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INTRODUCTION Executive Summary What is the business? This is a party planning business to cater to anyone with a desire to have a bespoke event to be proud of with zero stress. What is the market? What is the potential for the business? In the Plymouth and Exeter region there are 16 key events planners available for one to find online, however, only 7 of these are not solely in the wedding industry. After investigation into their online presence only four of these appealed to me, and none of these four gave me the impression they would have time for a private small scale party, with none of them specialising in it. Vision – what the organisation will be like in the future RBN events to be the first party planner on Plymouthians' minds and to be creating events all over the UK. Forecast profit figures Funding requirements To be paid half my fee at the beginning of the process, which will encompass the event fees and the other half at the end of the process to be for my service. Prospects for the investor/lender 3

Personal Profile Skills & qualifications GCSEsReligious studies English literature English language History Art Maths Chemistry Physics Biology French AS levelsPsychology English Lit/Lang Physical Education General studies

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First aid trained Experience which has a direct bearing on your business → Working for CPM (sales company) in tactical sampling with the overall aim of convincing customers that they want to buy something they had no original intent on buying, and by the good will of sampling to retain custom. → Working with my mother for her company at festivals, fates and trade shows. Further skills which could be required More full contact list in Plymouth 4

Innovative business vision Describe the idea developed, including the group of customers envisaged How the proposed venture could satisfy the customers' needs and aspirations With my personal eye for detail and passion for making occasions extra special and therefore the people attending/ guest of honour feel like royalty. I feel by providing a party planning service to the Plymouth and Exeter region that is accessible online and by personal contact, I will be fulfilling a gap and satisfying needs. Describe the attributes of the targeted customers How the business meets the needs of the customers If you ask someone why they do not enjoy an event, the majority will tell you that the stress involved isn't worth it; my business is a service that will take this aspect away leaving the client with only happy memories of their occasion. The service will allow the client to have everything they want and a trust in me to deliver this the way the would have being given the time and capabilities.


Business model including routes to market Describe the model including the routes to market My presence will first be targeted at the online market as this is where most go to find a service or product if they don't know how to go about it. I'm very familiar with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. My partner is a web designer, and I also have a close friend in graphic design, which should enhance my web presence by ease of access and aesthetics, therefore keeping my 'faceless' presence accessible and something clients will be happy to return to. To continue, being at City College Plymouth, I have direct access to advertise to just under 20,000 students total aswell as staff. The college also have links to the university which opens my route to clients even further. Having moved around a lot also gives me an advantage as I have networks of friends and contacts in different areas across the UK, and with my family being spread across the country also, the awareness of my business has potential to be heard of on a wider scale through their networks.


DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS- What is the business? A brief description of the business idea and why it should be a success History of the business and its ownership The business will be a sole trader for the duration of start with myself being the sole shareholder. Information about the entrepreneur's qualifications, experience and financial status Location Plymouth based business. Products & services A description of the product and what it does My business is a service rather than product based An explanation of ways in which the product is distinctive & unique Analysis of the competition



RBN events  

An events business specialising in party planning in the South West