PORTFOLIO Francesca Saraullo (BE/IT, 1984)

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Francesca Saraullo

Dance, performance, visual arts


credit photo: Philippe Graton

BIO | Francesca Saraullo, in art Francesca Rita Saraullo (Chieti, 1984) Choreographer, dancer-performer, video-maker and independent researcher.

Saraullo is a multidisciplinary graduate in choreographic and visual arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (ISAC/AeSP), in multimedia and performing arts at MultiDams in Turin, in cinema and media engineering at the Polytechnic School of Turin. She trained, from a self-discipline perspective, in dance, theatre and singing, with Raffaella Giordano, Nina Dipla, Jose Cazeneuve, Peter Gemza, Dominique Duszynski, Hayo David, David Zambrano, LoÏc Touzé, Alexandre Del Perugia, Ivana Ferri, Bruno M. Ferraro, Marco Viecca and Claudio Girard. She has participated in specialisation courses with some of the most significant international masters, namely Odile Duboc, Dominique Dupuy, Meredith Monk, Sotiguy Kouyate, Marco Biagini.

She took part in the training "Transforme, Se prolonger" directed by Myriam Gourfink (Fondation Royaumont) as a dancer working with Daniele Ninarello and Colline Etienne. She formed part of the creation work "La Procession" by Nacera Belaza at the "College-Dance" in Venice, and participated in the study and research project "ATLAS - create your dance trails" within ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival.

As performer, actress and dancer she collaborated with such choreographers as Isabella Soupart, Lynda Gaudreau, Nina Dipla, Frédérique Robert, Chrysanthi Badeka, and with directors Ivana Ferri, Silvia Battaglio, Marcel.lì Antunez Roca.

Since 2013, she has been creating her own choreographic works (ANAMNESIS, LUX, Et toi..., La Sospesa) and visual works (W., RACCOLTO, Moulbaix Dr., Ballerina, MiNunn). She is co-founder of the cultural and artistic project "Riabitare il Futuro" (Rehabiting the Future) in Abruzzo (art&rural). She is active as a performer in the Belgian collective BARUMBARA Collective (performing arts).

She has presented her works at various dance performance and video festivals (Dagvandedans in Belgium, Dés-orienté(s) ISELP in Brussels, MAG FEST Italy, DANÇA INVISÍVEL in Portugal, International Dance Film Festival Brussels, DANSE EN FILM BORDEAUX, ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT) and has most recently performed in MUZEU’M L, M HKA, Contemporary Art Center Tignous of Montreuil.

Since 2016 she has been conducting research training in Sensitive Dance® with Claude Coldy. She continues her search with practices such as Qi-Qong with Master Zhou and Etienne Borel, Fasciapulsology for dance with Florence Augendre and Anja Rottgerkamp.

For 2020-2021, she receives a research grant from Charleroi Danse to support her choreographic project “Archaeology of Gesture”, she is artist in residence in the framework of the GINCUBATOR2021 program promoted by garage29 in Brussels. For 2022-2023, she receives a research grant from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to support her choreographic research project “CORPO PELVICO”.

Artistic statement

Brussels-based independent artist, she has been working across the boundaries of performing arts, dance and video since 2013. She combines personal projects (solos) with collaborations (duo or collective).

Her artistic career is nourished by her academic, humanist and scientific education in the visual arts and her studies in dance, theatre and performance, from a self-discipline perspective. Turin, Paris and Brussels, to date, are her cities of reference for her evolution as an artist and human being.

ARTISTIC STATEMENT: practice & research


The body and choreographic writing are at the center of her research.

Body as matter to be sculpted to bring out what is already, there, present, rooted in a time, perhaps, further away than the one in which we live. Body as "place" from which a gesture, an action, an intention, a dance can be born.

Choreography understood as the possibility of composing in space and time moving bodies, whether they are dance, light, image or plastic bodies. In this perspective, she makes use of a broad definition of choreography which involves not only dance as an archetypal expression of choreographic art but also video, installation and performance.

Focusing on the aesthetics of the ordinary, on memory and the imaginary, she moves her artistic practice to the limit between reality and fiction. The human universe and, in particular, the feminine universe is the engine from which her thoughts and creative act emerge.

She prefers the evolutionary repetition of the gesture, simple and powerful actions, the achievement of a possible ecstasy in the dance, the vacant void, an animal and intuitive presence, the contrasts of register and dynamics, the performative stripping of the scene, simplicity in complexity. She practices a mode of composition based on long periods of improvisation, allowing a sequence of movements, a spatial and temporal architecture, and a scenario of intentions to emerge organically.

The writing closes when the right structure appears with specific references to space, time, rhythm, quality, bite.

All the scenic elements from light, set design, sound to the audience can be part of a choreographic composition.

For each work and process, she imagines a flexible device that can be modular and adaptable.


As solo


Duo ET TOI… (2018).

Performance-installations for non-theatrical spaces

LUX (2020-2019), LA SOSPESA (2017), RACCOLTO (2017-2015) in the context of "Rehabiting the Future".


W. (2020), RACCOLTO (2017), MOULBAIX DR. (2014), BALLERINA (2013), MiNunn (2012).


2022 Marosi Festival “Around a process of making” (IT) | ŻFINMALTA AIR RESIDENCY (MT) | CC Maison de la Création; CC Garcia Lorca (BE).

2021 Charleroi danse; Garage29 in GINcubator2021 (BE) | LAVANDERIA A VAPORE in Workspace Ricerca X / The ever practicing artist 2021 (IT).

2020 Zsenne art lab (collaboration with Helena Dietrich); Theatre Marni; Garage29 (BE).

2019 MUZEU’M L – Roeselare; GC De Kriekelaar; SummerStudio PARTS (BE) ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival (AT).

2018 Palácio do Sobralinho – Vila Franca de Xira; Temp Studio (PT) | Victoria Deluxe; SummerStudio PARTS (B) | Armunia (IT).

2017 Charleroi danse ; Buda arts center ; Wolubilis ; BRASS Centre Culturel de Forest ; Victoria Deluxe ; Workspacebrussles (BE).

2016 Workspacebrussles; Bains Connective (BE).

2015 La Bellone - Maison du spectacle (BE).

2014 Electa Creative arts (IT).


2022 Research grant for CORPO PELVICO project by Wallonia Brussels Federation (BE)| Scholarship program “Around a process of making” during Marosi Stromboli Festival (IT).

2021 Research grant for ARCHAEOLOGY OF GESTURE project by Charleroi danse (BE).

2011 Selected as trainee dancer for young choreographers in the framework of the choreographic project "Transforme, Se prolonger" directed by Myriam Gourfink at the Fondation Royaumont (FR).


StromboliMarosi; The Ordinary Lives of Women’s exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv (IT;MT- 2022)| ImPulsTanz (AT- 2019)| BiennaleVenice (IT- 2016)| International dance film festival Brussels (BE- 2022;2017)| International Video Dance Bourgogne (FR- 2020)| DagVandeDans (BE- 2019)| Scenari Europei Pescara, MAgFest Italy, SurfaceFestival; Ciclo Dança Invisìvel; gallery “Espace Beaurepaire” (IT;PT;FR-2018)| Athens Video Dance; Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company; Contemporanea017 Liquida (GR;IE;IT-2017)| Confort Modern Group Show Festival (BE, 2014) | Dés-orienté(s), Brussels (BE-2013).



It is a journey to the POINT. To the point of ORIGIN. "Who am I? Who are we?” From personal research on the sacred feminine, I call upon my PELVIAN MATRICE. I open myself to LISTENING. I follow the flow of the breath which becomes sound, voice, song. The body segments become supports that open up spaces of personal and universal memories, human and non-human, beyond verbal language.

I cross archaic and surreal landscapes in a TRANS-IDENTIAL journey where unity becomes multiple, where the "I" converges in the "we".

CORPO PELVICO is a performative project that portrays the ritual of a woman crossing both intimate and collective landscapes of images, sensations and emotions. In a continuous relationship between dance, sound and voice, the body "calls" on the present and "recalls" the past while weaving mysterious links with the future.

Concept, choreography, direction, interpretation Francesca Saraullo

Dramaturgie Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx Assistant to the director Ilaria Orlandini Light and stage design Eleanor Bryce Sound Cabiria Chomel Outside advisor Florence Augendre

PARTNERS Research Archaeologyofgesture(BE, IT, AT, FR)

#Charleroi danse (bourse recherche 2020-2021) ; #garage29 in the frame of GINcubator 2021, #Théâtre Marni, #De Kriekelaar GC| BE

#Workspace Ricerca X / The ever practicing artist 2021, Lavanderia a Vapore, Turin | IT

#ATLAS – create your dance trails (ImPulsTanz -Vienna International Dance Festival) | AT

#Centre Tignous D’art Contemporain Montreuil| FR

Research CorpoPelvico(BE, IT, MT)

#Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (bourse recherche 2022-2023) ; #Maison de la Création ; #Centre Culturel Garçia Lorca | BE

#ŻFINMALTA National Dance Company; #Institut culturel italien à Malte; #unfinishedartspace | MT

#Marosi Festival 2022 dans le cadre du programme intensif de formation continue “Around a process of making” | IT

ph Giorgia Carrino & Francesca Saraullo


DANCE PERFORMANCE | solo work |short form 20’

A solo piece between dance and lecture-performance around the topic of the body as archive of archaic memories and the capacity of space, movement, sound and imagery to trigger these.

ANAMNESIS is the first creation-work in the frame of the research project “Archaeology of gesture”.

ANAMNESIS is for theatrical and non-theatrical spaces.

Teaser video: https://vimeo.com/385722130 (showing in the Contemporary Art Center Tignous, 2019, Montreuil, FR)


14.12.2019 Art Centre Tignous de Montreuil, in the framework of a group-exhibition "Matters to think about" (Montreuil, FR).

15.02.2020 MUŻA museum, as part of the Festival "Strangers in a Strange Land" (Valletta, MT).

25.04.2020 Dance Day/Dag van de Dans 2020, VZW Zomer van Antwerpen (Antwerp,B) – cancelled.


Charleroi Danse | Garage29 | Theatre Marni | De Kriekelaar CC | Summer Studios 2019 ROSAS and P.A.R.T.S. | 2019 Artichok BIJ Aide à la creation | BE;

ATLAS – create your dance trails (ImPulsTanz -Vienna International Dance Festival) | AT; Contemporary Art Center Tignous Montreuil| FR.

credit photo Sien Verstraeten

LUX (2019-2020)

ONGOING DANCE PERFORMANCE in-situ with PHOTOSPHERES installation by media artist Mark IJzerman | 4h | new creation

LUX is a visual and dancing performance in-situ in interaction with light and sunlight.

In dialogue with Mark IJzerman's robotic, interactive and solar PHOTOSPHERE installations, the choreographer and dancer Francesca Saraullo creates instantaneous compositions in resonance with the sun's reflections in space and space itself by manipulating, in addition, reflective discs. In turn, using computer technology and artificial intelligence, Mark creates choreographic patterns with light according to position and the sun's reflections in space, while maintaining a relationship with the audience and me as they walk around.

LUX invites the audience to be witness to a contemplative and magical experience, wrapped in a soundscape between live-electronics and the natural sounds of the surrounding space.

Teaser video: https://vimeo.com/356878242 (showing in MUZEU’M L museum, Roeselare, BE) | https://vimeo.com/336223338 (showing in M HKA museum as adapted version for DoD2019, Antwerp, B).


27.04.2019 M HKA museum, in the frame of Dag van de Dans 2019 (Antwerp, BE).

14-15.06.2019 MUZEU’M L museum, in collaboration with DeSpil (Roeselare, BE).


M HKA in collaboration avec Dag van de Dans ; MUZE’UM L in collaboration avec De Spil cc | BE ; Temp Studio Lisbon (artisticresidency) | PT.

credit photos Tom Goffa

Dance performance | 25’ | Francesca Saraullo & Carolina Van Eps

“Et toi…” is a dance performance where the intimacy and the tension sustain emotional encounter between two people. Inspired by the idea of space between, we look for this invisible space that connects and encourages a sensitive contact. Is it possible to touch the limit of the Other? How does the space affect relationships?

In “Et toi...” two solitudes meet. Attraction and repulsion, proximity and distance, conflict and sensuality emerge.

ET TOI… (2018)
Choreography and Dance Carolina Van Eps, Francesca Saraullo Light and sound creation Carolina Van Eps, Francesca Saraullo Sound collaboration Koen Roggen Dramaturgical coach Greet Van Poeck Time 25’ Supported by Inestética companhia teatral and Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de Xir, Florian Metateatro, Danspunt vzw, Bains Connective, Victoria Deluxe, La Bellone, workspacebrussels

Et toi... is a flexible perfomance for theatrical as well as alternative space


Theatrical form

TEASER https://vimeo.com/296602531 (performed in Palacio Do Sobralinho (Vila F. Xira), in the frame of DANÇA INVISÍVEL | Ciclo de Dança Contemporânea, Inestética companhia teatral, September 2018, PT)

Alternative form

TEASER https://vimeo.com/288029495 (performed in the Embassy of Spain (Brussels), in the frame of Dag Van De Danse (Day of Dance), April 2018, BE)



• 14 DECEMBER Es Local Espai de creació, Palma, Spain

• 4 NOVEMBER Festival GentBougement, Gent, Belgium

• 15 SEPTEMBER Ciclo Dança Invisìvel, Palacio Do Sobralinho, Vila F. Xira, Portugal Scenari Europei 2018, Spazio Matta, Pescara, Italy

• 11 MAY BOM-Festival, Ghent, Belgium APRIL Day of Dance, Embassy of Spain, Brussels, Belgium 2017

• 6 OCTOBER NEST - DE Vloer, Gent, Belgium

• 17 SEPTEMBER Barumbara - performative public space, Brussels, Belgium

• 29 APRIL HETPALEIS - in the context of Dansvitrine, Antwerpen, Belgium


2018 Scenari Europei 2018, Spazio Matta, Pescara, Italy Article about Et toi... in teatrionline - Italian web review about theater https://www.teatrionline.com/2018/10/festival-scenari-europei-2018-giorno-3/ BOM-Festival, Ghent, Belgium Article about Et toi..., (pg. 22) https://www.deviezegasten.org/uploads/files/BOM-festivalkrant_bom9_digitaal.pdf


CONTEXT: Theater Spazio Matta for “SCENARI EUROPEI un giovane Festival” rD Fabio Artese credit photos Fabio Artese CONTEXT: alternative space Palacio Do Sobralinho for “DANÇA INVISÍVEL | Ciclo de Dança Contemporânea” credit photo Vítor Hugo Costa


Danse et installation performative | 40’ + short version 20’ | solo

credit photo Luciano Onza

La Sospesa is the portrait of a woman suspended between the speed and the multiplicity of ideas that goes over her head, and the necessity to come back to her own animality.

Like a floating jellyfish balancing on a wire, she moves forward in the cycle of life. Manipulated by what lies outside her, or she does it to herself. She engages in a play where roles are reversible, where she gradually frees herself from real and imaginary threads. A series of intimate landscapes interweave to evoke a personal and archaic memory made of images, sensations and feelings.

La Sospesa is a visual and sound performance where the dance composes itself with the performative act by establishing a specific relation with the body, the sound, the installation and the light.

La Sospesa is a choreographic and visual project from which others art works are born thanks to its modular and flexible nature (dancing performance, installation, and dance video). In this way La Sospesa, based by a symbolic and an opened concept, invites others artists and the audience as well to look for their own sense and narration.

credit photo Dario Prinari


Concept Choreography Dance Francesca Saraullo Performative action

Carolina Van Eps, Francesca Saraullo Sound design & Live Electronics Federico Dal Pozzo Light design & Technical direction Eleanor Bryce Design Installation & Manufacture Estelle Bibbo, Francesca Saraullo

Advisor Carolina Van Eps Set design Eleanor Bryce, Estelle Bibbo

Video Nasrine Kheltent Technical collaboration Alexis Pfrimmer Outside eye Marc Vanrunxt, Tijen Lawton Thanks to Gisela Rosa Fantacuzzi, Nora Virgili Garcia


Charleroi-danse | Kunstencentrum BUDA | WSB (workspacebrussels) | WOLUBILIS | BRASS – CC Forest | De School van Gaasbeek | La Bellone (Performing Arts House of Brussels) | Iles asbl-Artist Project Suitecase | Summer Studios Brussels | ISAC (Higher Institute of Arts and Choreographies) & AEsP (Art in Public Space) in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (BE) / ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo in collaboration with Network Anticorpi XL (IT)


La Sospesa in Spazio Matta in the frame of MAGFEST ITALIA FESTIVAL 2018 – Pescara, IT Teaser: https://vimeo.com/311434773 (public showing 25.11.2018)

La Sospesa in BUDA arts center as end of residency – Kortrijk, B Teaser: https://vimeo.com/311437914 (public showing 15.12.2017)

La Sospesa in Espace Beaurepaire Gallery – Paris, FR Trailer: https://vimeo.com/273008984 (public showing 25.05.2018)

La Sospesa in Auditorium Diocleziano in the frame of Contemporanea017Liquida – Lanciano, IT Teaser: https://vimeo.com/219077557 (public showing 6.05.2017)

La Sospesa in the context of Temp Studio residency as visual and sound ritual merged performance – Lisbon, PT Trailer https://vimeo.com/272942716

DOCU POTRAIT of La Sospesa

Francesca Saraullo speaks about her work "La Sospesa".



Dance film


1 “Schèmes Urbains“ (2017, BE) https://vimeo.com/280934018 realised by Nasrine Kheltente (presented during the Festival Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, IR)


Dance film

1 “Sur la pointe des cheveux“ (2017, BE) https://vimeo.com/236429734 realised by Nasrine Kheltent (presented during the showing in BUDA arts center, final creative residency, Kortrijk, B)

2 “francesca“ (2014,IT) https://vimeo.com/241493123 realised by Stefano Scipioni (presented in the context of Video in Cantiere in ELECTA Créative Arts, Teramo, IT)


CONTEXT: Residency in BUDA arts center. credits photo Luc Depreitere CONTEXT: non-theatrical spaces, Auditorium Diocleziano (on the left); Espace Beaurepaire Gallery (on the right). credits photo Luciano Onza credits photo Jean-Yves Bernardin

CONTEXT : dance film “Schèmes Urbains“

credits photo Yaozheng Tan



• 7-8-9 December | Verbi: mill-bieb ’il ġewwa, art exhibition, Valletta Contemporary gallery, Valletta, MT

• 25 November | MagFest Italy, Spazio Matta, Pescara, IT

• 26-27 July| PLACES - SURFACES FESTIVAL, Palazzo Cà Zanardi, Venice, IT

• 18 May | gallery “Espace Beaurepaire”, Paris, FR

• 22 May | OpenDay Tempstudio art exhibition, Lisbon, PT


• 6 May | Contemporanea017 Liquida, art exhibition, Auditorium Diocleziano, Lanciano, IT



• 15 December | showing of the final residency | BUDA arts center | Courtrai, BE.


• 27 April | residential showing | Les Brigittines as part of WSB’s residencies | Bruxelles, BE.


• 13 June | researching showing | Platforms 2015 DCJ DansCentrumJette Bruxelles, BE.

• 5 – 6 June | researching showing | Théâtre de La Balsamine / in collaboration with ISAC, Royal Academy of Fine arts of Brussels, BE.


Performative Installation in situ

March 2013


credits photo Philippe Graton installation, GET A GRIP, performances directed by Isabella Soupart and ISAC/ Komplot (curatorial collective of contemporary art) / Bruxelles, BE

April 2013

Performative installations/ Dés-orienté(s) ISELP, performances directed by Isabella Soupart and ISAC / Bruxelles, BE

credits photo Iacopo Chomel

Performances insitu| 1h – 2h | with Gisela Fantacuzzi & arTeaLter collectif

RACCOLTO (2015-2017)
credit photo Fabio Artese

RACCOLTO consists of a series of performances as well as itinerant installations in unusual or historical places in different villages of Abruzzo, Italy. Gisela Fantacuzzi and Francesca Saraullo direct a group of artists who make up the arTeaLter collective with the intention of combining artistic experience (dance, theatre, visual and sound arts) with employment and the valorization of a specific local heritage. Through a multidisciplinary approach, RACCOLTO is the result of a process of research and encounters.

RACCOLTO was born in the framework of "Ri-abitare il Futuro" (Re-inhabiting the Future), a cultural and artistic innovation project that proposes research aimed at promoting the reuse and valorization of the Abruzzo region in its most "hidden" beauties. By collecting the seed of tradition to transform it in the present, the intention is to look for a new way of living in places that have been marginalized and abandoned in the process of economic development in recent decades.



Andrea Cecchoni, Cabiria Chomel, Federico Dal Pozzo, Hélene Gautier, Gisela Fantacuzzi, Caterina Palmucci, Chiara Orefice, Caterina Palmucci, Franco Sacchetti, Francesca Saraullo.


RACCOLTO Teaser https://vimeo.com/141036807

(Public showing in San Buono, Carpineto Sinello, Palmoli, Castiglione Messer Marino, Summer 2015)

RACCOLTO in the frame of “La Festa della Terra” with the participation of a group of immigrants from the reception centre VILLA ELENA Teaser https://vimeo.com/191146513

(Public showing in Casalincontrada, September 2016)

credit photo Antonio Stella


W. (2020)

Dance video art | Video 3’38’’, 2020, Belgium, Format HD, color, 16:9, ENG| realized during lockdown March-May2020

Part of the choreographic project “Archaeology of gesture” W. portrays a pelvic choir of 13 women by revealing the voice of the sacred, of the animal, of the human, of being Womb Woman Warrior Wonder Wahine.

>> LINK VIDEO https://vimeo.com/417194423


2020 HomeVideoDance organised by the International Video Dance Festival in Bourgogne / Fr.


Experimental dance videoart | Video 20’, 2014, Belgium, Format HD, color, FR | with Maya Dalinsky

Supported by AEsP (Art in the Public Space) and ISAC (Institute of Superior Arts of Choreography), Fine Arts of Royal Academy of Brussels

Distant echoes of the marching band suspended between the ruminations of pensive cows… How does the sensory experience of a place inspire new topographies in our bodies of a village? Two explorers embark on a journey to discover the village of Moulbaix.

>> LINK VIDEO https://vimeo.com/97511497


2017 DanceFilmFestival Brussels, section “X-tra”, Brussels / BE /.

2014 “Territoire sans cible” group exhibition by the students of Art in Public Space from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, in collaboration with the Ath Cultural Center / BE /.


Video dance | 10’, 2013, Belgique, Format HD, color, 16:9, FR, subtiles en EN

Supported by AEsP (Art in the Public Space) and ISAC (Institute of Superior Arts of Choreography), Fine Arts of Royal Academy of Brussels

A woman falls over to the right and to the left with her broom. She is there, she is present. She dances.

Ballerina is a video dance, which presents the portrait of a woman. The project was born by the idea to discover a dancing gesture as well as a choreography in to the ordinary and in the day life.

>> LINK VIDEO https://vimeo.com/97910218


2022 The Ordinary Lives of Women’s exhibition, Spazju Kreattiv, La Valette / MT /.

2017 the 7th AVDP Athens Video Dance Project, Athens / GR /.

2015 After Words, artistic collaboration with Isabella Soupart, Les Brigittines, Brussels / BE /

2014 Confort Modern Group Show, Inauguration of the art gallery Clovis XV, Brussels / BE /.

2013 Dés-orienté(s), ISELP (Superior Institute for Plastic Languages), Brussels / BE /

MiNunn (2012)

Video dance | 1’05’’, 2012, FORMAT DV-PAL, i-Phone, color, 4:3

An old couple dance with spontaneity, presence and consciousness. The work wants to show as a dance could appear in the imperceptible magic of daily life.

>> LINK VIDEO https://vimeo.com/52381708


2012 La danse dans 1 minute, II Edition 2012, COORPI Network de danse, Turin / IT /.



2021-2020 (Premiere in autumn 2021)

“PELVIC BATH”, a group performative work based on the femininity’s principle led by Helena Dietrich (wsb-wpzimmer-artscenterbuda…) / BE / 2018

“VERBI: mill-bieb ’il ġewwa”, interdisciplinary performance art event by Brussels-based Barumbara Collective, Valletta Contemporary Gallery / MT /.

“Où Allons Nous? An Be Taa Mi?”, dance-theater performance, Cie SOMBO (Festival Dag van de dans 2018, CC Strombeek, …) / BE /. 2018-2017

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, performance in situ, several collaborations for private public, Brussels / BE /. 2016

“Tasks | Brussels”, a site-relative, movement and acoustic sound performance, for six performers directed by Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa / BE /. 2015

“After Words”, artistic collaboration with Isabella Soupart, video Ballerina by Francesca Saraullo, Les Brigittines, Brussels / BE /. 2013

“GET A GRIP”, performances directed by Isabella Soupart / in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ISAC-Higher Institut of Art and Choreography) / KOMPLOT (curatorial collective of contemporary art) / ISELP (Superior Institute for Plastic Languages), Brussels / BE /.

“OUT OF GRACE”, M LEUVEN, project directed by Lynda Gaudreau, Cie De Brune / in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ISAC-Higher Institut of Art and Choreography) / museum M Leuven part of the festival Playground, Leuven / BE /.




“Piccole Marquisakis”, dance theatre show, directed and performed by Hélène Gautier, Mairi Pardalaky, Francesca Saraullo / studio rehearsal Théâtre de la Girandole, Montreuil, France / Festival A Pas de Corps, Théâtre de la Girandole / Festival Le città sottili, Carrozzeria Margot, Milan / Festival de Danse Plateau des Chorégraphes, Théâtre du Grenier, Bougival / FR-IT /.


“Kyma”, choreography directed by Nina Dipla, Cie Nina Dipla / Festival Cadences d’Arcachon, Arcachon / Festival Spectacles Sauvages, Le Regard du Cygne, Paris / Micadanses, Paris / National Center of Dance (CND), Paris / Ménagerie de Verre, Paris / Théâtre Odion Chanion, Chania, Greece / FR-GR /.

“De...La poussée rythmique de l’espace sur une pomme“, choreography directed by Frédérique Robert, Cie Chantier Majeur / Festival Spectacles Sauvages, Le Regard du Cygne, Paris / Olivier Messiaen Academy Dance School, Champigny-sur-Marne, France / FR /. 2008-2007


“Madama Collection”, docufilm, Fra&Fra, Italy, 6’, Mini-DV, color, 4:3, concept-directing Francesca Cirilli & Francesca Saraullo / Corti di una notte di mezza estate, Imbarchino del Valentino, Turin / Paratissima III Edition, Ex-prisons Le Nuove, Turin / IT-HU /.


“Il viaggio di Ulisse”, theatre show directed and produced by Cie Tangram Theatre Turin / Teatro Stabile de Turin / IT /.

“Hipermembrana”, cross media performances by and with Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca / in collaboration with the University of Turin (MultiDams-Multimedia and Art, Music and Theater) and the Polytechnic University of Turin (Engineering of Cinema and Media Communication) / Teatro Stabile de Turin / IT /.


2014 "Territoire sans cible”, Moulbaix Dr.&Cartographie sensible, collaboration between the Ath Cultural Center and the program Art in Public Space of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, catalog / BE / (http://www.arba-esa.be/fr/agenda_details.php?aid=2&vid=96).

2007 “Paratissima” III Edition, Madama Collection, Ex-prisons Le Nuove, Turin, catalog / IT /.



Atelier movement, dance, choreography in Theater Tartaar (in collaboration with Q02), European School of UCCL, SASASA Art Academy Mouvance asbl / BE /. 2014

Artistic assistance for the students of the program ISAC at the Royale Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels / BE /. 2012-2011

Contemporary dance workshop for children in relationship with the choreography “De... La poussée rythmique de l’espace sur une pomme” by Frédérique Robert / Cie Chantier Majeur / Conservatoire Olivier Messiaen, Champigny-sur-Marne, France / FR /.


2014 Master of the Arts degree (MA) at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, in two programs “Art in Public Space” (AEsP) and “Higher Institute of Art and Choreography” (ISAC) / B/.

2012-2007 Trained in contemporary dance with teachers and artists like Raffaella Giordano, Nina Dipla, Claude Coldy, José Cazeneuve, Peter Gemza, Hayo David, David Zambrano, Loic Touzé; in theater with Alexandre del Perugia. Masterclasses participant with Meredith Monk, Dominique Dupuy, Odile Duboc, Wilfried Piollet, Elsa Wolliaston, Sotigui Kouyaté, Johanne Saunier, Martin Kilvady / FR-IT /.

2010 Master of the Arts (MA) in MultiDams-Multimedia and Art, Music and Theater with thesis paper on "Digital Performance: sensitive body between real and virtual" / University of Turin / IT / Distinction 110/110 with honorable mention by the jury.

2010-2009 Socrates-Erasmus Scholarship, Dance Department / University Paris VIII / FR /.

2008-2007 Theater - method Actor's Studio (Marco Viecca, Asti) / IT /.

2007-2004 Theater (Academy Tangram Teatro, Turin) / IT /.

2006 Bachelor in Engineering of Cinema and Media Communication / Polytechnic University of Turin / IT / Distinction 110/110 cum laude.

2004-2003 Theater-dance (Academy Teatranza, Turin) / IT /.

2002-1988 Classical and modern dance (Cristina Nudi Dance Center, Chieti) / IT /.

Complementary formation

2019 “ATLAS - create your dance trails”, educational and research project in the frame of "ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival", Vienna / AT/.

2016-2014 Sensitive Dance®, a physical practice of conscious movement with Claude Coldy, Teatro Dimora, Mondaino / IT /.

2016 “College-Danza” with Nacera Belaza in the project “La Procession”, Arsenale, Venise / IT/.

2011 Dancer for young choreographers (Daniele Ninarello, Colline Etienne) as part of the educational project “Transforme, Se prolonger” directed by Myriam Gourfink with the collaboration of Fondation Royaumont, France / FR /.


Native language: Italian. Complete mastery of written and spoken English and French.

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