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Final salute Fallen Marine returns home, laid to rest By Carol McIntire Editor

Warrior volleyball team picks up the pace, wins three of four matches to move above 500 on the season. Page C-1

accent The 41st Algonquin Mill Festival kicks off a three-day run this Friday at Petersburg. Page B-1

flushing Water hydrants in the village of Carrollton will be flushed Oct. 11, 12 and 13. Residents are advised to use caution when doing laundry.

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A sign in front of Carrollton High School Friday morning read, “This country will remain home of the free because of the brave.” Inside the gymnasium, a funeral was underway for one of those brave, Marine LCpl Terry Wright, who was killed Sept. 21 while serving in Afghanistan. The funeral and calling hours were held in the school from which he graduated in 2008. Inside the gym was filled with family, friends, classmates of Terry and students at Carrollton High School. Outside, veterans of varying ages from all branches of the military, a Color Guard comprised of several local veterans, members of the community and Patriot Guard stood watch. Greg Graham of Dover, a member of the Patriot Guard and a friend of the family, waited for the opportunity to escort the funeral procession to Rock Hill Cemetery at Flushing. A fellow Marine who served his country from 1967-71, said he makes a strong effort to attend all military funerals with the Patriot Guard. “We are Marines, we are family,” he said. Graham, originally from the Cleveland area, spoke about the tremendous turnout Wednesday when Wright’s body traveled to Carrollton from the Akron/Canton Airport by a cortege escorted by over 100 motorcycles. “People are so respectful; you wouldn’t get that kind of turnout in Cleveland,” he said. Sandi Tasker, a member of the American Legion Riders from Hopedale, also participated in Wednesday’s procession. “It was the first time I’ve brought a boy home,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “It was very emotional for me. I felt honored to be a part of it. It was the most humbling experience of my life.” Tasker said she was overwhelmed by the show of support along the route, which included Interstate 77 to US 30 and then onto SR 43 for the trip to SweeneyDodds Funeral Home in Carrollton. “There were flags and people lining the entrance ramp to the interstate,” she said. “Through Waco, Waynesburg and Malvern people were lining the streets. There were fire trucks and flags honoring the

young man we lost. I can’t describe how I felt that so many people would turn out to honor Terry Wright.” One Vietnam veteran who lives 50 miles east of Pittsburgh, got up at 5 a.m. to make the trip. He said his wife asked him if he was sure he wanted to make the trip. His reply was, “Yes, because this boy would love to have been riding a bike with me today.” He went on to say, it was his honor to be included, because the young men and women in the military today are volunteers. “They are the real heroes.” Dave Huprich is the District 6 captain for the Patriot Guard. A Marine veteran who served in 1983-84, said he wanted to show honor, dignity and respect to the Wright family. “The Patriot Guard must be invited by the family,” he explained. “When the invitation is extended to the state, the district captain is contacted and he posts the information on the national website. We do flag lines and escort the family Marines place the casket of LCpl Terry Wright into the hearse following a funeral service to the cemetery. We make sure that Friday morning in the Carrollton High School gymnasium. family has a non-interrupted funeral. We provide the buffer zone between the family and anyone who tries to interrupt. We are here for the fallen and their family; to show them their loss is our loss.” The Patriot Guard was joined at Carrollton by the Leather Neck Nation, Law Dogs, American Legion and several individuals. Edward Berardinelli, a US Army veteran who left for the military with his twin brother, Ted, on June 15, 2004, said he was there to support a fallen comrade. An Apache helicopter mechanic, he did two tours of duty in Iraq. His brother was in the Air Force until he was injured and discharged in 2008. “Although I didn’t know Terry Wright personally, I’m here to support him and his family and make sure he has the respect he deserves,” the veteran said, adding he lost two men from his unit and the ceremony brought back many emotions. Patriot Guard members, wearing vests and jackets with a patch that read, “Standing for those who stood for us,” formed a line of flags as the Honor Guard of Marines carried LCpl Terry Wright’s casket down the walkway and placed it in Bell-Herron Middle School students lined 3rd St. NE last Wednesday waiting for the return the hearse that carried him to his of LCpl Terry Wright’s body to Carrollton. The procession made its way along the street past final resting place. the high school, from which he graduated in 2008.

County’s investment report: gloomy Attorneys urge residents to seek advice By Carol McIntire Editor Carroll County Commissioners learned just how low interest rates on certificates of deposit are in the current economy last week. Treasurer Jeff Yeager reported the county earned $2,290.95 for the third quarter on investments of $8.781 million. Interest for the year to date totals $24,278.08. Yeager said the county has four CDs coming due in December. Interest on those CDs will be paid at maturity, which will boost the county’s interest earnings for the year. He anticipated receiving $32,000 in interest income for 2011, a figure that will likely be met. “I don’t see any increase in interest rates for next year,” he said noting rates are ranging from .40 to .75 percent. “We will continue to work to get the best rates available for the county,” he said. In other business, commissioners: -LEARNED the Victim Assistance Program received a Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) grant for $57,689. The county’s share is $18,101 with an in-kind contribution of $1,128 for rent to operate the office. The state Victim of Crime Act grant is for $7,935, according to Karin Taff, program

director. She said the amount is “down slightly” from last year, but said the agency will be “able to get by.” -SIGNED a contract with Flickinger Piping to replace boilers at the Golden Age Retreat at a cost of $59,472. The project is being funded by an energy grant. -AGREED to accept bids until 9:30 a.m. Nov. 3 for the removal of the walkway between the Child Support Enforcement Agency and Prosecutor’s office buildings, located at 7 and 11 E. Main St., Carrollton. -MET in executive session to discuss the donation of real estate to the county with no action. -MET in executive session for 20 minutes to discuss possible litigation over a contract with Prosecuting Attorney Donald Burns with no action. -AGREED to send a letter to Cleveland Ohio Roofing giving the company 10 days to complete the jail roof and gutter and downspout projects. If the company does not comply, the matter will be forwarded to the prosecutor for further action. -RECEIVED the weekly dog pound report showing 24 impounded and 23 tagged. There were two citations issued for dogs running at large. See COMMISSIONERS, A-10

before signing away royalty, mineral rights By Carol McIntire Editor Over the last couple years, an increased number of landowners in Carroll County have signed oil and gas leases. Chesapeake Energy has completed drilling of several wells and has issued preliminary production reports. With those reports have come a new phenomenon for landowners: companies seeking to purchase their royalties and mineral rights. Carrollton attorneys Mark D. Okey (father) and Mark F. Okey (son) are issuing words of caution to those landowners who are considering accepting the offers. “The consequences can be dramatic,” Mark D. Okey told The Free Press Standard. “Many people believe it is another lease when in fact it is not,” he said. “They are offering a lump sum per acre payment to landowners. Many times the letter comes with a copy of a check.” He said, in essence, what the companies are doing is purchasing the landowners rights to any royalties from oil and gas produced from the well or offering to purchase their mineral rights,

which they can then sell to the oil and gas companies, or coal companies. Once a landowners sells his or her mineral rights, Okey said the landowner is giving up the rights to all minerals, not just oil or gas. “People are leasing land to companies and then another company comes along and purchases the royalties, leaving the landowner with nothing more than the bonus they received with the original lease,” Mark D. Okey explained. “These companies are preying on those in the county who are having what we call ‘lease remorse’. That is the people who signed leases for as little as $5 per acre before the oil and gas boom began. These people are feeling like they got the short end of the stick because others received large bonus payments. These offers may sound good, but they need to realize what they are giving up is very significant.” He said the initial production reports from the Mangun well, drilled off SR 9 near Augusta, and the Neider well, drilled off SR 39 in Fox Twp. are “very good.” “When our drilling consultant looked at those numbers his response was, ‘wow’,” said Mark D.

“These numbers are great news for people across the county. They suggest our oil and gas are better than those from Texas. We could set new standards for liquids and oil. It is an exciting time for us.” Mark F. Okey said what the companies attempting to purchase royalties and mineral rights are doing is trying to confuse landowners. “A lot of these offers are for $1,000 and $2,000 per acre much like the bonuses offered on a lease,” he said. “People need to realize the difference between a lease and a royalty or mineral purchase are as different as night and day. These companies are looking to purchase the royalties now so they can reap the rewards of the early years of production of the wells. We both are cautioning residents not to sign.” “We never advise landowners to sell mineral or royalty rights,” Mark D. Okey said, “unless they are in a financial emergency. We would then look at the situation and make a decision.” Mark D. Okey said one of the companies, MC Mineral Company, LLC of Oklahoma City, OK, is a subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy. See ADVICE, A-10



Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, October 6, 2011

PUBLIC RECORD Common Pleas Cases (Addresses as listed on Court records) New Cases Filed Enterprise Development Corp. of The Plains, OH, vs. Steven C. Hess and Sherie Hess, doing business as Hess’s Auto Service at 604 N. Lisbon St., Carrollton, complaint for judgment for $14,324.76 on a promissory note for $25,000 executed Aug. 24, 2001. GMAC Mortgage LLC of Fort Washington, PA, vs. Rex A. and Virginia a McArtor of 296 2nd St. NW, Carrollton, et al, complaint in foreclosure for $81,529.15 on a note for $86,750 executed June 22, 2006. Midland Funding LLC of San Diego, CA, vs. Michael Roberts Sr. of 7203 Waynesburg Rd. NW, Waynesburg, complaint for judgment for $17,437.74 on a credit card account. Bank of America at Plano, TX, vs. Dale E. Irwin and Susan Ruth Irwin of 800 Valley St., Minerva, et al, complaint in foreclosure for $53,157.65 on a note for $60,280 executed April 16, 2003. PNC Bank of Kalamazoo, MI, vs. Brian Wright, doing business as Wright Trucking at 7016 Roswell Rd. SW, Sherrodsville, complaint for judgment for $55,484.73 on a line of credit of $50,000. Dissolution Granted Mary D. Michel of 8621 N. High St., Mineral City and Matthew L. Michel of 3250 Folsam Rd. NW, Carrollton. Criminal Cases Ian H. Jakacki, 28, of 8521 Bay Rd., Carrollton, who was convicted of arson and breaking and entering and sentenced to concurrent terms of 17 and 11 months in prison Aug. 24, 2011, has been granted judicial release and sentenced to a 5-year community control program on 20 conditions and the balance of his

sentence has been suspended. The remaining 10-day jail sentence imposed Dec. 11, 2008, in the case of James R. Blotner, 42, of 4020 Patriot Rd., SE, Amsterdam, convicted of receiving stolen property, has been suspended. April D. Dycus, 22, of 501 Gween Dr., Apt. 4, Malvern, has been sentenced to a 5-year community control program on 19 conditions upon withdrawing a former not guilty plea to an indictment returned May 4 charging her with 2 counts of trafficking in marihuana, both 5th degree felonies, and 1 count of aggravated trafficking in drugs, a 4th degree felony, and entering guilty pleas to all the charges. Edward C. Straight, 20, of 8083 Curry Dr. NW, Malvern, has been sentenced to a 5-year community control program on 22 conditions upon withdrawing a former not guilty plea to an indictment returned July 6 charging him with 2 counts of receiving stolen property and entering a guilty plea to 1 count of receiving stolen property. Jeryd J. Wright, 19, of 143 Wood Rd. SE, Carrollton, has been placed on a 3-year probation on 18 conditions upon withdrawing a former not guilty plea to an indictment returned July 6 charging him with breaking and entering, a 5th degree felony, and entering a guilty plea to an amended indictment charging Wright with criminal trespassing, a 4th degree misdemeanor. A 30-day jail sentence, $250 fine and all court courts generated by his prosecution was suspended. Travis J. Riggs, 30, of 19747 Monroeville Heights, Salineville, has been sentenced to a 5-year community control program on 20 conditions, having previously been found guilty of trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in heroin, and possession of

cocaine. Probable cause has been found that Brett J. Giles, 23, of 125 Jackson Dr., Steubenville, has violated 3 terms of his 5-year reporting probation imposed June 7, 2011, upon conviction of trafficking in heroin. Bond has been set at $50,000 cash or surety and the matter continued to Oct. 6 at 9 a.m. for a pre-trial hearing. Probable cause has been found that Arthur Todd Tekip, 43, of 3137 Waynesburg Dr. SE, Canton, has violated a term of his 5-year reporting probation imposed May 26, 2010, upon conviction of 2 counts of assault. Tekip has been found ineligible for bond at this time and the matter is continued to Oct. 6 at 9 a.m. for pre-trial. The case of William E. Barnes, 19, of 15083 Sprucevale Rd., East Liverpool, convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and sentenced to a 5-year reporting probation July 12, 2010, has been continued for a merits hearing set for Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. on a probation violation. Barnes’ $50,000 cash or surety bond set Sept. 20 has been continued. The case of Christopher P. May, 25, of 5007 Pillar Rd. SW, Carrollton, indicted July 7, 2010, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, has been scheduled for trial Jan 31. 2012. The 4-year supervision of the Carroll County Adult Probation Department imposed March 30, 2009, in the case of Erika J. Karnes, 27, of 8389 Azalea Rd., Dennison, convicted of possession of heroine, has been terminated. The 5-year reporting probation imposed March 25, 2009, in the case of Lisa M. Changet, 37, of 1624 Vienna Rd. SW, Canton, convicted of trafficking in drugs and aggravated trafficking in drugs, has been termi-

Judge Dominick E. Olivito, Jr.

nated. Substantial evidence has been found that Charles R. Loterbaugh, 24, of 7088 Alliance Rd., Malvern, has violated 2 terms of his 5-year probation imposed Feb. 29, 2010, upon conviction of 2 counts of trafficking in marihuana. However, the Court has elected not to revoke Loterbaugh’s community control at this time and instead has ordered modification of his probation, remanding Loterbaugh to the Eastern Ohio Correctional Center for 4-6 months. Vonlie W. Cooper, 23, of New Cumberland, WV, has been sentenced to a 5-year non-reporting community control program on 14 conditions upon withdrawing a former not guilty plea to an indictment returned May 4, 2011, charging him with theft and receiving stolen property and entering a guilty plea to the theft charge. Bench Trial Scheduled A bench trial has been scheduled for Dec. 12 at 9 a.m. on the forcible entry and detainer complaint in the other civil action filed Sept. 7, 2010, by Randy L. Critchfield of 8315 Walnut St., Sherrodsville vs. Timothy and Janell Smith of 2326 Mayham Rd. NE, Carrollton, et al. Oath of Office Filed An Oath of Office entry has been filed for George R. Keyser as deputy director of the Carroll County Board of Elections. Other Civil Actions Settled, Dismissed The other civil action filed March 31, 2011, by Darl Ferguson of 10490 Salineville Rd., Salineville, vs. Carroll County Auditor E. Leroy VanHorne of 119 S. Lisbon St., Carrollton, has been settled between the parties and ordered dismissed by Judge Richard M. Markus, who modified an $8,000 fine against Ferguson to $1,000. The other civil action filed June 22, 2011, by Huntington National Bank

County Municipal Court Cases Carrollton Police Department cases – Regina A. Tubaugh of 557 5th St. NW, Carrollton, illegal depositing of garbage, $100 and costs, $75 of fine suspended. Joseph D. Cross of 94 High St. SW, Carrollton, traffic device violation, $45 and costs. Courtney E. Rinehart of 1046 Alamo Rd. SE,

Real Estate Betty M. Beach Dec’d to Jonathan McKee Golli and Kathryn Jeanne Heidemann, Lot 106, Rockwood Park, Monroe Twp., $64,000. Federal Home National Mortgage to Brice Burner, 1.000A, Brown Twp., $22,425. Sarah E. and Robert W. Espenschied and Sarah E. Stark to Robert W. and Sarah E. Espenschied, 1.02A, 1.01A, Orange Twp. Kasey L. Lawton to Robert L. and Leilani K. McHenry, Lots 6, 7, Perry Twp, $18,000. Tonya M. Moody to Patrick A. Moody, 6.58A, Brown Twp. Lavon Parkins Trustee, Lavon Merkel Trustee, CLM Trust No. 1, Lavon Parkins and La Von Parkins to Donald F. and Jacqueline E. Cincurak, Lots 671, 670, Lake Mohawk, Brown Twp. $80,000. William J. and Barbara A. Balogh to Karen L. Boggs Trustee, and Karen L. Boggs Trust, Lot 368, Lake Mohawk, $351,000. Steven A. and Catherine Z. Metzger to David A. Young and Marilena DiSilvo, Lot 717, Lake Mohawk, Brown Twp., $319,000. Sheriff Dale R. Williams and Patricia Ann Fischer ET AL to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company, 0.240A, Monroe Twp., $48,000. Beulah Lambert to Evelyn L. Lambert and Wilma L. Lambert, 23.266A, Washington Twp. Gary W. Clark to Stan J. Bright, Lot 10, Carrollton Corp., $21,900. Mary Kay Wickersham to Clarence A. Elkins Sr. Trustee, Molly S. Elkins Trustee, Clarence A. Elkins Revocable Living Trust, and Molly S. Elkins Revocable Living Trust, Lot 806, Lake Mohawk, Harrison Twp., $308,000. Ralph Eugene Hull Dec’d to Donna Mae Hull, 4.99A, 1.08A, 142.293A, Fox Twp. Linda Cinson Faa, Leland M. Faa, Robert Joseph Cinson and Joanne M. Cinson to Dave E. Hart, 0.051A, Malvern Corp., $1,000. Hostetler & Son Builders Inc. to Richard and Martha Ashton, Lot 933, Lake Mohawk, Harrison Twp., $10,000. Clarence J. and Helen K. Nelson to Clarence J. and Helen K. Nelson, 0.207A, 1.793A, Fox Twp. Kenneth J. and Garnet K. Subak to James A. Fortune, Lot 830, Lake Mohawk, Harrison Twp., $183,500. Brian J. and Alese A. Wise to Brian J. and Alese A. Wise, Lot 4, Brown Twp. Michael T. and Melissa L. Stinchcomb to Michael T. and Melissa L. Stinchcomb, Lot 5, Brown Twp. Consolidation Coal Company to CNX Gas Company LLC, 21.50A, 6.813A, 29.25A, 140.00A, 154.87A, 1.13A, Center Twp., 117.50A, 143.00A, Lee Twp., 44.06, 17.28A, 24.60A, 51.34A, 39.125A, 10A, Washington Twp.

Carrollton, speed (52/35), $170 bond. Michael P. Hogan of 622 N. Lisbon St., Carrollton, speed (51/35), $130 bond. Katherine Woodliff of Kent, speed (49/35), $115 bond. Barbara A. Lumley of 619 Park Ave. NE, Carrollton, junk vehicle, no fine, $70 costs, case dismissed by state. Ohio State Highway Patrol’s cases – Jason E. Ornouski of 372 Ross Dr., Waynesburg, failure to file registration, $120 bond; no seat belt, $30 bond. Amy J. Erwin of 1045 Salineville Rd. NE, Carrollton, speed (67/55), $170 bond. Richard C. Spahr of Sebring, overload, $206 bond. Kenneth J. Ailing Jr. of 4111 Woodale SE, Minerva, speed (68/55), $26 and costs. Trent G. Clark of 65 W. Main St., Apt. C, Carrollton, speed (75/55), $170 bond. Jackie M. Vint of 3490 Steubenville Rd. SE, Carrollton, assured clear distance, $30 and costs. David C. Levering of Canton, failure to control, $130 bond. Ralph A. Coss of 6342 Lynn Rd., Minerva, speed )(76/55), $130 bond Lindsay R. Buckley of 28458 Winona Rd., Salineville, no seat belt, $68 bond. Michael A. Tagliabue of Washington, NJ, speed (70/55), $115 bond. Tyler D. Peters of Canton, speed (69/55), $115 bond. Shelly L. Fountain of 309 W. Lincolnway, Minerva, speed (70/55), $115 bond. Ty A. Angle of Powell, OH, speed (75/55), $130 bond. Kathy J. Shaklee of 114000 Lincoln St. SE, Lot 74, Minerva, speed (71/55), $25 and costs. Timothy M. Ludy of Wellsville, failure to yield at stop sign, $130 bond. Alan L. Gerding of Hinckley, OH, traffic control light violation, $130 bond. Shaun E. Burchfield of 7034 Salineville Rd., NE, Mechanicstown, failure to yield at stop sign, $130 bond. Robert D. Lewis of New Philadelphia, over load, $304 bond. Olivia L. Grimm of 2626 Bellflower Rd. NW, Carrollton, no seat belt, $68 bond. Brad D. Harrison of Delaware, OH, speed (70/55), $115 bond. Jennifer L. Fry of 2251 Avalon Rd. NW, Carrollton, speed (70/55), $115 bond. Lacey E. Gutierrez of Canton, child restraint violation, $130 bond. Michael D. Casper of 7232 Maple St., Malvern, no seat belt, $68 bond. Randy L. McCauley of 44 Navajo Trail, Malvern, no operators license, $150 and costs; driving under the influence and speed (52/45), both cases dismissed by state; no seat belt, $30 fine. Matthew R. Edie of 9022 Derry Rd., Bowerston, speed (54/20), $100 and costs. Kayla S. Medved of 208 S. Main St., Waynesburg, driving under suspension and changing lanes, both cases dismissed by state; no operators license, $150 and costs. Timothy E. Keplinger Jr. of

Uhrichsville, no seat belt, $68 bond. James A. Coy of 4504 Arrow Rd., Carrollton, speed (67/55), $115 bond. John M. Warner of 7127 Sandy Lane NW, Malvern, speed (88/55), $100 and costs. Deborah L. Smith of 2273 Pine St. NW, Carrollton, speed (67/55), $115 bond. State’s Carrollton Police Department cases – Nakita M. Morgan of 1300 Colonial Blvd. NE, Canton, passing bad check, case dismissed due to paying restitution in full. Cathryn J. Kusic of 913 Township Rd. 142a, Cadiz, theft by deception, $150 and costs, 174 days of a 180-day jail sentence suspended on conditions; theft, case dismissed by state. Sheriff’s Department cases – Cory J. Turkovich of 2136 Chase Rd., Carrollton, speed (70/55), $115 bond. Willis B. Cline of 222 S. Reed St., Malvern, animals running at large, $150 and costs, 30-day jail sentence suspended on conditions. Sarah J. Graybill of 415 Cherry Ave., Malvern, disorderly conduct, $250 and costs, 28 days of a 30-day jail sentence suspended on conditions. Marvin R. Graybill of 415 Cherry Ave., Malvern, disorderly conduct, $250 and costs, 28 days of a 30-day jail sentence suspended on conditions. Hailey D. Jett of 5311 Pinto Rd., Carrollton, assured clear distance, $50 and costs. Summer L. Wiers of 453 E. Lake Mohawk Dr., Malvern, no operators license, $25 and costs. Charles M. Herrington of 3382 Steubenville Rd., Carrollton, improper passing, $130 bond. Derek Carson of Canton, speed (58/45), $115 bond. Bryan D. Gambs of New Philadelphia, speed (51/35), $130 bond. Kelly J. Dulaney of 206 Spring Rd. NW, Minerva, assured clear distance, $130 bond. Ruth Wagler of

Hartville, speed (48/35), $170 bond. Brett A. Barrick of 9055 Blade Rd., Carrollton, 2 counts of aggravated menacing, both cases dismissed by state. Samantha R. Thomas of 6515 Kensington Rd., Carrollton, drug possession, $150 and costs; cultivation of marihuana, case dismissed by state. Roger W. Felton of 707 N. Garfield, Alliance, 3 counts of criminal damages, all cases dismissed by state; disorderly conduct, $150 and costs. Thomas S. Tropf of North Canton, left of center, $130 bond. Miranda K. Devore of 11366 SR 9, Kensington, theft, case dismissed by state. James A. Hull of 30 Arrow Rd., Carrollton, disorderly conduct, $150 and costs, 28 days of a 30-day jail sentence suspended on conditions. Stephanie Farmer of 571 5th St., Carrollton, disorderly conduct, $150 and costs, 30-day jail sentence suspended on conditions. Ronald Roepke III of 8260 Diamond Rd., Scio, no operators license, $150 and costs; failure to reinstate license, case dismissed by state. Tricia K. Rhodes of 110 Oneida Trail, Malvern, speed (50/35), $115 bond. State’s Minerva Police Department case – Charles M. Trussel of 4245 Ruby Rd. NW, Carrollton, physical control, $250 and costs, 177 days of a 180-day jail sentence suspended on conditions, drivers license suspended from April 15, 2011, to April 14, 2012; speed (43/25), $50 fine. Civil Cases Capital One Bank of Columbus has filed a contract note for $961.63 against Samantha A. Mathes of 346 Woodside Dr. SW, Carrollton. Eviction Action Filed Barbara K. Edwards of 876 Arbor


Worker’s Compensation Divorce - Dissolution Grandparents Visitation Child Custody (Visitation - Support)

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Personal Injury DUI - OVI Driving Under Suspension Traffic Ticket Hours: By Appointment Only.

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County Sheriff Dale R. Williams. Domestic Violence Petitions Dismissed The domestic violence petition filed May 11, 2011, by Rebecca V. Moore of 6002 VoAsh Dr. SW, Carrollton, against William Murphy of 520 Lisbon St., Carrollton, has been voluntarily dismissed by the petitioner. The domestic violence petition filed Aug. 17, 2011, by Stephanie Ann Austin, anonymous address, vs. Kent A. Austin of 819 2nd St. NE, Jamestown, ND, has been ordered dismissed. Foreclosure Placed in Inactive Status The foreclosure filed March 22, 2011, by Bank of New York Mellon at Plano, TX, vs. Elizabeth and Michael Davis of 149 Cheyenne Trail, Malvern, et al, has been ordered removed from the active trial docket due to a stay issued by the United States Bankruptcy Court and the case is to remain in an inactive status. Child Support Case Matthew Brady of 232 2nd St. NE, Carrollton, has been released on a $5,000 recognizance bond on conditions in a child support case and the matter has been continued to Dec. 15. Workers Compensation Case Transferred to Stark The Workers Compensation case filed Aug. 8, 2011, by Gloria Donohue of 1064 Brush Rd. NE, Minerva, against PCC Airfoils LLC of 3860 Union Ave. SE, Minerva, et al, has been ordered transferred to Stark County Common Pleas Count on a joint motion of the parties upon determination that the plaintiff suffered alleged injuries in Stark County.

Judge Gary L. Willen Rd., Minerva, vs. Joe and Amy Dotson of 44 Gallo Rd. NW, Carrollton. Judgments Granted Midland Credit Management, Inc. of San Diego, CA, from Lisa Knotts of 2230 Steubenville Rd. SE, Carrollton, $782.90. Kenneth J. Joseph of Box 6, Carrollton, from Derek and Traci Cody and Occupants at 630 N. High Ave., Carrollton, $1,339. On a counter claim, Derek and Traci Cody of 630 N. High Ave., Carrollton, were granted judgment for $1,050 from Kenneth J. Joseph of Box 6, Carrollton. Mark W. and Debbie M. Smith of 2200 Alliance Rd. NW, Malvern, granted judgment for $738.20 in an eviction action filed against Angela Cross of 6511 Kensington Rd., Carrollton. Money Action Dismissed The money action for $1,931.46 filed June 24 by Dell Finance Services LLC of Round Rock, TX, vs. Brenda L.

Riggs of 3095 Norse Rd. NE, Mechanicstown, has been dismissed. Eviction Action Dismissed The eviction action filed Sept. 9 by Dennis G. Brenneman of 771 Courtview Dr. SW, Carrollton, vs. Amber Hill and Nicholas Celano of 280 2nd St. NW, lot 1, Carrollton, has been dismissed.


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Marriage Licenses Brian L. Butream, 45, and Tanya M. Tweedy, 31, both of 630 Pacific Rd. SE, Carrollton. Clyde H. Giltz, 68, and Sue E. Oliver, 59, both of 7144 Cumberland Rd. SW, Bowerston. Seann E. Coleman, 33, and Courtney L. Halter, 28, both of 19 Magnolia Rd. SW, Dellroy. Travis Joseph DeZordo, 26, of Cornelius, NC, and Jessie Anne Martin, 23, of Davidson, NC. Brandon P. L. Mase, 25, of Mingo Junction and Jeanette L. Taormina, 23, of 8064 Germano Rd. SE, Amsterdam. Jackson F. Poole, 30, and Kathleen J. Jefferys, 36, both of 1217 Bacon Rd. NW, Carrollton.

of Columbus vs. Richard E. Coberly III of North Royalton, has been settled and dismissed. Stay Issued A stay has been issued in the foreclosure action filed Sept. 21, 2010, by PNC Bank National Association of Miamisburg, OH, vs. Kristen B. and Noelle M. Reed of 5553 Whipple Ave. NW, Apt. 8, North Canton, et al by virtue of the pending bankruptcy case. Foreclosure Reactivated The automatic stay imposed by a bankruptcy proceeding has been modified in the foreclosure action filed Aug. 10, 2009, by BAC Home Loans Servicing of Plano, TX, vs. Kenneth R. and Priscillai Carver of 7101 Marble Rd. NE, Kensington, et al and the case has been ordered reactivated to the Court’s original filing date of Aug. 10, 2009. Judgments Granted Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. of W. Palm Beach, FL, has been granted judgment for $36,280.44 in a foreclosure filed July 11, 2011, against Carl and Joann Vandegrift of 113 N. Market St., Minerva, et al. BAC Home Loans Servicing of Plano, TX, granted judgment for $88,251.68 in a foreclosure filed Feb. 11, 2010, against Tonya R. Trushell of 1086 Solar Rd. NE, Carrollton, et al. Wells Fargo Bank of Fort Mill, SC, granted judgment for $49,566.89 in a foreclosure filed March 31, 2011, against Robert D. German of 875 Wales Rd. NE, Massillon, and Diana German of 3151 Magnolia Rd. NW, Magnolia et al. Capital One Bank of Norcross, GA, granted a default judgment for $17,798.04 in an other civil action filed July 18, 2011, against Dustin R. Decker of 7000 Alliance Rd., Malvern. Deputy Sheriff Appointed Thomas R. Maxwell has been appointed a deputy sheriff by Carroll

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rest in Peace Carrollton, Ohio

Lance Corporal Terry Wright



One of us has left the confines of this earth and now resides with the Angels, but the young United States Marine who departed will never be forgotten. Many of us did not personally know Lance Corporal Terry Wright, but in a way we all knew him, even as he was growing up in this community, walking the halls of Carrollton High School and the Buckeye Career Center. He was one thread of the nurturing blanket we call community. When a single strand is lost, we all feel the pain. That was more than evident as Corporal Wright returned home a final time. There were so many moments that brought into focus how the loss was felt...older veterans coming to attention and rendering a final salute as the motorcade passed by. the many who lined the route to pay their repects, only hearing the distant whir of an air conditioning unit as hundreds of young Carrollton school students stood in absolute silence in honoring a former schoolmate, the thousands of tears that fell from eyes above so many heavy hearts as we said a final goodbye. Lance Corporal Wright has gone to a peaceful rest. And, he certainly must know his sacrifice was not in vain and will never be in vain. He now stands formation with countless others who have given their lives so we can continue to live in freedom. May God hold you forever in His loving embrace. Rest in Peace.



Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OPINIONS & VIEWS National Newspaper Week, Oct. 2-8

Celebrating success By Doug Anstaett Despite all the doomsayers out there writing obituaries for the nation’s newspaper industry, 150 million Americans — two out of three adults — read a local newspaper last week. Newspaper Association of America research from 2011 by Scarborough USA indicates almost 70 percent of your neighbors read either a printed newspaper or its online counterpart within the past seven days. How could that be? Well, it’s because newspapers still represent the most trusted source of news in America. I know that’s hard to believe when you hear the mainstream media criticized at every turn on cable TV. But it’s true. When citizens want to get the facts, they turn to their local newspaper. This is National Newspaper Week, and this year’s theme, “Newspapers — Your Number One Source for Local News,” underscores the importance of the nation’s newspapers in the daily lives of citizens. Newspapers certainly have their competitors out there: a hundred million websites, hundreds of thousands of bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, billboards, radio and television. And that competition is formidable. But where does the vast majority of the “authoritative” news coverage originate that other media outlets utilize? Simple … the nation’s daily and weekly newspapers. If print is dead, then why do more than 7,000 weekly and 1,400 daily newspapers still open their doors every day and report what is happening in their communities? Because they take seriously the importance of local news. They know those who plunk down their hard-earned cash want their newspaper to cover those events that are unique to each community. Every day, newspapers in our local communities cover the big stories and the routine as well. Editors take to heart the newspaper’s role as the most comprehensive source of a community’s historical record, so births, deaths, weddings, engagements, business accomplishments, crime, courts, real estate transactions and a myriad of other day-to-day news events are covered along with the important governmental decisions that affect our lives. Newspapers are the number one source of local news in every city and county in America because we show up each and every day and cover those stories. It’s what our readers have come to expect. And it’s what we do better than any other news source in America. Doug Anstaett is executive director of the Kansas Press Association and current president of the Newspaper Association Managers.

Readers Write To the Editor: The ninth annual Scarecrows on the Square was a success again this year thanks to the weather and the hard work and donations of business and people in the community. The committee that organizes the event would like to especially thank Connie Trushel for dressing as the scarecrow for the school children, Chuck and Carol Lutton for their help throughout the whole process, Amy Rutledge for assisting and promoting the event, Masonic Lodge #124 for providing food and drink the day of the event, ACE Hardware for their donation of supplies, Ashtons 5 and 10 for supplies to decorate pumpkins, all the businesses that participated in the scavenger hunt, the Puch’s for the small pumpkins to decorate, John Dendak for providing music and sound equipment the day of the event, the Village of Carrollton, Pat and Denny Roudebush for assisting the day of the event, and Holly Dodds for setting up the scavenger hunt and assistance the day of the event. Without these groups, people, and businesses, this event would not be the success it has been each year. The scarecrows will remain around Public Square and in front of businesses through Oct. 10. Scarecrows Committee Andrew Dodds

Steeple to Street “There’s a girl in the corner with tear stains on her eyes From the places she’s wandered and the shame she can’t hide. She says, ‘How did I get here? I’m not who I once was. And I’m crippled by the fear that I’ve fallen too far to love.’

Military Warrior of the Month SPC Christopher Young II graduated from Carrollton High School in 2009. Nine days later he left for Ft. Benning, GA, for basic training. He was then stationed with the 25th Infantry Unit at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. He deployed to Iraq July 3, 2010, for 11 months with the 225 Striker Brigade as a gunner. He is back in Hawaii with the 25th Infantry Unit. Cards, notes and letters can be sent to him at the following address: SPC Young Christopher BCO 1-21 IN PO Box 124 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 96857 Editor’s Note: An effort is underway to compile a list to honor all military, active and reserve, from Carroll County. Anyone who knows of a person serving in the Armed Forces, at home or abroad, is asked to contact George Sanford at Join in the salute to these Warriors by sending them a card or note.

But don’t you know who you are, what’s been done for you? Yeah don’t you know who you are? You are more than the choices that you’ve made, You are more than the sum of your past mistakes, You are more than the problems you create, You’ve been remade.” This is the most beautiful song that I have ever heard. It is by a Christian band called Tenth Avenue North and is called “You are More.” This song tells us that our past mistakes are not held against us and that God has completely forgiven us for all the wrongs we have done. Isn’t it easy to become so closely identified with your poor choices, past mistakes, and problems that they become who you think you are? So many times in my life I have chosen to believe the lies that both others tell me and I tell myself. Lies that tell that I have fallen too far to love or that I am not worthy of the love of God. No one is ever beyond God’s reach. The love of God is greater than the sum of everyone’s mistakes and failures. God has remade us and continues to remake in the image of His Son, Jesus. Thank God that we have been remade! In Christ Seth Filburn

Readers Write To the Editor: What a band show! The weather was great and the seven high school marching bands that performed at the recent Carrollton High School Band Extravaganza were terrific! We appreciate all the family, friends and the community for coming out for the show. Thanks to Ike and Don Dillon Hennebert for taking care of the parking along with the JROTC, Mark Walters and Boy Scout Troop 141, Captain Ludy and the Sheriff’s Dept. for directing traffic, Colleen Anderson and Ken Joseph for sending EMTs for the evening, American veterans, VFW Post 3301, DAV Chapter 85 and JROTC for raising the colors that evening, the parents who volunteered to work in the concession stand, take tickets and sell 50/50 tickets, Dave Davis for his opening remarks and Art Glenn and Shane Meek for serving as announcers. Behind the scenes were Angie Crawford, vice president; Pam Rininger, secretary; Marry Starre, treasurer; and Paula Patterson, uniform coordinator. Each one of you put in countless hours not only with the Extravaganza but with anything and everything for the band. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Thanks to my wonderful husband, Don Minor, for always being ready to pull the “bandit” trailer to games and band shows. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to the directors and co-directors, Dave Dickerhoof, Heather Shive, Jeneva Ford, Andrew Garay and Hailey Pastricak. Our band is wonderful because of you and all the students. Thanks for a great marching season! Jen Minor Band Booster President To the Editor: The world is not a very safe place today. Ever since the tragedy of the bombing of the World Trade Towers on Sept.11, 2001, and the subsequent disasters in Europe and around the globe, our normal way of life has taken a dramatic turn. For this cause, we have sent our boys and now our girls over to fight a war that has no seemingly end in sight. It is a war on terror and, those who are believers in Jesus Christ, know that this kind of war has no boundaries and no end. Yet, without a draft, young men and women knowingly put themselves in harms way and enlist in the armed forces. Some do it because they feel it is their patriotic duty. Some do it because there simply are no jobs available so they enlist hoping that they can find a better way of life when they get out. For whatever gain, it is commendable that these young people serve our country. It is more than just patriotic, for it also gives us a ray of hope on the character of our upcoming generations. It is to this end that Terry Wright enlisted in the United States Marines. As with his fellow enlistees, he joined knowing the danger and peril that could be at stake, yet he put his life on the line every day he was on duty and, in the end, paid the ultimate sacrifice. For his bravery and character of performing his duty in harms way we give a hearty “Semper Fi” to our young, fallen Marine. The community outdid itself in preparing to host his final homecoming. The events that led up to his arrival on Wednesday showed an outpouring of the respect and love that our community has for its soldiers serving around the world. As the pastor of the Carrollton Bible Chapel, I had an insight into much of the behind the scenes work that it took to prepare for the funeral and the dinner following his final ride to his resting place. To the many individuals who worked unselfishly and tirelessly behind the scenes I know that the Wright family is grateful for your service. If I began to name names, I know that I would forget someone and I would not want to offend anyone who served in this noble purpose. However, you know who you are and for your gift of your time, energy, and resources, the Wright family and your community thanks you. To Mrs. Palmer Fogler and the Carrollton Exempted Village School District, we want to say a special “Thank You” for providing the use of the school gym, the cafeteria, and its facilities to have this special event. And to the workers who donated your time and effort to keep the building open and cleaned up after us, a special “Thank You” too! Your special kindness and gift provided the opportunity for many to be a part of this historic event in our community. To the companies who donated, sponsored, gave and participated in the process we also say thank you. You are successful in our community not just because you are in business here but because you also have the heart of the community. It is why we do business with you. Your unselfish giving provided much relief for the family of the time before, during, and after the funeral. You are indeed a blessing to our community. To the Marines whose professionalism and heroic deeds keep us free every day, we say a grateful “Thank You”. To the Carroll County Sheriff’s department and the other services who helped provide a safe rite of passage both to the school and to the cemetery we also say “Thank You”. Lastly among this group, who could forget the impressive display of Marines and veterans no longer in active service and the patriots who rode with them providing both security and a patriotic display that will forever be ingrained in our hearts and minds. Finally, to the Carroll County Ministerial Association, thank you for praying outside of the gym while the funeral was taking place. Your place was noted and appreciated. Also, to their churches whose individuals gave of their time and resources we also say thank you. It was indeed a community-wide effort. If I forgot anyone please forgive me. I know your time and talent was not wasted on this event. God truly blessed our community this past week. You proved again that anything is possible if we work together as a community. The flags have mostly been picked up. School is back in session and work is going on just like it did a week ago. Much is the same for us who were not directly affected by this tragedy but for the Wright family this week still brings the memory of the missing family member who they loved and admired to heart and mind. Let us as a community not forget in the busyness of our week to continue to pray and uplift this family before our Lord. Thank you again Carrollton and Carroll County for your patriotic and loving support of our fallen hero, Terry Wright. Pastor Chuck Wilson The Carrollton Bible Chapel

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio



AREA NEWS INVESTIGATIONlog CARROLL SHERIFF Sept. 24 – A Magnolia Rd., Magnolia man was transported to jail after an altercation between three people. Sept. 24 – An Aster Rd., Carrollton woman told deputies someone reached in her bathroom window and stole her cell phone. Sept. 25 – Deputies and the fire department were called to a Van Jack St., Carrollton residence for a vehicle on fire. The owners were not at home when the car caught fire. Sept. 26 – A Kennel Rd., Minerva man was assaulted at a Murray Ave., Minerva business by a man last known to reside on Lisbon St., Paris. The man’s cheek and lower lip were injured. Sept. 27 – The windshield of a vehicle parked at a Clay St., Malvern residence was broken. Sept. 27 – Someone attempted to steal a tractor from a Salineville Rd., Mechanicstown residence. The man found the tractor at the end of the drive with a melted starter cable. Sept. 27 – A Gleco Rd., Dellroy woman reported losing her cell phone.

Sept. 27 – Deputies were called to an Easton St., Malvern residence for animals running at large. CARROLLTON POLICE Sept. 27 – A letter was sent to a 5th St. man regarding a junk vehicle parked on the property. Sept. 27 – Someone broke a window on the rear door of a Lincoln Ave. residence in a possible attempt to get inside. Sept. 27 – A driver was backing at Circle K to make a delivery when the trailer struck the corner of the roof causing damage. Sept. 28 – A summons was issued to a 5th St. woman for trash after officers received several complaints. Sept. 28 – A Lincoln Ave. woman reported jewelry missing from her bedroom. Oct. 1 – A Jones Ave. woman reported her wallet missing. The woman was in various stores and is unsure when it went missing. Oct. 3 – A letter was sent to a Butler Ave. man for a truck with a flat tire parked on the property and to a Butler Ave. woman for a van parked with the bumper falling off.

ACCIDENTreports CARROLL SHERIFF Sept. 25 – Johnathan P. Schotts, 16, of 4111 Marihill Dr., Minerva, was traveling south on Mallow Rd. when his vehicle went off the right side of the roadway and up an embankment. The 1993 Oldsmobile caught on the embankment and overturned on the road. A passenger in the vehicle, Jerimia T. Ward, 14, of 10725 Rochester Rd., East Rochester, was transported to Aultman Hospital by Bartley’s Ambulance. Schotts was cited for operating a vehicle without reasonable control. Sept. 25 – After reports of erratic driving, Richard A. Lightell, 58, of 6556 Roswell Rd.,

Sherrodsville, drove his vehicle off the right side of the road and into a ditch. He was cited for driving under the influence. Sept. 27 – Timothy J. Morris, 23, of Canton, was traveling on Citrus Rd. when he failed to negotiate a curve atop of a hill and overturned his Honda motorcycle. He was transported to Aultman Hospital by private car. CARROLLTON POLICE Sept. 29 – Patti L. Slunt, 56, of 3153 Apollo Rd., Carrollton, was traveling through the parking lot at Drug Mart and struck a yellow pole causing damage to the front left fender of her vehicle.

New fire district name chosen; search underway for fiscal officer The Great Trail Fire District was the name chosen for the joint fire district between Malvern Village and Brown Township Fire Departments. A board of trustees met Sept. 28 and chose the name. Jeff Kapron, citizen representative, was named board chairman. Mike Hulit, a Lake Mohawk representative, will serve as co-chairman. Other board members are Rod Wise, Brown Township trustee, Jim Wyman, also a Lake Mohawk representative, and Alan Artzner, Malvern council representative. According to Hulit, Malvern Village and Brown Twp. fire departments will continue operating separately until the first of the New Year, when the merger takes affect. The board will be advertising for a chief and fiscal officer and those positions will be filled before the merger. At a previous meeting Atty. Chip Comstock outlined board duties, which include choosing a chief and fiscal officer, establishing budgets, finding information for levies and levy ballot language, and an evaluation of the district. They also must gather information regarding workers’ compensation coverage for the district, liability, property and casualty

insurance and deal with leases or contracts the two fire departments have with vendors. The State Fire Marshal’s office will be contacted regarding a new ID number and how to title department vehicles. Policies, such as use of credit cards, travel, and educational reimbursements, along with inventories, arrangements with Emergency Medical Service providers and current debt will need to be researched. Comstock explained the board of trustees will run the fire district and make all policy decisions, hire and fire and approve purchases. The day-to-day operations of the district will be run by the district chief who will implement all board policies. The board will run like a township, with a chairman, vice chairman and fiscal officer. The fiscal officer maintains all records and books and writes all checks. Along with the fiscal officer, usually a board member is permitted to sign checks. The fiscal officer will give monthly reports to the board regarding all budget information. The next meeting of the board of trustees of the Great Trail Fire District is Oct. 18 at Malvern Village fire station. Time will be announced at a later date.

Apple Stirrin’ Festival Oct. 15, 16 The 33rd annual “Apple Stirrin” time festival will be Oct. 15 and 16 in Unionport. Sponsored by Unionport Grange #2728, old-fashioned living is the atmosphere for the two-day event. Each day will begin with pancakes and sausage available at 8 a.m. Other food items such as barbecue chicken, cider, apple butter and homemade baked goods will be available. Judging will begin Saturday at 2 p.m. for the apple pie baking contest. For information about the contest, call 740-944-1533. A cruise in will be held Oct. 16 beginning at 11 a.m.

A variety of entertainment is scheduled both days, along with antique tractors and engines and a Christmas Cabin, complete with ornaments for the holidays, decorations, etc. will be on display. Crafters will have wares for sale and will do demonstrations, including chainsaw carving. Miniature train rides will be offered. Admission, parking and entertainment are free. To get to the festival grounds, take SR 43 to East Springfield and turn south on CR 39. Drive approximately seven miles to Unionport and the “Apple Stirrin’ site.

Council member resigns in Leesville By Jacquie Humphrey FPS Correspondent Leesville Council accepted the resignation of longtime council member Doug Mallernee at the September meeting. Mallernee submitted his verbal resignation to council just prior to the closing of the meeting, explaining he has decided to return to part time employment and feels that is where the focus of his attention belongs. Mayor Ed Alsept accepted the resignation while expressing regret at council’s loss of his service. Mallernee has served council for nearly two decades, holding the position of council president for many of those years. Solicitor Jason Jackson noted Mallernee’s departure will leave two vacant council seats in the village. Anyone wishing to join Leesville’s council should contact Mayor Alsept, or attend a council meeting. Requirements for this position are to be a registered voter and resident for one year. Village employee Fred Guthrie inquired of council as to whether or not he should begin the clean up process for leaves. Council discussed the matter and decided, due to financial constraints, to offer free trash bags to village residents as done last year. Anyone needing bags should contact Council President Peggy Minder at 740-269-5645. Alsept reported he has been approached by a resident request-

ing a “Slow children at play” sign be erected on their alley. Jackson advised although he does not believe the village placing a sign would be a liability, he feels if one sign is placed, multiple requests will be received for the same thing. Council discussed this matter and agreed the financial resources are not available. No action was taken. Alsept also reported a letter was

received from a party interested in keeping Leesville’s post office open, and requesting support from council in this matter. Council President Peggy Minder will follow up on this request. IN OTHER business, council: -HEARD Alsept relay a report from absent Councilman John Traxler that he met with a representative of Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and they

are not in agreement with erecting a guardrail on SR212 at the entrance to the village. -APPROVED payment of up to $505 for liability insurance. -LEARNED Solicitor Jackson had issued two letters to property owners on Cumberland Rd. who are in violation of village ordinances. -SET the next meeting of Leesville Council Oct. 11 at 7 p.m.


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Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, October 6, 2011

OBITUARIES Thomas A. Hall, 57 Thomas A. Hall, age 57, of Mechanicstown, died Wednesday, September 28, 2011 in Aultman Hospital. Born May 26, 1954, in Canton, he was a son of Marie (McIntosh) Hall of Kensington and the late J. Howard Hall. He was a 1972 graduate of Carrollton High School, worked for Baughman Machines where he was a machinist/welder. He was a farmer and a former member of Glade Run Church of Christ. In addition to his mother, he is survived by four children, Megan

(Bobby) Kinsey of Kensington, SheaLee Mitchell and Dave Catlett of Minerva, Adam Hall of Fairlawn and Jake (Abby) Mitchell of Rocky River; sister, Eileen (Richard) Andric of Lisbon; four grandchildren, Kayla and Koby Kinsey, Nathan Mitchell and Dylan Hall. Following cremation, a memorial service was held Oct. 2 in Gotschall-Hutchison Funeral Home in Minerva with Rev. Willard Balint and Rev. Christopher Wade officiating. Those unable to attend may sign the online register book at www.gotschallfuneralhome@

Brenda K. CampBell, 62 Brenda Kay “Gramie� CampBell, age 62, of Carrollton passed away at her residence Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011. Born March 19, 1949, in Bradford, PA, she was a daughter of Arnold Dale and Betty (Raught) Patterson. She was a cook for the Virginia Restaurant & Lounge. She belonged to Carrollton United Presbyterian Church and loved crocheting, gospel and country music, flowers and gardening and watching arts and crafts. She loved the Carroll County Fair and attending four-wheel jamborees. She was in 4-H and FFA. She is survived by her husband, Bruce T. “Lucky� CampBell, who she married Sept. 2, 1967; two sons, Dennis CampBell of Carrollton and Bruce Jr. (Susie) CampBell of Creston; a daughter, Dawn (Mike) Snair of Amsterdam; a

brother, Mark C. Patterson of Gladehill, VA; a sister-in-law, Linda Patterson of Nebraska; a sister, Sandy (Gene) Northrop of Unionhall, VA; nine grandchildren, Dennis J. CampBell Jr., Pamela Kay CampBell, Micah Snair, Brenda Dawn Snair, Matthew Allen CampBell, Samantha Louise CampBell, Missy Lynn Snair, Ryan CampBell and Keerstyn CampBell; five great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by a brother, Kenneth “Butch� Patterson and a grandson, Bruce T. “Scooter� CampBell III. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Carroll County Hospice. Graveside services will be held at a later date. Allmon-Dugger-Cotton Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Recorder files September report A total of 856 instruments were recorded in the Carroll County Recorder’s office during September. According to Recorder Patricia J. Oyer, the monthly receipts for filings, Uniform Commercial Code transactions and copies totaled $105,938.

From this amount, $53,028 was placed in the county’s general fund and $52,910 was forwarded to the Ohio Housing Trust fund. The daily register included the following: 182 deeds, 201 mortgages, 4 liens, 452 leases, 4 Power of Attorney applications and 13 miscellaneous.



DON’T SPEND YOUR SALES PROCEEDS, INVEST THEM. Edward Jones can help. Diane W Evans

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Opal L. Engle, 89

Ronald J. Colaprete, 80

Opal Loretta Engle, age 89, of Nassau Rd., NE, Kensington, passed away at her residence Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011. Born March 23, 1922, she was a daughter of Thomas and Nancy Jane Henthorne. She lived here for 55 years and attended St. John’s the Evangelist Catholic Church in Summitville. She is survived by two daughters, Janie (Milt) Donohue of Kensington and Lila (Joe) Kovach of Carrollton; a sister, Clara Jane Henthorne of Hammondsville; two grandchildren, Travis Kovach of Kent and Tami (Jim) Carlone; a great grandson, Isaiah Donohue, and great granddaughter, Macy Carlone. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert James Engle, whom she married Nov. 26, 1942, and who died Sept. 5, 1990; and a grandson, “Yogi� Kovach. Graveside services will be held Thursday at 11 a.m. in St. John’s Church Cemetery with Pastor Rusty Savage officiating. MapleCotton Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

R o n a l d J o s e p h Colaprete of Fairfax, VA, was born April 11, 1931, in Niles OH, the second son of Helen Marie (Smith) Dellego and Nicholas Dale Colaprete. He The late passed away Ronald J. Sept. 30, 2011. Colaprete He graduated from Dellroy High School, Dellroy, OH, in 1949. In June of 1949, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force serving three years and being Honorably Discharged December of 1952. After returning home, he worked at Republic Steel in Canton, OH, as a crane operator and then decided to re-enlist into the Air Force in December of the following year. He was a weather operator and nose gunner in RB36 bombers, earning his wings for Senior Airborne. In 1957, he was accepted into the U.S. Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigation) school. For the next 10 years he was a special agent in Counter Intelligence and Criminal Intelligence. He was stationed in Turkey from 1956-1960 then at Bunker Hill Air Force Base in Indiana from 1960-1965. After attending the Language Institute in Monterey, CA, he was sent to Germany from 1965-1968. While stationed there, he was commissioned as a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army. Upon returning back to the U.S. in 1968, he attended Criminal Investigation School at Fort Gordon, GA, and was then sent to Korea for 13 months. He was next sent to Vietnam in 1971, serving as Officer In Charge in Qui Nhon. After Vietnam, he was re-assigned to Fort Gordon where he was a Criminal Investigation Instructor. He retired from military service Dec. 31, 1974. During his military career he received numerous unit citations, a Bronze Star for valor and a Vietnamese Liberation Citation. After military service, he accepted a position with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. having served as Deputy Chief of the Protection Division for 13 years then as Chief for four years. He retired from Smithsonian Institute after 20 years in 1994. Ron was preceded in death by his mother, Helen Marie(Smith) Dellego; father, Nicholas Dale Colaprete; and brother, Nicholas Colaprete. He is survived by his first wife, Jacqueline (Dever) Colaprete and son, Ronald Colaprete and his wife Marty (Cole) of Carrollton, OH; daughter, Cindy Colaprete of Wapokeneta, OH; three grandchildren, Jill and Jackson, of Ohio, and Joy (Mike) Parsons and great grandson Liam of Murrieta, CA; and his current wife Yong Cha Colaprete, son John (Rachel) Colaprete. Graveside services were held Oct. 6 at Fairfax Memorial Park, Fairfax, VA. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the St. Jude’s Hospital for Children, 501 St. Jude Place Memphis, TN. Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home in Fairfax, VA, was in charge of arrangements.

Council hears safety concerns Safety issues were the topic of discussion at Malvern Council’s last meeting in September. A safety committee meeting was set to address issues within the village. Nicole Potts, a village resident, is concerned about the safety of a neighbor’s fence constructed on her neighbor’s property on Porter St. Alan Artzner, council president, suggested the safety and ordinance committee meet with the village administrator and solicitor to discuss the situation. Councilwoman Eunice Thompson said she has received complaints regarding the intersection at Robbins St. Residents are not able to see to pull into traffic due to pine trees at the Catholic Church obstructing the view. The sandbox has been removed from Malvern Park and tree donor plaques have been placed on posts. Signs and snow fence were erected to keep cars from parking on the basketball court at the park during football games. A request to cut firewood in the park was brought up and directed to the park board. In an unrelated matter, Malvern Council noted letters of interest will be accepted for the open council seat until Oct. 10. Jeremy Grimm resigned for personal reasons at the Sept.6 meeting. In other business, council: -COMMENDED everyone involved with making “Dancing on the Bridge� a success. -LEARNED the refurbished fire department brush truck is back in service. -WAS told the lights on the welcome sign were damaged by water and parts are needed to fix them and two GFI fixtures need replaced, also. -HEARD Jim Bates met with Sheckler Excavating about valves and waterline materials needed to complete the Third St. waterline replacement project. -LEARNED the village did not receive a 50/50 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA did offer an interest rate of 2.75 percent. The village is not interested. -WAS told information for the Issue I application was given to Diversified Engineering. They are also going to give the village a cost to run a waterline from the water plant to Colfor Manufacturing and to the First Christian Church.

Corp of Engineers awards contract The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $20.1 million contract to Brayman Construction of Saxonburg, PA for work on the Dover Dam. The work consists of a base contract for the Dover Dam Safety Assurance Phase II Project. The base contract includes the installation of 21 multi strand anchors, construction of a parapet wall on the right abutment, construction of a sidewalk and new parking lot on the right abutment, installation of precast concrete wall panels on the right abutment, precasting of concrete parapet wall panels for the left abutment, construction of a spillway training wall extension on the right and left abutments, installation of 60 bar anchors in the stilling basin, installation of stone slope protection on the right bank downstream of the dam, removal of an existing steel access platform across the stilling basin and performing work to return the site to its preconstruction condition. Construction is expected to begin in the near future and will take about three years to complete. The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District is the nonfederal sponsor of the project, contributing 3.45 percent of the total construction cost.

SL homecoming set for Friday Southern Local High School’s football homecoming will be held this Friday night. The five queen candidates are Victoria Blazer, Rachel Coil, Katherine Hipsley, Emily Jenkins and Lindsay Michael. A homecoming dance will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday night. Theme of the dance is “Under the Sea�.

On the Campus ANTHONY GAGE of East Sparta, senior majoring in intervention specialist at Urbana University, has been awarded the George Deuble Foundation scholarship from the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges. AREA STUDENTS who were graduates at The University of Akron’s 2011 summer commencement included: Rachel Dingess of 2295 Salineville Rd., Carrollton, Master of Arts in Education. Travis Kovach of 314 McKinley Ave., Carrollton, Master of Arts in Education. Craig Stutzman of 539 2nd St. NW, Carrollton, Master of Science in Education. Bonnie Ault of 3 Ontario Trail, Malvern, Master of Arts in Education. Cameron Lewis of 9 Sanchez Trail, Malvern, Associate of Applied Business in Computer Information Systems. Stephen Nolze of 260 W. Mohawk Dr., Malvern, Bachelor of Science in Accounting.


Dave Chrisman Authorized Central Boiler Dealer



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PARTS - SALES - ACCESSORIES - SERVICE 2143 Brightwood Rd. SE New Philadelphia, OH. 44663 Located between Schoenbrunn & Midvale Exits on Rt 250 330-339-3351

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio



CHURCH NEWS UMW district meeting is Oct. 13 at Bell Chapel

Concerned Citizens group luncheon set for Oct. 11 Carroll Concerned Citizens will sponsor a luncheon for local faith leaders at noon Oct. 11 at the Church of Christ (Christian Disciples) at 353 Moody Ave. SW in Carrollton. Rev. Michael Doak will facilitate a peer-to-peer dialogue exploring biblical references to caring for God’s creation. Potential changes in the community from increased mineral extraction and the role of local churches will also be discussed. Formal invitations have been sent to church leaders listed in the local directory and clergy interested in participating should confirm to Rev. Doak at 330-627-4451.

Pleasant Grove church to host Journey production

TOP: Christian rock band Everyday Sunday. LEFT: Artist Eric Samuel Timm. RIGHT: Spiritual entertainer Benjamin Payne.

“The Thing That Starts at 9:31” set for Bluebird Amphitheater Oct. 15 Bluebird Farm Amphitheater is the site for a unique community outreach program scheduled for Oct. 15. Sponsored by the Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Youth Group and billed as “The Thing That Starts at 9:31”, the event will include concerts by Benjamin Payne, the internationally known Christian rock band Everyday Sunday and artist Eric Samuel Timm. Youth group advisor Neil Stoneman said the “Thing That Starts at 9:31” will actually begin at 9:31 p.m. and is scheduled that way to allow students to attend the Carrollton High School homecoming dance and the concert all the same night. “We’re calling it an after homecoming bash for the students, but we know adults will want to attend the Benjamin Payne concert and everyone will want to see artist Eric Samuel Timm,” he said. Payne will perform first which allows students time to arrive from the dance to hear the Everyday Sunday band and stay to witness the “no one underground” (NOU) ministry of Eric Samuel Timm. Timm uses the arts as he speaks, paints and performs live messages of truth, hope and love. His website notes, “NOU does not reek of religion, but is seeking to inspire this world with hope & artists to create with purpose.” The popular Christian rock band from Columbus, Everyday Sunday, will perform a full concert, as will Benjamin Payne, who is the son of George and Avis Payne of near Kilgore. Payne, who mixes fun and worship songs, says, “Worship is at the very heart of what it means to be a Christ follower. It’s not the music, the sermon, the liturgy or any other item we might associate with the word itself. Rather, it’s the expression of the awe of God and the adoration of His son, Jesus connecting us to Himself by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Stoneman said since the evening’s activities don’t begin until 9:31 p.m., parents can expect their children to “be out late,” but assures them it will be a “wonderful experience.” Admission to the concert is free. Food will be available for purchase at the snack shack at Bluebird Farm Amphitheater. Gates open at 8:30 p.m.

An invitation has been extended by the membership of Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church to attend The Journey production scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16. The Journey is based on the passage of scripture, “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path.” Along the path, visitors will see several life-size structures called lampposts. Live animals, live music, actors and actresses combine to recreate key events of

Teens from across Carroll and surrounding counties will converge on the Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum Oct. 29 and 30 for the annual overnight fall retreat hosted by the One Way Youth Ministries – Solid Rock Retreats. Paul Dabdoub, an energetic communicator who touches the lives of students and young adults all across the country, will lead the sessions. Organizers said his unique style of speaking brings a message of truth and hope to all listeners. Additional information on Dabdoub is available on his website, In addition, many fun activities

are planned for the weekend, utilizing the FFA Camp Muskingum facilities. Solid Rock retreats are non denominational. All youth in grades 6-12 are encouraged to attend. Cost of the weekend is $45. Pre-registration is due by Oct. 26. Checks should be made payable to Solid Rock Ministries and mailed to Solid Rock Ministries, 3266 Dyewood Rd. SW, Carrollton, OH 44615. Registration at the retreat begins at 9 a.m. in the dining hall. The program begins at 10 a.m. in the conference center. For additional information, contact Todd Davis at FFA Camp Muskingum at 330-627-2208.

New pastor to be installed this Sunday Rev. Elaine Dutton, the new pastor at New Harrisburg Presbyterian church, will be installed during the 10:45 a.m. worship service Sunday, Oct. 9, by Rev. Dr. Robert Hoover, a former church pastor who will also deliver the sermon. Rev. Dutton has been filling the pulpit at New

Rev. Elaine Dutton

Harrisburg church since last November. She graduated in 2007 from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree and in 2003 from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The public is invited to attend the worship service and a reception which will follow.

Womenʼs day out event planned by Dellroy church Christ Community Church in Dellroy is planning a “women’s day out” for Saturday, Oct. 22. The church will host a one day community event that will equip women to “Recapture the Joy of Giving”. Cost of the event to be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. is $20 per person and includes breakfast, lunch, and a “Recapture of Joy” binder

filled with take home ideas, instructions for handmade gifts and loads of other useful information. Registration received before Oct. 8 will be eligible for a special early bird drawing for one of two $50 WalMart gift cards. More information or to register may be obtained by contacting the church office at 330-735-2127.

Turkey dinner slated at St. Johnʼs Church St. John’s Church on Smith Rd. in Summitville will serve their annual turkey dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16. Cost of the meal is $9 for adults, $5 for children 6-12 and free to those under 6. Carry-outs are

$9.50. The Salem Area Visiting Nurses will be on site to administer flu shots from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost is $20 and free to Medicare and Anthem Senior Advantage who must produce a card.

Donations of cake mix, winter coats being accepted Donation of white cake mix and gently used winter coats will be accepted Sunday, Oct. 9, at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church on Canyon Rd., south of

Carrollton, for delivery to the Steubenville Urban Mission.

Church news deadline is 9 a.m. Monday

DR. DARRELL LOCKE Chiropractor

*Medicare Provider *Arthritis * Disc Compression * Sprains / Strains

Life Christian Church in Waynesburg will host an all night scrapbooking event from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Oct. 7 and 8. Cost of the event is $10 and participants should take pictures and paper. Snacks and tools will be provided. Two other scrapbooking events will be held from 7 to 11 p.m. Oct.

21 at a cost of $3 and from 2 to 5 p.m. Oct. 23 at a cost of $20. All supplies and tools will be provided to make 20 Christmas cards. Snacks will be provided and those planning to participate are asked to reply as soon as possible by calling 330-866-4590.

Kids Eat FREE

Meatloaf and Chicken Dinner Friday, October 14th / 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM Kilgore Fire Hall 10 miles south of carrollton on st. rt 9

LIMIT TWO KIDS PER ADULT (Coupon Expires 11-16-11)

Adults ... $10 Children 5 to 12 years ... $5 Children Under 4 FREE

Saturday & Sunday Bre akfast $599 Senior includes beverage 8 AM - 11 AM

enjoy home cooking by the amish ladies

1117 Canton Rd. •Carrollton• 330-627-5082


M., TUES., WED., THURS., 11 - 9 / FRI. 11-10 / SAT. 8 - 10 / SUN. 8 - 9

Church Directory

Church of Christ (Christian Disciples)

Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church

Leesville Faith Community Chapel

Pastor Mike Doak 353 Moody Ave. S.W. Carrollton Phone 627-4451 Worship 10:00 A.M. Sunday School 9 A.M.

Fr. Anthony R. Batt 616 Roswell Rd. N.W., Carrollton P.O. Box 155 Phone 627-4664 Mass.-8:30 A.M. Tues., Thurs., Fri. Mass Saturday 4:30 P.M. Mass Sunday 8:30 A.M. Confessions Sat. at 3:30 P.M.

Rev. Doug McFadden, Pastor Green St., St. Rt. 212, Leesville 740-269-9024 Worship 9:30 A.M. Church School 11 A.M. Bible Service Wednesdays 7:00 P.M. Choir Practice Wednesdays 8:00 P.M.

First Presbyterian Church Rev. Burt McGlawn 200 N. Lisbon St., Carrollton Phone 627-4330 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Church Service 10:30 A.M.

Assembly of God

Worship at the church of your choice. Rev. Andrew Riggs 275 N. Lisbon, Carrollton, O. Phone 627-4840 Worship 11 A.M. Sunday School 9:45 A.M.

First Christian Church of Malvern George Keralis, Senior Minister Mark Black, Associate Minister of Worship & Music Thurman Culpepper, Jr./Sr. High Youth Minister Kevin Crater, Associate Minister for Children 4046 Coral Rd. NW., Malvern, OH 44644 Phone 330-863-1303 Sunday School 9:00 A.M. Worship 10:15 A.M. Call the church office for Sunday evening details.

St. Martin Lutheran Church Pastor A. Wallace Anderson Malvern, Ohio Worship 9 A.M. Communion 1st & 3rd Sunday Coffee served at entrance after service

Bergholz Faith Community Church Rev. Rick Chappell - Pastor Rt. 524, Bergholz, Ohio Phone 740-768-2835 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:45 A.M.

Dellroy Church of the Nazarene 7 Liberty St., Dellroy, Ohio Rev. David Kessell Phone 735-2609 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:35 A.M. & 6:30 P.M. Wed. 7:00 P.M.

Carrollton Church of God Pastor Carl Fry 371 Moody Ave., Carrollton Phone 627-5222 Sunday Worship 10:35 A.M.

Carrollton Baptist Temple Pastor: David L. Powell 1211 Lincoln Ave. N.W., Carrollton Phone 627-5124 Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Worship 11:00 A.M., 6:00 P.M. Wed. 7:00 P.M. Wed. Kings Kids & Youth 6:30 P.M. Free transportation for all services

Trinity United Presbyterian Church Rev. Alan Jeffries 2nd St. & Lincoln, Bergholz, Ohio Phone 740-768-2511 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:45 A.M.

Sherrodsville Calvary U.M. Church Pastor Clarke Hogue III Worship 9:00 A.M. Sunday School 10:15 A.M. Choir - Wednesday 6:30 P.M.

Amsterdam Covenant Church Mike Thurston, Pastor 8427 Amsterdam Rd., Amsterdam, Ohio Sunday Worship 10:00 A.M. Sunday School 9:00 A.M. Intercessory Prayer 6:30 P.M. Friday Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 P.M. Men’s Prayer Breakfast - 1st Saturday of each month - 7:00 A.M.

Chestnut Ridge United Methodist Church

108 N. Main St., Waynesburg, OH

Rev. Steve Anderson Cinder Rd., Carrollton, Ohio Phone 740-768-2330 Sunday Worship 11:45 A.M.

Hours: Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 9-5 / Fri. 9-12

All night scrapbooking event set at area church

Includes Homemade Noodles, Dessert & Beverage

Call for an Appointment


As part of the morning session, Sharon Iredell, an Ohio Valley district officer, will present “her story” as a United Methodist woman. The program will also include the election and installation of district officers for 2012. Reservations may be made by mailing a check for $6 made payable to Bell Chapel UMW to Donna Mader, 88 2nd St., Bloomingdale, OH 43910.


All You Can Eat

Trinity Lutheran Church

Teens to converge on FFA camp for retreat

Jesus’ ministry. Communion will also be served. The Journey is an outreach ministry of Pleasant Grove UMC located on the church property at 5230 Arrow Rd., between Hibbetts and Minerva. There is no charge for the production, but donations of any amount help with the upkeep of this ongoing ministry. For more information contact Wendy Randal at 330-895-2525 or Beth Zbasnik at Groups of any size are welcome.

This year’s Ohio Valley District United Methodist Women’s fall meeting will be held Oct. 13, beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. at Bell Chapel United Methodist Church at 3419 SR 213 near Steubenville. The topic for the after session will be the geographic mission study, “Haiti: Challenges and Hope”. The speaker will be Walt Merrill, who has been to Dodo, Haiti, twice in 2008 and 2009.

Baxters Ridge United Methodist Church Rev. Richard Wallace Office 330-735-3187 4006 Jade N.W., Carrollton, Ohio Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship Service 10:30 A.M. (Handicap Accessible)

First United Methodist Church Rev. Daniel Loomis, Pastor Seth Filburn, Youth Director 253 S. Lisbon, Carrollton, Ohio 627-7671 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 8:20 A.M., 10:45 A.M.

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Rev. Carl H. Orphanides Church - 89 Canyon Rd. S.W., Carrollton Worship 9:45 A.M. Sunday School 11 A.M. Office and Church - Phone 330-627-2219

Herrington-Bethel United Methodist Church Pastor Lee Iden 4009 Arbor Rd., Phone 330-627-5291 Sunday School 9:30 A.M., Worship 10:40 A.M.

Dellroy-Leavittsville United Methodist Church Rev. Carol McCartney Dellroy Dellroy, Ohio 735-2329 Worship 9:30 A.M. Sunday School 10:45 A.M. Wed. Bible Study (With Leavittsville) 7:00 P.M. Leavittsville Leavittsville, Ohio 735-2329 Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Worship 11:00 A.M. Wed. Bible Study (w/Dellroy) 7:00 P.M.

Kilgore-Harsh Memorial United Methodist Church Pastor Kimberly Arbaugh Kilgore Kilgore, Ohio Worship 9:30 A.M. Sunday School 10:30 A.M. Harsh Memorial Harlem Springs, Ohio Phone 739-3472 Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Worship 11:00 A.M. Tuesday Contemporary Praise and Worship Service, followed by small groups and youth group - 6:30 to 7 P.M.

Pleasant Grove-Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Pastor Mark Thomas Pleasant Grove 5230 Arrow Rd. N.W., Minerva Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Worship 11:00 A.M. (Chair lift available) Mt. Zion 2004 Bellflower Rd., Minerva Phone 895-2016 Sunday School 10:45 A.M. Worship 9:30 A.M. Bible Study every Wednesday at 10:30 A.M. & 7 P.M. Intercessory Prayer Wednesday at 9:30 P.M. (Chair lift available)

Perrysville-Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church Rev. Kurtis Thomas Phone 330-614-5068 email: Perrysville Rt. 164, Perrysville, Ohio Sunday School 9:30 A.M., Worship 10:30 A.M. Pleasant Hill Scio Rd. S.W. (Rt.332), Carrollton, Ohio Worship 9:00 A.M. Sunday School 10:00 A.M.

Pastor Kerry Green 400 Steub. Rd. Carrollton, Ohio Phone 627-3266 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. & 6:00 P.M. Wed. 7:00 P.M.

Augusta Christian Church 8150 Andora Rd., NE, Augusta, Ohio Pastor Joe Sabella Phone 330-205-4441 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. Youth - Sunday evenings at 6:30 P.M.,

The Family Worship Center Full Gospel Church Pastor Diana Bowling 225 N. Lisbon St., Carrollton Phone 330-627-5589 Sunday Worship 10:00 A.M. Children’s Church after Praise & Worship Wed. Night Prayer 7-8:00 P.M.

Kilgore Evangelical Church Minister Terry Will 8114 Germano Rd. S.E. Amsterdam, Ohio Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Worship 11:00 A.M. Eve. 6:00 P.M. Wed. Bible Study 7:00 P.M.

Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Lori Whitted 450 12th St., Carrollton Office Phone 330-627-7777 Home Phone 330-317-5217 Sabbath School 1:30 P.M. Church Service 3 P.M.

Amsterdam Community Church of God Pastor Bob Davis Amsterdam, Ohio Phone 740-543-3927 Sunday Worship 10:30 A.M. & 7 P.M. Children’s Programs Wednesday 10:30 A.M. and 7 P.M.

St. Mary Catholic Church 8012 Bachelor Rd. N.W., Morges Fr. Anthony R. Batt Weekday Mass - Wednesday 9:00 A.M. Saturday - 6:00 P.M. Sunday 11:00 A.M.

Harrison Hills United Pentecostal Church Pastor Kirt Denney 87800 Cadiz-Jewett Rd. Phone 740-946-2851 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:45 A.M, 6:30 P.M. Tuesday Bible Study 7:30 P.M.

Carrollton Church of The Nazarene Rev. Grace Baughman 274 Fifth St., N.W. Carrollton, Ohio Phone 330-862-8016 Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M. Sunday School 10:00 A.M.

Christ Community Church Pastor Ron Silver 20 East Main St., Dellroy, Ohio Phone 330-735-2127 Sunday School 9:00 A.M. Worship Service 10:00 A.M.

Harvest Christian Center Pastor Charles F. Brown 204 W. High St., Minerva 330-904-4424 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Sunday Worship 10:30 A.M. Midweek Service Thursday 7:00 P.M.

Greenbrier Non Denominational Church Harold Barber, pastor 330-738-3301 5207 Apollo Rd., Salineville, Ohio 43945 Worship Service 10 A.M.

Waynesburg Free Will Baptist Church Pastor Raymond Stanley 8600 Waynesburg Dr., Waynesburg, OH Ph. 866-3317, Pastor’s Ph. 330-837-2494 Sunday Service 10 A.M. & 7 P.M. Thursdays 7 P.M. Gospel singing - 3rd Saturday of month at 7 P.M.

North Suburban Church of Christ Minister: Steve Wilsford 1067 N. Lisbon, Carrollton, Ohio Phone 330-627-1111 Sunday - Bible Study 9:45 A.M. Sunday Worship 10:55 A.M., 6:00 P.M. Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 P.M. Free Bible Study Correspondence Course - P.O. Box 613, Carrollton, OH 44615

Sherrodsville Wesleyan Church

Rev. David J. Paul, Pastor Rt. 39, 73 N. Church St. Sherrodsville, OH 44675 13353 Lincoln St., Minerva, OH 44657 Church Ph. 740-269-5724 Pastor Leamon R. Whitehead Sunday small group training 9:30 A.M. 330-868-1016 Sunday Worship 10:30 A.M. Sunday morning service 10:00 A.M. Sunday Incredible Kids 10:30 A.M. Sunday evening service 6:00 P.M. Living Water Fellowship (Nursery provided) Thursday evening service 7:00 P.M. 9610 Muckley Dr., Men Moving Mountains 5 P.M. Waynesburg, Ohio 44688 Harsh Bible Church Sunday Discipleship Hour 6 P.M. Phone 330-866-5511 Minister Ed Good Wednesday Youth Dialog 7 P.M. Sunday School 9:00 A.M. 4236 Lunar Rd., Carrollton, Ohio Wed. Believer’s Talky-Walky Session 7 P.M. Phone 330-494-7559 Sunday Celebration 10:00 A.M. Sandy Valley Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Wednesday Bible Study 6:30 P.M. Baptist Church Worship 10:30 A.M. Carroll United Johnnie Crawford, Pastor Sunday Evening Service 6 P.M. Presbyterian Church 530 Elson Street, P.O. Box 482 Wednesday Bible Study 7 P.M. Rev. David Krankovich Magnolia, Ohio 44643 Ph: 330-866-3254 Riley’s 265 2nd St. S.W. Carrollton Sunday School 10 A.M. United Methodist Church Phone 330-627-4109 Sunday Preaching 11 A.M. Pastor Patrick Smith Sunday Evening 6 P.M. Sunday Worship 9:15 A.M. Rt. 39, Salineville Wednesday Evening 7 P.M. Adult & Children Worship 9:30 A.M. Carrollton Believers Sunday School 10:30 A.M. Everyone Welcome Fellowship Healing Stream Four Square New Harrisburg “A God Experience for the Whole of Waynesburg Presbyterian Church Family” Pastor - Dr. Shawn Archer Pastors Frank & Fran Leghart 3006 Waynesburg Rd. 8763 Elmfort Ave., Waynesburg 1001 Canton Rd. NW, Carrollton Phone 330-627-4294 Phone 330-324-5777 Phone 330-627-4848 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Sunday Worship 10:00 A.M. Mailing address: PO Box 146, Worship Service 10:45 A.M. Wed.Evening Bible Study 6:00 P.M. Carrollton, OH 44615 Carrollton Bible Chapel Services: Sunday 10 A.M. “Community Fellowship in Jesus Christ” Wednesday 7 P.M. Heaven’s Edge Senior Pastor Dr. Chuck Wilson Children’s classes & Nursery Apostolic Church 365 Steubenville Rd. S.E. at all services Pastor Bill Grimes Carrollton BLAZE Youth Ministry - Weds. 7 P.M. 1196 Brenner Rd. NE, Carrollton Phone 627-7376 Malvern United Phone 330-627-7079 Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Methodist Church Sunday Service 10 A.M. Sunday Worship 10:30 A.M. Pastor Allen Hill Thursday Bible Study 7 P.M. 121 Wood Street Youth Groups Wed. 6:30 P.M. Phone 330-863-0009 Wesley Community Chapel Old Path Bible Baptist Worship: 9:30 A.M. Rev. Gordon Warner Sunday School: 11 A.M. Pastor David Crisco 569-12th St. N.W. Carrollton Youth: Sunday evenings at 6:30 P.M. 110 Public Square, Carrollton Phone 627-2917 New Rumley United Phone 330-575-4773 Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Methodist Church Sunday Bible Study 10 A.M. Worship 10:45 A.M. Phone 740-945-1341 Sunday Service 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Service 6:00 P.M. Pastor David Lee Wednesday Bible Study 7 P.M. Wednesday 7:00 P.M. Phone 740-942-9622 Youth and children ministries Sunday Morning “What’s Brewin” Simmons Ridge Church (Breakfast) 8:30 - 9:15 Bergholz Pastor Julie Eddy Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 A.M. Church of Christ Bear Rd., Amsterdam, Ohio Sunday School: 11 A.M. Minister Dave Miller Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M.-12 Noon Wednesday Bible Study 7 P.M. 1000 Jefferson St. Adult and children’s Bible Study Handicap Accessible/Nursery Provided Phone 740-768-2745 Sundays at 10 A.M. Sunday Worship 9:30 A.M. New Vine Resurrection Lutheran Church Sunday School 10:30 A.M. Baptist Church (LCMS) Lutheran ChurchWed. Services 7:00 P.M. 423 East Porter St., Malvern Missouri Synod Pastor Steve Gilreath 105 S. Reed Ave.; PO Box 632 St. James Church Phone 330-627-5972 Malvern, OH 44644 Rev. Joseph Zamary, Pastor Sunday Morning Worship: 11 A.M. (location formerly the Village Florist) 400 W. Lisbon St., Waynesburg, Ohio Sunday Evening Worship: 6 P.M. Services: Sunday at 5 p.m. Phone 330-866-9449 Adult Bible Study and Sunday School follows Worship Service Mass Saturday 4:30 P.M. Youth Group: 330-205-2359 or 330-863-0178 Mass Sunday 8 A.M. & 10:30 A.M. Thursday at 7 P.M.

Mt. Zion Church of God

This Church Directory is sponsored by these merchants and the above area churches:

Drs. Berg, Birong, Birong & Chamblee, D.D.S. • Thorne’s - Your Neighborhood Market



Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Red Cross to recognize volunteers at Oct. 20 dinner Dedicated volunteers and supporters will be honored at the Annual American Red Cross Volunteer and Community Recognition Dinner Oct. 20. The celebration will take place at the New Philadelphia First United Methodist Church beginning at 6 p.m. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Every year the American Red Cross Muskingum Lakes

Chapter gathers to celebrate all of the wonderful volunteers that help this chapter accomplish its goals,â&#x20AC;? said Amy Smith, Red Cross board member. The Muskingum Lakes Chapter has approximately 200 volunteers to help make the community a better place to work and live. To honor these individuals, service pins will be presented to

Absentee voting underway, registration deadline is Oct.11 If you are not properly registered to vote, you have until Oct. 11 to do so. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s when voter registration for the Nov. 8 general election ends. To accommodate voters, the Carroll County Board of Elections will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. that day. Also, absentee voting for the Nov. 8 general election is now underway. Registered voters wishing to cast an absentee ballot may do so at the Carroll County Board of Elections located on the ground level of the Carroll County courthouse in Carrollton until Nov. 7 Absentee ballots may also be requested by mail. The board office will be open Saturday, Nov. 5, from 9 a.m. to noon when absentee ballots mailed to the office are due.

Planning board seats open Applications are now being accepted for three seats on the Regional Planning Commission. Director Ed Warner said applications are available for any county resident and may be obtained from the Regional Planning office, located on the lower level of the county courthouse. Application deadline is Nov. 7. Terms are for three years. The Regional Planning Commission meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Department of Job and Family Services JOBS building, located at 55 E. Main St. For additional information, contact Warner by calling 330627-5611 of visiting the office Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

In observance of Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 10, the office will be closed.

those volunteers who have donated their time for several years of service and to those in the Life Savers Club, who have given countless number of hours of assistance to the chapter. This year, four volunteers will be recognized for contributing forty or more years of service! Volunteer of the Year Awards will also be given to individuals in each of the following areas: Health & Safety, Water Safety, Disaster Services, Administrative Services, Youth and the Sonnie Keefer Distinguished Volunteer Award. Deserving community supporters throughout the past year will also be presented with awards including: Workplace Safety, Distinguished Partnership, Good Neighbor, Outstanding Schools of the Year,

Community Volunteer, Above and Beyond, Humanitarian of the Year and Clara Barton. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Locally, Red Cross volunteers make a positive impact on our community and the personal satisfaction gained from volunteering is a great gift. Volunteers make up 98 percent of our total work force to carry on our

Noble Marcellus LP

humanitarian work,â&#x20AC;? says Chad Conrad, Executive Director of the Muskingum Lakes Chapter of the American Red Cross. To purchase tickets to the community appreciation dinner contact the Red Cross at 330343-8633 or Serving Tuscarawas, Carroll

BigCit City ty

and Harrison counties, the Muskingum Lakes Chapter is a humanitarian organization, led by volunteers, that provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. For information on becoming a Red Cross Volunteer visit

Small Toown



IMMEDIATE CASH!! Call now for an offer. Please provide your Section, Township, Range, amount of acreage and lease percentage.

New and Used Cars, Trrucks and SUVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; S s


Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;

Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;


TThink hink Pink Pink with with A Aultman ultman October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Free Mammograms & Breast Exams! FRIDAY, OCT. 28

Aultman Carrollton is offering FREE mammograms and breast exams:  t'SJEBZ 0DUGSPNBNUP/PPO  t  3 F T F S W B U J P O T  B S F  S F R V J S F E  t $BMMUIF$BSSPMM$PVOUZ)FBMUI%FQBSUNFOUBU Test your breast cancer risk online by taking the BreastAware risk assessment. Visit today!

Aultman Aultman Carr Carrollton rollton o

1020 Trump Trump r Car Carrollton, Road, Carr ollton, OH 44615 330-627-0091

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio





Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Four inducted into CHS Alumni Hall of Fame By Don Rutledge FPS Associate Editor Four more Carrollton High School graduates have been inducted into the Carrollton Schools Alumni Hall of Fame which currently numbers 36. The 2011 inductees are: Dr. Gary Lee Anderson, a 1967 CHS graduate who has been honored in the field of religion. Dr. Bradford DeLong, a 1954 CHS graduate and former neurosurgeon specializing in spinal neurosurgery who was honored in medicine. Allison Sam Hall, a 1938 CHS graduate who was honored for his writing of numerous TV and movie scripts. Dr. John A. Murray, a 1950 CHS graduate (deceased) who was also honored in the field of Medicine as an orthopedic surgeon and for his work in cancer research. All were recognized at a dinner held Saturday evening at the Days Inn. Due to travel distance and health concerns, only one of the 2011 inductees attended the dinner. Dr. Anderson was accompanied by his wife, Barbara, and several family members, including his mother, Mrs. Geraldine (Gerri) Anderson, a former Dellroy resident who now resides in Canton. Dr. Anderson has a career in the global Baptist ministry and continues to serve as president of Baptist Mid-Missions, an international mission agency with missionaries in 39 countries. Dr. DeLong was represented by Mrs. Violet (Vickie) Nign, who accepted DeLong’s award. She noted DeLong was a neurosurgeon in San Francisco, CA, retiring in 2000. He and his wife, Irene, reside in Orofino, ID, where they started the Orofino Spine Center. Hall was represented at the

dinner by his nephew, David Hall, who presented a live video of Hall from his home in Hudson Valley, New York. During Hall’s talk, he credited Carrollton schools, specifically Miss Mary Wagner whom he credited with getting him interested in his life long writing career. Dr. Murray was represented by his sister, Joanne Murray Coad of Carrollton who said she stands in awe of her brother’s accomplishments in the field of medicine. Dr. Murray, who died in 2000 at the age of 68 of cancer, is credited with being a respected orthopedic surgeon at the M. D Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. Steve Shotwell, Foundation treasurer, served as master of ceremonies. Among those he recognized were Neva Locker, a 2009 HOF inductee, and Helen Skinner, vice president of the Carrollton Board of Education. In his closing remarks, Shotwell said he has been constantly impressed by the remarkable, outstanding alumni of Carrollton High School during his six years of experience with the HOF selections. “For this reason, I thank the nominators for bringing their stories to the attention of the board for consideration”. He also urged any non-members that are interested in joining the Alumni Foundation to contact any board member or visit for more information. The program closed with the traditional singing of the Carrollton High School Alma Mater led by Mrs. Mary Jane (Dunlap) Senften with keyboard accompaniment by Mrs. Ellen (Atchison) Dunlap. All four inductees were honored during halftime at the CarrolltonMarlington football game Friday night. Plaques with the CHS Alma Mater were presented by Marjie (Polen) Thompson, Alumni

Foundation president, to Dr. Anderson and representatives of the three other inductees. They included Vickie Nign, representing Dr. Brad DeLong; Lynn Poplin, representing Sam Hall, and Joanne Coad, representing her brother, the late Dr. John A. Murray. FORMER HOF INDUCTEES 2003 Inductees Dr. George E. Rankin, class of 1936; William J. Shepherd Jr., class of 1951; United States Captain Harold J. Flammang Jr., class of 1970, and Mrs. Velma (Shotwell) Griffin (posthumously/deceased May 12, 1998), class of 1922. 2004 Inductees Dr. Foster Brooks (posthumously/deceased Jan. 2, 1998), class of 1925; Thomas J. Starr, class of 1965; Major General Thomas J. Fiscus, class of 1968, and Judge Tom Richards (posthumously/deceased/Oct. 13, 1999), class of 1930. 2005 Inductees Gilbert Brooks, class of 1954; J. Wendell Herron (posthumously/deceased July 5, 1987), class of 1924; Kenneth L. Morckel, class of 1966, and Mrs. Mary Lou (Snively) Theil, class of 1949. 2006 Inductees Atty. William T. Allmon (posthumously/deceased Jan. 30, 2002), class of 1939; Mark Householder, class of 1977; Dr. Shirlee (May) Meola, class of 1954, and Dr. Mark Shotwell, class of 1974. 2007 Inductees Robert H. Day, class of 1970; Paul Guess, class of 1951; Richard McElroy, class of 1964, and Dr. Charles Temple (posthumously/deceased Nov. 2006), class of 1955. 2008 Inductees Mrs. Patricia A. (Tschantz) Grischow, class of 1969; Steve L. Harter, class of 1980; Mrs. Kimberly (Mallarnee) Coplin, class of 1981, and Zachary M. Casper, class of 1997. 2009 Inductees Mrs. Neva Duvall Locker, class of 1944; Dr. John Walters, class of 1963; Robert Couch Jr., class of 1965, and Michael Fawcett, class of 1976. 2010 Inductees Delbert F. Boring, class of 1965; Mrs. Nancy Scott-Finan, class of 1967; Lynn Markley, class of 1956, and Dr. William F. Nape (posthumously/deceased Sept. 11, 2010), class of 1950.

One inductee and representatives of the three others inducted into the 2011 Carrollton High School Hall of Fame are shown above with their nominators and Alumni Foundation officers. Seated (from left) are Dr. Gary Anderson, who was inducted in the field of Medicine; Vickie Nign, representing Dr. Bradford DeLong, who was inducted in Medicine; David Hall, representing Allison Sam Hall, inducted for Writing, and Joanne Coad, representing her brother, the Dr. John A. Murray, who was inducted for Medicine. Standing (from left) are Barbara Anderson, who nominated her husband; Marjie Thompson, president of the Carrollton Schools Alumni Foundation; Lynn Poplin, who nominated Hall; Don Rutledge, who with Dr. Jon Marshall nominated Dr. Murray, and Steve Shotwell, treasurer who served as master of ceremonies.

SWCD plans annual meeting The 67th annual meeting of the Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District is scheduled for Oct. 25 at Knickers Restaurant near Carrollton. The election of new directors will be held from 6:30 until 7:15 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. in the lower level of the

restaurant. Candidates for director include Brent Baker, Bryan Burgett, Clifford Miller and Kimberly Vance. Keith Fuller of Chesapeake Energy is the guest speaker. Cost is $16 per person. Reservations are due Oct. 18.

Commissioners From A-1 -AGREED to dispose of a 1998 Subaru and 1992 Oldsmobile which became the property of the Sheriff’s Department through drug cases. The cars were transferred to B&W Auto Wrecking in exchange for the towing and storage bills owed for the vehicles. -SIGNED a subgrant agreement amendment for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Area 16 that allows Carroll County to take over the adminis-


trative duties for the four-county group. Kate Offenberger, Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) director, said each county takes a turn at handling the administrative duties and it is now Carroll County’s turn. WIA Area 16 includes Carroll, Belmont, Harrison and Jefferson counties. She noted there is no financial reimbursement to the counties for handling the duties.

From A-1

Chesapeake owns the lease on much of the land in the county and is the only company currently drilling wells in the county. “Since they already own many of the leases, if they purchase the royalties, they will have total control,” he said. Another of the companies, Principle Energy of Houston, TX, has a web page which says it is a privately-owned American company that specializes in the acquisition of producing and non-producing mineral and roy-

alty rights throughout the United States. The page says the company may be able to help those who wish to reduce their exposure to risks in the oil and gas market. “I don’t think people fully understand what they are doing when they sign away their royalty and mineral rights,” Mark D. Okey said. “A landowner should always consult with an attorney before signing any lease, royalty or mineral purchase, agreement” he said.

When you need help, it’s time to meet with PrimeTime. Medicare Advantage g made easy. y A local call fo for or local care care.. 8:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m.–8:0 00 p.m. p.m.. Monday–Friday Monda ay–Frida y y then 7 da days ys a w week eek beginning October 15 15. 5.

Call 330-36 330-363-7407 63-7407 or 1-800-577-5084 1- 800-577-50 084 TTY 330-363-7460 330-36 63 -7460 or 1 1-800-617-7446 - 800-617-74 446 DECEMBER R 7 DEADLINE: SIGN UP BETWEEN BE ETWEEN OCT. OCT T. 15 – D DEC. EC. 7

$35 premium

with prescription drug coverage

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without prescription drug coverage

Attend a Prim PrimeTime meTime Health Plan meeting: mee eting: TTuesday, uuesdayy, Octobe October er 11 – 2:00 p.m. The Comfort Inn – 2024 St. Rt. 39, Dover W ednesday e y, October Oct ctober 12 – 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 0 p.m. Wednesday, PrimeTime Healt Health th Plan – 214 Dartmouth Ave. Ave. v SW, SW W, Canton Use Dartmouth Building B parking lot. Thursday, October 13 – 2:00 p.m. Aultman Carrollton – 1020 Trump Rd., Carrollton Monday Monday, y, Octob October ber 17 – 10:00 a.m. Alliance Senior Center C – 602 W ine St., Alliancee W.. V Vine W ednesday e y, October Oct ctober 19 – 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 0 p.m. Wednesday, PrimeTime Healt Health th Plan – 214 Dartmouth Ave. Ave. v SW, SW W, Canton Use Dartmouth Building B par parking lot. Thursday y, Octob ber 20 – 10 Thursday, October 10:00 a.m Salem Communi ty Center Community 1098 N. Ellswort vve., Sale Ellsworthh A Ave., Salem

A sales person will w be present with infor information mation and applica applications. tions. accommodation FFor or accommodat tion of persons with special needs at saless meetings,, call 33 330-363-7407, meetings 0-363-7407, TTY 330-363-7460. A Health plan withh a Medicare contract. H3664_CY12_Ad7 H3664_CY12_A Ad7 File & Use 09132011

Karen Kar PrimeeTime Customer PrimeTime Custom Servicee Repr Representative esenta © 2011 AultCare




Coming Events

ACTIVITIES Oct. 7 - Square Dance at Jewett Wildcat Community Center 8-10 p.m. with Chris Jacobs calling. Open to public. Line dancing between tips. Cost is $2 per person for members, $4 for non-members. For info, call Jacobs at 740-945-0316. Oct. 8 - Kidz Klass 10-11 a.m. at Carroll County Arts Center. Make puppets with Ellen Finnicum and Marcia Schaffer. Registration required at 330-627-3739 to order materials. Cost is $5. Oct. 8 - Fall for Art Festival at Carroll County Arts Center 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Open to the public. Live demonstrations, various artwork for sale. Artists wishing to participate should contact the Arts Center at 330-627-3739. Rain date is Oct. 9. Oct. 8 - Free Walk in the Woods at Stone Gate Manor 12-5 p.m. Guided tours are $9 per person. Held every Saturday in October. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Carroll Co. Animal Protection League. Info at or 330-868-2834. Oct. 8 & 9 - Civil War Reenactment beginning at 9 a.m. at Community Park, Salineville Rd., Carrollton. Battle reenactment at 2 p.m. each day. For info, call 330-627-0103. Oct. 10 - Loudon Twp. Community Center night at Ponderosa 4-9 p.m. Raffles, 50/50. For info, call 330-7394005. Oct. 11 & 12 - Carrollton Little Warrior Girls Basketball sign ups 6-8 p.m. at the Villa gym on Moody Ave. For questions, call Glenda at 330-5756923. Oct. 12 - Bloodmobile 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Aultman Carrollton. 1020 Trump Rd., Carrollton. Bring proper ID. Oct. 14 - Carroll Co. Retired Teacher’s luncheon at noon at Malvern United Methodist Church on Wood St., Malvern. Oct. 15 - Carrollton Music Study Club meeting at 9 a.m. at Church of Christ (Christian Disciples), 353 Moody Ave., Carrollton. Program “The Gift of American Music.” Oct. 15 - Vet Clinic 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Hanover Twp. Fire Station in Hanoverton. Rabies shots $6 for all household pets given by Jack B. Zines, DVM. All pets must be leashed or caged. Oct. 15 - Free Walk in the Woods at Stone Gate Manor 12-5 p.m. Held every Saturday in October. Info at or 330-868-2834. Oct. 16 - Turkey Shoot at Leesville Property Owners, 5480 Autumn Rd., Carrollton. Doors open at 10 a.m. Kitchen opens at 11 a.m. Oct. 16 - Roast Beef & Pork Dinner 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Bergholz Fire Station. By donation. Takeout available. Benefits Bergholz Police Dept. Oct. 22 - Hunter Education Course 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at Carroll Co. Coon Club, Antigua Rd., Carrollton. To register call 1-800-WILDLIFE or visit Oct. 22 - Fall Expo & Craft Show at Masonic Temple, 3rd. St., NE, Carrollton, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Vendors wanted, 10-foot table is $10. Contact Wendy at 330-323-0324 or at Oct. 25 - Flu shots at Bowerston Public Library 10 a.m. to noon. $25 per shot. No insurance accepted except Medicare and Medicaid. Nov. 4 & 5 - Carroll Aspiring Stage Theatrics (CAST) dinner theater “The Dixie Swim Club” at Days Inn Carrollton. Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $27 and by reservation from Days Inn at 330-6279314 or Dorothy Fritz 330-627-2091. Nov. 9 - Ladies Night Out 7-9 p.m. at Days Inn banquet room. Several vendors with candles, Home Interior, jewelry, more. Benefits Carroll County Caregiver Coalition yearly complimentary luncheon. Event is free and open to the public. Complimentary cookies, punch & appetizers. Nov. 12 - Crafters wanted for Dellroy VFD Craft Show 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Spaces $10 each. To reserve, call Denise at 330-735-2826. CHURCH Oct. 7 & 8 All night “Scrapbooking Event” from 7 p.m.-7 a.m. at New Life Christian Church in Waynesburg. Cost is $10. Bring pictures and paper. Snacks and tools will be provided. Oct. 8 - Big Breakfast at Leavittsville UMC 7:30-10 a.m. Free will donation. Oct. 8 - Chestnut Ridge Church Annual Bazaar 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Open to public. Sandwiches, crafts, white elephant. Food stand. Church is located on Cinder Rd. between Scroggsfield and Bergholz. Oct. 16 - Annual turkey dinner at St. John’s Church, Smith Rd., Summitville, from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is $9 adults; $5, children ages 612; under 6 free. Carryout is $9.50. Salem Visiting Nurses will give flu shots from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. Cost is $20, free to Medicare and Anthem Senior Advantage (must show card.) Oct. 21 - Scrapbooking event 7 - 11 p.m. at New Life Christian Church in Waynesburg. Cost is $3. Oct. 23 - Scrapbooking event 2 - 5 p.m. at New Life Christian Church. All supplies and tools provided to make 20 Christmas cards. Snacks provided. Cost is $20. RSVP at 330-8664590.

Contact the Accent Editor on the web at:

Section B

Oct. 6, 2011

Algonquin Mill Festival opens Friday Step back in time with the sights, sounds and aromas of a past life during three-day event The 41st Annual Algonquin Mill Festival will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 7,8, and 9. The festival, sponsored by the Carroll County Historical Society (CCHS), has something to interest every member of the family. Located four miles south of Carrollton on SR 332, the festival will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Admission to the festival is free with an $8 per vehicle parking fee. For four decades, prior to the first festival, the Mill sat quiet and empty as ivy slowly tried to consume it. In the late 1960s, the local Carroll County Historical Society purchased the Mill with the interest of saving it from being lost forever. The group proceeded to replace the boiler, machinery, siding and anything else needed to refurbish the historic mill. As a means to display

their hard work to the public and help pay for debt incurred in the process, it was decided to hold an annual festival. With each passing year the festival, along with the number of displays, has grown into the 75-acre Mill complex of today. Surrounded by hills of fall foliage, this pioneer village features a steam-powered flour mill, a steam-powered sawmill and shingle splitter, one-room schoolhouse, railroad station featuring HO model layouts, several restored log homes and cabins. Hand woven rugs, quilts and buckwheat pillows handmade by Mill volunteers will be available for sale. The Country Store, located in the lower level of the white barn, is full of items including an oldfashioned candy counter, homemade jams and jellies including quince, blackberry, elderberry

and other flavors, apple butter made at the Mill, and much more. Visitors will find a large variety of baskets, including Americana, cracker and Christmas themed, recipe books, tshirts and other crafts. A wide variety of crafters will be located throughout the grounds. Many will be demonstrating their trades, including a broom maker, dulcimer maker, wood and chain saw carvers, rope maker, candle dipper, herbalist and blacksmith. Homemade sauerkraut will available for purchase as will apple butter, fresh made breads, cookies and more. Freshly ground (on granite buhrs) corn meal, whole wheat, and buckwheat can be purchased at the Mill. These flours, along with apple butter, are available for purchase year round. The pancake breakfast begins at 7 a.m.

each day and the chicken barbeque will be Saturday and Sunday. Children can enjoy pony and train rides, alpacas, face painting and sand art. The antique power show featuring many old time engines and tractors, an antique car show and an art/photo show will be open daily. The McCook House Civil War Museum, located on the square in Carrollton, will be open during festival hours, donations accepted. Festival church service will be held on the Mill grounds at 8 a.m. Sunday morning. No pets are allowed on the grounds at any time. Primitive camping is available at $15 per night. For more information, contact the Carroll County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau at 877-7270103 or visit

Society installs new ramp; increases kraut output Attention Jeopardy fans! Answer: 16,428 (que Jeopardy theme song)

Question: How many cookies did volunteers bake over a threeday period for the annual Algo-

COME INSIDE FOR A VISIT. New handicap accessible ramp at the farm house at the Algonquin Mill farm.

nquin Mill Festival? And they will be mixing batter and heating up the ovens to bake more. Michele Rutledge, a society member, said chocolate and ginger cookies will be baked closer to opening day to ensure freshness. The annual Algonquin Mill Festival is held the second weekend in October each year. Carroll County Historical Society President Dave McMahon said volunteers have been working on the Algonquin Mill complex. “We are getting excited and are ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Mill Festival,” he said. The farm house, which features demonstrations of hand woven rugs, quilts and buckwheat pillows, has a handicap accessible entrance. “The ladies who work in the farm house have been asking for a handicapped accessible ramp for years,” explained McMahon. “This year we decided to make the improvement to the farm house.” Volun-

teers Wayne Sperber and Dave George spearheaded construction and worked with other volunteers to build the sturdy ramp, which McMahon said, “will outlast everyone here.” Due to great demand, the society increased the amount of cabbage from eight to nine ton to make sauerkraut. “The cabbage was beautiful this year,” said McMahon. “It was really good and we had half the waste we normally have. Add the increase in the amount and less waste and hopefully we will have enough sauerkraut to last past noon on Sunday.” Various other homemade foods will be available for purchase during the three-day festival, including fresh baked breads and an abundance of all flavors of applebutter. Festival hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. For more informatin, call the Carroll County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau at 330627-0103 or visit www.

Mill Festival Schedule of Events Friday, Oct. 7 9:30 a.m.- Malvern High School Band 10 a.m. - United Local Touch of Gold 10:30 a.m. - United Local Flight 11 a.m. - Malvern High School Choir 11:30 a.m. - Carrollton High School Band 12 p.m. - CHS Showstoppers 12:30 p.m. - Conotton Valley Band 1 p.m. - Conotton Valley Jr. High Choir 1:30 p.m. - Conotton Valley Sr. High Choir 2 p.m. - The Singing Christians Saturday, Oct. 8 11 a.m. - noon - DulciMore 12-1 p.m.- Kick and Click Cloggers 1-2 p.m. - The Rawson Family Band 2-3 p.m.- Chestnut Hills Bluegrass 3-4 p.m. The Varmits 4-5 p.m. - Thom Ebersole Sing-Along Special entertainment on the stage by the old bridge over the creek (located near the Kid’s area) 12-2 p.m. - Todd T. Taylor, 50-60s Classics 2-3 p.m. - Carrie Balogh, original country ballads 3-5 p.m. - Todd T. Taylor, more classics Sunday, Oct. 9 8 a.m. - Religious service 11 a.m. - noon - True North and Friends 12-1 p.m.- Summit-Up Cloggers 1-2p.m. - John Dendak with Everett Ayers 2-3 p.m. - Major Lee 3-3:15 p.m. Marlyn Warner singing the Algonquin Mill song 3:15-4 p.m. - Cedar Valley Cloggers 4 p.m. Twin Fiddlers

During festival weekend, visit the McCook House Civil War sword and correspondence, furniture add to museumʼs large collection of artifacts Visitors have the opportunity to view several new items on display at the McCook House Civil War Museum this weekend. The museum will be open Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m. during the 41st annual Algonquin Mill Festival. Artifacts include a sword, rifle, furniture, a school bell and many other items. Admission to the McCook House Civil War Museum is by donation. A sword used by Lt. Louis P. Chaddock during the Civil War is on loan to the McCook House for a period of time. Chaddock, of Orange Twp., enlisted in Company K 5th Regiment Ohio Calvary Nov. 11, 1863, and served until October 1865, participating in several battles and was wounded at Aiken, GA, in April 1864. Chaddock reenlisted with the

45th US Infantry March 1867 and served until July 13, 1869. Chaddock is buried in the Leesville Cemetery but his stone is no longer there. The sword belongs to Lawrence Page of East Canton. Chaddock was his second or third great uncle. A buckle from the belt used to carry the sword is also on display, along with a photo of Lt. Chaddock. Page also donated the original school bell from the Bethel School in Orange Twp. The bell was donated to the school by Joseph Preston Sr. and when the school closed it was returned to his son, Joseph Jr. Festival goers will be able to see and hear the bell Friday at the Algonquin Mill Festival. An 1876 S.H. Ward muzzleloading rifle from Conestoga Rifle Works was donated to the historical society by Mack and

Sylvia Sauer. Other new items include a chair belonging to Sarah Rurtan who lived on the farm where the Carrollton Exempted Village School District administrative offices are located, donated by Don and Elizabeth Sweeney, and a chair belonging to J.P. Cummings, founder of The Cummings Bank from the Dave Cain family. Two wooden kitchen chairs sold during the 1910s-1920s when the museum was The Butler Store and several schoolbooks from the early 1800s were donated by the Ruby Butler estate. Shirley Anderson, museum curator, and Dave McMahon, president of the Carroll County Historical Society, noted the society has received a lot of donations recently and are thankful to the public for them. The museum is located on Public Square in Carrollton.

Shirley Anderson (left) rings a school bell which will be on display at the one-room school house Friday at the Algonquin Mill Festival. Dave McMahon shows off an 1876 muzzleloader and a Civil War sword. Both are on display at the McCook House Civil War Museum.

Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 9-15 Sparky wants you to “protect your family from fire.” Sparky is the mascot of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The week of Oct. 9-15 is National Fire Prevention Week and the theme focuses on educating families about what causes home fires, how to prevent them and what to do in an emergency situation. The Fire Prevention Week website offers helpful tools and resources for anyone wanting to educate themselves or family members. The website features a fire prevention quiz, public service videos, and safety tips covering a wide range of topics. Fire Prevention Week was established in 1922 and is the longest running public health and safety obser-

vance on record. The President of the United States signed a proclamation proclaiming a national observance during the week every year since 1925. Sparky has his own website with an array of games and information to teach children fire safety. Activities include an escape plan grid, bookmark bonanza, making an origami dog and Sparky’s Home Safety Checklist. Kids can learn about different types of fire trucks such as pumper, heavy rescue and tiller trucks, hear sirens and learn the different parts of a fire truck. Sparky’s Museum explains the history and story of Dalmatians and Sparky. There are coloring pages and several games for kids, such as “Sparky Says Search for Safety” a seek-and find game. Visit to learn more. Smoke Alarm Safety at Home Smoke alarms are an impor-

tant part of a home fire escape plan. When there is a fire, smoke spreads fast. Working smoke alarms give you early warning so you can get outside quickly. SMOKE ALARM SAFETY TIPS FACT: Roughly two-thirds of home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in reported home fires in half. • Install smoke alarms inside every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement. • Larger homes may need additional smoke alarms to provide enough protection. • For the best protection, interconnect all smoke alarms so when one sounds they all sound. • Install smoke alarms following manufacturer’s instructions high on a wall or on a ceiling. See FIRE, B-2

The logo for “Fire Prevention Week” sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association.



Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, Ocober 6, 2011


Hello everyone! Fall is in the air...and as most of you know, it is my favorite time of the year. This past summer Randy and I went to Detroit to visit my cousin, Craig. As always, we had a lot of fun. We ate at some cool restaurants, shopped at a festive farmer’s market and spent an afternoon at the Henry Ford Museum. Greenfield Village and the Henry Food Museum is located in Dearborn, MI. It is a place the entire family would enjoy. There is something alluring for all ages. Greenfield Village was founded by Henry Ford in 1929. It began as a tribute to the creative genius and achievements of Thomas Alva Edison. It is also a tribute to the genius and achievements of innumerable Americans whose hard work, ideals and endurance moved this nation from 13 loosely connected colonies through the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and into the Space Age. When Mr. Ford began to preserve the Americana 50 years ago, his words are food for thought, “We ought to know more about them (the men who founded our country) and how they lived, and the force and courage they had. Until next time, why not plan a visit to the Henry Ford Museum! Your friend, Sherry Sherry Kline Bolitho Adult Book: Title: A Home of Our Heritage The Building and Growth of Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum, 1929-1979 By: Geoffrey C. Upward Publisher: The Henry Ford Museum Press Price: Not listed Available at the Carroll County District Library Assembling a complete set of McGuffey Readers was the first collecting effort of Henry Ford and his wife, Clara. Henry Ford was a collector with a vision. The facts and photographs within this book covers the years of 1929-1979. As based on Mr. Ford’s belief “the farther you look back, the farther you can look ahead,” shares his vision of the common man.

Coming Events ACTIVITIES *Monday - Al-Anon Group meeting at 6:45 p.m. at Church of Christ. *Monday - AA Group meeting at 7:30 p.m. at Church of Christ. *Monday - Warren Twp. Community Center Luncheon 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free will donation. Located on SR 212. *Monday Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) OH2053 meets in Sunday school bldg. of Faith Community Church on SR 212 in Leesville. Weigh-in 5:30 p.m. 740269-9976. Monday - Narcotics Anonymous meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Chestnut Ridge UMC, 1177 Cinder Rd., Carrollton. 1888-GET-HOPE. *Tuesday - Storyhour with Tyler at 10:30 a.m. at Bowerston Public Library. *Wednesday - Hopeful Hearts (for consumers with a mental illness/mood disorder) meet at Ace Clubhouse, 115 3rd St., SW, New Phila, from 1-3 p.m. *Wednesday - AA Group meeting at 8 p.m. at Our Lady of Mercy Church. *Thursday Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) OH1073 meets at First UMC. Weigh in 5:15 p.m., meeting 6:30 p.m. For info, 330-627-7405. *Thursday - Hopeful Hearts (for consumers with mental illness/mood disorder) meet at Community Mental Health in Dover, 6-7:30 p.m. *Thursday - Narcotics Anonymous meets at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of Mercy. *Fibromyalgia Support Group meets first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Mt. Pleasant UMC, 89 Canyon Rd., Carrollton. Info at 330-863-2850. *Carroll Co. Animal Protection League meets first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Carrollton Friendship Center on SR 9. *Society for Equal Access/Independent Living Center satellite office open second Thursday of each month from 9 a.m. to noon at Car-

Seniormenus Week of Oct. 10 Minerva Senior Center Call 330-868-6004 for reservations (before noon) the day you wish to attend. Meals are served at 5 p.m. in the senior center south of Minerva on SR183. All adults 55 years of age or older are welcome to attend. All meals are served with bread or rolls, butter and milk. Diabetic dressings and dessert available if requested at the time reservations are made. Monday - Sweet & sour meatballs, rice pilaf, jello vegetable salad, pink stuff. Tuesday - Homemade chili, hot dog sandwich, tossed salad, fruit salad. Wednesday - Gourmet pork chops, roasted red potatoes, creamed cucumber & onion salad, cherry cheesecake. Thursday - Baked chicken, baked sweet or white potato, applesauce salad, ice cream, cookie. Friday - Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, succotash, pickled beets, fruit. Carrollton Friendship Center and Sherrodsville Lions Club Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. daily. Cost is $2. For reservations, call the Friendship Center at 330-627-7017, Malvern Center at 330-863-2202, or the Sherrodsville Center at 740269-2200 (before 8:30 a.m.). Free coffee & donuts weekdays after 8 a.m. Monday - Closed for Columbus Day. Tuesday - Stuffed pepper, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, raisins, bread. Wednesday - Potato soup, ham & swiss cheese on bun, pickled beets, fruit cocktail, crackers. Thursday - Beef & noodles, brussel sprouts, spicy peaches, juice, dinner roll. Friday - Monterey chicken, seasoned potato wedges, carrots, fruited yogurt, bread.

From B-1

rollton Friendship Center. For info/schedule an appt., contact Tracy at 888-213-4452, ext. 224. CHURCH *Tuesday - “Thrive” youth group meets at Harsh Memorial UMC in Harlem Springs 6:30-8 p.m. for ages 3 years through 12th grade. Music, worship, special activities. *Thursday - Ladies Bible Study group at New Life Christian Church of Waynesburg, 139 Roosevelt St. at 6:30 p.m. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Thursdays are Bible study; 4th Thursday is short ministry organization meeting followed by fun night and 5th Thursday is craft night. Questions, call 330-868-4590. FRIENDSHIP CENTER EVENTS *Free coffee & donuts weekdays after 8 a.m. *Mondays - Exercise together for fun and fitness at 11 a.m., with lunch at 11:30 a.m. Bingo follows lunch. *Tuesdays - Grocery shopping, quilters at 9 a.m., all are welcome. Tai Chi for Arthritis Instruction 11 a.m. Lunch at 11:30 a.m. *Wednesdays - Line dancers, beginners at 8 a.m., with dancing from 811:30 a.m., lunch follows. Bridge players meet at 12:30 p.m., with newcomers invited to join this fun group. *Thursdays Tai Chi for Arthritis Instruction 11 a.m. Lunch at 11:30 a.m. Euchre Card Club at 6:30 p.m. Age 50+. *Fridays - Exercise together for fun and fitness at 11 a.m. Lunch follows at 11:30 a.m. FRATERNAL *Carroll Chapter #315 Order of Eastern Star regular meeting first Thursday of each month (except July & August) at 7:30 p.m. *Eagles #2185 men’s meetings first and third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. on Brenner Rd. New members encouraged to attend. *Ladies Auxiliary of Eagles #2185 meets first and third Sunday of each month at 10 a.m. on Brenner Rd. New members welcome. VETERANS *Fridays-Fish fry at Malvern American Legion, 203 Bridge St., Malvern, from 5-8 p.m. Open to public. Carryout at 330-863-2744. *Carroll County Vets Club’s board of directors meets second Monday - 7 p.m. *Malvern American Legion Valley Post 375 meets the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Post home. *American Legion Dellroy Post #475 meets second Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. at IOOF Hall in Dellroy. *Carroll County Ladies Auxiliary meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. *VFW Post #3301 meets second and fourth Wed. of month, 7:30 p.m. *The VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post #3301 meets first Wed. of month, 7:30 p.m. *American Legion Post #428 meets, 7:30 p.m. first Thurs. of month at Post


The Malvern Historical Society is planning a special open house Oct. 6 from 7-8 p.m. for residents interested in helping preserve Malvern’s history. Volunteers are needed in the following areas: * Documentation Volunteers Help record items in the society’s collection. Interested volunteers will be trained in the established plan. * Facility Volunteers - Help clean the building and collection, make minor building repairs and/or assist with yard work. * Active Members - Help manage work of the Malvern Historical Society. Attend meetings and help set policies, raise funds, organize and protect the collection and host open house events. * Research Volunteers - Work on a team to research important categories of Malvern’s history (brick-

yards, churches, school, Malvern businesses, etc.) and develop files and exhibits on these topics. * Veteran’s Wall - Be a part of the group to raise funds and design a memorial wall to honor military veterans from the Malvern area. “Individuals can volunteer for a single project or offer to help for an hour or two when they have time. The work is interesting and important and we will be very grateful for everyone’s help and interest,” says Carol Brawley, past president of the group. The open house will be at the Malvern Historical Society Building on E. Porter St. and will include refreshments, tours and a chance to discuss volunteer opportunities. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer who cannot attend the open house should call Fran Montella at 330-863-0598.

Visit Jeff Snyder Owner/Consultant 313 West Main Street Scio, OH 43988 Bus: (740) 945-1041 Cell: (330) 401-2450 Email: Web:

Snyder Technical Solutions Service When You Need It

Wine Cellars

Winery & Eatery

St. Rt. 43 South East Springfield, OH. Enjoy our Weekly Specials! Gift Baskets available for any occasion. Tuesday....... “Two for Tuesday” Two dinner entrees starting @ just $2495

Wednesday thru Saturday...... Lunch Specials starting at $5 99

You can be an ‘ultimate giver’ Crossroads Hospice seeks compassionate volunteers to join its team of “Ultimate Givers,” who strive to provide extra love and comfort to terminally ill patients and their families throughout Carroll, Harrison, Stark, Tuscarawas, and other counties. “Ultimate Givers” visit with patients in their homes, assisted living facilities and nursing facilities, and help with clerical duties at the Crossroads office. They provide emotional support and companionship to patients and family members, assist with errands, or provide respite for those caring for terminally ill loved ones. Crossroads Hospice is also seeking volunteers to support its signature programs inspired by Jim Stovall’s novel, “The Ultimate Gift.” The “Gift of a Day” program asks patients what their perfect day is and staff and volunteers work to make it a reality.

For information or to sign up as an “Ultimate Giver,” contact Kristie Adamov at 330-899-9100 or apply online at www.crossroadshospice. com/volunteering. Before becoming a Crossroads Hospice “Ultimate Giver,” participants must complete an application, TB skin test, and training session lead by members of the Crossroads team. Volunteers must wait a minimum of one year after the death of an immediate family member or loved one before applying. Crossroads Hospice is committed to being at the forefront of the hospice care industry, to continually shape the way end-of-life care is viewed and administered. The mission of Crossroads Hospice is to provide highly unique, comprehensive, and compassionate hospice services to persons experiencing a life-limiting illness and to their caregivers.

New Weigh LLC is a company formed to help our clients eat healthier so they can lose weight and keep it off.

not just another diet center


Meeting Times and Locations Tuesday ..............6 PM Malvern Methodist Church Wednesday ........7 PM Next to the Carrollton Y Saturday .............9:30 AM Carroll Family Healthcare, Malvern Weigh in 1/2 hour before meetings $50 REGISTRATION INCLUDES ALL MATERIALS & FIRST 4 WEEKS OF MEETINGS $10 PER WEEK OR PURCHASE A 4 WEEK PRE-PAY CARD AVAILABLE AT $30 A PIECE AND SAVE $10

Wednesday & Thursday “Prefix Dinner Menu” 3 Course Dinner for $1595

Every Friday...... “Grill Night” Saturday...... “Live Entertainment”

Join us for Lunch & Dinner Specials and local wine tasting!

(Reservations Strongly Recommended)

Call: 740-543-4200


Open Tuesday 4:30 - 9 p.m.


Wednesday thru Saturday 12 - 9 p.m.

The Neck & Back Pain Relief Center “Affordable short term care for long term relief” No appointments Necessary • We accept most insurances

Dr. Bill Grubbs Dr. GrubbsDC DC Carrollton, Ohio• 330-420-3670 • 330-627-4745 Lisbon, Ohio For our FREE weekly health e-mail go to code 44615GRUBB

Now Is The Time To Change Your Propane Supplier!

“New Members Welcome Anytime” 330-312-8702 email:


11stst Choice Chooice ce Energy Enneergy Services SSeer vices ces

Fri. • Sat. • Sun. Oct. 7 • 8• 9 Open Daily 9 AM to 5 PM.

• Quality Crafters • Steam Powered Flour Mill & Sawmill • Live Musical Entertainment • Pancake Breakfast • Chicken BBQ (Sat. & Sun.) • Homemade *Apple Butter *Sauerkraut *Bread & More



“The “T Thhee Pr Pri Price rice Is THE THEE PRICE TH PRICE” RI ”

1st Choice Choicce Energy Ser SServices vices DIVISION DIVISIO ON OF AGL AGLAND AND CO-OP C 888-388-5609

McCook House Civil War Museum on the square is open during the festival. Donations accepted.

Festival is located 4 miles south of Carrollton on St.Rt. 332. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CALL TOLL FREE 1-877-727-0103

St. John’s Villa


Admission $8.00 per vehicle

• Camping $15

...where Growth Has No Boundaries Providing Residential & Supported Living Services to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Contact Sandy Hawkins

From B-1

• An ionization smoke alarm is generally more responsive to flaming fires and a photoelectric smoke alarm is generally more responsive to smoldering fires. For the best protection, both types of alarms or a combination alarm (photoelectric and ionization) are recommended. • Replace batteries in all smoke alarms at least once a year. If an alarm “chirps,” warning the battery is low, replace the battery right away. • Replace all smoke alarms when they are 10 years old or sooner if they do not respond properly when tested. •Firewarning equipment is available to awaken people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This equipment uses strobe lights and vibration equipment (pillow or bed shakers) for people who are deaf and mixed-low-frequency signals for people who are hard of hearing. Some of this equipment is activated by the sound of the smoke alarm. Portions of this article are “Reproduced from NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week website, (c)2011 NFPA.”

"just 20 minutes from Carrollton"



Book Corner

Malvern Historical Society seeking volunteers

The Villa Restaurant & Gift Shop Home Cooked Meals In A Pleasant Country Setting

•Breakfast •Lunch •Friday Fish Fry •Carry-Out Available

Hours: Monday thru Sunday 8 AM - 8 PM Open 7 days a week!

Banquet Facilities Catering Service Available Contact Marge (Lash) Oakes

THE GROWING TREE DAY CARE HOURS: 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM Monday thru Friday


Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years

Adult Day Services

Hours: 6 AM - 6 PM Monday - Friday

Providing Loving Care... For Futher Info, Guiding Hands and Hearts Contact A home away from home for your loved Mary Fe B. Dearth ones.

Vocational Work Opportunties For People W/ Developmental Disabilities Packaging golf tees, creating baskets & wood products for sale in the Villa Gift Shop Monday thru Friday 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM / Contact: Mary Fe B. Dearth

701 Crest Street • P.O. Box 457 • Carrollton, OH 44615 Phone: 330-627-9789 Fax: 330-627-4826 E-Mail:

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Carrollton, Ohio


Malvern fall festival planned for Oct. 14 Students in the Brown Local School District at Malvern and their families are invited to attend the Malvern schools Fall Festival to be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, in both gyms and throughout the buildings at Malvern schools. Although admission is free, tickets for games and food are 25 cents each. Games will require 14 tickets and food 1-8. Basket raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. The evening of family fun will include lots of cool games, food, prizes and a basket raffle, organizers said. The gym will be full of inflatables, including Spiderman, a Farm and Twister. The event is sponsored by the Malvern Excellence Committee.

CHS homecoming parade set for Monday evening Carrollton High School’s homecoming parade will be held Monday, Oct. 10, with the lineup starting on 3rd St NE at 6 p.m. The parade will begin at 6:30 p.m. and organizers request no political advertisements in the parade. The line of march will proceed west on 3rd St NE, south on N. Lisbon, around the square, west of Main St., north of High St., east on 2nd St. NW, north of N. Lisbon St. and back up 3rd St. to be followed by a pep rally/bonfire in the high school parking lot. All transportation will need to pick up their students promptly at 8 p.m. The 2011 homecoming football queen will be crowned by Kayla Linhart, the 2010 fall homecoming queen, at the Community Field Friday, Oct. 14, at 6:30 p.m. A homecoming dance will be held from 8 to 11 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, in the high school gym. Tickets at the door are $10 for singles and $15 for couples.

Minerva’s homecoming set for this Friday night Minerva High School’s fall homecoming festivities will be held this Friday evening, beginning with a parade leaving the fire station at 6:20 p.m. and followed by crowning of the 2011 queen at 6:40 p.m. at the football field. Members of this year’s court, all seniors, are Kirsten Rae Cappelli, Nicole Margaret Garrett, Ashley Keatley, Samantha Lambert and Brittany Elizabeth Piatt.

Carrollton BOE meeting tentative agenda set The tentative agenda for the Oct. 11 meeting of the Carrollton Board of Education to be held in the Carrollton High School Performing Arts MultiPurpose room beginning at 7 p.m. is as follows: 1. Payment of bills 2. Transfer/advance of funds 3. Approval of changes to general Board policy 4. Approval of Transportation handbooks 5. Approval of Workers’ Compensation Group Retrospective Rating program 6. Acceptance of resignation 7. Awarding of supplemental contracts for the 2011-12 school year 8. Appointment of substitutes for the 2011-12 school year

Malvern Science Club seeking old cell phones


Fine Arts Booster Meeting Next meeting of the Friends of Forensic & Dramatic Arts is Nov. 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the CHS Fine Arts Room

Dellroy non-verbal student communicating with new IPad2 Thanks to The Legends Foundation, a Dellroy 6th grader can now communicate with her teachers and answer questions. Riley Sprague, daughter of Chris and Renee Sprague, recently received an Apple IPad2 which provides many applications to enable students who are non-verbal to speak and communicate with others. “The IPad2 is providing Riley with a voice to talk to her classmates and friends – something we take for granted every day,” says her teacher, Miss Angie Kintigh, autism unit teacher at Dellroy elementary. Throughout the spring and summer, Miss Kintigh worked with Joseph Hoffman, chief operating officer for The Legends Foundation, on a project titled “Riley Speaks”. According to Miss Kintigh, the project was developed to help students who are non-verbal to receive technology to assist them in everyday communications. Students who are unable to speak show frustration and behaviors when they are unable to communicate their wants and needs, Miss Kintigh explained. “It’s not that these students are acting out to get attention, instead, it is their only way to express them-

selves,” she said. “Now Riley can explain if she is feeling ill, order items at restaurants and much, much more,” Miss Kintigh commented. The Legends Foundation, a 501c3 non profit organization, works with former professional athletes and coaches. The professionals have spoken to dozens of schools, businesses, churches and correction centers on their past experiences and making good choices to our youth. In the spring of 2011, officials of The Legends Foundation visited Dellroy elementary school and provided students with an experience many kids from Carroll County would never have. They got to meet professional athletes, Miss Kintigh noted. “Students at Dellroy had the opportunity to interact with positive role models who are choosing to donate their time and efforts to help today’s youth,” she said. Miss Kintigh has two more non verbal students hoping for future IPads2. Anyone wishing to book the Legends for an event or donate for the new IPads project should visit their website or call 330-322-8495.

Riley Sprague (second from left) holds her new IPad2 which she received recently enabling her to communicate with her teachers and classmates at Dellroy elementary school. Looking on are her teacher, Miss Angie Kintigh (far left); Joseph Hoffman, representing The Legends Foundation which provided the new technology, and Dellroy School Principal Robert Dorety (far right).

Meister, Sammons selected CHS Students of the Month Chosen as Students of the Month for September at Carrollton High School are Samantha (Sam) Meister and Travis Sammons. Daughter of Jay and Debbie Meister Samantha of 10075 Salineville Meister Rd., Carrollton, Samantha is a member of the volleyball team, CHS Club, French Club and FFA at CHS. She also is a member of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Car-

rollton and enjoys horseback riding with her mom and going to high school sports events. She has a sister, Holly, 22. Upon graduation, Miss Meister plans to attend Kent State Travis University and pur- Sammons sue a career in business. When asked what teacher, coach, family member or special friend has influenced her and why, Miss Meister replied:

“Lori Bryan. I have been her aide in the office since I was a freshman. She has always been involved with school and community events that I have been in. She is a very down to earth person. She always brings the positive side out in people. She has been fun to be around and has given me so much advice. She has been supportive of me through my high school career.” In offering advice for success in life, Samantha said: “Keep your morals close to you and learn from your mistakes”. Sammons, son of Doug and Heidi Sammons of 160 Cinder Rd.,

Carrollton, is a member of the varsity basketball team at CHS, plays bass guitar with the youth group worship team at First Baptist Church in New Philadelphia and is a Sunday school teacher at his church. He has two sisters, Alyssa, age 14, a 9th grader at CHS, and Amanda, age 13, an 8th grader at Bell-Herron Middle School. Upon graduation, Travis plans to attend Stark State University and pursue a career as a mechanic. When asked what teacher, coach, family member or special friend has influenced him and why, Travis said:

Aaron Kotasek. He always tells me to “man up”, meaning to do the right thing. In offering advice for success in life, Travis said: “Be yourself, put on no show for anyone”. As Students of the Month, both Samantha and Travis become eligible for a $500 scholarship to be awarded by McDonalds at the conclusion of the 2011-12 school year to one boy and one girl. They also will have their pictures displayed in the showcase at CHS and will be treated to lunch by Carrollton High School Principal David Davis.

It’s back...lunch time “blast from the past!” Hey kids. No pre-packaged meals this Friday! Students in grades K-12 in all schools of the Carrollton Exempted Village School District will be served cafeteria-prepared lunches celebrating “A Blast from the Past” Oct. 7. The food service department will be featuring the “original” way of preparing the lunch which will include a 4x6-inch piece of handmade pepperoni pizza, hand dipped applesauce, fresh apples, corn and a pack of Elf Grahams. The day’s menu will be served in place of the Preferred meals prepackaged meal for the day. In an effort to increase lunch participation, School Supt. Palmer Fogler, Board Members Rose Seck and Helen Skinner and Food Service Director Kitty Weir have been discussing creative ways to make the school lunches more appealing to the students. One idea suggested was to try the original way of cooking one time a month. “If the participation numbers increase during that serving day, there are possibilities of doing this more than one time a month,” Supt. Fogler said, “We are anticipating success.” Friday’s lunches will be served to students at Augusta, Dellroy and Carrollton elementary schools, Bell-Herron Middle school and Carrollton High School.

Promoting independent living

Kitty Weir (far right), Carrollton School Cafeteria Supervisor, holds a pan as two cafeteria employees Linda Abel (far left) and Sindy Findling prepare a pizza for serving to students this Friday in celebration of “A Blast from the Past”.

The Malvern Science Club is once again collecting cell phones. Anyone wishing to donate their old cell phones is asked to take the phones to room 130 at Malvern High School or any of the collection boxes in the Malvern area. By recycling your cell phone, organizers said you are preventing a large number of hazardous substances from entering our environment. Cell phones contain coltan, antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, copper, lead, etc. Metals such as these can linger in the environment for a long time and have adverse effects on human health. By recycling cell phones, this ensures these metals are disposed of properly. In addition, the coltan that is contained in the cell phones is a mineral mined in gorilla habitats. “If we harvest the coltan from old phones, this decreases the need to mine for it in areas where gorillas live,” Club organizers stated.

During the 2011-12 school year, the Cross Categorical class and the Autism unit at Bell-Herron Middle School will once again be participating in a functional Life Skills program in the community. Patsy Ray, a gracious community member, has welcomed students and staff to enter her home once a week in order to facilitate this program. Based on the special needs of these students, a life skills curriculum which focuses on and promotes independent living was established last year with great success. The program will continue this year with even a greater number of students participating, according to their teacher, Jamie Rawson. Two class representatives, Joey Burrier and Alaina Ulman, are shown with their teacher learning to correctly button the buttons on clothing. “The program addresses issues and tasks the students will need in the future. Some of these skills include cooking (from reading a recipe, measuring, gathering the necessary items, kitchen safety, using appliances), cleaning (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, making beds, trash duties/recycling) teambuilding activities, social skills lessons such as manners, table etiquette, using the telephone, greeting individuals, money skills/banking, shopping, hygiene and many other necessary skills,” Miss Rawson said.

Carrollton district, treasurer cited by state officials for accomplishments

Science Club at Malvern selling Yankee Candles The Malvern Science Club is taking learning beyond the classroom by taking part in the Yankee Candle fundraiser. Students earn 30% of what they sell and proceeds will help members take part in field programs. Candle sales will continue until Oct. 10 and orders will arrive the first week of November. All items are within a dollar of store prices and shipping is paid by the Science Club. Call Malvern High School at 330-863-1355 and ask for Dori Hess.


Jensen, Enold reign as Malvern homecoming royalty Samantha Jensen and Aaron Enold reigned as Malvern High School’s fall homecoming queen and king during ceremonies held Friday evening when the Hornets hosted Newcomerstown. Miss Jensen is a daughter of Jennifer and Rick Loomis of Lake Mohawk and Enold’s parents are Eric and Michelle Enold of Malvern and Bridget Yurkovich of New Philadelphia. They are shown the above photo with members of the court. Seated (from left) are Megan Moody, freshman attendant; Gina Rosta, sophomore; Queen Samantha; Logan Smalley, junior, and Mandolyn Maksim, senior. Standing behind (from left) are Malcolm Simmons, freshman; Cobin Plessinger, sophomore; King Aaron; Kyle LeBeau, junior, and Kevin Ayers, senior. The queen was crowned by Jessica Hupp, the 2010 football homecoming queen, and Enold was crowned by Branson Poole, last year’s homecoming king.

The Carrollton school district has received recognition from two different state offices. Carrollton Schools Supt. Palmer Fogler was congratulated this month in a letter from Debe Terhar, president of the State Board of Education, and Stan W. Heffner, Superintendent of Public Instruction Ohio Department of Education, for the Carrollton Exempted Village School District’s (CEVSD) exemplary academic performance during the 2010-11 school year. “Achieving the ranking of Excellent on the 2010-11 Local Report Card is a testament to the hard work and dedication of your teachers, staff, students, parents and community,” the two state officials said. To recognize and celebrate the school district’s outstanding achievement as an Excellent school district, a banner is to be sent to Supt. Fogler from the Department of Education to be displayed prominently. According to the letter, the percentage of students scoring proficient or above on state tests increased on 21 of the 26 indicators and Ohio students met the state’s performance goal on 17 of those 26 indicators. In the 2010-11 school year, 93% of all districts received one of state’s top three designations (Excellent with Distinction, Excellent and Effective). Additionally, nearly one quarter of the districts

exceeded the growth standard in the Value-Added Measure, which shows progress made since the prior year. The CEVSD met 23 of the state’s 26 state standard indicators in the subject areas of reading, mathematics, writing, social studies and science for an 88.5% district rating. The school district’s performance index was 98.9%, which moved the district from an Effective rating to Excellent, a ranking Carrollton High School has held for a total of 8 years. In a separate correspondence from State Auditor Dave Yost, Carrollton School District Treasurer Roxanne Mazur was congratulated for her recently completed financial audit in which the CEVSD received the Auditor of the State award. “Clean and accurate record-keeping are the foundation for good government and the taxpayers can take pride in your commitment to accountability,” Auditor Yost said. The Auditor of State Award is given to those entities that filed timely financial reports in accordance with the General Accept Accounting Principles (GAAP), as well as receiving a “clean” audit report. The “clean” audit report means that your financial audit did not contain findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, Single Audit findings or any questioned costs, Yost explained. Included with the letter was a certificate for the Treasurer.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio




Union Hospital offering patient discounts Union Hospital in Dover is now offering substantial discounts to uninsured patients and additional incentives for prompt payments. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hospital charges will be discounted 30 percent for uninsured patients who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t qualify for Medicaid or other assistance,â&#x20AC;? according to Carey Gardner, director of development and community relations. â&#x20AC;&#x153;An additional 15% discount will be applied if the bill is paid within 30 days or

up to 20% if the bill is paid at the time of service.â&#x20AC;? As an example, Gardner says a hospital charge of $1000 would be discounted 30% to $700 if the patient has no insurance and is not eligible for any other assistance programs. If the patient paid their bill at the time of service, an additional 20% discount would be applied, reducing the charge down to $560. Gardner says patients with insurance can also qualify for a dis-

make a payment via the hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s internet web site. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A growing number of our patients prefer to see their hospital charges and make payments online, just as they do their other bills and banking services,â&#x20AC;? Gardner says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you visit the hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website: and click on the button â&#x20AC;&#x153;View and Pay Your Billâ&#x20AC;?, patients will enter our secure site to view their charges and can make a payment with a credit or debit card.â&#x20AC;? Gardner says the web site also provides detailed information about the discounts offered, other financial assistance programs, and phone numbers for more help in answering payment questions. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Offering these substantial discounts to the uninsured and rewarding prompt payment should be a benefit to our community which continues to suffer from the lingering recession,â&#x20AC;? Gardner noted. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The hospital will benefit too from helping more people resolve their hospital charges in a timely manner.â&#x20AC;? Gardner says hospital statements and bills mailed to patients and responsible parties will make reference to the discounts offered and eligibility requirements. He urges those with questions about the discount programs to call for information at (330) 364-0847. To make an appointment for a confidential meeting with a financial counselor call (330) 343-3311, ext. 2127.

count if they pay promptly. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Many insured patients still have a co-pay or deductible balance theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll owe the hospital after their insurance pays,â&#x20AC;? Gardner says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If the insured patient pays within 30 days theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll receive a 10% discount off their balance due.â&#x20AC;? In addition to the discounts for the uninsured and to reward prompt payments, a new on-line service enables all patients to view their hospital charges and

Harold Sutton of 2014 Co. Rd. 58, Irondale was re-elected president of the Carroll Electric Cooperative, Inc. Board of Directors at a reorganizational meeting held Sept. 27 at the Co-op. on Canton Rd. in Carrollton. Sutton is shown above with the nine-member board and Chief Executive Officer. Front row (from left) are Frank Chiurco, Gary Snode, who was re-elected vice president; Sutton; Harold Barber, who was reelected secretary-treasurer, and Larry Fenbers, CEO\General Manager. Standing (from left) are Dale Haley, Kenneth Brown, Robert McCort, William Casper and Kevin Tullis. Carroll Electric Cooperative, Inc., is a member-owned rural electric cooperative that services portions of Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, Stark and Tuscarawas counties.

AEP offering discounts on select LED bulbs through retail outlets in Ohio In an effort to increase consumer awareness and encourage the purchase of ENERGY STARÂŽ products, AEP Ohio, a unit of American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP), is offering a $10-$15 discount on select models of ENERGY STAR Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. The discount on LED bulbs is being offered through a pilot program available at nearly 60 retail outlets in Ohio. LED bulbs approach 80 percent efficiency, which means 80 percent of their electrical energy is converted to light energy. Compare that with incandescent bulbs which operate at about 20 percent efficiency. This pilot program is part of an overall initiative to reduce the price of selected ENERGY STAR qualified products for AEP Ohio customers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are offering these in-store discounts on LED bulbs through the end of 2011 at Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club, The Home Depot and Loweâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores across our Ohio service territory,â&#x20AC;? said Jon Williams, AEP Ohio manager energy efficiency and peak demand response. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Included among the benefits of LEDs are high energy efficiency, long operating lifetime, reduced

radiant heat, directional illumination and aesthetic appearance.â&#x20AC;? The discount is available on purchases made through Dec. 31, 2011, or until funds are depleted. The AEP Ohio ENERGY STAR LED Pilot Program is part of the gridSMARTÂŽ initiative offered by the utility to help its residential customers use less energy, lower energy costs, conserve natural resources and protect the environment. For more information about AEP Ohioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s energy efficiency programs, visit ENERGY STAR,, is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy working with manufacturers to help consumers throughout the United States identify, purchase and use energy efficient appliances, lighting, electronics and other products. The goals are to save energy, save money and reduce pollution. 2009 marked another year of impressive growth and continued success for the ENERGY STAR program. Americans prevented greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 30 million vehicles from the road and saved nearly $17 billion on their utility bills.

Deadline for business news is Friday at 5 p.m.

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Sports Leopards topple Warriors 43-7; Carrollton falls to 1-6 on season Fine Arts Booster Meeting


Section C

October 13, 2011

Next meeting of the Carrollton Fine Arts Booster Club is Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. in the CHS Fine Arts Room Contact our Sports Dept. on the web at:

By Bob Evans Sports Editor LOUISVILLE - It took a quarter before Louisville was able to impose its will over the visiting Warriors, but once they did it was all over. At the 9:37 mark of the second quarter the game was tied at 7-7, but the Leopards scored 36 unanswered points and rolled over the Warriors 43-7 on homecoming night at Louisville. The loss dropped the Warriors to 1-6 for the year and 0-4 in the Northeastern Buckeye Conference. Louisville improved to 4-3 overall and still has an outside chance of sharing the NBC championship, but would need to win out and get a lot of help. Minerva’s 21-13 win over Marlington gives the Lions a one game lead over the Leopards and a two game lead over Marlington. Going into the season Marlington and Louisville were favored to compete for the league championship. The Warriors played a strong quarter and a half Friday night. Senior quarterback Damon Anderson scored the Warriors’ only touchdown with 9:37 left in the second quarter and senior kicker Ben Knotts added the point after. Carrollton had two other opportunities slip away. On two different occasions Carrollton had the ball deep in Louisville territory but could not score. The Warriors turned the ball over on downs once and fumbled at another point. After those three possessions it was all Louisville. The Leopards’ Lucas Poyser scored on an 11-yard run with 7:00 left in the first half and Jeremy McQuilkin added the twopoint conversion for a 15-7 lead. Louisville got on the board again with 44-seconds before halftime on Poyser’s second touchdown run of the half from six-yards out. The Leopards would add three more TDs in the second half, while holding the Warriors scoreless. Junior Jake Peterson led the

Warriors on the ground with 100 yards on 16 carries. Peterson’s 31yard run set up the Warriors’ only touchdown. Anderson added 71 yards on 17 carries. Passing, Anderson and Luke McNutt combined to hit 1-of-6 passes for seven yards. Junior Storm Mohn had the Warriors’ only reception in the second quarter. The Leopards used 10 running backs in the game with Poyser leading the way with 14 carries for 55 yards. Quarterback Joey Duckworth completed 13-of-21 passes for 230 yards and three touchdowns. CARROLLTON: 0 7 0 0 - 7 LOUISVILLE: 7 15 14 7 - 43 SCORING FIRST QUARTER LOUISVILLE: Dillon Stertzbach 65 yard pass from Joey Duckworth (Merrick Storlie kick) SECOND QUARTER CARROLLTON: Damon Anderson 4-yard run (Ben Knotts kick) LOUISVILLE: Lucas Poyser 11-yard run (Jeremy McQuilkin run) LOUISVILLE: Lucas Poyser 6-yard run (Merrick Storlie kick) THIRD QUARTER LOUISVILLE: Trent Ohman 53-yard pass Joey Duckworth (Merrick Storlie kick) LOUISVILLE: Gavin Lovejoy 14-yard pass from Joey Duckworth (Merrick Storlie kick) FOURTH QUARTER LOUISVILLE: Joey Duckworth 4-yard run (Merrick Storlie kick) TEAM STATISTICS FIRST DOWNS: Carrollton - 7; Louisville -14. RUSHING: Carrollton - 41-168, Louisville - 41120. PASSING: Carrollton - 1-6-1-7, Louisville 13-21-230. TOTAL YARDS: Carrollton - 175; Louisville -350. PENALTIES: Carrollton - 4-39; Louisville - 0-0. FUMBLES/LOST: Carrollton - 11; Louisville - 0-0 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING: Carrollton - Jake Peterson 16100, Damon Anderson 19-71, Cody Stragan 21, Cody Walker 1-0. Louisville - Lucas Poyser 14-55, Joey Duckworth 7-19, Alex Jackson 8-16, Trey Hayford 5-14. PASSING: Carrollton - Damon Anderson 1-3-1-7, Luke McNutt 0-3-0. Louisville - Joey Duckworth 13-21-230. RECEIVING: Carrollton - Storm Mohn 1-7. Louisville - Trent Ohman 8-129, Gavin Lovejoy 2-19, Dillon Stertzbach 1-65.

Carrollton junior running back Jake Peterson (3) rips off a 30-plus yard run against host Louisville Friday night. Peterson finished the night with 100 yards on 16 carries to lead the Warriors in rushing.

Golfers finish second at district tournament

Carrollton senior Tony Pozderac led the entire field of Division I golfers as he carded a tournament-low 76.

The Carrollton boys golf team extended their excellent season by placing second with a score of 318 at the Division I District Tournament last week at the Valley View Golf Course at Lancaster. “It was a good day of golf for the Warriors,” said Head Coach Gary Cogan. “Even in the rain and wind we played pretty well for the conditions and to have three scores in the 70’s was quite an accomplishment.” The Warriors, who finished their regular season with a 17-2 mark and 12-2 in the Northeastern Buckeye Conference, were to compete at the Division I regional Tuesday at the Apple Valley Golf Course at Mt. Vernon. The last time the Warriors qualified for the regional was 2008. Senior Tony Pozderac fired a tournament-low 76, while Zach Riggins shot the third lowest round of 78. Cale Pozderac was right there with a 79. Dan Tobin shot an 85 and Brady McClure a 93. Tri-Valley finished one stroke lower than the Warriors with a 317. Marietta was third with a 324.

Rough week for Warrior boys soccer

Team heads into sectional action next Wednesday

The Carrollton boys golf team placed second at last week’s Division I District Tournament at the Valley View Golf Course in Lancaster with a team score of 318. Members of the team are from left to right. Head Coach Gary Cogan, Cale Pozderac, Zach Riggins, Dan Tobin, Tony Pozderac, Brady McClure, Tyler Shuman and assistant coach Chris Barto.

CHS volleyball at .500

Lady Warriors golfers place 12th

The 2011 volleyball regular season will end this week for the Carrollton Lady Warriors. The Warriors were to host Louisville Tuesday and end their regular season Thursday by traveling to Salem. At the end of play last week, the Lady Warriors record stood at 10-10 overall and 5-7 in the Northeastern Buckeye Conference. Last Tuesday, it took four games, but the Lady Warriors defeated visiting Alliance 258, 25-13, 20-25 and 25-10. Mackenzie Hess led the Warrior defense with 10 kills and four blocks, while Sam Meister recorded 14 digs. Sadie Myers had nine points, including six aces and 12 assists. For the Aviators, Hannah Malloy had six kills, six points with two aces. Melody Dorward recorded two blocks and Paige Fegler 13 digs and Samantha Jackson nine assists. Last Thursday at Minerva, the Lions defeated the Warriors in three games, 25-16, 25-19 and 25-11. Taylor Lowdermilk recorded four kills, 12 digs and scored nine points, including three aces. Hess had five assists for the Warriors. Last Saturday, the Warriors traveled to Louisville and were defeated in three games, 25-19, 25-16 and 25-13. Lowdermilk led the defense with four kills and 18 digs. She was also the Warriors’ leading server with six points, including a pair of aces. Hess recorded four assists.

The Carrollton Lady Warriors golf team finished 12th at last Wednesday’s Division II district golf tournament at the River Green Golf Course in West Lafayette. Carrollton finished with an overall team score of 438. Lael Shields was low for the Warriors with an 98. Sara Truman followed with a 108, Allison Giannone a 113 and Liz Bormuth a 119. The top three teams and top three individuals qualified for this weekend’s state tournament in Columbus.

Youth Football League wraps up regular season

Mackenzie Hess (9) led Carrollton against visiting Alliance as she came up with 10 kills and four blocks.

Carrollton’s Sam Meister posted 14 digs against Alliance.

The Carroll County YMCA’s Youth Football League wrapped up its regular season last Sunday at Fairless. The local league finishes its regular season with a combined record of 15-3. The Junior White team defeated Fairless by the score of 26-0 and the Senior Black team defeated Fairless by the score of 22-14. The Junior Black team was defeated by the score of 18-14.

The high school boys soccer season is coming to an end. The Warriors were to end their regular season this week with road games at Canton South on Tuesday and at Steubenville on Thursday. Carrollton will be taking part in the Division II sectional next week at Harding Stadium in Steubenville. They will play the winner of the Indian Creek/Cambridge match next Wednesday at 8 p.m. In action from last week, the Warriors played three matches and lost all three. Last Tuesday at Marlington, the Dukes rolled over the Warriors 11-2. Dylan McLean accounted for both of the Warrior goals. Gabriel Miller was credited with an assist. Marlington outshot the Warriors in both shots taken 15-7 and corner kicks 4-0. Carrollton goalies Austin Bregenzer and Matt Borland combined for seven saves. Micah Hall had three goals for the Dukes. Mike McDermott had five saves. Last Thursday, the Warriors traveled to Dover and were defeated by the score of 5-1. McLean scored the Warriors only goal with an assist from Ben Knotts. Dover held a 9-3 advantage in shots taken and in corner kicks 8-1. Borland recorded six saves at goal. Five different Dover players scored for the Tornadoes. Last Saturday, the Warriors were on the road at Coshocton. Coshocton defeated Carrollton 9-1. Knotts scored the Warriors’ only goal. Coshocton outshot the Warriors 16-6. Bregenzer and Borland combined for 9 saves. Evan Johnson and Ian Hartley each had two goals for Coshocton.

C -2


2011 STANDINGS Leaders Division Big Ten Overall W L W L Illinois 2 0 6 0 Penn State 2 0 5 1 Wisconsin 1 0 5 0 Purdue 1 0 3 2 Ohio State 0 2 3 3 Indiana 0 2 1 5 Leaders Division Big Ten Overall W L W L Michigan 2 0 6 0 Michigan State 1 0 4 1 Nebraska 1 1 5 1 Iowa 0 1 3 2 Northwestern 0 2 2 3 Minnesota 0 2 1 5

BIG TEN SCHEDULE SATURDAY • Ohio State at Illinois, 3:30 p.m. • Indiana at Wisconsin • Michigan at Michigan State

BuckEyes Carrollton, Ohio

An inside look at Ohio State football OHIO STATE (3-3) AT ILLINOIS (6-0)

Ohio State’s resilience will be tested at Illinois By JIM NAVEAU 419-993-2087

• Purdue at Penn State • Northwestern at Iowa TOP 25 • LSU at Tennessee • Alabama at Mississippi • Oklahoma at Kansas • Oklahoma State at Texas • Boise State at Colorado State • Stanford at Washington State • Arizona State at Oregon

Ohio State Statistics PASSING YARDS Joe Bauserman ......... 492 Braxton Miller ............ 386 RUSHING YARDS Carlos Hyde .............. 400 Jordan Hall..................265 RECEIVING YARDS Devin Smith..............187 Jake Stoneburner.......133 Verlon Reed..............132 TACKLES Andrew Sweat ............. 43


Weeks until ‘The Game’

Content by Jim Naveau, design by Ross Bishoff • The Lima News Copyright © 2011 The Lima News. Reproduction of any of this material is prohibited without express consent.

COLUMBUS — The best cure for what happened to Ohio State in its maddening implosion at Nebraska on Saturday night is to get onto the field again, coach Luke Fickell said as he sorted through the aftermath of OSU’s 34-27 loss at Nebraska on Saturday night. “It’s not easy. It’s going to be hard to get over. But there’s only one way to do it and that’s to get out there again,” Fickell said after OSU watched a 21-point lead in the second half turn into its third loss in its last four games. “There’s still a lot of season to go,” Fickell said. The idea that there is still a lot of season to go might be a more exciting prospect for Ohio State’s next opponent than it is for the Buckeyes. Ohio State (3-3, 0-2 Big Ten) goes to Illinois (6-0, 2-0 Big Ten) for a 3:30 p.m. game this Saturday. Illinois’ 6-0 start is its best since 1951, when the Illini went 9-0-1 and won the Rose Bowl. Two years ago, Illinois coach Ron Zook was fighting to keep his job. Now he’s fighting to contain runaway optimism among Illinois’ fans. For the first 2 ½ quarters of Ohio State’s game at Nebraska, the Buckeyes created some optimism for the first time in a while. They built a 27-6 lead and, with quarterback Braxton Miller running and throwing the ball better than he had all season, their offense appeared to have made a drastic improvement. But it all came apart when Miller suffered a sprained ankle and had to leave the game. His backup Joe Bauserman completed only one pass the rest of the way and his four series in charge of the offense produced

three punts and an interception. The defense was not without blame, either, giving up more than 300 yards to Nebraska in the second half. Miller’s status for this Saturday’s game is uncertain. Even if he is healthy enough to play, his injury raises a question that is tough to answer. Ohio State’s offense doesn’t move unless Miller runs the ball. But if his running is the centerpiece of OSU’s offense, can he stay healthy enough to stay on the field?

That is just one of many questions about Ohio State right now. The loss to Nebraska just added another to the list. How does Ohio State bounce back from such a disheartening loss on a night that started with such promise? “These guys are resilient. They’ve been through a lot,” Fickell said. “I’m sure there are a lot of lessons out there and we have to figure out what they are and grow.”

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 OSU SCHEDULE Sept. 3 ..... Akron 42-0 Sept. 10 ... Toledo 27-22 Sept. 17 ... at Miami 6-24 Sept. 24 ... Colorado 37-17 Oct. 1 ....... Mich. State 7-10 Oct. .......... at Neb. 27-34 Oct. 15 ..... at Illinois Oct. 29 ..... Wisconsin Nov. 5 .........Indiana Nov. 12 ..... at Purdue Nov. 19 ..... Penn State Nov. 26 ..... at Michigan

Buckeye Brain Busters

1 2 3

What year did Ohio State players start getting Buckeye leaves on their helmets? What position did Heisman winner Howard “Hopalong” Cassady play on OSU’s baseball team? Who was the first Ohio State Heisman Trophy winner to rush for 1,000 yards in a season?

ANSWERS: 1. 1967; 2. Shortstop; 3. Archie Griffin

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio




Minervaʼs 21-13 win over Marlington leaves 7-0 Lions sitting in first place in NBC Dukes with 122 yards. Minerva held a 305-228 advantage in total yards. Malvern 26, Strasburg 21 Malvern senior quarterback Shawn Ball scored on a four-yard run late in the fourth quarter to give the Hornets a 26-21 Inter-Valley Conference win at Strasburg last Friday night. “This win ranks up there among the great Malvern wins over the years,” said Head Coach Dave Tucci. “Coming from behind like we did was special and facing a very good opponent on the road and facing adversity along the way. Our kids kept battling for 48 minutes and got a well-deserved victory. Our staff couldn’t be prouder of our kids for how they kept coming back after Strasburg’s three big plays. What I liked most was how physical we played against a very physical team, out-rushing them 319-190 and total yards of 504253.” Tucci also thought the Hornet defense played well. “We might have played our best game defensively to date,” Tucci said. “The only negative was the 84-yard touchdown run, but other than that, we dominated the line

of scrimmage.” Ball was a one-man wrecking crew for the Hornets. He rushed 29 times for 257 yards, with 190 of those coming in the second half. He also scored on runs of 16 and 2 yards. Through the air, Ball connected on 11-of-21 passes for 175 yards and a touchdown. Senior Travis Tucci led Hornet receivers with five catches for 123 yards and a touchdown. For the Tigers, Ryan Froman scored on a 75-yard interception and Mitch Wilkinson scored on an 81-yard punt return. The win improved the Hornets to 6-1 overall and 3-1 in the IVC. The Hornets will be at Tuscarawas Central Catholic Saturday afternoon. Kickoff is slated for 1:30 p.m. Conotton Valley 20, Paden City 0 The Rockets won their second game of the season last Saturday afternoon by defeating visiting Paden City 20-0. Taylor Bowdish threw for one score and caught a 12-yard pass from Colton Cottis for another. Brandon Bailey was on the receiving end of a 25-yard scoring pass from Bowdish.

The Rockets led 7-0 at halftime. Manny Garza scored a late touchdown for the Rockets on a 25-yard run. Garaway 49, Sandy Valley 14 Garaway jumped out to an early lead and never looked back in rolling over visiting Sandy Valley 49-14 last Friday night in Inter-Valley Conference action.

HOF nominations being accepted for Class of 2012 Nominations are now being accepted for the Carrollton High School Athletic Hall of Fame class of 2012. Those eligible for nomination are former athletes, coaches and community members who have given unselfishly of their time and talents over the years to Carrollton athletics. To be considered for nomination, an athlete must have been out of school 10 years. The 10-year rule does not apply to former coaches and community members. The deadline for nomination is Nov. 1 to be considered for the class of 2012. Applications can be picked up at the Carrollton Athletic Office or by calling Curt Hensley at 330-6275135 or the Athletic Office at 330627-8410. Application forms can also be downloaded at the Carrollton School District website at


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Free Delivery A host of Minerva defensive players gang up on Marlington running back Alden Hill during action from the Northeastern Buckeye Conference game at Minerva Friday night. The Lions downed the Dukes 21-13 to remain unbeaten on the season. They also stand alone at the top of the NBC heap.

BOWLINGresults Tuesday Night Ladies (Carroll Lanes) 9/27/11 – Heartland Hill Rest. 12-4, MTSI 11-5, Power GMC 9-7, PP’s Girls 9-7, Huntington Bank 8-8, Al-Bi Winery 6-10, Cedar Corner Farms 6-10. High Bowlers: S. Clark 516, W. Russell 485, D. Kean 476. (C. Bright, Sec.) Carroll Lane Ladies (Carroll Lanes) 10/3/11 – B & T Trucking 11.5-4.5, Adleman’s Truck Parts 11-5, Atkins Masonry 10-6, Berry’s Family Memorial 8-8, Smitty’s Drilling 4.5-11.5. High Bowlers: J. Enterline 498, S. Johnson 462, BJ Mattes 439. (K. Fleishour, Sec.) Monday Nite Men’s Industrial (Atwood Lanes) 10/3/11 – Profab 11-5, The Loners 9-7, Flip Side Grill 9-7, J-Pa’s Pizza 8-8, Hilltop Outdoor Supply 8-8, Dellroy Market 8-8, K & B Greenhouse 8-8. Men’s Monday Industrial (Carroll Lanes) 10/3/11 – KCS 50-30, Gionino’s Pizza 49.5-30.5, NE Ohio Natural Gas 47.5-32.5, Minor’s Mobile Homes 44.5-35.5, R & L Auto Service 43-37, Dave’s Diner 42-38, Carroll Lanes 38.541.5, Carroll Lanes Restaurant 32.5-47.5, Turn Cuff 32-48, McFadden Insurance 20.5-59.5. High Bowlers: B. Whaley 717, Drake Yost 687, M. Johnston 685, S. Painter 636, D. Findling 623, M. Minor 611, J. DeFord 608. (L. Evans, Sec.) Tuesday Morning Earlybirds (Atwood Lanes) 10/4/11 – Geiser’s Garage 23-5, Krantz Trucking 17-11, Rocky Ridge Apiary 17-11, Charlies Angels 16-12, Days Inn 16-12, Pattersonville Telephone 14-14, Patti’s Gifts 1315, Buds Flowers 9-19, Atwood Lanes 8-20, Dellroy Market 7-21. High Scores: B. Twaddle 567, B. Leggett 484, S. Clark 482. (D. Krantz, Sec.) Tuesday Night Dellettes (Atwood Lanes) 10/4/11 – Lighthouse Bistro 29-13, Tinlin’s Atwood Lanes 25-17, Hume Tree Farms 25-17, Genet Boys Ent. 21-21, Taggart’s Ice Cream 16-26. (K. Tinlin, Sec.) Tuesday Night Ladies (Carroll Lanes) 10/4/11 – MTSI 14-6, Heartland Hill Rest. 13-7, PP’s Girls 12-8, Power GMC 10-10, AlBi Winery 9-11, Cedar Corner Farms 9-11, Huntington Bank 911. High Bowlers: W. Russell 482, D. Paulette 477, D. Kean 472. (C. Bright, Sec.) Wednesday Night Mixed (Carroll Lanes) 10/5/11 – Sunset Acres 13-3, Lucas Construction 12-4, Gotch & Co. 11-5, The Faulkners 11-5, Carroll Lanes 9-7, Richmond Concrete 7.5-8.5, Ulman’s Bakery 7-9, Hein Trucking 5.510.5, Depot Bar & Grille 2-14. High Men Bowlers: P. Howell 654, L. Mogus 650 (247 game), K. West 646 (237 game), M. Johnston 621 (236 game). High Women Bowlers: N. DeFord 476, A. Johnston 465, B. Twaddle 463. (E. Davis, Sec.) Men’s Thursday Civic (Carroll Lanes) 10/6/11 – Grubbs Chiro-

within 10 miles of Carrollton

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Sandy Valley quarterback Sam Groff completed 15-of-20 passes for 135 yards, including a threeyard scoring pass to Frankie Motz. Tyler Walter had a huge game for

Garaway. He passed for 265 yards and four touchdowns. Kellan Mutschelknaus led the Pirates on the ground with 64 yards and a touchdown.

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practic 74-51, Water Professionals, Inc. 70.5-54.5, JK Logging 70-55, Miller Light 67.5-57.5, Carroll Lanes 65-60, H & M Tire 60.5-64.5, Guess Motors 60-65, The Lockouts 59.5-65.5, Fair Vision 58-67, Smith Piping 40-85. High Bowlers: K. West 713, D. Findling 691, L. Evans 677, D. Shockey 651, L. Mogus 649, D. DeFord 642, C. Leggett 641, J. Strawder 636, G. Hauenstein 627, J. DeFord 623, J. Kruprzak 617, C. Shockey 609. (L. Evans, Sec.) Thursday Nite Men’s Industrial (Atwood Lanes) 10/6/11 – Dave’s Diner 16-4, Main Course Murder 16-4, Parkway Nissan Lincoln 146, Bear Electric 11-9, Atwood Boats 10-10, Haas Barbershop 10-10, Snap-On Tools 9-11, Ridge

Pump & Supply 7-13, Hahn Motors 5-15. High Bowlers: B. Whaley 649, D. Hirschbach 611. Thursday Ladies Classic (Carroll Lanes) 10/6/11 – JK Logging 13-2, Manor Girls 10-5, Carroll Lanes 9.5-5.5, Atwood Beauty Dock 9-6, Fair Vision 9-6, Geiser’s Garage 4-11, Lincolns-NThings 0.5-14.5. High Bowlers: G. Pyles 573, C. Koons 541, L. Stack 508, B. Twaddle 505. (E. Davis, Sec.) Liberty Belles (Garson Lanes) 10/9/11 – The Bug Busters 1711, The Diamonds 15-13, GoodN-Plenty 15-13, The Hart Farm 15-13, The Gamblers 15-13, Dixie Chiks 7-21. High Bowlers: S. Heiss 506, H. Jett 488, B. Cingolani 483. (J. Ujcich, Sec.)



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Minerva 21, Marlington 13 Minerva took over sole position of first place in the Northeastern Buckeye Conference with their huge 21-13 win over visiting Marlington last Friday night. The win improved the Lions to 7-0 for the year. The game was close all the way. The Lions led 14-7 going into the final period, but Marlington scored to cut the Minerva lead to 14-13 after the Dukes had their extra point attempt blocked by the Lions. With the pressure on the Lions, their offense drove down field and scored on a 1-yard run by running back Zach Wade with 2:39 left in the game. The Dukes had one last chance. They moved deep into Minerva territory, but turned the ball over to the Lions. Minerva quarterback Eli Maurer connected on 14-of-22 passes for 193 yards. Maurer threw a pair of touchdown aerials. The first went to Tyler Klimko for 38 yards and the second to Kyle Crum for 20 yards. Crum led Minerva receivers with five catches for 76 yards. For Marlington, Alden Hill led the powerful running game of the


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Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, October 13, 2011

DELINQUENT TAX LIST The lands, lots and part of lots returned delinquent by the County Treasurer of Carroll County, with the taxes, assessments, and penalties, charges there upon agreeable to law, Section 5721.03, Revised Code of Ohio are contained and described in the following list: 1 AUGUSTA TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00010 1-0000369.002 BROWN RUSSELL R 212.96 1-0000324.004 CLUBBS FRANK A 689.76 1-0000103.002 DETWEILER SAMUEL D & SUSIE M J/ 3019.75 1-0000239.000 DINGER GREGORY A MAIN ST 469.51 1-0000131.000 EICK PAUL K 37.31 1-0000495.007 FLIGER SCOTT E TRUST 1311.81 1-0000202.002 GROOMS DANIEL L & MICHELLE L J/ ARBOR RD 496.44 1-0000680.000 HILL JAMES P & GAIL L J/S 290.87 1-0000681.000 HILL JAMES P & GAIL L J/S 38.03 1-0000667.001 JENKINS BALLARD JR AURORA RD NE 5.50 1-0000668.000 JENKINS BALLARD JR 66.74 1-0000419.006 MILLER NATHANIAL C & CRISTINA K J/S 53.80 1-0000344.000 MILLS ROSS A JR 2530.73 1-0000346.000 MILLS ROSS A JR 834.67 1-0000594.000 MILLS ROSS A JR 16.31 1-0000650.000 MILLS ROSS A JR 482.70 1-0000338.000 PHILLIPS TIMOTHY D & ANN J/S 819.10 1-0000423.002 REIBOLDT DAVID I & JENNIFER A 459.04 1-0000405.000 RININGER BRET 368.80 2 AUGUSTA TWP /MINERVA SD 00020 2-0000022.000 CRAWFORD THOMAS L & PATRICIA L 491.65 2-0000116.000 LUTZ THOMAS J & DARLENE K 133.65 3 BROWN TWP /BROWN LOCAL SD 00030 3-0003093.007 BALDWIN DONNA L LEOPARD RD 14.75 3-0002818.000 BONER GARY 80.95 3-0000678.001 BROWN THOMAS J & CATHERINE R 16.55 3-0000295.009 CASLER DAVID R 320.10 3-0001689.000 CHICATELLI STEPHEN P & AMY K J/ 1914.69 3-0002638.001 CURTIS BRUCE L & DEBORAH K J/S 390.20 3-0002939.000 CURTIS BRUCE L & DEBORAH K 1392.53 3-0002460.000 DALMASO MICHAEL G & MARY F JS 4644.53 3-0000444.000 ELLINGTON NICOLE A 1292.65 3-0000712.001 ELLIOTT WILLIAM E & CYNTHIA S 884.61 3-0003048.006 FERRELL RICHARD H & CHAROLET V BELLFLOWER RD NW 51.77 3-0002924.000 FISCHER JEFF & TANYA 456.64 3-0000074.000 GREEN FAMILY PROPERTY LLC 5.04 3-0001027.000 HUFFMAN EUNICE S 565.94 3-0000707.000 KIRKMAN EDWARD R & LAVERNA J/S 167.31 3-0003225.001 LAWRENCE CAROLYN M REVOCABLE TR CITRUS RD NW 13.40 3-0003022.006 LEIDNER JOANNE 130.99 3-0003022.007 LEIDNER JOANNE 969.24 3-0000222.000 LIBER ANDREW D 49.20 3-0000223.000 LIBER ANDREW D 95.11 3-0003024.002 LOOBY WILBUR F 1779.48 3-0001785.000 MAKSIM RONALD P 892.74 3-0000295.007 MCNUTT JOSEPH A 328.03 3-0002645.002 MILLER JAMES L 123.07 3-0001938.000 MILLER JOHN C JR 1365.41 3-0002853.000 OBERLIN NORINE A & WILLIAM E 1777.40 3-0000320.009 PARSONS BRYAN & KRISTY L J/S 634.46 3-0000517.002 PATTERSON AARON S & KELLY L J/S 871.04 3-0001233.004 PITTSBURGH ADJUSTABLE BRACE CO 1181.39 3-0000368.000 PSALM'S PROPERTIES LLC 173.74 3-0002359.000 RENNIE JOANN 1510.22 3-0002287.000 SHEPHERD SHEILA L 1817.21 3-0002504.000 SLABAUGH KRISTAN L 193.72 3-0002442.000 SLABAUGH VAUGHN M & CRYSTAL A HOWARD HANNA MORT 235.32 3-0000177.000 VAHILA JESSICA R EAST MOHAWK DR 88.89 3-0002128.000 VAHILA JESSICA R 5.00 3-0001676.000 VANDERBILT MORTGAGE & FINANCE I 912.07 3-0001516.000 WADSWORTH MARK A 40.45 3-0001582.000 WADSWORTH MARK A 40.45 3-0001915.000 WALKER EDWARD J & LINDA J J/S 1742.17 3-0000430.000 WILLIAMS VONDA 194.20 3-0001758.000 WIZARD PROPERTY INVESTMENTS INC 869.40 3-0001762.000 WIZARD PROPERTY INVESTMENTS INC 833.95 3-0001807.000 WOHLIN DONALD C 2967.38 3-0002888.000 WRIGHT WARREN A & LINDA L 727.84 3-0001365.008 ZUCCHERO DANA S 208.75 4 BROWN TWP /MINERVA SD 00040 4-0000372.000 BOYLES MARK W 828.41 4-0000121.000 EICK PAUL K 1986.49 4-0000133.000 HORTON RICHARD N & RITA M J/S 1836.98 4-0000451.011 KIRKPATRICK STEVEN M & ERINN K 2765.07 4-0000573.000 LOUIVE JAMES R & JUDY L 89.22 4-0000276.002 MOONEY STEPHEN B 4.95 4-0000276.005 MOONEY STEPHEN B 9.25 4-0000414.000 RAY SCOTT 34.64 4-0000002.001 RUSSELL ALBERT L & TINA M J/S 57.49 4-0000456.001 RUSSELL ALBERT L & TINA M J/S 3.33 4-0000451.013 SALLA DANIEL B 552.17 4-0000599.000 SNODE MARK K 850.77 4-0000203.000 WATSON DONALD P & DENISE L J/S 555.12 4-0000413.000 WATSON DONALD P & DENISE L J/S 795.45 7 MALVERN CORP / 00070 7-0000395.000 FISK JAMES & JACQUELINE 104.12 7-0000595.000 FISK JAMES & JACQUELINE 986.27 7-0000363.000 LAWRENCE CAROLYN M REVOCABLE TR 521.11 7-0000438.000 MILES REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST 210.54 7-0000439.000 MILES REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST 46.87 7-0000440.000 MILES REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST 78.06 7-0000668.000 OYER LUCINDA H 1629.19 7-0000520.000 SIMMONS RICKY N & ROSE M 847.12 7-0000636.000 ST MARTINS LUTHERAN CHURCH 1.05 7-0000637.000 ST MARTINS LUTHERAN CHURCH 28.15 7-0000630.000 WHITE BETTY MAE 821.77 7-0000407.000 WIZARD PROPERTY INVESTMENTS 321.46 8 MINERVA CORP / 00080 8-0000921.000 BLYMILLER ANGEL L 35.43 8-0000152.000 FORD JAMES & JOAN J/S 254.91 8-0000211.000 HOME SOLUTIONS PARTNERS 563.11 8-0000826.000 HOWELL JEREMY D 901.97 8-0000560.000 KARLEN MISTY D 139.73 8-0000536.000 LEYDA JOHN H 169.38 8-0000546.000 LEYDA JOHN H 6.56 8-0000050.000 LEYDA JOHN K TRUSTEE 50.87 8-0000474.000 LEYDA JOHN K TRUSTEE 35.87 8-0000179.000 MELLON KRISTOPHER J 590.68 8-0000643.000 PHILLIPS JOHN M & SHANNON J J/S 525.92 8-0000315.000 TRIPP JAMES R & AMY K J/S 886.61 8-0000148.000 VAN PELT JAMES L 164.27 8-0000825.000 VANDEGRIFT CARL R II & JOANN 394.49 8-0000751.000 WIZARD PROPERTY INVESTMENTS 20.45 8-0000752.000 WIZARD PROPERTY INVESTMENTS 16.41 8-0000753.000 WIZARD PROPERTY INVESTMENTS 522.45 9 CENTER TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00090 9-0000757.000 BERRY LOIS W 610.67 9-0000086.000 BROWN BRUCE R 754.22 9-0000983.000 JAMES DOUGLAS P & CASSANDRA L J 124.41 9-0000955.000 JENCOR HOME CORP 30.27 9-0000076.000 JENKINS BALLARD & SHARON A J/S 34.80 9-0000107.000 JOSEPH KENNETH J 3011.93 9-0000584.000 MORELAND HAROLD L TOD 456.54 9-0000575.001 PHILLIS SHIRLEY A 107.50 9-0000602.000 PHILLIS SHIRLEY A 327.93 9-0000200.000 STARKEY BRIAN M & HERMAN J/S 630.23 9-0000442.005 THOMPSON SUSAN D & THOMAS L J/S 506.34 9-0000836.000 WILLIAMS MARY ALICE 122.13 10 CARROLLTON CORP /CARROLLTON SD 00100 10-0000595.000 GOTSCHALL BURT T & PATRICIA K J 328.70 10-0000934.000 JENKINS BALLARD & SHARON J/S 762.88 10-0000935.000 JENKINS BALLARD & SHARON J/S 169.85 10-0001530.000 MCGHEE PAUL W II 51.61 10-0000222.000 MOORE TERRY A 207.39 10-0000380.000 MYERS LOWELL B II & MELENY A 55.97 10-0000930.000 ORWICK SHANNON T 26.25 10-0001648.000 ORWICK SHANNON T 93.30 10-0001299.000 PISKLO ROBERT W 285.96 10-0001725.000 RIGGS VICKI D & GLENN W 313.13 10-0001382.000 ROSSEY CHERYL J 58.99 10-0001383.000 ROSSEY CHERYL J 319.29 10-0001195.000 SCHLEMMER DAVID N & ELLEN L REV 32.87 10-0001196.000 SCHLEMMER DAVID N & ELLEN L REV 23.57 10-0001167.000 SHARP DONNA 1.96 10-0001463.000 TINLIN MOLLIE 315.21 10-0001618.000 VANDERBILT MRTG & FINANCE INC 56.06 10-0000342.000 WEST DAVID C & CYNTHIA R J/S 466.20 10-0000810.000 WRIGHT JOSHUA D & AMANDA R JS 14.58 11 EAST TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00110 11-0000035.004 BURNSIDE JOE D 61.22 11-0000236.000 DYKE DONNA J 35.48 11-0000300.000 FORD ROBERT E 17.14 11-0000283.003 KINSEY CHRISTOPHER N & LISA M J BANE RD NE 1155.53 11-0000529.000 LASKE WILLIAM E III 6.05 11-0000035.013 MARIOL BARBARA A 6.19 11-0000279.000 OWENS JAY F 224.11 11-0000373.008 OWENS JAY F 476.62 11-0000277.000 WHITLATCH CHARLOTTE A 179.34

12 FOX TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00120 12-0000665.008 ARKENBURGH DONNA K NORCO OR CLOVER R 280.27 12-0000891.000 BARBER JOHN H & CHERYL L 42.16 12-0000337.000 BARNETT THOMAS D 79.60 12-0000066.000 BARNHART PATRICK A & ALIESHA JS .88 12-0000067.000 BARNHART PATRICK A & ALIESHA JS 14.80 12-0000750.000 BEADNELL CHRISTINE M 11.11 12-0000355.000 BENNETT LARRY E & KATHY A 147.49 12-0000856.000 CARTER CASEY MARIE & JOSHUA ALA 1040.22 12-0000137.000 CASSIDY EUGENE & LORETTA 523.89 12-0000138.000 CASSIDY EUGENE & LORETTA 129.20 12-0000950.000 DUBETZ JULIA BOWER 1630.56 12-0000271.000 DUBETZ STEPHEN LIVING TRUST 2799.17 12-0000003.000 HENDERSON VIRGINIA & JOHN O J/S 503.58 12-0000004.000 HENDERSON VIRGINIA & JOHN O J/S BLOSSOM RD NE 367.87 12-0000005.002 HENDERSON VIRGINIA & JOHN O 207.79 12-0000005.003 HENDERSON VIRGINIA & JOHN O 392.30 12-0000005.004 HENDERSON VIRGINIA & JOHN O 690.34 12-0000962.000 HERSHBERGER LEVI J & MARIE J J/ 1047.98 12-0000176.001 MCMAHAN AARON J ETAL 86.67 12-0000060.012 MCPHERSON DAVE T & KELLY S J/S 288.04 12-0000892.004 MELLO DONALD SR 17.01 12-0000386.000 MILENKOVIC JOSEPH SR & NEREIDA J/S ETAL 1.60 12-0000251.000 MILLER JOHN C & SUSAN J J/S 3756.84 12-0000427.000 STEALEY JAMES N & KENDRA L J/S 83.99 12-0000437.000 STEALEY JAMES N & KENDRA L J/S 356.18 12-0000438.000 STEALEY JAMES N & KENDRA L J/S 147.54 14 FOX TWP /EDISON LOCAL SD 00125 15 HARRISON TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00140 15-0000023.000 ANGELO REBECCA TRUSTEE OF REV L 385.87 15-0002849.000 AQUINO EDMOND T JR & DIANE L 21.12 15-0002850.000 AQUINO EDMOND T JR & DIANE L 13.86 15-0002851.000 AQUINO EDMOND T JR & DIANE L 13.86 15-0002858.000 AQUINO EDMOND T JR & DIANE L 13.86 15-0002859.000 AQUINO EDMOND T JR & DIANE L 13.86 15-0002860.000 AQUINO EDMOND T JR & DIANE L 13.86 15-0000817.003 B & N HOLDINGS LLC 509.53 15-0000099.002 BISHOPSGATE PROPERTIES LLC 495.03 15-0002058.000 BITTLE WILLIAM 5.51 15-0002459.000 BLOSSER LORI S 26.46 15-0004759.000 CAYTON CINDY L 483.47 15-0002933.000 CONNER RICHARD 40.32 15-0002931.000 CONNER RICHARD D 68.82 15-0002932.000 CONNER RICHARD D 26.46 15-0001628.000 COTYK NONA P 137.86 15-0001629.000 COTYK NONA P 26.46 15-0001630.000 COTYK NONA P 26.46 15-0002797.000 DAUGHERTY DANIEL L 40.32 15-0002798.000 DAUGHERTY DANIEL L 26.46 15-0002737.000 DAVIS JEFF 40.32 15-0002288.000 DAWSON JAMES & KRISTINA 2.28 15-0002700.000 EGLI KRISTIN 40.32 15-0002701.000 EGLI KRISTIN 26.46 15-0004847.001 FISCHER JEFFERY R & TANYA K J/S 1164.64 15-0000199.000 FISCHER JEFFREY R & TANYA K J/S 354.29 15-0000770.000 FISHER JOSEPH D & ANNA M J/S 23.18 15-0002684.000 FRANCIS BRYAN A 40.32 15-0000432.001 FRANKS KATHLEEN L 5.84 15-0002109.000 FRIEDMAN DENNIS 4.73 15-0002108.000 FRIEDMAN DENNIS J & DONNA M 2.38 15-0002110.000 FRIEDMAN DENNIS J & DONNA M 2.38 15-0002111.000 FRIEDMAN DENNIS J & DONNA M 1.72 15-0002075.000 GAMBLE FAITH 40.32 15-0002076.000 GAMBLE FAITH 26.46 15-0001550.000 GETZ JOLEE & GLEN RIEHL J/S 40.32 15-0001551.000 GETZ JOLEE & GLEN RIEHL J/S 26.46 15-0001552.000 GETZ JOLEE & GLEN RIEHL J/S 85.51 15-0002690.000 GORMAN LAWRENCE ETAL 40.32 15-0003040.000 GWINN G GANINE 22.30 15-0003041.000 GWINN G GANINE 39.91 15-0002533.000 HARRISON HILLS ASSOC INC 26.46 15-0001501.000 HARRISON HILLS ASSOC INC 1.27 15-0002616.000 HARRISON HILLS ASSOC INC 12.60 15-0002553.000 HILLIARD MELISSA 40.32 15-0002554.000 HILLIARD MELISSA 26.46 15-0001827.000 HUNTER ANGELIQUE & JAMES ROBBINS II 47.84 15-0001828.000 HUNTER ANGELIQUE &JAMES ROBBINS II 26.46 15-0000107.000 JOHNSON WILLIAM & MARY E J/S 725.27 15-0001676.000 JONES JANE C 26.74 15-0002847.000 KAINE PATRICK H & PATRICIA 1.93 15-0000858.000 KINCAID HAZEL E 1014.72 15-0000859.000 KINCAID HAZEL E 146.53 15-0001601.000 LANE LARRY A & LEAH C 40.32 15-0001602.000 LANE LARRY A & LEAH C 110.58 15-0001610.000 LANE LARRY A II & DEBRA A 1.93 15-0001609.000 LANE LARRY II & DEBRA LANE 6.19 15-0001589.000 LEYDA JOHN H 2.22 15-0001590.000 LEYDA JOHN H 1.15 15-0000340.000 LUCAS RONALD JR 480.27 15-0000318.000 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 918.12 15-0000318.001 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 345.16 15-0000318.002 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 114.37 15-0000318.003 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 133.96 15-0000318.004 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 156.24 15-0000318.005 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 114.37 15-0000318.007 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 150.55 15-0000318.008 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 114.70 15-0000318.009 MARTIN LUKE & DORCAS K 121.92 15-0002441.000 MARTZ APRIL L .77 15-0001927.000 MAXHIMER WILLIAM & CRYSTAL 1.93 15-0001928.000 MAXHIMER WILLIAM & CRYSTAL 3.89 15-0002009.000 MCROBIE SCOTT 2.97 15-0002340.000 MILLER ERIC & MICHAEL VERRANEAU 75.33 15-0002341.000 MILLER ERIC & MICHAEL VERRANEAU 39.82 15-0003951.000 MOATS JAMES O & NORMA 40.32 15-0002168.000 MOLLOHAN BRUCE W 40.32 15-0000582.000 MORGAN WILEY E & LINDA S J/S 49.79 15-0000583.000 MORGAN WILEY E & LINDA S J/S 176.14 15-0001765.000 PITTMAN WILMA C 40.32 15-0002917.000 RANDOLPH CYNTHIA 1.93 15-0001939.000 REYNOLDS EDWARD B 19.20 15-0001521.000 RIEHL BLAKE A & ANGELA M 26.46 15-0000376.000 RIGGS GLEN W 1087.55 15-0000377.000 RIGGS GLEN W 33.20 15-0002464.000 RITTENOUR JAMES V & PATRICIA L 40.32 15-0002465.000 SINGLETON MICHAEL 60.92 15-0002463.000 SINGLETON MICHAEL & DANIELLE 40.32 15-0002462.000 SINGLETON MICHAEL S & DANIELLE 1.84 15-0002691.000 SLUSSER LINDA L 40.32 15-0001445.000 STEVENSON BRENDA K 42.58 15-0001525.000 STUMP CHARLES J 8.25 15-0002958.000 SWOAPE WAYNE R 1.27 15-0002957.000 SWOOPE WAYNE R 1.93 15-0002654.000 TRIER JOHN R OR ANNA L J/S 1.93 15-0002739.000 TULLEY JAMIE A 33.58 15-0002620.000 VERES BEVERLY 94.57 15-0002619.000 VERES BEVERLY J 57.15 15-0002621.000 VERES BEVERLY J 40.32 15-0003175.000 VERES BEVERLY J 26.46 15-0003176.000 VERES JOHN M & BEVERLY J 40.32 15-0003132.000 VESA ANDREW & BRENDA J/S 1.93 15-0000665.000 VORHIES DALE R & CHRISTINE ANN 288.06 15-0000875.000 VRSAN FRANK & IRMGARD 715.81 15-0000876.000 VRSAN FRANK & IRMGARD 327.42 15-0000148.000 WALTS DENNA B 39.96 15-0000149.000 WALTS DENNA B 17.53 15-0000150.000 WALTS DENNA B 17.53 15-0000151.000 WALTS DENNA B 17.53 15-0002073.000 WILLIAMS CORY & NIKKI 40.32 15-0002072.000 WILLIAMS CORY S & NIKKI 40.32 15-0002105.000 WILSON DEREK A 40.32 15-0002106.000 WILSON DEREK A 36.06 15-0002676.000 WRIGHT JEANA L 1.71 15-0002677.000 WRIGHT JEANA L 1.27 15-0002606.000 ZAKIKIAN RYAN 40.32 16 HARRISON TWP /BROWN LOCAL SD 00135 16-0000034.000 ADDESSI GERALDINE M 4.63 16-0000151.000 COLE KAREN S 1720.51 17 LEE TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00150 17-0000611.000 !S BANK NA 2.29 17-0000612.000 !S BANK NA 3.33 17-0000718.000 HARBOUR PORTFOLIO VI LP 1.47 17-0000719.000 HARBOUR PORTFOLIO VI LP 16.20 17-0000408.000 HARTER LISA G P.O. BOX 122 34.65 17-0000653.000 KELLERMANN JIM A & SUSAN D J/S 308.47 17-0000174.000 KURYN CAROLYN M ETAL 24.21 17-0000822.000 MARTIN SAMUEL V 1283.76 17-0000830.000 MATTHEWS DAVID & JENNIFER N J/S 30.22 17-0000441.000 OTT LONNY 635.18 17-0000713.005 TEETERS NATHAN E 48.02 17-0000504.000 WENGERD CHRIS J & SARAH C J/S 1443.61 18 LEE TWP /EDISON LSD 00155 18-0000003.000 BOGGS ROBERT M & KELLY JO J/S 732.34 19 LOUDON TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00160 19-0000345.000 CASEBOLT ANGELA M 497.88 19-0000404.000 DICKSON DANIEL H 37.77

19-0000405.000 DICKSON DANIEL H 147.93 19-0000231.005 FISHER ANDREA PRONTO RD 219.26 19-0000246.000 GREEN KEVIN 128.63 19-0000565.000 GRIZER FRED 191.33 19-0000531.000 KURTZ ANDREW C & MARY J J/S 1299.46 19-0000291.000 SHEPHERD CURTIS J & STEPHANIE 969.95 19-0000291.013 SHEPHERD ELENA A 349.57 19-0000338.000 VIRGADAMO WAYNE G 37.77 19-0000339.000 VIRGADAMO WAYNE G 283.90 21 LOUDON TWP /EDISON LSD 00170 21-0000090.000 CLARE LYLA 31.58 21-0000116.001 EVERLY RICHARD D JR. AMSTERDAM RD REAR 30.92 21-0000207.000 EVERLY RICHARD D JR BOX 295 APEX RD 509.88 21-0000340.001 EVERLY RICHARD D JR. AMSTERDAM RD 15.71 21-0000340.002 EVERLY RICHARD D JR. AMSTERDAM RD REAR 5.47 21-0000195.000 GRIFFITH DARRICK EDWARDS ST 40.17 22 MONROE TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00190 22-0000058.000 CORONA MICHAEL D 567.95 22-0000260.000 ECKEL JAMES A & COLLEEN M J/S 11.57 22-0001200.000 ECKEL JAMES A & COLLEEN M J/S 3.30 22-0000320.000 HAUSMAN KATHLEEN E. 726.67 22-0000377.016 HICKMAN MICHAEL L & DARLYNN S J 545.16 22-0000500.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 13.33 22-0000501.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE 5.52 22-0000502.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 5.52 22-0000503.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 5.52 22-0000504.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 12.12 22-0000505.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 12.12 22-0000506.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 5.52 22-0000507.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 5.52 22-0000508.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 5.52 22-0000509.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 5.52 22-0000510.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 5.52 22-0000513.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000514.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000515.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000516.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000517.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000518.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000519.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000520.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000521.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000522.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.87 22-0000523.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000524.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000525.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 9.36 22-0000526.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 9.36 22-0000527.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000528.000 MALLERNEE W DEANE LITTLE LAKE DR 2.76 22-0000852.000 MCGINTY PATRICIA A 2213.26 22-0000864.003 MILLER THOMAS 1.90 22-0000555.000 MURPHY TIM A 344.76 22-0000428.000 O DONNELL CHARLES 587.41 22-0000485.000 OEHLSTROM DONALD A & CINDY K .25 22-0000486.000 OEHLSTROM DONALD A & CINDY K 11.86 22-0000487.000 OEHLSTROM DONALD A & CINDY K .13 22-0001274.003 RIDGWAY MATTHEW JAY 1055.00 22-0000288.001 SMART RANDY L 12.33 22-0000447.000 SMART RANDY L 814.19 22-0000644.002 SMART RANDY L ROSWELL RD 2.17 22-0000710.001 SMART RANDY L 2.17 22-0000711.001 SMART RANDY L 6.53 23 MONROE TWP /CONOTTON VALLEY SD 00200 23-0000385.000 ADAMS RENEE L 70.55 23-0000250.000 BARKER KIMBERLY & DUANE J/S 323.84 23-0000595.000 EAKIN JAMES M ETAL 18.91 23-0000596.000 EAKIN JAMES M ETAL 11.65 23-0000223.000 EAKIN JAMES M & PATRICK J TOY J 292.95 23-0000305.000 HARGIS SARAH 777.25 23-0000150.000 INCZE ANDREW T 1115.59 23-0000150.001 INCZE ANDREW T 479.58 23-0000925.002 IRWIN DONALD C & SHELVA L J/S 285.57 23-0000628.000 IVERSON RAYMOND & MARY J/S 610.17 23-0000797.000 LINGER SAMUEL A II 181.12 23-0000359.000 LUFF GEORGE E & BEVERLY A J/S 400.62 23-0000087.000 LUTE HAROLD R 173.23 23-0000088.000 LUTE HAROLD R 6.82 23-0001353.001 MALONE DAVID K ANTIGUA RD 45.19 23-0001330.001 SCARBERRY EDWIN & BARBARA J/S 159.93 23-0001330.002 SCARBERRY EDWIN & BARBARA JS 497.68 23-0000307.000 WALLER STEVE A & LORNA J J/S 108.18 23-0000971.002 WRANA JAMES D & JOLIEN LODGE RD 88.56 23-0001265.002 WRANA JAMES D & JOLIEN 20.98 24 DELLROY CORP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00210 24-0000211.000 SKIPPER PAUL A & DIANE L 19.35 25 ORANGE TWP /CONOTTON VALLEY SD 00220 25-0001066.000 BONECUTTER JEFFREY 49.35 25-0001022.000 BROWN RUSSELL 17.34 25-0001023.000 BROWN RUSSELL 20.42 25-0001024.000 BROWN RUSSELL 16.25 25-0001081.000 BROWN RUSSELL 42.81 25-0001082.000 BROWN RUSSELL 19.76 25-0001083.000 BROWN RUSSELL 5.05 25-0001084.000 BROWN RUSSELL 14.93 25-0001085.000 BROWN RUSSELL 435.25 25-0000058.000 BROWN RUSSELL R 313.89 25-0000978.000 BROWN RUSSELL R 10.54 25-0000981.000 BROWN RUSSELL R 10.75 25-0000982.000 BROWN RUSSELL R 18.23 25-0000983.000 BROWN RUSSELL R 9.22 25-0000984.000 BROWN RUSSELL R 9.66 25-0001267.000 BROWN RUSSELL R 327.70 25-0000325.000 FEGANCHER SHIRLEY M 1.87 25-0000768.000 LEE VICKIE 469.19 25-0000421.000 LOCH JAY L 1.63 25-0000670.000 LOCH JAY L 16.25 25-0001275.000 MCCUNE TERRY D & MONICA J J/S 895.63 25-0000054.000 MOORE MICHAEL B 18.00 25-0000055.000 MOORE MICHAEL B 18.00 25-0000056.000 MOORE MICHAEL B 18.00 25-0000057.000 MOORE MICHAEL B 18.00 25-0000059.000 MOORE MICHAEL B 56.43 25-0000060.000 MOORE MICHAEL B 30.07 25-0002193.000 ORUM JAMES & DONNA 60.07 25-0000869.000 PROVENS CLYDE & MARJORIE 41.54 25-0001274.000 SAMPLES WOODROW C & HEATHER R Y 424.09 26 LEESVILLE CORP / 00230 26-0000057.000 ELMORE LLOYD T & DIANE S J/S 109.39 27 SHERRODSVILLE CORP / 00240 27-0000116.000 GARDNER ROBERT E & EVELYN L J/S 230.81 27-0000015.000 MONROE SEAN GLEN 137.59 27-0000228.000 SHERRODSVILLE VOL FIRE DP CUMBERLAND RD 6.60 27-0000229.000 SHERRODSVILLE VOL FIRE DP 6.60 28 PERRY TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00250 28-0001240.001 BAKER DOUGLAS J & NOEL M J/S .37 28-0000855.000 BOYLES MARK & SHELBY J BELL 333.15 28-0000196.000 CAIN RUSSELL & FLORENCE 3.70 28-0001029.000 CHOWNING DARLENE R 5.08 28-0001031.000 CHOWNING DARLENE R 5.08 28-0001033.000 CHOWNING DARLENE R 5.08 28-0001034.000 CHOWNING DARLENE R 5.08 28-0001422.000 CLARKE BOBBI L 230.08 28-0000224.000 COCHRAN MATTHEW A 35.95 28-0000964.000 COCHRAN WILLIAM 41.37 28-0000642.000 COCHRAN WILLIAM A & RHEA L 173.50 28-0000454.000 DOLIN FRANKLIN D 296.36 28-0000325.002 EDIE GREGORY ALLEN & JACLYNN D 124.63 28-0000325.003 EDIE GREGORY ALLEN & JACLYNN D 894.70 28-0000423.000 GARTLAND JANICE DESERT RD 45.72 28-0001497.001 LISKE WILLIAM E JR & SUSAN M J/S 324.18 28-0000957.000 MEEDER FRED E & VIRGINIA E RAND 1.12 28-0000958.000 MEEDER FRED E & VIRGINIA E RAND 258.08 28-0000959.000 MEEDER FRED E & VIRGINIA E RAND .71 28-0000960.000 MEEDER FRED E & VIRGINIA E RAND .21 28-0000961.000 MEEDER FRED E & VIRGINIA E RAND .24 28-0000962.000 MEEDER FRED E & VIRGINIA E RAND .18 28-0000963.000 MEEDER FRED E & VIRGINIA E RAND .26 28-0001391.000 MOORE MICHAEL G & LINDA J 193.80 28-0001504.006 MUNGO DAVID V & MICHELLE S 93.44 28-0001506.000 MUNGO DAVID V & MICHELLE S 21.27 28-0000898.000 NAFTZGER TROY & STACY PRIMARY RES MTG 49.26 28-0000722.000 PATTERSON MARK E TOD 13.84 28-0001093.000 PATTERSON MARK E TOD 12.90 28-0001110.000 PATTERSON MARK E TOD 441.67 28-0000721.000 PATTERSON MARK E TOD 14.03 28-0001469.000 SMITH LOREN DANIEL II 362.74 28-0000326.004 SOTO CHARLES D 766.44 28-0000535.000 SWONGER MICHAEL W 443.20 28-0001341.000 WEEKLY TODD A 128.71 30 ROSE TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00270 31 ROSE TWP /SANDY VALLEY SD 00280 31-0000271.000 GEER OLIN M & STEVEN W GEER J/S 389.93 31-0000272.000 GEER OLIN M & STEVEN W GEER J/S 217.25

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio



PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICE TO THE DEFENDANT: BEVERLY MAYLE (whose current address is unknown and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained), and to the DEFENDANT JEFFREY WELCH (whose current address is unknown and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained), and to the DEFENDANT JACK MAYLE (whose current address is unknown and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained), and to the DEFENDANT ERNIE LEE MAYLE (whose current address is unknown and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained), and to the DEFENDANT VIRGINIA LEE SMITH (whose current address is unknown and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained), and to the DEFENDANT LUCY ZELK (whose current address is unknown and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained), and to the DEFENDANTS THE KNOWN OR UNKNOWN HEIRS OF ROGER MAYLE (whose identities and current addresses cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained), take notice: IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO Carroll County Treasurer, Plaintiff, v. Estate of Roger Mayle, deceased, et al, Defendants CASE NO.: 11CVE26893 NOTICE BY PUBLICATION Jeff Yeager, Carroll County Treasurer, has brought an action naming you as Defendants in the above named Court by filing his complaint on the 26th day of September, 2011. The object of the complaint is to enforce the lien of outstanding, overdue, and unpaid real estate taxes and assessments, together with any interest, penalties, costs, fees, or expenses lawfully assessed against the following described real estate: Situated in the Township of Brown, County of Carroll and State of Ohio: Known as being part of the northeast quarter of Section 20, Township 16, Range 6, Brown Township, Carroll County, Ohio, beginning at a stone at the southeast corner of said quarter section; thence north 0° 18’ 25” west along the section line 1183.79’ to an iron pin in the center of State Route #43 and 80 and the place of beginning for the tract herein described;

thence south 74° 14’ 25” west along the center of said road 351.13’ to a point; thence north 10° 27’ 35” west 199.00’ to a point; thence south 74° 14’ 25” west 366.85’ to a point; thence south 10° 27’ 35” east 199.00’ to a point in the center of State Route #43 and 80; thence South 74° 14’ 25” west along said road 231.00’ to a point; thence north 77° 23’ 35” west along center of said roads 246.00’ to an iron pin on the east corporation line of the Village of Malvern; thence north 0° 13’ 09” west along the corporation line 979.44’ to a point; thence east 99.00’ to a point; thence north 165.00’ to a point; thence east 330.00’ to a point; thence south 330.00’ to a point; thence east 726.00’ to a point on the section line; thence south 0° 18’ 35” east along the section line 586.33’ to an iron pin in the center of State Routes #43 and the place of beginning, containing 22.579 acres, more or less. EXCEPTING AND RESERVING THEREFROM THE FOLLOWING PARCELS: Known as being part of the northeast quarter of Section 20, Township 16, Range 6, Brown Township, Carroll County, Ohio beginning at stone at the northeast corner of said section, south 2° 16’ west along the section line 858.00 feet to a point; thence north 87° 44’ west 219.00 feet to an iron pin and place of beginning for the tract herein described; thence in a southwesterly direction along the north line of the Pennsylvania Railroad on a 0° 40’ curve to the right a distance 452.07 feet to a point; thence south 78° 25’ west along the north line of said railroad 518.46 feet to an iron pin at the intersection of said railroad line with the east corporation line of the Village of Malvern; thence north 3° 25’ east along the corporation line 419.39 feet to an iron pin; thence south 87° 44’ east a distance of 82’ to an iron pin; thence north 2° 16’ east 165.00 feet to an iron pin; thence south 87° 44’ east 330.00 feet to an iron pin; thence south 2° 16’ west 330.00 to a point in the creek: thence south 87° 44’ east 507.00 feet to an iron pin in the northline of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the place of beginning, containing 5.701 acres, more or less. Known as being a part of the northeast quarter of Section 20, Township 16, Range 6, Brown Township, Carroll County, Ohio: Beginning at an

iron pin in the center of County Road #81 and on the east corporation line of the Village of Malvern; thence South 75° 00’ east along the center of said road 246.00 feet to a point; thence north 76° 39’ east 236.76’ to a point; thence north 11° 06’ 40” east 219.63’ to an iron pin; thence north 17° 54’ east 254.00’ to an iron pin on the south right of way line of State Routes 43 and 183: thence north 72° 47’ west along said right of way line 312.50’ to a point on the south right of way line of the Penn Central Railroad; thence south 77° 06’ west along said right of way line 281.40’ to an iron pin on the east corporation line of the Village of Malvern; thence south 2° 12’ 20” west along said corporation line 477.21’ to an iron pin in the center of County Road 81 and the place of beginning, containing 6.360 acres, more or less. Leaving remaining 10.518 acres, more or less. The relief demanded is judgment in the amount of $14,154.20 plus interest and court costs; that said tax lien be foreclosed and the real estate described herein be sold at Sheriff’s Sale and the proceeds of said sale be applied for payment of the said outstanding taxes, assessments, costs, fees, and expenses; that each Defendant be required to answer setting forth his or her claim or interest in the subject real estate, if any, or be forever barred from claiming or asserting same; and for such other and further relief to which Plaintiff may be entitled. You are required to answer the Complaint within twenty-eight (28) days after the last publication of this notice, which will be published once a week for six (6) consecutive weeks, with the last publication to be made on the 10th day of November, 2011. In case of your failure to answer or otherwise respond as permitted by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure within the time stated, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. -s-William R. Wohlwend, Carroll County Clerk of Courts P.O. Box 367 Carrollton, Ohio 44615 Published in The Free Press Standard October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3 and 10, 2011. NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE The State of Ohio, Carroll County CASE #11CVE26744 THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON

Plaintiff vs. SAMUEL NATCHER, ET AL Defendant In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above entitled Action, I will offer for sale at public auction, in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office, in Carrollton, in the above named County, on TUESDAY, the 8th day of NOV., 2011, at 10:00 o’clock A.M., *LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE CARROLL COUNTY RECORDER’S OFFICE, 119 PUBLIC SQUARE, SUITE 205, CARROLLTON, OH *Said Premises Located at: 292 2ND ST. NW, CARROLLTON, OH 44615 PARCEL #: 10-0001060.000 *Said Premises Appraised at: FOURTY TWO THOUSAND & 00/100 —($42,000.00) STARTING BID: $28,000.00 TERMS OF SALE: Property must sell for two-thirds of appraised value. 10% deposit of the appraised value required at time of the sale. Personal, Certified or Cashier’s check accepted. Balance due 30 days from date of the sale upon confirmation by the Carroll County Common Pleas Court. Note: Appraisal does not include an interior inspection or viewing by appraisers. DALE R. WILLIAMS, SHERIFF CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO MANLEY DEAS KOCHALSI 614-222-4921 Attorney Published in The Free Press Standard October 13, 20 & 27, 2011. NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE The State of Ohio, Carroll County CASE #10CVE26236 BAC HOME LOANS SERVICING, L.P. Plaintiff vs. SHANE M. BOLEY, ET AL Defendant In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above entitled Action, I will offer for sale at public auction, in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office, in Carrollton, in the above named County, on TUESDAY, the 8th day of NOV., 2011, at 10:00 o’clock A.M., *LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE CARROLL COUNTY

RECORDER’S OFFICE, 119 PUBLIC SQUARE, SUITE 205, CARROLLTON, OH *Said Premises Located at: 1086 SOLAR ROAD NE, CARROLLTON, OH 44615 34-0000359.000 *Said Premises Appraised at: FIFTY ONE THOUSAND & 00/100 —($51,000.00) TERMS OF SALE: Property must sell for two-thirds of appraised value. 10% deposit of the appraised value required at time of the sale. Personal, Certified or Cashier’s check accepted. Balance due 30 days from date of the sale upon confirmation by the Carroll County Common Pleas Court. Note: Appraisal does not include an interior inspection or viewing by appraisers. DALE R. WILLIAMS, SHERIFF CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO CARLISLE, MCNELLIE, RINI, KRAMER, ULRICH CO 216-360-7200 Attorney

of the sale upon confirmation by the Carroll County Common Pleas Court. Note: Appraisal does not include an interior inspection or viewing by appraisers. DALE R. WILLIAMS, SHERIFF CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO LERNER SAMPSON ROTHFUSS 513-241-3100 Attorney Published in The Free Press Standard October 13, 20 & 27, 2011. NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE The State of Ohio, Carroll County CASE #11CVE26750 FANNIE MAE Plaintiff vs. TIMOTHY LEE KETTERING, ET AL Defendant

In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above entitled Action, I will offer for sale at public aucPublished in The Free Press tion, in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Standard October 13, 20 & 27, Office, in Carrollton, in the 2011. above named County, on TUESDAY, the 8th day of NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE NOV., 2011, at 10:00 o’clock The State of Ohio, A.M., Carroll County *LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS MAY CASE #10CVE26297 BE OBTAINED FROM THE CARCHASE HOME FINANCE LLC ROLL COUNTY RECORDER’S Plaintiff OFFICE, 119 PUBLIC SQUARE, vs. SUITE 205, CARROLLTON, OH DEBORAH E. TESSANNE, ET *Said Premises Located at: AL 312 MURRAY AVE., MINERVA, Defendant OH 44657 08-0000856.000 In pursuance of an Order of *Said Premises Appraised at: Sale in the above entitled Action, THIRTY SIX THOUSAND & I will offer for sale at public auc- 00/100 —($36,000.00) tion, in the lobby of the Sheriff’s TERMS OF SALE: Property Office, in Carrollton, in the above must sell for two-thirds of apnamed County, praised value. 10% deposit of on TUESDAY, the 8th day of the appraised value required at NOV., 2011, at 10:00 o’clock time of the sale. A.M., Personal, Certified or *LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS MAY Cashier’s check accepted. BE OBTAINED FROM THE CARBalance due 30 days from ROLL COUNTY RECORDER’S date of the sale upon confirmaOFFICE, 119 PUBLIC SQUARE, tion by the Carroll County ComSUITE 205, CARROLLTON, OH mon Pleas Court. *Said Premises Located at: Note: Appraisal does not in1190 LARAMIE RD NW, CAR- clude an interior inspection or ROLLTON, OH 44615 viewing by appraisers. 15-0000100.000 *Said Premises Appraised at: DALE R. WILLIAMS, SIXTY THOUSAND & 00/100 — SHERIFF ($60,000.00) CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO TERMS OF SALE: Property must sell for two-thirds of apMANLEY DEAS KOCHALSI praised value. 10% deposit of 614-222-4921 the appraised value required at Attorney time of the sale. Personal, Certified or Cashier’s Published in The Free Press check accepted. Standard October 13, 20 & 27, Balance due 30 days from date 2011.

DELINQUENT TAX LIST 31-0000273.000 GEER OLIN M & STEVEN W GEER J/S 54.53 31-0000601.009 LAUDATO ANTHONY & KIMBERLEY 721.33 31-0000057.000 PATTERSON MICHAEL G & THERESA L 787.46 31-0000007.000 PATTERSON MICHAEL SR & MARUEEN 402.10 31-0000323.000 PATTERSON MICHELLE E 23.50 31-0000470.000 REED ALBERTA 4.39 31-0000471.000 REED ALBERTA E 11.78 31-0001623.000 ROBINSON RICHARD E 784.92 31-0001789.000 SHEARER JAMES H 3484.03 31-0000443.005 SKIPPER PAUL A & DIANE L J/S 30.08 31-0000443.012 SKIPPER PAUL A & DIANE L HOLLY RD .44 31-0000168.000 VICKERS LEE W & ANGELA A 36.33 32 MAGNOLIA CORP / 00290 32-0000177.000 DAGENHARD JOE & CINDI 117.34 32-0000064.000 RILEY MERLE D JR. 368.32 33 UNION TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00300 33-0000015.000 ALBRECHT MERLE A & BARBARA J JS 65.43 33-0000886.000 BARNES ROBERT L & LINDA J/S 196.81 33-0001192.000 BATES STEVEN 16.01 33-0001193.000 BATES STEVEN 7.81 33-0000415.000 FARWELL LAWRENCE ROBERT 1.07 33-0000416.000 FARWELL LAWRENCE ROBERT .45

33-0000423.000 33-0000424.000 33-0000078.000 33-0000079.000 33-0000080.000 33-0001169.000 33-0000878.000 33-0001132.000 33-0001161.000 33-0001160.000 33-0001163.000 33-0001162.000 33-0000097.000 33-0000458.000 33-0000743.001 33-0001341.000 33-0001342.000 33-0001197.000 33-0001198.000 33-0000283.001 33-0000913.000 33-0000914.000


2.58 .84 3.01 35.15 617.34 116.79 192.38 5.57 .24 .01 1.26 .16 7.06 123.24 125.96 129.94 171.61 42.16 26.08 8.94 8.68 8.68


8.68 13.11 00310 334.43 2.46 562.25 3.29 13.83 112.92 22.89 82.30 9.83 647.34

and notice is hereby given that the whole of such several tracts, lots or parts of lots will be certified for foreclosure by the County Auditor pursuant to law unless, the taxes, assessments, and penalties are paid. Carroll County Auditor E. LEROY VANHORNE Published in The Free Press Standard October 13th and 20th, 2011.

2011 MANUFACTURED HOME DELINQUENT TAX LIST The following list, submitted by Carroll County Auditor, E. Leroy VanHorne, identifies manufactured homeowners who are responsible for a delinquent tax amount. Taxes shall be paid to Carroll County Treasurer on or before October 4th, 2011: 1 AUGUSTA TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00010 1-2319 CANNON BEVERLY 41.58 1-3865 HILL JAMES P 99.94 3 BROWN TWP /BROWN LOCAL SD 00030 3-1158 ADAMS KENNETH L 79.12 3-0503 BROWN BRIAN E 6.54 3-0198 BURLINGGAME, MARK 140.24 3-3350 CASLER DAVID R 258.01 3-2424 CHRISTNER, TOM E. 6.77 3-3383 CITI GROUP SALES & FINANCING 155.82 3-4520 COLLINS, JUSTIN R. & AMBER M. 244.54 3-3890 CORAM, HEATHER J. 14.90 3-3715 CRITEAN SANDRA 36.84 3-3302 FERRELL RICHARD H & CHAROLET V 153.34 3-3914 FOTHERINGHAM TERESA K 84.55 3-4485 FOX GREGORY D 103.09 3-3957 HARPER SHARON K 55.25 3-2659 KENNEDY, LARRY 148.79 3-4384 LAWRENCE CAROLYN M 283.88 3-4590 LAWRENCE RICHARD 627.36 3-2825 LAWRENCE, CAROLYN 94.31 3-0193 LAWRENCE, RICHARD 71.19 3-2339 LAWRENCE, RICHARD E. 97.09 3-4308 MAURY MICHAEL 202.96 3-2082 MCFALL ROBERT L 137.10 3-3253 MCGRAW DAVID 52.25 3-1167 MILLER JAMES L 41.58 3-3068 MINER DELL JUNIOR 82.26 3-4388 MUGNAINI LARRY D JR 92.59 3-2731 NAUGLE RONNIE A 41.58 3-4550 PRIDE VALLEY PARK C/O EVELYN FOLTZ 238.12 3-2236 RUSSELL, ELIZABETH A. 64.44 3-3532 SAUNIER STEPHEN A 135.62 3-4562 SHORB PHILLIP 188.33 3-1653 SILVERWOOD DAVID W & KAY A 160.94 3-0747 SIMMONS WD STEPHEN 71.92 3-4506 STONE FRANK D & KIMBERLY S BURG 752.43 3-0523 SWINEY, RANDY 84.96 3-3334 VANCE DANIEL F 67.68 3-2225 VANEST PAMELA 2.09 3-2898 WALTER BETTY L 72.69 3-4551 WARD JULIE A 292.19 3-1070 WEST KENNETH L 2.17 3-0071 WICKERSHAM KAREN 71.91 3-2200 WILLIAMSON, CARL 233.27 4 BROWN TWP /MINERVA SD 00040 4-3806 CRATER AARON J 357.80 4-1184 RAMBO PAUL E & EUNICE F 41.58 4-2157 RAMBO PAUL E & EUNICE F 41.58 8 MINERVA CORP / 00080 8-0465 BELL THELMA L 107.83 8-3512 KARLEN MISTY D 266.26 8-2656 LAWRENCE CAROLYN 64.43 8-1203 LAWRENCE CAROLYN M 56.43 8-3671 MYERS MELVIN E 41.58

8-1523 OCHSENBINE BRITTANY L 54.87 8-3408 SEIBERT SHANE E 41.58 8-3226 STANLEY YOLANDA J & BENJAMIN 132.55 9 CENTER TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00090 9-0894 DEAL AMBER N 61.15 9-4449 JAMES DOUGLAS P & CASSANDRA L 212.83 9-4078 WILLIAMS JIM 30.13 9-2715 WILLIAMS MARY A 19.80 10 CARROLLTON CORP /CARROLLTON SD 00100 10-1575 WHALEY, JOHN 92.15 11 EAST TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00110 11-2686 EDMONDS DONALD S II 41.58 11-4309 FORD ROBERT 11.68 11-2761 NOBLE RACHEL V 41.58 11-3790 WRIGHT KAREN A 44.56 11-4531 21ST MORTGAGE CORPORATION 370.78 12 FOX TWP /CARROLLTON SD 00120 12-3623 ARKENBURGH DONNA K 41.58 12-0089 DUBETZ STEPHEN 107.18 12-4029 SALYERS DENNIS L & ARNOLD 45.36 15 HARRISON TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00140 15-2866 BROWN JOEY 1.64 15-2851 HARSH HAL JR 81.10 15-4412 HILLIARD, MELISSA 38.81 15-1498 LUCAS RONALD E JR 70.06 15-3445 LUCAS RONALD E JR 304.88 15-4571 NICHOLS CLAUDE 105.50 17 LEE TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00150 17-0361 TINLIN BOBBIE JO 68.63 19 LOUDON TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00160 19-3724 BECKLEY SHAWN M 88.94 19-3956 GREEN KEVIN 194.28 19-3982 GRIZER FRED JR 144.02 19-2379 WRIGHT, DARREN T 68.65 25 ORANGE TWP /CONOTTON VALLEY SD 00220 25-4519 LEWIS, KELLI & KENT 821.41 25-1966 NELSON, THOMAS 99.10 25-3531 SAMPLES WOODROW 41.58 25-4130 SAMPLES WOODROW C 17.53 25-3712 SAMSA DAVID L 41.58 27 SHERRODSVILLE CORP / 00240 27-2735 ELMORE LURAE 131.29 28 PERRY TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00250 28-0325 BEARD JEREMY D & LORI J BEARD 83.41 28-2342 BTO INVESTORS 41.58 28-3728 MCCRAY HERBERT J 40.91 28-0182 MORGAN PHILIP S & PATSY L 19.48 28-2489 SCARDINA KENNETH B 39.80 28-4212 THOMPSON DENISE L 531.44 28-2095 WEEKLY TODD A 18.77 31 ROSE TWP /SANDY VALLEY SD 00280 31-3091 FRANKLIN LISA 178.17 31-4458 HURST MICHAEL A 496.93 31-3960 LEVENGOOD DEL E 412.29 31-2230 LOWTHER, ED 498.85 33 UNION TWP /CARROLLTON EVSD 00300 33-2846 LEGGETT KENNETH .67 33-3020 LUCAS TWYLAH J 68.40 33-4335 PRINGLE SAMANTHA 40.89


00310 40.36 11.10 111.57 12.84 532.29 125.15

ENFORCEMENT OF TAX LIEN - 4503.06(H)(3) If the delinquent taxes are not paid within 60 days after the delinquent manufactured home tax list is delivered to the County Treasurer, the Treasurer enforces the lien for taxes against the owner of the manufactured or mobile home following the procedures for the recovery of delinquent real property taxes in sections 323.25 to 323.28. If the court finds that the person is indebted to the State, judgment is rendered in favor of the Treasurer, who may enforce that judgment by sale of the home. Carroll County Auditor E. LEROY VANHORNE Published in The Free Press Standard October 13th and 20th, 2011.

BID NOTICE TANDEM DUMP BODY WITH HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, PLOW SPREADER BOX AND STROBE LIGHTS Sealed bids will be accepted by the Board of Commissioners of Carroll County, Ohio, at their office in the Courthouse at 119 South Lisbon Street, Suite 201, Carrollton, up to and opened at 9:30am on Thursday, November 3, 2011, for the purchase of a tandem dump body with hydraulic system, plow, spreader box and strobe lights for the Carroll County Highway Department. Specifications for the tandem dump body with hydraulic system, plow, spreader box and strobe lights are on file in the Commissioners Office. Bids in excess of $38,000 shall be accompanied by either a bid bond or certified check equal to 10% of the total bid and made payable to the Board of Commissioners. Bids shall be good for a period of thirty days from bid opening and shall state the approximate delivery date and warranty information. The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to determine if the proposed bid meets or is equivalent to the minimum specifications and to determine the lowest and best bid. A representative of the company should be present at the bid opening. All bids shall be presented in a sealed envelope plainly marked: “BID - TANDEM DUMP BODY WITH HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, PLOW SPREADER BOX AND STROBE LIGHTS” BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF CARROLL COUNTY Sonja G. Leggett / Clerk Posted October 6, 2011 PUBLISHED IN THE FREE PRESS STANDARD OCTOBER 13TH & 20TH, 2011





Thursday, October 13, 2011

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PUBLICnotices NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE The State of Ohio, Carroll County CASE #11CVE26784 DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY Plaintiff vs. RICKY A, LAUTZENHEISER, ET AL Defendant In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above entitled Action, I will offer for sale at public auction, in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office, in Carrollton, in the above named County, on TUESDAY, the 8th day of NOV., 2011, at 10:00 o’clock A.M., *LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE CARROLL COUNTY RECORDER’S OFFICE, 119 PUBLIC SQUARE, SUITE 205, CARROLLTON, OH *Said Premises Located at: 9393 LINDEN ROAD NW, MINERVA, OH 44657 04-0000098.000; 040000099.000; 04-0000100.000; 04-0000101.000; 040000102.000; 04-0000103.000; 04-0000104.000; 040000105.000; 04-0000106.000; 04-0000107.000; 040000108.000; 04-0000109.000; *Said Premises Appraised at: FOURTY FIVE THOUSAND & 00/100 —($45,000.00) TERMS OF SALE: Property must sell for two-thirds of appraised value. 10% deposit of the appraised value required at time of the sale. Personal, Certified or Cashier’s check accepted. Balance due 30 days from date of the sale upon confirmation by the Carroll County Common Pleas Court. Note: Appraisal does not include an interior inspection or viewing by appraisers. DALE R. WILLIAMS, SHERIFF CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO JOHN D. CLUNK 330-436-0300 Attorney Published in The Free Press Standard October 13, 20 & 27, 2011. NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE The State of Ohio, Carroll County CASE #09CVE26168 THE HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK Plaintiff vs. DENNIS E. FENTON, ET AL Defendant

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In pursuance of an Order of Sale in the above entitled Action, I will offer for sale at public auction, in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office, in Carrollton, in the above named County, on TUESDAY, the 8th day of NOV., 2011, at 10:00 o’clock A.M., *LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE CARROLL COUNTY RECORDER’S OFFICE, 119 PUBLIC SQUARE, SUITE 205, CARROLLTON, OH *Said Premises Located at: 236 SCIO ROAD SE, CARROLLTON, OH 44615 09-0001022.000, 090001022.001, 09-0001021.000 *Said Premises Appraised at: FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND & 00/100 —($57,000.00) TERMS OF SALE: Property must sell for two-thirds of appraised value. 10% deposit of the appraised value required at time of the sale. Personal, Certified or Cashier’s check accepted. Balance due 30 days from

date of the sale upon confirmation by the Carroll County Common Pleas Court. Note: Appraisal does not include an interior inspection or viewing by appraisers. DALE R. WILLIAMS, SHERIFF CARROLL COUNTY, OHIO WELTMAN WEINBURG REIS 216-685-1170 Attorney Published in The Free Press Standard October 13, 20 & 27, 2011. PUBLIC NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE CERTAIN LOTS Pursuant to Section 711.25 Revised Code of Ohio, I/we, the undersigned, hereby publicly state my/our intention to vacate the following lots: Being lot numbers 5, 6, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7,15, 16, 17, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18 totaling seventeen (17) lots of allotment/subdivisions BON AIRE ESTATES. If no written notice of injunction or dissent is served upon the Carroll County Auditor, Courthouse, Carrollton, Ohio 44615, prior to the 20th day of October, 2011, the auditor shall complete the vacation, changes and transfers, in and upon his duplicate, pursuant to Section 711.26 and 711.27 Revised Code of Ohio and said lots shall revert to a parcel of 701.48 acres, being part of the NE Ľ 34 quarter section of R6 T16 in Brown Township, Carroll County, Ohio. Date: Oct. 3, 2011 -s-Donald LeBeau 2038 Elm Ave. Carrollton, Ohio 44615 Published in The Free Press Standard October 13 & 20, 2011. PUBLIC NOTICE The following applications and/or verified complaints were received, and the following draft, proposed and final actions were issued, by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) last week. The complete public notice including additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information or a public hearing, or filing an appeal may be obtained at: ns.aspx or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-2129 email: SOLID WASTE LANDFILL PLANS CARROLL, COLUMBIANA AND HARRISON JOINT SWMD 618 CANTON ROAD, SUITE B CARROLLTON, OHIO 44615 OH ACTION DATE : 10/06/2011 FACILITY DESCRIPTION: SOLID WASTE IDENTIFICATION NO. : 10 SWMD Notice is hereby given that on October 6, 2011, the director of Ohio EPA issued Final Findings and Orders to the Carroll, Columbiana and Harrison Joint Solid Waste Management District (District), 618 Canton Road, Suite B, Carrollton, Ohio 44615. The District's solid waste management plan that was received by Ohio EPA on July 19, 2011 is hereby approved. This approval is subject to all rules, regulations and specified conditions. Published in The Free Press Standard October 13, 2011. (41ncb) ———————————-

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For Rent Real Estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, thus making it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or the intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discriminations. The Free Press will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Be informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. The Free Press Standard ———————————Amsterdam – 2 BR house w/stove & refrigerator furnished. $350/month + deposit. Pay own utilities. No pets. Call 740-768-2305. (41,42cweb) ———————————Small heated office or storage room – Call 330-6274637. (41,42cweb) ———————————2 apartments in Sherrodsville – 1 BR upstairs w/stove & refrigerator included. Fully carpeted. Electric heat. Shared garage. $275/month + deposit. No pets. Also: 2 BR w/basement. Stove & refrigerator included. Fully carpeted. $350/month + deposit. No pets. Trash pick-up included for both. Taking applications. Call 740-457-7622. (41,42cweb) ———————————3,000 sq. ft. building + outside storage w/2 offices & 2 large overhead doors. Good access on West Lincoln Way (Rt.30), Minerva. Call 330868-3441. (41-43cweb) ———————————Atwood Lake Luxury Waterfront Home – All utilities & trash paid. No outside yard maintenance. No pets. $1250/month + deposit. Call 330-316-6794. (40-52cweb) ———————————Atwood Lake – 1500 sq. ft. 2 BR lakefront, ideal for couple. All utilities paid. No outside yard maintenance. Trash taken away. All appliances included. FREE internet. FREE cable. No pets. $750/month + security deposit. Call 330-316-6794. (41-52cweb) ———————————Bergholz – (2) 2 BR mobile homes w/stove & refrigerator furnished. 1 electric, 1 gas. $275/month + security deposit. Pay own utilities. No pets. Call 740-768-2305. (41tfcweb) ———————————1 BR apartment on 1st floor, newly remodeled. Rent + deposit & utilities. Call 330627-7837. (41tfcweb) ———————————2 BR home w/new kitchen & bath at S. Lisbon St. Available Oct. 16. Call 330627-5573. (40,41c) ———————————Classified deadline is Monday at noon.

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Looking for a great career? Looking for a great career? We are looking for Sales SalesAssociates Associatesfor forour our We are looking for busy sales department. Must be highly busy sales department. Must be highly motimotivated, have a willingness to learn vated, have a willingness to learn and be a self and bestarter. a self starter. We offer: We offer: On Site Training On Site Training Paid and Holidays PaidVacations Vacations and Holidays Medical Insurance Medical Insurance 401K 401k Submit person Submityour yourresume resume ininperson at: at: 457 Steubenville Road 457 Steubenville Road Carrollton, Ohio44615 44615 Carrollton, Ohio Or call 1-800-860-7742 and ask for

Or call 1-800-860-7742 and ask for Dustin Dustin Shockey or Scott Power. Shockey or Scott Power.

IMMEDIATE NEED! Terra Services is looking for multiple Frac Technicians in the Carrollton , Ohio area. TERRA Services LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCH Corporation, a worldwide provider of chemicals, maintenance supplies and treatment services since 1919. TERRA Services specializes in designing programs and solutions to help oil and gas producers meet their holistic water management needs in an environmentally friendly manner. We are committed to providing the most innovative technology available to the oil and gas industry that complies with health and safety demands, and meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other environmental standards. Our Frac Technicians are responsible for the accurate pumping of chemicals during a customer frac operation. The technician will monitor the pumps and chemical flow rates and match them to the water flow rates of the customer. Position requires troubleshooting and repairing equipment problems or other issues that may arise. Frequent interaction with the customer and other service company personnel on the job site is required. This position is based in and around Carrollton , Ohio . The ideal candidate will have: • High School Diploma • 2+ years of oil/gas industry experience • Current Class A CDL W/ Hazmat endorsement In return for your talent, we offer: Outstanding benefits including 401 (K) with matching funds, major medical, dental, vision, life, long and short term disability. Additionally, we offer an employee credit union, tuition reimbursement, paid vacation and holiday policy, and much more! All qualified candidates please contact Jenny Johnson in Human Resources at (972) 721-6712 or


(Home Energy Assistance Program) Assistance is available at The Carrollton Friendship Center for anyone over the age 60.


is available for filling out forms or any questions Monday thru Friday 8 AM - 4 PM

APPOINTMENTS Sherry Casper @ 330-627-7017


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio




To Place Your Classified Call 330-627-5591 Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Deadline for the next issue is Monday at noon.

NEWELL Realty & Auctions LLC Hunt on YOUR OWN Property This Year! $ 39,500 15.67 Acres Lot #26&27 Claybrook Ridge $ 45,000 20 AC w/pond Perry Twp. New Listing! 35 Acres w/ponds! no minerals Only $60,900 $111,900 15 AC free gas Atwood Lake $117,900 3 bdrm 2 bath, near hunting Leesville Lake Area $147,000 8 AC MINI FARM! w/minerals 6252 Germano Rd. $319,000 3 bdrm 3 bath, 17 AC Log Home

Other Fine Properties! ALL PRICE RANGES! SHORT SALE!!! DROPPED $30,000! NOW ONLY $129,900 3 bdrm 1 bath LG GARAGE 1026 Salineville Rd. 44615

DROPPED $7,000!


3 bdrm 2 bath Lake view

6801 Luna Ln. 44615

$ 35,900 3 bdrm 1-1/2 story 412 N. Lisbon 44615 $ 39,500 2 bdrm 2 bath M. home 7568 Hilltop St. SW 44615 $ 47,200 2 bdrm CABIN (nice!) 2053 Wedge Rd. 44615 $ 49,900 2 bdrm 1 bath NICE! 3078 Alliance Rd. 44644 $ 59,900 3 bdrm 1 bath Colonial 26840 St Rt 30 44427 New List: $ 68,500 4 bdrm 2 bth Farm House on 2 AC 1043 Mobile Rd. NE $ 84,900 3 bdrm 2 bath 306 Park Ave. NE. 44615 $ 90,000 3 bdrm 1 bath Ranch 11 Penny Rd. 44615 $ 98,000 3 bdrm 2 bath 1116 Fawn Rd. 44620 $130,000 3 bedrm 3 bath Ranch 4055 Jade Rd. NW 44615 $140,000 5 bdrm 2 bath 55 2nd St. SE 44615 $169,900 4 bdrm 3 bath Home on 2 AC 2721 Ivory Rd.44620 $ $ $ $


11,400 11,300 25,900 32,500

3.08 Acres Lot #25 Claybrook Ridge 2.965 Acres Lot #24 Claybrook Ridge .7 AC Lot w/UTILITIES Overlook Acres 1.2 AC Lot w/UTILITIES Overlook Acres

Jarrin 330-324-7734 - Carole 330-627-5717 Alan 330-260-0315 - Eric 330-704-7166 Patti 330-223-1492 - Bill 330-323-4832 Bonnie 330-863-0265 - Brenda 330-705-6221 330-627-2350 Office


160 W. Main St. â&#x20AC;˘Carrollton, OH 44615

MINERVA OFFICE 330-868-5030

201 B South Market â&#x20AC;˘Minerva, OH 44657

Selling or Buying? Call BJ Gray

Featured Listings CHECK THESE OUT & CALL THE OFFICE! 7074 HILL DR. NW MALVERN $94,900 Nicely remodeled 3 level split on almost an acre and a half. Move in and sit down! New carpet, vinyl flooring, and paint. Completely new kitchen including brand new, never used Amana appliances. All new main bath including tub-shower, vanity, sink-faucet, medicine cabinet, and toilet. Low maintenance brick and vinyl exterior with tilt in vinyl windows. Main level has new french doors to deck and lower level family room has walk out to patio area. 1076 COUNTRYSIDE CARROLLTON $339,500 You will love this beautiful custom & quality built brick home. One of Carrollton's finest. Open concept. 3 bdrms,3 1/2 ba, Wonderful great rm w/FP & tray ceiling. Formal Dining. Domed entrance, Breakfast RM & large MA Bath open to deck. Huge MA walk-in closet & bath. Study, 4 sets French Doors, skylight. Anderson wds. 2296 STEUBENVILLE RD. CARROLLTON $160,000 MOTIVATED SELLER! Wildlife area! 3BR, 4BA brick two story. Has been remodeled. Attached 2 car, detached 6 car garage, paved drive. 9.94 Acres, 16X36 in ground pool, dual heat; wood & geo-thermal. Hardwood floors (refinished) in majority of rooms. Country decor! Large area to roam on! Only 4 miles south ease of Carrollton. Great Location 1119 FAWN RD. DELLROY $119,000 ATWOOD LAKE 2-possible 3BR, 2 BA ranch. Home faces Atwood Lake. 2 LOTS, Detached garage with work shop, paved drive, paved access road. Great Home well maintained.Great view late fall, winter and early spring. Don't miss out! 2020 EXPLORER RD DELLROY $150,000 Beautiful home in quiet area with an in-ground swimming pool located near Atwood and Leesville Lakes. 3BR, 2BA, 1200 sq ft. on 2.5 acres. Appliances stay! Motivated Seller! 5131 POPLAR RD CARROLLTON $144,000 Leesville Lake Area (Autumn Rd) Excellent custom built solid white cedar logs; 2-3BR, 1.5BA; interior walls cedar;finished basement, woodburner, osmosis system; Anderson windows; good turkey & deer hunting; docking privileges; new metal roof in 2011. 107 ROOSEVELT AVE MINERVA $80,000 Beautifully updated home with sunroom and brick patio with a fire pit great for entertaining. Lots of space and storage. Hot water heater was new in the last 2 years as well as water softener. 4BR, 2BA, 2 story. Appliances stay, detached garage Many updates a must see! 22027 ST RT 30 MINERVA $79,000 Nice Craftsman style Home. Beautiful oak floors & woodwork throughtout the home. Brick fireplace with oak mantel. Lots of storage. Leaded glass french doors. Perfect closet for stackable W&D on 1st floor. Bedroom with full bath on 1st floor also 1/2 bath on 1st. 3 more Bedrooms and full bath on 2nd level. Roof,furnace,and most windows replaced in 2007. Very big covered patio,large back yard & aboveground pool all great for your summer picnics. Full divided basement. 9685 EAST ROCHESTER RD MINERVA $93,500 MoTiVaTeD SeLlErS! 3BR, 2BA on 6.369 acre. Built in 1900, has been remodeled. Wood burner in basement. Great flower beds and landscaping (needs work) Appliances go with house. Has great possibilities! Sold As Is! 10465 RICELAND MAGNOLIA $90,500 Repaired 3-4BR, 1.5Ba brick ranch. Ready for you to move in. Has been redone with new paint, new kitchen, new carpet in 2Brs and living rm. Large family rm with fireplace in lower level, laundry rm/furnace rm. Small bar area. Approx 2400sq ft living space. Walkout to inground pool. Deck off dining area overlooking pool. 15151 LINCOLN ST SE MINERVA $64,000 This spacious brick bungalow offers a first floor bedroom along with a large living room with fireplace. Entrance Foyer with french doors open to Family/dining room - which ever you choose to have. Open floor plan allows easy access from your galley style kitchen to the main dining room, 2nd floor special bedroom offers a walk-in closet or office room - your choice. Plenty of parking helps everyone enjoy the park-like setting of the back and side yard. Don't let this one pass you by. NOTE: Home being sold as is. No disclosures. Pre-Approval needed to make offer. $1000 earnest money certified ck or money order to listing company. All room sizes approximate Check our website for additonal listings

Auction Service Larry Cross 330.488.0645

CHECK OUR WEB SITE @ for additional listings.

6517 Kensington Rd./Rt. 9 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 BR doublewide on corner lot. Must have own stove & refrigerator. $425/month + deposit. Leave message at 330-868-7807. (41c) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-



$129,900 3 bdrm 1 bath LG GARAGE! Nice property, Near Town 1026 Salineville Rd. 44615

DROPPED $7,000! $72,500 3 bdrm 2 bath LAKE VIEW! NICE! 6801 Luna Ln. 44615

Steel Arch Buildings â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fall Clearance, save thousands on select models! 20x24, 25x36, 30x50 and others. Ask about more savings with our display program. Call today! 1866-352-0469 (40,41pweb) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-

NEWELL Realty & Auctions LLC

106 Kensington Rd NE Carrollton,Ohio 44615 All sells under the grandstands at the fairgrounds located on the north side of Carrollton on St Rt 9. Signs posted.

Carroll County Fairgrounds


October 28, 2011


All proceeds go to benefit a local Amish family undergoing housing & health problems. Clean, quality donated items or monetary donations are welcome. To donate: Call Bill Miller at 330-627-0304, Mervin Troyer 330-627-9110, or Matthew Miller 330-6275637. Any & all support is greatly appreciated! Watch future ads for items to be sold. TERMS: cash or check. ID required. Good Eat stand & restrooms on site. Auctioneers: William Newell, Wayne Falb (41,42) 330-627-2350


2140 Royal Rd. SW Carrollton - $117,000

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 3 Bedroom Brick Bungalow Home Large Lot, 2-Car Detached Garage Sandy Valley LSD $59,000 - 268 E. Lisbon St. Waynesburg, Ohio Call Listing Agents Melanie K. Kiko 330-831-1446 or Randall I. Kiko 330-831-0174 (10042011-2677)

Kiko Realtors

Sells Absolute Auction to High Bidders on location: 18851 St. Rt. 644 Salinesville, Ohio 43945. North of town on Rt. 644 or east of (Kensington) Rt. 30 on Rt. 644. Watch for Kiko Auction signs.

Saturday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; October 15, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10:30 AM Parcel #1 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 108+ Acres w/Old Homestead Buildings: Most all woods with springs, valleys, & wildlife. Gated lane to secluded setting with rough home & bank barn! Great nature hide away with wildlife. Parcel #2: Land owners Gas & Oil Rights with 2010 Lease Note: Buy one or both. For more information contact Auctioneer at 800-533-5456 or visit our website at TERMS ON REAL ESTATE: 15% down auction day, balance due at closing. There will be a 10% buyer premium added to the final bid to determine the purchase price. Any desired inspections must be made prior to bidding. All information contained herein was derived from sources believed to be correct. AUCTIONEER/REALTOR: EuGene F. Kiko, C.A.I, ext. 112 KIKO Auctioneers 2805 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, OH. 44718 (330) 455-9357 (40,41)

Auction Opportunity Prime 85 Acres Hunting and Recreational Land with Cabin & Pond â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mostly Wooded â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Loads of Wildlife â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Food Plots Springfield Twp. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jefferson County Absolute auction, all sells to the highest bidder on location: TWP. RD. 263 BERGOHOLZ, OHIO 43908. Directions: East of Carrollton or west of East Liverpool take SR 39 to Rt. 164 south to Bergholz, then southeast on Twp. Rd. 263 at the edge of town 3 miles to property and left. Watch for KIKO signsâ&#x20AC;Ś

SATURDAY â&#x20AC;&#x201C; OCTOBER 22, 2011 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 11:00 A.M.

SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS & PICTURES! AUCTIONEER/REALTOR: Douglas L. Milano, ext 119, 330-205-2196 KIKO Auctioneers 2805 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, OH. 44718 (330) 455-9357 (41)


14.9 ACRES w/ 1973 5,000+ Sq. Ft. HOME! Private Setting â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Hilltop View â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Pool â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Garages â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Art Prints â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Porcelains â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Antiques â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Collectibles â&#x20AC;&#x201C; JD Tractors â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Woods Mower â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tools â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Household 2060 Maple Ave. NW Carrollton, OH 44615 Offering one of Carroll CoĘźs finest properties at auction. Located approx. 3 miles south of Malvern or 6 miles north of Carrollton on St. Rt. 43 to Maple Ave. Newell signs posted.

Friday Oct. 14, 2011 1:PM Prints â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Porcelains â&#x20AC;&#x201C; China â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Glassware




FARMHOUSE 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, enclosed sunroom, 3.46 acres with bank barn, cherry woodwork in LR & DR, 1 car attached garage + 2 car detached garage. 1.7 miles thru Dellroy towards Carrollton, R on Cactus Rd., 1/2 mile to top of hill. 30 min. to Canton.

Jeff Mathias - 330-827-1038 Pissocra Mathias Realty 330-364-7761


Classifieds Work! Call 330-627-5591 to place yours Today!

CONTACT HANK AT 1-888-992-9595

Gas & Oil Rights w/Recent Lease Washington Twp. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Columbiana Co.

Custom combining, beans or corn. Call 330-234-6620 or 330-324-7128. (39-43cweb) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;FRESH CLEAN Fall Cleaning â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I do house cleaning, walls, windows, cupboards & more! 10% senior discount. Call 330-863-0434. (41-44cweb) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Painting â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Call 330316-2169. (41tfcweb) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Reach 2 million newspaper readers with one ad placement! Only $295.00. Ohioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best community newspapers. Call Kathy at AdOhio Statewide Classified Network, 614-486-6677, or e m a i l, or check out our website at: (41ncb) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Reach over 1 million Ohio adults with one ad placement! Only $975.00. Ask your local newspaper about our 2x2 Display Network, or call Kathy at AdOhio Statewide Classified Network, 614-486-6677, email:kmccutcheon@adohio .net, or check out our website at: (41ncb) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-

Garage Sale at Stoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 8300 Bear Rd., Amsterdam, Oct. 18 & 19, 9-5. Baby items, HH, antique sewing machine, holiday & misc. (41cweb) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-


108+ Acres Wooded Nature Retreat


Classified deadline is Monday at Noon.




Garage Sales


Owners are relocating out of state and will sell the following at public auction on location at 2020 Explorer Rd., Dellroy, Ohio on:

Saturday October 22nd

10 A.M.

HHG: hutch with leaded glass, breakfast nook complete, stands filing cabinet, washer & dryer, corner curio, entertainment center, piano, patio set, portable air conditioner & purifier, space heaters, chest of drawers, utility cupboards, computers, Wii & games, lg screen TV, jewelry & box, cash register, computer stand, fax laminator, brick lined wood burner, play station, like new rainbow sweeper, lg sectional sofa, easy chair SPECIALTY ITEMS: 2 complete tattooing outfits, piercing equipment, and tattoo image copier, tattoo ink. OUTDOOR ITEMS: 2 quad runners (400 & 50cc), mini bike lg, rototiller like new, Craftsman 18 hp lawn tractor, pull behind mower (needs repair), battery charger & booster, pressure washer, snow blower, wheel barrow, 2 room tent, portable shower, sleeping bags, work benches, fence charger, weed eater, vise, fire ext, lawn and garden tools, circular saw, grinders, fishing equipment, roll of alum, roll of barb wire, tools, boxes and bins, electric supplies, walkie talkies, plastic carts, generator, water pump, roll of screen, lanterns, 16 foot boat with 75 hp Johnson, Johnson 18 hp motor with long shaft, chain saw, bikes, motorcycle helmets & leather jackets, lots of pool supplies & chemicals, American bred saddle horse, plus much misc., anything may turn up. The following items will be offered with a reserve: 2007 Kawasaki 250 Ninja with 2,659 miles, 95 Yamaha 400 4-wheeler with winch, 2005 Sedona pop up camper self contained with air. All items in auction are in very nice condition, some like new, something for everyone. Lunch stand and porta-jon will be available on site. Bring a chair and plan to spend the day. For additional photos and info, visit TERMS & CONDITIONS: Cash or good check with proper ID day of sale. Sale conducted by: Sale ordered by: Cross Auction Service Charles and Larry D. Cross, Auctioneer Christine Boehm (41,42) East Canton, OH



NEW LISTINGS: 3108 Woodland Ave-$114,900 Leesville Lake-2 br-2 Ba-Fully updated-2 car att. gar-Short walk to lake Code:40486 862 Sunnyview Dr-Charming home blt. in 2000-3 br-2 1/2 Ba-Frpl-So much more-$195,000 Code: 9008 3009 Plane Rd-Historical brick home on 14+ Acres-3Br-2 Ba. Barn-Summer House & More-$225,000 Code: 9007 815 Jones Ave-Magnificent Brick home-3br-5 1/2 ba-Gourmet kit/granite counters-3 frpls-Hardwood fls.-3 car heated gar-So much more- $274,900 Code: 90356 3253 Seeman Drive-3 Br-2 Ba manufactured home on 1.77 Acres-24x20 outbldg-Short walk to Leesville Lake and docking areas-$82,000 Code: 90666 QUIET SETTINGS: 4182 Lunar Rd. MOTIVATED SELLER'S-Beautiful home on 5 Acres-3br-2 1/2 ba-Great rm. w/Frpl-DeckMuch more$219,900 Code 90419 323 Second St. SE. 3 Bedroom, 2 BA. Mfg. Home, Upgrades thru-out, 2 car attached garage $92,900 Code 901062 155 Pacific Rd-Mini Farm on 9.94 Acres-4 br-3 ba-3 car att gar + Massive 68x42 det. gar + apartment. Much more to see $199,900 Code: 90336 517 Pleasant Ave-Beautiful home w/5 Br-2 Ba-Frpl-Lg. Det. gar-Home could be converted to a duplex. Very Nice-$129,900 Code:90256 5024 Alamo Rd- Mini Farm on 12.45 Acres-5 bdrms-4 full baths 2 story-Gorgeous hardwood fls.-Lg. pole bldg and garage. So much more to see. $265,000 150 Bacon Rd. WHY RENT!-3 br-Sun rm-Lg. Master br-1 car att + 1 car+ wrkshop-Sits on 1.340 Acres-Great Starter or Investment-$63,500 Code: 90266 4064 & 4068 Alamo Rd. LET THE RENT PAY YOUR MORTGAGE-2 modulars-Sits on 3 Acres-Motivated Sellers-Wonderful investment- NEW PRICE $74,900 Code: 90286 LAKE LISTINGS: Code: 90346 221 Cheyenne Trail- Lake Mohawk NEW PRICE $179,900 $169,900 5199 Oak Drive-Sits on 3 Acres-Leesville Lake-3 br-2 Ba-Encl. Sunrm-NEW PRICE -$110,000 Fully Furnished Code: 90646 MOTIVATED SELLER LAND: NEW Listing Clay Rd. 4.1 Acres of Country Living-Partially Wooded-Build your own Dreamhome! Code: 90756 4.7 Acres in a Prime Setting of Fine home-$25,000 Code: 90426 2.6 Acres in a Prime Setting of Fine Homes-$15,000 Code: 90116 Commerical or Residential Lot in Malvern-$26,900 Code: 90526

Atwood Lake Home W/Dock

Arrowhead Development, Carroll Co. Year Around Or Summertime Home A Must See!

This home sells at absolute auction to the highest bidder on location: 1200 ARROWHEAD DR. S.W. DELLROY, OH 44620. Directions: From Dellroy follow 542 north approx. 4 miles to Arrowhead Development, turn left or from Carrollton take 39 towards Dellroy to 542 then north. Just 30 minutes from Canton via Rt. 43 to 183 to 542 to auction.

SATURDAY - OCTOBER 15, 2011 - 11:30AM

This home has had many recent updates and beautiful decorating! Move right in! TERMS ON REAL ESTATE: 10% down auction day, balance due at closing. A 10% BuyerĘźs premium will be added to the highest bid to establish the purchase price. Any desired inspections must be made prior to bidding. All information contained herein was derived from sources believed to be correct. Call Lori Kiko 330-493-3617 or Dick Kiko, Sr. 330-495-0932 or 1-800-533-5456 for details and how to buy successfully at Kiko auction. Use current homes equity to buy this one! AUCTIONEERS/REALTORS: Lori Kiko & Richard T. Kiko, C.A.I. AUCTION BY ORDER OF: Matthew & Kathy Jordan KIKO Auctioneers 2805 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, OH. 44718 (330) 455-9357 (39,40,41)


Good 2 BR Home â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Antiques â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Pottery â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Household - Coins

207 Hart Ave Minerva, Ohio 44657 All sells WITHOUT RESERVE on site. From traffic light at US RT 30 & N. Market St, go west on Rt 30 to right on N. Main St. & then left on Hart Ave. Parking available auction day at Minerva First Christian Church on Rt 30. Newell signs posted.

Saturday October 22, 2011 10:AM REAL ESTATE SELLS AT 10:30 AM

Good 1947 Brick Bungalow w/addition & 1 car att garage. Home features 2 bedrooms & 2 baths, wrap around balcony deck off master BR, full glazed tile basement, gas fireplace, gas FA furnace & central AC, updated elec & plumbing. A well maintained home on 50X100 lot served by village utilities. Taxes are $1014.62 per yr w/ Homestead Exemption. Call Bill Newell for info or to view. TERMS ON RE: $5000 down auction day in cash or check. Balance due at closing. Any desired inspection to be made prior to auction. COINS Sell at 1:pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Good selection mint & proof sets, silver hvs, qtrs, dimes, Indian cents, Morgan & Peace dollars. STILL SORTING! Check website for list. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: oak dbl drop leaf table; oak pressback chairs; oak sewing rocker; nice walnut 4 pc full sz br suite; lamp stand; oak lamp tables; oak ped fern stand; printerĘźs cabinet; chrome brkfst set; wall clock; wicker planter; Linda Creuse pencil sketch; Mary Guest paintings; pictures; Jean Calerdine Browne Ęź51 painting; Shirley Temple pitcher; Fostoria American platter & 9â&#x20AC;? vase; pink & grn dep pcs; oil lamp; 12â&#x20AC;? glass overlay vase; glass bells; Owen China Minerva 12â&#x20AC;? tall pitcher; candlewick glassware; asst glassware; stone-primitive artifacts; Lance jar; primitives; pinwheel quilt; pr painted dresser lamps; good asst costume jewelry; lg amt of cookbooks, cake decorating books & supplies; many cookie cutters; 256279 Conn trumpet; DOLLS: Agres Poly D208 Ideal comp doll 19â&#x20AC;?; straw-filled comp doll 17â&#x20AC;?; 2 doll quilts; Minerva & local memorabilia; old scrapbooks; tintypes; old photos; military items; 20 gal crock; sprinkling can; metal patio chairs; garden cultivator. POTTERY: 11, 9 & 7â&#x20AC;? H.E. George vases; Roseville 106-7â&#x20AC;?; pr Roseville 686-10â&#x20AC;? handled vases; VanBriggle vase; Hull 604-8â&#x20AC;?; Hall teapot; Native American Pottery jar; jardinière; crocks; stoneware pitcher; 19â&#x20AC;? handled vase. HOUSEHOLD & MISC: good Maytag auto washer & elec dryer; Kitchen Aid HD mixer; loveseat; platform rocker; end tables; good Temple Stuart maple breakfast set; single bed; dressers; 2 dr file cabinet; older elec recliner; rocker recliner; kitchenware; cake pans; towels; few tools. Still sorting! NOTE: a Very Nice auction! Bill TERMS: MC, Visa, debit, cash or check w/4% buyerĘźs premium on all sales. 4% BP waived for cash or check. ID required. Lunch & porta jon on site. Auction Ordered By: Susan Clark Chaddock, Executrix for the Mary E. Guest Estate Stark Co. Probate Ct. #212156 Auction Conducted By: Newell Realty & Auctions LLC William Newell, CAI; Bonnie Newell Chiurco, Broker; Jarrin Cheuvront, Auctioneers (41,42) 330-627-2350

NEWELL Realty & Auctions LLC

Saturday Oct. 15, 2011


Real Estate Sells Saturday at Noon 2 Auctioneers Selling All Day

REAL ESTATE: Beautiful, hilltop homesite accessed by blacktop drive & surrounded by woods. Custom built ranch home w/ 3373 sq. ft. of living area on the main level. Room Sizes: Master suite 18x15 plus ž bath & ext. porch; Master BR 18x12.5 WIC, bath w/ walk in tub; BR #3 15x13 BR #4 13x10; Eat in kitchen 23x15.5 island â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Scio cabinets; Dining Rm 22.5x14.3 oak floor â&#x20AC;&#x201C; balcony deck; Living Rm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; hexagonal 36x23 go through fireplace; Foyer 21x12 spiral staircase & 2nd stairwell Lower Level: Family Rm 36x35 go through fireplace; 2 bedrooms, full bath w/ pool entry; 12x28 glass solarium w/ indoor hot tub Plus several extra rooms. Total home area is approx. 6746 sq. ft. Home has Geo-thermal heating & cooling. well & septic. There is a 3 car att. garage & security system. Also a 20x40 inground pool, gazebo, 24x32 det. Garage, plus outbuildings. Current taxes are $4493.56 per yr. No zoning. Call Newell office to schedule a viewing 330-627-2350 Terms on RE: $25,000 down in certified funds auction day. Balance due at 30 day closing. Gas & oil rights will not transfer. Friday October 14th 1:PM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Over 100 PRINTS by artists incl Carl Banks Disney prints; Bev Doolittle, Terry Redlin, Carl Brenders, Robert Bateman, Diana Casey, Maynard Reese & more. Several framed but most are not. Catalog will be on website. Cherry print storage 45â&#x20AC;?X40â&#x20AC;? cabinet; fine porcelains incl Boehm owl, clown & kestrels; Bronn Wilderness figures; Connoisseur figures; Belleek dishes; VanBriggle 9â&#x20AC;? cherub vase; Lenox dishes; Westmoreland basket; glass bells; lead crystal pcs; Goebel lady figurines; Royal Doulton character pitchers; David Winter houses; Currier & Ives and airplane foil lithos; Gemstone & Gladstone Disney collector comics; Donald & Scrooge comics; 1950Ęźs & 60Ęźs famous autographs collection;

Saturday October 15th 10:AM 2 Auction Rings ALL Day

TRACTORS â&#x20AC;&#x201C; MOWER â&#x20AC;&#x201C; TOOLS: nice JD2020 diesel tractor w/14.9-28 tires, dual remotes, PS, ser. #2811099L; JD345 HST garden tractor w/48â&#x20AC;? deck; ex Woods 9144 12Ęź batwing finish mower; JD Spitfire 340 snowmobile; JD 65 riding mower; 1972 Kitty Cat snowmobile; 3 pt 6Ęź blade; Camp. Hausfield 6HP 60 gal vert. air comp; Craftsman wood lathe & tools; Delta 22650 12.5â&#x20AC;? planer; Delta 31-780 spindle sander; Clausing HD drill press; Walker Turner HD drill press; LeBlond 13 metal lathe; Rockwell 14â&#x20AC;? band saw; JET 10â&#x20AC;? table saw; JET 6â&#x20AC;? jointer; JET belt disc sander; Lincoln 225 arc welder; Solar 450 battery booster charger; misc hand & pwr tools; Cinn. dust collector; JET 10â&#x20AC;? bench grinder; elec pwr washer; soapstone wood stove; poly wheelbarrow; etc FINE FURNITURE: Ex. Oriental style American made dining rm suite w/9Ęźtable, 10 chairs & 6ĘźX7Ęź china hutch; 10ĘźX14Ęź oriental rug; ex 48â&#x20AC;?X81â&#x20AC;? curved front curio cabinet; ex 50â&#x20AC;?X74â&#x20AC;? cherry china cabinet; hex. Curio cabinet; 80â&#x20AC;? walnut grandfathers clock w/KUEMPEL works; cherry tea cart; nice Conn Theatre Organ mod. 642; match pr Vict type arm chairs; etc. COLLECTIBLES: silver plate serving pcs, tea set, punch set & trivets; brass chargers; McCoy stove cookie jar & shoes; Lake Erie Chemical flare gun; powder flash horn, holsters; 51â&#x20AC;? full stock repro long rifle; NEUHAUSEN bayonet; DOLLS: Precious Moments; doll furniture & acc.; banjo type clock; Sporting Classics & Ruger Collectors Journals; bow top dresser; oak dresser; lots of Christmas decs; Ertl JD tractors & toys in boxes; parking meter; rotary pay phone; Atari game system; oval reverse painting; 42â&#x20AC;? ceramic Indian; old punch bds; sleigh bells; Swiss bells; cast Indian bookend; oak kitchen clock; tomahawks; ice tongs; Singer port sew machine; Fisher Price toys; Blue Marlin mount; Idle Tyme clock; caned exam chair; literally hundreds of boxes; STILL SORTING! HOUSEHOLD ETC: Frigidaire ref & upr freezer; RCA 36â&#x20AC;? Home Theatre TV; Whirlpool auto washer & elec dryer; Goldstar dehumidifier; regulation Olympic slate top pool table; Living Air purifier; NIB small kit. Appliances; Singer cabinet sewing machine; 36â&#x20AC;?X59â&#x20AC;? metal file cabinet; (2)36â&#x20AC;?X78â&#x20AC;? metal storage cabinets; floral loveseat; metal shelves; HUGE AMOUNT of sewing supplies & craft items; 8Ęź conference table; kerosene heater; DVDĘźs & VHS; knitting machine; MEC Grabber bench reloader; VHS & audio equip; wooden bookshelves; stainless trays; asst of Corning Ware; kitchen items; gun cabinet & cases; Kodak slide projector; Tupperware. STILL SORTING!! TERMS: NO ABSENTEE BIDS. MC, Visa, debit, cash or check w/4% buyerĘźs premium on all sales. 4% BP waived for cash or check. ID required. Lunch & porta jon on site. A parking shuttle will be available. Auction Ordered By: Ken Cerny P.O.A. for Bernadine Cerny Auction Conducted By: Newell Realty & Auctions LLC Bonnie Newell Chiurco, Broker & Auctioneer William Newell, CAI; Jarrin Cheuvront, Auctioneers Bob Wagner assisting auctioneer (40,41) 330-627-2350

NEWELL Realty & Auctions LLC

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carrollton, Ohio




Ace Hardware owners celebrating anniversary The Homer and Sandy Mills family is marking the 20th anniversary of owning Carrollton Ace Hardware. Homer and Sandy purchased a building and gas station business at 1285 Canton Rd., Carrollton, on Labor Day weekend in 1991 at public auction. The purchase complete, they believed it would take the customary 30 days for the transaction to be finished. To their surprise, they were presented the keys to the building that night. “We actually opened the business making change out a cigar box,” Sandy recalled. “We sold gas and candy bars. Things have come a long way since then.” Less than a month later, the Mills applied for, and received approval to open an Ace Hardware, which quickly became known as “Homer’s Hardware” to the local residents.

“When we started, we only used a small area of the building which was divided into three sections by block walls that stretched all the way to the ceiling,” Sandy said. Homer noted the block walls were torn down, shelving was added and Ace Hardware had a new home in Carrollton. “We kept the business open during the renovations,” Homer commented. Later, Carhartt clothing and work shoes were integrated into the business. Through the years, product lines have been expanded, including an expansion of the paint department, which features quality Ace Hardware paint. Amerigas propane, kerosene, and Marathon gas are also available. Homer and Sandy’s daughter, Cathy, has been with the business since the day it opened. In 1996, another daughter, Kim,

ees in the past and continue to have excellent employees who provide wonderful service to our customers,” Sandy said. “We appreciate our customers and strive to provide the services and products they need,” Kim said. “We listen to what they tell us they want and do our best to provide it. By providing our customers with the best service we can, we get to know them and build a relationship. When they come back the next time, we can ask them if the product they purchased worke . We can communicate with them.” Kim and Cathy are very excited about a new product Ace is unveiling at its upcoming convention in Denver, CO. A new paint and primer product known as Clark and Kensington is becoming available to dealers this month. The Carrollton store is scheduled to receive its first shipment Oct. 22. “We are really excited about it,” Kim said. “Ace makes its own paint, which is a high quality product. Having a paint and primer in one product will be a great asset to our lineup.” Sandy said it is because of community support the business is celebrating its 20th anniversary. “We live in a great community that has been wonderful to us,” she said. “We try to give back to the community to show our appreciation.” Hours are 7:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7:30 until 6 Saturday and 9 a.m. until 6 Sunday. The phone number is 330-627-4344.

left a job in the healthcare field to work in the family business. She worked beside her parents for two and half years before Homer was diagnosed with leukemia. Kim became the manager, which allowed Sandy to spend more time with her husband. Kim and Cathy, with the help of a very capable staff, have operated the business since that time. Another sister, Vicki, and her husband, Gary, also assisted during that time and continue to lend assistance when needed. Sandy and Homer spend time in Arizona, but assist the girls in the operation of the business when they are in Carrollton. What is their secret for success and longevity? All four members of the family say it is their belief in quality customer service and the excellent staff that provides that service. “We have had excellent employ-

Union Hospital named one of “Most Wired” In recognition of Union Hospital’s leadership in moving toward 21st century electronic communications, Hospitals and Health Networks magazine has again named Union as one of the 25 “Most Wired” hospitals in the nation in the small and rural hospital category. “Winning this award two years in a row demonstrates that we’re out ahead of most hospitals in the U.S.” according to Dave Baumgardner, director of Information Systems at Union Hospital. “We’ve made a lot of progress moving Union Hospital’s technology into the 21st century and this national recognition is evidence of our progress.” In recent years Union Hospital has been converting from a paper system to an electronic system of ordering, reporting, and recording patient care information. Baumgardner says the goal of this process is to improve clinical care quality, patient safety, and the overall patient experience. One of the most significant changes is computerized provider order entry, or CPOE. Physicians have traditionally provided handwritten orders for patient care, or ordered them verbally. Using CPOE, the doctor will enter the pa-

tient care orders directly into the electronic medical record. The goal is to reduce medication errors, reduce variations in care, improve efficiency, and help physicians implement best practices. CPOE will be adopted in the hospital’s Emergency Department in 2012 and then in the inpatient units in 2013. Moving toward “most wired” status is also evident on the Union Hospital web site. Patients may now view their hospital charges and make payments online. “Within the next several years the hospital web site will also enable patients to view their scheduled hospital appointments on-line, obtain their test reports, and access their medical records,” Baumgardner said. “On a broader scale, the secure Regional Health Information Exchange will make the patient’s medical records accessible to other hospitals where they are being treated, so the proper care can be provided more quickly.” Baumgardner credits the hard work of employees in all hospital departments, the staff of the Information Systems Department, and the UH physicians who are working together to lead the com-

plex transition from paper to electronic systems. Hospitals & Health Networks magazine is published by the American Hospital Association. The Most Wired program annually surveys the status of hospitals and names its “Most Wired” award winners that lead their peers in four areas: Business and Administrative Management, Clinical Quality and Safety, Care Continuum, and Infrastructure.

ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATED. The owners of Carrollton Ace Hardware are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Shown above (from top down) are: Kim Mills, Homer and Sandy Mills and Cathy Mills.


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AWARD WINNING STORE. Claudia Gerber (left), owner of the Carrollton Radio Shack, who was presented the Franchisee of the Year award recently, is shown with store employees April Grimm and Shelly Albrecht, who is the manager.

Local RadioShack owner presented Franchisee of the Year award at Texas summit Claudia Gerber, a RadioShack dealer with two locations in Carrollton and Columbiana, was presented with the Franchisee of the Year Award at RadioShack’s most recent annual Business Summit in Dallas last month. Martin Amschler, vice president of franchise, presented Claudia with the award and stated, “Claudia Gerber is a creative and thoughtful owner who expects the best of herself. She demands the best for her customers. She requires the best from her people. She coaches, teaches, and leads them all to superior results.” Claudia has also received local awards for her dedication to customer service, winning Salem

News Salem Ohio’s Best of the Best in the Electronic Sales and Service category. Active in her community Claudia is member of the chamber in both Carrollton and Columbiana, and sits on the Board of Directors of the Lisbon Public Library. She support and aides Sisters of Our Lady of Charity to help the needy in her community. Claudia is also a Vice Chairman of the RadioShack Franchise Advisory Council, helping other RadioShack franchisees grow and develop across the country. The Carrollton RadioShack is located in the plaza at 115 Canton Rd., Carrollton.

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