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Summer 2010

SUMMER CAMP Presbytery Camping Program

Spiritual Times at Westminster Woods At Westminster Woods campers are encouraged and uplifted by the different styles of worship that take place. Each camper starts their day with Morning Watch which allows for either individual or small group Bible study and reflection, the day also includes two high energy worship services that reflect creativity and energy using different worship styles from hymns to contemporary Christian music, and teaching times. Each evening ends with a traditional vespers service and cabin devotions. Chapel is listed more than any other activity as the campers’ favorite camp activity.

Fun times at Westminster Woods Each day is filled with fun, wild, and crazy games and activities that will leave the campers with laughter and a desire to attend camp again and again. They will have the opportunity to choose from various activities like swimming, canoeing, paddleboats, basketball, indoor games, crafts, nature walks, ultimate Frisbee, and many other choices, as well as whole group activities that promote fellowship and community.

Safety at Westminster Woods All of the staff at Westminster Woods is selected for their Christian commitment, their love of youth, and their desire to share their beliefs. The summer staff then grows more through intensive staff training for 2 weeks prior to the campers’ arrival. While encouraging campers to learn and grow, camp counselors come along beside the campers to serve as good role models by providing strong examples of faith and accountability. Their love of Christ and how that influences the guidance they provide helps all campers feel loved and accepted in an environment that is safe emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Westminster Woods is a modern camp with modern facilities. The camp meets the industry standards in safety and accountability. You can be assured your child is in a safe environment when they come to camp. *Member of Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association


CRAZY LOVE “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:9-11 God breathed the earth into existence, almost as a writer breathes life into a story. If we look at our lives as stories, we are given an ultimatum. We can live out an exciting and meaningful story loving God and others, or choose to live a life doing things to please ourselves. This summer we want you to learn about how God’s crazy love can radically change our story and transform our lives.


Family Camps

(formerly known as 1st & 2nd Grade Camps) Family camp is designed for families to bring their younger children to camp. This camp is for campers who have just completed the 2nd grade and younger. We will also allow 3rd graders who are not quite ready to come to camp on their own. We do need an adult of the same gender to accompany the campers. You will stay in the cabin with your child of the same gender. It is a wonderful way to begin the tradition of camping at Westminster Woods. This camp is offered:

Arriving: Friday, June 4th at 6:00 p.m. Departure: Saturday, June 5th at 4:00 p.m. Each gender of child must be accompanied by an adult of the same gender. The cost for the camp is $95 for the 1st 2 people and then $25 for each additional person.

No Bus is provided for this camp. Fill out the separate form on the adjoining page for this camp and a Medical Information form (found on page 9) for each person attending. Additional forms are found on our web site:


Family Camp Form Names of those attending: Name __________________________________________________________ Adult ____ Gender _____ OR Child ____ Gender _____ age ______ Name __________________________________________________________ Adult ____ Gender _____ OR Child ____ Gender _____ age ______ Name __________________________________________________________ Adult ____ Gender _____ OR Child ____ Gender _____ age ______ Name __________________________________________________________ Adult ____ Gender _____ OR Child ____ Gender _____ age ______ Name __________________________________________________________ Adult ____ Gender _____ OR Child ____ Gender _____ age ______ Address ________________________________________________________ City ____________________________ State _______ Zip _______________ Emergency Contact Name __________________________________________________________ Home Phone _________________ Cell Phone ________________________ Church Name ______________________City of Church________________ Confirmation e-mail ______________________________________________ T-shirt sizes: YS___ YM ___ YL ___ AS___ AM___ AL___ AXL___ AXXL___ (Please indicate # of each size.)

Cost of camp session


Late Fee



Total Cost of Camp



Church Scholarship


Parent/Guardian Total =

__________ (decided by church) __________

Mail all forms to: Westminster Woods 18487 Barber Rd Fall River, KS 67047

UNLESS your church is paying a portion then send it to your church. They will complete the funding and forward it to camp. Please allow extra time so it will be mailed to camp before the deadline.


Leadership Development Program The Leadership Development Program is for high school students who have completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year and will run in conjunction with the third/fourth grade and fifth/sixth grade summer camps. Participants will receive training, observation opportunities and hands on experience in leadership development.

Program Goals: • Spiritual Growth and Character Development • Work Ethic and Relationship Skills • Teamwork and Communication Skills • Sharing Your Faith and Developing a “Servant’s Heart” for Leadership

Cost: Camp 1 (during 3rd/4th Grade Camp) — $25.00 Monday, May 31 6:00 p.m to Wednesday, June 4th app. 2:00 Camp 2 (5th/6th Grade Camp) — $25.00 Sunday, June 6 6:00 p.m. to Friday, June 11 app. 2:00 You can attend both camps for $50. For more information and a registration form, visit our web site:


2009 Camp Rates All camper registrations postmarked by May 1, 2010 will receive the early bird rate. This includes registrations sent from the churches and from the individuals.

Camps are based on grade completed Time &

Early Bird

Postmarked after May 1!



$95/$25** See below








Postmarked by July 15th $75

Postmarked after July 15th $110

Special Notes Rate! Arrival:

4 pm June 1 3rd-4th Grade Camp Departure:

12 pm June 4

Family Camp

Arrival: 6 pm June 4 Departure: 4 pm June 5 Arrival:

5th-6th 4 pm June 7 Grade Camp Departure:

12 pm June 11

Arrival: 4 pm June

7th-8th 14 Grade Camp Departure:

12 pm June 18

9th-12th Grade High School

Arrival: 4 pm June 21 Departure: 12 pm June 27

High School For students attending High Retreat 7 pm July 30 to 12 pm Aug. 1 (supper not served)

School during the 2009–10 school year.

**Family Camp Cost: $95 for the first 2 campers and then $25 additional for each camper from the same family Bring a friend discount information available on page 12 7

Medications & Health Room If you bring any medications (even over the counter) they must be turned into the first aid room. You must also list them on the registration form. If you start a new medication or change medications after you turn in your registration, you may get an additional medical form off our website. This is a regulation we must keep in compliance with. Medical information is shared on a need to know basis only. Medications must be in their original container. If the medication is over the counter – please mark it with the camper’s name. If you are bringing multiple medications – please place them in a Ziploc bag and mark it with the camper’s name. Our health room is staffed with a health room worker. This person may or may not be a registered nurse. (We do require a registered nurse for 3rd and 4th grade camp) It is simply someone who handles the storage of medications and minor accidents that may occur. Any accident requiring professional assistance will mean a trip to the emergency room or camp designated doctor. The closest hospital is approximately 13 miles away in Fredonia, Kansas.


Bus Information The cost for riding the bus both ways or one way is a total of $15. The Wichita bus will pick up and drop off at the following locations:

• First Presbyterian Church, Derby • Covenant Presbyterian • Eastminster Presbyterian The Western Kansas Bus will pick up and drop off at the Presbyterian Churches in :

• First Presbyterian Church, Dodge City • First Presbyterian Church, Pratt • First Presbyterian Church, Kingman Please note on your registration form if you would like to ride the bus, and where you will be loading and unloading.


Bring a friend to camp Bring a friend to camp and receive $25 off your camp fee for each camper you bring to camp with you. It must be their first time at a PSK camp or retreat. Simply write their name on the line on your registration form and subtract $25 from your registration fee for each person who attends.

Snack Shack We will have a camp snack shack with various items for sale. These items might include Gatorade, bottled water, candy bars, ice cream bars, pop or other items. We will continue to provide all of the meals and snacks that have always been provided. This is just some extras the campers appreciate. We suggest all money be turned into the camp when you arrive and then you can draw off of it until you leave. This will eliminate the danger of losing it while you are at camp. All money left in your “account” will be refunded to you or considered a donation — you choose on your registration form. We would suggest that $5 - $10 would be plenty of money to bring.


What to Bring: • Bible • Notebook • Pen or Pencil • Pillow • Sleeping Bag/Sheets • Towel • Flashlight

• Insect Repellent • Sunscreen • Jacket • Tennis shoes • Socks • Acoustic music instruments

Appropriate clothing • t-shirts • tank tops (straps at least 2 inches wide - no spaghetti straps/cut aways ok for guys)

• 1-piece modest swim suits • shorts • long pants

What NOT to Bring:

• Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives • Excessive Money • Tobacco • Fireworks • Personal Electronic equipment • Cell phones -- If you need one for the drive, you will be required to turn it in to the office during camp.


Volunteer Information There are many volunteer opportunities at Westminster Woods. Each camp season we need volunteers that help in the kitchen with meal prep and dishes, health room and with light maintenance. Volunteers that come out often come back each year. They have a great time in fellowship with the other volunteers and are really needed. Please pray to see if the Lord is leading you to Westminster Woods this summer.

For more information: Call 620-692-3695 or e-mail us at A volunteer application form can be found on our web site under giving opportunities and volunteers.


Camp Mail Camp mail is a huge tradition at Westminster Woods. There are few opportunities for parents to actually write a letter to their child. Camp is one of those opportunities. We know campers who have saved every letter they received during camp for many years. Even a short note about what is happening at home is treasured. It is special when your name is announced during mail call. Please allow at least 2 days for the mail to reach your camper. It might be necessary to even mail a letter before your camper leaves for camp. Packages are also welcome and loved.

How to reach us: Westminster Woods 18487 Barber Road Fall River, KS 67047 620-692-3695

Check out our web site: Find information about camp, directions to camp, and additional forms!


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Westminster Woods Presbytery of Southern KS 3521 W. 21st St. North Wichita, KS 67203-1099 Wichita, KS Permit No. 567


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