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Endorsedbv Universityof Cambridge InternationalExaminations

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r boys use computersmore frequently,especiallyat hom€ This could be rervritten as: ./ boyso\en usecomputersat home (in other words, from choicc, becausethey enjoy it) I boys are . . . more willing to compose longer pieces of writing This could be rervritten as: / boysare happierto wrtte more I use different styles Some points, like this one, lvill be very simple and lvill not need to be changed into your own words. I unintelligible handwriting is no longer a problem Is there a word that you don't understandl Does the rest of tl-rcsentence makes sensewithout thc dilicult rvordf If so, ignore it. This could be reu,ritten as. r' theydo not needto worryabout (bad)handwriting I neatn€ssand presentationstandardsrise when boysuse a comput€r Try to remove abstract nouns to shor'vyou understand them. ./ using6 computerencouragesboysto try harderto maketheir work lookgood I one way to get boys to concentrateproperly ..- may be to encour¿getllem to use their comput€rsat home This could be rervritten as: at homecouldimproveboys'concentrat¡on / usingcomputers Sioge 4 The next step is to group any points that are similar, and then number the points according to hor'v irnportant you drink they are, widr I for the most important. 1 3 2 5 6

boysare more interestedin things which involveusingcomputers boys6re confldent6boutus¡ngcomput¡ngtechnology boysoften usecomputersat home boysare happ¡erto wr¡te more boysdo not needto worryabout (bad)handwnt¡ng

4 usedifferent sryles boysto try harderto makethetrworklookgood 7 us¡nga computer encourages boys'concentrat¡on at homecouldimprove 8 ustngcomputers Sloge 5 Norv consider the number ofpoints you have and the number ofrvords the questior] asksyou to $.rite. 'no more than'a ¡ In an Extended paper, candidatesare asked to tvrite certain nurnber of rvords (mually 100). It is important to colltlt the number of rvords you urite carefull.r,,as the examiner will count up to the number ofwords asked for in tie question and then cross throLlgh the rest. You will not lose marks for rvriting more u'ords than required. F{orvever,yo:u will

EndorsedbV Universityof Cambridge InternationalExaminations

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relatedto the ,GCSE English as a Second Language containsmaterialspecifically Examinations of Cambridge International andaimsto examination offeredby Universily helpstudents improve and theiranswersandoverallgrade.Itsclearexplanations preparing for other useof examples alsomakeit extremely usefulfor students extensive in Advanced in English(FCE),Certificate advanced exams,suchas FirstCertificate English(CAE)and IGCSEFirstLanguage English. Unitson Reading, Writing,Listening andSpeaking coverthe exam,withfurther examination hintsextending thecoverage. thedifferent typesof Thereis a strongemphasis on writingskills.Waysof producing including letters, magazine bookreviewsand writingspecified in thesyllabus, arlicles, summaries, areintroduced usingstep-by-step examples. Attentionis givento the importance of styleandcontent,togetherwithaccuracyandthe correctuse of differentregisters. Writingsections includeexaminer to pastexamquest¡ons comments on answers writtenby students. withadviceon howto correctthem. Commonerrorsmadeby students are highlighted, grammarpointsareexplained in easy{o-understand language, andare Relevant supportedby exam-related examples. vocabulary, ldeasconnectedto examthemes,togetherwithassociated are developed in a topic-related databasewhichalsoprovidesrelevantculturalinformation.