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Advertising Packages Last updated: 29TH July 2013

We offer a range of advertising solutions to fit any budget and exposure requirement. If you’re not sure which advertising combination will suit your best, just have a chat to us at

Ground Rules We are dedicated to providing high quality, reliable and entertaining content for our readers and don't settle for second best. This cultivates trust with our audience. So to maintain that quality and trust, we have put guidelines in place with our advertisers. This helps to keep communication clear and make the advertising process as seamless as possible. Most of these guidelines are pretty sensible, so it’s unlikely they’ll surprise you. 1) We do not promote or link to websites in the following industries under any conditions: adult entertainment, gambling, and pharmaceuticals. 2) We do require any advertiser to be providing an attraction, event, product or service that is related and complimentary to animals and birds, blogging, books, business ideas, anything about celebrities, design, diseases, education, entertainment, facts, festivals, food gadgets, games, health, human, internet, invention and discovery. In addition, we also cater those that are related to life, money making on internet, medicines, misc, movies, myth and fictional niches, nature, people, places, science, SEO, television, trees and plants and watches. 3) We reserved the right to reject any offer from an advertiser, so don’t take it personally. 4) All advertisers are required to avoid any action or activity that will damage the reputation of the Fraakz brand. If this does occur, we reserve the right to cancel any active advertising campaigns and a refund will not be offered. We put a lot of love and time into what we do so don’t spoil it please. 5) We reserve the right to change our advertising rates at any time. If you have paid for a period in advance (like 12 months) then your rate will be guaranteed for that whole period.

Okay, now that is out of the way, onto the more interesting topics. Here are details of the advertising opportunity available (all prices quoted in US Dollars):

Sponsored Posts An entire post will be dedicated to your attraction, event, product or service in an interesting and informative manner. Just to be clear, it won’t be a “sales pitch” for you, and it must match the tone and style of the other content on the website. The content must be unique (not used on any other websites), and will be checked by copyscape before publishing. You may embed up to 2 links within the body of the article. The sponsored post comes in 2 flavours: A) You write it (Vanilla). This is the most common option. If you write the article, then please follow these guidelines: • • • •

• • •

Tell a story - don’t sell a product/service. Take the reader on a journey. It must be informative and educational so the reader learns something new. Ask yourself, what would the reader be interested in? Write from a first person perspective and if discussing events, use past tense for consistency. An “about the author” paragraph of 3-4 lines can be added to the bottom of the article, along with 1 optional image. In addition to the links within the body of the article, you may add 1 more link within this area. Do not use a press release or re-use content that has been published on other websites. Minimum article length is 450 words and maximum is 1400 words (not including the “about the author” section). If you are unsure of a topic or angle, talk to us and we’ll give you some ideas.

B) We’ll write it for you – custom (Strawberry) If you really don’t have the time to supply any content then we offer a full service. •

Based on the email conversation, we will craft a professionally written article from scratch. We will do up to 1 hour of

background research on the topic and your organization. You won’t have to write a thing, we do all the hard work with this option. In all of the above flavours, we will require photos or artwork from you to use in the article. Up to 3 images may be embedded in each post, unless explicitly agreed in writing. Photos are to be supplied in JPEG format via email and up to 1 MB each. A sponsored post will be featured on the website for a minimum of 12 months, unless explicitly agreed in writing. After that period, you may choose to renew the sponsored post for another 12 months at the current rates. Price: A) $75 (Vanilla - you write it), B) $100 (Strawberry - we write

it, custom)

Get Started If you have any questions or are ready to get started, please get in touch and drop us an email at We look forward to working with you.

Fraakz advertising pricing packages  
Fraakz advertising pricing packages  

We offer a range of advertising solutions to fit any budget and exposure requirement. If you’re not sure which advertising combination will...