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Sports: Gareth Frank Bale The Welshman Gareth Frank Bale this season 2013 - 2014 to registered by Royal(Real) Madrid in the first division. The Welshman also is famous for being the most expensive second signing of the history after the person from Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. The new signing of Madrid has competing in " The Classic " against the new signing blaugrana Neymar JR.

Music: MTV Video Music Awards 2013 This summer Music Awards has celebrated the Video MTV in Brooklyn. There were nominated many of the most famous singers of the year 2013, as Macklemore, Robin Thicke, Miley Cirus, Katy Perry, Rihana, One Direction, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber. The spectacle I celebrate on August 25. The actions of these famous singers attracted million fans of the different famous singers. The income of the concert sold very rapidly, this concert has provided a lot of money and spectators to him. The EMA it is another action combines also of the same ones or more famous singers who acted in the videoes music awards, also he thinks earnings and spectators receive.

Gossips: Sara Carbonero pregnant Iker lives through very complicated and ambivalent moment; if on the one hand his professional career is living through a small crisis, in the personal side his relation with the


journalist Sara Carbonero might not go better. This way it is demonstrated by the photo that the football player has hung on Instagram, proudly of the tripita of his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero.

Letters to editor: Opinions of the gossips: We think that the journalists get too much into the personal life of the famous ones only for obtaining a good sole right. We do not like it because we think that the famous people cannot do personal life if always there are journalists monitoring everything what they do.