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MAY 18, 2013




NEWS AND VIEWS WOMENS CLUB 5K Plantation Women’s Club 1st Annual 5k After all of the training, organizing, and promoting the Inaugural Plantation Women’s Club 5k is a wrap. With over 150 participants we could not be happier with the turnout. Walkers/joggers/runners from all age groups came out to get their exercise on. It was a wonderful sight to see so many people come together to support our or-


POA Elections, Living In Fairfield Plantation Georgia—Facebook Journeys to Health PG. 2

Women’s Club 5K Pictures PG. 5 5K Pictorial Page 6 5K Pictorial Page 7 Celebrations PG. 8

Yard of the Month PG. 9 Kiwanis Club, Plantation Planters Club, Women's Club, MGA

In addition to all of the registrants we had great support from our community through many generous sponsorships making the event an even bigger success. Our Platinum sponsor, Southeastern Sales in Carrollton, provided the official race t-shirts and our Gold Sponsor, CrossFit770 in Villa Rica, provided a refueling station and some priceless fitness information.

The Recreation Committee in conjunction with the Red Cross, is pleased to announce that we will be holding another blood drive on Saturday, June 1st. The drive will be located at the recreation center and will be held between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Donor appointments can be set in advance by contacting Phil O'Brien at or at 770-257 -7818. An advance appointment will cut down on your wait time but is by no means required to donate. All walk-ins Last time, we had a total of 46 pints are welcome. More information about and we are striving toward a year end goal donor eligibility can be found at of 300 pints. So come out and donate, chat with your neighbors, and go home feeling great!

Recreation News PG. 11

Recreation Clean Up Day Rescheduled to Monday, May 20th 9am- 4pm

Center. Our goal is to rake and remove all the debris in these areas, install mulch and sod, and make repairs to the miniature golf course.

Willy’s Fitness Corner PG. 13

We are looking for volunteers of any skill level to help clean up the playground and miniature golf course at the Recreation

Market Space PG. 14


Casa Sol Don Rich Ford PG. 16

See more photos inside of this GREAT EVENT on pages 6 and 7.

There will be goody bags and a Special Red Cross gift for donors (first come first serve), as well as some exciting door prizes that select donors chosen at random will receive upon check in.


Classifieds PG. 15

Thank you all for your continuous support to our organization because we couldn't do what we do without every one of you. Hope to see you all at the 2nd Annual Plantation Women’s Club 5k next year!


PG. 10

Link Between Calcium Supplements and Heart Disease PG. 12

field Volunteer Fire Department and SPA, who donated their time and materials to make our event possible.

We’d like to thank the wonderful groups, Fair-

Stretch IRA PG. 3 Commissioner's Corner PG. 4 AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ FOR ALL RESIDENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ganization while taking part in such a healthy activity.

You probably know someone who is experiencing difficulty making mortgage payments due to the recession, someone who could use a helping hand. Well, if the difficulty is due to unemployment (layoff, job closure), or underemployment (hours

and wheelbarrows in an effort to get ready for our season opening Memorial Day weekend. Feel free to contact Anne Lussier @ for more information or to volunteer.

Please bring you gloves, yard tools, rakes,

reduced, changed job at lesser pay), the HomeSafe Georgia program may be just the place for that help. The HomeSafe Georgia program, administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, can help homeowners through this

rough patch by making up to 18 months of mortgage payments on their behalf. Visit for more information and to check eligibility. To speak with a HomeSafe Georgia representative, call 1-877-519-4443.

Yard of the Month — Page 9 — Shelia and Peter Ely Women’s Club 5K—Pictorial on pages 6 and 7…………………...Thank you ladies for a GREAT DAY!!!! This is an Independently published publication, NOT an Approved nor Official publication of the Fairfield Plantation POA


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For more information, comments, letters to the editor, suggestions and/or complaints. Please address to Billy Priest at the following:

POA ELECTIONS Applications for the POA Board of Directors All candidates that have successfully passed their background checks and submitted their applications for BoD positions in the upcoming election and POA Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, September 28th, 2013, will be introduced at the July 15th, 2013 Public POA meeting. The Candidates will introduce themselves and give a condensed version as to why they think they will be a great addition to the current BoD. A group picture of the candidates will be taken at this meeting.

Please mark your calendars: July 15th Candidates Introduction Speeches, August 19th CandiEmail: dates Q/A Forum and September 28th for the Annual Meeting and Election to be held at the Midway Website: Church. All Candidates that have met the criteria above Mailing Address: will be introduced at the June 17th Public POA 7283 Tara Dr Meeting.

Villa Rica, GA 30180

Elections Committee

Phone: 770-238-2151 Deadline for submissions in our next issue will be:

The Candidates forum will be held at the Public POA meeting on August 19th , 2013 at the Country Club. All candidates will be asked to state their views and respond to questions from Property Owners. Time limits will be based upon the number of candidates. Candidates will be elected for three year terms.

Friday, June, 14th 2012 Our next issue will deliver: Saturday, June, 22nd 2012

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KNOW YOUR COMMUNIT Y Know more of your neighbors, know more about the POA Board, know more about activities in the community and Carroll

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By email:

Find us on the Web at: www.

Infrared Sauna


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STRETCH IRA NEWS CONTACT: Michael L. Stone, AAMS® CEO & Founder Milestone Investment Management, LLC (770) 830-0063 Stretch IRA: A Handy Estate-Planning Tool A stretch IRA is a traditional IRA that passes from the account owner to one or more younger beneficiaries at the time of the account owner's death. Since the younger beneficiary has a longer life expectancy than the original IRA owner, he or she can "stretch" the life of the IRA by receiving smaller required minimum distributions (RMDs) each year over his or her life span. More money can then remain in the IRA with the potential for continued tax-deferred growth. Employing the stretch technique by naming a younger beneficiary (such as a child or grandchild) could provide significant long-term benefits. The uncertain nature of estate tax laws could make a stretch IRA a worthwhile tool for those with multi-million dollar estates. While the new estate tax limits currently allow a $5 million lifetime exclusion ($10 million for couples) and a 35% tax rate on amounts over that threshhold, they are scheduled to sunset after 2012.

Creating a stretch IRA has no effect on the account owner's RMD requirements, which continue to be based on his or her life expectancy. Once the account owner dies, however, beneficiaries begin taking RMDs based on their own life expectancies. Whereas the owner of a stretch IRA must begin receiving RMDs after reaching age 70 1/2, beneficiaries of a stretch IRA begin receiving RMDs after the account owner's death. In either scenario, distributions are taxable to the payee at current income tax rates. Beneficiaries have the right to receive the full value of their inherited IRA assets by the end of the fifth year following the year of the account owner's death. However, by opting to take only the required minimum amount instead, a beneficiary can theoretically stretch the IRA and tax-deferred growth throughout his or her lifetime. Other key considerations to note:

New rules allow beneficiaries to be named after the account owner's RMDs have begun, and beneficiary designations can be changed after the account owner's death (although no new beneficiaries can be named at that point).

The amount of a beneficiary's RMD is based on his or her own life expectancy, even if the original account owner's RMDs had already begun.

Note that the information presented here applies to traditional IRAs bequeathed to a nonspousal beneficiary. Special rules apply to spousal beneficiaries. Contact your financial advisor or tax professional for more information. © 2011 McGraw-Hill Financial Communications. All rights reserved. Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through Independent Financial Partners (IFP), a registered investment advisor. Independent Financial Partners and Milestone Investment Management, LLC are separate entities from LPL Financial.


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COMMISSIONER’S CORNER Commissioner’s Corner May, 2014

Vicki Anderson

HB 87 is official! The Governor has signed the bill which allows Fairfield to keep its voting precinct. Whoopee! Finally…let’s put this to bed. Thanks to everyone who had anything at all to do with fighting to keep this in the news and finally to victory!

Applications to run for the Fairfield Board are online and must be turned in by the end of May. You must give up your first born child to apply, pull your hair out and submit it for drug screening, and never have overdrawn your checking account. Well, I am exaggerating, but not by much. I can run for president of the United States because I am over 35 and a citizen. I can be a county commissioner because I live in Carroll County and have paid my taxes. I cannot run for the board of Fairfield Plantation and that is because of Three Daughters Boutique. Why would you want to do a drug screen on hair? Why not pee in a cup? The only person I know at this time that has signed on to run is Billy Priest. Brave Soul! Everyone needs to vote for Billy Priest. He is one of the most honest people I know. Billy will always tell you the truth, whether you want to know it or not. I hope more of you sign on to run with Billy. If you do not, then the board members will be appointed. The only way the Board can make this change is to modify the documents. In July of

S im p ly C a terin g Simply Call:


Ms. Anderson is very kind to publically support my bid as a POA Board Member. I have pro2012 and September, 2012, the Board decided vided the necessary information to do a “comprehensive background” check on for this very EXTENSIVE Backboard applicants. The bylaws must be modified ground, Credit, Work and Eduto reflect this change. No where in the docucation check as well as hair ments does it speak of drug screening. That samples for a “Hair Follicle” ought to keep a few people out of the running. drug screen. If this was passed in September, 2012, why has At this time, from the best of my the entire Board not had background checks knowledge, not all of the existand submitted hair for analysis? You wonder ing POA Board members have why Fairfield has a name in the community. It is successfully completed these for things such as these. I’ve heard the Board intrusive checks themselves. wants to know if they are required to be transparent. Why would you want to know that? Why I am confident that I will meet these new requirements sucnot just be transparent? If you want a free cessfully but, do feel that these are quite extreme for a volbackground check and drug screen, sign up to unteer position. In My opinion, these NEW extreme requirerun for the Board of Fairfield Plantation. ments are just a symptom of a much larger issue within the The County is working on their 2013-2014 POA Board and part of my reasoning for deciding to run for the position of POA Board Member. budgets. County employees have not had a raise in six years. There has been a recommenI will not be able to accomplish what needs accomplished dation that employees making under $35,000 should get a 2.5% cost of living increase. I per- without help. I need a couple more like minded residents to sonally believe all full time employees who have PLEASE join me in this bid for office. Time is very short to do this. Applications and Background forms must be submitted been there over two to three years should get by May 24th. the cost of living increase. Anyone who was given a personal raise in the past 5 years would I will also need the residents to make an effort to become not be eligible. informed and PLEASE GO VOTE. Many elections have been John Tanner Park was a State park. Georgia did not want to provide the upkeep for the park, so the County purchased the park over a year ago. It was determined at that time that the fees charged at John Tanner would cover the costs of operating the park. To make a long story short, the County started charging $5 to enter and park at Little Tallapoosa Park without the Commissioners knowing anything about it. If you were walking or riding a bike, you were charged $5.

Vicki Anderson

won here in Fairfield Plantation because of LOW POA VOTER TURNOUT, some key people, count on it…..Hint ….(PAC)

I will have more info in the next issue of FPNAV and also on the web. I will continue to make announcements and share info on the Facebook Site, “Living in Fairfield Plantation Georgia” as well as Please feel free to email me with any questions and I will happily answer them if I can . Email: billy @

Please stay TUNED IN, this is a very IMPORTANT year. This is the year to GET YOUR COMMUNITY BACK.


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S U R RO U N D I N G OU R S ELV E S W I T H S U R RO U N D S O U N D Surrounding Ourselves with Surround Sound Many people seem amused that Mister and I don’t have a TV in the great-room (or the bedroom), that we don’t have an iPod (or iPad), or that we prefer to read books “oldschool style” instead of downloading them to our deChristina Henggeler vice. We aren’t against the above things; in fact, we enjoy them as much as the next person. I am just too busy painting the greatroom to sit down for long. The following essay is written tongue in cheek, as a mock anthropological write-up of the American and Their Home. Flash back to before we established a “civilized” economy such as we have been used to in modern times. Survival was a matter of basics and most humans resided firmly in the very bottom layers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid: trying to fill the most basic physiological needs of air, water, food, shelter, sex, and sleep. As society evolved, we became more “civilized” and began prioritizing things like fitting into society and finding love. Once our class systems and social order were well established, self-esteem became a priority: assuring ourselves that each one of us is valuable and leads a meaningful, worthwhile life. I believe a good amount of that is signified in

the construction of our modern homes and the requirements we have for our twenty first century nests. We absolutely need a number of things that no solid middle-class home can do without: 1. Centralized temperature control: at no point should we allow our bodies to feel too cold or too warm, lest we be uncomfortable in our space and unable to enjoy all of the other creature comforts that fuel our affirmation of self 2. A flat screen TV with as much cable as we can afford: multimedia exposure that takes the place of art: usually in a space of honor centrally located in our primary living area. Likely above the fireplace but always located up on the wall or encased / atop a surface in front of a wall directly across from a comfy seating area. Our window to the world allows us to choose the programming that represents our interests from a seemingly infinite set of niche-oriented choices, affirming our membership in the tribes we lay claim to peripherally assume membership of. 3. Surround sound / a curated sound system: whether it be through an ability to create immersive experiences with our multimedia entertainment or to optimize our experience with music. Music, in particular, tends to cover a lot of self-actualization bases so optimizing the way we experience it is a top priority for many modern humans in their households and in general. It’s why we also tend to prioritize taking musical experiences with us: in our cars or on the go with portable devices.

4. A desktop / laptop computer or tablet with Internet access: see item 2 – a lot of similar reasons for this need overlap. In addition, it allows us to perform functions such as interpersonal communication, paying bills and creating things with speed and agility, which makes us feel important, productive and ultimately gives us a sense of personal freedom. 5. Refrigeration: so we can keep an abundance of food options available and preserved and enjoy the tastes we crave at whim. Food has “evolved” beyond a fueling-up function to a substance that contributes to identity formation, nostalgic comfort and creative exploration. What seems like something so rudimentary to us (like having a refrigerator) is actually a product of a very modern high-maintenance lifestyle rooted in this selfactualization portion of our needs. Above is how I imagine an anthropological write-up of suburbia would look. Maybe I miss torturing myself writing papers; with distance all things acquire a rosy glow. Number 1 is Mister’s idea- he says to keep a woman happy a man has to provide climate controlled decorate-able space. Numbers 2 through 3- maybe I am trying to talk Mister into a flat screen TV with surround sound; I gifted him with a giant recliner, so we are definitely ready for a TV. And number 5? Number 5 is just to remind y’all to bring ice for the drinks when you come over to our nest. Christina Henggeler

A GIRL HAS TO EAT Dining out, cooking in, and everything delish in between We go to the city frequently to try out new restaurants but when we don’t have the little bit of extra time to get to the city, we are extremely thankful that we have many good restaurants to choose from right here in town. One of our favorites used to be The Blue Brick, the French place in Villa Rica. Our tummies were so sad when it closed earlier this year. When we heard about the new place taking its spot, The Southern Table, we were definitely intrigued and hoped it would be at least half as good as its building’s predecessor. The cuisine is described as contemporary southern prepared my favorite way- farm to table. There’s nothing better than using local, in season ingredients to take familiar dishes to another level. Our hopes were deliciously met when we tried it out for the first time a few weeks ago. We started out the meal with some fried pimento cheese, yes you heard me right- fried pimento cheese. Like pimento cheese isn’t good enough the traditional way they brilliantly kicked it up a notch by breading, frying it up and serving it with a creamy white sauce with a touch of balsamic reduction. My eating partner in crime ordered the meat-

loaf, no shock there, and it was out of this world. It was moist, not too dense and not masked by bread filler. And then there was the sauce on top that set it apart from any meatloaf I’ve ever had. It was a bbq-esque sauce that I wished I had got a side of to dip everything in. I ordered what turned out to be the juiciest fried chicken I have literally ever had. This pains me to say because I pride myself on my own succulent fried chicken. I thought I had figured out the secret to keeping it moist by soaking in buttermilk overnight but they must know an extra secret because this was way beyond mine. The seasoning could have been a little heavier but the tenderness made up for it. Both dishes were served with greens that were very tasty and not mushy like I’m used to being served. The macaroni and cheese was decent, not the best but I won’t turn it down when we go back. And the cornbread, served with sorghum and butter, really made the meal scrumptiously complete. All and all, we are pleased to welcome The Southern Table to Villa Rica and look forward to going back and trying the rest of their menu. They have a brunch on Sunday that has a dish with homemade sausage as the star and if you know my love for pork you can probably guess I can’t wait to go try it. So if you are out and about and looking for something new but wanting familiar dishes I highly recommend stopping into The Southern Table. 215 S Carroll Rd Villa Rica, GA 30180 Michelle Nyberg

HEAD & HEAD L.L.C Attorneys at Law David C. Head 516 Newnan Street Carrollton, GA 30117 (770) 832-9697 (770) 834-1800 (Fax) Email:

Internet Living


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WOMEN’S CLUB FIRST ANNUAL 5K PICTORIAL Ms. Boss here, Better known as SUPER WOMAN. Yes this is at the end of the 5K

Well, the Women’s club has done it again. They have managed to create an event enjoyed by many and also raise money to help local needy families and organizations. To help them with this effort, they had the help of many sponsors as well as participants. Some of the participants are pictured here having a GREAT TIME. The amazing sponsors are listed below. We ask that our readers remember these sponsors when you need goods and services because without them, this event would not have been possible. They support us, let’s support them. Our Platinum sponsor was Southeastern Sales in Carrollton, they provided the official race t-shirts

Ladies working hard as usual

Our Gold Sponsor was CrossFit770 in Villa Rica, they provided a refueling station and some priceless fitness information. Our other very valuable sponsors were as follows: Darden Fitness Center

Villa Rica GA

The Mobley Co. Jewelers Inc.

Villa Rica GA

Floors Unlimited

Winston GA

Ken and Brandy Boss

Villa Rica GA

Barnes Moving and Storage

Carrollton GA

Journeys To Health

Carrollton GA

Phoenix Solutions

Villa Rica GA

Edward Jones Investments

Villa Rica GA

Kiwanis Club (Fairfield Plantation) Villa Rica GA Patricia Pinckney

Villa Rica GA

Almon Funeral Home

Carrollton GA

Southern Dental

Carrollton GA

McGhee Electrical Services

Villa Rica GA

Alpine Gas Co.

Carrollton GA

Archstone Inc.

Carrollton GA

Fitzpatrick Insurance

Villa Rica GA

Martin’s Restaurant Systems

Mableton GA

Ragsdale Heating and Air

Dallas GA

Great Time had by ALL on.

Fairfield Plantation News & Views Villa Rica GA

Loved seeing the families participating

Yours Truly Pictured above, having a great time at this point, almost needed mouth to mouth later on.


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Enjoyed by girls and guys of all ages

Then, We had hour volunteer helpers/spectators/EARLY BEER DRINKERS Pictured above and it looks Like no one told the beautiful volunteer below about that BEER DRINKING part nor did they bother telling the guys to the right.

My favorite Son-In-law, also my Only Son-In-Law Tim is just, WAY too Serious

As fun as it was for everyone, you always have your overachievers (The Winners). These winners are for the different groups and please yall, don't hang me if I get any of these wrong. . Age 55+: Mr. Jon Stognor pictured above center 29:00 min/sec and Patricia Samalson pictured above to the right 34:03 min/sec . 12 and under: Bettany pictured above left 31:34 min/sec and Chaz Chamblis pictured left 27:41min/sec . Best Female: Carleigh Camp (Not Pictured) 23:50 min/sec. Best Overall: Wesley Futrell pictured right 23:12 min/sec. Congratulations you guys and gals, GREAT JOB.

Jeff Watson - Owner


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Happy 8th Birthday Ms. Annabelle Love Mom and Dad

Kaitlyn Wetzel - Junior Villa Rica High School. Fairfield Resident

Lexy Tauber Graduated April 27,2013 University of West Georgia Bachelor of Science in Education Parents- Chris & Danielle Tauber of Butler Court. Granddaughter of David & Sharon LaFleur of Bowwood Court. Congratulations! We are so proud of her! ;)

Beautiful Ms. Ariel Smith going to Prom. Daughter of Steve and Tasha Smith

Kaitlyn Teighlor Redford, Carrollton High School Senior, daughter of Kimi and Bruce Redford and granddaughter of Ken and Dottie Hitzeman

Happy Birthday Jamie Sporich! We love you, Scot & kids Congrats to our Kindergarden graduate Jackson Edwards. We are so very proud of all your accomplishments this year. You have mastered reading, writing, and math...... along with recess and PE, ( your favorites). Only 12 more years to University of Tennessee



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YARD OF THE MONTH front yard is flanked by an aromatic herb garden with rosemary and fennel. A bicycle planter and hanging baskets add to the charm.

Enchanting is the best way to describe the May Yard of the Month! Shelia and Peter Ely on 8174 N. Pinecone Dr. have created a magical place! Through their hard work they have

transformed their yard into an attractive, wellmanicured yard boasting colorful plants, trees, and borders. Weeping ilex full of red berries form an arbor as you walk past knockout roses and colorful irises. The geraniums in the window boxes make the house seem like a cottage in the woods. A path leading to a seating area in the

In the back yard Shelia and Peter have created an enchanting garden that they call “Alice’s Won-

derland”. A statue of Alice greets visitors as they walk through an arbor covered in purple jasmine and mandevillas. The focal point of the garden is a waterfall with Huck Finn fishing under the watchful eye of a blue heron. A pebbled

Lawn Maintenance

path leads from one eye-catching bed of hydrangeas, dusty miller, and verbena to another bed of Japanese maple, yellow knockout roses, lavender, phlox, clematis, and variegated weigela. Seating areas have tables made with pieces of slate on overturned pots. Window frames and a ladder decorated with plants make this a true “Wonderland”! The Plantation Planters Garden Club would like to thank Shelia and Peter for working so hard to create an outstanding landscape and for helping to make our community more beautiful!

Sprinkler Systems

Land Management of Carrollton 770 770-616 616-5455 CHUCK DETSCHER 3023 Lakeview Parkway Villa Rica, GA 30180

Landscaping Pressure Washing Tree Removal


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KIWANIS CLUB The Eliminate Project As many of you are aware, Kiwanis International (KI) and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate the deadly disease Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) from 40 undeveloped countries in the world. Sixty thousand babies and mothers die each year from this curable malady. The infants who contract this disease experience unbelievable convulsions which cause their bones to break. In addition, they de-

velop a hypersensitivity to light and sound and can not withstand the human touch. If there is any saving grace in this tragedy, it is that the babies usually succumb within seven days. During the General Assembly at our fall training a video was played that showed the pain these infants suffer. Observing this made me think about my own children and their healthy start in life. Needless to say, it was emotionally draining. We can make a contribution to this project by setting up our own fund raising campaign. Who will step up and assume the lead for our club? KI has vowed to remove this disease from the face of the

earth and prevent 129,000,000 future mothers and babies from being affected by MNT. Recently I heard an Irish proverb, “Nodding your head does not row the boat.” Let’s not just nod our heads. Let’s really get involved in this very worthy cause. “If you won’t be better tomorrow than you are today, than what do you need tomorrow for?” Rabbi Nahman of Bratscav

PLANTATION PLANTERS CLUB Garden Club Tour of Gardens a wonderful Morning! On Wednesday, May 8th the club had it’s annual Tour of Gardens. The weather was balmy, and the logistics were flawless, thanks to Marilyn Coulon and her team. Club members met at the Country Club and were divided into driving groups. The four groups divided up and went to the four homes, changing locations every half hour. At noon everyone congregated at the Shaw residence. Habiba and her husband, Tim, with the help of volunteers

from her exercise class, served a luscious Indian style lunch for everyone. The guests spread out over the lovely home to chat and enjoy each other's company. The four yards on tour were the Shaw’s on Lake View, John and Cathy Mourey's, on South Bend Court, Peggy Pottorf's, and Cathy Joyce and Riley Dixon's, both on Tarnwood Drive. Each was outstanding in a different way. The next fun Garden Club event will be on June 3, when the group boards a bus for a day trip to the eastern side of Georgia. First stop will be the

Holy Spirit Monastery in Conyers, GA. They are famous for their bonsai trees and well tended gardens. Lunch will be a buffet at the Southern Cross Dude ranch in Madison. This will be followed by a driving tour of the beautiful homes in that town and some time to do a little shopping in historic downtown Madison. The Garden Club (real name: Plantation Planters) is open to everyone and we invite you to join us and start having fun! Until next month, Jeri Houpe

WOMEN’S CLUB Plantation Women’s Club The Plantation Women’s Club met on May 4th and enjoyed The Sassy Ladies fashion show with almost 60 members in attendance. We would like to thank the great women of The Sassy Ladies shop in Villa Rica for hosting this fun event. I have to say I truly enjoyed my first modeling gig as did all the ladies that modeled with me. The shop is in downtown Villa Rica next to Gabe’s restaurant and has a great assortment of outfits and accessories. The ladies of the Plantation Women’s Club would again like to thank all the great volunteers who helped with our spring yard sale. We had a record breaking success in fundraising and could not have done so without everyone who helped. We would also like to especially thank the great men and women of the Fairfield Fire Dept. for their help with traffic and parking as the turnout was truly awesome. We are truly grateful to all who gave of themselves to help make this a success. We are

also proud to announce that we were able to give out over $2,000 in scholarships to some deserving Fairfield and Villa Rica students. Our volunteers can truly help dreams come true and brighten the lives of our youth with inspiration and knowledge. Our thoughts and prayers are with resident Janice Sundberg and her daughter Stacy who miraculously survived a terrible car accident recently on I-20. Plantation Women’s Club member Marie Miller is heading up food donations for their recovery time, anyone wanting to lend a hand can contact Marie at 770 836-1588. Date to remember: August 17th- Plantation Women’s Club Casino Night at the Club. The next Plantation Women’s Club meeting will be held on Saturday June 1st, at 11:00am at the Country Club. The service project for the month will be items for our raffle baskets for Casino Night. Ladies are asked to bring in items such as: books, little bottles of wine, popcorn, movies, tools, and gift cards to name a few. We have plenty of baskets

themselves and ask that you NOT bring hotel items. The best idea I heard was to get together with a few ladies and pick a theme for your basket items. This month we will have Bunny Cook visit and share with the group about her works in the ministry of women prisoners. We are proud to announce that we have come close to our membership goal with 97 members. Ladies are encouraged to bring a friend and to all new residents this is a great group for meeting your new neighbors. New members are always welcome and the fee is only $15 for the year. The Plantation Women’s Club meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Fairfield Plantation Country Club. Social time is from 11:00-11:30am, with lunch and a business meeting following. For more information call Pat Johnson, President (770- 3637654) or contact her via e-mail. We ask that you reserve your lunch for the meeting by e-mailing Pat Johnson at or giving her a call. Hope to see you there! Jamie Sporich, Publicity

MGA Results for March 30th Individual Best Net Score – 1st – Carl Hamilton, 2nd – Jim Mashburn, 3rd – Cork Carr, 4th Jim Chandler, 5th – Robbie Robinson, 6th – Greg Harper Closest to the Pin - #4 – Jim Chandler, #8 – Curtis Slone, #12 – Corky Carr, #16 – Carl Hamilton Skins - #6 – Howard Ray, #8 – Mike Gant, #11 – Greg Harper, #15 – Corky Carr, #17 – Jim Mashburn Split the Pot – Jeff Sharp Results for April 6th Stableford Points – 1st – Corky Carr, 2nd – Greg Harper, 3rd – Jeff Sharp, 4th – Matt Fowler, 5th – Gregg Brown, 6th – Shane McGuinn Closest to the Pin - #4 – Jim Mashburn, #8 – Frank

Hullender, #12 – Matt Fowler, #16 – Shane McGuinn Skins - #4 – Jim Mashburn, #5 &#7 – Greg Harper Split the Pot – Gregg Brown Results for April 13th The Wheel - 1st - Greg Brown, 2nd - Curtis Slone, 3rd - Greg Harper, 4th - Corky Carr, 5th - David Waid, 6th - Jim Mashburn, 7th - Mike Trager, 8th - Roger Owenby Closest to the Pin - #4 – Jay Cheek, #16 – Clete Bulach Skins - #1 – Jay Cheek, #7 – Curtis Slone, #12 – Jim Chandler, #13 – Jay Cheek, #14 – Curtis Slone, #17 – Curtis Slone Split the Pot – Ron Mooney and Matt Fowler Results for MGA Spring Member/Member Saturday Front 9 1st – Cork Carr / David Waid, 2nd – Jeff Sharp/Mike

Trager, 3rd – Bob Igarashi/Carl Hamilton Saturday Back 9 1st – Shane McGuinn/Duane Hooper, 2nd – Bob Igarashi/ Carl Hamilton, 3rd – Jay Cheek/Curtis Slone Sunday Front 9 1st – Shane McGuinn/Duane Hooper, 2nd – Jeff Sharp/ Mike Trager, 3rd – Jimmy Hamlet/Roger Owenby Sunday Back 9 1st – Cork Carr/David Waid, 2nd – Jay Cheek/Curtis Slone, 3rd – Bob Igarashi/Carl Hamilton Overall Champions – Bob Igarashi/Carl Hamilton, 2nd – Corky Carr/David Waid, 3rd – Jay Cheek/Curtis Slone


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RECREATION NEWS The Recreation Committee has a season full of fun and activities for all to enjoy. Our events kick off Memorial Day Weekend with Movie Night at the Beach featuring Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days on Friday night and Family Beach Bash on Monday. Check out all our future events listed below. 2013


Monday, May 20 9am-4pm - Annual Clean Up Day @ the Recreation Center

Friday, May 24th Dusk - Movie Night @ the Beach – Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Dog Days PG (weather permitting) will be 3rd Friday each month thereafter

Monday, May 27th 12-4pm (Memorial Day) – Family Beach Bash – come enjoy the DJ, games, and activities for the whole family. Girl Scouts will be selling hot dogs.

Saturday, June 1st 11am-4pm – Blood Drive @ the Recreation Center

Friday, June 14th Dusk– Dive-In Movie Night (21 & Over) Club Poolside

Sunday, June 15th 2-4pm – Canoe, Kayak, & Paddleboat Races (Marina) Includes Kite Flying off the Dam & Boat Regalia

Friday, June 21st Dusk – Movie Night @ the Beach

Saturday, June 29th 7:30-10:30pm – Teen Dance @ Recreation Center

Thursday, July 4th 12-4pm – Family Beach Bash

Friday, July 19th Dusk – Movie Night @ the Beach

Friday, July 26th Dusk – Luau Dive-In & Dancing Under the Stars (21 & Over) Club Poolside

Saturday, August 3rd 7-10pm – “Back to School” Teen Night @ Recreation Center

Friday, August 9th Dusk – Dive-In Movie Night (21 & Over) Club Poolside

Friday, August 16th - Dusk – Movie Night @ the Beach

Saturday, August 24th 8-11pm – Band on the Beach - The Brethren will be back with us!

Sunday, September 1st 6-8pm – Family Talent/ Variety Show for all ages at the Marina

Monday, September 2nd 12-4pm (Labor Day) –

Family Beach Day

Friday, September 20th - Dusk – Movie Night @ the Beach

Friday, October 18th 7:30-10:30 – Teen Costume Party – “Addams Family” Movie Night

Saturday, October 19th 1-3pm – Pumpkin Painting in conjunction with PWC Carnival

rows in an effort to have us get ready for season opening Memorial Day weekend. Any skill level is appreciated! Feel free to contact Anne Lussier @ for more information or to volunteer.

Miniature Golf Course Renovation Project: In an effort to continue improving our amenities, the Recreation Committee’s goal this year is to renovate the • Saturday, October 26th – Movie & Field of miniature golf course at the Recreation Center. With Screams the recent weather events, we have combined Phase I (tree removal & clean up) and Phase II (course repair) th • Friday, November 15 7-9pm – Movie Night on to be completed on Monday, May 20th 9am-4pm. the Veranda Phase III consists of designing individual course struc• Sunday, December 8th 5:30 Dinner 6:30 Movie on tures for each hole. If you are interested in sponsoring a hole, please contact Anne Lussier @ the Veranda for more information. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days PG: During his summer vacation, Talent Show: We are currently seeking individuals or “Wimpy Kid” Greg Hef- groups with any talents to participate in our Labor Day fley has a plan to pretend Family Talent Show. If you can dance, sing, juggle, he has a job at a ritzy play an instrument, have any other special talents and country club – which fails would like to perform some family fun entertainment to keep him away from please contact Anne Lussier, Recreation Chairperson the season’s dog days, including embarrassing mis- to get registered @ haps at a public pool and a camping trip that goes horribly wrong. Recreation Clean Up Day Rescheduled to Monday, Recreation Committee May 20th 9am- 4pm: We are seeking volunteers to help clean up the playground and miniature golf course at the Recreation Center. Thank you to Bill Bozeman and the maintenance crew for clearing the pine trees from around the course. Our goal is to rake and remove all the debris in these areas, install mulch and sod, and make repairs to the course. Kiwanis member, Chuck Detscher, Land Management of Carrollton, will be donating his time and equipment to help grade our new green space area prior to us installing sod. Please bring you gloves, yard tools, rakes, and wheelbar-


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LINK BETWEEN CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS AND HEART DISEASE Link Between Calcium Supplements and Heart Disease Raises the Question: Take Them or Toss Them? By: Dr. Habiba N. Shaw Here we go again. First it was vitamin E. Then it was beta carotene. Now calcium supplements are being called on the carpet after researchers claimed they may do more harm than good. Researchers from the University of Zurich followed 24,000 men and women for 11 years. They found that those who took calcium supplements were 86% more likely to have a heart attack than those who didn’t. Yet those who got calcium from natural sources had a lower risk. The study appears in the June 2012 issue of the journal Heart. This follows earlier research showing this same link. A 2010 review published in the British Medical Journal examined 15 trails and found an increased risk of heart attack with calcium supplement use. Since calcium supplements are recommended to prevent osteoporosis for virtually everyone over age 50, this leaves millions of people wondering whether they should ditch their daily calcium pills. Three Harvard professors weigh in on the issue. Calcium and the Heart Over time, calcium can accumulate in arteries. It makes them stiffer and less responsive to the demands of the body. Rigid arteries contribute to high blood pressure, angina (chest pain with exertion or stress), and heart failure. Calcium also builds up in plaque, the cholesterol-filled pockets that grow inside arteries like tiny pimples. By narrowing arteries, plaque can choke off the supply of blood to heart muscle and other vital tissues. If a plaque bursts open, it can trigger a heart attack, stroke, or sudden cardiac arrest. What researchers don’t know is whether this process is influenced by the amount of calcium a person takes in each day from supplements. Supplements are Okay…for now A decision to stop taking calcium supplements should not be made on this study, says Dr. Deepak Bhatt, a cardiologist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “The study did not provide iron-clad evidence of a connection between calcium supplements and heart attack. Although it’s not the first report suggesting this connection, no study has definitely proven that excessive calcium intake contributes to plaque formation and heart disease,” Dr. Bhatt told me. He questions the researchers’ explanation that excess calcium is deposited in the arteries, because the bones have limited ability to absorb calcium given in larger doses than found in foods. “We know that calcium in plaque is a response to injury, an effort to wall off an area of the artery that has been damaged by cholesterol or smoking, for example. It can happen in people whose calcium levels are in the normal range,” he says. Dietary calcium is important, as it helps to build strong bones and keep them healthy. That’s why Dr. Bhatt would support people who, on their doctor’s advice, get some of the recommended 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day through supplements because they can’t get that amount from food. “It’s perfectly reasonable to stick with these recommendations regarding calcium intake for now,” he says. Calcium-rich Foods are Better Dr. Richard Lee, co-editor of the Harvard Heart Letter and a cardiologist who specializes in finding new approaches to treating cardiovascular diseases, is more cautious. Because calcium supplements have not been proven safe without a doubt, and most people can get enough calcium through diet, he suggests that people try to get their daily allowance of this mineral from food. “I don’t think people should take calcium supplements unless they understand there may be a heart hazard that appears in the future. When people really pin me down, I tell them to take a once-a-day multivitamin and eat a balanced diet. That is plenty for almost everyone,” he says. Supplements are just that Dr. David Slovik, an osteoporosis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital, agrees with Dr. Bhatt that the research connecting calcium supplements with heart attack does not provide enough clarity to challenge current recommendations. He suggests people not rely on supplements as their primary source of calcium. “I tell my patients to try to get as much calcium from food as possible. They should also exercise and take vitamin D to help maximize and maintain their bone strength,” he says. Food Sources for Calcium • Dairy: yogurt, low-fat cheese, milk • Produce: spinach, kale, broccoli, turnip greens, bok choy, black beans, oranges • Protein: sardines, salmon, clams • Other: sesame seeds, almonds Tovey’s World Always avoid smoking cigarettes or try not being underweight, since both can reduce bone density. High-impact and Low-impact weight-bearing exercises help build bones and keep them strong.You can also strengthen bone density through walking, jogging, yoga, dancing, golf, tennis and lifting weights. Source: Effect of Calcium Supplements on Risk of Myocardial Infarction and Cardiovascular Events: Meta-Analysis; Bolland MJ et al; BMJ 2010; 341:c3691. Conducted jointly by the Universityof Auckland, New Zealand, University of Aberdeen, UK and Dartmouth Medical School, NH, USA. Note: Most importantly, each individual should consult their personal physician for advice concerning supplement intake.

Tovey’s World

More Tips


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W I L LY ’ S F I T N E S S C O R N E R WILLY’S FITNESS CORNER By Wilhelmina Barry, IFTA Certified Personal Trainer TRUTHS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS?!! When you gain or lose fat, what exactly is happening in your body??

carbohydrates, it is important to note that simple carbohydrates, such as refined sugar, processed cereals, sugars, sweets & fruit juices elevate blood glucose & insulin levels. This also stimulates fat storage.

The fat cell is the central player in the body fat game. Body fat is made up of millions of tiny fat cells, each one a spherical sac filled with a droplet of oil.

To get fat out of the cell, fat molecules must be released back into the bloodstream and used as fuel. Regular aerobic exercise, in combination with anaerobic exercise & a low-fat diet, are the best ways to trigger the release of stored fat.

When a person gains body fat, fat cells fill up with more fat & increase in size. Likewise, when a person loses body fat, the fat cells release fat & shrink in size. Ultimately, the size of your fat cells is relative to the balance of calorie intake (what you eat) and output (your activity level).

Aerobic exercise must be performed for a total 0f 30 minutes or more to stimulate fat metabolism. Consistent exercise teaches your body how to be an efficient fat burner rather than fat storer.

A diet high in fat supplies your fat cells with the means they need to grow bigger. Once digested, fat is carried thru the bloodstream where it is gobbled up by fat cells. Fat molecules are absorbed from the blood and stored in these fat cells.

A low fat diet inhibits fat storage by giving your fat cells less opportunity to grab fat from the bloodstream.

Although fat can enter fat cells more easily than

in bur here are a few ideas; Join the Fairfield Exercise Class. We meet Tuesdays @ 10:30am, Thurs. & Fri. @ 9:00am. Or if you are not a group fitness person, a Personal Trainer can work with your individual goals & needs. For more information please call Willy at 770-238-9528 or Willy Barry

NEED HELP BECOMING AN EFFICIENT FAT BURNER?? There are an infinite number of activities you can engage

e{Éwxá \ÇáâÜtÇvx fxÜä|vxá A Georgia Independent Insurance Agency for 40 plus years. Fairfield Plantation Resident for 20 Plus Years. Life, Health and Disability Insurance •

Life Insurance—Term, Whole Life and Universal

Low Cost Final Expense

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Individual Health Insurance

Group Insurance

Long Term Care

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Financial Services—Annuities

We will provide a Free and Absolutely NO PRESSURE Insurance Evaluation. Please call: Bob Rhodes or Mike Rhodes For info, evaluation and/or FREE Quote 770-214-2119 Visit us on the Web at:


Market Place

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Tony’s Lawn Care

Rick Nolan

Very Reasonably Priced

Construction , Remodeling, Roofing Boat Docks and Decks 30 Years Experience Fairfield Plantation Resident 21 years

Lawn Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Hedge/Shrub Maintenance, General Maintenance

Phone: 770-328-8106

Tony Netherland Long Time Fairfield Resident With 28 Years Experience Residential and Commercial Very Reasonably Priced

Call: Tony Alvarez Fairfield Plantation Resident 678-640-8730

Call 770-652-4110 JAMES OAKES, CPA CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLED Certified by Georgia in 1977 Practice Licensed Since 1984 Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Tax Return Preparation Services Office located at: Corner of Moss Ferry, Sandhill Hulett & Fairfield Roads

770-838-1115 Needing a Little Help To Get Your Elementary Student Ready for CRCT Test; 10 year veteran elementary teacher and former Teacher of the Year looking for students who might need extra assistance in either math or reading. Knowledgeable about curriculum goals, standards, and CRCT expectations. Reasonably priced and willing to work on Sundays for 1 to 1 1 /2 hours. Call 770-843-1238; Ginny Edwards

Al-Anon Meets Tuesdays at 12:00 noon. Carrollton Presbyterian Church. Meets Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Bethany Christian Church on Hwy 61 For more information, Contact: Marge 404-769-4358 This is a Public Service Announcement

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George Hurst Construction No Job to Big or Small We will Build you a House or a Deck

Free Estimates Call Today Fairfield Plantation Resident 404-291-8930 770-830-7690

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FREE—CLASSIFIEDS Non Commercial Ads for Fairfield Plantation Residents are FREE , All Help Wanted Ads are Free. Please visit our website: or email for details

Help Wanted Sofa, large (92"), tan, fair condition $1 or best offer. Experienced Hair Stylist 2007 Mazda Miata Grand Touring with clientele. Booth rent. Contact with power retractable hardtop, blue Laura at La-T-Da's. 770-832-9595 metallic/saddle, 13,000 miles, showJobs Wanted For Sale room, $18,000. 1979 Fiat 2000 Spider, 43,000 miles, 1999 Chevy Z71, 4x4. 199k miles. New tires, runs, sympathetically restored, drive anywhere, tan/brown, looks great, looks good. Asking 5750.00, OBO. $9,000. 4048616629 Sailboat - Snark Sunchaser II sloop Mattress and Box springs One full size and one queen size mat- (12' long, weighs 125lbs, carries four tress and box springs. $100 each. (says the catalog - I say 2), great 404-217-1244 shape, sails fantastic, extra new main Craig Cat Boat sail, inspected and stickered by FFP, 2 Seated with excellent trailer! Includes Trolling Motor and Trailer $1200 Asking $1000.00 Geoff - 678-664-2241 Contact Tim 404-867-3931 Firewood for sale 1/2 Cord Firewood Delivered in FP Baby Grand Piano $50.00 Great sound - no bench - Free Tuning Vented Rangehood - $175 Paid $3000.00 will take 36" SS Vented range hood $750.00 - I can help move it. in original carton Call: 770-832-9962 Model # JV566HSS Tony Nickoloff Call:770-214-2948 2004 Key Largo 16’ Center Console Fishing Boat 50 hp Yamaha w/power trim/tilt, Trolling Motor, Depth Finder, Livewell, 18 gallon gas tank Bimini Top, Trailer, Good condition-used very little $4,995—770-830-6921 Call: 770-722-8947

Ends are split, bangs to long, color has faded, the style is all wrong, maybe some highlights, or possibly lows, need a new look, something that flows.... Has your winter hair given you the blah's? Then you need an appointment at La-T-Da's! La-T-Da's Hair Salon 46 Fairfield Rd. Mondays - by appointment only Tues. - Fri. 9:00 - 6:00 (late appointments are always available ) (770) 832-9595 ask for Laura

Miscellaneous LOOKING FOR BICYCLE BUDDIES I’m a senior but serious road bicyclist looking for other roadies who are ready to join me on some longer rides.. I have lived in Fairfield Plantation for less than a year so I’m eager to find new back roads and paved trails to ride. Last year I completed 4 Centuries so I’m looking forward to getting back into century shape. I understand that the Silver Comet Trail is an outstanding bike trail so if you’re also motivated to do some longer rides (50-75miles) join me as I explore Carroll Counties best bike rides and from what I hear the Silver Comet Trail is a good place to start. Best number to reach me is my cell (530) 318-4861 Or email me, Harry Gordon at hope to hear from some motivated roadies….. FREE hauling off of your old appliances, air condition units, water heaters, lawnmowers, or other scrap metal items. Call 404-536-6924.

Calling All Parrotheads! Calling All Parrotheads! If you enjoy meeting PHriendly new people; Jimmy Buffett's music, and participating in social and community service activities, then join the West Georgia ParrotHead Club at our monthly social meetings held on the last Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m., at Salty's Oyster Bar, 911 South Park St.,Carrollton, GA. For information contact IslandTime Bob at Calling all Euchre card players! If you are interested in joining a Euchre club please contact Kori at kkryans3@ or call/text 770 733 8908. If you are not familiar with euchre we will be glad to show you how to play

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FAIRFIELD PLANTATION NEWS AND VIEWS Fairfield Plantation Residents 15% off ID Required Wed Dinner Fajitas Buffet 5 5— —9PM / $8.49 Sat & Sun Lunch Fajitas Buffet 11 11— —3PM / $8.49 Kids 4 4— —10y/o $3.49 3 & under eat FREE

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Birthday Dinner Up to $6.95 (Minimum of 2 Entrees and 2 Drinks I.D. Required)

MONDAY ALL DAY Buy One Get 2nd combo (1-27) Free

955 W. Bankhead Hwy 78 Villa Rica GA, 30180

(With purchase of 1 drink or appetizer)

LUNCH BUFFET Mon-Fri 11 to 2 $6.15

770 770--456 456--0040 Come See us on MEMORIAL DAY

Sun Sun— —Thur 11AM to 10PM / Fri Fri— —Sat 11AM to 11PM


Visit Us On Facebook Search Casa Sol Mexican Restaurant Same Owners as El Jalapeno Restaurant Since 1996

$5 OFF Your Purchase of $20 or More (Not Valid on Friday Not Valid on alcohol and cannot be combined with any other offers!!!) One Coupon Per Table

FPNAV - May18,2013  
FPNAV - May18,2013  

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