated its successful female franchise owners recently, marked by Business Women’s Day on 22nd of September. Home Instead Senior Care is a global network of locally owned and independently operated franchises around the globe. In Australia alone, there are 24 franchises and this number is growing. Of those franchises, 16 are owned by females and the head office has seen these businesses in particular go from strength to strength. Sue McGarry from Home Instead’s Sydney Upper North Shore says about owning her own franchise, “I love being my own boss. Owning and running my own business is more satisfying and fulfilling than working for someone else. It was a bit of a shock having to spend money to make money after having a well-paid job for so long. Learning to be frugal was a challenge but now I am so much better with my finances. As a woman in business, I’m so proud of taking the leap of faith and leaving my corporate life, even after I’d just received a promotion and everything was going so well. I thought, if I can get a promotion without my heart being in it, what can I achieve when it is?” says Sue. Toowoomba’s franchise owner, Donna Weis, was attracted by the challenge of building a business from the ground up. As a single mother of five children, she is no

stranger to hard work but she was inspired to take the biggest risk of her career and buy her own business. “I did it all on my own. I left a secure job, sold my house and put everything I had into the business. Looking back now, I don’t know where the inspiration came from. It was a huge risk but even now, barely twelve months later, the risk is already paying off. I can now give my children the secure future I always wanted for them,” says Donna. Suzanne McLoughlin is the epitome of a leader in her community. She owns Home Instead’s Melbourne Outer East office, chairs two Aged Care Networks and participates in four others. “I am rewarded every time people talk about me being a leader in the community regarding aged care, as that is something I aspire to. I want to really make a difference and advocate for change. I’m so proud that I inspire others to reach for the stars,” she says. Suzanne’s advice to other business women is simple but powerful. She says, “Live your life with passion and ensure what you do aligns with your purpose in life because this will always lead to fulfilment.” Business Women’s Day aims to inspire and empower women in business. It brings businesswomen together to create professional opportunities and encourage support and equality. • September 2016 •



Serious Offer & Other Sales Terms

ffers O s u io r e S • s e l a d e • Urgent S it v n I s r e f f O • s • Price Reduction QUEENSLAND

Ultra Tune

The Coffee Club

Muffin Breaks


All Offers Considered


Boost Juice

Australian Sports Nutrition


Dione Mauric 0415 543 469

Queensland Lifestyle Patios Brisbane

Dione Mauric 0415 543 469


$320,000+ SAV

$410,000+ SAV

Mick Craig 0417 778 587

Pizza Capers

Zambrero Mexican Restaurant

Mick Craig 0417 778 587


$369,000 + SAV

Mick Craig 0417 778 587


Noosa Civic



$390,000 + SAV

Russ Webb 0467 051 735

• September 2016 •


Dione Mauric 0415 543 469


$249,000 + SAV

Mick Craig 0417 778 587

Pizza Capers Kelvin Grove

$199,000 + SAV

Russ Webb 0467 051 735

Serious Offer & Other Sales Terms

Submarine Sandwich

Pizza Capers


$269,000 + SAV

$299,000 + SAV



$99,000 + SAV

Russ Webb 0467 051 735

Russ Webb 0467 051 735


Russ Webb 0467 051 735

New South Wales Jetts Fitness

Pizza Hut


$199,000 + SAV

San Remo, NSW


James Taylor 0447 273287 james.taylor@

James Taylor 0447 273287 james.taylor@

Coffee Guru

Baskin Robbins



Wagga Wagga


Michael Newham 0419 263 014 michael.newham@

Mick Craig 0417 778 587 mick@franchisebrokers.

Western Australia

Snap Fitness Fremantle

$ 449,000

Rajiv Rajan 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Rockingham

$ 549,000

Rajiv Rajan 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers.

Sumo Salad Maddington

$ 99,000

Rajiv Rajan 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. • September 2016 •



High Performance Entrepreneurs

How To Be More Charismatic Charisma is a crucial ingredient of business success. Without it, it’s hard to influence others. Difficult to clinch sales. And damn near impossible to get to the top. But it is widely assumed that charisma cannot be developed – you’ve either got it or you don’t. By Siimon Reynolds


beg to differ. I’ve coached hundreds of business people on how to be more charismatic, with dramatically positive results. Here’s some key tips to boost business charisma.


anyone else in the room, you exude confidence. You speak up. You are not afraid to differ and make your point. You therefore are far more likely to be perceived as a dynamic, charismatic individual.

Prepare Deeply.

Ask Questions.

One of the most powerful ways to come across as charismatic is to really, really know your stuff. Too many intelligent and talented people wing it in meetings and major presentations. Sure they know the basics, but question them a little further and you often find their knowledge is shallow. This lowers their charisma in several ways. Firstly they are just a tad unsure with their answers, as they don’t have a complete grasp of the subtle points of an issue. As a result they can come across as less confident. Secondly because they have not fully mastered the issue they tend to speak less in meetings, and therefore make less of an impression. On the other hand, when you have truly prepared for a presentation well, knowing the issues better than

The person who asks the questions usually controls the meeting. And those that ask reasonably smart questions usually come across as intelligent and even wise – two elements that help build the perception of charisma. I have always found it interesting that it takes a lot less knowledge to ask a good question as it does to provide a good answer, yet those who ask a lot of questions often end up giving the best impression. Unfair or not, the fact remains that one of the most effective ways of appearing more charismatic is to increase the amount of questions you ask in important meetings. Try it and watch how many of the attendees start talking directly to you as a result. You become the centre of the meeting.


• September 2016 •

High Performance Entrepreneurs magnetic than those who are ambivalent. Your passionate attitude should extend beyond your hobbies of course; if you can exude passion about many things, that enthusiasm will generally make you seem a more exciting person. Being bored with life is never equated with charisma.

Be Energetic. Although there are definitely subdued people who emanate charisma, generally humans are attracted by strong, uplifting energy. If you want to increase your charisma at work, lift your energy level. Being energetic in how you talk and move will make you more captivating. Most people judge people by the energy they give off (no doubt you’ve met plenty of people you just energetically didn’t feel good about). So before you walk into an important meeting or sales presentation take a minute to centre yourself and lift up your energy factor. It can make a major difference to people’s perception of you.

Optimism Rules. Use Your Hands While Speaking. It may seem strange, but observe somebody you know who exudes charisma and you’ll almost certainly notice that they use their hands a lot when they speak. Hand gesticulations make people seem more passionate, interested and are a clear sign of confidence – all important components of charisma. If you question the importance of hand movements watch someone who you feel is totally devoid of charisma. In most cases they will deliver their points with almost no hand movements to aid them.

Be Genuinely Interested In The People You Talk With. It seems somewhat illogical, but people are always impressed by somebody who seems really interested in what they are saying. So many people are craving appreciation and respect, that if you look like you’re giving it to them they’ll become your raving fans. Merely by listening to them intently and expressing great interest in the points people make, you will usually make a very positive impact on them. Even if you hardly say anything they will view you as perspicacious simply because you showed the ‘wisdom’ to be riveted by their point of view. As the old saying goes, “To appear interesting be interested.”

Develop Passions. When people come alive about their passions and hobbies, they immediately become a lot more charismatic. The more you’re into something the more animatic your presenting style is. Passionate people are usually far more

Closely aligned with energy comes optimism. As Professor Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania has shown, most of us prefer to hang out with optimistic people. In a world where in most cases you can buy from several suppliers, it’s often those that we enjoy being with who get the deal. Of course I’m not talking about pie in the sky, Pollyanna thinking, I’m referring to intelligent, reasonable optimism – choosing to see the possibility in work situations, rather than only the downside. Optimism doesn’t just make us more charismatic, it’s also been shown to increase persistence and resilience – a crucial factor in work and life success, as several studies have shown (See Andrew Zolli’s excellent book, ‘Resilience. Why Things Bounce Back’ for examples). The more you look into charisma at work, the more you can see it is not some accidental attribute – it can be created and enhanced with simple, easy to apply strategies. So in the next week why not focus on one or two of the methods I’ve outlined and see if you can boost your charisma. In the business world, it’s a highly useful trait to have.

Siimon Reynolds is one of the world’s leading high performance coaches for CEO’s and entrepreneurs. He coaches business leaders from all over the world. Siimon also speaks globally on the subjects of high performance, leadership, productivity and ultra achievement. • September 2016 •



Retail Insights

The Internet of Things and retail “We are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” – Stephen Hawking By Brian Walker


ver the June-July period our consumer insights division talked to some of our leading retail CEOs and CIOs regarding their digital capability investments over the next 12 months and on average an increase to the order of 30 per cent in digital capability expenditure was forecast. Retailers’ expenditure in both systems investment and digital marketing is certainly increasing. And, of course, the great challenge and opportunity is the relevance and return of that spend relative to the light speed at which this topic of digital is evolving. Take for example the Internet of Things. I write this column as my alarm clock has woken me and notified my coffee machine to start. In driving to work this morning, my car is advising me of changing traffic conditions and advising team members of any implication to my arrival time.



Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the internet and/ or to each other. Globally, analysts are predicting that there will be over 100 billion connected devices by 2020 and now we start to see the implications for society from town planners to retailers through to consumer behaviour. What does this mean for apps and many “mainframe” or systems applications that our retailers are currently investing in? Anything that can be connected, will be connected, which raises new questions around data security. As David Dorf, senior director of technology for Oracle Retail, notes, the IoT is, “spawning new devices and new possibilities everywhere”. “With an increasing number of connected devices, and the development of more and more smart objects on top of all the electronics we currently use instore and in-office,

• September 2016 •

Retail Insights the potential is extraordinary,” Dorf has said.Dorf believes that the concept of the IoT has grown exponentially over the past few years because of four things: ubiquitous and cheap wireless networks; an increase in the number of radios and sensors; growth in network addresses; and an increase in data storage availability. Some key concepts include:

RFID: For IoT objects to connect with each other, they need to be augmented with an auto-ID technology, typically a RFID tag, so that the object is uniquely identifiable. RFID is a great instore weapon, as RFID tags are said to be able to increase inventory accuracy by as much as 99 per cent. Smart TVs and connected cars: In short, these

are TVs and cars equipped with internet access that can provide online interactive media. More and more of these connected devices are being introduced every day, and they will help move the IoT forward.

Wearables: These are technology devices that

can be worn by consumers, and often include tracking information related to health and fitness. Wearables are among the top categories expected to take off in the IoT.

Instore Sensors: With the use of instore sensors (i.e., beacons), retailers can now track consumers’ behavior instore and make unique offers at the right time to drive conversions. With beacons, retailers have a huge opportunity to create “smarter” stores and shopping experiences for consumers, thus making them a big part of the IoT movement. Home Automation: Home automation is technology

that makes household appliances, temperature controls and other electronics ‘smart’ connecting them to the web so they can be programmed to function remotely. There are now clear trends emerging as the connected consumer engages with their environment in a way that revolutionises our current thinking and in turn challenges retailers to consider their expenditure on digital technology. Many have commented that franchising has been slow to adopt this consideration, however we see that franchisees have the most to gain from investing in a variety of digital solutions which in the long run will make their life easier, allowing them to focus on growing their business, not just running it. Get in touch to find out more.

Brian Walker is the Founder & CEO of Retail Doctor Group. www. retaildoctor. • September 2016 •



Stellarossa is growing to give customers a unique dine-in experience Long gone are the days of just expresso bars and fast food start-ups as the offer to attract clientele. Young families want a unique dining experience. They’re after consistently great products at an affordable price. Stellarossa doesn’t feel that’s asking too much. By Rachel Kurzyp


he Stellarossa brand was born out of a passion for coffee and service excellence. Their mission, says Stellarossa Managing Director Darren Schultz, is to “stand out from the crowd in terms of the quality of our products”. Providing a consistent experience should be easy with quality products, yet many diners find eating at their local restaurants to be a ‘hit-or-miss’ scenario. “There are a lot of brands out there that call themselves a coffee shop or coffee brand but their focus isn’t really on the product”, explains Darren. “Maintaining consistency across all our products at all our sites isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve spent time and money hiring good support staff, building a strong operations team, and sourcing the highest quality products”. While the rest of the hospitality industry is focused on creating trendy and up-market restaurants in CBD’s, Stellarossa is focusing on growing its franchise base in suburban and regional areas, particularly in neighbourhood shopping centres. The move has been a successful one, filling a need for decent quality products and providing customers with more choice. “We’re looking to target young families as regular customers”, shares Darren.



“Parents who want to go out and enjoy a nice meal with their children with a glass of wine and without any problems in doing so. There’s a need for these types of dine-in restaurants and we’re growing to try and fill this need”. It was always Darren’s plan to build a strong platform in South-East Queensland before expanding. “I wanted to get our backyard right first before we moved interstate. Now we’re geared up for growth and prepared to go anywhere nationally”. Stellarossa’s first interstate store will be opening in Adelaide and 11 more stores are expected to open by the end of the year, with negotiations already happening across all states. “I’m quietly confident we will have 50 stores up and running by the end of 2017”, says Darren. “In the end, it’s not about being the biggest in the marketplace”, says Darren. It’s about having good quality sites and motivated, passionate, customer-experience focused franchisees on board, which is only going to help our continual growth while at the same time growing a core group of happy, Find successful business owners with us”. Out More:

• September 2016 •

You’ve Been Verbalised!


By Trent Leyshan


es, we’ll definitely be moving ahead’, I’ll get the paper work back to you early next week.’ This type of customer response to a sales person’s request for the order, to some, may seem like a positive outcome. To the more experienced sales professional, this form of response is treated as a core objection and must be overcome. To seasoned sales professionals, ‘the deadly’ verbal agreement, carries no weight and is often seen as a signal the deal is about to go pear-shaped. In fact, I have known some sales people to ask the customer to retract it. Why??? From the customer’s perspective its mush easier to offer a verbal agreement than make a full commitment and sign on the dotted line. Often a verbal is used as a reason to stall or slow-up the buying process or a it’s polite way of saying, ‘no.’

Verbalisation Examples:

n I’ll come back to tomorrow with my credit card I promise. n No I won’t commit today, but I will definitely call back tomorrow. n This is just a formality now, I’ll get my manager to sign and fax back. In all environments both B2B and B2C, verbalisation is rampant, with too many unwitting sales people buyingin and letting the customer walk out the door with a

commitment, never to be seen again, or they engage in a fruitless pursuit the can span months, chasing the deadly verbal. So how do you overcome verbalisation? Well, here’s the thing, a verbal is not a sale. A verbal is not an agreement. A verbal is nothing more that an intangible and incredulous response to a request for a commitment. A verbal cannot be trusted; the salesperson must make an effort to make the commitment tangible. This can be applied in the form of signature, deposit, or even an email confirmation, but it must be tangible. The customer is so close to a full commitment, all that is often needed is one party to take the lead, be assertive and ask for a tangible commitment. If the response is negative, it must be treated as an objection and worked through with patience and structure. I call this approach, valuing and fighting for the customer. If the conversation or sales process has reached this critical point, being verbalised is out of the question, its unacceptable. Next time a potential customer verbalises you, have a little chuckle to yourself and then respond, with, ‘sorry we don’t accept hot air, please sign here.’ Trent Leyshan is the founder of sales training company BOOM! and author of Outlaw and The Naked Salesman. • September 2016 •



Base Zero is reducing the challenges of running a business Ask any business owner the four most challenging areas of running a business and they will list: Staff, Cash flow, Time, and Overheads. Base Zero is reducing all these key challenges facing small businesses.By Rachel Kurzyp


obile rock climbing franchise Base Zero is ideal for those who want to run their own business but without the challenges. “There’s so much to do these days, often so many things robbing you of time in a business”, shares Wade Morse. That’s why Base Zero has put systems in place to ensure business owners can enjoy a 3 – 4 day work week, and not be a slave to the office and phone. “Say NO to working 9-5 every day; the stress of hiring and retaining staff; taking on sales and marketing responsibilities, and spending money on large overheads”. Marketing and sales are keys to success but for many business owners, finding customers can be challenging. “That’s what our team at support office is here for”, says Wade. “They excel at being able to guide a client through the whole journey: from a cold call, through to helping a client realise how they will benefit from having Base Zero attend their event.” Building a good team is always a challenge. “Business owners are constantly having to keep on top of, train up, and making sure they are a galvanised force striking hot all the time”, explains Wade. Because franchisees only require a minimal casual team, issues around staff are reduced. “Casual team members are easy to train if they don’t work out”.

Unlike other franchises, “you don’t have to actually make anything and sell it”, says Wade. “There is no stock and therefore no wastage”. Events are pre-booked and deposits paid in advance providing a consistent cash flow for franchisees. You also have the benefit of no rental or premises lease requirements. “You don’t have to own a shop front and have customers coming to your door”. The Base Zero business model is built to help franchisees focus on what really matters to them, helping kids take on a challenge and building confidence. “When I found this business and was able to combine my love of rock climbing, working outdoors, and coaching kids, I knew it was a perfect match”. • September 2016 •

Find Out More: 02 8004 5518



The World of Business Coaching By Glenn Walford


ith a clear surge of interest over the last 12 – 18 months or so by corporate executive ‘types’ to become their own boss and utilising their skills and experience, we asked one of the leading ‘white-collar’ franchisors in the market about this in the context of their own offer to the market. Paul Henshall, CEO Aust / NZ of ActionCOACH explains, “The first thing I ask people is ‘Why do you want to be a business coach?’. Many people I speak to have first considered being a business coach after helping their family and friends in some way in their business.” “We are definitely interested in people who value money and success, but just as important is people who have a passion to work with people and help other businesses – this is the way for all to be successful.” Paul explains that, “The ActionCOACH model is very much about an education in business. We are not unique in this as many other institutions do it (education), but we provide it one to one, and often on-site – which is best practice and bespoke for each client. In our model, it is all about the owner and their business, where with many educational institutions you are learning about ‘business’ broadly.” Knowing what a business should do is one thing, but knowing what a certain business should do specifically for it is the key behind the ActionCOACH education according to Paul. “Then the other part of what we do is accountability for the business owner. Having somebody who holds you accountable for doing what you said and need to do in your business plays a big part of what we do. Working for yourself is a double edged sword – it means you can do what you like, but the negative of that is that you do what you like! We get away with poor health habits, and get away with it until we have a health incident for example, and this is the same in business.”



This stands true where as an employee you are accountable - you do your job you get paid, and you are accountable. As a business owner who are you accountable too? This is the question that has in large part driven the growth of business and any coaching across the board. Paul elaborates, “A lot of people probably think business coaching is all about strategy in a particular aspect of the business, and that is true. But it is actually all about influencing behaviours that are required to implement the strategy, and that is behavioural more so than other things. The business coach is really coaching behaviours to achieve implementation.” We coach to overcome avoidance behaviours. Our job is to push comfort zones as much as anything, to create the change needed in business owners and businesses.” “At ActionCOACH, our people come from all sorts of backgrounds. You use our systems and methodologies built up over decades, and you build a business with these and add your own unique attributes. This is at the heart of the franchising business model – it lowers your risk of setting up an entire business on your own. We want you to leverage off all that we have created.”

• September 2016 •

Find Out More:

Site Selection

White Collar Franchises and territories

So you are ditching corporate life and going out into a consulting franchise By Peter Buckingham CFE


any white collar business people give the corporate life the flick (either voluntary or involuntary), and decide to put their skills to work in a small business for themselves. I personally did that aged 44, with 2 kids in private school etc etc ,and went into our own small consulting firm – a fairly high risk period of my life! Whilst this article is not about me, I did end up being a Director of the Institute of Management Consulting (IMC) for 6 years, so do have some idea of the challenges before you. Taking on a white collar franchise can be the solution between going alone, with all the risk as an individual consultant, and partnering with a known concept, and using the systems and processes already established to your benefit. You probably don’t want to do manual jobs,(lawn mowing, pool cleaning, dog washing etc), and feel your many skills and qualifications should lend to do a more sedate white collar franchise business, using brains not brawn – so what is out there for you? We are seeing a high growth in white collar service franchises, and we are working with quite a few what I would describe as Professional Services – such as book keeping, business coaching and financial planning, which we describe as B2B, and then the professional, medically related services such as Myotherapy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy businesses.



The question normally comes up in discussions with the Franchisor – “Do we have a territory to work in, or some form of geographic protection”?

The options that arise are normally: 1. Open Slather – you are all equal and nothing is off limits 2. Preferred Marketing Areas – The Franchisor allocates you a Marketing Area to allow them to fairly allocate leads. You market within your area only but other than that, you can head where you find the jobs. 3. Hard walled territories - We give you a territory, and ask you to stay within it. Whilst the Type A personalities love the idea of being able to hunt and roam at will, reality normally comes that if they can do that in everyone else’s back yard – similar will be happening to them. Having a business full of active predators can cause many issues, and I hear from the Mortgage Broking franchises, the major disputes they have are normally between the Alpha Males! Our recommendation is normally the Preferred Marketing Areas (PMA’s) where you have some respect amongst the franchisees, and have a basic agreement you ACTIVELY market across your own nominated area, however you may PASSIVELY perform (do work) outside

• September 2016 •

Site Selection

your area if you are invited to do a job (by a customer). The big NO NO is you cannot ACTIVELY market outside your own PMA. (Active marketing is thought of as cold calls, phone calls and advertisements / billboards or dropping leaflets into mailboxes). If we agree to a PMA arrangement, how do we measure each area / postcode for business potential? We recommend a process we call Units of Demand for B2B business, whereby each area (normally postcode) is assessed in terms of: n Number of businesses in each area, weighted for how suitable they are for the service you provide n Size of businesses – as certain size may suit what you are providing.. For example if you are a Bookkeeping service franchise, the ideal business is probably in the range 5 – 20 employees, because businesses larger than that have their own CFO / Bookkeeper internally, and your services are not needed. The Australian Bureau of Statistics makes available a dataset giving us the type of business (ANZSIC Categories) and the size of business (range of employees) for all areas in Australia, and we arrange this into Postcodes, as we normally find these are the best area units to work with. The aim of doing Territory Planning is to them make each Territory / PMA of similar opportunity for the

Franchisees, based on facts and data, not the wet finger in the air approach. If you are looking to go into a Professional Services Franchise, make sure there is some protection for you in the territory you are securing. We suggest the PMA model is normally the best, with a logical and agreed process for the Franchisor to allocate calls via the web or their Head Office or Call Centre. If you wish to read more about territory planning and this specific topic, please look at the following links. uploads/3/1/8/6/31864321/units_of_demand_for_a_b2b_ business.pdf Good luck with finding a good white collar business franchise to further extend you past corporate skills.

Peter Buckingham is the Managing Director of Spectrum Analysis Australia Pty Ltd, a Melbourne based Geodemographic and statistical consultancy. Spectrum specializes in assisting clients with decisions relating to territory planning, store and site location using various scientific and statistical techniques. To contact Peter email or call on (03) 98300077. • September 2016 •



Mutual Gain is the Focus of FIFO Capital’s Funding Model Business finance brand Fifo Capital knows partnership, mutual gain and shared experience are more than just words. The success of their new funding model is proof breaking down the barriers to entry will only make their place in the business finance market stronger. By Rachel Kurzyp


ifo Capital is doing something that’s never been done before, especially not in the business finance market. They’re removing barriers to entry and letting franchisees with different skill sets come together and make a real-life peer-to-peer lending scenario. “When people hear peer-to-peer lending, they automatically think online and that you’ll never meet the person, but our model is cemented in real-life and requires our franchisees to be involved”, explains Fifo Capital Managing Director Neil McMillan. “Our model proves peer-to-peer lending doesn’t have to be passive”. A year ago, Fifo Capital realised finding people with all the skills to be a franchisee was becoming more and more difficult. So they made the decision to split a franchisee role into skill set segments allowing people to join Fifo Capital in one of the following capacities: A fully fledged franchisee who has all the skills and access to their own funding, A transactional franchisee who has the skills but no funding, An Investor Partner - who does not have the skills but has the funding. “Within two weeks of starting this model, 100% of the investor funds were used up and the borrower franchisees

were delighted as there is an almost unlimited supply of funds”, explains Neil. Returns are large, with scenario 1 generating returns as high as 50% per annum. And 2 and 3 generating returns around 25% per annum according to Neil. This coupled with the business lifestyle benefits - the ability to set your own work hours and spend more time with family, as well as low overheads – in fact mostly, you only need to worry about your car, phone and computer. All this makes Fifo Capital very attractive to people who are fed up with the corporate 9-5 environment. Fifo Capital’s commitment to people is what’s setting them apart from other lenders. “We’re very much focused on the relationship model and that filters down”, says Neil. “70% of our business is referred to us because we’re not on our phones we’re out there connecting with people. It’s these key values that will play a crucial role in the continued success and growth of Fifo Capital – for the business as a whole and their new franchise partners. Find Out More: 1300 852 556 • September 2016 •



A Franchise Opportunity for a Unique Individual Fast-growing café brand Degani takes a fairly uncommon approach for their industry to building a sustainable business with their franchise partners, here they explain this approach in more detail. By Rachel Kurzyp


he journey to becoming a Degani franchisee is like any long-term relationship: built on mutual respect and trust. This process takes time but it’s worth it as the results are a business that delivers or exceeds expectations. Not many franchises to such a flexible approach to work with you to create your dream business. Degani Marketing Manager, Clementine Scott details why they appreciate and look for shared values and individuality in business. Your approach to franchising is built around ‘flexible franchising’. Can you explain this concept? At Degani we value uniqueness. We work hard to provide locally-tailored solutions for our franchisees with the aim to increase their profitability. We are not just a brand, we are a culture, a lifestyle and most importantly, a family. We’re here to walk our franchisees through systems, training and business modelling to help them achieve their goals. This is what we mean when we say flexible franchising. Why do you think this concept has resonated so well with your Franchise Business Partners? As the world of franchising is constantly growing, it’s becoming increasingly harder to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Degani focuses on creating uncontested market space as opposed to directly competing with similar brands. This point of difference resonates with our Franchise Business Partners who strive to adapt to new cultural and culinary trends.

Typically, how much say does a franchisee have over their menu, café design and suppliers? While Degani has a proven core menu, we encourage our Partners to bring their own culture and experience to their menu. In terms of design, every Degani is tailor built because we understand the look and feel of a Degani are vital to stores success. Our Franchise Business Model has been engineered from our intimate industry knowledge. This has enabled us to compile simple, structured operational guidelines, which makes business decisions like finding suppliers easy. We have an autonomous relationship with our Partners and work with them to continually grow their business. Where is Degani looking to grow and have a presence? We have led the Melbourne café scene since 99’ and are now looking for Franchise Business Partners to lead our national expansion. Our key growth areas would be within NSW and QLD in particular. Who is a Degani franchise best suited to? For example, is having a previous food business preferred? Having previous hospitality experience is an advantage but it’s not a prerequisite. We find people who have a strong business acumen and attention to detail become successful Degani franchisees and those are the people who often really stand out to us. Find Out More:



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Peak Performance

Five Business Lessons From A Toddler Toddlers might seem like unlikely business coaches, but you’d be surprised how much you can learn from their approach to life. Here’s five (of many!) lessons I learned from the littlest life expert(s) I know. By Adam Gibson


all, have a moment, then get back up. Toddlers are remarkably resilient. They’ll fall, take a moment to register what’s happened and/or cry so loud your ears ring, then after that, they’re up and running again. They don’t let their falls stop them playing indefinitely. They don’t care if people look at them funny for being upset, or tell them off for being noisy about it (believe me…they really don’t care about that second one). They feel what they feel, they react or they don’t, and they move on.



It’s okay to be upset when shit happens. Have a moment of anger or frustration or sadness if you need it, and then move on. Don’t dwell. Get up, and keep going.

Be relentlessly curious. Toddlers get into everything. There is no such thing as a child-proof lock. There are only locks your child hasn’t figured out yet. And that’s how they learn. They embrace the world with both hands (literally). Everything is new and interesting, all wide-eyed wonder.

• September 2016 •

Peak Performance Imagine if you approached all your tasks with that level of interest; imagine what would happen if you were always ready to just get stuck in and find things out. Everyone learns at a different pace – and that’s okay. Parents may invest a lot of time and energy into worrying about whether their child is developing as fast as the other kids in their circle – but I can guarantee you, your toddler has not given it one ounce of thought. Their self esteem is not impacted by the fact that Bobby is walking and they’re still crawling their way into everything, or on the flipside, that they’re already stringing together rudimentary sentences while Bobby is barely making coherent sounds. Your business is your business, and you can’t compare it to anyone else’s. Maybe it looks like some other guy is moving way faster than you, but you might end up building something more solid. If you’re always looking at what everyone else is doing, it’s easy to lose sight of your goal and what really matters to YOU. Sometimes, all you need is a nap. While you might not be able to just nod off any time or any where like a baby can, one of the best things you can do to prevent burnout is listen to your body. If you’re so bone tired you can barely function, you’re not doing anyone any favours – your business, your family and your sense of self will suffer. So if you desperately need it and the opportunity arises: rest. Sleep. Wind down. Take an hour or five minutes or whatever you can get to recharge your batteries. If you can see the signs and act early, you’ll save yourself from a spectacular crash and months of recovery time.

Adam Gibson is the Founder of the Entrepreneurs Men’s Shed, a business group for men who want to be financially successful without robbing time from their family and themselves.

It’s okay to ask for what you want. In my recent Entrepreneurs Men’s Shed podcast interview with Ron Malhotra, he talked about how people feel like they can’t admit to wanting nice things, wanting to be wealthy and financially stable. Toddlers do not care if you think they’re greedy or crude for wanting three bananas in the space of five minutes. They just want their bananas and that’s the end of it. If you want something, it’s okay to ask for it. It’s important to think about the impetus behind that wanting, but the only way you’ll ever get what you’re after is by putting it out there boldly and unashamedly. Find Out More: (and listen to the Ron Malhotra podcast mentioned above) by going to • September 2016 •



Bad Back’s Business Model is as Diverse as its Products With a full range of therapeutic products on offer, ranging from sitstand desks to pain relief gels to memory foam pillows, Back Backs is helping their licensees provide unique solutions and tap into a growing niche. By Rachel Kurzyp


ounded in 2001, by a group of back pain sufferers, Bad Backs understands there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to back pain relief. “A lot of time and effort is spent on sourcing innovative products”, says Bad Backs Director, Felicity Wood. Bad Backs offers a range of high-quality therapeutic products from around the world, many of which are exclusive to their stores here in Australia. “What we’ve discovered is that pain is subjective”, shares Felicity. “Different things work for different people. Having the diversity of new ideas and a range of products gives people the opportunity to find the solution for them; something that is simple and works”. The business has grown quickly across Melbourne, Sydney and Perth to match demand. But with back pain related issues on the rise, there are now opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded people with commercial experience to join the business in Adelaide and Brisbane. “We only have a few locations around Australia so we describe ourselves as a semi-destination store, says Felicity. “This is a great opportunity for licensees because they have access to a huge, untapped target market, simply by being the first to open up shop. The back pain market is going to continue to grow too, due to our sedentary lifestyle and an ageing population”. “There is also little competition”, says Felicity. “There are a lot of bedding stores and office furniture stores, but what we’ve done is collected the most ergonomic products and brought them all together under one roof ”. Bad Backs, unlike other retail stores, is a place of discovery. Licensees get close to the product. And it shows. “When people walk into the store they go ‘wow, I never knew a place like this existed’”, says Felicity.



Bad Back’s business model is as diverse as their customer’s needs. This unique and niche business helps those people who experience back pain due to their lifestyle and age, but they also work closely with the medical profession and have two business channels: retail stores and B2B. Felicity explains: “This means our licensees have the opportunity to sell one or two products to a walk-in customer in their retail store but they can also sell 100 to 200 products directly to a corporate or small-to-large business. As well, by not being a ‘franchise’ means our licensees have more flexibility in the way they are able to run their own business, but with our all our help and knowledge of the market”. Find Out More:

• September 2016 • 03 9020 2095

Franchising Your Business

How to Franchise Your Business

Franchising Is a People Business

As Tom Potter from Pizza Hut said when he moved from running a suite of company stores selling pizza to running a franchise chain,

‘I moved from the pizza business to the people business.’ -By Brian Keen


s franchisor, you will be moving into a completely different kind of business – one built around leading people to do the things you do now – selling ‘widgets’. And this move is made more difficult because the relationship between franchisor and franchisee is a tricky one. Franchisees are not employees to be managed. They are business partners, people who have invested in your franchise, independent owners of one or more franchise outlets. Nevertheless, franchisees need to be able to work in an environment where you closely control how everything is done, looks and feels. Every outlet must operate in the same way so there is not much room for creativity on their part. In lots of ways they do need to be closely managed as employees. A paradox for sure. To make matters more difficult, as your franchisees will be bringing all the money into the franchise group and you none, they will want to see that you are keeping your part of the bargain, doing the things you said you would to make the franchise business profitable for both of you. This 32


small fact can cause much resentment if not handled well. So what do you need to make this tricky people business works?

Leadership Of course leadership skills are crucial. You need to be able to draw the line, and at the same time, give support, and inspire, and create a culture of success. It all starts with selecting the right people Everyone has a special suite of skills and personality traits. Unfortunately, the thing about personality is we really like to mix with people who are like minded – in the case of most franchisors, this is usually other entrepreneurs. Great socially, not so great for business where we really need to be selecting people in our team with the personality to fit the range of jobs at hand rather than people who make us feel comfortable. So franchise leaders need to be able to stand aside from their own communication style and work preferences and

• September 2016 •

Franchising Your Business understand how to select the right people for each job and then to lead these often very disparate personalities with diverse communication and decision making styles. So, how does this work and what can make this task easier? Obviously there are many ingredients and I am not going into all of them. But, as a start, I’ve found it’s really helpful to understand personality profiling, first to understand yourself and then to understand the people you need to have around you to make the business work. Applying profiles in a Franchise

Start with the customer

In many businesses, especially service businesses, franchisees who interact with customers find it easiest to make the sale and provide the service if they have personality profiles which somewhat match those of your ideal client.

Think of the product or service

In many instances though, interaction with the client is not the driver of your franchisee profile. Because the needs of the tasks associated with the product or service you are delivering will be associated with certain character types. Bookkeepers are naturally into detail, perfectionists, and followers of rules. Hand in hand with this is often a distinct lack of communication skill and flexibility and little ability with marketing. Health care professionals are naturally supportive and generally into detail – also perfectionists. But they are not often great at marketing themselves and bringing in new leads and often not so great at the administrative side of business. So, for franchises needing these detailed supporting personalities, it may be best if you, the franchisor, supply some of the business administration and marketing needed to keep them on track. This will impact on the way your franchise is structured.

Think of the needs of running a business

Business needs the full suite of personality types. Detail to deal with tasks such as bookkeeping and to follow franchise systems. Supporters to get the work done and build a team. Chatty party goers to build relationships and drive the marketing and sales. And a healthy dose of drive to make decisions, make sure things don’t stall, that products stay fresh in the market, and to keep an eye on strategic direction. It is very unlikely you will find one person with this suite of abilities. The trick is to put the right profiles into each task and then teach the disparate group how to interact with each other so they become functional members of the team.

Think of the needs of running a franchise Franchise groups need just as many different profiles as any business and more because each level of the franchise essentially has a different business structure with different support requirements. As an example – a beauty franchise could possibly be rolled out with: Franchise outlets owned by franchisees with: n Beautician skills n Great social interaction skills n But no marketing or business administration ability Master Franchise outlets established in each region with: n Beautician skills n Great social interaction skills n Ability to support and direct franchisees as needed n Business administration skills n But no marketing ability The franchisor with the full suite of beauty and business skills to teach franchisees and master franchisees how to run their outlets: n Beautician skills n Great social interaction skills n Ability to support, direct and educate franchisees as needed n Business administration skills n Marketing ability n Ability to take the tough decisions when needed So finally, it’s all about the team Create your franchise structure based on what you want done and the kind of franchisee you will need and then put in the support to fill the gaps and get your franchise team functioning brilliantly.

Brian Keen is founder of How to Franchise Simply, which delivers a simpler step-bystep franchising system in a number of different media including the internet and through workshops. • September 2016 •



What’s Your Exit Strategy? While producing a business plan to secure finance to buy is common, creating a plan for the future sale of your business is not. But this is changing thanks to Chem-Dry’s new approach. By Rachel Kurzyp


hem-Dry, the world’ largest carpet cleaning franchise, and now in it’s 30th year in Australia, is adding value by working closely with its franchise partners to educate and help them prepare for the final leg of their business journey: resale. All franchise partners move on at some point, so it makes good business sense to help them develop a plan for how and when that happens. “Because the majority of our franchise partners are first-time business owners, they are also first-time business sellers and many aren’t sure where to start.”, explains Chem-Dry CEO Alan Biddle. Alan explains: “Selling your business is very personal, so owners often shy away from asking for assistance. For many, thinking about the long game has never been a priority. When people buy a business for under $50k they often view it as buying a job. They focus on generating a healthy weekly income and never really focus on the asset they are building in the process. We’re trying to change people’s mindset.” Franchise partners are often unsure what their business is worth, or how to put a value on their hard work. However, once they do this, the greater challenge is how to effectively communicate that value to a potential buyer, and secure a successful resale. How do you communicate value? “By making sure that your systems, procedures, and financial records are up to date at all times, your equipment is in good working order, and your client databases are accurate for starters”, shares Alan. “These are what initially attracts a buyer to an established business. I’m a firm believer that a business



is always ready for sale, because you never know when the right buyer will come along”. “It all comes down to planning correctly to be ready for sale”, says Alan. “You’re not in business forever, so you need to think about your exit strategy right from the start”. This year Chem-Dry has completed seven resales, with an average resale price over $100,000. This is significant when you consider that a new start-up franchise costs just $40k, and highlights why it is so important for franchisors to work with their franchise partners to unlock the value in their business. Seeing established businesses selling for higher prices also has flow on effects, and is considered to be a good indication of a healthy network. So what type of people are buying Chem-Dry franchises? “We are starting to see younger, more entrepreneurial business owners with marketing and sales backgrounds who aren’t interested in only being an operator. People who want to step out of the tools and build a business that can scale”, says Alan. Find Out More:

• September 2016 • 1800 243 637

A Business that helps clean up the mining boom’s worst legacy regional drug use. Giving people the opportunity to contribute to their communities, and build a business at the same time is what Drug-Safe Communities is all about. By Glenn Walford


he economic impact of the mining boom years on the Australian economy was significantly positive. However, according to Michael White, Managing Director of Drug-Safe Australia, “The social reality of the mining boom years, particularly in the regional heartland of Australia, has resulted in a substantial upturn in alcohol and illicit drug abuse particularly in industries such as building and construction, forestry and civil engineering.” Skills that we learned during the mining boom years have now transplanted into everyday working life within our communities. Michael shares what he is seeing as a national problem that cannot be ignored. “Sadly the downside of this ‘upskilling’, combined with inflated wages and excessive down time has materialised in the form of a mining legacy of substance abuse, now showing up as ‘Ice’ epidemics throughout regional Australia.” The problem has become so critical that the Federal Government has passed legislation requiring all contracts and tenders over a certain amount to have a “nonnegotiable” clause requiring tendering companies to have a Drug-Safe Workplace programme in place to ensure all staff are not only safe from abuse but have agreed to be tested on a regular, but random, basis by an independent service provider. This Legislation came into affect in February 2016. To address the drugs in the workplace problem, and turn it into an opportunity, last year Michael launched his

unique, totally Australian Franchise programme called Drug-Safe Communities. Drawing upon the 16 years of cleaning up many of Australia’s most notorious workplaces, Drug-Safe Australia has packaged the successes into a simple stepby-step solution that can be introduced into almost any environment, workplace or club. As Michael says, “It’s such a rare moment that a business opportunity presents itself with a real solution and gets the support of the Government.” “But our problem now is to find enough dedicated, enthusiastic professionals who understand leadership and management to deliver our Drug-Safe Solution to communities”. “This is an opportunity that needs to be implemented fast on a broad scale so we have to make it worthwhile and attractive to get involved right now to take advantage of the market demand right now and into the future.” To drive this expansion Drug-Safe is offering until the end of 2016, any successful applicant wishing to become either a franchisee or a master franchisee (region or state) will have their upfront fee slashed by 50%. However, you have to be approved and committed before 31st December 2016. • September 2016 •

Find Out More:



ADVERT Rent With Style


Customer Relations

In most places of business, attracting new customers and keeping the existing ones happy is crucial. Find out more about how you can improve your skills dealing with customers. Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Tony Hsieh • June 7, 2010 • Hachette UK In DELIVERING HAPPINESS, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh shares the different lessons he has learned in business and life, from starting a worm farm to running a pizza business, through LinkExchange, Zappos, and more. Fast-paced and downto-earth, DELIVERING HAPPINESS shows how a very different kind of corporate culture is a powerful model for achieving success-and how by concentrating on the happiness of those around you, you can dramatically increase your own.

Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Jay Baer March 1, 2016 Penguin Eighty percent of companies say they deliver outstanding customer service, but only 8 percent of their customers agree. This book will help you close that gap by reconfiguring your customer service to deliver knockout experiences. The near-universal adoption of smartphones and social media has fundamentally altered the science of complaints. Critics (“haters”) can now express their displeasure faster and more publicly than ever. These trends have resulted in an overall increase in complaints and a belief by many businesses that they have to “pick their spots” when choosing to answer criticisms.

The Referral of a Lifetime: Never Make a Cold Call Again!, Edition 2

Tim Templeton • August 1, 2016 • Berrett-Koehler Publishers Your Best Prospects Are Referred Prospects! Nobody likes cold calls. And nobody really needs to make them. The Referral of a Lifetime teaches a step-by-step system that will allow anyone to generate a steady stream of new business through consistent, qualified referrals while retaining and maximizing business with existing customers. Tim Templeton emphasizes the importance of applying the golden rule in business—putting the relationship with your customer first, rather than just making the sale.

The Social Business Imperative: Adapting Your Business Model to the AlwaysConnected Customer

Clara Shih March 25, 2016 Prentice Hall Social media is now the dominant online activity and drives more website traffic than online search. The implications for businesses are as profound as the rise of Google 15 years ago. Amidst the demands of running a business, it can be alluring to fully delegate “digital” to the digital team. But in today’s wired environment, digital is actually everyone’s job. Company leaders and professionals must seek to personally grasp the tectonic changes arising from the always-connected customer, and then rethink traditional business models, business practices, and even their own job responsibilities and careers accordingly. • September 2016 •




Visualise your numbers

When managing your records in a business, sometimes data just needs to be a little more visual. Here are three websites that will crunch your numbers and visualise your results.


Google Charts

Explore with the App: Open data and explore it with Tableau Desktop Public Edition. Drag & Drop. Create stunning visualizations with ease. Save to Your Profile: Save and store your visualizations on your Tableau Public profile. We give you 10GB of space. Personalize your profile and connect with other authors. Share with the World: Share your visualizations with the world via social media. Or embed them on a site or blog. Your published vizzes are always live and interactive.

Google chart tools are powerful, simple to use, and free. Try out our rich gallery of interactive charts and data tools. Choose from a variety of charts. From simple scatter plots to hierarchical treemaps, find the best fit for your data. Make the charts your own. Configure an extensive set of options to perfectly match the look and feel of your website.


Gephi is a tool for data analysts and scientists keen to explore and understand graphs. Like Photoshop™ but for graph data, the user interacts with the representation, manipulate the structures, shapes and colors to reveal hidden patterns. The goal is to help data analysts to make hypothesis, intuitively discover patterns, isolate structure singularities or faults during data sourcing. It is a complementary tool to traditional statistics, as visual thinking with interactive interfaces is now recognized to facilitate reasoning. This is a software for Exploratory Data Analysis, a paradigm appeared in the Visual Analytics field of research.



• September 2016 •


App Chat Great thoughts are often left behind when things get busy, so use these apps to jot them down before they get lost in your day.

Sticky Note + A note (notepad) application where you can create text-, voice- and paint-notes. Your notes can be organized in folders. You can create shortcuts on home, send notes, use live folders & much more! andrey.notepad Notes is a good helper to manage your schedules and notes. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memo, email, message, shopping list and to do list. It makes to take a note easier than any other notepad and memo apps.


ColorNote Notepad Notes

Note Everything andrey.notepad Notepad a new, comfortable and simple notepad right on your Android. Notepad is always at your hand, you just have to write down what you want to do or what you don’t want to forget, you may even do not save it, it would do it for you. socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note ColorNote® is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with ColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other notepad or memo pad app. • September 2016 •



Latest Listings

Latest Listings QUEENSLAND Go Sushi/Kick Juice

$249,000 + SAV

Hervey Bay DIONE MAURIC 0415 543 469

Godfreys $499,000 + SAV


$150,000 + SAV

Carindale MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 mick@franchisebrokers.

Gloria Jeans

$169,000 + SAV


$189,000 + SAV

Slacks Creek DAVE PADDINGTON 0411 398 048 dave.paddington@

$779,000 + SAV

DFO Jindalee MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 mick@


$449,000 + SAV

Zarraffas Coffee Carseldine Russ Webb 0467 051 735 Russ@franchisebrokers.

Cairns DIONE MAURIC 0415 543 469

Near Bayside Location DAVE PADDINGTON 0411 398 048 dave.paddington@


$599,000 + SAV

Morayfield Russ Webb 0467 051 735 Russ@franchisebrokers.

new south wales Curves

$89,000 + SAV 40


Toronto JAMES TAYLOR 0447 273287 james.taylor@

Muffin Break

$499,000 + SAV

• September 2016 •

Erina Fair JAMES TAYLOR 0447 273287 james.taylor@

Latest Listings

Latest Listings

new south wales (continued) Ridgey Didge Pies

Anytime Fitness

Dubbo East and West MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 mick@franchisebrokers.

$1,3000,000 + SAV

Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 mick@franchisebrokers.

$99,000 + SAV

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Amazing Clean Blinds

$549,000 +SAV


Garden City RAJIV RAJAN 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@

$599,000 + SAV Ian Diffen Tyres

Osborne Park RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers.

Karawara RAJIV RAJAN 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@

$ 449,000 + SAV

$149,000 + SAV Subway

Kewlink RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers.

$179,000 + SAV Sumo Salad

Kalgoorlie RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers.

ACT Cooleman Court Newsagency $450,000 + SAV

ACT MICHAEL NEWHAM 0419 263 014 michael.newham@

Clark Rubber

$495,000 + SAV

Shellharbour MICHAEL NEWHAM 0419 263 014 michael.newham@ • September 2016 •



classifieds classifieds

classifieds A selection of listings from

A selection of listings from Accuracy Statement: Whilst all care is taken to reproduce this information, please contact the listing owner for the most current information on listings. Search By Listing Name

Finn Business Sales Townsville DIONE MAURIC 0415 543 469 $80,000


The Coffee Club


Redbank Plaza Ipswich MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 au $390,000 + SAV

Andergrove (Mackay) DIONE MAURIC 0415 543 469 $300,000 + SAV


Lucky 7

Riverlink Ipswich MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 mick@franchisebrokers. $259,000 + SAV

Trinity Park DIONE MAURIC 0415 543 469 $175,000 + SAV

Australia Post Westcourt DIONE MAURIC 0415 543 469 $395,000 + SAV

ifeelgood 24/7

Brisbane West Location MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 $250,000 + SAV

The Coffee Club Innisfail DIONE MAURIC 0415 543 469 $320,000 + SAV • September 2016 •

Kwik Kopy

Darra MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 mick@franchisebrokers. $149,500 + SAV



classifieds Crema Espresso

Toowoomba MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 $490,000 + SAV

Anytime Fitness Toowoomba DAVE PADDINGTON 0411 398 048 dave.paddington@ $249,000 +SAV


Manly West DAVE PADDINGTON 0411 398 048 dave.paddington@ $249,000 + SAV

Eagle Boys

Redbank Plains DAVE PADDINGTON 0411 398 048 dave.paddington@ $289,000 + SAV

The Coffee Club Meadowbrook DAVE PADDINGTON 0411 398 048 dave.paddington@ $435,000 + SAV



• September 2016 •

Submarine Sandwich

Inner City East DAVE PADDINGTON 0411 398 048 dave.paddington@ $429,000 + SAV


Indooroopilly Russ Webb 0467 051 735 Russ@franchisebrokers. $495,000 + SAV

Beaumont Tiles Caboolture Russ Webb 0467 051 735 Russ@franchisebrokers. $449,000 + SAV

Worldwide Printing Solutions

Brisbane North Russ Webb 0467 051 735 Russ@franchisebrokers. $549,000 + SAV

Hip Pocket Workwear and Safety

Lawnton Russ Webb 0467 051 735 au $420,000 + SAV

classifieds Donut King

New South Wales

Lake Haven JAMES TAYLOR 0447 273287 james.taylor@ $395,000 + SAV

Australia Post Budgewoi JAMES TAYLOR 0447 273287 james.taylor@ $495,000 + SAV

Beds R Us

Hunter Valley and Central Coast Stores JAMES TAYLOR 0447 273287 james.taylor@ $800,000

Muffin Break


Shellharbour MICHAEL NEWHAM 0419 263 014 michael.newham@ $695,000 + SAV

Allandale [Cessnock] JAMES TAYLOR 0447 273287 james.taylor@ $195,000 + SAV

Anytime Fitness Rutherford JAMES TAYLOR 0447 273287 james.taylor@ $629,000 + SAV

Beaumont Tiles • September 2016 •

Coffs Harbour MICK CRAIG 0417 778 587 au $215,000 +SAV




Western Australia Chicken Treat

Camillo RAJIV RAJAN 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. $299,000 + SAV


Belmont RAJIV RAJAN 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. $290,000 + SAV


WA Masters RAJIV RAJAN 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. $549,000 + SAV

Salon Express Armadale RAJIV RAJAN 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@ $ 299,000 + SAV



• September 2016 •

Jetts Fitness

Mandurah RAJIV RAJAN 08 9468 5131 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. $ 399,000 + SAV

Essential Beauty

Bunbury RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. $175,000 + SAV


Kalgoorlie RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@ $465,000 + SAV


Bunbury RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@ $299,000 + SAV

Barbeques Galore & Solahart Geraldton RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. $675,000

classifieds Kleenit

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Osborne RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@ $89,000

Ray White


Kalbarri RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@ $495,000 + SAV

Party Plus

Joondalup RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@ $369,000 + SAV

Joondalup RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@ $395,000 + SAV

Chicken Treat

Carramar RYAN WILLSHER (08) 9468 5130 enquirieswa@franchisebrokers. $99,000 + SAV

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! • September 2016 •



classifieds Sleepys


Farrer, ACT MICHAEL NEWHAM 0419 263 014 michael.newham@ $550,000 + SAV

Red Rooster

Charnwood, ACT MICHAEL NEWHAM 0419 263 014 michael.newham@ $650,000 + SAV



• September 2016 •

Fyshwick, ACT MICHAEL NEWHAM 0419 263 014 michael.newham@ $102,000 + SAV

Lone Star

Woden, ACT MICHAEL NEWHAM 0419 263 014 michael.newham@ $400,000 + SAV

Australian Sports Nutrition Darwin, Northern Territory ANDREW HAHN 0413 013 367 Andrew.hahn@ $250,000 + SAV