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Land and Water



Water Scenarios for Europe and for Neighboring States SCENES


01/11/2006 – 01/11/2010

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1. IIASA (Austria), 2. UPM (Spain), 3. NERC-CEH, Alterra (NL), 4. Waginen Universtiy (NL), 5. CIHEAM-BARI (Italy), 6. BUTE DSEE, RISSAC (Hungary), 7. ICEM, CPPI , NRC (Russia), 8. HELR (Ukraine), 9. IEEP, TUC (Crete), 10 BEF (Latvia), 11. METU (Turkey), 12. ENGREF(France), 13. WL Delft, CESR (Germany), 14. TUT(Estonia), 15. WAU (Poland)

Overall objective

The main objective is developing and analyzing a set of comprehensive scenarios of Europe's freshwater futures up to 2025, covering all of "Greater" Europe reaching to the Caucasus and Ural Mountains, and including the Mediterranean rim countries of north Africa and the near East. These scenarios will provide a reference point for long-term strategic planning of European water resource development, alert policymakers and stakeholders about emerging problems, and allow river basin managers to test regional and local water plans against uncertainties and surprises which are inherently embedded in a longer term strategic planning process.

Specific objectives

To evaluate different methodologies for developing stakeholders driven scenarios of Europe’s waters with the aim of improving these methodologies, involving pan-European, regional and pilot area scale modeling efforts; To analyze a wide range of information about possible external driving forces that are likely to change water demands and that may lead to environmental pressures across Europe; To develop quantitative indicators for the analysis of impacts of future scenarios; To provide quantitative analysis and data on the consequences of the changes in water availability and water quality for the main sectoral groups of the water system services To ensure that the output disseminated from the SCENES project is both realistic and policy relevant.

IAMB activities

To develop a participatory process; To develop a vision for water futures for the Candelaro basin, Italian pilot area; To evaluate the pan European scenarios and their impacts at regional and basin level; To enrich the pan European scenarios with information and trends from the local and regional level.

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