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President’s Message Martin Gudz, M.Photog. Cr., FSA, FED FPP President

this life-changing seminar. Thank you IADT. Lee and Theresa coordinated and made sure we had everything we needed. We had 52 attendees! Almost a sell out. Andre is a very giving and gracious man as well as a wonderful friend of the FPP. Many thanks to Seminar Chair and Director Carol Walker for coordinating everything. It was a job very well done. “Here comes the sun
 Here comes the sun, and I say It's all right… It's been a long, cold lonely winter

Spring is here! (Although it seems a little late coming here in North Florida.) Springtime is the annual time of rejuvenation, for nature, our businesses and our well-being. We all look back and learn from our mistakes and misadventures and make the changes that we need to improve our lives and our productivity.

FPP School Director Marybeth Hamberger as usual has a great line up of speakers for this year’s Florida School coming June 1st – 5th. We have a line up of speakers who are nationally known for their expertise and they are willing to share it with you. Some of the classes are filling up fast so don’t miss out! See Marybeth’s article later in the magazine for instructor and registration information. “The smiles returning to the faces It seems like years since it's been here Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right”

One of the major changes I have been talking about is the FPP Convention. Director And so it is with the FPP. Last issue I menGary Hughes and his committee have been tioned some of the changes that, as a working diligently on the rebranding of the board, we were implementing. Your Board is FPP Convention. Rather than give away too constantly working on ways to both improve much see his article later in the magazine. It’s the FPP and make it work better for YOU! We a new and exciting direction that we hope are, however, trying to improve what we do will improve our visibility and increase particiand how we do it. We are constantly listening pation and membership. to what, you, our photographic family want and have to say and try to implement it. Thanks to Convention Manager Debbie Alcorn and Assistant Convention Manager Our Spring Seminar at IADT with Andre Amyot Bridget Robertson our convention for 2014 is was a great success. IADT were very gracious almost full of exciting and new speakers. Our giving us the space to hold this wonderfully new three-day format will allow more of you informative and hopefully, for many of you, to attend as well as learning a great deal of

FPP, Inc. Board of Directors President Martin Gudz, FSA,FED 2014 6174 SW CR 360 Madison, FL 32340 850-973-6376

Vice President Jackson Koontz,III, FSA,FED 2015 PO Box 6878 Ocala, FL 34478 352-369-4257

Secretary Treasurer Cindy Strickland, FSA,FED 2016 5750 CR 12 Tallahassee, FL 32312 850-545-3110

Directors Gary Hughes, 2014 2815 Riddle Dr. Winter Park, FL 32789 321-279-0077 Britney Kirby Fullgraf, 2016 302 E. Belvedere St. Lakeland, FL 33803 863-686-4980 Carol Walker, FDPE,FSA,FED 2015 7925 4th St. North St. Petersburg, FL 33702 727-577-5626 Patrick Van Dusen, FSA 2015 3539 Bareback Trail Ormond Beach, FL 32174 386-677-4897

Robin Adams, 2016 565 Hickory St. Monticello, FL 32344 850-591-3364

Past President Sandra Pearce, FDPE,FDAE, FSA,FED 2014 1122 S.W. 15th St. Okeechobee, FL 34974 863-763-2684

FPP Office – Executive Director Kaye Newsome, FSA,FED Florida Professional Photographers, Inc. 11738 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, FL 33618 813-760-1933

FPP Section Web Sites Bay – BPPA,

Ft. Myers – SWFPPA,

Gainesville – PPNCF,

Jacksonville – JPPG,

Lakeland – PPGMF,

Miami – PPGF,

Ocala – OMCPPA,

Orlando – PPSCF,

Palm Beach – PPGPB,

Pensacola – NWSFPP,

Tallahassee – TPPG,

Tampa – TAPPA,

FPP Managers Convention Mgr. Debbie Alcorn 727-481-9329 Interim Trade Show Mgr. Jackson Koontz, III 352-369-4257 Competition Mgr. Robin Adams 850-591-3364 robin@robinadamsphotography. com Florida School Director Marybeth Hamberger 954-426-2562

PPA Councillors Keely Deuschle 904-403-9553 Britney Kirby Fullgraf 863-686-4980 Marybeth Hamberger 954-426-2562 Gary Hughes 321-279-0077 Kevin Newsome 813-968-2810 Sandra Pearce 863-763-8684 Robin Phillips 863-682-6958 Kim Warmolts 727-934-4456

from the Editor I’m so excited to be part of the FPP family! Everyone has been so friendly and delightful to work with on this issue of Florida Photographer. This is our convention issue--competition rules are included and you don’t want to miss Gary Hughes’ article on some of the exciting things planned for FOCUS 2014. Are you entering print competition? You’ll want to pay close attention to the competition rules as stated in this issue--and we’re also congratulating the 2014 PPA degree recipients and award winners. If gadgets are your thing, take a look at “Show Your Work” doing a mini-review of the “Portfolio” app. Feel like reaching out? Dash me an email: or ring me at 919.818.0726 with any questions you might have.

Keep up with the latest news at

President’s message cont’d

information from the industry’s leaders and hot speakers, network with friends and peers all while spending less valuable time away from your studios. See the convention article later in the magazine. Competition Manager Director Robin Adams has worked on the new and updated rules for category and images submission changes for our 2014 competition. See her article later in the magazine. Finally we would like to welcome our new Florida Photographer Magazine Editor, Victoria Kelly. She has been involved for many years with Professional Photographers of North Carolina and has been the SEPPA Magazine editor since 2012. Based in Raleigh NC she has had a studio-based business for 20 years and recently served as director of East Coast School. As a CPP she is a liason for NC and a portfolio image judge. She received the SEPPA service award in 2013 and teaches a beginning business class at Wake Tech CC for emerging professionals. A new FPP member, she will be attending Florida School in Daytona this year. I encourage you all to introduce yourselves to her and make her welcome, just as we welcome her now to our FPP family. With everything that is happening right now I truly believe we have a bright future ahead of us.

“Here comes the sun, and I say It's all right”


Convention & Trade


August 9-11, 2014 Rosen Plaza Hotel Orlando. Registration is included in with your FPP Membership. Visit for details

Membership Dues & Categories All members are of Legal Age and are entitled to all the Benefits of the FPP. Certain Privileges are restricted based on Type of Membership Florida residency required for Professional, Associate, and Non-Professional Membership Types Benefits include: Attend Activities and Service (fees may apply as determined by the Board); Service on Committees; Participation in Photographic Competition; Ability to earn Degrees; & Web site ‘Member Directory’ Listing Privileges may include: Voting rights; Holding office; FPP Logo use; Photographic Awards; Scholarships; & Web Site ‘Photographer Search Listing o $210 PROFESSIONAL – Operates/Employed by a legally established photography business in Florida. Required to submit Sales Tax Certificate Number. Entitled to all FPP benefits and privileges. o $195 ASSOCIATE – Employed by a FPP Professional or Life member. Entitled to all FPP benefits; Privileges limited to Voting rights, Holding office, Photographic Awards, & Scholarships. o $210 MEMBER – Individuals who do not yet meet the requirements for any of the other categories. Entitled to all FPP benefits; Privileges limited to Photographic Awards, & Scholarships. o $135

STUDENT – Currently enrolled full or part-time in an accredited degree/certification program at a postsecondary school. Does not include continuing education courses or non-degree seeking students. Proof of enrollment required. Entitled to all FPP benefits; Privileges limited to Photographic Awards, & Scholarships.

o $205 SERVICE – Individual or business that offers services and/or sales to professional photographers. Entitled to all FPP benefits; Privileges limited to FPP Logo use, Photographic Awards, & Scholarships. o $195 NON-RESIDENT – Employed outside of Florida. Entitled to all FPP benefits; Privileges limited to FPP Logo use, & Scholarships.

FPP Bylaws; Article III - Membership

FLORIDA PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC. 11738 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, FL 33618 813-760-1933

Convention ReBrand Gary Hughes, M.Photog Cr. CPP FPP Board of Directors, 2013

Younger people, 35 and under, are not joiners. We are the generations of the internet. So the FPP has been around for more than 80 years. Did you know that? It has a rich and proud history that has carried its members through many recessions, wars and changes in the industry and I, for one, am proud to be a member. Over the last decade or so the industry has undergone some pretty dramatic changes and as such, the FPP has had to make some changes of their own. One of the big changes coming this year is with convention. Not only are we switching from a 5 day convention to a 3 day convention in order to facilitate our member’s busy schedules, but we are changing the format and most importantly, the name of our convention. Funnily enough, as long as I can remember we have just called it “convention” and for us members that was good enough. Times, however, have changed and in order to keep our convention and our organization a relevant force in the photographic industry we are rebranding our entire convention. A new name, a new look and a new plan.

As you might already know, photography associations all over the country have seen a rapid decline in membership and participation. The cause is a bunch of contributing factors combining a tough recession that hurt everybody, a shift in the photographic medium to digital, the ease of access to equipment and software, and the list goes on. To be sure those things matter, but the real cause is deeper. The problem is one of generations, not of economics. Let me tell you what I mean. Go to any other association you can think of--The Rotary Club, The Moose, The Elks, Kiwanis, heck, even Chambers of Commerce and you will see the symptoms of the same illness: associations have grown out of touch with newer generations. Younger people, 35 and under, are not joiners. We are the generations of the internet. From childhood we could communicate instantly and effortlessly with everyone we know and find out anything we need to know online, including how to take better pictures. Now just because associations aren’t popular with the under 35 crowd doesn’t mean that these up and

comers can’t benefit from them the way many of us have throughout our careers--the problem we face is to show them the value of what is that we do. If we can do this, we can not only survive in this modern era, but flourish. In order to accomplish this we have to do a few things. First of all we need to get with the program and spruce up our image and that’s what this convention rebrand is all about: creating an image on the outside that reflects the value that we have inside the association.

be much of a challenge if we open up our doors and our minds to the possibilities. Much like our parent organization, PPA, we want to move our convention to be an event that will be open to anyone who wants to come and learn. By doing so we will swell our ranks and enable ourselves to grow. I dare to hope that in another 80 years the FPP will still be here supporting professionals in their desire to meet their artistic and business goals

Convention is our most powerful asset when attracting people to the FPP because we get the chance to show prospective members what we are like at our best and to make them part of our FPP family.

It is in the spirit of openness and with much excitement that I present to you, Focus. The convention of the Florida Professional Photographers.

The reality is though that although many new members will come, many will not. We have to be okay with that and learn how to function by making our convention an attendance-based business model rather than a membership only event.

On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to invite you to what is going to be the most exciting time in the history of the FPP. It’s time for us to move forward into our future and it’s time for all those photographers out there to find out who we are.

In order to grow we need our convention to be bigger and better than ever. Since there are more photographers than ever in the industry it shouldn’t

We are the FPP and we aren’t going anywhere. Visit the new website at

Resilience to Change & YOU Andre Amyot, Cr. Photog., ABI, MPA HLM APPO

It’s how we can bring people to value those reminders of a special moment in their lives.

It’s all about slow change and the power it has. A reminder that our industry has been facing not just slow changes in it’s perception by the buying public but fast ones especially when it comes to the technical aspect. It has brought the technique of photography down to a simple act of pointing a camera and “voilà”, you have a “picture”. No big news there! However, the cultural aspect of our role as photographers is also changing. It could even slip out of our hands if we do not realize the importance that we have, as image creators, as people who preserve the world’s heritage right down to its nucleus: the family. Our duty is to realize the long term effect of our daily activities on our clients. It’s not only how fast we can make a “buck”. Yes, I am all for making a good living, but it’s mostly what we bring to people. It’s how we can bring people to value those reminders of a special moment in their lives. It’s how we can change the concept of “good enough” that seems to be winning over the quality

of a good relationship and of impeccable service. Are we at least aware of the difference between taking a “picture” and creating a work of art? Do we realize that this industry could slowly fall into the same trap as many others when they became commodities in the market place? Yes, photography is a commodity to some but still a work of art for many others; a work of art because we take the time to create, to pamper our clients, to have them live a wonderful experience. I don’t know about you but for me, photography is still a mission and I’m not about to let go of my responsibility to my clients in lieu of fancy technological footwork. Let’s be resilient to the changes in this industry by understanding our own value. It will be a lot easier to sell it to the qualified client. My good friend Lad Kadyszewsky once told me something that changed my perspective of my own role: “We do not sell photography; we sell what photography brings to people”.

New Members Timothy Fields

Hernando Professional

Rebecca Monzon

West Palm Beach

John Gruber

Vero Beach Member

Stephanie Humphrey

Plant City Professional

Mike McCann

Bartow Member

Leslie Harris-Senac

Sarasota Member

Shiree Beckwith-Funk

Odessa Professional

Jody Lane

Palm Beach Gardens

Rick Tauceda

Brandon Professional

Melanie Miller

Jacksonville Professional

Victoria Kelly

Cary, NC Non-Resident

Jill O’Connor

Ft Myers Member

Shelley Gill

Jacksonville Member

Teri Roberts

Jupiter Member

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Mentors, Silent Auction & Scholarships, Oh My! Betty McDonald, Cr., FDAE, FSA, FED

Each year we invite some of our more experienced members to be mentors for a day. TIME FLIES! Our FPP Convention is just around the corner and that means I will have to start planning our Silent Auction booth for this year’s Convention now. To those of you who are unfamiliar with our Mentor program--each year at the Florida Professional Photographers Convention we invite some of our more experienced members to be mentors for a day. We have a Silent Auction where you may bid on the Mentor of your choice. The winning bidders chose a day which is convenient for both the bidder and the mentor and you have until May 30th to claim your day. Our Silent Auction always has some great merchandise that is donated to us and it will be on display at our Booth in the Trade Show. Please stop by and check us out and bid on the Mentor and/or the merchandise of your choice. All the money that is raised from our Silent and Mentor Auctions will go into our Scholarship Fund. This is

the fund that allows us to award many scholarships to Florida School each year. Would you like to know how you can be included in the drawing for a Scholarship? Volunteer and work on a committee at the Convention and you will be included in the drawing. Call me at 205-688-2975 if you would like to work on my committee or would like to suggest someone to be a Mentor. Our committee work is done during the hours of the Trade Show. You will not miss any of the programs and I would be happy to hear from you. If you are a member of FPP and would like to volunteer to be a Mentor, please call me. For last year’s bidders for a “Day with a Mentor”, the deadline to meet with your mentor is May 30, 2014. So, if you haven’t made a date with your Mentor, please make arrangements to do so! Don't miss out on getting to spend that one on one “Day with a Mentor”. I am looking forward to seeing all of my old friends and meeting some new friends at FOCUS 2014!

From the FPP Attic... Debbie Alcorn, FSA,FED,PP,CM Historian

Once upon a time (about seven months ago) our Executive Director Kaye Newsome and our Vice President Jackson Koontz went on a cleaning spree at the Ocala storage unit. During that grueling exercise they discovered stacks of boxes and tubs containing the history of our association. They sorted and toted for hours and the information they gathered will be featured as often as I can get it together for the magazine. While some information is in good condition some of it is not but there are lots of photographs that I am compiling into albums so we can view them in Orlando at FOCUS 2014. On May 3, 1933 Kodak organized a Photographers’ Short Course to be held in Gainesville at the University of Florida. It was during that “course” The Florida Photogra-

phers Association was formed with approximately 30 members. Dues for the year were $2.00 each. The first President of the FPA was C.W. Dishinger who was president in 1933 and 1934. Included here is a copy of the first Convention program cover. Please take note at how much our industry has changed--chemistry suppliers were there to sell their wares and there was even a course on the dangers of the poison in the chemistry. The banquet was put on by the wives of the University and all photographers were encouraged the bring their wives as special entertainment was being planned. Have the times changed or what? Now we hope the photographers bring their husbands so we have people to lug the heavy stuff. Take a look at our “first convention”. It always has and always will be about education.

FOCUS Update: Debbie Alcorn, FSA,FED,PP,CM Convention Manager

Your Florida Convention has taken on a new format and a fresh new brand: FOCUS...The dates for 2014 are August 9-11 at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando. Same place as last year but earlier in the month and now three days instead of five. Why three instead of five? The ever changing industry of photography has made it harder for us to leave our studios and/or jobs for five days. FOCUS will be Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Most people can handle missing one week day so we will jam pack those three days like never before. Still a two day Trade Show, still awesome print competition, still great speakers, still Proofcast Lounge and still an awards ceremony. The awards are the same but the format of a banquet that needed a ticket will change. Everyone is invited to the ceremony, no ticket needed. A celebration will follow for all FPP Members. Above all you’ll still have the same opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. We have an amazing lineup of speakers: Larry Lourcey is coming to teach us how to “Optimize the Home Studio”. This is something that is a growing part of our industry as more studios are moving to “residential galleries”. Robert Lino is showing us how the classics are not

lost--that classic portraiture is attainable and saleable. Meggan Harper will be on hand to guide us in “Newborns: The Complete Workflow” showing how to get the most from beginning to end. Tim Kelly will be in the house to share with us how to “Live the Dream with Portraiture Today” and will demonstrate his unique style we have all grown to love. Suzy Fulton from TriCoast Photography will give us the ins and outs of Senior photography and the art of the sale. Clyde Butcher is coming in from the Everglades and will share his outlook of the beautiful parks in Florida. Photographing in the Everglades, using vintage cameras and using B/W film he will share his love for Nature. “Papa” Bruce Evensen will be here to give us “The Fundamentals of Photography” including posing and lighting along with the “how to” and “how not to”. A must see for emerging professionals. More in the works but this should be enough for now to get you to SAVE THE DATES of August 9-11. FOCUS on Photography, Education and Inspiration! I’ll be looking for you in Orlando.

2014 PPA Degrees & Awards The FPP congratulates the following degree and award winners:


Olis Garber Michael Potthast


Damon Fecitt Kevin Floyd Linda Long Olyn Long Marceliano Munoz Christine Reynolds Randy Van Duinen

Imaging Excellence Award Mario Munoz, Jr Sandra Pearce

Grand Imaging Award

Randy Van Duinen – 1st Place Commercial

World Photographic Cup

Randy Van Duinen – Silver Medal for USA for Commercial Tomas Munoz - Bronze Medal for USA for Wedding

FOCUS...On Your Service Cindy Strickland, FSA, FED Britney Kirby Fullgraf, Cr. Photog., CPP

We are looking forward to another great event in Orlando this year... speakers, competition, and networking! Without the time and talents of those serving, we would not be able to provide the events we do today. Below is a list of committees for FOCUS in August, 2014, along with a brief description of their responsibilities. Let us know the perfect fit for you. For information on the following committees, contact Cindy Strickland ( Door Prizes – Collect door prizes to give away, then have the fun of giving them away! Flea Market – Help manage this very popular sale. Information Booth – Provide information about FPP and Focus. New Members – Help the newest FPP members feel welcome. Photography - No excuses on this one... we all know how to manage a camera. Scholarship - Help raise money at the Mentor and Silent Auctions for Florida School scholarships. Sergeant of Arms – The rule-keepers! Sunday Devotions – Help with our wonderful Sunday morning devotional service. Welcome Committee – Making sure people are welcomed! This is a fun one. For information on the following committees, contact Britney Kirby Fullgraf ( Audio Visual – Assisting with AV equipment during programs. Host – Transportation for speakers to and from the airport... great way to get to know our speakers! Props – Assist speakers before their program, setting up props and during the program for speaker support. Equipment – Help man the equipment room and load/unload equipment. Speaker Equipment – Support Speaker Equipment chairman as they manage any equipment needed. Models – Help with models before, during and/or after programs. Signs – Being sure each event is well-marked with the provided signs.

Don MacGregor, M.Photog.Cr.API, SPA,MPA,F/PPABC/A, (HLM)

The Piano Guys

What happens when several musically-inclined guys get together and think outside the box? You might call it “amazing” or “brilliant” should be called “mastering teamwork”. You’ll want to watch this one---it’s a lot of guys playing one piano...all at the same time. Amazing...brilliant...incredible. Click HERE to view “What Makes You Beautiful”

FPP Print Competition: 2014 Robin Adams, Competition Manager

The rules have been finalized for the 2014 FPP Print Competition at FOCUS! Please read them carefully and if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Competition Manager, Robin Adams. We’re bringing back the popular Early Bird Entry. The deadline this year for Early Bird entries is 8 p.m. on Friday, August 1, 2014. You must enter all images on line, whether you are competing digitally or with prints. Just like last year, you have another week after the Early Bird deadline if you need it. We’re accepting late entries until 8 PM EST on August 7th. Note that dues MUST BE PAID before entering and the entry fees must be paid on line. Jeff Burton of Proofcast is hosting the website again this year and will handle all entries (because he’s amazing). Go to: and log-on to enter. Print entries used for judging purposes and Exhibit-Only Prints must be shipped to Debbie Alcorn at Reedy Photo to be received by the deadline of 5 PM Wednesday, August 6. If you prefer to hand-deliver them, they must be received at the Salon Room, second floor of the Rosen Plaza Hotel no later than 8:00 AM Saturday, August 9. Print cases are preferred but cardboard boxes will be accepted. No loose prints will be accepted! Jeff will be handling all the files and you will receive the appropriate “paperwork” to confirm your entries. In the case of print entries, you will receive both the entry forms and labels to be placed on the back of all print entries via email. Print them yourself and attach them as required. Category Changes There is just one change to the categories this year. . . . we’ve changed Albums to be just one category and both event and non-event albums are eligible for entry. File Size There’s a change this year in file sizes for entry. This year images are 4,000 pixels on the longest size to match PPA’s rules. No more resizing files for FPP! As we did last year, you may submit digital files or prints for judging in any of the categories except Albums which must be all digital files. Exhibit-Only prints may again be submitted for display in the Salon Display. So get busy on your files and prints and plan on attending FOCUS!

Competition Rules REGISTRATION DEADLINES Digital Submissions: Online by Friday, August 1, 2014. Registration will be closed at 8 PM EST. Case fee is $95.00 per case. Submissions after 8 PM EST on August 1st will be charged $125.00 per case and are due no later than August 7th at 8 PM EST. Fees must be paid online at the time of registration. No payments will be accepted with physical prints. Dues MUST be current before registering your images, and through the end of Convention. If you are in doubt as to your membership status, please contact Kaye Newsome, Executive Director before registering your case. Print Submissions: Shipped cases containing prints must be received no later than 5 PM, Wednesday August 6, 2014. Ship directly to: Reedy Photo Attn: Debbie Alcorn 12125 28th St. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33716. Hand delivered cases must be received no later than 8:00 AM, Saturday, August 9, 2014 at the Salon Room at the Rosen Plaza. All images, whether prints or digital, must be registered online by August 1 (Early Bird) or August 7 (Late Registration). Date Action August 1 at 8 p.m. EST Early Bird entries due ($95 per case) online at August 7 at 8 p.m. EST Late entries due ($125 per case) online at August 6 at 5 p.m. EST Print entries for judgingand Exhibit-Only Prints must be received by Debbie Alcorn atReedy Photo August 9 at 8 a.m. EST All print entries for judgingand Exhibit-Only Prints must be received in Salon Room August 9 at 8:30 a.m. EST Judging begins Membership Status: All participants must be FPP members, and have paid their annual dues to enter. Visit to verify your FPP Membership. Eligible members for salon competition include these categories: Professional, Associate, Honorary Life, Retired, Non-Resident, Service, Student, Non-Professional. (Note: Out-of-State members may enter prints and earn merits toward their Florida degrees, but are not eligible to win any photographic competition awards.) One to six (1-6) entries are allowed for each Degree Classification; Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence (FDPE) or Florida Degree of Artistic Excellence (FDAE). FDPE and FDAE submissions may contain all photographic images, or a combination of single images and albums with no more than two albums. Each degree’s entries (FDPE or FDAE) must be entered in a separate case with a separate entry fee for each case.


The purpose of this competition is toallow the entrant to demonstrate their photographic imaging skills and expertise in pursuit of the FPP Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence (FDPE). Both prints or digital filesmay be entered in this competition. All entries will be judged relative tothe 12 Elements of a Merit Image. Prints will be judged under standard competition lighting of 75 foot-candles of tungsten lighting. Digital files will be judged on calibrated NEC monitors. Prints Competition Print JudgingSubmission: Competition prints must be permanently mounted on double-weight mount board, Competition MountBoard, Gatorfoam ®, Foamcore ® or Sintra ®. You may not use masonite,glass, metal, stretcher frames, or conventional frames. All prints must be able to fit in the hangers provided by the FPP Salon Committee. It is suggested that thickness not exceed 3/8th inch maximum with a minimum thickness of 1/8th inch. Those prints that cannot be hung in the standard mounting brackets will be returned to their respective cases and not on exhibit for public viewing. Prints of any shape and size are allowed within the following parameters: 1. A minimum total image size (notincluding digital matting) of 80 square inches. This is equivalent to an 8x10 image but does not have to be those proportions. 2. Images must be mounted on aminimum 320 square-inch mount board (equal to 16x20) up to a maximum of 576 square-inch mount board, with the largest dimension no longer than 24 inches. NOTE: For example, this means you may enter an image 80 or larger image on a 16x20 mount board (, or ... mounted on a 13”x24”mount board (320, great for panoramics; or … up to a mounted 24”x24” print (576 square inches), better for including guide prints on EI submissions. 3. You must register on line, pay your fees by the deadline and upload the final version of the digital file of each image when you register. The digital files must be 4,000 pixels on the longest edge.They will be used for viewing at the awards banquet if your image isselected as an Honor Print. 4. You must print and tape the Proofcast label to the back of each physical print used for judging. Look for the button that says PRINT ALL BACK LABELS. On this label you will find an arrow that indicates the UP orientation of the image. Digital Judging Submission: If you submit digital files for judging, you are not required to submit a print for the exhibit. Therefore you will not have a print on exhibit andwill not be considered for print-only awards. However, you may submit an “Exhibit-Only” print that will not be judged for scoring purposes but will be hung in the exhibit for public viewing. The submission of the exhibit-only print is at the option of the maker. Exhibit-Only Prints may be of normal density for best viewing on public display. Exhibit-Only prints must include identification “tabs” at the bottom of each print. Use two separate tabs, ¾”high, mounted on a sturdy surface (similar to the mounting board) and hung at the bottom right and left corners with tape. The name of the maker shall be placed on the left side and the title of the print placed on the right side. Leave a minimum 4-inch space between the tabs for the hangers. The ID Tabs are not part of the print and may be removed after competition forstudio/home/location exhibit. Since the print exhibit will begin being setup early Saturday morning, these will be used to help the salon committeee easily identify the image and maker for corners and ribbons. The Kodak Gallery Award and the LexJex Sunset Awards will be judged using competition print submissions only. See below for award requirements.

Digital Image Requirements Image Files: Image files must be sized so the maximum dimension in any direction is 4,000 pixels including presentation mats. Each image file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or AdobeRGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Monitor Settings will include D65, Brightness of 120cd/m2 and 2.20 gamma. Total file size should not exceed 7.32 MB. It is not the responsibility of the Competition Committee to make sure your submissions comply with the requirements. Album Files: Album entries must be submitted online; only Digital Album submissions will be judged. Page images shouldbe in a 2560x1600 pixel horizontal format. Monitor Settings will include D65, Brightness of 120 cd/m2 and2.20 gamma. It is not the responsibility of the Competition Committeeto make sure your submissionscomply with the requirements. Entries must be “zipped� files with allpages contained in the one file to beable to submit them on line. PHOTOGRAPHIC OPEN RULES These rules pertain to images captured electronically with a digital camera or scanner. 1. Entrant must have captured and created the original exposure. 2. Any entry which has been reproduced from an existing photograph, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person is a violation of the competition rules and will not be judged, accepted or exhibited. If an entry, in the good-faith opinion of the Competition Committee, violates copyright, trademark or any other applicable law, that entry shall be disqualified. 3. A maximum of six entries may be submitted per entrant, with Albums limited to two (2). 4. A case may contain a mixture of both digital and print entries not to exceed a total of six. 5. No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment. 6. Entries of the same subject may be entered. In the portrait/social eventcategory, they may NOT be the same setting/background and clothing.They must be completely different in content even though the same subject[person(s)/animal] is in the image. Special consideration will be given to wedding gown portraits regarding clothing. Commercial entries may be of thesame product or location but with obviously different treatments. 7. Entry media may be either print ordigital file format. 8. Album entries must be all digital.No physical albums will be accepted. 9. All entries must be titled. 10. No single image from an albumentered into competition may be entered in any other category. 11. If an image Merits in any categoryof FPP competition, it may not beentered again in any other category atany time by any entrant. No imagethat receives a Merit may be enteredmore than once under any circumstance. This specifically includes anyimage in a merited album. ALBUM RULES

Albums may be entered in either the Event or Non-Event category. Event albums are for time-sensitive social events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc. Non-Event Albums are for portrait and story-telling albums. Rules for Multi-Maker album entries: 1. All makers of a multi-maker album MUST belong to the FPP. 2. Each maker must pay the appropriate entry fee. 3. Each album entry must have the official entry form submitted with the names for each maker. 4. Images in the album must be the work of the makers, with aminimum of 20 images per maker. 5. Multi-maker albums will be judged as one entry. 6. There is a limit of two (2) albums per maker. 7. Entries must be titled. File Naming– Images There are no file naming Rules for Uploading images. The Proofcast system automatically renames files according to standardized rules (i.e. adding the category designations, etc.) File Naming – Albums Albums are submitted as one single zipped file. Each page of the album should be individually named according to the two digit page number. For example 01.jpg, 02.jpg, etc. There are no naming requirements for the zip file since the Proofcast system automatically renames the file according to the standardized rules. Major Categories - Photographic Open (See below for specific sub-categories) Portrait Illustrative Commercial Social Event Albums Photographic Open Categories (FDPE Degree) PORTRAITS P-1 Portrait of a Man: Man at least16 years old. May include Figure Study. Figure Study Portraits must be of a tasteful, artistic nude subject. Images deemed inappropriate for public display will be judged and returnedto their respective cases. P-2 Portrait of a Woman: Woman atleast 16 years old. May include Figure Study. Figure Study Portraits must be of a tasteful,artistic nude subject. Images deemed inappropriate for public display will be judged and returnedto their respective cases.

P-3 Portrait of a Child: Male or female under the age of 16. P-4 Portrait of a Group: Portrait must be two or more people. May include children. P-5 Environmental Portrait:Subject(s) on location where the environment is significant to the image. P-6 Portrait of a Pet: Portrait of a pet(s) under controlled lighting and a controlled environment, as in a studio. This also includes outdoor portraits where the animal is controlledby the owner or photographer. ILLUSTRATIVE I-1 Abstract: Abstract subject matter. I-2 Landscape: Scenic image of landscape, seascape, cityscape - with or without people. I-3 Wild Animals: Images of animals in a uncontrolled lighting environment. Subjects include wild animals,birds, reptiles and insects. Pets are specifically excluded from this category. I-4 Open: Entry of subject matter that does not clearly fit into any other category. COMMERCIAL C-1 Advertising Illustration: Image created to advertise a product or service. A tear sheet is recommended. C-2 Architectural: Interior or exterior image of a structure. C-3 Industrial: Image created in anindustrial environment. C-4 Photojournalism: Storytelling,editorial image produced in a non-studio environment for use in a commercial media. Note: A tear sheet included with any image should be attached to the back ofthe print entry, or included in the case if the image is to be judged digitally, in a 9x12 manila or white envelope with the image that it goes with clearly identified on each envelope. SOCIAL EVENT F-1 Social Event Formal Portraiture:Image of one or more individuals associated with a social event captured under controlled lighting and conditions. F-2 Social Event Open: Image of oneor more individuals associated with a social event not captured undercontrolled lighting and conditions. Candid shots are appropriate in this category. ALBUMS (Limit of two) A-1 Event Album (Single-Maker):Album depicting a single social event.Minimum of 20 images in the album. A-2 Event Album (Multi-Maker):Album depicting a single social event. Each maker must have at least 20images in the album. A-3 Non-Event Album (Single-Maker): Album depicting any subject. Minimum of 12 Images in the album. A-4 Non-Event Album (Multi-Maker): Album depicting any subject. Each maker must have at least 12 images in the album.

ELECTRONIC IMAGING RULES The purpose of this competition is to allow the maker to demonstrate their electronic imaging skills and expertise in pursuit of the FPP Florida Degree of Artistic Excellence. Entries will be judged for digital, artistic and technical proficiency. Entries must have been sourced, composited, manipulated and/or produced by digitalmeans. FPP members are eligible to achieve FPP Salon Merits toward the FDAE Degree. These rules pertain to images entered in the EI Category: 1. All digital manipulation must have been performed by the maker. 2. Any entry which has been reproduced from an existing photograph, portrait, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person must be accompanied by written permission from that maker and pasted on the back of the print if one is submitted. If a print is not provided, written permission must be included in the case. If an entry, in the good-faith opinion of the Competition Committee, violates copyright, trademark or any other applicable law, that entry shall be disqualified. This rule does not apply to entries in the Retouching and Restoration categories. 3. Entries are required to be titled. 4. A maximum of six entries may be submitted per entrant. 5. No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment. 6. Entries of the same subject may be entered. They must be completely different in content even though the same subject [person(s)/animal] is in the image. 7. Entries in this competition may not be and may not have been entered again in any other category at any time by any entrant. 8. If an image Merits in any category of FPP competition it may not be entered again in any other category at any time by any entrant. No imaget hat receives a Merit may be entered more than once under any circumstance. This specificallyincludes any image in a merited album. Electronic Imaging Judging and Submissions 1. All entries may include guide images. It should be noted that judges are limited to the information available to them on the entry. Guide images should clearly demonstratethe artist’s talent in producing the final image. 2. Un-retouched or un-manipulated “original� guide images are required in the EA-1 and EA-2 categories and are recommended in all categories to demonstrate the digital expertise of the maker. 3. If an entry requires guide images, they must be displayed adjacent to the finished image in the submittedprint or digital file. 4. Entries without guide images may be submitted and judged in certain categories. 5. There are no file naming rules for uploading images. The Proofcast system automatically renames files

according to standardized rules (i.e. adding the category designations, etc.) 6. Entries of the same subject may be entered. They may NOT be the same setting/background and clothing. They must be completely different in content even though the same subject is in the image. 7. Please refer to submission guidelines at the beginning of these rulesfor the following: A) Competition Print Requirements B) Mounting Requirements C) Digital Judging File Sizes D) Exhibit-Only Print Submissionand Identification. ELECTRONIC IMAGING CATEGORIES (FDAE Degree) ELECTRONIC ART EA-1 Digital Restoration: Entry in this category must demonstrate the ability of the artist to provide digital restoration services. Entry will be judged on the restoration, not the original image. Guide images are required on all EA-2 entries. EA-2 Digital Art: Entry in this category should be an artistic image created using any method a maker desires, normally Photoshop, Painter,etc., and is not required to appear photographic in its final form. The final image must be based on photographic originals that are clearly recognizable in the final entry. ELECTRONIC MANIPULATION EM-1 Digital Illustrative Art: Entry created with a combination of photographic images and digital tools to provide a final creative image. This category is designed to allow you to use various digital tools and software to produce a final image that gives the impression of a photograph. The final image MUST appear to be photographic. Any image that is obviously derived from a “painting” will not be accepted. SCORING The scoring ranges are as shown below. Those that score 78-79 will also undergo a thumbs-up/thumbsdown review with four of the six judges giving it a thumbs up to bump it up into the merit category. Scoring: 100 – 95 Exceptional 94 – 90 Superior 89 – 85 Excellent 84 – 80 Deserving of a Merit 79 – 75 Above Average 74 – 70 Average 69 – 0 Unacceptable Special Information on Awards: Kodak Gallery and LexJet Sunset Print Awards: The Kodak Gallery Award is presented by the judges to one entry scoring 80 or higher in one of the following categories: Portrait Print, Wedding Print, or Illustrative, Commercial, Electronic Imaging Print.

Visit: for more information. TO QUALIFY: 1. Only prints albums will be considered for Gallery Award competition. 2. An image must receive a score of 80 or more points during judging to be eligible for a Gallery Award and, as such, is eligible for any award in the Gallery Award categories, regardless of the category to which the entry was submitted. 3. An image may only win one Gallery Award. The Gallery Award submission must be entered with a label on the back signed by the maker saying this image or album has never received a Kodak Gallery Award. The label can be found here: 4. Only images printed on KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Paper will be eligible to submit for the Kodak Gallery Award. It is the responsibility of the photographer whose entry is submitted to own copyrights to each entry and to have in his/her possession signed and dated releases for each subject, model and location. By entering the competition, the photographer acknowledges and accepts this complete responsibility and grants Kodak Alaris use of the entry. The Sunset Print Award is presented as the “Best Print in Exhibition,” at print competitions where a minimum of 50 prints are entered into PPA-styled judged competitions. Judging, selection, and presentation are done by the hosting organization in accordance with the published Rules and Qualifications for the Sunset Award. TO QUALIFY: All printed entries are eligible to win the “Best Print in Exhibition” Sunset award 1. Entries need not be printed on Sunset inkjet media to win 2. An image must be submitted and be judged as a print 3. The image must score >80 points during the PPA-style judging 4. The image will be chosen from the 10 highest scoring prints in the competition 5. The image cannot have won a Sunset award previously. 6. If the winning image is printed on Sunset paper the winner will also receive an iPad Air at PPA District competitions and an iPad mini in all others. To qualify, maker must print and attached the label: 7. The image must adhere to all rules and qualifications of the host print competition 8. The entrant must have all releases and permission of all subjects appearing in the image Visit: for more information Robert Becker Award for Creative Photography: This award will be presented to the maker whose image is judged to be the most creative single image in the overall photographic open category. A minimum score of 85 is required to be considered for this prestigious award. Susan and Stewart Powers Award: The “Best-of-the-Best” album will be awarded the “Susan and Stewart Powers Award“ as determinedby the judges. A minimum score of 85 is required to be considered for this prestigious award. Both Single-Maker and Multi-Maker albums will be considered.

Show Your Work! Victoria Kelly

My iPad has become a business tool that I simply can’t be without--it’s my studio phone, my credit card processor, my project manager...and now, with the Portfolio app, it’s a magnificent showcase for my images. I’ve been using Portfolio since it first made its debut in the app store. It’s a bit pricey at $12.99, and if I’m going to make that type of investment it needs to perform! And perform it does. I was immediately impressed that I can load images from my iPad directly, from my Mac and my Dropbox. The first thing I did was create logos for the app--landscape and portrait-drag them into my Dropbox on my Mac and then populate the logo boxes in the app on my iPad.

Pretty simple. I was anxious to create my first gallery--so I navigated to a folder on my Mac with web images for my HS seniors, again using my Dropbox and in less than 2 minutes my first gallery was done. In short order I had created 3 I figured I’d better spend a little time getting to know the app better and working out how to best integrate it into my business. Here are several things I found impressive: • On each image in any given gallery, I can rate it with up to 5 stars AND make notes. (This can be invaluable if you’re a wedding shooter and a prospec-

tive bride is telling you what she likes! There’s also the option of emailing the ratings and notes in either HTML or PDF format.) • The developer has included the option of “turning off” galleries I don’t want seen. Again, an important tool if you’re wanting to JUST show specific work to a prospect. • The slideshow function gives me the capability to pull songs from my iTunes library...and will fit the gallery images to the length of the music. • Once I get the images loaded, I can edit the gallery and put the images into any order. • I can lock a gallery, configure the metadata and can lock the entire management interface so that a client can’t inadvertently change a setting. There’s also the capability of creating a custom

thumbnail for each gallery. You might be asking yourself why I would use THIS app instead of the inherent Photos app that comes with the iPad. The interface on the Portfolio app is lovely...AND I can brand it with MY logo, effectively making it a seamless extension of my website and my blog. And let me mention, again, how simple it is to load images, especially if it’s linked to a Dropbox account. Now, here’s a tip for this app: you can certainly use this app in portrait or landscape mode...but I want to use ALL the real estate on the I’m using a combination of full screen horizontal single images or a collage of several images on a horizontal background. Put your iPad to work--make a splash--after all, you’re in the image business--and doesn’t your work deserve the best electronic platform you can provide?

Florida Photographer, April 2014