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Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers Exam: 642-374 Demo Edition



QUESTION: 1 A potential client wants inexpensive remote access and fast deployment of new sites. Which two options would you focus on? (Choose two)

A. ACL management B. cable and DSL route models C. CiscoAnyConnect and SSL VPN D. CBAC E. remote security

Answer: B,C

QUESTION: 2 When should you run multiple protocols?

A. when you want to decrease the complexity of the network B. when you want easier optimization C. when you migrate from an old IGP to a new IGP D. when you want higher efficiency

Answer: C

QUESTION: 3 Which statement concerning the Active/Active failover feature is correct?

A. ASA security Appliance failover pair must have either an Unrestricted and UR license or a UR and FO-A/A license to be able to support Active/Active failover B. If an active security context within the primary security appliance fails, the status of the primary security appliance unit changes tofailed , while the secondary failover security appliance unit transitions to active C. Active/Active failover is supported in multiple modeconfiguration only D. Active/Active failover supports site-to-site IPSec VPNstateful failover

Answer: C

QUESTION: 4 Cisco ISR Routers offer which three of these security benefits?(Choose three)

A. Onboard VPN accelerator 2


B. events correlation and proactive response C. high-performance AIM VPN modules D. virtual firewall E. Cisco IOS firewall and IOS IPS F. transparent firewall

Answer: A,C,E

QUESTION: 5 What is used to avoid power drops and running power to access points?

A. CiscoAironet 1140 series B. End-point PSE C. Midspan PSE D. PoE-enabled switches

Answer: D

QUESTION: 6 Which two WAN interfaces does the Cisco SRP 520 Series support? (Choose two)

A. Fibre Channel B. ADSL2+ C. serial D. Fast Ethernet E. passive opticalnetwork(PON)

Answer: B,D

QUESTION: 7 A customer is considering purchasing either a Cisco Catalyst 2960 or Cisco Catalyst Express 500.Which feature can be only found on the Catalyst 2960?

A. 48 Ethernet 10/100 ports B. Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity C. dual-purpose copper or fiber uplinks D. standalone fixed-configuration Layer 2 switching

Answer: A



QUESTION: 8 How does the Cisco Small Business Pro Service differ from the Cisco Small Business Pro Warranty?

A. Access to Cisco Small Business Support Community B. device-level warranty C. Cisco Small Business Pro products only D. speed of hardware replacement

Answer: A

QUESTION: 9 Which combination of port is available on the Cisco SPA 8800 voice gateway?

A. one station port and one trunk port (1xFXS and 1xFXO) B. two station ports (2xFXS) C. four station ports and four trunk ports (4xFXS and 4xFXO) D. eight station ports (8xFXS)

Answer: C

QUESTION: 10 Which pre-sales SMART design documents are available to help you implement and install a solution? (Choose three)

A. Quick Quoting tool B. Small Business Product Guide C. Smart Business Communications system D. Solution Profile E. Overview presentation F. Cisco Configuration Assistant

Answer: B,D,E

QUESTION: 11 A client needs a solution of a challenging RF environment. The situation requires the antenna versatility that is associated with connected antennas, a rugged metal enclosure, and a broad operating temperature range. Which access point would you recommend?



A. CiscoAironet 1240AG Series B. CiscoAironet 1230AG Series C. CiscoAironet 1140 Series D. CiscoAironet 1130AG Series

Answer: A

QUESTION: 12 What are two features of Cisco Configuration Professional? (Choose two)

A. software installation for Cisco Configuration Professional router Configuration B. delayed network and router resource monitoring C. Cisco Easy VPN server D. three-step router lockdown E. web-based management tool F. limited configuration support for LAN and WAN interfaces

Answer: A,F

QUESTION: 13 What should you do if a customer wants to provide certain areas within wireless coverage at a specific data rate?

A. Perform a single survey B. Find out where the coverage pool is for one data rate, and calculate the rest based on that information C. Map out higher data rate cells only D. Find out how much throughput the user will require

Answer: B

QUESTION: 14 What are two of the four key benefits of the ISR platforms? (Choose two)

A. monitoring, analysis, and response B. investment protection C. guest access D. voice and mobility ready E. storage virtualization 5


Answer: B,D

QUESTION: 15 Which statement best describes clustering in a small-business wireless network?

A. automatically configures wireless client devices via Wi-Fi Protected Setup B. can get real-time traffic or bandwidth statistics froma access point within a cluster C. replicates configuration parameters across access points in the cluster, while optimizing network performance D. allows multiple access points to be connected wirelessly, without the need for a wired Ethernet network

Answer: C

QUESTION: 16 Which two of these statements best describe fast secure roaming for the wireless core feature set using autonomous access point? (Choose two )

A. It is compatible with all wireless clients B. It reduces roaming latency through reduced client RF channel scanning enhancements C. It reduces roaming latency to targeted times of less than 75ms D. Roaming occurs withoutreauthentication through a centralized RADIUS server E. It is enabled through WLSE deployment

Answer: B,D

QUESTION: 17 Which three Cisco Configuration Professional features might prompt a client to consider an upgrade? (Choose three)

A. association ofQoS policies with router interfaces B. VPN and WAN connection testing C. role-based access D. security audit E. WAN and VPN troubleshooting F. Cisco Configuration Professional Express G. AAA



Answer: C,D,E

QUESTION: 18 Using SMART Designs increases the typical deal size by how much?

A. 2x B. 3x C. 5x D. 10x

Answer: B

QUESTION: 19 In the plan phase, network readiness assessment addresses which customer need?

A. an assessment of the preparedness of the customer s existing system infrastructure to support a proposed solution B. a comprehensive design that has been customized based on the operations processes, network management processes, and tools of its system C. a in-depth assessment of the operational environment required to support the operation of both the current and planned solutions D. the optimal technologies for supporting its business requirements and objectives

Answer: A

QUESTION: 20 Which of these best describe the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach?

A. a methodology for proactively updating equipment before it reaches its end of its life B. a methodology for introducing new technology C. a methodology for creating a business plan D. a methodology for determining total cost of ownership

Answer: B


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