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Center for innovation

Transforming the Experience and Delivery of Health Care

the Center for innovation Transforming the Experience and Delivery of Health Care

There’s only one Mayo Clinic — a place where breakthroughs happen regularly in science. A place where giving up is not an option. Where teams push forward and pull together for one reason — the needs of the patient. At Mayo, we know that today’s work will make a better tomorrow. We believe we can transform the way health care is experienced and delivered. And because there is only one Mayo Clinic, we are uniquely positioned to lead transformative change – not only for our own patients, but for people everywhere.

+ Housed on the 16th floor of the Gonda building, its

Mayo’s Passion for innovation

mission is to transform

Mayo’s commitment to innovation is not new. It

the way health care

began in the late 1800s when Drs. William and

is experienced and

Charles Mayo founded their medical practice

Formally established as the Mayo Clinic

delivered and to make

around an innovative concept — the integrated

Center for Innovation in 2008, the 50+ member

these discoveries and

team practice. They knew then what we continue

multidisciplinary team is now the largest among

solutions available

to acknowledge today — innovation doesn’t

a growing number of research and testing

for all people, not just

happen by chance. Transforming an innovative

centers for new health care delivery concepts at

Mayo Clinic patients.

idea into a practical solution demands process,

U.S. academic and non-profit medical centers.

discipline and focus.

Housed on the 16th floor of the Gonda building, its mission is to transform the way health care is experienced and delivered and to make these discoveries and solutions available for all people, not just Mayo Clinic patients.


Mayo CliniC Center for innovation

the Center for innovation Transforming the Experience and Delivery of Health Care

innovation is a Discipline Mayo Clinic has an exceptional history of innovation, including the creation of the world’s first integrated, coordinated medical group practice that relies on the combined expertise of teams of medical specialists to provide the best possible patient care. This

+ The Center for Innovation

model and many other innovations developed

is staffed with design

at Mayo have been utilized by health care

professionals, many of

organizations across the globe to improve

whom are top design

health care delivery. Mayo Clinic leadership,

school graduates, as well

recognizing the need to continue innovating

as project managers and

Pioneering what can

and transforming health care in the 21st

specialists from a wide

only be called a Mayo

century, launched the Center for Innovation in

variety of disciplines.

Clinic-style of health care innovations the

June 2008. Applying the successful principals of combined expertise, the center offers a

Center for Innovation is staffed with design

unique space within Mayo Clinic for nurturing

professionals, many of whom are top design

new ideas, enabling them to grow, mature and

school graduates, as well as project managers

evolve until they are ready for patients.

and specialists from a wide variety of disciplines whose aim is to help innovative thinkers

+ Applying the successful

throughout the institution bring their ideas to life

principals of combined

and team with colleagues to keep the institution

expertise, the center

moving forward – testing new concepts and

offers a unique space

bringing them quickly into the practice. Team

within Mayo Clinic

members are recruited with expertise in health

for nurturing new

care, information technology, anthropology,

ideas, enabling them

communication, human factors engineering,

to grow, mature and

education, and other disciplines as needed on

evolve until they are

given projects.

ready for patients.

Mayo CliniC Center for innovation


the Center for innovation Transforming the Experience and Delivery of Health Care

Center for innovation MetHoDoloGy We innovate by using design thinking, deep collaboration and rapid experimentation to co-create the unparalleled health care experience.

SCanninG anD

reSearCHinG anD






Combining insights

Making concepts

Piloting solutions

Understanding world

Investigating and

to select projects

tangible to evaluate,

to validate in a

trends and aligning

understanding the

with the greatest

evolve and test

real world context

with Mayo Clinic

opportunity spaces



and transitioning

strategies we frame

for new value

ownership to an

opportunity spaces.


operational home.

aPProaCH The CFI approaches its

tHinK BiG 

Start SMall 

work with a ‘think big, start small and move fast’ philosophy.




Bringing people

Understanding user

Facilitating and

together inside

needs and co-creating

accelerating the

and outside of

solutions to meet

pace of innovation

Mayo Clinic.

those needs.

across Mayo Clinic.


Mayo CliniC Center for innovation

Move faSt 

the Center for innovation Transforming the Experience and Delivery of Health Care

PlatforMS Projects at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation are organized around three areas of focus aligned to Mayo Clinic’s strategic priorities.




PraCtiCe reDeSiGn

CoMMUnity HealtH

Care at a DiStanCe

Reduce outpatient costs for


Develop three sustainable

Mayo Clinic by 30 percent

Accomplish a Triple Aim*

models that extend specialty

while improving the patient

model in the Mayo Clinic

care from traditional

experience and maintaining and

Health System (MCHS)

clinic/hospital settings.

enhancing quality outcomes.

Central Region and Employee Community

HoW are we doing this?

HoW are we doing this?

Health (ECH)(*Improve the

Pilots in three venues

Conducting radical experiments

health of the population;

by mid 2012 — an under

to develop new practice models

Enhance the patient

served area in the United

by the end of 2012 with a goal of

experience; and Reduce the

States, an external practice

implementing the new model(s)

per capita cost of care).

and a patient’s home.

in Mayo Clinic’s outpatient practice by the end of 2014.

HoW are we doing this? Creating “Triple Aim” prototypes by end of 2011 and implementing a pilot of the new model in the Mayo Clinic Health System’s Central Region and Employee Community Health practice by 2012.

Mayo CliniC Center for innovation


The Center for Innovation Transforming the Experience and Delivery of Health Care

Future Works The team at the Center for Innovation is always looking outside of Mayo Clinic, in health care and other industries, to learn and apply news ways of thinking to our work.

++ The HAIL lab is 4,300 square feet with one large

Goal: Continuously scan the horizon, explore and

common living area, a

test opportunities to radically transform health

nursing station and four

care delivery, and bring to market compelling

can – by collaborating with physician’s, care

individual apartments

services and products through a variety of

teams, and most importantly, patients. This

complete with individual

partnership models.

powerful combination of Mayo Clinic expertise

bedrooms, kitchens,

in health care, establishing an integrated team

dens and bathrooms.

How: Exploring new spaces that have the potential

of expertise and successfully adapting design

to radically alter the health care landscape and

thinking and innovation practices used by

translating these new and compelling innovations

leading U.S. corporations has created a fertile

to market through internally nurtured ventures and ground for health care experience and delivery unique external collaborations with cutting-edge


start-ups and incubators. The physical space of the Center is built for team The Center for Innovation is physically located

work and collaboration. The team is located in

in the center of the practice, positioning it

a large open space that facilitates collaboration

as a place to bring new patient services and

and spontaneity. The environment includes

processes to life in a way only Mayo Clinic

movable walls, places for quiet reflections and


Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

the Center for innovation Transforming the Experience and Delivery of Health Care

study, as well as a place to build and prototype.

apartments, assisted living residences and a

This ability to rapidly prototype allows for speed

variety of health-related services. The HAIL Lab

and agility in testing and refinement.

is 4,300 square feet with one large common living area, a nursing station and four individual

The Center for Innovation also has labs to

apartments complete with individual bedrooms,

conduct its work.

kitchens, dens and bathrooms.

The Outpatient Lab, located in the clinical


practice in the Mayo building, enables providers

The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation addresses

and teams to experiment with health care

complex issues in the health care industry and is

delivery methods directly with patients and

uniquely positioned to do so. “We approach our

providers to develop knowledge for new

work with a ‘think big, start small and move fast

innovative models of care. The Outpatient Lab is

attitude’,” says Barbara Spurrier, Administrative

built to be physically flexible to facilitate a wide

Director of the Center for Innovation. “The center

spectrum of needs. Walls may be expanded

brings together people, patients and global

or collapsed to meet the unique needs of

partners, including strategists, researchers,

various experiments. Cameras and glass walls

engineers and designers in health care and other

assist in observation and analysis with the

industries to accelerate innovation at Mayo.”

informed consent of participants while project management space includes video monitors

“Health care organizations operate in an

and debriefing areas to allow monitoring of

environment of uncertainty which prevents

experiments and real-time debriefing between

or discourages innovation, particularly

researchers and research participants. A video

transformative and disruptive innovation that

monitoring room, designed to ensure privacy,

is essential to advancing a new and better

allows live observation with video recording to

model of health care delivery,” says Nicholas

a secure video server with DVD backup, video

LaRusso, M.D., Medical Director of the Center

analysis software and audio-transcription tools.

for Innovation. “Academic medical centers such

The Outpatient Lab is available to all Mayo Clinic

as Mayo Clinic have an obligation to partner

departments and providers to help identify

with others inside and outside the health care

problems and create solutions.

industry to develop optimal models of health care centered around the needs

In collaboration internally with Mayo Clinic’s

of patients.”

Charter House and the Kogod Center for Aging, the Center for Innovation has established a

This kind of collaboration is not new

Healthy Aging and Independent Living (HAIL)

to Mayo, but is rooted in the history of

Lab. The HAIL Lab is a place where CFI team

Mayo Clinic. What is new is the effort

members can experiment with services designed

to strengthen and accelerate Mayo’s

to promote ‘aging in place,’ helping seniors stay

innovation capacity through the

at home, healthy and independent. The HAIL

business practice of design thinking,

Lab is located in the Charter House, a registered

new collaborations and partnerships

Continuing Care Retirement Community

and spaces to rapidly pilot and prototype

affiliated with Mayo Clinic with independent

with patients and providers. ● Mayo CliniC Center for innovation



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