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fashion portfolio FRANCESCA GALLONI

FRANCESCA GALLONI 20.01.1996 +39 366 3116662 Milan, Italy favourite quote: Less is more by L. M. van der Rohe

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eedduuccaat ti o i onn ////

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MASTER’S DEGREE IN DESIGN FOR THE FASHION SYSTEM Sep 2018 _ Now Politecnico di Milano, Italy BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN FASHION DESIGN Oct 2015 _ Sep 2018 Politecnico di Milano, Italy

k e y w o r d s // ambition passion research organization motivation decision maker


ERASMUS EXCHANGE PROGRAM IN UK Jan 2018 _ Jun 2018 Fashion and Textile Gray’s School of Art Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK COURSE IN LICENSING & BRAND EXTENSION Nov 2017 _ Dec 2017 Poli.Design by Politecnico di Milano, Italy

honors h o n o//r s //

d e s i g n s k i l l s //

Selected to be part of KNIT GAME 2019 by Loro Piana _project INCIPIT x Loro Piana®

moodboard concept digital and hand drawing pattern making team organization manual skills curiosity

Exhibitor at PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO 95, Firenze _project KINEO x Slam® Exhibitor at DESIGN X DESIGNER 2017, Milano Design Week _project NAWASHI Exhibitor at DESIGN X DESIGNER 2016, Milano Design Week _project ARIA l laanngguuaaggee //// Italian _ native English_upper intermediate

i n t e r e s t // travelling knitting trekking_hiking museums challenges strange textures


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AR.CHE.TIPO Future Concept Lab






B R I E F // Discover a popular tradition connected with indigo dying and develop a capsule collection by contaminating it with another inspiration theme. Create your own fabric by dying it on your own and make an outfit Project exposed at Design x Designer, 2017 Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week

NAWASHI fashion // 01

D E V E L O P M E N T // The inspiration came from the Japanese technique “Shibori” contaminated by an ancient erotic art called “Shibari”, in which the ropes are used both to hug and to tighten the body. I expressed the research of beauty and sensuality using cuts, ropes and many “Sashiko” details based on the shapes of the re-known Samurai’s traditional garments W H A T I L E A R N E D // Handmade dying techniques


fabric dyed with Japanese techniques





photography: Caterina Ghio model: Francesca Marchi styling: Teresa Paterlini Rachele Pellacchia location: Montagnana (PD)


B R I E F // Cultsearch about the most relevant expressions of material culture, style, projects, processes, in public and in private contexts for the young adult generation. Indentify new insights regarding Milanese people and their consumption habits that can be relevant for the fashion business system

AR.CHE.TIPO fashion // 02

D E V E L O P M E N T // Ar.che.tipo was the result of research about the behaviors and the attitudes of Milan young adults (20-30 yo). We took in consideration the relation between fashion and other sectors: wellness, food, design, electronics, social networks and its impact on retail, services and urban development. We interviewed and analyzed different case studies, and we created an Instagram account that express the concept of this trend . We found that this young generation seeks to create a new value of things by conferring dignity upon them. In addition, the mass use of smartphones is changing the language 3 people group

reference analysis


instagram account @ar.che.tipo

T R E N D A L E R T // This generation is more aware about the real value of the commodities and less affected by the consumerism, they’re looking for the goods with more value, and the market could answer by producing product that are the collaboration between a well-known brand and an independent market reality with local values


B R I E F // Design a collection about a job of the future (2050). Study the innovative fabrics, define the aspect of the job to contextualize it: logo, tools, workplace. Make one jacket from the collection and the shooting

ORBIT ODDITY fashion // 03

D E V E L O P M E N T // In 2050 mankind is getting ready to live on the moon. A group of explorers are training to go to climb craters and to take samples of rocks. The capsule collection includes garments from the training to the expedition. The garments are designed to meet the needs of the different kinds of training by using technical fabrics and transformability 4 people group M Y C O N T R I B U T I O N // Fabric research, design, flat drawings, illustrations, brand communication.


flat drawing and laser cut pattern

woman climbing training, agender exploring suit, moon-hiker jacket, woman running training, agender trasformable suit


photography: Caterina Santullo model: Tommaso Custodero location: Orrido di Forest (TO)

B R I E F // Design a collection technical uniforms for the extreme sports: ocean racing and foiling. Develope the urban collection for Slam sportswear. Study the innovative fabrics, insert the wearable technology and define the marketing strategy: instagram planning, website, launch event, gadgets Project exposed at Pitti Immagine Uomo 95, 2019 Florence, for Slam

KINEO fashion // 04

D E V E L O P M E N T // Capsule collection created by team Su_n Lab for Slam sportswear. Kineo comes from the ancient Greek and it’s link with the idea of collision. The main issue of the entire project is the protection both in sailing and in urban environment. The technical uniforms are designed for the extreme sport conditions of ocean racing and foiling. The urban capsule is created for the smart cities of the future where movement, sustainability and sharing economy will be the focus points 7 people group M Y C O N T R I B U T I O N // Concept and moodboard, garments, flat drawings, patterns, communication strategy


e il mare che scaglia a scaglia, livido,muta colore lancia a terra una tromba di schiume intorte; il vento che nasce e muore nell’ora che lenta s’annera suonasse te pure stasera scordato strumetno, cuore. E. Montale 88

protection accessories

foiling outfit

ocean racing outfit, knit and textile underwear

front sensor back sensor

top device

bottom device


channels bluetooth 5.0 accelerometer LED's battery and gyroscope status heart-rate antenna module

USB entrance switch ultra thin battery EMG - ADS1298

wearable technologies: helmet. technological devices, clean energy backpack

Silicon layer for more protection Anti-thieve style of opening Laptop pocket

Solar cell/Photovoltaic tectiles and power back to save to solar energy with the capacity of 20,000mAv Small devices pocket Internal waterproof pocket to store wet clothes



urban collection menswear: small veichles outfit, walking outfit


urban collection womenswear: small veichles outfit, walking outfit


launch event


Thank you. FRANCESCA GALLONI +39 366 3116662

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fashion design portfolio - Francesca Galloni - Politecnico di Milano  

Hi! I'm Francesca Galloni. I'm a fashion and knitwer designer based in Milan. I'm currently a master student at Politecnico di Milano. This...

fashion design portfolio - Francesca Galloni - Politecnico di Milano  

Hi! I'm Francesca Galloni. I'm a fashion and knitwer designer based in Milan. I'm currently a master student at Politecnico di Milano. This...