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Some Great Advice on Custom Framing A picture is worth a thousand words; this has been said and written hundreds of times but its impact never lessen. This is why even till today where everything is digital; there are still some who prefer traditionally made custom framing los angeles for their oil paintings or photographs and are not satisfied with just a soft copy on their computers. Beautiful family portraits encased by the best los angeles framing masters easily become an eye catcher in the living room. At times there are some old photographs that one will want to display for guests, which can be done only by hanging it in beautiful frames. Decorating the house this way is a traditional way and will remain popular till the time human beings know how to treasure and preserve special moments spent with their loved ones. Frames in a house can tell a family story if placed properly in chronological order. Every time one sees these; it is like a trip down memory lane. Things to keep in mind when going for a custom picture framing los angeles: 1. Do not expect los angeles framing to be cheap. Nothing that is worthwhile comes free or dirt cheap. Since there are different types of frame; you must decide the worth of your paining first to choose an appropriate one. If it’s a delicate watercolor painting, then a strong and bold looking black metal frame will definitely not do it justice. Perhaps a beautiful wooden type will look more elegant and sophisticated. It is important to understand that custom picture framing los angeles is not a recurring activity and will be done once in several years especially for expensive painting. Hence, the budget should not be a consideration. 2. Basically every custom picture framing los angeles will involve consideration of four aspects; glass, mat, back of the frame and the frame. If the mat is decided to be included, then important things to remember is that it should be an acid free paper or fabric so that it does not affect the painting. The material used for the back of frame is also an important factor to consider. Although most modern frame masters know that an acid free backing is the only ideal choice; it will not hurt to remind them once again. Glass should be ideally non –reflective, but you can choose the regular or the acrylic one too. Another factor in glass includes UV protection features. The frame itself can be metal, wood and have either a simplistic border or an ornate design.

3. The goal of a los angeles framing project should be to ensure that the picture blends with the decor and does not stand out like a sore thumb. A modern dĂŠcor will make a Renaissance frame stick out like an ugly piece, but in traditional decor it will one of the most eye catching objects. There are plenty of custom framing los angeles stores that will help you in your choice and advice you on the right design according to your dĂŠcor and your pocket.

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