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FAQ # 1

Nova Foods uses Corn (Zea Mays) in petfood, because it's the best cereal in formulating products with a high content of linoleic acid (1,42 gr/100gr) and vitamine E (0,75mg/100gr) useful for skin problems, itching and scratching.

Corn is not a "filler", poorly digestible and allergen: it has a good balance of nutrients! Several studies reported in veterinary literature, give corn a case study of low allergy (similar to rice)

Responsiveness to allergens of 292 allergic individuals (3.487 dogs and cats visited) at the Veterinary Medical Clinic of the University of Milan (Praxis n.2 June 2005)

Maize and Rice proteins do not contain gliadin and glutenin fractions, typical of Wheat, which can cause severe food intolerance, so that be named as gluten-free foods and recommended in the feeding of celiacs

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