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Welcome! This comic anthology was created by the cycle one and cycle two Mikw Chiyam students in 2019 during artist and writer Francine Cunningham’s arts concentration residency in Waskaganish, Quebec.

Cover design by Alexis Beauregard Anthology designed and edited by Francine Cunningham



Jessica Whiskeychan

Starlyne Weistche

Trinity Shecapio



Evelyn Wesley



Bianca Crowe

Annie Moar-Salt

Aileen Hester

Niibin-Niibeesh Erless

Evander Wiestche-Hester

by Samiah Stevens

by Reshawn Iserhoff

Reginald Hester

Lyle Stephen

Angelina Crowe

The Prequel

By Alexis Beauregard

In year 2027, a mission to go send the first humans to mars was made.

They successfully landed whilst millions of people were watching live, celebrating.

After landing, a base was built and scientific research was conducted, helping future voyages to Mars.

Soon, other Nations on earth started their own projects to go to Mars.

After a few decades, Mars was populated and territories were being claimed.

But in the process of claiming territories, conflicts and wars were happening

A few Nations joined forces, creating a new powerfull Nation witch won many wars.

This Nation Called ‘Previa’ claimed all the territories on Mars.

The people on Mars and Earth saw each other as enemies.

To be contiuned

by Francine Cunningham Mikw Chiyam Artist

by Dash Mikw Chiyam Teacher

Shalawna Lameboy

Jordan Gilpin

The Little Siren by Junelle Moar

Keenan Katapatuk Hester

Elorene Esau

Kristen Hester

Melody Hester

Stormie Diamond

Wynona Chiskamish

Mikayla Moar

Delaine Hester

Danis Whiskeychan

Tyra Diamond

Jordan Gilpin