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13a Feira Internacional de Produtos Orgânicos e Agroecologia 13th International Trade Fair of Organic Products and Agroecology

São Paulo, Brazil June 7 – 10, 2017

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About BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA - BIO BRAZIL Fair BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA - BIO BRAZIL FAIR – the biggest international trade fair for organic products and agroecology in Latin America, will be realized in Brazil for the 13th year, exhibiting all kinds of organic products and manufacturing, atracting professionals, interested in trends and news, as visitors. In parallel with the event, important professionals from the organic sector, from different countries will discuss worldwide trends, issues and opportunities of Brazil in the global market.

19,240 visitors

% 2016

117 exhibitors

Data from the

an increase of 9% in total as well as 20% of buyers in comparison to 2015



of floor space an increase of


BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA - Bio Brazil Fair The organic platform for specialists! Producers Suppliers of Products and Services from the Industry Press and Media Education Professionals and Government Agencies

8% 7%

Visiting Countries • Norway • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • Portugal • Russia • South Africa • Spain • Switzerland • Tunisia • Turkey • United Kingdom • United States of America • Uruguay • Venezuela




Nutritionists, Therapists, Chef’s Kitchen, Health Professionals

• Argentina • Australia • Bolivia • Canada • Chile • China • Colombia • Ecuador • France • Germany • Hong Kong • Israel • Italy • Japan • Mexico • New Zealand




Distributors Grocery Stores Gyms/Leisure Clubs Hospitals Hotels/Motels/Inns/Spas Import Companies Pharmacies Restaurants Retailers Supermarkets Trade Representatives Wholesalers

Statement’s Iride Ciaccia from LC International, Italy: “Thanks to this great exhibition, we found interesting contacts to help Italian SMEs creating a wide network in Brasil to have a chance to introduce their products in a very powerful market. The exhibition was a perfect field for B2B meetings, to reach organic customers and potential consumers and let them understand the importance to eat healthier in the future and to spread the knowledge of the European logo and connected guarantees of the European organic certified food.” Todd Wichmann from HealthPro Brands Inc., USA: “We were very pleased with the turnout and response at our booth at the BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA. We currently have no sales or distribution in Brasil, so we used the BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA to announce the launch of our certified organic consumer products to many large Brazilian retailers at the show. The amount of conversations and interactions we had were much greater than we typically see at US trade shows. I highly recommend attending the BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA!”

Products on Display ORGANIC FOOD


• Meat • Juices and Drinks • Milk, Dairy and Eggs • Fruits and Vegetables • Breads, Pastries, Cakes and • Cookies • Honey and Derivatives • Chocolates • Coffees • Frozen Food • Gluten Free Food • Food Lactose Free

• Aromas and Essences • Creams • Shampoos • Soaps • Tonics • Raw material

ORGANIC PRODUCTIONS SERVICES • Petrochemicals and Fertilizers • Equipment and Machines • Certifying • Consultancies • Publishers • Packaging

ORGANIC FASHION • Jewellery • Clothing • Fabrics • Accessories

Visitor Target Groups • Catering business • Convenience stores • Food/beverages wholesale • Food manufacturing • Import and export

• Supermarkets, department stores • Specialized organic shops • Trade consultants and others • Other natural products

• Non-food wholesale • Other retail business

Prospects of the organic market in Brazil The Brazilian organic food market is growing at enviable rates that go over 20% a year, according to records from the project organic Brazil until 2014. In 2015, the growth was 25% and should exceed 30% now.

million respectively. If Brazil’s growth forecast for organics is between 30% and 35% materializes, Brazilian revenues should exceed the R$3 billion mark this year – one third is related to exports.

Some food sources that must increase organic revenues in 2016 are dairy and animal products, that have higher added value, the source reveals. However, even global consumption is still low, compared to general revenues in the food sector, it point out. Ming Liu, executive coordinator of Organics Brasil says “It is important to know that there is a market that is growing steadily, and its structure will be determined by demand, production and product availability.”

The sector has expanded rapidly into rich countries and is now regarded as a development mechanism, in areas where small production units prevail, such as Brazil. The appeal has broadened since 2014, when the United Nations began to highlight the socio-economic advantages of family farming. Being 30% high valued, organic products are able to increase farmers’ incomes.

Estimates for 2016 confirm a growing trend in Brazil. The organic market around R$350 billion worldwide and R$2.5 billion in Brazil (0.71%) – about US$80 billion and US$600

Use this opportunity and promote your products at an exclusive platform BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA - BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2017 is your place to be!

BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA - BIO BRAZIL FAIR At a Glance Date June 7 – 10, 2017 Venue Bienal do Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil Opening Hours From 11am to 7pm

Frequency Annual

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Supporters IPD – Organics Brazil APEX-Brazil (Brazilian Exportation Promoting Agency) AAO – Organic Farming Association Prefeitura de São Paulo (São Paulo City Hall) Sponsor

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