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The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

AIESEC Ferrara Welcome Booklet Summer Stage c

The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential


Congratulations for being matched through AIESEC’s Global Community Development Program! We hope you’re stay in Ferrara cuold be unforgottable and have a positive impact on your life. This experience will be exciting and you have a great opportunity to meet new friends and to appreciate a new culture. During you’re stay in Ferrara you are not alone: our LC will support you and help you to make this adventure special and unique. Let’s start with presentations:

This is our wonderful LC that welcomes you!!! We hope you enjoy our small but interesting town, full of funny things to see and to do.

SOME INFORMATIONS ABOUT THE AREA Now you’re in Emilia Romagna, a region located in the northern part of Italy. A region rich of culture thanks to its wonderfull cities and a big gastronomic and wine tradition. Ferrara is easily connected to other 3 main cities in the north italy that you can reach by train: Bologna, Venezia and Padova. These cities are wonderfull and we suggest you to visit them. There are even other wonderfull city, a bit further, like: Modena, Mantova, Verona, Ravenna and Rimini. Also, in Padova Venezia and Bologna there are local committe of AIESEC too, so if you want to visit them don’t forget to get in touch with them so they will bring you to visit the city. BOLOGNA Capital of the Emilia Romagna is famous for its wonderful square and for it 7 secrets. PADOVA Padova is located in Veneto, one of the biggest in the region, is famous for the Giotto’s frescoes. VENEZIA The most popular city of Italy, second to rome. Tiny ans sweet is the capital of the Veneto region.


The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential


Ferrara Ballon Festival, 6 - 15 Semptember 2013 Ferrara is in Emilia-Romagna, a region in north-east Italy. It is situated on the “Po di Volano”, a branch channel of the main stream of the Po River. Ferrara is a quiet town that invites you to walks and bike rides (in fact it is called „the city of bicycles“! ). It is full of historical buildings, in fact it is recently acknowledged as an UNESCO world heritage, so if you're interested on story and arts you could visits many museums and monuments. The most famous are: ESTE CASTLE Magnificient fortress buiilt up in 1385 where the Este family used to live until 1597 when Ferrara becam part of the Reign of Catholic Church. Now is a museum and it-s possible to visit. Perfectly conservated it the most representative building of the city.

DUOMO (italian: basilica cattedrale di san giorgio, duomo di ferrara). It is a roman catholic cathedral and minor basilica in ferrara dedicated to Saint George, the patron saint of the city, it is the seat of the archbishop of ferrara and the largest religious building in the city. PALAZZO DEI DIAMANTI A masterpiece by the Ferrara renaissance architect Biagio Rossetti, that is the symbolic place of Ferrara. It's the location of the fine art museum "Pinacoteca Nazionale" with important paintings of Cosme Tura, Francesco Del Cossa, Ercole de Robertis and Dosso Dossi, as well as important exhibitions of modern art. THE MEDIEVAL RAMPARTS Well preserved and recently submitted to a mighty restoration, they’re perfect for a walking or a biking tour around them. If you need more information about the story of Ferrara you can visit our Tourist Information Office via web or directly at their seat (Estense Castle).


The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

HOW TO MOVE? BIKE Ferrara is the Italian city of bicycles and during spring and summer this is the most comfortable mean of transport. In this website : “FERRARA IN BICI� (www. you will find a lot of very useful information, where to rent or to buy a bike, itineraries, suggestions etc. You can also find a bicycle guide to take away at the Informagiovani (.Piazza Municipale, 23 - 44121 Ferrara - tel. 0532.419590; www.. - The youth information centre is a public service of the City of Ferrara, which can offers you useful information and counselling. BUS: If you prefer you can take the bus. There are several lines to all directions. You can get timetable and tickets at: - TABACCHINO (the tobacconist); - AUTOSTAZIONE, via Rampari di S. Paolo - tel 0532.599492; open every working day, 6.45 a.m.-6.30 p.m. -BIGLIETTERIA CENTRALE, piazza Municipale, 11 - tel. 0532.419474. TRAIN Ferrara has a railway station connected by some railway lines. The major cities easy to reach are Padova, Venezia and Bologna but you can reach all the others changing the trains. For info about timetables check or www.

ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTING PLACES BEACH If you want to spend a day at the seaside, you can go there by bus! You need just to visit this website: and clicking the “Linee e Orari” you can download the timetable. The bus leaves from the train station. Beaches, in this region are called “Lidi” that actually means “little shore”. There are several lidi in ferrara. The most famous are “Lido degli Scacchi” and “Lido di spina” but all others are good too. So if you want more informations to go to the beach ask for the lidi. DELTA DEL PO NATIONAL PARK The Delta Po Regional Park, located on the mouth of the river Po, with it’s 54,000 hectares, is the largest park in the region Emilia Romagna; this territory has a rich fauna, with over 250 species of birds that find their ideal habitat here, including flamingos, herons and spoonbills. This is also one of the most interesting areas in Emilia Romagna for cultural heritage, with its artistic and historical sites of Comacchio, Pomposa and Sant’Apollinare in Classe (Ravenna).


The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

SWIMMING PISCINA COPERTA E SCOPERTA DI PORTA CATENA- BACCHELLI (indoor and outdoor swimming pools) Via R. Bacchelli, 103 - 44100 Ferrara; Info: indoor: tel. 0532.750367 / outdoor: tel. 0532.750471 CENTRO NATATORIO COMUNALE the Municipal swimming centre - indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Via Riccardo Bacchelli 103, Ferrara (Parco Urbano) tel. 0532.750367 SHOPPING Remember that most shops are open weekdays (Saturdays included) from 9 am to 12.30 pm and from 4 pm to 7.30 pm. On Thursday afternoon most shops are closed. Most shopping centres and many supermarkets are open weekdays (Saturdays included) from 9 am to 9 pm. You can buy everythig you need to the SUPERMARKETS, they are a little bit out of town, but much cheaper than the little shops in the centre! If you prefer walking and have a relaxing afternoon instead you might prefer doing shopping at the city centre. The biggest shopping centre are: -Centro Commerciale “Il Castello” - Via Giuseppe Giusti -Centro Commerciale “Le Mura” - Via Copparo, 132 -Darsena City/Supermarket Interspar - Via Darsena, 81

CINEMAS UCI CINEMAS MULTISALA (Darsena city ) This cinema is placed inside a shopping centre so, you can find also many shops and an arcade. Via Darsena - Ferrara - Tel. 0532.892960 ARENA PARCO DIAMANTI during summertime, from June to August you can view the best films of the last season at the outdoor cinema in the “Parco Pareschi”. Movie screenings start at 9.30 pm; the price for students is 4€. You can find the programme on the website: or ENJOY THE STUDENT'S WEDNESDAY Every Wednesday all the students and youngsters meet from about 10.30 pm on the great square in front of the Cathedral Dome. It's a good opportunity to meet new friends and drink cockails toghether! Don’t forget to try the Spritz!

PIAZZA ARIOSTEA Another place where young people spend their afternoon, eating icecreams with their friends, playing football or roller skating is Piazza ariostea.


The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

SOME TIPICAL FOOD YOU MUST TRY CAPPELLACCI DI ZUCCA Ideal for a main course and a delicious lunch or dinner,, the pumpkin hats are a type of pasta cooking tradition of Ferrara, and it is a type of stuffed pasta similar to ravioli and flavor delicious: home-made pasta is filled with a mixture of baked pumpkin, grated parmesan cheese, nutmeg and salt.

PASTICCIO DI MACCHERONI Its preparation is rather complicated and the result gives a very singular taste given the conjunction of flavourings used. In sum, it is short sweet pastry filled with ragout, béchamel sauce, mushrooms, nutmeg and truffle. CAPPELLETTI are a local variant of the more famous tortellini, served in meat broth, with handmade dough and filled with meat. You can also search for “tortellini” or “ravioli”. They’re similar but bigger and not served with stock and usually with different fillings.

TENERINA In Ferrara, we used to call it "torta tacolenta" (sticky pie) because of its thickness. This pie has a sweet and creamy heart of chocolate, and it is served with an icing sugar topping. COPPIA The famous coppia (in dialect "ciupeta") of Ferrara has a central body called knot or ribbon with two twisted pointed breadsticks attached. Either crusty or soft, with or without olive oil, the bread of Ferrara is a great pride for Italian gastronomy.

ZIA These salami are traditional and very typical rural Ferrarese dishes. The “Zia� salami is based completely on pork and then flavoured with salt, pepper and fresh garlic that has been marinated in white wine.

USEFULL EMERGENCY NUMBERS 118 sanitary emergency 115 fire emergency (Vigili del fuoco) 112 Carabinieri (military corps which has civil police duties)


Luca Baccilieri

Ajla Vasiljevic

Francesco Grossi

+39 3292045207

+39 3336982174

+39 3401347182

Rachele Facchin

Ludovica Setten

+39 3472782824

+39 3396359626


The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

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