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Francesca Saraullo Dance, performance, visual arts


Credits photo: Philippe Graton

BIO | Francesca Saraullo (Chieti, 1984) I’m a Brussels-based artist who practices across the boundaries of performance, dance, video and installation since 2012. Originally from Italy and trained in dance and theatre, I completed a BA in Engineering of Cinema and Media Communication and a MA in MultiDamsMultimedia and Art, Music and Theater in Turin with a scholarship in to the Dance Department at the University of Paris VIII. I finished my studies with a thesis paper on "Digital Performance: sensitive body between real and virtual" (Distinction 110/110 with honorable mention by the jury). From 2006 to 2008, I worked in theater with Marcel.lì Antunez Roca, Silvia Battaglio. At the same time, I worked in the cultural field as blogger and event organizer with “Franti Nisi Masa” (cinema), University of the Studies of Turin (video), Foundation of Teatro Stabile of Turin and Polytechnic of Turin (theatredigital media), XLab-Digital Factory with Anna Monteverdi (cross-media). From 2009 to 2011 I worked with Nina Dipla and Frédérique Rober (dance). In 2011, I’m involved as a performer in the educational project “Transforme, Se prolonger” directed by Myriam Gourfink (Fondation Royaumont). In 2014, I completed a MA in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels in two programs Art in Public Space and Higher Institute of Arts and Choreographies, by working with Lynda Gaudreau, Arco Renz, Isabella Soupart, David Zambrano and Loïc Touze. In 2016, I also achieved a training course in Sensitive Dance®, a physical practice of conscious movement with Claude Coldy at the L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora in Mondaino. My works are presented in Belgium, France, Italy, Greece and Portugal: Dag Van de Dans, Espace Beaurepaire Paris, Dés-orienté(s) ISELP; Comfort Modern ART Gallery Clovis XV; GET A GRIP KOMPLOT; Dancefilmfestivalbrussel DCJ; Grote Belgische Dansvitrine; Festival La danza in un minuto COORPI Piemonte; Athens Video Dance Project 2017; Contemporanea Liquida 017; LeOfficineCulturali; Inestética – Associação Cultural de Novas Ideias. For them, I’m supported by Charleroi Danses, Kunstencentrum BUDA, WSB WorkSpaceBrussels, Wolubilis, BRASS, Summer Studios, La Bellone, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Victoria Deluxe, Anticorpi XL. I collaborate with others artists and institutions: Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Theater Tartaar, School van Gaasbeek & Q02, Isabella Soupart, Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa, Maya Dalinsky, Gisela Fantacuzzi, Carolina Van Eps. I’m glad to interact with several international collective realities (Barumbara collective, TempStudio, arTeaLter, …). Since 2015, I teach dance and somatic movement as well as I propose choreographic workshop in Belgium (ISAC- Higher Institute of Arts and Choreographies, Theater Tartaar / School van Gaasbeek & Q02, Mouvance, thenewspace) or in Festivals (Eix in Spain,).

My current creations: “La Sospesa”, a solo between dance and performance installation; “Et toi…”, a dancing performance with Carolina Van Eps; “Re-live the Future”, an innovative crossmedia cultural project supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Abruzzo's Region and Maiella National Park, and promoted by the artistic collective arTeaLter.

Artistic statement I’m a Brussels-based artist who practices across the boundaries of performance, dance, video and installation, having at the heart of my work body language and choreography. BODY is that which I consider as matter to be sculpted so as to extract what is already inside, rooted in a time that is probably more remote than the one we are currently experiencing. In this way, my interest is in both the physicality and the perceptual state of body and mind by seeing the performer as a vehicle of relations. CHOREOGRAPHY as the written movement of a corporality in space and time, extendable to any medium, where sound, light and scenography can be considered active bodies on stage or within a performative device.

La Sospesa (2017) marks my first choreographic work in this direction. To this "extended" concept of choreography follows a reflection on "Digital Performance: a sensitive bodily presence between the real and the virtual", the topic underlying my university degree thesis. On the one hand, I examine the possibility of seeking a new corporality that is situated between the real and the virtual, between a substance which is concrete and tangible, and one which is imaginary and impalpable, always maintaining an anchor to the “here and now” radiated by the presence of the performer. On the other hand, I reflect on the various ways of perceiving a show or a performance in order to make it an immersive experience. In this sense, I have explored - in theory and practice - forms of non-frontality where the presence of the audience can become more and more active with the ultimate aim of transforming it into a Spect-Actor too. Two new projects follow in this direction, Water Set and Dancing Light (2018), where I worked on the themes of water and solar light respectively, between installation and dance performance. In both case there is the open possibility for the public to interact directly with the device. My practice is guided by an ongoing fascination with the performativity of the visual language, a love of minimal and surrealistic landscapes, an interest for unusual theatrical spaces, a specific attention for human presence. Focusing on the ordinary, memory and imagination, I investigate this oscillation between reality and fiction. ORDINARY is to seek in other less visible and obvious areas of the "ordinary" that which could be also defined as dance and choreography. This is what I put into practice with my work of the dance video BALLERINA (2013), transforming the act of cleaning into dancing gestures. The same goes for the two previous videos, MiNunn (2012) and MADAMA COLLECTION (2007). MEMORY as archaic, personal and collective material where a relationship between the past and the present is possible in order to imagine the future. In another two video art works, I mostly put to the fore this theme: RACCOLTO (2017), realised with the Italian artist Stefano Scipioni in the context of the collective project “Re-live the Futur” and Moulbaix Dr. (2014), co-created with the American artist Maya Dalinsky. In both of them, my intention is to portray the sensory experience made on different sites of a rural context. The first one is born by working in several villages of the region of Abruzzo, in Italy, and the second one in Moulbaix, the Belgium countryside. Through a kinesthetic and imaginary approach, a new topography of a rural territory emerges in order to reveal the importance of the body in the act of interpreting a place. VIRTUAL as image imagined or imaginary is about my general belief in the potential of the “virtual” to enrich the perception of the performer as well as of the audience.

The human universe and, actually, the feminine one is the central engine around which emerge my creative act and thinking process. In general, something that I like to imagine for each work, project or process is to think of it as an organic object of a modular, flexible and liquid nature.

La Sospesa, is, for this reason, one of the resulting pieces of my theoretic mixture. Another work where different aspects of my research appear is the dance performance Et toi… (2017-2018) created in collaboration with the Colombian artist Carolina Van Eps. In La Sospesa I started this concept not only by creating a long and short form for different stage contexts but also by transforming the work so as to also merge it with other art works. This was the case of: francesca (2014) an experimental dance video by the Italian video maker Stefano Scipioni; Schèmes Urbains (2017), a dance film by the Belgian video maker Nasrine Kheltent; Expanded Sospesa (2018) a visual and sound dance performance in the context of a collective residency based on digital media, promoted by TempStudio project in Lisbon; Verbi (2018-2019), a cross-media project by Barumbara Collective around the narrative art works by the Maltese writer Loranne Vella. Moreover, my engagement in the artistic and cultural field emerges not only through a creative process but also through a pedagogical practice. In 2014, I have been the artist invited as part of the program ISAC to develop and experiment a pedagogy of research between the dance and visual arts, as well as to help students with their artistic projects. It was a very enriching activity, for me as a person as well as for my artistic career. I continue my educational and, at the same time, artistic practice in other structures in Belgium (Theater Tartaar, Mouvance asbl, European School, thenewspace) or in festivals in other European countries (Eix in Spain, …). Finally, I continue my personal artistic career in order to go beyond certain aesthetic limits to look for my own limits. I am exploring new forms of opening and wiping out certain conventionalities in dance as well as in the visual and performing arts. At the same time, I’m glad to collaborate with others artists and institutions, to interact with several collective and international realities (Barumbara Collective, TempStudio, arTeaLter, …). In this perspective, I keep an eye on the world, human beings, and the spaces among the things with curiosity and a touch of madness.

WORKS CREATIONS // Performance arts


Dance & performative installation by Francesca Saraullo 2015-2017

La Sospesa is the portrait of a woman suspended between the speed and the multiplicity of ideas that goes over her head, and the necessity to come back to her own animality. Like a floating jellyfish balancing on a wire, she moves forward in the cycle of life. Manipulated by what lies outside her, or she does it to herself. She engages in a play where roles are reversible, where she gradually frees herself from real and imaginary threads. A series of intimate landscapes interweave to evoke a personal and archaic memory made of images, sensations and feelings.

La Sospesa is a visual and sound performance where the dance composes itself with the performative act by establishing a specific relation with the body, the sound, the installation and the light. La Sospesa is a choreographic and visual project from which others art works are born thanks to its modular and flexible nature (dancing performance, installation, and dance video). In this way La Sospesa, based by a symbolic and an opened concept, invites others artists and the audience as well to look for their own sense and narration.

1. The complete version of La Sospesa performance for black-box/theater (40’) Full lenght (password: sospesa2017) (showing in BUDA arts center, final creative residency, 2017, Kortrijk, B) [photos 01]

2. The short version of La Sospesa’s art work as performative installation for galleries d’art, foyer theatres, non-conventional theatrical spaces (20’- loop) Trailer (presented in Contemporanea017 Liquida, exposition of contemporary art and culture, 2017, Lanciano, IT) [photos 02] Trailer (presented during a collective exposition with 8 artists at the gallery “Espace Beaurepaire”, 2018, Paris, FR) [photos 03]

3. Version ‘Expanded’ of La Sospesa’s art work as visual and sound ritual performance. “How an art performance could be modular by merging itself with other art works ?” In this context, the idea is to invite others women to relate herself with the device in order to realize a dancing ritual opened to the audience. Trailer (presented during the OpenDay TempStudio artistsinresidence, 2018, Lisbon, PT) [photos 04]

VISUAL WORKS around La Sospesa Artvideo documentary 1 “Sur la pointe des cheveux“ (2017, B) realised by Nasrine Kheltent (presented during the showing in BUDA arts center, final creative residency, Kortrijk, B) [photos 05]

2 “francesca“ (2014,IT) realised by Stefano Scipioni (presented in the context of Video in Cantiere in ELECTA Créative Arts, Teramo, IT) [photos 06]

La Sospesa in an adapted version for a CINEMATOGRAPHIC WORK Dance film 1. “Schèmes Urbains“ (2017, B) realised by Nasrine Kheltente (presented during the Festival Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, IR) [photos 07]

TEAM Artistic and technical

Contribution to the creation

Concept Choreography Dance

Francesca Saraullo


Carolina Van Eps


Francesca Saraullo Carolina Van Eps

Set design

Eleanor Bryce Estelle Bibbo

Sound design & Live Electronics

Federico Dal Pozzo


Nasrine Kheltent

Light design & Technical direction with the collaboration of

Eleanor Bryce Angela Massoni

Technical collaboration

Alexis Pfrimmer

Design Installation & Manufacture

Estelle Bibbo Francesca Saraullo

Outside eye

Marc Vanrunxt, Tijen Lawton

Special thanks to

Gisela Rosa Fantacuzzi Nora Virgili Garcia

PARTNERS / SUPPORT Charleroi-danse | Kunstencentrum BUDA | WSB (workspacebrussels) | WOLUBILIS | BRASS – CC Forest | De School van Gaasbeek | La Bellone (Performing Arts House of Brussels) | Iles asbl-Artist Project Suitecase | Summer Studios Brussels | ISAC (Higher Institute of Arts and Choreographies) & AEsP (Art in Public Space) in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (BE) / ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo in collaboration with Network Anticorpi XL (IT)

LA SOSPESA [photos 01] Credits photo Luc Depreitere

[photos 02] Credits photo Luciano Onza

[photos 03] Credits photo Jean-Yves Bernardin, Philippe Tertrais

[photos 04] Credits photo video frames

[photos 05] Credits photo video frames

[photos 06] Credits photo video frames

[photos 07] Credits photo Yaozheng Tan

HISTORICAL La Sospesa 1° Performative Installation in situ Technical requirements five nylon wires, suspended from the ceiling at various heights; from the extremities of which six magnets are attached Performative action to comb separately five locks of the hair and to hang them into five brushes of different size. Then, thanks to the presence of magnets on the brushes themselves, each locks is hung on the suspended wires. Through a simple gesture, the image of a suspended woman creates itself magically.

Credits photo Philippe Graton

Showing March 2013 Performative installation, GET A GRIP, performances directed by Isabella Soupart and ISAC/ Komplot (curatorial collective of contemporary art))/Bruxelles, BE

La Sospesa 2° Performative Installation in situ Technical requirements five wires supported by a system of pulley, hung on the ceiling. At the extremities of the pulley’s system, there are from a side five brushes and from another side five weights in the form of forks (changeable objects according to the place). Performative action Brushes are already suspended. The action is always to trample the five locks of the hair in order to create this image of floating woman. Here, the puppetpuppeteer machine is more highlighted because of the presence of the weights and the system of pulleys. There is a bigger margin of movement as well as a game of tension of the body between the lightness of the suspension and the heaviness of the force of gravity.

Credits photo Philippe Graton

Showing April 2013 Performative installations/ Dés-orienté(s), performances directed by Isabella Soupart and ISAC / ISELP / Bruxelles, BE

RIABITARE IL FUTURO (Re-live the future) Choreographic and educational project in situ by Francesca Saraullo & arTeaLter collectif 2015-2017

How can we interpret the ritual character own of the traditional and popular culture, today? The project’s aim is to create a possible relation between community and territory, between archaic and contemporary, in the sense of a rediscovery and a revaluation of the rural life and, in this case specific, the rurality of Abruzzo. Re-live the future takes place in different villages of Abruzzo, in Italy, mostly abandoned by public and cultural authorities. The intention is to work in villages in order to conjugate the artistic experiment (dance, theatre, visual and sound arts) with the employment as well as the valuation of a specific local heritage. By involving the inhabitants in the process of research, we propose performances and installations in unusual or historical places of the villages. Web site Teaser during “La Festa della Terra” (The Festival of the Earth, 2017), IT: Teaser “Re-live the future” I edition 2015, IT: Photographic portfolio of different interventions during 2015, IT:

RESEARCH // dance & visual arts


Visual and dancing research By Francesca Saraullo & Carolina Van Eps 2016-2018

How to make tangible the space “between“? Entre Lunas is a visual and dancing research for a future creation, interested in the idea of “space in between”. An invisible space where the border or the anchorage that connects and encourages the encounter between social and sensitive bodies emerges. By combining the body (a dancing gesture as well as a performative state) with the corporeity of visual material, of a line, of a plastic action, four artists experiment how they can achieve this metaphysical inquiry about existence from the finest infinite fact of a relationship to the infinity of the space. Among scientific researches and energetic practice, Entre Lunas’s research is concerned to create relationships between the unfathomable nature of space and body in a choreographic point of view where moving and emotional landscapes appear and disappear.

ENTRE LUNAS is a performing project, which takes place in two modular creations: “Et toi…” and “Le Chantier”.

ENTRE LUNAS. Chapitre I Et toi… CREATION 2017 Dance performance about “relational intimate space”

“Et toi…” is a dance performance where the intimacy and the tension sustain emotional encounter between two people. Inspired by the idea of space between, we look for this invisible space that connects and encourages a sensitive contact. Is it possible to touch the limit of the Other? How does the space affect relationships? In “Et toi...” two solitudes meet. Attraction and repulsion, proximity and distance, conflict and sensuality emerge. By and with Carolina Van Eps and Francesca Saraullo Dramaturgical coach Greet Van Poeck Teaser (Showing in Dag Van de Dans 2018 (Brussels); Zinnema (Brussels) and Hetpaleis (Antwerpen), in the context of Dansvitrine, 2017)

Entre Lunas. Chapitre II LE CHANTIER (working title) CREATION IN PROGRESS Plastic and dancing device about “relational metaphysical space�

Notes We want to realise a work conceived as a non-finished creation but as a performative object in evolution like ATELIER. We want to put the attention into the temporality of action and of being through the mutual relationships between physical and visual bodies. Concept & dance Francesca Saraullo & Carolina Van Eps Plastic & visual performers Aurelie Gravelat & Suzanne Groothuis Teaser password: entrelunas (Research cycle, Bains Connective, July 2016)

CREATION // Video dance


Experimental dance videoart by Francesca Saraullo & Stefano Scipioni 2017

Raccolto (in Eng., “harvest” or “harvested”) is a video art work born from the need to retrace images, sounds and sensations from lands, faces and relationships in the countryside of Abruzzo. Raccolto is the forest of a memory, which is as actual and urgent as never before. Realizzazione Stefano Scipioni; From an idea of Francesca Saraullo Video 13’35’’, 2017, Italy, Format HD, color, 16:9, IT (sottotitoli in Eng/Es) Performers Gisela Fantacuzzi, Hélène Gautier, Chiara Orefice, Caterina Palmucci, Francesca Saraullo Original Composition “HaYYoT” Federico Dal Pozzo | Tracks from “Canti e racconti dei contadini d’Abruzzo. Le registrazioni di Elvira Nobilio (1957-58)” (© squilibri); Thanks to Franco Sacchetti, Andrea Cecchoni, Cabiria Chomel, Fabio Artese, Antonio Stella, Il Mons, la signora Antonietta With the participation of the municipalities of San Buono, Carpineto Sinello, Roccacasale, Castiglione Messer Marino, Schiavi D’Abruzzo Production arTeaLter Link video | Password: Raccolto2017 PRESENTATION 2017 Festival Danse en Film Bordeaux / FR / (


Experimental video dance by Francesca Saraullo & Maya Dalinsky 2014

Distant echoes of the marching band suspended between the ruminations of pensive cows… How does the sensory experience of a place inspire new topographies in our bodies of a village? Two explorers embark on a journey to discover the village of Moulbaix. Concept & dance & directing Maya Dalinsky & Francesca Saraullo Video 20’, 2014, Belgium, Format HD, color, 16:9, FR Supported by AEsP (Art in the Public Space) and ISAC (Institute of Superior Arts of Choreography), Fine Arts of Royal Academy of Brussels Link video PRESENTATION

2017 DanceFilmFestival Brussels, section “X-tra”, Brussels / BE / ( 2014 “Territoire sans cible” group exhibition by the students of Art in Public Space from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, in collaboration with the Ath Cultural Center / BE / (


Video dance by Francesca Saraullo 2013

A woman falls over to the right and to the left with her broom. She is there, she is present. She dances. Concept & direction Francesca Saraullo Dancer Marie Claire Lapage (she is not a professional dancer) Video, 10’, 2013, Belgique, Format HD, color, 16:9, FR, subtiles en EN Supported by AEsP (Art in the Public Space) and ISAC (Institute of Superior Arts of Choreography), Fine Arts of Royal Academy of Brussels Link video PRESENTATION 2017 the 7th AVDP Athens Video Dance Project, Athens / GR / ( 2015 After Words, artistic collaboration with Isabella Soupart, Les Brigittines, Brussels / BE / ( 2014 Confort Modern Group Show, Inauguration of the art gallery Clovis XV, Brussels / BE / ( 2013 Dés-orienté(s), ISELP (Superior Institute for Plastic Languages), Brussels / BE / (

Mi Nunn

Video dance by Francesca Saraullo 2012

An old couple dance with spontaneity, presence and consciousness. Like a dance appears in the imperceptible magic of daily life

Direction Francesca Saraullo Dancers Umberto Angelini, Lucia Basile (they are not professional dancers) Video 1’05’’, 2012, FORMAT DV-PAL, i-Phone, color, 4:3 Link video

PRESENTATION 2012 La danse dans 1 minute, II Edition 2012, COORPI Network de danse, Piemonte, Italie, (

COLLABORATIONS // Performance arts 2018-2017 Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, performance in situ, several collaborations for private public, Brussels / BE / 2016 tasks | Brussels, a site-relative, movement and acoustic sound performance, for six performers directed by Jasmin Schaitl & William “Bilwa” Costa / BE / Photo selections

2015 After Words, artistic collaboration with Isabella Soupart, video Ballerina by Francesca Saraullo, Les Brigittines, Brussels / BE / 2013 GET A GRIP, performances directed by Isabella Soupart / in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ISAC-Higher Institut of Art and Choreography) / KOMPLOT (curatorial collective of contemporary art) / ISELP (Superior Institute for Plastic Languages), Brussels / BE / OUT OF GRACE, M LEUVEN, project directed by Lynda Gaudreau, Cie De Brune / in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ISAC-Higher Institut of Art and Choreography) / museum M Leuven part of the festival Playground, Leuven / BE /

PREVIOUS PROJECTS 2012-2010 CHOREOGRAPHY-DANCER Piccole Marquisakis, dance theatre show, directed and performed by Hélène Gautier, Mairi Pardalaky, Francesca Saraullo / studio rehearsal Théâtre de la Girandole, Montreuil, France / Festival A Pas de Corps, Théâtre de la Girandole / Festival Le città sottili, Carrozzeria Margot, Milan / Festival de Danse Plateau des Chorégraphes, Théâtre du Grenier, Bougival / FR-IT / DANCER Kyma, choreography directed by Nina Dipla, Cie Nina Dipla / Festival Cadences d’Arcachon, Arcachon / Festival Spectacles Sauvages, Le Regard du Cygne, Paris / Micadanses, Paris / National Center of Dance (CND), Paris / Ménagerie de Verre, Paris / Théâtre Odion Chanion, Chania, Greece / FR-GR / De...La poussée rythmique de l ’espace sur une pomme, choreography directed by Frédérique Robert, Cie Chantier Majeur / Festival Spectacles Sauvages, Le Regard du Cygne, Paris / Olivier Messiaen Academy Dance School, Champigny-sur-Marne, France / FR / 2008-2007 DIRECTOR Madama Collection, docufilm, Fra&Fra, Italy, 6’, Mini-DV, color, 4:3, concept-directing Francesca Cirilli & Francesca Saraullo / Corti di una notte di mezza estate, Imbarchino del Valentino, Turin / Paratissima III Edition, Ex-prisons Le Nuove, Turin / IT-HU / ACTRESS-PERFORMER Il viaggio di Ulisse, theatre show directed and produced by Cie Tangram Theatre Turin / Teatro Stabile de Turin / IT / Hipermembrana, cross media performances by and with Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca / in collaboration with the University of Turin (MultiDams-Multimedia and Art, Music and Theater) and the Polytechnic University of Turin (Engineering of Cinema and Media Communication) / Teatro Stabile de Turin / IT / PUBLICATIONS

2014 "Territoire sans cible”, Moulbaix Dr.&Cartographie sensible, collaboration between the Ath Cultural Center and the program Art in Public Space of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, catalog / BE / ( 2007 “Paratissima” III Edition, Madama Collection, Ex-prisons Le Nuove, Turin, catalog / IT /


2016-2017 Atelier movement, dance, choreography Theater Tartaar (in collaboration with Q02), Mouvance asbl, TheNewSpace / BE /. 2014-201 Artistic assistance for the students of the program ISAC at the Royale Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels / B /. Teacher at the Association Brussels Yoga Pilates (BYP) + European School of UCCL / B /. 2012-2011 Contemporary dance workshop for children in relationship with the choreography “De... La poussée rythmique de l’espace sur une pomme” by Frédérique Robert / Cie Chantier Majeur / Conservatoire Olivier Messiaen, Champigny-sur-Marne, France / FR /.

ARTISTIC EDUCATION 1988-2002 2003-2004 2004-2007 2007-2008 2007-2009 2009-2012

Classical and modern dance (Cristina Nudi Dance Center, Chieti) / IT /. Theater-dance (Academy Teatranza, Turin) / IT /. Theater (Academy Tangram Teatro, Turin) / IT /. Theater - method Actor's Studio (Marco Viecca, Asti) / IT /. Contemporary dance, contact improvisation (MCF Belfioredanza, Turin) / IT /. Trained in contemporary dance with teachers and artists like Raffaella Giordano, Jose Cazeneuve, Peter Goss, Peter Gemza, Khosro Adibi, Nina Dipla and Dominique Duszynski; in theater with Alexandre del Perugia. Masterclasses participant with Meredith Monk, Dominique Dupuy, Odile Duboc, Wilfried Piollet, Elsa Wolliaston, Sotigui Kouyaté, Johanne Saunier / FR-IT /. 2011 Dancer for young choreographers (Daniele Ninarello, Colline Etienne) as part of the educational project “Transforme, Se prolonger” directed by Myriam Gourfink with the collaboration of Fondation Royaumont, France / FR /. 2012-2014 Master of the Arts degree (MA) at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, in two programs “Art in Public Space” (AEsP) and “Higher Institute of Art and Choreography” (ISAC). Studied and collaborated with Lynda Gaudreau, Arco Renz, Isabella Soupart, David Zambrano and Loïc Touzé / B /. 2014 Rehearsal assistant for Loïc Touzé, In Vivo Danse at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, in collaboration with Charleroi-Danses and IRCAM / B-FR /. COMPLEMENTARY FORMATION 2014-2016 Sensitive Dance ®, a physical practice of conscious movement with Claude Coldy, Teatro Dimora, Mondaino / IT /. GENERAL EDUCATION 2010 Master of the Arts (MA) in MultiDams-Multimedia and Art, Music and Theater with thesis paper on "Digital Performance: sensitive body between real and virtual" / University of Turin / IT / Distinction 110/110 with honorable mention by the jury. 2009/2010 Socrates-Erasmus Scholarship, Dance Department / University Paris VIII / FR /. 2006 Bachelor in Engineering of Cinema and Media Communication / Polytechnic University of Turin / IT / Distinction 110/110 cum laude. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Native language: Italian. Complete mastery of written and spoken English and French.

Photo: Francesca Saraullo,frame image from video Moulbaix Dr., BE, 2014

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Portfolio francesca saraullo (eng)