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Cordless Impact Driver the Cordless Drill Replacement Replace your Cordless Drills and Screwdrivers

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Recently I have become sort of a converted man. I am not referring to any sort of religious conversion. This was more of a tool conversion. For many years I have been a major user of cordless tools with my favorite cordless tool like many of us being a cordless drill. To me a cordless drill seemed to be the most versatile tool in my tool chest. Not too long ago a good friend of mine made a startling suggestion. What he suggested was that rather than using a cordless drill I should switch to a cordless impact wrench.

At the suggestion of switching to a cordless impact wrench to say I was shocked was putting it mildly. My first question to him was “aren’t impact drivers more a tool for mechanics?”He sort of laughed it off and said in the past that was true. However with the advances in electronics better batteries and better distribution of power that is no longer the case.

So after the conversation about making this big switch I really didn't do too much about it. In fact I almost completely forgot about our conversation. A few weeks or months later my friend came by to help me with a project I was working on. It was a big project I was finishing off my basement and he came with a bunch of his own tools which is very normal. Well in his tool collection was a DeWalt cordless impact wrench that he had bought online not too long ago. I sort of made fun of him asking him what he would need so much power for. We went on working and when we are on a break he started singing the praises of his cordless impact driver. So I got sick of hearing him talking about it and I gave it a shot.

What I did was take a 2 1/2 inch screw and went over to a pressure-treated 2 x 4. Now normally when trying to screw a 2 1/2 inch or 3 inch screw into pressure-treated wood you will tend to have a bit of a hard time. That's a long screw going into an extremely hard board. Well I had absolutely no trouble what so ever screwing into that pressure-treated 2 x 4. I'm not so



sure I can convey in words what it was like I was shocked, amazed, awed. That 2 1/2 inch screw went in with no effort at all.

So my friend busted my chops the rest of the day about how horrible his tool was and how I knew so much more than he did. I had to grudgingly admit I was wrong and was not happy about saying I was wrong but I was forced to say it nonetheless. Using that impact wrench as a screwdriver was incredible. Now that was a first time I used it needless to say I have since gone out and gotten my own.

After making the decision to get any impact driver I did a little researche and was somewhat shocked to find out how much better the driver stacks up against a cordless screwdriver. As far as torque is concerned this should not be any sort of surprise the impact wrench has far greater torque than a cordless drill puts out about 450 in.-lb where as a cordless driver puts out about 1400 in.-lb. The battery life on a driver is more than four times longer than a cordless screwdriver.

So the bottom line here is I am a complete convert to the uses of a cordless impact wrench. They are probably the most versatile cordless tool I have ever used. I now rarely if ever use a cordless drill or screwdriver for anything to be honest there is just no need what so ever. If you are considering a cordless impact driver and you're torn between a cordless drill and this tool trust me you cannot go wrong with a cordless impact driver it has the power you need and it can be used on your most delicate jobs as well.



If you want to learn more about cutting edge tools go to:



Cordless Drill Replacement Cordless Impact Driver  

To me a cordless drill seemed to be the most versatile tool in my tool chest. Not too long ago a good friend of mine made a startling sugges...

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