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Australian EDUCATION 2016 - 2017

Master of Architecture The University of Melbourne

Academic Average: 80.5% June - July 2017

Study Abroad: Galapagos Studio Universidad San Francisco de Quito Feb - June 2015

Master of Architecture Curtin University of Technology 2012 - 2014

Bachelor of Architectural Science Curtin University of Technology Academic Average: 84%

ENGLISH - Advanced SPANISH - Beginner Revit Rhino Grasshopper Model Making / Fabrication AutoCAD Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Artlantis Rendering Microsoft Office

Recognition | Publications Work Featured in CAADRIA paper: Tools as Agents 2017 Editor’s Choice LAKA Reacts Competition 2016

Vice Chancellor’s List Curtin University: Semester 1 & 2 2013 Curtin Architecture Rural Studio 202 Design Prize 2013 Western Australia Art Gallery Perspectives 2012

National Gallery of Australia Summer Arts Scholarship 2011


digital fabrication / sculpture / digital jewellery design / scuba diving / cooking / travel / netball Melbourne EXPERIENCE Semester 1, 2017 & 2018

The University of Melbourne Casual Technical Tutor I was involved as a technical tutor for the Bachelor of Design subject, Foundations of Design Representation and the Bachelor of Environments subject, Digital Design Fabrication. I assisted student on a one-on-one basis to help resolve technical difficulties they experienced with Rhino, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, fabrication and model making. April 2016 - Feb 2017

CK Architects CAD Operator | Casual & Full-time In this role I was given the opportunity to assist with work from sketch design to design development. I was primarily working with Revit and AutoCAD on residential and multi-residential projects in sketch-design and town-planning phases as well as office administration duties. I regularly helped with preparing drawings and paperwork for town-planning applications, and managing quotes and information from consultants. April - Aug 2015

Bosske Architecture Architectural Assistant | Casual I assisted in the design development phase of a robotic dairy facility, Bannister Downs’ Dairy, and the office’s residential projects, Camino House & Omeo House. Tasks included: creating presentation plans and isometrics for Houses Magazine in illustrator, redrafting industrial scale mechanical plans, facade shading diagrams, comparing plans with area schedules, and modelling dairy equipment and mechanical services using Rhino. Feb 2015

1000 Singapores Exhibition Freelance Research & Graphic Design Using Rhino and Illustrator, I contributed research in the form of diagrams to the ‘1000 Singapores: Eight Points of the Compact City’ exhibition which was displayed at the Cité de l’Architecture, Paris, from 15th June till 15th September 2015. July - Sept 2014

International Architecture Competitions Work Experience Under the guidance of an RIBA architect I was part of a team of 8 people who entered the Guggenheim Helsinki and WHO Headquarters Extension Competitions. I was involved in most aspects of the submissions decisions and development, taking part in initial research, concept development, landscape design, graphic design, panel layouts and written content.

Dec 2013

POST- Architecture Work Experience Helped conduct internal measurements of a 1900s theatre in Fremantle, designed and created packaging and assisted in renders for a children’s science-fiction novel. Jan 2013

Private Residential Drafting Work Experience I have conducted a couple of jobs that require me to redrew and modified a set of house plans in Auto-CAD. Jobs included, taking site measurements, making adjustments to the original plans, including the design for the conversion of the garage into a granny flat.

COMPETITIONS 2017 National Museum of World Writing - South Korea Team: Jorge Ortega, Raynaldo Ali, Carl Areskoug, Isaac Chen, Rebecca Lim, Sui Ken Poon, Frances White, Nathania Widjanarko.

2016 LAKA Reacts [Editor’s Choice] Team: Frances White, Maryam Bernanni, Alex Morse.

2014 Guggenheim Helsinki Design - Finland 2014 World Health Organisation Headquarters Building Extension - Switzerland Team: Jorge Ortega, Carl Areskoug, Isaac Chen, Kim Feast, Gerard Gazali, Rebecca Lim, Steve Trpenov, Frances White, Nathania Widjanarko.

LEADERSHIP / INVOLVEMENT 2017 University of Melbourne Graduate Ambassador 2017 University of Melbourne Open Day Volunteer

2016 Virtual Reality Workshop - Deakin University (4 days) 2015 3D CAD Seminar Emmanuel College 2015 Open House Perth Volunteer

2014 Curtin University Student Mentor & Open Day Volunteer REFEREE

July 2013

Jorge Ortega

ARM Architecture (Perth) Work Experience

Associate Director

Bates Smart

Over a two week period I participated in small jobs across the office. I developed Photoshop skills to modify rendered plans, I used InDesign to assist the creation of a tender, I produced conceptual masses in Rhino 3D, and adjusted apartment floor plans as well as sections for retaining walls in Auto CAD.

Architect (ARB-RIBA) 1 Nicholson street Melbourne 3000 +613 8664 6315

FRANCES WHITE +61 400 187 534 Extended Portfolio Link LinkedIn Link

Short Design Portfolio - Frances White  

Master of Architecture Bachelor of Architecture Work Experience

Short Design Portfolio - Frances White  

Master of Architecture Bachelor of Architecture Work Experience