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LIMITATION A challenges that H&M might have to face when

The target sector for this trend is Millennials.

implementing this trend is that sustainable and highIn fact, even though they are the generation with the widest

quality products may lead to higher production costs.

range of choices, they usually opt for brands that reflect

This would have a direct impact on the profit margin

their personal values (, 2016).

that would shrink.

As mentioned in, they are more keen on responsible production, consumption, climate change, and

In addition, collaborating with a specific, limited

industry innovation (2016).

group of sustainable designers might cause

Moreover, as they become the workforce of today, their

interruption in the business supply chain, as they tend

spending power has overtaken the other generations

to manually handcraft products. This could cause

(, 2015).

several delays in the manufacturing process, as well

So, Millennials strong

as in delivery times.Therefore, it would be valuable to


consider alternatives, or semi-automatic processes to


speed up the production line.

environmental issues and their


increasing income make them the perfect segment to be targeted. (pinterest, NA)

Francesca Citter

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