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Contents. 3 Our philosophy 4 A bean sized summary 5 Who is Retail Food Group? 6 Why franchising 7 Esquires Coffee – who are we? 8 Esquires Coffee - international presence 9 Our menu 11 Is Esquires Coffee the right business for me? 12 Support systems 13 R.I.O.T training 14 Which store option suits me best? 17 For the bean counters 18 Do you want to join the Esquires Coffee team? 22 Frequently asked questions 25 Happy franchisees 26 A message from our Chief Executive Offer 28 Contacts

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Our philosophy. Great coffee is what we do; every cup must conform to the most exacting standards. But our promise doesn’t end there. We serve great coffee to our customers with the aim of then being able to assist worthy charities and community groups to raise muchneeded funds. We do this in every country, city, town and district that has an Esquires store. We are also passionate about the people who grow the beans we cherish so highly and the environment in which the beans are grown, hence our adoption of the rules that govern Fairtrade in Coffee and Organic Growing. All our espresso beverages, with the exception of decaf, are now made using Fairtrade Organic Coffee beans. At Esquires we’re not trying to change the world. We just want to make a difference. Which is why, cup by cup, we (and you) are helping hard-working growers and local charities the best way we can. It’s only a small step, but it’s a start.

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a bean sized summary. Esquires Coffee franchise outlets are highly recognisable. Our stores are situated in the best possible locations and are individually designed to provide Esquires Coffee customers with a vibrant, friendly environment committed to superior quality and value. We strive to offer our customers not just great coffee but an experience, with our comfortable seating, wireless internet connections, great music and magazines. We are constantly innovating to stay ahead of our competitors to ensure our customers enjoy their Esquires Coffee experience. Our promise is to serve freshly roasted, freshly ground organic fairtrade coffee, alongside a fantastic selection of food and cold beverages, served in a comfortable trendy environment by friendly staff. This keeps our customers coming back again and again and sets us apart from our competition. Training Provided: Our standard training period is 4 weeks and 3 days at our dedicated and purpose built training academy on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Marketing Support: You are supported by a dedicated marketing team to set the strategic direction for the brand and national marketing calendar which incorporates national promotions, advertising and PR. This team provides you with local area marketing support to assist you in planning and implementing effective local area promotions. Agreement Term: Upon purchase of a new Esquires Coffee outlet you will be provided with an initial 5 year term plus an additional 5 year renewal option. Investment Level: $200,000 - $550,000 this large scope allows for a “hole in wall” outlet at approx $200,000 through to a full format, dine in cafe and drive thru at $550,000 ( estimate only). The investment level can also vary depending upon size of the site, equipment required and the landlords requirements or contributions. What is included in the investment: Fully fitted out store, equipment, training, manuals plus initial franchise fee and ongoing franchise support. Store Floor Area: Depending upon the concept chosen, store footprints start from 15m². Ongoing franchise fee: 7% Ongoing marketing contribution: 3% Number Of Stores: Over 50 throughout Australiasia and over 250 outlets operating internationally under the “Esquires Coffee Houses” brand. Opening Hours: Typically 7 days per week, with hours to suit individual locations. Business Established: 1993 Financial Support: Retail Food Group have approved franchise systems with page 4

major financial institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

who is Retail Food Group.

who is Retail Food Group? Retail Food Group Limited is a leading Australian retail food brand manager

We credit this to the ongoing dedication and loyalty of our franchisees, whose

and franchisor. It is the intellectual property owner and manager of the

businesses are supported by a franchisor who provides business education,

successful brands such as Donut King, Michel’s Patisserie, Brumby’s Bakery, bb’s

marketing and operational systems as well as ongoing support systems.

café, Esquires Coffee, Pizza Capers, Crust Gourmet Pizza and The Coffee Guy franchise systems.

Retail Food Group is a company whose business model and franchise systems have not only been proven strong and durable, but which have been toughened

Since its inception in 1989, Retail Food Group has successfully grown from a small

by experience to provide a potent foundation for future growth.

franchisor with less than 50 stores to become the largest multi-food franchisor within Australasia with eight (8) franchise systems, boasting in excess of 1400 stores. We at Retail Food Group believe that our systems are the most respected and successful systems in Australasia, remaining unsurpassed in terms of being fully– integrated franchise systems, all offering quality products and market leadership in each of the brand’s target markets.

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why franchising? Franchising is a method of marketing goods and services that has almost no limits in terms of the types of business categories to which it can be applied. Franchising is a very popular and successful business format and the franchising sector in Australia and New Zealand has over three times the number of systems per capita than the United States. Typically franchising involves the payment of an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties, and, in exchange, the franchisee receives a licence from the franchisor to conduct business under a brand name or system (or both) for a specified period of time. Franchising offers business buyers the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Franchisees own and operate their own business with the backing of an established, proven retail approach and management system. The benefits of being part of a franchise system are significant. The combined strength of a multi-brand franchise system provides franchisees with:

A competitive edge by their use of a well-known brand;

Access to established and proven business systems;

Best price negotiated for them through the strength of the franchising system;

Greater advertising frequency and marketing opportunity;

Greater brand awareness through the visibility of the brand; and

Access to a broad range of products, services and training programs.

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Esquires – who are we? As an Esquires Coffee franchisee you have the freedom and independence of running your own business without being alone. Founded in 1993 in Vancouver, Esquires Coffee has grown into a thriving brand with a presence in Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Abu Dhabi, Ireland, China, New Zealand, Dubai and Fiji. The first New Zealand store opened in May 2002 and the system has quickly become the fastest growing coffee franchise in New Zealand, with more than 47 stores currently situated throughout New Zealand. Esquires Coffee is now a proud member of the Retail Food Group family, joining other iconic brands such as Donut King, Brumby’s Bakery, bb’s café, Michel’s Patisserie, Pizza Capers, Crust Gourmet Pizza and The Coffee Guy franchise systems - throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally. It is with great excitement that Retail Food Group, supported by a wealth of experience in the food franchising sector, is now introducing Esquires Coffee to Australia. Esquires Coffee have an expert team of partners - suppliers, contractors and professionals who have been carefully selected based on their professionalism, expertise, reputations, and their ability to deliver a superior quality service and product. Esquires Coffee provides the proven systems to successfully open and run your own organic Fairtrade coffee house. Our winning formula ensures you have the tools, suppliers and style required to give you every opportunity for success.

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In addition to the Esquires Coffee franchise system within Australia and New Zealand, “Esquires Coffee Houses” have an international presence across many continents including Scotland, China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Canada with over 250 operating outlets. page 8

our menu. Esquires Coffee offers a full range of hot and cold beverages. All coffee beverages are made with 100% organic Fair Trade coffee. Esquires offer a tantalising selection of food, both sweet and savoury. For the non-coffee drinker Esquires offers Chai and hot tea as well as a full range of cold beverages including frappes, milkshakes, smoothies, iced teas and freshly squeezed juices. Especially for children, our stores offer a range of kids meal options and baby chinos. Esquires also offer a full food range for breakfast, lunch or in between. Sandwiches, wraps and salads are made fresh and muffins are baked in store daily. A selection of savoury items including frittatas, sausage rolls and vegetable rolls are also available, and presented ready to heat to order in our cabinet. This takes the pressure off our franchisees in the kitchen, allowing them to focus on their passion – ensuring the customer enjoys their visit to Esquires.

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Is Esquires Coffee the right business for me? At Esquires Coffee we take the process of selecting our Franchising


partners very seriously.

required to maintain the expected Esquires Coffee high

standards? Our franchisees come from all walks of life. Their backgrounds are


as diverse as the community generally. We do not require that you

have experience in running a café, rather that you have the right


personality, outlook and aspirations.

Do I have the strong commitment and determination


If you are wondering whether you are the right type of person to

become an Esquires Coffee franchisee, start by asking yourself the


following questions:

Do I have a true passion for customer service excellence and the ability to follow set systems and procedures? Do I have a strong work ethic and belief in myself, with a track record of success? Am I prepared to have personal day-to-day involvement in my business? Last, but not least, do I qualify financially?

If you can honestly answer ‘YES’ to all of these questions, then you have met the initial criteria of a successful Esquires Coffee franchisee. page 11

Support systems. An Esquires Coffee franchise provides you with a carefully developed and distinctive brand. We want you to succeed and our stores are designed to ensure that you have the maximum opportunity to do just that! Here at Esquires Coffee we have the resources to support you. Our objective is to build sales in existing stores by focusing on building brand awareness. Esquires Coffee People. Our company is structured to support franchisees, both existing and prospective. Esquires operates a very highly skilled team who work with each franchisee to assist with all aspects of project management, leasing assistance, design, fit out, supply and logistics, training, store opening and ongoing support. Esquires Coffee Marketing. Our tiered marketing programme is strategic and focused to promote the corporate brand at national, state and local levels. Our marketing team is dedicated to drive customer count, sales per customer and total sales in your store. Local area marketing support is available to all franchisees and is a key element to each store’s success. Local area marketing is important to build community relationships and also the local profile of each store. National in-store promotions occur regularly throughout the year. These national promotions are supported by advertising in appropriate mediums to sell the message to consumers. Our national promotions aim to increase brand awareness, customer count and total sales. Esquires Coffee Training Our philosophy at Esquires Coffee is that successful businesses are built on a foundation of well-trained operational and management staff. Initial training is provided in preparation and retail operations. Topics include employee recruitment, sales techniques, stock control, financial management and, most importantly, the finer points of maintaining good customer relations that are essential in securing repeat business. Modules cover food handling techniques, customer service, stock and cost control, purchasing and local store marketing. Training is undertaken on the Gold Coast - QLD in our state-of-the-art dedicated training academy. The academy training is a compulsory requirement for all incoming franchisees. The standard training course is undertaken over 4 weeks, with 3 days of additional in-store practice within your home state, however there may be a small proportion of stores that need to extend their training period. Your first day (induction) at the academy will commence at 9 am and thereafter academy training will commence at 7.45am Monday to Friday noting that there may be the possibility for some weekend in-store training as well.

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R.I.O.T training. Retail Food Group (RFG) understands the high staff turnover and highly

Key learnings from franchisees using the platform

casualised environment that business owners within the food and

•Use manuals & forms to access current IR information.

hospitality industry face when training staff. We understand the costs and

•Have staff complete induction training section early to increase

difficulties that owners face when training in technically complex areas


such as coffee. We understand the business realities of sometimes needing

•Load rosters on weekly and reduce absenteeism.

staff to have both technical and service skills in your outlet. The RFG

•Track training progress of your team to target per formance.

training program has been specifically developed to meet these needs.

•Use to send staff reminders, meeting notes and general store communication.

A clear correlation exists between the quality and nature of training within

•Send images to the RFG Training Department to help with staff recognition

a business and the finished product experienced by the customer. RFG

of their achievements.

management has worked with experienced learning and development practitioners and leading online learning providers to create a unique coffee training program that achieves results. The cornerstone of this

R.I.O.T makes training a piece of cake!

training is the RFG online training platform called R.I.O.T (*RFG Info and Online Training) which offers a cluster of brand specific features, graduated training courses and technical materials. Benefits of the R.I.O.T system are: •A proven track record of successful and quickly completed online training compared to manual paperwork methods. •Employees can access at any time allowing them to do training in their own time reducing instore training time and owner costs. •Provide a means of communication between business owner/s and employees through notices, rosters and a forum. •Owners are able to monitor employees’ progress with online training. •Employees can progress at their own speed and revise material to refresh their skills. page 13

Which store option suits me best? Full format Esquires Coffee (with or without drive thru service).

Established Stores

We organise and prepare everything for you - from finding the premises,

Established Esquires Coffee stores become available when an existing

to designing the ultimate use of the space, project managing your fit out,

franchisee offers their business for sale. One of the major advantages of

providing you ongoing support systems for you to train your staff. We give

buying an existing business - you’ll be up and running in no time. The

you the key to the door and, along with our guidance and support, you

business is already in operation, saving you from location searches,

operate your business.

market establishment and hiring staff. On the flipside, it’s great to know that if you decide to sell your business, interested purchasers are often on

Esquires Coffee Kiosk

the lookout for an established business.

Buy an Esquires Coffee kiosk and operate in a mall, a transport hub or other suitable high foot traffic location. Our same training and systems

Established Esquires Coffee stores are advertised for sale on the Retail

apply to kiosk operations, just the store size is smaller and are usually self

Food Group website, as well as through independent business brokers and

contained stand alone structures located in walkways or other high traffic

various franchising websites.

locations. No matter which format you choose, Esquires provides you support 100% Esquires Coffee Hole in the Wall A small format store generally located in high traffic metro areas. This format offers a limited food menu with the extensive Esquires Coffee hot and cold beverage menu. Our same training and systems apply to a hole in the wall operations. Esquires Coffee Transportable Coffee Cart An easy way to use the Esquires Coffee brand, this is an extremely simple and versatile option with serious profit making potential. Store Conversion Owners of existing cafés are offered the opportunity of converting their existing café to an Esquires Coffee franchise store. In doing so, the business owner then has full access to the significant benefits of being part of a franchise system. Couple this with the combined strength of a multibrand franchisor and your existing business has a whole new opportunity for success. Contact Retail Food Group to discuss whether your existing business would be suitable for conversion to an Esquires Coffee franchise.

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of the way.





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For the bean counters. How much is an Esquires Coffee franchise? The initial franchise fee is $50,000 plus GST, paid by a deposit of $3,000 plus GST and the balance due on signing our Franchise Agreement. How much does an Esquires Coffee store cost? Store costs range from approximately $200,000 +GST for a coffee cart, $300,000 +GST for a small store through to $400,000 +GST for a large coffee store and up to $550,000+GST for a drive thru format store. These estimates include project management for the build of the store, plant and equipment, fees and drawings and all initial fees ( franchise fees, initial marketing and training fees). Do you charge a service fee for owning an Esquires Coffee franchise? Yes, the franchise service fee is based on 7% of your gross sales and is paid weekly. Do you charge a marketing fee? All franchisees contribute 3% of their gross sales to a marketing support levy fund. This fund is held in a separate bank account and all group marketing activities are funded from these contributions. *Fees may differ from country to country for example NZ- Initial Franchise Fee $75,000 NZ Dollars, Franchise Service Fee 8% and Marketing Fee 2%

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Want to join the Esquires team?

Once you’ve decided to select an Esquires Coffee franchise, we are there

Step 7 You confirm that you have obtained finance approval,

to support you every step of the way through the application process.

ensuring that the finance allows for the making of progress

payments. RFG now provides you with the formal franchise

grant documentation. We request that you seek mandatory

independent legal advice (it is also recommended that you

seek financial and business advice at this time).

Step 8

You execute and return the franchise grant documentation with

all of the requested deposits or progress payments. Dependent

New store & new site purchase process Step 1 You make your initial enquiry and are introduced to the

state based Franchise Recruitment Executive. RFG provide you

with an information package.

Step 2 A first meeting and interview is completed with the state

on the country a cooling off period may apply. For example

based Franchise Recruitment Executive. New store location

in Australia, legally 14 days must have passed between

information is provided to you and, if appropriate at this

receiving the disclosure document (Step 7) and returning the

time, a site specific budget estimate is offered. Having

signed and fully executed franchise agreement.

received this information, you are now able to consider Step 9

Your training at the RFG Academy on the Gold Coast Queensland

commences. Staged progress payments commence.

finance options.

Step 3 RFG will send you or provide you access to disclosure

documentation and an application form. Please complete

these in full and return to RFG in QLD for processing. A

refundable deposit of $3000 plus GST is to be included with

the application. RFG will then assess your application

keeping in touch with you along the way to ensure all

necessary information is provided to both yourself and to

Step 10 The shop fitter’s contract is completed, and progress payments continue. Step 11 You graduate from the RFG Training Academy. Step 12 You now make payment of any balances remaining.

RFG. Step 13 Your store opens! Step 4

You should now obtain independent legal & financial advice.

Step 5 You visit existing stores and talk to existing franchisees. You

Step 14 RFG provide you with ongoing support in all aspects of your

are invited to take part in a formal operational interview

business including administration, financial management, local

with an RFG representative. This report is added to your

marketing, coffee, retail operations and customer service. You

application for approval.

will receive regular visits from your local Business Development

Manager, as well as being provided with newsletters & other

Step 6

Your communication continues with the Franchise Recruitment

communication pieces. You are now part of the network of

Executive and RFG. The RFG Legal Department will inform

Esquires Coffee franchisees, & have access to regular

you whether your application has been approved or declined

franchise group meetings, where you can

and, if approved, a conditional franchise approval letter will

discuss problems & participate in the ongoing development of

be sent to you. After you have obtained legal advice, the

the Esquires franchise system.

conditional franchise approval should be signed and returned

to RFG Head Office in Queensland. Once this is received, RFG

will confirm your training intake dates.

The foregoing is a guide only. The application process is dependant on individual circumstances. The process in New Zealand and other international locations may differ slightly.

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Established Store purchase process Established Esquires Coffee are advertised for sale on the Retail Food

Step 8 You execute and return the franchise grant agreement

Group website, as well as through independent business brokers & various

documents. Dependent on the country a cooling off period

franchising websites.

may apply.

Step 1

You make your initial enquiry to either the current store owner

Step 9 Your training at the RFG Academy on the Gold Coast

(franchisee) or a business broker.

Step 10 You graduate from the RFG Training Academy.

Step 2

The business broker or the franchisee will furnish you with

information to allow you to make initial decisions on whether

the store is suitable for your business needs and requirements.

Queensland commences.

Step 11 Your solicitor and RFG legal counsel arrange settlement.

You and the outgoing franchisee conduct a stock take the night

Step 3

If you wish to move forward with the purchase of the business

before settlement. The Business Development Manager is

then you or your broker contacts RFG to inform us that you

available to be present at the stocktake if required.

wish to purchase an existing store. RFG will send you, or provide

you access to, disclosure documentation and an application


RFG in Queensland for processing RFG








Step 12 You start trading in your Esquires Coffee store!


will then assess your

Step 13 RFG provides you with ongoing support in

application, keeping in touch with you along the way to ensure

all necessary information is provided to both yourself and to


Step 4

You should now obtain independent legal and financial advice.

aspects of your

business including administration, financial management, local marketing, coffee, retail operations and customer service. You will receive regular visits from your local Business Development

Manager, as well as being provided with newsletters and other

communication pieces. You are now part of the network of

Esquires franchisees, and have access to regular franchise

Step 5

We encourage you to visit existing stores and meet with existing

group meetings and conferences where you can share ideas,

franchisees. You are then invited to take part in a formal

discuss problems and participate in the ongoing development

operational interview with an RFG representative. This report is

of the Esquires franchise system.

added to your application for approval.

Step 6

Your communication continues with the broker or franchisee and

RFG regarding the process of your approval. The RFG Legal

Becoming a franchisee with a multi-brand franchisor offers many significant

Department will inform you whether your application has been

benefits to existing business owners. Please contact Retail Food Group to

approved or declined, and if approved, a conditional franchise

discuss whether your existing cafĂŠ would be suitable for conversion to the

approval letter will be sent to you. After you have obtained

Esquires Coffee franchise system.

legal advice, the conditional franchise approval should be

Store Conversion purchase process

signed and returned to RFG Head Office in Queensland. Once

this is received, RFG will

confirm your training intake dates

. Step 7 You confirm that you have obtained finance approval.

RFG now provides you with the formal franchise grant


independent legal advice (it is also recommended that you

seek financial and business advice at this time).







(The foregoing is a guide only. The application process is dependant on individual circumstances).

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Frequently asked questions.


Do I require any special experience?


Who selects the site?


Having business experience is always an advantage. We provide



comprehensive training for all areas of your new store.

New Zealand is continually in contact with major shopping


What is the term of a franchise?


Franchisees are usually granted a five (5) year initial franchise

they have had the opportunity to consider all the relevant

term together with an option to renew for a further (5) years.

information, whether to proceed with a particular site.

This may vary depending on the lease term applicable

to the particular site.


What services are included in return for the franchise and

marketing fees?


Do I have to pay a deposit?


The services you will receive cover a wide range of


A $3,000 (plus GST) deposit is payable upon application for

management assistance and operational services, including;

a new store. This deposit, less the franchisor’s reasonable

On-going operational training, tools and support. Marketing

expenses (to a maximum of $300), are refundable if the


application is not approved.

campaigns, media selection and national media placement.

Stringent quality control standards. Business Development


What are the ongoing fees of the franchise?

Manager (BDM) to assist franchisees with all aspects of daily


A franchise service fee equal to 7% (plus GST) of your total gross

operations to ensure appropriate per formance levels and

sales is payable. A marketing contribution equal to 3% (plus

quality standards.

audited marketing fund. This fund is used to promote increased


Do I need any other money to start?

customer awareness and provide each store with national


In addition to the cost of acquiring an Esquires Coffee store,

promotional material and ongoing marketing services, all aimed

you need to budget for accommodation and living away from







centres and leasing agents to secure sites for Esquires Coffee. Franchisees must ultimately decide for themselves, after






GST) of your total gross sales is payable into an independently

at attracting new customers, increasing average dollar sales

home expenses while at our Training Academy in Queensland,

and the frequency of purchase.

stamp duty in relation to the lease and your own professional

advisors costs and working capital. For a more precise list


How much profit will I make?

of costs associated with the acquisition of the franchise, refer to


This depends largely on several factors such as the value of

the Franchisors Disclosure Document.

wages paid, cost of goods and other operating costs, and

generally how you operate your business. We have identified


What initial franchise fees are payable?

certain key per formance indicators which are monitored in


The following GST exclusive initial franchise fees are payable:

order to maximise your profitability.

$50,000 – initial franchise fee

$13,000 – initial training fee

$3,000 – initial marketing fee


How many staff will I need?


This will depend on the size of your store and what type of

concept you have selected. As an indication, you will need

Prospective franchisees should refer to the Franchisor’s

somewhere between 2–12 staff in-store depending on the

Disclosure Document which provides a full range of all fees

or costs payable in connection with the establishment

concept chosen.

page 22

of a franchise.


Can I get any special finance?


RFG currently has preferred funding arrangements with major

financial institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. This

means that potential franchisees that achieve bank approval

may be able to borrow between 50% - 60% of the total

establishment cost on the value of the business.


Have you got any sites ready to go?


We are always on the lookout for new sites. Speak to one of

the team on 1800 067 619 or go to r to see what is

currently available.


What detail can you provide on gross profit, expense items and

turnover that will help me prepare budgets?


It is inappropriate for us to make any representation to you

regarding the potential levels of sales and profitability of any

existing or new store. You should also obtain independent

financial advice in connection with these matters.


Where are Esquires Coffee currently located?


Please visit: www.r or

for an up to date listing of store numbers and locations.


information regarding existing stores.


Further Information?


We can offer you a great business model in a growing industry.

Please contact RFG for further information.






page 23

page 24

Happy franchisees. We chose a café business because we felt that would really suit our strengths in customer service and organisation, then a franchise because they could provide the expertise we lacked. Then I interviewed a few franchisors and Esquires stood out. The team there understand that franchisees are in business to make money too. They have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the business themselves as they spent years perfecting the system before opening the franchise up. All that gave us confidence that we would make it work – and we have. Gary and Michelle Macilwee Esquires Coffee, Tauranga Bayfair Mall Esquires’ Customer Service and First Year Excellence awards 2008. Esquires Franchise of the Year 2009.

page 25

A message from our Chief Executive Officer. Dear Prospective Franchisee, We are of the opinion that Retail Food Group has assembled eight quality Retail


Brumby’s cafe, The



Esquires Coffee




Coffee, Guy

















franchise systems, where a buyer can thoroughly investigate the right


system and business for themselves, to ensure they;





a) satisfy their financial, lifestyle and emotional investment criteria, while

New Zealand.

b) acknowledging the risk which is present in any business pursuit.

On behalf of Retail Food Group, and the Esquires Coffee franchisor, we

From our perspective, we are desirous of recruiting franchisees who

welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our proven franchise

display a genuine capacity and capability of contributing to the ongoing

systems and thank you for your inquiry.

enhancement and growth of the relative system they join.

Since its inception in 1989, Retail Food Group has successfully grown from

Ideally, a franchisee will possess the following personal attributes:

a small franchisor with less than 50 stores to become one of the largest Australian franchisors with an expansive range of franchise systems,

Communication Skills

boasting in excess of 1400 stores.

Honesty Integrity

Each of our franchise systems offers an opportunity to embark upon a

Positive Personality

unique food retailing experience.

Self-Motivation Financial Competence

We are of the opinion and belief that our systems are some of the most


respected systems in Australasia, remaining unsurpassed in terms of being

Leadership Qualities

fully integrated franchise systems, all offering quality products and market

Team Player

leadership in each of the brand’s five target markets. If we have just described your personality, outlook and aspirations we We attribute this to the ongoing dedication and loyalty of our franchisees

seriously encourage you to consider the benefits and advantages of

whose businesses are nurtured by a franchisor who provides business

investing in one of our proven-quality franchise systems.

education, marketing and operational systems as well as ongoing, continually improving support systems which have been developed,

Those personal attributes, when combined with our strong group

enhanced and maintained over many years.

identification, excellent product ranges, comprehensive initial training programmes, access to the extensive resource bases as well

as the

This development increasingly takes advantage of group economies

ongoing support that each of our franchise systems offer, provides a

and synergies which a large franchise network can command. The

substantial platform from which franchisees can strive for and achieve

commissioning of a retail business is the culmination of an individual or

business, financial, lifestyle and emotional

wellbeing or “success”.

family ‘dream’ of becoming an ‘entrepreneur’ and controlling your own financial destiny. Assuming control of one’s financial destiny however,

Success is a term too often used and, in our belief, neither well-defined

also involves a degree of risk which varies according to both the type of

nor understood. Success as a franchisee is measured and determined by

business participation as well as the risk aversion profile of the individual.

reference to the degree by which your actual per formance matches all those benchmarks previously established for your business.

The resolve to become a small business owner involves the consideration of many issues other than purely financial aspects. To profitably and

Success therefore, from our perspective, is the degree by which the

productively conduct a retail business, there are two other important

franchised operation can, and does, assist you in the achievement of your

investments, apart from the financial, which require determination:

personal goals and aspirations.

Lifestyle investment – the time, commitment and dedication needed to successfully conduct the business; and Emotional investment – the investment in such a business will, almost without exception, have an impact upon or effect on more than one person.

page 26

The majority of people work and become business owners to assist in the achievement of non-business objectives – those objectives are usually focused around lifestyle and family. Put another way, the achievement of lifestyle and family goals will almost always be related to the success of your franchised operation. Every person involved in a Retail Food Group franchise system has made a significant investment, whether it be monetary, emotional or other means. We are confident that the systems which Retail Food Group has developed and assembled over the past 21 plus years can assist you not only in protecting your various investments, but assisting you to prosper in what is a very competitive industry. Finally, we consider that the acquisition of a Retail Food Group franchise is not just a means to achieving lifestyle, financial and emotional objectives – it will become part of you. Yours Sincerely

A. J. (Tony) Alford Chief Executive Officer RETAIL FOOD GROUP (AUSTRALIA)

page 27

Contacts. If this brochure has raised more questions than it answers we are delighted – there is so much more we can tell you about the Esquires Coffee opportunity. Here’s how you can obtain more information: Do you like to research online? Visit our websites: You can send an email requesting an information booklet: Email: Would you like to speak to someone who can answer your questions? Call our Franchise Recruitment number for further information. Franchise Information Free Call Australia: 1800 067 619 Free Call NZ: 0800 843 452 In addition, the following people are your contacts in the Sales and Leasing Department: Faith Manning Manager - Franchise Recruitment & Leasing Esquires Coffee is an exciting opportunity, one that is rapidly building its brand by successfully launching its unique systems around the world. We trust you agree and look forward to the possibility of working with you as part of the Esquires Coffee House team of franchisees

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Esquires August 2013 Franchise Kit