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Kickboxing for Great Ab Exercise! And Weight Loss! Body Combat Rocks! Lose weight over 40! Have you heard that Kickboxing and Martial arts are great workouts for weight loss, to trim the waistline, burn fat and great ab exercises? There are so many benefits but let me highlight some of the benefits that you are most interested in! and the one reason you will keep coming back for more!! Can you guess?!

Benefits of Kickboxing & Body Combat! Legs!! Legs and leg exercise burn lots of calories and burn fat.

Abs!! Ab exercise! Your core will be contracted during every move! you will be doing abs the whole time.

Arms!! Arm Exercise! Your arms and shoulders will be amazing!! And if you aren’t getting enough results, just add weighted gloves! You will get amazing arms!

Weight loss!! You will lose weight for many reasons! You will burn a ton of calories from all the leg work. And because you are having fun, you will burn even more calories because you will punch harder and do more. Kickboxing and specifically, Body Combat, is a great weight loss workout! Great for the abs and the whole body!

Did you guess why you will be coming back for more? Because it’s fun!!!

Check it out. Body Combat! This is for us who exercise at home and hope that you will join us!!! No more wasting time with commuting to a gym and chatting with people!

Kickboxing for great Ab Exercise at Home! Have a ton of fun on your feet, burning calories, and get awesome abs! Learn how!

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