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Wellbeing at Unitec Module Overview

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Your Wellbeing Here at Unitec we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our people including the very best health and safety practice. We want you to enjoy your work free from illness, stress and harm. To enable this we provide a number of strategies and support for you to achieve a healthy work-life balance and have put together this module so you can familiarise yourself with our health, safety, wellness, fitness and recreation services. However - first and foremost is your safety, so if you haven’t already done so, please take the time to complete the following three steps – ideally in your first week with the support of your manager.

Health & Safety To become a world class institute of technology, Unitec must demonstrate and champion the very best health and safety practice. We all have a role to play in making a healthy and safe workplace and staff and management need to work together as a team to make sure that everyone is kept safe and unharmed. Health and safety at work needs to be part of our day to day business and at the forefront of all our minds. Unitec’s goal is that we hope you will share in this with us. To help us achieve this we ask that you do the following: Step 1:

Read and acknowledge the Unitec Employee Health and Safety Induction Guide

Step 2:

Complete the Faculty/Directorate Health and Safety Induction Checklist.

Step 3:

Complete the HabitAtWork online training session.

Health & Safety – Step 1 Step 1. Download and read through the Unitec Employee Health and Safety Induction Guide Once you have done so, please complete the ‘Acknowledgement of Induction’ Form (Page 39) and return to the Health & Safety Team via email NB: Typing your name is sufficient for a signature if email is sent from your personal Unitec account How? Click the email icon then ‘Continue’

To: Subject: H&S Guide If you are unable to send via email please print pg 39 and send through internal mail (c/- Building 48).

Health & Safety – Step 2 Step 2: Work with your manager to complete the Faculty/Directorate Health and Safety Induction Checklist. Once complete, send through to the Health & Safety Team. Email: Internal mail: c/- Building 48, Mt Albert

Health & Safety – Step 3 Step 3: Please undertake the HabitAtWork online training session. Once you have completed (and passed!) the online assessment please print (or save as PDF) the certificate for forwarding to the Health & Safety Team.

Personal Safety & Security When using facilities outside normal hours it is suggested that you observe the following for your own safety, the safety of others and the security of Unitec equipment and property/buildings: • • • • • •

Keep doors locked at all times. Treat all persons not known to you personally with caution. Under no circumstances allow them access to the building. Never work alone in an unlocked area. Organise to walk to your car in secluded car parks in the company of others. Keep to lit and popular walkways.

If you have safety concerns or you see someone or something suspicious call security on Ext 7777.

Road Safety around Campus When working in or about Unitec Campuses, please be constantly aware of vehicles and pedestrian movements. Drive to the conditions. The speed limit on the roads around campus is 40 KPH and 10KPH in and around all carparks. No-one should drive in a dangerous way putting their own and others lives at risk.

Health Services Health Centre - Situated in Building 28 (Mt Albert Campus) available for accidents or emergency medical situations, with free access to a nurse for consultations. A first aid room is available in the Student Services Centre in Building 500 at the Waitakere Campus. Flu injections are made available through the Health Centre. Osteopathy Clinic - Ready access to an on campus Osteopathic Clinic is provided to employees at less than market rates. The Osteopathic Clinic located in Building 41 (Mt Albert Campus). VDU Agreement - In accordance with the VDU Agreement for Allied Staff, Unitec may reimburse employees who use a Visual Display Unit for 50% or more of their working time up to $200 towards the cost of prescription spectacles. Smoke Free Support @ Unitec - On 31 May, 2013 - World Smokefree Day - all three of Unitec's Auckland campuses became 100% smokefree. If you are keen to consider a healthier lifestyle, free of smoking we can offer you the support to do so – please contact Shona Arms, Health and Wellbeing Improvement Advisor, , extn. 7469

Health Services Health Insurance - Unitec staff may avail themselves of medical coverage provided by Southern Cross Health Society or Unimed Health Insurance, both of which offer discounted health insurance work schemes to meet the needs of staff and their families. Life Insurance Plan - Unitec operates a Life Insurance Plan for staff members of Unitec designed to provide a lump sum benefit to a member's dependants or estate in the event of the staff member's death prior to age 65, while employed as a staff member at 0.5 FTE and above. The Plan also covers employees for Total Permanent Disablement. In conjunction with the Unitec Life Plan, Unitec operates an Income Protection Plan for staff members which will pay up to 75% of the staff members pre-disability income to the member for up to 2 years. Free EAP Appointments - The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to all Unitec staff. It encourages staff to address issues that may affect their workplace performance whether the issue is personal or work related. It allows staff to access independent, experienced, New Zealand registered practitioners if they have a problem that they would like some professional expert advice or assistance with. Click here for more information.

Other Wellbeing Services Conciliation Services The Conciliator offers a private and confidential service to assist staff with sensitive matters and potential conflict of interest issues. Confidential advice and support is also offered to assist staff dealing with communication or conflict issues with other staff and /or students. This service is confidential, and offered on a neutral and impartial basis. Appointments are available by contacting Glenda Grant directly on DDI 815-2939 or ext 7339. Spiritual Support The Unitec Chaplaincy and Multifaith service provides an inclusive and holistic approach to spirituality. We support people of all faiths, as well as people of no particular faith. Our chaplains are non-judgemental of personal lifestyles and are there to assist everyone. Coordinating Chaplain, Ricky Waters, Worshipping on Campus: Chapel

Building 162, Mt Albert Campus

Muslim Salaat Hall

Building 160, Mt Albert Campus

Multifaith Prayer Room

Building 500, Room 5004, Waitakere

Fitness at Unitec Discounted Membership Fees at the Unitec Gym The Unitec Sports Centre (Mt Albert Campus) offers a fully-equipped weight and cardio room, circuit room, indoor courts, personal training, running and walking groups, a sun bed and a yoga and Pilates studio. National Squash Centre Access The National Squash Centre is a joint venture between Squash New Zealand, Squash Auckland and Unitec. Unitec students or staff members who use the squash centre during our off-peak times, before 5pm from Monday to Friday and on weekends, pay half price to hire a court. More info here Cycling Facilities The Mt Albert campus is conveniently situated on the Northwestern cycleway, which links central Auckland with Te Atatu. This cycleway gives you easy access to the campus, whether you are cycling from the city or from Waitakere. You can leave your bike in the bike sheds behind Building 14 at the northern end of campus. More info here Unitec Run Walk Series Unitec is proud to sponsor the annual Run & Walk Series, the official lead up to the adidas Auckland Marathon. We encourage staff to get involved! Click here for more information

Work-Life Balance at Unitec Unitec recognises that it is in the interest of its employees to have a good work/life balance. Employment practices and services which support this include: • • • • • • • • •

Flexible working hours - where this meets the needs of the organisation and is permitted under the employee’s employment agreement Parental leave grants for various groups of employees Leave for sickness in the home. Childcare Centre on campus Children of staff Christmas party Discount on tuition fees for family members studying at Unitec Discount on secondary school exam revision short courses for children of employees Employee committees for support of Maori and Pacific Islands employees 10% Discount at the Veterinary clinic on campus

A Safe, Equitable and Diverse Environment Nobody is one-dimensional – there are many sides to each of us. That's what makes us so unique. It's these differences that make Unitec such a truly unique work and study environment – vibrant, innovative, highly productive and bursting with creativity. Harnessing the benefits of diversity requires an inclusive, flexible and equitable working and learning environment; one that encourages and values difference and embraces diverse perspectives. We are all responsible for cultivating an environment that recognises the value in our differences and uses them to achieve the best possible educational, business and community outcomes. It also means creating an environment free from: • Unfair treatment • Exclusionary behaviour • Sexual, racial or any other form of harassment • Bullying • Discrimination based on membership in a social or cultural group. If you see or experience any of these behaviours, please contact Unitec’s Equity and Diversity Manager, Matthew Farry,, extn. 7793 for confidential help and advice.

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