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Mailing made easy.


Flexible Design

The flexible design allows you to adapt the PostBase ONE to fit your ever changing mailing needs, welcoming a healthy dose of consistency and unwavering dependability. The PostBase ONE system is engineered to bring innovation from the inside out. It uses the very latest technology, ensuring your system is always up-to-date and utilizing the correct postal rates.


Efficient Machine

The high capacity automatic feeder coupled with the dynamic scale and vertical feed feature make pre-sorting mail a thing of the past. Simply load your mail and stand by as the PostBase ONE allocates the appropriate postage based on the size and weight of each mail piece. The intuitive color touch screen makes this mailing machine simple and easy-to-use.


Secure Meter

PostBase ONE is a USPS® IMI-Compliant postage meter, giving it the highest level of mailing security. A built-in sensor validates every envelope that passes through the machine, its pressure sealing feature ensures the envelopes are sealed tightly. The innovative design guarantees your important documents maintain their confidentiality from start to finish. With PostBase ONE, you can have the control you need without compromising your time or resources.



This ON PostBase


Meet the biggest member of the FP Enterprise Series, the PostBase ONE. This machine is large enough to handle any mail piece that comes your way. The PostBase ONE has an enhanced, modular design that plays a key role in its ability to adapt to your mailing requirements. Robust features and proficient work flow create the perfect combination for high-volume, complex mail runs. The experience upholds all of your security standards giving you peace of mind that your mail piece sustains its integrity. Learn more at www.fp-usa.com/ONE

Supercharge your PostBase with

MailOne Enjoy huge savings on postage costs with MailOne Commercial Base Pricing.

MailOne 2.0 software is the ultimate tool to monitor, manage, track and reduce your postal expenditures

Learn more at www.fp-usa.com/MailOne

Postal Vertical Feeding

Automatic Feeder


Dynamic Scale

Load it up. With Withits itsvertical vertical design, you can load the PostBase ONE with a variety of envelope sizes.

Once your mail is loaded, PostBase ONE will automatically start feeding envelopes for postage.

Get the perfect seal on all your envelopes ensuring complete security and confidentiality.

The dynamic scale can weigh up to 100 letters per minute while analyzing the weight and shape of the mail piece.

NE is big

Full Mixed Mail Capability

It is the only mailing system that processes true mixed mail of intermixed sizes, thicknesses and weights.

.8” Thickness Capacity

The PostBase ONE can handle all your mailing needs. From the thinnest envelopes, to envelopes as thick as .8”.

Bulk Ink Print

The PostBase ONE has the availability to have a bulk ink tank. This feature allows the PostBase ONE to hold more ink and let you print more.

Power Pump Sealer

Get perfect control over the seal of your envelopes. The Power Pump sealer lets you adjust the flow of liquid to assure the best seal.

Power Presser Sealer

The PostBase ONE ensures that your envelopes are sealed for security and confidentiality with its power presser feature.

Touchscreen Full Color Touch Screen

Label Dispenser

Power Presser

External Scale

The simple icon driven touch screen provides a seamless user experience.

The built-in label dispenser makes sending thicker mail and packages convenient. Weigh the package on the scale and press print label.

This feature ensures all of your envelopes are sealed and secure by pressing the envelope tightly closed.

Accurate and durable scale allows you to weigh packages up to 15 pounds.

Large color touchscreen easily adjusts to six ergonomically optimal positions allowing you to stand comfortably and still easily see the screen.

150 Letters Per Minute

The super fast PostBase ONE can process up to 150 letters per minute with dynamic scale off and up to 100 letters per minute with the dynamic scale running.

Specifications Feature Control Panel Processing speed (Maximum) Dynamic Weighing Speed(Maximum) Envelope Thickness Self-Adhesive Postage Label Dispenser Integrated Scale Capacity External Scale Option Differential Weighing Dynamic Scale Ultra High Capacity Envelope Drop Stacker

Software & Connectivity

Postage Accounting - Cost Accounts ReportOne Postal Reporting Software Postal Rate Wizard User PIN Code Security Postage Labels Custom Shortcut Keys (Maximum) Personalized Text Messages (Maximum) Envelope Advertising (Maximum) Automatic Postal Rates Download Connectivity

Color Touchscreen 150 lpm 100 lpm .8” yes 15 lbs With MailOne 2.0 yes Optional Optional 100 std., up to 250 yes yes yes Strip 20 12 30 yes LAN std., WiFi optional

Why FP?

Plugged into over 230,000 mailrooms worldwide, FP Mailing Solutions is the fastest growing mailing solutions company in the U.S. Real people. – With over 1,100 employees, FP provides all of our customers with a dedicated customer service team located in the U.S. Simple processes. – FP invests in research and development in order to continue to provide our customers with the simplest of solutions. FP is the leader in mailroom technology, being the first postage meter company to introduce a digital and USPS® IMI Compliant meter. Mailing solutions. – With over 90 years of experience, and operations in over 40 countries, it’s easy to see what makes FP Mailing Solutions the industry expert in mailroom solutions and technology.

Learn more at www.fp-usa.com/ONE

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