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DECEMBER 22, 2012




NEWS AND VIEWS A GIVING HEART A GREAT story of giving and parenting. During the recent Annual Food/Cash Drive done by the Kiwanis Club, Bryan


New Years Eve Party PG. 2

Hungerford and his daughter Shae, dropped off a truckload of food donations.

tions this day at this location were extraordinarily touched by the generosity of this very young lady and impressed at the obvious great teaching/parenting that must have been given to her.

This food came from Shae's 13th birthday party. Shae asked the attendees of the birthday party to On the other side of Fairfield bring food instead if plantation another act of generosity was delivered by Karen Wild and birthday gifts. Chris Crisswell, Principal and Asst. Pictured left is this Principal at Ithaca Elementary School amazing young lady delivering a pickup truckload of and very proud parcanned goods that were donated be ent. their students at a food drive conAll of the Kiwanis Club ducted at the school. members that were collecting the dona-

More details on Page 11 - Kiwanis Club Article.

with a builder that they only knew thru emails and telephone calls. But oh what a beautiful home they did build and everyone sees it when you come in the main gate.

brella". This year we are pleased that our smiles are for "Cricket Pinckney".

Fairfield Plantation Golf, Country Club PG. 3

WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2012!!! Commissioner's Corner PG. 4

Woman of the Year—2012 Ben Hill Renovations PG. 5 Let’s Get Technical PG. 6 A Girl has to eat, Holiday Lights and Christmas miracles PG. 7

Plantation Spotlight PG. 8 Women’s Club Membership Drive PG. 9

Kiwanis Club, Women’s Club PG. 11 Save the date, Breakfast with Santa, Toys for Tots, MGA PG. 12 Mikos Automotive, Watts Glass, Liberty Wrecker, Bryan’s PG. 13 Celebrations PG. 14 Delight Friends with Unique Eats—Girl Scouts PG. 15 Recreation Committee -Polar Express PG. 16 Willy’s Fitness Corner PG. 17

Market Space PG. 18

Classifieds PG. 19 NEW ADVERTISER (Casa Sol)

This year's recipient is a very busy lady. She enjoys reading, gardening, visiting museums, lunches with her many different groups she belongs to here in Fairfield and the many friendships she has created. According to her husband she is a good cook, she just doesn't like to cook any more. She has 2 children and 1 grand child. She originally came to Georgia for a wedding and soon after, her son moved here. When she and her husband visited him it was destined that they too would call Georgia home. They built a beautiful home in 2008

She has served on the board for many years in various positions from Membership to Programs. She graciously accepts our treasures for the yard sales and cleans and polishes them so we can get that extra buck or two. If you've ever gotten an email from her she has that wonderful phrase at the end "Let a smile be your um-

PLANTERS CLUB It was a Merry Garden Club Christmas... Over fifty ladies enjoyed a wonderful Garden Club Christmas party at the home of Bob and Wanda Olson on Wednesday, December 13. The lights were blazing, the carols playing, refreshments beautifully arranged and gifts waiting to be opened. Unlike the traditional tour of homes, everyone came at once to this event. The house was filled from top to bottom and all agreed it was wonderful. The next meeting will be on January 9 at the Country Club. Cherrie Glover will

be our speaker. Cherrie is the incoming president of the local Master Gardeners Association. Her passion is roses, and the talk promises to be interesting and informative.

is for members only and there will be room for only 45 party goers. Tickets are free, but a $10 donation would be appreciated. You can get your tickets at the January meeting

February should be a really outstanding meeting. It will be a Valentines tea party at the home of Brenda and Bob Rhodes. Brenda is a local legend as a hostess and it promises to be a fabulous time! It'll be catered by the popular tea room specialist, Olivia Handley. All ladies are encouraged to wear hats. This event

A brief peek at the March event: A trip to the Fox Theater! More details on that will come later. The Garden Club meetings are always different and always exciting. Join in January for a reasonable $15 for the year. Jeri Houpe

Monthly Plantation Spotlight - Marilyn C oulon–page 10 Yard of the Month— Bill and Nina Baranski - page 12

Don Rich Ford PG. 20

This is an Independently published publication, NOT an Approved nor Official publication of the Fairfield Plantation POA


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For more information, comments, letters to the editor, suggestions and/or complaints. Please address to Billy Priest at the following:

Email: Website: Mailing Address: 7283 Tara Dr Villa Rica, GA 30180 Phone: 770-238-2151 Deadline for submissions in our next issue will be: Friday, January, 11th 2012 Our next issue will deliver: Saturday, January, 19th 2012

“Your Community Newspaper”

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FAIRFIELD PLANTATION GOLF Inclusive Golf Membership Rates: Inclusive Golf Membership includes all cart fees, green fees and range fees. Unlimited golf with cart and range for one low price! Individual Rates: Non Property Owner: $180.00/ month Property Owner - $165.00/month Golf Course Property Owner with Pri-

vate Cart: $150.00/month Family Rates: Non Property Owner: $225.00/ month Property Owner - $205.00/month Golf Course Property Owner with Private Cart: $190.00/month Pay for the full year in advance and receive one month for free!

Yt|Üy|xÄw cÄtÇàtà|ÉÇ VÉâÇàÜç VÄâu Tuesday happy hour, Free buffet 5pm to 7pm Tuesday night Trivia with $50.00 first place and $10.00 second place


Commissioner Corner December, 2012 I believe Mike Dugan is going to be the next Senator for District 30 from Carroll County. Mike just beat Bill Hembree in a runoff election. He has one more runoff election with James Camp, a Libertarian, on Vicki Anderson th January 8 . Fairfield does not vote in this election because Fairfield is in Senator Mike Crane’s district. Tell your friends about Mike Dugan and encourage everyone to vote in the FINAL runoff election in January. Speaking of voting, I met with Georgia Representatives Dusty Hightower, Kevin Cooke, and Randy Nix, on Friday, December 14 regarding Fairfield’s voting precinct. Dusty has already submitted legislation, which is being reviewed by legal counsel, which will be filed in the opening days of the new legislative session in January. Dusty states Fairfield Plantation is not a legal precinct because of its boundary lines being the gated community property lines. He stated the proposed legislation requires the gate to be open 24 hours prior to the election and 24 hours after. Access to the voting precinct has to be just like every other precinct. Signs may be placed outside the precinct as long as they meet the distance requirements. Please contact our Senator, Mike Crane, from District 28, regarding your desire to keep the precinct. Mike is newly elected and does not know all the history behind the Fairfield precinct. I have made Mike Dugan, hopefully the new incoming Senator, aware of the issue. It would be great for everyone to contact any Representative or Senator who has a vote in the upcoming session. Did you know that every “Court” in Fairfield is a dead end? I lived here for 10 years before I paid any attention and discovered that. For those of you that don’t know it, if you turn on any road in Fairfield that ends with CT. or Court, it’s a DEAD END or a circle cul-de-sac. What should happen to people who continuously allow their animals to run, un-tethered, around the neighborhood? The POA office is to be notified of any violations of animals not being confined. The POA office will then notify Carroll County Animal Control and send a letter to the homeowner. If a photograph can be taken of the animal, that will be most helpful. Animal Control will investigate the situation. Animals that are caught and taken to Animal Control are scanned for a microchip. The animal must be kept for three business days unless

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it is ill or otherwise severely injured. If there is no microchip or name tag identifying who the animal belongs to, the animal will be placed in the adoption area, if it is deemed healthy and adoptable. If it is not, the animal is euthanized. Animals run out the door and escape from your house occasionally. Please help get those animals back to their owners. For animals that consistently run loose, it is a safety hazard to persons walking and to our children. It is a safety hazard to other homeowner’s animals. Let’s photograph these animals so that the homeowner can be made aware that their animal is getting out and running loose. Help protect our neighborhood! How about that Halloween Carnival? There were close to 300 children that enjoyed those three hours. And Breakfast with Santa was huge. The Women’s Club also does the Easter Egg Hunt. Your kids like to attend those events don’t they? Have you taken a look at the active members of the Women’s Club? They are getting old!!! Fresh, young, blood is needed to continue to make these events successful. Get involved while your children are young and love to attend these events. Some neighborhood teenagers helped with the Halloween Carnival and Breakfast with Santa this year. They were lifesavers! Get involved for your kids sake! Guess who picks up the litter in Fairfield besides the maintenance men? The Kiwanis! Have you seen how young most of them are? Come on guys, it would not hurt for everyone to pick up the litter on their own street. We could be like Moss Ferry! It is impossible to keep the litter picked up on that road. What “animal” throws out their McDonald’s sacks as they drive down the road? We have fines for littering. Let’s raise some revenue and charge the culprits! Midway Church begins a 10 week session on Financial Freedom on January 6th. Midway has teamed with Dave Ramsey to offer this series to the community. Classes will be offered on Wednesday nights, Sunday nights, and one morning class during the week. The Pastor realized we as a community have been hit hard by the financial crisis. Jobs lost, homes lost, savings and retirement, all lost. This series helps to show you how to get back on your feet and out of debt. Call the church office or go to to get additional information. Another year is coming to an end. 2012 has been a difficult year for many folks, us included. In fact, the last four years have been tough. If you remember, the summer of 2007 was when gas went to $4.50 a gallon. The bank crisis started the beginning of 2008 and has continued to the present. We had the historic flood in September of 2009. It ain’t fair…it ain’t right…but it is what it is! I am thankful for you allowing me to be your County Commissioner. We start a new era January, 2013, in county government. I look forward to working as a cohesive group whose goals are to benefit the citizens of Carroll County. I am thankful for you all as my neighbors and friends. I am thankful for friends who have helped us to be home owners again! I am thankful for waking up every day and being able to “nag” my family. Another thing I am thankful for is Billy Priest. Billy Priest has allowed people like me to tell you a story each month in the Fairfield News and Views. My best performance in school was in science and math. English was not my favorite…as you can tell! I know putting a newspaper together is a daunting task and as I write this, I am late one more time. I thank you Billy for allowing us to inform our friends in Fairfield on the latest news or just how we feel about anything! Free classifieds! And, so much more! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to provide my article to Billy ON TIME!!! Another one is to lose weight! Not just so I can fit into the closet full of clothes that are too small for me, but for health reasons. Being overweight can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, you name it. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health problems in our area and the country as a whole. Let’s help each other get healthy! May God Bless each of you this Christmas season! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Happy New Year! Vicki Anderson

S im p ly C a terin g

Simply Call: 770-830-8901


Call Today!!! Start the year off right and get your home in shape for the New Year

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Internet Living

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LETS GET TECHNICAL The 12 Scams of Christmas Ahhh, Christmas. This is the time of year when we drop our guard in favor of “peace on earth, goodwill to all men,” on one another. There are plenty of people out there who simply do not subscribe to this philosophy, and indeed use this time as a kind of high season to make plenty of money. Hopefully some of these tips will prevent you from becoming a victim and allow you to enjoy Christmas with your family. 1. Social Media Scams - Scammers now use media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, just like email and websites to scam innocent consumers during the holidays. Be particularly careful when liking “Fan Pages”, clicking on fake alerts from friends' accounts that have been hacked, taking advantage of raffles, ads and deals that you get from 'friends,' or installing suspicious 'holiday deal' apps that freely

give your private data away. Twitter ads and special discounts for popular gifts are especially popular this time of the year, and utilize blind, shortened links, many of which could easily be malicious. 2. Malicious Mobile Apps – As always, be sure to download applications only from official app stores, and check other users' reviews, as well as the app's permission policies, before downloading and installing. 3. Travel Scams - Many of us travel to visit family and friends over the holidays and begin our journey online looking for deals on airfare, hotels, and rental cars. But before you book, keep in mind that the scammers are looking to hook you with those too-good-to-be-true deals. Even when you’re already on the road you need to be very careful. For example, the FBI recently warned travelers of a hotel WiFi scam in which a malicious pop-up ad prompts computer users to install a popular software product before connecting to their hotel Wi-Fi. So be sure to update your security software before traveling and guard yourself against the latest scams. 4. Holiday Spam/Phishing - Many scams start with email, so be skeptical of anything that shows up in your inbox: you should anyway, but Christmas brings messages that play on your emotions. Some messages involve references to recent events, such as a natural disaster, the death of a public figure, or the recent catastrophe in Connecticut. Others purport to award lottery winnings or the transfer of wealth from a foreign country. Don't ever respond to unsolicited email. Ever. Phishing works like this: You get an email that appears to be from a legitimate company, such as your bank, that insists you log in at their website. You're then directed to a copycat site that steals your user name and password. Again, if you have doubts about an email, don't reply. Instead, call the company or open up a new browser window and go directly to their website. You can find anti-phishing tips from the Securities and Exchange Commission at: investor/pubs/ phishing.htm 5. iPhone 5/iPad

Scams - Be suspicious of any deal mentioning “hot holiday gift items,” especially at extremely low prices. Just go directly to the retailer’s web site for verification. 6. Skype Message Scare - A new threat appears as a Skype instant message with the scam line 'Lol is this your new profile pic?' If you click on the included link, a Trojan downloads onto your hard drive, blasts the dangerous link to all of your contacts, and can even try to extort money from some PC users to regain access to their files. Never click on a suspicious link, even if it appears to come on from someone you know. 7. Bogus gift cards – Please be wary of buying gift cards from third parties; it’s always best to buy from the official retailer: imagine how embarrassing it would be to find out that the gift card you gave your mother-in-law was fraudulent… You know what I mean? 8. Holiday SMiShing - 'SMiSishing' is phishing via SMS (Short Message Service), text message. Again, be wary of SMiShing messages that appear to come from your bank, asking you to verify information or visit a phony webpage. Always remember that real banks don’t ask you to divulge personal information via text message, email, or over the telephone. If you have any questions about your accounts, you should contact your bank directly every time. 9. Phony E-tailers - Whether it's an online store, eBay or Craigslist, this scam is avoided by knowing exactly who the seller is. Be suspicious of deals that seem too good to be true. Fortunately, eBay protects buyers from this scam, and credit card users can request a chargeback if goods are not delivered. Also, keep in mind that Craigslist always recommends conducting transactions in person so that you know exactly what you are receiving. Always meet in a well-lit and populated place and take someone with you if you are buying from Craigslist. There have been several cases lately in Atlanta where people were robbed. It's important to shop at trusted and well-known e-commerce sites. If you're shopping on a site for the first time, check other users' reviews and verify that the phone number listed on the site is legitimate. Do a Google search and append the word “complaints” to the search. You’ll be amazed what pops up. 10. Fake charities - If you want to give, it's always safer to visit the charity's legitimate website, and do a little research about the charity before you donate. Go to for more details. 11. Dangerous e-cards - Make sure that the card comes from a well-known e-card site by checking the domain name of the included link. The domain name is everything after the “@” sign. Also check to see that the sender is someone you actually know, and that there are no misspellings or other clues that the card is a fake. 12. Phony classifieds - When purchasing an item, pay in cash and never agree to pay for an item before receiving it. I’m going to add something to the end of this list: your Smartphone. These little gadgets are indispensible. Lose one and you’ll find out just how indispensible... Continued ———-→


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LETS GET TECHNICAL—CONTINUED The first thing you should do is install an app that provides a means of finding your phone if it’s stolen. For example, the “Find My Phone” app for iPhone and Android: Windows Phone 8 comes with a service as part of the OS. These apps can be used to remotely lock and wipe the phone, and can prove useful in tracking down the thief. In addition to this,

you should set a lock screen password on your phone that isn’t an obvious PIN, for example, 0000, 1234, 8520, 0258, etc. Even if your phone is stolen and locked by your network provider it can still be used to browse the web, play games and download apps thanks to a Wi -Fi connection. You should, therefore, take steps to cancel the phone or your account with the appropriate app store. It’s also worth mentioning that a network-locked phone can still make Skype calls via Wi -Fi. If you are buying a used Smartphone make sure

it has a clean International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI. You can, on another Smartphone, or notepad, go to this site, (http:// page=analysis&sub=imeinr), and enter the IMEI of the phone you want to buy. The bottom line? Ninety-nine percent of scams happen when we're too gullible, too greedy, in too much of a hurry, or when we're feeling especially charitable. Be generous this Christmas, but be vigilant…

I try to get something different every time we go but the one dish that I am a sucker for and come back to often is the classic Bouillabaisse. This dish is chock-full of seafood that is swimming in a delectable saffron tomato broth. It is paired perfectly with crusty herb bread.

louté, and Creamy Tomato Basil. The scrumptious selection is a major reason Gabe’s stays at the top of our list but isn’t the only reason. The casual atmosphere, friendly service, and consistency all contribute to why when we are looking to not only nourish ourselves but also thoroughly enjoy it we often pick Gabe’s Downtown.

A GIRL HAS TO EAT A Girl Has to Eat Dining out, cooking in, and everything delish in between Sometimes when you eat out, it is an on-the-go bite, sometimes it is a compulsory, lackluster sit down meal because you don’t want to cook and then sometimes, it is because you want to treat yourself. When we are looking for an indulgence, Gabe’s Downtown is always brought up. Gabe’s is a casual restaurant in downtown Villa Rica that serves classic Louisiana cuisine. You can get many of the Big Easy staples like Po’ Boys and Jambalaya but there are also many original dishes like Cajun Eggrolls and Chicken Prosciutto Pasta.

Luckily for me, my eating partner in crime is a total carnivore and always picks a meat dish. Since what’s his is mine I get the best of both worlds. He really enjoys the daily specials and one of his favorites was the blackened Filet Mignon served with huge coconut shrimp that was accompanied with irresistible pommes frites. The other daily special that cannot go without being mentioned is the exquisite soup offerings. I torture myself by being subscribed to their Facebook page so, every day I can see what soup they are serving; many days I stop in and just pick some up to go.

Michelle Nyberg

In my opinion, soup is the sign of a true cook because it takes time and love to make it perfectly delicious. Gabe’s hits the mark every time with choices like Yukon Gold Potato with Bacon and White Cheddar, Blue Crab & Shitake & Cremini Ve-

H O L IDAY L I G HT S A N D C HR I S TM A S M I R AC L E S Holiday Lights and Christmas Miracles One of my favorite things about the holiday season is riding around looking at Christmas lights. Seriously, I never get tired of it. When the weather is cold I make hot chocolate, load some cruisin’ tunes, and loop the ‘hood. When the weather is mild I mix a crown and coke, load some Christina Henggeler cruisin’ tunes, and loop the ‘hood. It is an activity that works in all weather and with all beverages. I would like to have one of those light displays that slows traffic, you know, live the dream. Last year I pulled all of our lights and decorations down from the attic and strew it across the front yard. We had tons o’decorations- when we first set up house, Mister surprised me with lots of lights. Garland lights, shrub net lights, and strands and strands of multi-color twinkle lights. It took most of the morning to get all of the tangles out of the light strands, but I finally had everything straight and

ready to place.

Why It Would be Nice to be Santa Claus

My front garden looked like the last day of a rummage sale, in addition to all of the lights Mister gifted me with, there is also a number of pieces from my childhood, “Totally 1970s, but I love them”.

1. Buy one big black belt and you’d be accessorized for life.

So I pondered and planned and placed all my decorations; I worked the whole day away. When night fell I plugged everything in. And disaster struck. A real Christmess. Most of my lights had quit working, and nothing looks sadder than Christmas lights on the fritz. Half of the lights over the lounge window worked, half were dark. A small portion of the lights over the garage door were bright, the majority were dark. None of the net lights worked. But I noticed a Christmas miracle. The lights from the 70s worked- the Christmas of my memories; Santa flying into the sky and Mrs. Claus watching him leave for work. Decorating for the holidays is intensely personal, real, and raw; at once profane and profound. And I get Santamental about the well-lit commercial magic.

2. Cool boots. 3. You could grow a gut the size of Lake Tara and consider it a job well done. 4. Everyone would be extremely nice to you. 5. You’d be guaranteed the best chair in the office. 6. There’d be no need to play office politics; a hearty ho-ho-ho would remind everyone who’s the boss. 7. You could snack on milk and cookies all day…for FREE! 8. No one would ask to see your job description. 9. Long summer vacation. 10. You’d never be asked to take an early retirement package. Christina Henggeler


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PLANTATION SPOTLIGHT Our community is fortunate to have many people with a large variety of skills and talent. It seems only fitting to recognize these residents in our newspaper. This month’s Plantation Spotlight is Marilyn Coulon. Marilyn and her husband, Mike, have been residents of Fairfield since 1978. They raised three children here and now have six grandchildren that love coming to visit them here.

years, 2 years, and 16 months in a foster home in Stone Mountain, GA. The 17 and 14 year-olds are siblings that were physically and sexually abused by their mother’s boyfriend and their mother when they were young children. Both are in intensive therapy as a result of the trauma that they went through. The 5 year-old and 4 year-old witnessed their pregnant mother being severely beaten by her boyfriend. The mother is now working hard to regain custody of her children. She has a job, a safe home, and hopes to have her children back by Christmas.

Marilyn taught school for 39 years and is now happily retired. She stays very busy with involvement in the Plantation Planters Garden Club and the Plantation Women’s Club. Because she has always enjoyed working with children, she became a Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA.

Marilyn finds it very rewarding when she can help do her part in the placement of a child in a safe, permanent home.

The Carroll County Department of Family and Children’s Services received over 1,100 reports of abuse and neglect to children in our community. A CASA volunteer is a carefully screened, trained, and supervised community volunteer that speaks for the best interest of children in court. The mission of Carroll County CASA is to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children in juvenile court until a safe, permanent home is assured. The Carroll County CASA program was started in 1998 by Russ and Mary Sarner who live here in Fairfield. There are currently 120 children in DFCS custody. 115 of these children are served by 49 CASA volunteers. 70 of these children are Caucasian, 30 are African American, 2 are Hispanic, and 8 are multiracial. Marilyn has been a CASA volunteer since 2001 and has advocated for 14 children during that time. She is currently working with 6 children from Carroll County. Because there are very few foster parents in Carroll County, 73% of the children in custody have been placed outside of Carroll County. Marilyn has on her case load a 17 year-old girl in an Independent Living Program facility in Columbus, GA, a 14 year-old boy in a residential treatment facility in Reynolds, GA, and a family of four siblings, ages 5 years, 4

In Marilyn’s spare time she finds time to go to aerobics classes here in Fairfield, yoga classes in Carrollton, and has been taking Bridge lessons. She and Mike also love to travel. They have traveled to seventeen countries so far with their traveling buddies, Tom and Patsy Yuran. This year they went to Puerto Rico in February, the Scandinavian countries and Russia in May, and went with the group from Fairfield in September to NYC and a cruise to Canada and New England. Next year they are going to Costa Rica in February, a train trip to New Orleans with the Fairfield group in March, and then to Holland, Belgium, and Luxemburg in May. Marilyn and Mike are living and loving life while, taking care of others and their community. They seem to have figured out a few things about life, love, family and community.



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NEW MEMBERSHIP DRIVE The Plantation Women’s Club, a non-profit organization, invites all women residents to join in the club’s first meeting of the New Year, to be held on Saturday, January 5 at 11:00 a.m. at the Country Club. We will have a “white elephant” auction and a delicious lunch will be available for $10.50 if you would like to dine with us. Please RSVP to Sheryl Sanford at or 770-214-9620. Membership is open to all women residents who are looking to form new friendships, improve our community, and to make a difference in the lives of others, one project at a time. If you are looking to make a difference, then look no further than your own backyard! Come and meet the members of the Plantation Woman's Club and learn about our activities, philanthropies, and contributions to our community. To learn more about the Plantation Women’s Club or if you are interested in joining, please call Sheryl Sanford at 770-214-9620 or email

The Plantation Women’s Club Membership Information 2013

Name: _________________________________________________­­_____________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________ Telephone: Home __________________________ Cell _____________________________ Email Address**: ________________________________________ **Please note that email will be your major contact unless otherwise noted. Please contact me by: Email ____________________________ Phone ___________________ Birthday: Month _________

Day _________

Dues are only $15.00 per year. Please make checks payable to Plantation Women’s Club. Bring this form to the meeting or mail to: Sheryl Sanford at 7037 Tara Drive. Villa Rica, GA 30180


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YARD OF THE MONTH As you walk up the driveway you are greeted with the word, “Peace”, made in wood and flanked on each side by two wooden angels holding candles. Up on a hill by the house are a wooden buck and doe.

December Yard of the Month The December Yard of the Month belongs to Bill and Nina Baranski at 1047 Monticello Drive.

He made the nativity scene with Mary and Joseph watching over the baby Jesus in a manger. The angel overlooking the scene holds a candle that lights up.

a Bill are

Bill and Nina’a yard is not only beautifully landscaped but also tastefully decorated for the Christmas season.

Close to the road is a wooden moose sporting a festive red bow around his neck. As you walk to the front door you are greeted with a large snowman and then see the lighted drums watched over by large teddy bear. said that those his five-year-old twin granddaughters’ favorite decorations! At night, when the wooden figures are highlighted with spotlights, the effect is magical. Lighted deer are placed among fire bushes and liriope in the center of the yard to make a stunning Christmas display. The Plantation Planters Garden Club would like to thank Bill and Nina for working so hard to help make our community beautiful!

Bill and Nina are both retired

and moved from Florida to Fairfield in 2007. Through their hard work they have transformed their yard into an attractive, well-manicured yard boasting colorful plants, trees, and borders. Bill designed and hand crafted the wood decorations that enhance the yard.

Lawn Maintenance

Sprinkler Systems

Land Management of Carrollton 770 770-616 616-5455 CHUCK DETSCHER 3023 Lakeview Parkway Villa Rica, GA 30180

Landscaping Pressure Washing Tree Removal


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KIWANIS CLUB WOW!!!!! You, the residents of Fairfield Plantation have done it again!! This years Kiwanis Holiday Food Drive has again set an event record in both food and cash donated. On Saturday, December 1, 22 members of the Fairfield Plantation Kiwanis Club stood ready at the East and West gates from 8:00AM until 4:00PM.

At the West Gate, the day began with Karen Wild and Chris Crisswell, Principal and Asst. Principal at Ithaca Elementary School delivering a pickup truckload of canned goods that were donated by their students during food drive conducted at the school. At the East Gate, the volunteers met Shae Hungerford, a 13year old, who at her birthday party, had asked her guest not to bring a gift but to bring a donation of food for the food drive. She and her Dad, Bryan Hungerford, started the East Gate's day off with many boxes and bags of food. Early in the day, the talk among the volunteers at both gates was " seems like we have more food being brought by...". As the day moved on the talk was... " it seems to me that more people are stopping and are giving more money...". At the end of the day you had donated three full pickup truckloads of cans and other non-perishable foods, an estimated $3,500 value and over $4,000 in cash donations.

The food has been divided among and delivered to the Carroll County Soup Kitchen, The Carroll County Emergency Shelter for Domestic Violence and the Carroll County Salvation Army. Each of the locations also received a cash donation of $1,400. THANK YOU!! Once again, when the call is made, the residents of Fairfield Plantation respond. Your overwhelming generosity is incredibly heart warming and downright incredible.

WOMENS CLUB year. The Plantation Women’s Club WOMEN OF THE YEAR: Cricket Pinckney

President (presides over all meetings) - Pat Johnson 1st VP (fundraising) - Michelle Nyberg

Thank you for your love and dedication to the club! The Plantation Women’s Club met on December 1st and we had our installation of our 2013 officers, followed by our gift exchange. I saw some really great gifts and enjoyed Andy Smith’s reading of “T-was the Night Before Christmas” with a few Rights and Lefts for games sake! Congratulations to the Plantation Women’s Club 2013 officers and thank you for all they will be doing in the coming

2nd VP (programs) - Andy Smith 3rd VP (membership) - Sheryl Sanford Recording Secretary (records board meetings) Corey Noblitt Corresponding Secretary (sends notes and other correspondence) - Christina Henggeler Treasurer (keeps count of funds received and distributed by club) - Tammy Priest This years’ Breakfast with Santa, bake sale, & Toys for Tots were a big success with approximately 150 children eating and visiting Santa and 3 tables full of toys including many bicycles. We would like to thank the community for your donations and support, the Toys for Tots collection was amazing and will touch the hearts of many little ones this Christmas! This year the Plantation Women’s Club has enriched our community and surrounding area with many charitable donations and scholarships. Some of the recipients include: Carrollton and Villa Rica High School, Literacy for Today, C.C. Humane Society, C.C. Soup Kitchen, The Scrap Bin, The Women’s

Emergency Shelter, Transitional House, Fire Department, and Toys for Tots. I’m so proud to be a part of this great group of women and the great things that we do! The next meeting of the Plantation Women’s Club will be held Saturday January 5th at 11:00am. The service project for this month will be our annual silent auction. Ladies are asked to bring in item(s) to donate to the auction, so ladies if you got a gift this year that you feel would be more suitable for someone else bring it in! last year I won several things I bid on and was so happy with the great deals I got, so bring a guest to join in on the fun and deals. The membership drive is underway, with several new memberships started at our December meet. New members are always welcome and the fee is only $15 for the year. The Plantation Women’s Club meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Fairfield Plantation Country Club. Social time is from 11:00-11:30am, with lunch and a business meeting following. For more information call Pat Johnson, President (770- 3637654) or contact her via e-mail. You can reserve your lunch for the meeting by e-mailing Pat Johnson at or giving her a call.

The Solution Residential and Commercial repair and remodeling

Eddie Freeman 678-321-5083 Get it done right the first time. Everything done around a property except HVAC No Job Too Small or Too Big



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Get your running/walking shoes ready for the

our community on Saturday, May 11th.

Plantation Women’s Club 5k.

Stayed tuned for more details…


MGA NEWS Date: 12-07-12

Slone #11.


Results from December 1 play day: Frank Hullender won the 50/50 drawing Winners from the game were first place Ron Nelson, second place Corky Carr, third place Mike Cohran and fourth place David Waid. Closest to the pins were Frank Hullender on hole #4, Clint Watkins on hole #8, Robbie Robinson on hole #12 and Clint Watkins on hole #16.

Results from November 17 play day: Tom Ishee won the 50/50 drawing Winners from the game were first place the team of Mike Campbell and Mary Beth Slone and second place the team of Greg Brown and Clint Watkins. Closest to the pins were Mary Beth Slone on hole #4, Corky Carr on hole #8, Curtis Slone on hole #12 and Curtis Slone on hole #16. Skins Were Won by: Curtis Slone #6, Corky Carr #7, and Mary Beth

Robbie Robinson #7, Jay Cheek #11 and # 12, Duane Hooper #14 and Corky Carr #15. Results from December 8 play day: Jim Cormell won the 50/50 drawing Winners from the wheel game were first place Frank Hullender, second place Duane

Tovey’s World

Skins Were Won by:

Hooper, third place Mike Cohran and fourth place Corky Carr. Closest to the pins were Ron Acree on hole #4, Ron Acree on hole #8, Jim Cormell on hole #12 and Duane Hooper on hole #16. Skins Were Won by: Jim Cormell #1 and #4, Jim Mashburn #5, Duane Hooper #15 and #16 and Robbie Robinson #17.

Tovey’s World


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FJM Automotive Is now Mikos Automotive Group and has a New Location, Closer to Better Serve Fairfield Plantation Residents

Ask about Free Pickup and Delivery

1100 Carrollton Hwy, Temple GA 30179 Phone: 770 770--562 562--5182

Total Automotive and Truck Care from Front to Back, Top to Tires and everything in Between

Mikos Automotive Just 9 Miles from Fairfield Plantation

Fairfield Plantation

Old School Barbering with a touch of New Generation Style Bryan’s Barber and Style Quality Cuts for the Whole Family Children and Men’s cuts $8.00 and up 723 Sandhill Huelett Rd Villa Rica Ga, 30180 (Outside the Front Gate, Beside Velero Station in the the Log Cabin Store, at the 4 way stop) D. Bryan Cheek Barber/Stylist Bus. Ph. 770-214-7400 Cell: 678-386-6144 Hours: Mon.—Fri. 10am—8pm Sat. 8am—4pm

Mention This Ad and Get 10% Off Any Service



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Happy 30th Birthday to Our Beautiful Daughter Tiffany Sargent. Pictured here with little Ms. Elyn. Looks like Elyn is making mama a birthday cake. Love Mom, Billy, Bronson, Family and Friends

Yes, Congratulation to Mrs. Cricket Pinckney for being selected Woman of the Year and Happy Birthday. Wow, she looks Super Great, it obviously must be from living with that fine Dr. Pickney. ;) Happy Birthday to Chuck Detscher. Lots of love from your family and friends

Happy Anniversary to Me and my Lovely Wife, Tammy. She has put up with me for 21 years‌. God Bless Her Happy Birthday to our very lovely Ms. Virginia Westlake. Love from your Family and Friends


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DELIGHT FRIENDS WITH UNIQUE EATS Delight friends with unique eats this holiday The holidays are a magical time to celebrate with family and friends. Whether it's the first snowfall or a gift from a loved one, the season inspires us to celebrate and be merry. It's also a time when holiday hosts and hostesses are eager for entertaining inspiration. Entertaining isn't effortless, but there are simple ways to host a festive time to remember. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the most of each occasion:

*Decorate with simplicity. Keep holiday decor quick and easy. Fill a decorative bowl with ornaments for a pop of color. Drape garlands in unexpected places, tie big bows on furniture and dangle bells on doorknobs. Most importantly, let the party decor reflect your style. *Illuminate the setting. Make a show-stopping centerpiece for the dinner table by filling a hurricane vase with water, add cranberries and evergreen sprigs and top with floating candles. Warm lighting is an affordable, handmade detail sure to set a festive mood. *Improvise space. Avoid kitchen traffic jams by designating separate spaces for drinks and food. Lay a cloth runner on a table behind a couch and line it with cocktail napkins and small plates. Set up

folding chairs and arrange furniture to provide extra room for guests to mingle. *Surprise your guests. Delight everyone with a unique sweet treat. Try a different spin on snacking, like Pringles Crisps Holiday Flavors in Cinnamon & Sugar and White Chocolate Peppermint. Slip a can of these limited edition Pringles crisps into a gift bag or simply top the lid with a bow. *Start a tradition. Creating traditions provides lasting memories the whole group will cherish. Before dinner, have every individual share their favorite memories from years past. Play a classic game like charades as a group or candidly take a quirky group photo with props. Fun activities will give guests something to look forward to each year.

GIRL SCOUTS Girl Scouts aim to empower girls and help teach values such as honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, character, sisterhood, confidence, and citizenship through interesting activities and community service projects.

Our local Girl Scouts range from 2nd to 6th grade so we have lots of opportunity for teaching and learning within our group. Currently, our Brownies are working on self worth and healthy habits, Juniors are working on creating a greener environment and Cadets are prepping to run a meeting all on their own- they have decided to work towards their animal helper badge by teaching us how to care for our canine friends, what to do if you find a stray and are even going to host a dog show to show off their pups. Throughout our year, which runs parallel with the school year, we try to alternate fun events with community service projects. So far this year we have spent an awesome day at Six Flags for Girlapalooza and went to a Braves game. The girls have kindly and happily stuffed ‘tell me where it hurts dolls’ for the kids at the hospital,

helped sort toys for Toys for Tots, and prepared Christmas cards and a donation for children that will spend Christmas morning in the hospital. We have plans next year to help improve the playground even further by planting a kid-friendly garden and go on our very first overnight camping trip (please wish us luck : ) The girls are able to do all of this because they work extremely hard during the 2 month long cookie season, which is excitingly upon us. The girls will be out and about selling cookies January and February. Thank you so much in advance if you buy any of our deliciously addictive treats. We will continue to do our best to put your donations to work for our community. Michelle Nyberg

Pippin Law, P.C. Grace Curtis Pippin 106 Adamson Square Suite 3 Carrollton, GA 30117 Phone: 678-390-5290 Email: Family law, estate planning, tax and small business issues. Will also take criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. Please feel free to contact me with any of your legal needs.


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RECREATION COMMITTEE & COUNTRY CLUB PRESENTS December 8, 2012 The Polar Express Family Night at the Club By: Barbara Moreno What a great way to begin the holiday season with the movie The Polar Express! Arriving in their pajamas, families enjoyed dinner in the Veranda Room. Following dinner, a train whistle blew, the main dining room doors opened, and The Polar Express Train Conductor announced “All aboard the Polar Express” and greeted each child, presenting them with a golden round-trip ticket. It was delightful to watch the faces of the children

as they examined their own ticket in awe, realizing it was identical to the one in the movie, while they enjoyed holiday cookies and hot chocolate! During intermission, Mr. Conductor punched each child’s golden ticket. If you have not experienced The Polar Express, “The movie is based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg, a classic Christmas story about a boy, beginning to question Santa, lies awake on Christmas Eve afraid he will not hear anything. He hears a sound, and runs outside to see an enormous locomotive pull up in front of his house; the conductor invites him to board. The train is bound for the North Pole and the unnamed boy will have many adventures and find the answer to his questions before he wakes up in his own bed on Christmas morning.” At the end of the movie, and to the delight of the children, Santa arrived at the Fairfield Plantation Clubhouse with a large red bag thrown over his shoulder, and accompanied by his favorite elf! Mrs. Claus joined them as they distributed to every child a magical bell that only those that “believe” can hear. Thank you to the Recreation Committee and Volunteers, and the Club Restaurant Staff that made this enchanting

HEAD & HEAD L.L.C Attorneys at Law David C. Head 516 Newnan Street Carrollton, GA 30117 (770) 832-9697 (770) 834-1800 (Fax) Email:

night a memorable evening. A special thank you to Mr. Train Conductor, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s Elf. Thank you to everyone, and I sincerely hope that no one has been omitted: Paul & Sheryl Sanford, Tammy Priest, Denis Auger, Gus Henriques, Jay Brandenburg, Phil O’Brien, Michelle Nyberg, Andy Smith, Anny and Jim Lussier, Cathy Edwards, Jennifer Barnett, Arial Smith, Gina & Jennifer Brandenburg , Mary Necula, Jessica Merrell-Yoshimura, Amy Sanders, and Nancy Hannon. Happy Holidays from the Recreation Committee!


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By Wilhelmina Barry, IFTA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist 2012; HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE!!??

2012 is about to be over and many of us are reflect-

ing on what we have accomplished over the past year-have you become healthier, wealthier & wiser??? HEALTH; Over the past year I have written articles on many aspects of health; New Year’s resolutions, nutrition, exercise & vitamin supplements. My hope is that some of you picked up at least one tip from my articles that has led you on the path to become a healthier individual. Personally, I have been blessed with great health. Just yesterday I had a physical & the Dr. said I am in ‘perfect condition’! I’ll take that & yes, I do practice what I preach (for the most part!!)

lege so you can imagine there is not much wealth in this household. At least not monetarily, BUT, we are wealthy in many other ways! WISDOM; The older I get, I realize how much I do not know! “But if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and he will be given it.” James 1:5 There is one thing I do know for sure and that is what a wonderful Community we live in here at Fairfield. The spirit of “Community” is alive & thriving here at Fairfield. I want to take this opportunity to thank my FABULOUS FRIEND’S in the Fairfield Exercise Class for their hard work, dedication & friendship. Please come join us-get involved, get engaged, GET HEALTHY!! I promise you will not be disappointed. We meet; Tuesdays, 10:30am, Thursdays & Fridays, 9:00am. All classes are held at the Rec Center. For more info please contact Willy, or 770-238-9528.

WEALTH; Well, that’s not my gig but I can refer you to someone in my family!! We have 2 sons in Col-

e{Éwxá \ÇáâÜtÇvx fxÜä|vxá A Georgia Independent Insurance Agency for 40 plus years. Fairfield Plantation Resident for 20 Plus Years. Life, Health and Disability Insurance

New Location!!! To Better Serve YOU! 46 Fairfield Rd, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180 Just outside the front gate and on the right just before Funfield Daycare

Call Laura TODAY and EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!! Laura says thanks for the support she has already received and Merry Christmas

Life Insurance—Term, Whole Life and Universal

Low Cost Final Expense

Super Low Term Rates

Individual Health Insurance

Group Insurance

Long Term Care

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Financial Services—Annuities

We will provide a Free and Absolutely NO PRESSURE Insurance Evaluation. Please call: Bob Rhodes or Mike Rhodes For info, evaluation and/or FREE Quote 770-214-2119 Visit us on the Web at:


Market Place

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Rick Nolan

J.L.M. Jacky’s Storage and Landscape Materials

Construction , Remodeling, Roofing Boat Docks and Decks Sand, Gravel, Mulch, Pine Nuggets. Rock, Stone and etc… 30 Years Experience Conveniently Located Behind The Fairfield Plantation Resident BP Station at the corner of Old Hwy 21 years 61 and Carrollton-Villa Rica Hwy

Phone: 770-328-8106 JAMES OAKES, CPA CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLED Certified by Georgia in 1977 Practice Licensed Since 1984 Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Tax Return Preparation Services Office located at: Corner of Moss Ferry, Sandhill Hulett & Fairfield Roads

770-838-1115 Needing a Little Help To Get Your Elementary Student Ready for CRCT Test; 10 year veteran elementary teacher and former Teacher of the Year looking for students who might need extra assistance in either math or reading. Knowledgeable about curriculum goals, standards, and CRCT expectations. Reasonably priced and willing to work on Sundays for 1 to 1 1 /2 hours. Call 770-843-1238; Ginny Edwards

770-832-1222 Cell Ph. 770-328-8632


Tony’s Lawn Care Very Reasonably Priced Lawn Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Hedge/Shrub Maintenance, General Maintenance

Call: Tony Alvarez Fairfield Plantation Resident 678-640-8730

Call 770-652-4110 Bryan’s Barber and Style

Meets Tuesdays at 12:00 noon. A Great Haircut at a Nice Place Carrollton Presbyterian Church. for the Whole Family Meets Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Bethany Christian Church Log Cabin Store Next to the on Hwy 61 Velero Station . For more information, Tell them FPNAV sent you Contact: Marge 404-769-4358 This is a Public Service Announcement

Get Your Ad Placed Here for as Low As $20

Tony Netherland Long Time Fairfield Resident With 28 Years Experience Residential and Commercial Very Reasonably Priced

Get Your Ad Placed Here for as Low As $20

Ad Fees Classified Ads must be submitted each month prior to deadline Classified Ads Free for Fairfield Residents - Non-Commercial Use– Call or email for Details Classified Ads – Help Wanted - Free Prices below are Per Issue prices. Save 20% by committing to 6 issues. Ad Size and Description Per Issue Price

Shepherd's Arms Thrift Store 1633 Bankhead Highway—Carrollton, GA (Behind the Napa Auto Parts Store) Starting August 20th, store hours will be:

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$192 x6=$1152

Contact Billy Priest at billy@fpnav or 770-2382151



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FREE—CLASSIFIEDS Non Commercial Ads for Fairfield Plantation Residents are FREE , All Help Wanted Ads are Free. Please visit our website: or email for details

Jobs Wanted Child Care A grandmother would love to care for your children, day time hours, Mon.Fri. I have references. Please call Lynn at 770 527-6296 Charles Lawn Care 770-313-9512 Available for other jobs too We're Local Residents Licensed Teacher Available as Tutor $15 for 45 minutes, $20 for an hour. Need a pet sitter over the Thanksgiving Holiday? Keep them home and I will come to your house, $20 per day. 317-270-7445 ask for Denise House Cleaning and Painting Two resident ladies available to clean houses and paint. Hard working dependable and more than reasonable rates. We have references. Please call 678-822-1204 Tracey Wright For Sale Doulton and Co. collector jugs/vases 3 pieces, The Walrus and Carpenter. Two jugs signed by Michael Doulton Jan. 25, 1979. Excellent Condition. $65. Call Joyce at 770-214-9546. Craig Cat Boat 2 Seated Includes Trolling Motor and Trailer Asking $1000.00 Contact Tim 404-867-3931 Tools for sale saws, drills sanders. I live 8047 Longleaf Ct. ph 770 834 5766 My e-mail Thank You Clifford Hill

Baby Grand Piano Great sound - no bench - paid $3000.00 will take $1000.00 - I can help move it. Call: 770-832-9962 Tony Nickoloff Antique 4 Piece bedroom suite. Approximately 100 years old. Excellent condition. Queen/full size. $650. Call Joyce at 770-214-9546. Antique bedroom suite, 3 pieces about 90 to 100 years old been in original family. Excellent condition. $650. Call 770-214-9546 Black 18 Cu. Ft. Frigidaire Runs excellently, interior & exterior in great condition, interior needs minor cleaning. Orig. $400, asking $100 OBO Pickup Only Phone: 678-664-2205, email: Ask for Sandi Household/Other Items Dirt Devil Rug (Feather lit w cleaning solution $30.00 Dog (4) steps Plastic/sturdy $25.00 Dog crate 18x29 ½ $30.00 Sanyo Refrig2ft 9” tall/1ft 7” wide $50.00 Thomas Kinkade Print (framed) 12x12”Sweetheart Cottage w/ Marriage note $300, Thomas Kinkade Print (framed) “Spring Gate” 15x15 $500. Silk Palms (6ft)wPottery or wicker pot $75.00/smaller $25. to$40. Various silk flowers arrangements with containers $25-$40.00 Bone China England(6place setting) white with roses $85.00 Phone: 770-214-9822

1st Time Collision Repair $100 Discount (Minimum $1000 Repair) 1st Time Glass Replacement 25% Discount

For Sale: 2007 Ford Fusion V-6 White 4 door sedan, only 60k miles, great condition, new tires and battery this year. Asking $13,000 OBO. 256-654-5049 *No calls between 9pm-7am please. Mattress and Box springs One full size and one queen size mattress and box springs. $100 each. 404-217-1244 2004 Key Largo 16’ Center Console Fishing Boat 50 hp Yamaha w/power trim/tilt, Trolling Motor, Depth Finder, Livewell, 18 gallon gas tank Bimini Top, Trailer, Good condition-used very little $5,100—770-830-6921 Miscellaneous Calling all Euchre card players! If you are interested in joining a Euchre club please contact Kori at kkryans3@ or call/text 770 733 8908. If you are not familiar with euchre we will be glad to show you how to play Calling All Parrotheads! Carroll County Parrot Head Club now forming. If you enjoy Jimmy Buffett's music, participating in social activities and volunteer community service and environmental projects, contact Bob at

FREE hauling off of your old appliances, air condition units, water heaters, lawnmowers, or other scrap metal items. Call 404-536-6924. I am a Fairfield Resident LOOKING FOR BICYCLE BUDDIES I’m a senior but serious road bicyclist looking for other roadies who are ready to join me on some longer rides.. I have lived in Fairfield Plantation for less than a year so I’m eager to find new back roads and paved trails to ride. Last year I completed 4 Centuries so I’m looking forward to getting back into century shape. I understand that the Silver Comet Trail is an outstanding bike trail so if you’re also motivated to do some longer rides (50-75miles) join me as I explore Carroll Counties best bike rides and from what I hear the Silver Comet Trail is a good place to start. Best number to reach me is my cell (530) 318-4861 Or email me at hope to hear from some motivated roadies….. Harry Gordon


Call: 770-456-0640 1 Mile South of I-20 on Liberty Road


FAIRFIELD PLANTATION NEWS AND VIEWS Fairfield Plantation Residents 15% off ID Required Wed Dinner Fajitas Buffet 5 5— —9PM / $8.49 Sat & Sun Lunch Fajitas Buffet 11 11— —3PM / $8.49 Kids 4 4— —10y/o $3.49 3 & under eat FREE

Page 20


Birthday Dinner Up to $6.95 (Minimum of 2 Entrees and 2 Drinks I.D. Required)

MONDAY ALL DAY Buy One Get 2nd combo (1-27) Free (With purchase of 1 drink or appetizer)

955 W. Bankhead Hwy 78

LUNCH BUFFET Mon-Fri 11 to 2 $6.95 (Free Tea of Coffee)

Villa Rica GA, 30180 770 770--456 456--0040

$5 OFF Your Purchase of $20 or More

Sun Sun— —Thur 11AM to 10PM / Fri Fri— —Sat 11AM to 11PM (Not Valid on alcohol and cannot be Visit Us On Facebook combined with any Search Casa Sol Mexican Restaurant other offers!!!)

Same Owners as El Jalapeno Restaurant Since 1996

West Georgia’s Oldest and Most Reliable Ford Dealer, Serving the Area for over 40 years.

221 East Montgomery St. ■ Villa Rica, GA 30180 ■ (770) 459-5132 Don’t Forget Our Amazing Service Department.

FPNAV - December 22, 2012  

Community News and Views. A Better Community through Better Communications

FPNAV - December 22, 2012  

Community News and Views. A Better Community through Better Communications