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What Ricoh will gain from what Frances Rios has to offer through her custom design seminars?

Results: •Highly motivated employees •Extremely improved rates of productivity •Inmediatly master tools to achieve goals •An audience seating on the edge of their seats •Employees talking about this seminar for months •Truly lasting results

Educational techniques for excecutives: •Full partcipation •Integration of visual materials •Shadowing •Group dinamics •Role Playing •Case Studies

Program: •60 - 90 minute program •Fully achievable ideas •$2,500 investment, few dollars per participant

The Glue Factor: How to make teams stick together, collaborate and surpass expectations Teams are the means by which great things are done. The Glue Factor will show employees how working and sticking closely as a team, will led them exceed personal and work related expectations.

–The Glue Factor Concept: How to stick together as a team. –Find convergence points among peers. –Establish and promote joint goals. –How to promote multicultural integration and improve communication. –Convert differences into a value added proposition. –The Rubber Band Concept: How to mold to your group, without loosing yourself, How to stretch your mind to adopt new ideas and working patterns.

–How the level of teamwork is proportional to the level of success in every company. –How to turn one-way communication into productive-open multiple-lines communications. –How to use roadmaps to pinpoint our own areas of opportunities --> define their impact on the team --> find how to improve them --> to obtain positive results for the entire company.

How to make teams stick together, collaborate and surpass expectations –Opportunity--> Action --> Results –How to establish and respect team agreements, in order to maintain trust and momentum. –How to choose and master collaboration techniques

“The advantage of working with people who have experience, is that we can learn from the skills and the errors of other peoples; not just our own.� Francisco Bravo, General Manager & VP, Essroc San Juan a division of Italcementi

Seasoned Professional Frances Rios holds a unique combination of education and experience, in both governmental and corporate fields that make her an authority in corporate behavior, public relations, crisis management, diversity and public speaking.

efforts for companies classified within Fortune 100. The local award-winning transformation of global giant, Wal-mart in Puerto Rico, are among them.

Do to her executions both as an executive and for her clients, Rios has been quoted She has evolved in Puerto in local, USA, and Rico as well as in the United international media on States, as a top executive innumerable occasions. and spokesperson for Fortune These include, El Nuevo Dia, 500 companies. USA Today and the Miami Herald, MSNBC, CNN Her years of experience have England, among many been translated today, into others. her award-winning firm, Frances Rios Burst of energy and Communications. achievable ideas Rios was described by local Strong Education newspaper, El Nuevo Dia as Part of her professional the “Speaking Powerhouse” success comes from her of Puerto Rico. studies in Broadcast Journalism & Drama from the Indeed, last year, she was the prestigious Loyola University in first Puertorican ever to offer New Orleans. a seminar at The National Speakers Association. Her Proven Results energy and knowledge Both her education and her allowed her to receive terrific ability facilitated the reviews from her public opportunity to serve as a speaking expert colleagues. reporter in the highly viewed TV station, Televicentro Some of her clients (channel 4) in Puerto Rico. Rios’ performance skills had allowed her to share her For more than 15 years, she achievable ideas with has successfully led the executives at all-levels, from corporate communication privately owned-companies

to opinion leader associations: •Eli Lilly •Italcementi Puerto Rico •NSA •Hospital Association •PR Hotel and Tourism Association •Claro, America Movil •Aproses Soon... Her upcoming book is entitled The Glue Factor: Giving presentations that make your message stick! Will be the one of a series of easy-to-read books, that will improve the communications skills of executives across multiple outlets: one-on-one, large audiences, board room meetings... Her extraordinary ability to lead all size groups is shown during her seminars on: •The Glue Factor: Presentation skills Team Work •ABC of Crisis management •Media Bootcamps •Increase your income by working with Hispanics

“Her experience in handling sophisticated audiences and her abilities to bring about the active participation of the legal professionals at hand, made the seminar one of the most successful my company has held”. Dolores R. De Oronoz, Esq. President Educación Juridica, Inc.


Proposal Cream of the Crop


Proposal Cream of the Crop