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EXPAND YOUR HORIZON TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS In its 16th edition, AES Brasil Expo 2012 is the largest gathering in Latin America of audio, video, lighting and special facilities technology. An event that attracts participants from all over Brazil and different countries due to its importance in the market.

The event is divided into: •Convention and Conference •Trade show •Demonstration

THE CONVENTION AND THE CONFERENCE • Important national and international speakers will debate and discuss relevant issues for industry development. • Seminars and Specialized Panels with subjects of interest to the area, broadening the perspective of professionals involved. • Presentation of Research Papers. • Manufacturer’s and Exhibitor’s Training. • Technical Visits.

THE EXHIBITION Your company will be next to large Brazilian and international brands,in a specialized professional event. A unique opportunity to exhibit and promote products, to do business and technical presentations, and futher expand relationships.

AUDIO-VISUAL PRO Buyers and visitors can view, purchase, understand and explore the universe of new products in audio-visual media with high-quality equipment suppliers for production in TV, film, video, 3D, internet and other digital media in information technology and communication, as well as staging and rigging structures.

THE EXHIBITION PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING Residential Audio, Video and Automation Professional lighting geared towards commercial projects of large companies, governments, stores, malls, concerts, special effects, events, conferences, parties. Manufacturers present a miriad of possibilities for transforming any space and creating a desired atmosphere through adequate lighting. LED panels and accessories have a reserved space at AES BRASIL EXPO 2012.

THE EXHIBITION AUDIO AND VIDEO MOTOR Auto, Nautical and Air The first 50 years of the auto industry focused on the machine. Nowadays the focus is on human comfort. Exclusive technologies are developed by manufacturers worldwide for these sectors. Specific equipment, products and services to serve the needs of professionals from these segments are shown at AES Brasil Expo 2012.

THE EXHIBITION RESIDENTIAL AUDIO, VIDEO AND AUTOMATION Companies that work with integration and customization of audio systems, video, lighting and automation present their projects and solutions for home and offices. Solutions for residential and business projects are presented, including special projects, focusing on large companies, governments and educational institutions.

THE DEMONSTRATION OUTDOORS DEMOS A large outdoor area, especially built to perform demonstrations of LARGE SOUND SYSTEMS, to be held all day during AES Brasil Expo 2012. • Outdoor sound systems • Large screens with LED technology for mega-events, concerts, rallies and shows in large enclosed and open areas. • Lighting systems In this area, the exhibitors will have the opportunity to display and demonstrate their products live to professionals, buyers and visitors who are looking for new technologies and their applications.

INDOORS DEMOS Parallel to the outdoor demos, AES Brasil Expo 2012 will have a new indoor demo. In this space, an indoor auditorium, companies will find a suitable environment reserved exclusively for demos of compact sound systems and musical instrument amplifiers.

DEMONSTRATION OF DIGITAL SOUND MIXERS Another new attraction of AES Brasil Expo 2012: the Presentation and Demonstration of Digital Sound Mixers Room. The main sound mixers in the market will be demonstrated. A space where the visitor will see different technologies and concepts used in digital sound mixers and have the opportunity to individually test each one of them. For the companies, it’s a highly unique space where they will be able to show their product, unique characteristics and technologies.

2011 EDITION 80 EXHIBITORS WHO IS THE EXHIBITOR • Audio equipment, components and accessories • Projects and Consultancies for special facilities • Lighting equipment, components and accessories • Systems and Structures for stage building • Audio, production, lighting and video courses • Home Theater and Automations • Music Instrument Amplification • Music, media and studio technologies • Software and Hardware • Digital Systems • Residential automation • Car stereos

TOTAL SPACE: 5,000 SQM ATTENDANCE: 5,000 WHO IS THE VISITOR • Audio, Video and Lighting Pro • Event Technical Producers • Designers and Consultants • Contractors and Design Build companies • Musicians and Studio Technicians and Producers • Architectural lighting Designers • Broadcasting and recording equipment • Acoustics technology and equipment • Retailers and Distributers

BRAZIL SCENARIO Brazilian scenario: growing market with great opportunities to expand your business. Brazil, get to know the potential of this country: • 200 million inhabitants • 7th largest economy in the world • GDP: US$ 2 trillion • International Reserves: 300 billion dollars • Exports: 235 billion dollars (Dec/2011) • Imports: 209 billion dollars (Dec/2011)

Brazil is going through a special time: • Increase in technological investments • Economic stability • Increased global recognition • 2014 FIFA World Cup host • Site for 2016 Olympic Games indicating more investment prospects • The alignment of many South American countries to the Brazilian standard of digital transmission makes Brazil a great business generator and gateway to new possibilities in Latin America.


US$ 442,00 / sqm

Space without any structure for exhibitors who prefer to hire the service of a contractor that will prepare a special booth construction.


US$ 490,00 / sqm

White partition walls 2,20m high Lighting Gray carpet 01 glass round table with 2 chairs Fascia Board with the company name

GENERAL INFORMATION Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder WAIVER MR. MARCELO PARADELA Tel: (55 11) 2281-7882 • Fax: (55 11) 2281-7782 e-mail: WIND LOGISTICS MRS. LINDA KURIKI Tel: (5511) 5033- 7700 • Fax: (5511) 5034-9035

Travel Agency and Hotel Reservation MUST TOUR Tel/Fax: (55 11) 3284-1666, e-mail: site:

CONTACT For more information and booth reservation, please contact : Ms. Maria Cristina Botelho Tel (55 11) 2226 3166 Insteresting Links:



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