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Pre-order marketing campaign Marketing articles will be available for FQ1924 Main Autumn 2012 collection. You must place a minimum order on this collection of 3.000 EURO to receive these free marketing articles. The package will be send directly to your store beginning June 2012. Please order a complete marketing package directly at your FQ1924 sales representative. Deadline - March 23rd. *Not final content and layout

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Campaign material

0201-10 9001 M

0200-10 9001 M

The picture is seasonal. Size: 109 x 160 cm

The pictures are seasonal. The elements can vary from one season to another.

Frontiers of Quebec 1924, also known as FQ1924, is a new line of men’s sportswear with an Ivy League sensibility that reads like a thick, hard-cover history book. Inspired by a group of Danish settlers into Quebec in the early 1900’s – FQ1924 pays homage to the courage, curiosity and venturous mindset demonstrated by this frontier spirit. FQ1924 caters to men with a distinctive style and a confident identity.

fq1924 vm overview AW2012  

fq1924 vm overview AW2012