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Next Formula 1 season 2014 has just arrived, but for fans of Formula 1, the first day of the 'year is January 28, the day that will begin the first winter tests. As always at the beginning of each season there are many new features: new cars, new drivers, but this year 'there will be important changes in the regulation. Formula 1 in 2014 will adopt the new 1.6-liter engine with direct injection with turbo. It will be a revolution in a way that will allow the return of F1 at the forefront of technology thanks to the great challenge on the engines. Aesthetically, the engine is shorter than the current V8. The biggest challenge for engineers is to be able to build a powerful engine, but very environmentally because the regulations, each car will have only 100 kg of fuel to complete the GP compared to the current 150. • Engine 2006 - 2013 2.4-liter V8 with 750 hp of which 80 hp provided by Kers for 6 sec. lap 18,000 rev / min. 7 marches • Engine 2014 - ....... 1.6-liter V6 with 600 hp of which 160 are CV data from the ERS for about 33 seconds. lap 15,000 rev / min. 8 marches

Report card - GP Australia, Melbourne

Nico Rosberg 10: He started like a rocket exceeds Hamilton and Ricciardo and he didn't give up. The pace of the Mercedes is awesome, he brought home the victory with an ease disarmed. Ricciardo 9: Despite the ban, he finished second and he brought a smile to the red bull. Magnussen 10: The new face of F1, calm and quiet, but damn fast on the track. He reported the McLaren on the podium after over a year of absence, with the first F1 podium in the history of Denmark. Button 8: We expected something more from him during this weekend. He tenth started, but recovered well thanks to an early pit stop, and he came just a few seconds by Magnussen, however, couldn't maintain the pace of Danish. Alonso 7: More than this could not be done. On the eve of the Spanish Ferrari driver had the objective to finishing the race: he had done it, but that suffering! Bottas 8: After a qualification below what was expected on the eve, the Finnish driver is redeemed in part, in the race. The first part of the race has been very good: two good overtaking (one beautiful on the outside of Vergne and the other on Raikkonen) and a very consistent race pace. When, now, was in the discharges of Alonso, lightly touches the wall, and drill the left rear tire, losing a lot of time to get back to the pits and replace the tire. Hulkenberg 6.5: a race of ups and downs: good the first part, he seemed to be able to easily keep the fourth position, but at the pit stop, lost his position on Button and then on Alonso. Raikkonen 5: The excuses were all there, but this Kimi was a distant relative of the warrior on the track last year. Vergne 7: A good weekend for the French pilot of Toro Rosso. After the sixth-place finished in the rain in qualifying, he lost positions in the race, but saw the potential of the car and what was predicted on the eve. Maldonado, Grosjean, Hamilton, Vettel ??: With the new regulation is impossible to judge who has not arrived at the finish line because of the machines.

Malaysia Grand Prix Malaysia Grand Prix Race date: 30/03/14 Circuit name: Sepang International Circuit First Grand Prix: 1999 Number of laps: 56 Circuit length: 5.543 km Race distance: 310.408 km Lap record: Juan Pablo Montoya (1:34"223 with Williams in 2004) Number of curves: 15 2013 podium: 1ยบ-Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 2ยบ-Mark Webber (Red Bull)

3ยบ-Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

The image is the circuit of Sepang (Malaysia) The race will be very interesting because all the pilots will drive with equals cars. In my opinion the Mercerdes Team will lead the championship this year because the cars are better than the others teams cars so i think one of the pilots in the Mercedes Team (Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg) will be the champion this year. But can be difficult others pilots will fight too. Hamilton 10: he didn't make mistakes and he won the race. Rosberg 8: he arrived second but with a Mercedes it isn't a great race. Vettel 9: he did a fantastic race with a Red Bull that wasn't on top.


Race Date: Circuit Name: First Grand Prix:

06 Apr 2014 Bahrain International Circuit 2004

Number of Laps: Circuit Length: Race Distance: Lap Record:

57 5.412 km 308.238 km 1:31.447 - P De la Rosa (2005)

2013 podium: 1º) Sebastian Vettel 2º) Kimi Raikkonen 3º) Romain Grosjean Circuit

This race will be really exciting and interesting. The Mercedes team i think they will win the race again, their cars are better than the others pilots cars and we aready see that . The Red Bull team maybe the can´t win the next races becausse they have normals cars so i think they can´t win, but this is an opinion.


Win number 24 for the British driver, as Jaun Manuel Fangio. At the start, Lewis has passed Rosberg, then he only had to defend himself .


Rosberg at the start has failed to keep the lead, but finished second and has gained 19 important points for the championship.


Pilot not particularly skilled with a great Force India in my opinion, however, he

came to the podium.


Ricciardo is the true revelation of this season. He does not have a very competitive car but he always comes ahead of Vettel.


Race embarrassing for Ferrari. Simply slow, too slow for a sport where speed is everything. Pilots can only try to bring the car to the finish line in front of the Marussia.

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