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October 2008 - 01Z514 - Marketing: Glem Gas S.p.A. - Photo: F. Chyrek - Print: Litogrphic Group - AD: IKOS

Marcello Cutino, BCF Design


Research, project and emotion.

Dark Brown


Shiny Black

Origine arises.

Thanks to the design and to the testing of forefront materials and technologies, searching for a new emotional approach on the product, distinguishing Glem Progetti, an unpublished and original cooktop arises, made in pure Italian style. From the concept of the fire as


a central element of the hospitality ritual, within a kitchen always more oriented to the living, the revolutionary idea of a single gas burner cooktop kindles, created and designed by Mr. Marcello Cutino from BCF design, for Glem Progetti. Conceived with warm and natural material, Origine goes out of the rectangular shape of cooktop in order to make up for the concept of the object centrality, “nomad� leading character of a different vision of the kitchen. It arises from the earth by offering itself as a ceramic plate, no longer as a coordinated appliance but as furniture with a strong and a unique personality, a faithful model of a style and a way to be advanced and refined.


Removable cast iron pan support.


Enamelled ceramic plate, tested to bear high temperatures. Three models available for burners with different powers and 5 different colours: Black, Shiny Black, White, Anthracite and Dark Brown.


Chromed satinized control area with ebony knob, or bronze with walnut knob. The burner is available as auxiliary, semi-rapid and triple ring.


Glem progetti eng  
Glem progetti eng