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A career change with the Home Improvement Product of the Decade

Making Life Easy Green Planet Grass was created from a desire to bring the highest quality and most technologically advanced simulated grass product to the residential and commercial landscape markets. After extensive local, national and international research, the owners observed that quality, innovative product systems, customer service and strong business principles were missing in this market segment. It was from this gap in the market that Green Planet Grass was born and in 2008 the owners left their secure jobs in the corporate arena and moved full time into synthetic grass.

Green Planet Grass Values


Customer Focused




Value for Money

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Unlike many franchise companies that have grown from a top down approach, Green Planet Grass started from the ground up (literally). It is this hands-on, customer driven experience that has led to Green Planet Grass creating unique, high quality products, innovative installation systems and combining these with honesty, integrity and good old fashioned customer service. The owners are still equal partners in the business and actively manage the day-to-day activities.

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Synthetic grass is here to stay

Even during testing economic times, some products defy the odds and synthetic grass is one of these. The industry has expanded its reach year on year and is rapidly becoming the home improvement product of the decade. Below are some of the more common reasons that people choose a Green Planet Grass synthetic lawn:

 Families want to regain their leisure time and no longer occupy their spare time with the endless cycle of mowing, edge trimming, weeding and general maintenance  The move away from “DIY” to ‘get someone reputable to do the job  Homes struggling to cope with spring and summer water restrictions or total sprinkler bans  Families where the kids have ‘worn out’ the natural lawn, making it too hard to play on in the summer and too wet to play on in the winter  Homeowners who are suffering from physical limitations and therefore struggle to keep their lawn looking neat and tidy  Family pets have ruined the natural lawn and bring in sand and mud as a result  Transforming rooftops or balconies into useable and functional spaces

 Smaller blocks and / or areas where it is hard to grow natural lawn (eg. high traffic or shaded lawn areas)  Lawn areas that are difficult to access or mow  Family members or pets who suffer from allergies or high pollen count  Homeowners who are becoming environmentally aware and no longer want to be watering a natural lawn  Lawns with poor drainage which are left with big muddy puddles through winter  Childcare centres and schools wanting to encourage children to play outside or sit in shaded lawn areas  Businesses with high traffic areas or wanting their commercial areas to appear neat and tidy but don’t want the maintenance hassle or expense of natural grass

It is worth remembering that practically every home improvement product over the last twenty to thirty years has seen a natural resource, such as timber, being replaced with a technically advanced manufactured solution that offers all of the benefits of the original, but with longer lasting properties and much less maintenance.

What are the benefits of owning a Green Planet Grass franchise? As a Green Planet Grass franchisee, you’ll be entering this growing market under an established brand, using our intellectual property and following a tried and tested sales and marketing strategy that will help create a robust, locally based business that grows and develops.

Additional benefits of a Green Planet Grass franchise include:  A proven business format and a complete system of doing business  A well established brand with thousands of happy customers and a high profile website with over 30,000 visitors per year  An exclusive and innovative range of recyclable Australian made products  Superior supplier support  Comprehensive training, support and ongoing assistance  Innovative industry leading products and cutting edge installation systems  Proven unique selling features  Custom designed management systems and operating procedures  An exclusive marketing territory (prime suburban and regional locations available)  Five year franchise agreement with three further five year options for your exclusive territory  Access to in-house financing to help get you into business  GPG e–office – a whole of business IT platform that has been custom designed for the synthetic grass industry  We work with you to grow your business through additional services and territory options  Escape the politics and frustration of working for others and achieve the results directly linked to your own hard work (you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself)

As a premium brand, we position ourselves at the top of the artificial turf market. Driving the market through innovation will allow you to avoid the “middle ground” where the only reason to purchase is price. This is a dead end proposition which only ever leads to driving down profit and restricting growth.

Green Planet Grass was different from the start by offering the customer:  Convenient at home service  Free needs analysis & quotation  Expert measuring  Industry leading synthetic grass systems

Your Exclusive marketing territory A further benefit of the Green Planet Grass franchise model is the size of the generous marketing territories that are available to new franchisees. There will only ever be 50 marketing territories across Australia.

 The highest quality Australian made product  Sophisticated sales and marketing system  Follow up care and maintenance service  Professional installation  Knowledgeable consultants  Innovative and unique products

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Business ownership for people with a passion to excel Having access to funds to buy a Green Planet Grass franchise is no guarantee of selection. We need to ensure only the right people join our franchise programme. We are looking for hardworking individuals or couples who are ready to enjoy the freedom of running their own franchise business with the leadership of Green Planet Grass behind them. Prospective franchisees will need:

 A strong desire to be the owner and operator and to succeed in business  To be highly energetic, motivated and have a passion to excel at all levels  A positive attitude and strong communication skills  Enjoy sales and have the ability to relate well to customers of all backgrounds  Enjoy managing and leading employees / sub-contractors  To be totally committed to outstanding customer service  Enjoy a challenge, be flexible and able to adapt to change  To be driven for personal and financial success  To have the financial capacity to purchase the franchise and fund its startup period  To have the motivation and dedication to drive your new business to be the number one synthetic grass business in your area

Franchise training and preparation so you hit the ground running Comprehensive initial and on-going training are key to the growth of your Green Planet Grass franchise. That’s why all Green Planet Grass franchisees follow a systemised franchise-training programme that doesn’t cut corners or leave anything to chance.

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Training topics include:  Intensive review of the business operations  Product theory and innovation  Warehouse and stock management  Office set-up  Administration and accounting  Local area marketing and promotion  Sales presentation skills (theory and practical)

Interested? What to do next? If this sounds like the business opportunity that you have been looking for, don’t delay. With only 50 exclusive marketing territories available, this is your chance to be part of something very special and take advantage of the home improvement product of the decade.

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The Owners. THE OWNERS

As a franchise development consultant it is indeed rare to work with clients who understand franchising from the start; clients who also understand the importance and value of the relationship between themselves as a franchisor and their future franchisees. Jeff Dennis and Justin Everley are two such people, and from my time working with them I have discovered two professionals who are clear and strategic in their thinking and cautious and careful in their planning. They always consider the long term for both the Green Planet Grass Brand and of course for their future franchisees wellbeing. This makes sense of course, but it is not always the case in my experience. They should be justifiably proud of the franchise business they have built. John Brown Browns Lane Consulting. Perth Member - Australian Franchising Hall of Fame

For more information about your franchise opportunity, call 08 9209 2669 or send us your letter of intent to

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