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Press Release 2nd Sunchild International Environmental Festival Start The 1st press conference of the festival will take place on the 22nd of October in ‘’Ashot Erkat’’ hall of Marriott hotel. In 2007 FPWC in cooperation with VivaCell-MTS held the first SunChild Environmental Festival. SunChild is the only environmental festival in whole South Caucasus region and is being held every second year. The second already international SunChild Festival will take place this year. The aim of the festival is to focus public attention on wildlife and nature preservation issues, raise their awareness around those issues targeting all groups of the society-children and youth, common people and businessmen. The festival program is comprised of a wide range of film program and also various environmental activities and campaigns. 85 films from 35 countries are listed in the film program out of which 16 films make the main competition program and 35 films the informational program.

‘’SunC hild’’ for children Keeping children and youth in the centre of attention, the festival program involves an extensive film program for children with 32 films in the educational and children’s film competition category. All screenings are free for public. Except for the screenings, meetings will be organised in question-answer format with the film directors and environmentalists. Thousands of schoolchildren and young people will have a chance to see the screenings of educational films for children. The festival will start with the carnival-march in animal costumes. Over 500 children and young people in animal costumes made of recycled materials will encourage passers-by to join the various environmental activities in the coming days. The participants of the carnival-march as well as the music bands will have a chance to take part in a competition and receive awards both from the festival organizers and the Ministry of Culture, RA. The Ministry of Labour and Social Issues of Armenia in cooperation with GTZ organizes a seminar-training on ‘’Professional Guidance’’ for 150 children from 13-15 age group from Yerevan and other 4 regions of Armenia which are: Lori, Tavoush, Ararat and Vayots Dzor. This seminar aims to emphasize the importance of ecological education with the account of huge scientific-technological developments.

‘’SunC hild’’ for public This year for the first time an Audience Award will be bestowed. The ‘’Audience Award’’ given by OSCE symbolises public participation in reference to Aarhus Convention and emphasizes the important link between ecological issues and democracy. Public discussions will be organised with OSCE around the following important ecological issues` regional water management , recycling of hazardous waste

and climate change. Representatives of public and state organizations, regional specialist & experts will share their views with the audience and answer their questions. ‘’Our First Element: Caucasian Water’’ competition-expo funded by Prince Claus fund, the commemoration evening to Martin Adamyan’s memory and eco-expo are also on the agenda of our festival. Moreover Rock bands will join the festival raising socially young people’s attention for environmental issues. ‘’Sunchild’’ for business stakeholders SunChild Festival targets all layers of the society and addresses also business stakeholders. If we fail to convince businessmen to take up serious measures in preservation of scarce natural resources of our country then the future generations will get nothing. Thus, FPWC by the initiative of VivaCell-MTS in cooperation with UN Global Compact and GTZ will organize Corporative Social Responsibility (CSR) seminar. Three highly esteemed specialists from abroad are invited to introduce the concept of CSR with vivid practical examples. The ultimate goal is the establishment of a forum for seminars, open discussions, conferences and trainings. The festival aims to serve as a stage for regional dialogues. Over 60 guests from all over the world- filmdirectors, artists, representatives of international organizations and famous environmentalists will take part in the festival. The main partner and co-organizer of 2nd Sunchild International Environmental Festival is VivaCell-MTS.

‘’Sunchild’’ festival Your dialogue with nature

Sunchild Festival Newsletter  
Sunchild Festival Newsletter  

Sunchild Festival Newsletter, 22.10.2009