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Millennials cite a strong alignment of values and share online content to give a better sense of who they are and what they stand for (, 2016). They feel on their shoulders the responsibility of a sustainable future as they are no longer leaders of tomorrow, but increasingly, leaders of today . In this climate, brands apprehended the change and are reinventing their own rules in order to align with current values and needs. Vibrant concept stores, revisited product ranges where transparency on products’ ensures customers’ uncertainties (, 2016). In the light of this situation, Simplified consumerism (SC) concept bridges together a highly digitalised retail environment to a restricted product range. SC helps customer’s decision making process by reducing the number of available options and at the same time increasing their quality. It wants consumer to be informed about the products they buy and promotes a new type of sustainable fashion: slow fashion. With a strong focus on production-transparency, SC helps to build brand’s loyalty and customer retention.

Francesca Citter

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The objective of this report was to show my individual strength in researching, writing and developing trend reports which are fit for marke...

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