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MODULE SUBMISSON FORM SUBMISSION DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY 14TH DECEMBER – 12 – 1pm RATIONALE I want to focus on illustration within the briefs I have chosen to work on during this module, I want to work on applying my illustration to design and not just drawing for the sake of drawing. Alongside that I also need to work on my type and layout skills. I want to improve my print skills, most of my briefs are print based or have an element of print based design within them, however I am aware that most things are not just print based any more so I need to work on my screen based skills as well as my print based skills. I need to improve my software skills, manly within Photoshop and Indesign, so within my brief there are elements that will need to be designed on these programmes so my skills should improve whilst doing my design work. Collaboration is always something I enjoy, so I have a collaborative brief which is with Inpress, this way we can continue our practice as part of our college work, it is also a live brief as we will be hosting an event and includes collaboration with other designs and artists from the college.


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All work must be clearly presented and labelled with your name, module code, brief title and any other appropriate information. Please separate the work appropriately and include a printed version of each brief. All blog. posts relevant to this module should be ‘tagged’ with the module code OUGD301 and follow the naming conventions outlined on E-studio Submitted Brief 1


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Tigerprint-Black & White Brief

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Your 500word End of Module Self-evaluation should be posted to your blog. Design Practice Blog.

Title and Brief Summary – include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it. BRIEF 1

Cookbook Range- I chose this brief because I could focus on my illustration skills whilst applying it to a range of products. I spent a substantial part of this brief working on the illustrations, which were hand drawn and coloured with watercolour paints. Overall I spent just over two weeks on this brief, doing the illustrations and then expanding the range. If I had more time I would expand the range further and look into the retail graphics for the products.


Stationery Range- This brief was a print based investigation of surface pattern design, applying my designs across a range of products. I split this brief into two parts, the first part was designing the patterns for the products themselves, I spent a week on that part of the brief, I then left the brief and came back to it later in the module and spent another few weeks perfecting the range and designing the packaging.


Precious- The Precious brief was an investigation of branding for the Precious Art Collective, it was also going to include designs for their exhibition but the exhibition was put on hold so I am going to carry that part of the brief on to my FMP. I focused on the rebranding of the collective, producing a range of stationary that they could use in the everyday running of the group. This brief was on-going, I kept working on it over the course of the module, I want to continue with this brief and develop a website. Inpress- The Inpress brief was split into two parts, Niall and Kirsty worked on the branding whilst Sadie and I worked on the promotion and organisation of the event. This worked well as it meant we got more done and it was more organised. Sadie and I designed and printed all the posters and flyers for the event, as well as work for the event and packaging for the printed products. This is the brief I spent the most time on, as the event was live it meant we had deadlines we had to stick to, I also think it was the most fun and rewarding brief. Neon Cactus- Neon Cactus was a live brief that I completed in a few days, Neon Cactus is a Mexican themed bar on Call Lane in Leeds, they were having a Day of the Dead themed night and asked me to design the promotional poster to use for the event, for social media and for print.




Tigerprint- For my competition brief I looked at Tigerprint briefs, I had already looked at them for the stationery range as inspiration. The current competition brief was the Black & White brief, they were asking for an exploration of surface pattern with a limited colour palette. I completed this brief over two days as I thought that was achievable and I wanted to push myself to make quick decisions when designing.

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