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Is Personal a “Diet”?

FAQ # 4

Nova Foods doesn’t produce “Diets”

“Diets” can be given only for short periods, depending on disease: indeed they are limited in nutritional support. “Personal” feeds according to needs, taking away from oxidative stress zone.

All pathologies lead to free radicals presence. In case of chronic diseases, body defences cannot fight oxidative stress due to free radicals action. An antioxidants supplement in nutrition helps to counteract damages due to oxidative stress!

very digestible good balance of nutrients antioxidants, prebiotics, nutraceuticals

We don’t promote or commission experimentation on cats and dogs, nor any other animals: Friends of friends don’t experiment on animals!

So, Personal is more than a Diet! You can use it all life long, with no side effects. It’s useful for dogs with specific needs. It’s useful to prevent oxidative stress and to live longer!

Revision IV - February 2012

Is Personal Trainer a "Diet"?  

is personal trainer a diet?