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Neon Cactus Board 1/1

Neon Cactus is a bar on call Lane in Leeds. They are Mexican bar that specialises in Tequila, and host different events throughout the year. Instead of a Halloween party they were hosting a Mexican Day of the dead themed party. They needed a promotional poster to put up in the bar and use on social media and needed to be based around the Day of the dead theme and also reflect Neon cactus as a bar. Neon Cactus is known for being a lively bar and they wanted that reflected in their poster, using bright colours that would glow under the neon lights and images of tequila and the sugar skull the essence of the bar and the event were captured. The poster was made up of hand drawn and vectored illustrations based on Mexican imagery the Neon Cactus logo and their sponsors logo had to be included on the poster. The printing of the poster was done by the bars own printer’s. the poster was used over a range of social media including Facebook and Twitter to promote the event as well as being up in the bar itself in the lead up and on the night of the event.

Francesca Pecqueur Graphic Design OUGD301

neon cactus board  

neon cactus board