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Over five decades, the School has benefited from the inspired leadership of successive Administrations and Faculty. The following senior educators have occupied (and occupy!) the most senior educational positions in our school.

Heads of School 1960-1979 1979-1998 1998-

Mr. Jacob Burke z”l Rabbi Marvin Pachino Mr. Paul Shaviv

General Studies Principals 1960-1973 1973-1974 1974-1976 1976-1989 1989-2002

Dr. Sol Burak z”l Mr. George Hull Dr. Sidney Kaz Mr. Gary Diamond Mr. Sheldon Friedman

Director of Jewish Studies 1999-

Mr. Samuel Kapustin

Campus Principals Wallenberg Campus 2002-2005 2006-

Mr. Sheldon Friedman Mrs. Helen Fox

CHAT RH – Wright Street

Kimel Family Education Centre


2006-2009 2009-

Mr. Gary Levine

Mrs. Frieda Woznica Dr. Jonathan Levy

! ! ! ! ! ! ! I!am!delighted!to!extend!my!warmest!greetings!to!everyone! marking!the!50th!anniversary!of!the!Anne!&!Max!Tanenbaum!Community! Hebrew!Academy!of!Toronto!(TanenbaumCHAT).! ! ! ! This!milestone!offers!a!wonderful!opportunity!to!look!back!upon! the!history!of!TanenbaumCHAT!and!to!take!pride!in!its!reputation!for!providing! Jewish!youth!with!a!superb!academic!and!moral!education.!I!would!like!to! commend!everyone!involved!with!this!school!for!their!contributions!to!Toronto"s! Jewish!community!and!for!their!dedication!to!excellence!in!Jewish!education.!I! have!no!doubt!that!TanenbaumCHAT!will!continue!to!play!a!central!role!in!the! lives!of!its!students!and!alumni!for!many!years!to!come.! ! ! ! ! ! On!behalf!of!the!Government!of!Canada,!I!offer!you!my!best!wishes! for!a!memorable!50th!anniversary!celebration!and!for!continued!success.! !



OTTAWA! 2011




! The!Rt.!Hon.!Stephen!Harper,!P.C.,!M.P.! !

It is an honour and privilege to greet you as President of TanenbaumCHAT. On behalf of the Executive and Board of Directors, I would like to welcome all of you to our Birthday Bash Gala this evening. Our celebration would not be complete without you – valued members of our TanenbaumCHAT family. Tonight we are marking 50 years of success for TanenbaumCHAT. In September 1961, the Community Day School of Toronto (our predecessor) opened its doors to the inaugural class of less than ten students. Now, fifty years later, we are 1,400 students strong, boast two thriving campuses and have earned a reputation as one of the premier Jewish high schools in North America. Over the past half century, we have provided an environment that builds strong minds, inspires independent thinking, and prepares our students to take their place in society and become the future leaders of our community. Our graduates have found success and accomplishment across the world in every possible pursuit. Today, we also acknowledge the foresight of our founding leaders from 50 years ago who believed in their vision of a community Jewish high school, as well as our leadership over the past 50 years who continued to nurture and build our school into what it is today. We are proud of our achievements, but must also look to the future. We look forward to working together with you and your families for the next fifty years to ensure that we continue to educate, motivate and inspire our students for their future. I would like to acknowledge the Chair of our Gala Committee, Judi Alter ’76, for her hard work and endless energy in planning this evenings beautiful event. Also, thanks to our Development office staff under the direction of Frances Bigman who have made this wonderful evening and our entire year of Jubilee celebrations possible. Thank you for your ongoing support of TanenbaumCHAT. Sincerely,

Cecile Zaifman President of the School

There are good schools; excellent schools; and a handful of truly great schools. Ours is, I believe, a truly great school, and this Jubilee is a truly great occasion. At the school’s AGM a few weeks ago, I invited those present to consider three profiles of successive generations of CHAT / TanenbaumCHAT parents. The pioneers – those who enrolled their children in the school way back in 1960 – were themselves probably born in about 1940. Many of them were survivors of Nazism. They had seen the War; the establishment of the State of Israel; and were living in the pioneering days of the young State. Difficult as it was, they were heady times. Thirty years later, our 1990 parents were probably born in about 1950. Their formative experiences were the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the struggle for Soviet Jewry, perhaps Entebbe. Today’s parents were born in 1970. Their life experiences and Jewish/Israel experiences have been completely different – difficult decades marked by the first Lebanon War, terrorism, Palestine, the Rabin assassination and, lately, Gaza. Their children are facing new pressures in Universities and, increasingly, in the workplace. In a different dimension, the cultural revolution which is replacing books, paper, print and writing by digital and electronic instruments means that the school of even a decade hence may be unrecognizable. (How, I wonder, will we be celebrating our Centenary?) So TanenbaumCHAT still has what to do. While celebrating the great and distinguished history of ‘the educational backbone of the Greater Toronto Jewish community’ – and particularly remembering those individuals, lay and professional, whose dedication created and sustained it – please join us in securing our future, so that we can face the next fifty years from a secure, stable, financial base. Enjoy your evening, and please join me in thanking the team who made this evening’s celebration possible –

Paul Shaviv, M.A., M.Phil. Director of Education

The TanenbaumCHAT

“ C H A T i s w h e r e i t ’ s a t . ” For five decades now, over 5,000 of Toronto’s Jewish youth have had the privilege of being a part of the TanenbaumCHAT experience. Hundreds of faculty members have dedicated themselves to their students. Administrators have faced the challenges of providing the most comprehensive academic and Jewish curriculum. Board Members – the super volunteers – committing their time, treasure and talent to provide stellar governance to the school. There are fifty years of stories, of individuals who toiled, of outstanding student accomplishments, of sacrifice and of vision.

In Board Minutes from the very early days of the school, a discussion is preserved that looked forward to the full flowering of the seed that was then being nurtured. “If we ever reached our full capacity, we could imagine a school of as many as three hundred students”, enthused one of our ‘Founding Fathers’. Today, the school is well over three times that number, and recruits many more than three hundred new students each year! We started in the old Neptune building of Associated Hebrew Schools. It took some fifteen years for the school to become the “Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto”, and almost twenty years to move to what was then Wilmington Public

School, in 1979. Administration opposed the move as it felt that the Wilmington building was “far too big� for the school, which moved in with 219 students in Grades 10-13. Only twenty years later, in 1999, with sixteen (illegal) portables on the backfield, we faced issues of dangerous overcrowding with over one thousand students on the same site. In 1979 Rabbi Marvin Pachino (now retired and living in Israel) was appointed Headmaster. It was a memorable appointment, and during the nineteen years of his leadership he laid many of the foundations of the school, as we know it today. With his retirement in 1998, he was succeeded by Paul Shaviv, who came from Montreal. His first year was totally

taken up in dealing with school overcrowding, and, in the beginnings of a partnership with UJA Federation, the 1999 renovation and extension – the new gym, library, atrium and ‘C’ wing – were conceived, planned and built within a year. Dr. Anne Tanenbaum z”l gave what was then an unprecedented donation to enable the project to be completed. In recognition of her further substantial support of the school, in 1999 the Wilmington Campus was renamed The Anne & Max Tanenbaum Campus.

But the student numbers just kept on growing. In the early years of the twenty-first century, the school expanded exponentially at the rate of 20-25% per year. Despite the 2000 building addition, the school faced another crisis the same year, as over 400 students applied for grade 9. Lay and professional leaders scrambled frantically to solve the space problem. In June, an Executive of UJA Federation told us that there was an empty High school building available for rent in Richmond Hill Village. An emergency Board meeting authorized the negotiation of a lease. At the end of June, we announced to the incoming Grade 9 students who lived north of Steeles Avenue that they were headed to Wright Street, not Wilmington

Avenue. Neither they nor their parents were happy, and few who were present will ever forget the stormy public meeting that ensued! But in September – having planned, equipped, staffed and scheduled a complete school within six weeks – TanenbaumCHAT took a historic step and established a second campus in York Region, designed to meet the needs of the new and rapidly growing Jewish population north of Highway 7. “CHAR” was born. It was a long way from Neptune! Very quickly, CHAT’s northern campus became an integral part of UJA Federation’s ‘Jewish Toronto Tomorrow’ vision

for a major community campus in Vaughan. After years of planning, and with help from Federation and the Kimel Family, in 2007 “CHAR” was retired as the school moved into The Kimel Family Education Centre – a sparkling new building on the The Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus. The school has survived and flourished because it has moved and adapted to the needs of changing times and changing community. Its mandate remains to make the ‘Jewish High School Experience’ accessible to the maximum number of young people in our community, throughout the GTA. We serve students from the Beaches to Newmarket, and they come

carrying their laptops and iPads to an increasingly digitalized classroom. Yet some things remain the same – our students of every age can tell you about their grad trip to Washington, hell weeks and skip day. Our alumni teachers work side by side with colleagues today that were their own teachers not that long ago. Dance Fashion Show and Reach for the Top are still student favourites – now joined by the ever growing DECA fans, while vending machines along with King David still provide the basics in nutrition at the Wallenberg Campus. In recent years the school has greatly expanded its sporting, cultural, and extra-curricular activities. Some seven hundred students and staff participate on Shabbatonim each year; our

students travel all over North America to participate in Model UN, DECA, basketball, hockey, music, and all sorts of other activities. We go to Israel to compete in the Weizmann Institute’s international High School Physics competition, and, of course, in the Bible Contest (Chidon Tanakh). We field dozens of teams in a whole range of different sports. We host other schools for The Israel Becker Tournament, and for Moot Bet Din. For some years groups of students have gone to build houses in the USA as part of ‘Habitat for Humanity’. Our campuses ‘rock’ from early morning until late at night – we like our students to work hard, but also to play hard. TanenbaumCHAT is not just an education – it is an experience.

Our Jewish community identity, our attachment to scholarship and learning, our love for Israel are, in their modern incarnations and expressions, as strong as they ever were. In the coming decade, our strategic objectives are many – to expand and completely refurbish the Wallenberg Campus, to establish longer-term financial security; to adapt to the great educational and cultural changes rapidly transforming our world; and to continue to transmit an informed and inspired Jewish identity to our students. It has been an exhilarating, distinguished and successful fifty years. We look back – but only as we move on!

Wilferd Gordon z”l Samuel J Sable z”l

Past Presidents

In recognition of exemplary leadership, tireless efforts and dedication.

Samuel Shainhouse Harold Dessen z”l David Rotenberg Donald Carr Q.C. Mel Finkelstein Stephen Freedhoff Bernard Ghert Joseph Berger Norman Grill Baila Lubek Brian Lass ’75 Terri Weintraub Alan Applebaum Lori Disenhouse ’76 Judy Engel

Heaven rewards those who faithfully serve the community.


are chosen by the students of the graduating class to be their voice at the graduation ceremony. The students chosen as Valedictorians have achieved academic excellence throughout their high school years, participated in student activities, reflect the values of the school in all dimensions, and are regarded as exemplars by their classmates and the school.

Mark Lapedus Mark Shapiro David Frankel

Mark Okrent Lorne Temes Emina Applebaum

Karl Skorecki Stephen Kraft Ellen Warner Les Train Steven Skurka Leora Marcovitz Mark Korson Judy Sturm Jeffrey Lipsitz Marilyn Reiter Susy Seeman Ian Zagdanski Glenn Starkman Eva Rosenthal Tammy Anklewicz Larry Guterman Debbie Zagdanski Michelle Sund Renee Ghert Hyla Reiter David Debow Russel Goldman Natasha Press Cindy Spier Andrea Rudnick Darren Sukonick *Records Unavailable

Mark Garmaise Rachel Dayan Uri Etigson Myles Steiner Elana Lavine David Preiss Aviva Golberg Karen Held Nathaniel Lipkus Laura Erdman Marci Turner Yaakov Roth Lior Braunstein Jordan Silverman Sarah Acker Sam Reitman Lee Cohen Mitchell Drucker Michael Chaikof Josh Satok Ari Satok

Matthew Zarek Leora Jackson Leora Smith Jonathan Blankenstein Adam Friedman Jeffrey Hendler Aryeh Feinberg

Student Council Presidents

– Elected by their peers, the Student Council President is the leader of the student body. These students possess strong interpersonal, leadership, social, economic and management skills, and represent the student body to the Administration and Board of Directors.

Mark Shapiro

Harry Steiman John Ulmer Mark Goodman Ron Davis Jeffrey Lipsitz Allen Zimmerman Maury Greenberg Lewis Dubrofsky David Genesove Mark Satok Hartley Lichtblau Anthony Benjamin Nina Hagler Susan Valencia David Debow *Records Unavailable

Les Brail Robyn Farber Simon Wolle David Shvily Michael Haltrecht Michael Haltrecht Shoshana Farber Stefanie Rochwerg Adam Bretholz Alex Kojfman Wendy Litner Lyle Shugar Richard Luft Elliot Cappell Adam Kaplan Adam Jesin Talia Radcliffe Raffi Rush Ben Singer Rebecca Zendel Hayley Baranek Jeremy Chad Ari Satok

Jonathan Goldberg Rory Gangbar Jonathan Goldberg Matthew Zarek Aaron Abramson Charles Korn Samuel Rothman Ethan Eisen David Galperin Jonathan Green

Governor General AwardRecipients

– Lord Dufferin, Canada’s third Governor General after Confederation, created the academic medals in 1873 to encourage academic excellence across the nation. The Governor General’s Academic Award Medals are awarded to the student graduating with the highest average from each high school.

Jason Zacks Darren Sukonick Mark Garmaise Jeff Silverman V. Moss Weinstock Mark Fruman Mara Berman Oded Friedman Miriam Ingber Jeffrey Shafer Evan Garmaise Eric Stutz Marci Turner Yaakov Roth Lior Braunstein David Walt Tamar Rubin Stephanie Ladowski Amanda Goldberg Jonathan Peck Jacob Shiff Josh Satok Rachel Carr

Alexandra Schaeffer Moriah Shemer Ian Brasg Jonathan Blankenstein Laura Pellow David Galperin Oron Eli

at York University


Education. Culture. Community.

Congratulations to TanenbaumCHAT on its Jubilee Birthday – 50 years of inspiring students

The Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies also inspires students. Our Centre offers vibrant and broad-based programs in Jewish studies. Our internationally renowned faculty are dedicated to teaching, research, and community service, shaping the state of knowledge in Jewish studies and offering stimulating public programming relevant to your life. • A comprehensive program in Jewish Studies • A unique undergraduate Jewish Teacher Education Program 416-736-5823

• An interdisciplinary graduate program in Jewish Studies • A graduate diploma program for Jewish educators in partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Barristers and Solicitors 95 Wellington Street West, Suite 1200 Toronto-Dominion Centre Toronto, ON M5J 2Z9 Tel: 416.864.9700 Fax: 416.941.8852

We are proud to support and congratulate TanenbaumCHAT on reaching this milestone. Your Business Law Firm

The Board of Directors, Staff, Parents and Students of

Netivot HaTorah Day School take great pleasure in congratulating

TanenbaumCHAT for their dedication to Jewish Education over the last 50 years. May you march forth into the next 120 years with continued strength. Shawna Magence President

Dr. Reuven Stern Head of School

CELEBRATING 50 Congratulations to TanenbaumCHAT on 50 years of education. As a part of our continued support, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) is proud to take part in this milestone.

Calgary | MontrĂŠal | Ottawa Toronto | Vancouver | Waterloo Region Lawyers | Patent & Trade-mark Agents Borden Ladner Gervais LLP is an Ontario Limited Liability Partnership.


to TanenbaumCHAT on reaching this tremendous milestone Abe and Freda Blankenstein Annette and Randy Goodman Sharon and Joel Waisglass Harvey and Fay Blankenstein Larry and Marla Blankenstein

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following Alumni who have supported the school for this Jubilee celebration: Nili (Laiman) Abrahams ’76 Michael Adler ’76 Lisa Ain Dack ’99 Judi (Mittelman) Alter ’76 Avi Behar ’90 Michael Bloom ’94 Michelle (Goldstein) Brandes ’90 Shimmy Brandes ’90 Herbert Brill ’94 Ella Burakowski ’76 Carole (Parker) Cantor ’76 David Chaikof ’79 Ellen Chaikof ’80 Michael Chaikof ’08 Noah Chaikof ’15 Richie Chaikof ’11 Rebecca Cherniak ’06 Tammy Cohen ’94 Adam Cutler ’00 Chaim Cutler ’02 Ron Davis ’76 Josh Disenhouse ’05 Lori (Ferman) Disenhouse ’76 Sari Disenhouse ’03 Yael Disenhouse ’07

Noah Egelnick ’94 Cindy Eisen ’76 Meira Elituv ’04 Aaron English ’97 David Fishbaum ’76 Josh Fluxgold ’10 Leora Fluxgold ’19 Noah Fluxgold ’15 Patti (Zionce) Fluxgold ’84 Sam Fluxgold ’13 Mitch Freed ’06 Sharona Freudmann ’76 Adam Frieberg ’04 Sara (Halperin) Frieberg ’04 Steven Gallinger ’76 Robbie Gasner ’76 Chana (Honig) German ’95 Cheryl Gerstein ’76 Aaron Glatt ’03 Jordan Gnat ’90 Justin Goldberg ’08 Michael Goldberg ’99 Steve Goldenberg ’76 Jared Goldlust ’02 Annette (Blankenstein) Goodman ’76

Mark Goodman ’76 Monique Gottlieb ’06 Erin Greenblatt ’04 Gerald Hartman ’76 Daniel Held ’00 Karen Held ’97 Steven Hoffman ’04 Shoshana Israel ’91 Ellen Jacobson ’76 Aaron Jesin ’69 Adam Jesin ’03 Daniella Jesin ’09 Eddie Jesin ’81 Jacky Jesin ’13 Jacob Jesin ’97 Jerry Jesin ’79 Jessy Jesin ’13 Josh Jesin ’11 Lisa (Zuck) Jesin ’83 Moishe Jesin ’00 Norman Jesin ’74 Paul Jesin ’68 Sheryl (Korenzvit) Jesin ’97 Shlomo Jesin ’08 Steven Jesin ’06

Jodi Katzeff ’02 Sid Kleinman ’76 Marsha (Springer) Klerer ’77 Mark Korson ’76 Ruthie Leibowitz ’76 Gidon Lenga ’89 Yair Lenga ’97 Simone Levey ’99 Rina Levi ’86 Jonah Libman ’76 Kyle Lichtman ’04 Aviva (Mirsky) Lightstone ’76 Martin Lockshin ’69 Michele Mandel ’79 Shawna Maron ’06 David Matlow ’79 Naomi Matlow ’07 Orli Matlow ’11 Yael Matlow ’14 Naomi (Cohen) Mazer ’91 Mark Mietkiewicz ’76 Gaela Mintz ’98 Mike Mucher ’76 Sydni Naglie ’06 Edie Neuberger ’75

Shelly (Katz) Oshri ’73 Mark Peranson ’90 Archie Rabinowitz ’76 Sari Rajsky ’76 Yoni Revizada ’04 Benjamin Rubin ’76 Benjamin Rusonik ’84 Adena Scheer ’99 Robbie Schonberger ’76 Chad Shandler ’94 Leah (Goldberg) Shandler ’94 Matthew Shepherd ’10 Barry Shiff ’76 Benji Shiff ’09 Danny Shiff ’78 Elaine (Jesin) Shiff ’78 Jeremy Shiff ’07 Rachel Shiff ’04 Randy Shiff ’73 Sarah Shiff ’11 Daniel Shiner ’06 Joanna (Spinner) Shore ’93 Mira Shuman ’01 Naomi Shuman ’03 Joshua Shuval ’98

David Silver ’97 Michelle (Greisman) Silverberg ’97 Miguel Singer ’76 Gail (Isakow) Slome ’76 Mark Smiley ’76 Ariel Stern ’08 Ethan Stern ’12 Noah Stern ’10 Sharon Stolero ’76 Judy (Neuberger) Sturm ’76 Brittany Sud ’07 Louis Vandersluis ’76 Risa (Parker) Vandersluis ’76 Sarah (Reiss) Warren ’97 Amanda (Benchimol) Wassermuhl ’97 Jack Weinberg ’73 Judith Weinroth 65 Mark Weisleder ’76 Larry Weisman ’76 Annette (Fulop) Wine ’76 Daphne Winland ’76 Stephen Wise ’92 Laura Wiseman ’75 Alexandra Wolfond ’09

As we celebrate this Jubilee milestone in TanenbaumCHAT’s history, we would like to thank you for sharing your memories and for your contribution to 50 years of outstanding Jewish education in the Greater Toronto Jewish Community.

Your ongoing commitment and support through the years has helped us Creating Space (1999 Building Campaign) and took us from Dream to Reality (2007 opening of the Kimel Family Education Centre). Now as we look towards our future, we know that Together (2011 Wallenberg Campus Building Campaign) w e w ill c o nt inue t o g o fro m st re ng t h t o st re ng t h.

TanenbaumCHAT Commorative Tribute Book  

The Jubilee Celebration of the Anne & Max Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

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