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DECEMBER 21, 2013





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It’s been a busy holiday season in Fairfield Plantation, and it’s still going strong. December started

Santa which was also sponsored by the Plantation Women’s Club. These two outings raised money and toys for the Toys for Tots in the morning and for the Carroll County Humane

with an neighborhood potluck dinner hosted by Wendy O’Brien and the Recreation Committee.

Society and Hickory Level Hound Rescue in the afternoon. This was the first year for the Pet Photos with Santa. On December 22th, at 6:00 PM, Fairfield Plantation will see another first — a Christmas Boat Parade. The parade will start at The Marina at 6:00 for some social time and then the decorated boats will pass by Vista Point and

Saturday, December 14th, saw a double showing of Santa Claus. First, in the morning during the Planta-

tion Women’s Club Breakfast with Santa/Toys for Lump of Coal PG. 2 Tots and later at the Rec Planning Your Required Distribu- Center for Pet Photos with

L to R: Misty King, Santa, Annabelle Nyberg; Special thanks to Santa’s helper Dennis Brown

The Marina. For more information on this event, please see The Holiday Boat Parade on page 13.

tions PG. 3 Fairfield Plantation Holidays in Pictures PG. 4 Local Author Gets Prestigious Award; My Election Experience— Paul Soudi PG. 5 Super Committees (Continued from page 1) PG 6 Management Turnover (Continued from page 1) PG 7 Challenges of Entertainment; A Girl Has to Eat

PG. 8

Let’s Get Technical PG. 9 Kiwanis Club, Women’s Club PG. 10 Glow Ball Tournament; Plantation Planters Garden Club PG. 11 Garden Club House of Month: LGA PG. 12 Willy’s Fitness Corner;

SUPER COMMITTEES TO BEGIN IN JANUARY The POA Board announced the crea- eral things: tion of four super committees during the • The grouping of several related October 21st board meeting and gave adcommittees feeding into a super ditional information about them during committee would allow for betthe November 18th board meeting. These ter communications between the super committees would have the existing related committees committees (now called sub-committees) • Each sub-committee would exfeed into them. The super committees press its budget needs to its suwould then report directly to the board. per committee and this super As the chart shows, each super committee committee would decide an would be composed of one to three board overall budget for all of its submembers and either the sub-committee committees to send to the board chairman or a representative from each for approval committee. This would accomplish sev-

Classifieds, Tovey’s World, PG. 15

Casa Sol Don Rich Ford PG. 16

Much of the day-to-day decision processes are made by the super committees, thus relieving the board of this responsibility

The board has to decide between four super committee budgets instead of 14 or more subcommittee budgets

As POA Board president, Howard Ray stated, “This is a start. I expect this to evolve; to be dynamic for many Continued on Page 6

MANAGEMENT TURNOVER AGAIN AT THE CLUB “One of the things that we still struggle with is the turnover in our management,“ POA President Howard Ray stated during a question answer session concerning the restaurant at the November 27th open board meeting.

Holiday Boat Parade PG. 13 Market Place PG. 14

And with the one month tenure of Daniel Johnson, the latest POA Amenities General Manager, the turnover continues. Johnson’s resignation, stated as being for personal reasons, is just the latest in short-term general managers for the POA. The turnovers became Fairfield’s problem after the POA purchased the country club and golf course from PEGI

for $1,150,000 on December 30, 2005. During the same month as the purchase of the golf course, the POA entered into an agreement with HMS Golf to manage the Golf and Country Club. Mike Schleuter became the Club General Manager. In July, 2006, James Haslam, the director of operations for HMS Corporation, began managing the golf course. Terry Smith became the club manager soon thereafter. Effective February 14, 2007, the POA asked Community Management Associates (CMA), who had been managing the POA

operations, to take over management of the golf and country club. Matt Davidson, who was previously the Property Control Manager at Fairfield for CMA, became the Club Manager. On April 1, 2009, Country Club General Manager Matt Davidson returned to the POA office as the Assistant Operations Manager. His new duties included property control, maintenance, human resources, as well as the Country Club operations. Continued on Page 7

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A LUMP OF COAL COULD BE GOOD How many have heard of receiving a lump of coal in your stockings at Christmas if you were bad? Where did that come from? The best answer I could find was that it started in the Netherlands during the Industrial Age when coal fueled virtually everything. Poor people were considered to be either bad themselves or had bad relatives that put them in their situation. Originally, a lump of coal was reasoned to be a practical gift for the poor, used to keep them warm in their cold, drafty homes. When you didn’t have the basics, coal would be more meaningful than toys. So, something that was somewhat good became twisted and the analogy of lumps of coal for bad children came about.

of someone? What have we done, in the cloaks of secrecy, that might have, or will affect, someone else negatively? I bet most of us would have bulging, coal-filled stockings crashing to the floor. So, during this season of celebration of peace, let’s look within to see what we can do to better ourselves and to look out for one another. I know that’s the standard fare for this time of year, but it’s also a practical message like the original meaning for the lump of coal.

In the months ahead, we have many challenges to correct within our community. We can debate these issues either constructively, or vindictively. One way leads to a solution, and the other leads to bitterness and division. This next True or not, I’m going to use this interpretayear is one of practicality and the year we’ll retion of the custom. Let’s all look back at our acceive coal within our stockings — not for being tions this past year and see what we did to others bad, but for making the hard, necessary and that might deserve a lump of coal. More imporpractical choices for the community that we all tantly, let’s look how we act in private. That’s love. where the facade comes off and our true, often nasty, selves are revealed. Did we say something Steve Barden derogatory about someone else? Are we jealous

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PLANNING YOUR REQUIRED DISTRIBUTIONS NEWS CONTACT: Michael L. Stone, AAMS® CEO & Founder Milestone Investment Management, LLC (770) 830-0063

Michael L. Stone, AAMS®

Planning Your Required Distributions

For those in or near retirement, the age of 70½ is a key transition point: Retirees need to begin planning for required minimum distributions (RMDs) that are taken annually from employer-sponsored retirement plans and traditional IRAs. Understanding the rules can help to ensure that you take these distributions in a manner that is best suited to your personal situation.

IRAs For a traditional IRA, you must begin withdrawals by April 1 following the year in which you reach age 70½. The amount that you must withdraw is based on your age with one exception: If you have a spousal beneficiary who is more than 10 years younger than you, the amount of the RMD is based on your joint life expectancy. If your distributions are less than the required minimum, the IRS assesses a penalty equal to 50% of the difference. RMDs are not required from Roth IRAs.

Employer-Sponsored Plans

same rule about beginning withdrawals by April 1 following the year in which you reach age 70½ still applies. However, if you continue working beyond age 70½ and do not own more than 5% of a company, you can delay RMDs until your retirement. In addition, qualified individuals may take a lump-sum distribution in which they withdraw assets from 401(k), profit-sharing, and stock purchase plans within a oneyear period. If terms of the lump-sum distribution are met, the taxable portion is taxed at special rates based on levels for single taxpayers in 1986. Those born before 1937 qualify for 10-year forward income averaging. RMDs from qualified retirement accounts are taxable as ordinary income.

Calculating the Amount In most instances, the financial institution where you maintain the account determines the amount of your RMD. The formula involves dividing your balance as of December 31 by your life expectancy, and the resulting amount is your distribution. Although these rules may appear cut and dry, there is flexibility that retirees may want to consider:

For 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and other employer plans, the

You have the option of taking the initial RMD in the year in which you turn 70½ or waiting until the following year, as long as the withdrawal is taken by April 1 of the following year. Keep in mind that if you delay your RMD until the following year, you will be required to take two RMDs that next year, which could potentially push you into a higher tax bracket. You may also take your RMD as a series of withdrawals throughout the year, which could

Kiwanis Club of Fairfield Plantation HoneyBaked Gift Cards Fund Raiser In support of The Eliminate Project Give them as gifts or treat yourself! Available in any denomination with no expiration date ($10, $25, $50) Gift Cards can be used at any HONEYBAKED store, catalog or website Gift Card orders can be placed with any Kiwanis member or Bob Pinckney 770-214-2948 – A few ideas for how HoneyBaked Gift Cards might be enjoyed: $10 - HoneyBaked Boxed Lunch or Pecan or Apple Carmel Walnut Pie $25 - Traditional Roasted or Gently Smoked Turkey Breast or Assorted Cookies & Brownie Platter (serves 16) $35 - Turkey Breast plus Pecan or Apple Pie or HoneyBaked Mini Ham or Boneless Ham $50 - HoneyBaked Mini Ham plus Carrot Cake or Signature Meat Platter for 10 Etc.

be convenient if you are using the withdrawals for ongoing living expenses.

When planning for distributions, be sure to keep your beneficiary(ies) up to date. Married participants in employersponsored retirement plans are required to name their spouse as beneficiary unless the spouse waives this right in writing. For an IRA, account holders may designate whomever they wish.

Planning for RMDs is complex. Before beginning your distributions, you may want to consult the financial institution where your assets are housed, your financial advisor, and your tax advisor to make sure that your planning efforts are successful. Because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications or its sources, neither S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications nor its sources guarantees the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or availability of any information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. In no event shall S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages in connection with subscriber's or others' use of the content. © 2013 S&P Capital IQ Financial Communications. All rights reserved.


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Photo by: Andy Petty Jim Hannon & Phil O’Brien

Back, L –R: Cricket Pinckney, Jamie Davis, Michelle Nyberg, Tammy Priest, Melissa Mikos. Sitting on either side of Santa—Christina Henggeler and Angie Hurst. Not Pictured: Santa’s

L—R: Adam Penilla, David Scruggs, Bob Endicott, Bernie Twitty, Paul Ealey, & Tim Mikos receive check from Pat Johnson, Women’s Club president.

Tiffany Taylor & Bradford Hegler taking pictures of Brooks with Santa

Santa trying out German Shepherds instead of Reindeer. Musket (next to Santa), Sadie & Outlaw.

Laura Perry & Tamara Deming

Matt Careins, Toys for Tots representative, receives $500 donation from Pat


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LOCAL AUTHOR GETS PRESTIGIOUS BOOK REVIEW The Midwest Book Review headquartered in Oregon, Wisconsin recently posted a review for Twice Upon a Time, a book by Fairfield Plantation author, Frank Allan Rogers in its magazine, Reviewer’s Bookwatch. Katherine Boyer, a retired librarian and one of Midwest’s contributors, gave the book the ultimate five-star rating, and posted the following evaluation. Twice Upon a Time, by Frank Allan Rogers kept my attention. I wanted to continue reading to find out what fascinating turn his storyline would take. Although I am not a big reader of time travel, this did not seem to be the “run of the mill” time travel novel. It was actually believable in the sense that something like it could happen if you put yourself in the skin and mind of Frank’s main character, August Myles. The characters were well defined and the story came to the only conclusion it could. They were believable as living, breathing human beings and interacted with each other as you would expect them to, but with a few little surprises. Frank was able to trans-

port August from the 21st century to the 19th century and into paradise without it seeming contrived. “So is this how it works? You throw a human infant, helpless and ignorant, onto a strange planet, in a trialand-error life with countless hazards and no way to know when or how that life will end. And when it does, you send that poor soul to hell, not for being a bad person, but for common mistakes. For being human. Where’s the justice in that? Is the Devil in charge of the universe?” With a plea to his “mentor”, Socrates, August persuades him to go back and ask the Council for a second chance. To the surprise of both of them, the Council reconsiders their decision and gives August a second chance, but he has to carry out a mission. Thus begins a trek through 1847 wagon train life,

fraught with bad men, Indians and a damsel in distress. How August deals with all of these things is the premise to the story. I highly recommend it to all. Frank Allan Rogers considers himself not just a writer, but a storyteller and hopes his readers will take away the same feelings he has had in the telling of the story. Frank lives with his wife, Mary Rogers, an award-winning oil artist in west Georgia. Reviewer’s Bookwatch prints reviews only from books approved by The Midwest Book Review, and accepts no payments from authors, agents or publishers. “The last few weeks have been great,” Frank

says. Before this review, his publisher notified him that his book was on the best-seller list in Germany. “I think it surprised me more than anyone,” he said. “But I’ll take all of those surprises I can get.” To order Frank’s books from Amazon (Kindle version or printed) simply enter his full name, Frank Allan Rogers, in their search box. Or you can get signed copies from the author.

MY ELECTION EXPERIENCE—PAUL SOUDI Recently, I had an unsuccessful run for a board position in Fairfield Plantation (FFP) in Carroll County, Georgia, that was quite an experience. Through the process, there are lessons to be learned and shared, since they are about everybody’s dayto-day life.

erty assessment another. Sounds familiar?

homeowners annually.

Jarvis argued the issue of excessive taxation effectively by demonstrating that the way the taxes were raised, it made the homes hard to afford and drove the homeowners, particularly those on fixed income, such as retirees, out of their houses. Overwhelming approval of Prop 13 by Californians limited the power of local governments to a significant level in imposing excessive taxes. Prop 13 fixed the value of a house In the debate, there was an issue raised that I am based on its price at the time of its purchasing. Now in passionate about and it is the “POA Imagine if your mortgage went up to this extent in California, the purchase value stays with the house, no Fee.” POA (Property Owner’s Association) Fee is a fee, this short time period, and/or your business tax went similar to county/city taxes, set forth by the FFP govmatter how long, until the house changes up by this percentage, how would you react to it or hands. Some may have to think twice, if they are charerning authority, to be paid annually by homeowners. This fee funds the costs of services such as road survive. The numbers are truly staggering. When I was acterizing California as a total blue state. considering running for the election, what could be a maintenance, security, and recreation being provided Going back to my election, I think the reason I did to each individual housing unit and vacant lot. The fee hotter issue than fiscal responsibility and where would not succeed in the election, on my part, was not be a better place to run for it than Fairfield, since a is set in an extremely high level, drove down property enough campaigning and spreading my message; and huge percentage of the residents are on the same side values, and discouraged new comers to move to FFP. from the voters’ side, who knows. I am appreciative of with me. those who gave me time, listened to me, and voted for This year, the amount of the fee was set for This whole deal reminded me of a conservative me. I would like to let them know that success of Prop $1,400 which is almost half or all of the value of a vacant lot, if the lot is not lake or golf course-front, or % activist, named Howard Jarvis, who said he was “Mad 13 is a lesson for all of us who are concerned about As Hell” and campaigned Proposition (Prop) 13 in Cali- governments/boards’ unnecessary spending and want 15 of a single-family home acquired recently. Just a fornia in the seventies. At that time, homeowners were to put the responsibility back on the governing authorreminder that the POA Fee is an additional bill to the their elected body’s ATM and some were paying about ity and urge them to either get creative and find alterproperty tax bill being paid to Carroll County by FFP $3,000 per year native ways for funding or reduce spending, to promote city/county tax efficiency in their operations. for a home valIt took Howard Jarvis seventeen years from the ued at time he started until he got Prop 13 approved. I hope $100,000, based on the tax it does not take me that long. I am going to continue to run campaign against excessive fee. After all, Fairfield policies crafted by their local is in a red state, Georgia, and there must be an oasis government. At in the horizon. that time, community leaders were transferring their budgetary Editor’s Note: Mr. Soudi and Mr. Lattanzio wanted to problems to comment about the recent board elections in which homeowners by they ran. Mr. Lattanzio’s letter ran in the November increasing their tax ratio one year edition of Fairfield Plantation News and Views. To put the POA Fee in perspective, sixteen years ago, when I bought my lot, the POA Fee was $150 for a single-family residences and $30 for a vacant lot. In a decade and half, the Board increased the fee for single -family homes for a total of %833 with an average increase of %55 per year; and for vacant lots, a total increase of %4,566 with an average increase of %304 per year, consistently.

and raising prop-



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months, if not years, to figure out what actually works.” The structure has been agreed upon, but some of the details, such as the procedures between the committees, how many board members are on each committee, and the important document trail are still being developed. For example, Ray stated that he does not want “a committee overriding another committee.” The whole purpose of the super committee is to act as a conduit from the sub-committees to the board. A super committee will only work on the requests that were sent up from a sub-committee or on requests from the board.

that go from the super committees to the board. And, the board should have official documents that go back to the super committees. Individual emails to each other are not the official documents. These documents should be on the website where people can see what the subcommittees requested, and the requests made by the super committees to the board. Ray stated that one of the several communities that the board looked at, Sun River, had this type of document trail.

The board expects this new committee structure to take Dams Committee who would be in charge of effect in January, 2014. Since budget items will be docks. Since the Lakes and Dams Committee has worked out in the super committees, the community not requested 80 foot docks, the chairman of the Ray gave an example of how he envisions the volunteers will have a better voice in budget cuts Property Control Committee can’t just bring it up super committees to work. In his example, he before it ever gets to the board. And, in Ray’s opinin the Building and Grounds/Facilities Commitused two sub-committees — the Property Conion, by the time the super committees reveal their tee. trol Committee and the Lakes and Dams Commitrequests to the board, “the community has spoken tee. These two committees feed into the new In order to ensure that the committees work as verses the 9 of us making those decisions.” Building and Grounds/Facilities Super Commit- stated and individuals in these powerful super comSteve Barden tee (please see the chart). Suppose the chairman mittees do not press their own agendas, it is imporof the Property Control Committee personally tant to have an official document trail. There should wants 80 foot docks on the lake. However, that be official documents that go from the subrequest has not been submitted by the Lakes and committees to the super committees, and documents

Simply Catering Simply Call:


KEVIN HEAD, AGENT AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE 141 N Bay View Dr. Villa Rica, GA 30180 Office: 770.462.1005 Mobile: 678.725.1459 Fax: 770.462.1009 Website:


MANAGEMENT TURNOVER On May 18, 2009, the POA announced the hiring of H&A Financial LLC as the new Country Club and Marina management company. H&A managing partners were Barbara Jodoin, Stan Hodges, and Scott Medieros. Scott would manage the Country club. By October 19, 2009, Fairfield Plantation and H&A “amicably agreed” to dissolve the contract for H&A to manage the golf and Country Club amenities. Fairfield Plantation Board member Chadene Carr filled in for a few months without pay while the search was on for a new general manager. On January 18, 2010, the Fairfield Plantation Board approved Chadene Carr as the new General Manager of the Golf and Country Club, Marina, and Beach. Since the

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by-laws do not permit Board members to be employed by the Association, Carr immediately stepped down from her position on the Board. By November, 2010, a Country Club Task Force had two restaurant “experts” reviewing the current operations and advising them on best practices. On December 7, 2010, Tom Nickoloff was appointed as the restaurant Manager of the Fairfield Plantation Country Club. In April, 2011, Jeff King became the general manager over the club and golf course. On March 19, 2012, the POA announced the hiring of Dennis Mancinelli as the Food and Beverage Man-

ager. Dennis would report to Jeff King. July 31, 2012 Jeff King resigns as the General Manager of the Fairfield Plantation Golf and Country Club. November 21, 2012, David Unsicker became the General Manager for the Golf Club and Restaurant. Daniel Johnson’s hiring was announced on November 7, 2013, and his resignation was announced on November 27, 2013. Once again, the POA is in familiar territory; hiring another general manager for the Golf and Country Club. Steve Barden

 Ian Stone will be leaving his position as General Manager of the Fairfield POA. He has been promoted within the CMA organization to a Division Manager position. In his new position, Ian will oversee a number of CMA properties with Fairfield being one of them. Ian served as our onsite General Manager for the past two and a half years. In his time here, he has made many important contributions to the management of our

community. The Board wishes to thank Ian for his efforts on our behalf. We wish him the best in his new assignment. 
 Jim Blair has been promoted from his position as an on-site manager with CMA to the position of General Manager for Fairfield Plantation. Jim is a 10 year veteran in Property Management and has been with CMA for the last 2 years. In his most recent position with CMA, Jim managed a

270 unit high rise in Sandy Springs. He brings strong property management skills and experience to our community. As an added bonus, Jim lives just outside the East gate in Winston, Ga. 
Ian has been working with Jim for the past few weeks to assure a smooth transition. In his new position, Ian will continue to be involved and available to Jim and the BoD.
Again, thank you and best wishes to Ian and welcome to Jim. 
 Board of Directors



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CHALLENGES OF ENTERTAINING IChristina Henggeler I once heard that Entertaining is about how things should be. When entertaining I figure my job as a hostess is to help my guests have the experience they should have. But then there are the challenges of entertaining. Part of entertaining is a no brainer – clean the house and make sure there is food and libations. Another no brainer is small talk; every wellmannered guest understands that the fee for drinking the host’s punch is to make small talk and introduce topics of conversation. Some Entertaining tips I picked up as a guest at other’s affairs. After spending a few frantic moments in the bathroom looking for toilet paper I now keep extra rolls of toilet paper on the back of the commode. I also added tampons and

hand cream to the basket- just trying to be gracious- and because I want my guests to handle any problem that arises while they are in the bathroom I place the toilet plunger next to the commode. Of course, some entertaining challenges you can’t plan for. Last Christmas Mister’s sons were bringing over their girlfriends. (I know, right; both of them were making the “official” family visit on the same day. I had met, and liked, each woman on various fishing afternoons and rafting trips – but this visit was tantamount to an announcement of official girlfriend.) I cleaned the house like never before and ordered lots of food from the deli. On the day of their visit our house stank with an eye watering foulness. Turns out a rodent died in the heat venting system. We spent the afternoon at the Country Club shooting pool. Another challenge when entertaining is getting everything done before guests arrive. Like many women, I work a full time job and have friends and family to keep up with. There isn’t always time to prepare the gala event I envision. Most of the time I get close enough for winking, but once

I was still in my bathrobe when guests arrived. That’s right – I invited 20 or so of my nearest and dearest over for a tree trimming party and spent so much time cooking and pulling out Christmas decorations that I was still in my robe and messy hair bun when everyone got to the house. And not a cute TV special robe either, but the really comfy one that has been through the wash too many times and has stains of unknown origin on one sleeve. What can a girl do? I just started drinking punch and telling myself everyone else was over-dressed for the occasion. I encountered an entertaining challenge I never expected last Saturday night. A dozen or so of us were at my house drinking punch, watching football on TV, and singing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” when a friend dared me to include the term toilet plunger in my essay. Another friend double dared me, and I heard double dog dare… Challenge accepted. See paragraph four. Happy Christmas y’all – I hope all your entertainments are festive and bright!

A GIRL HAS TO EAT Dining out, cooking in, and everything delish in between Michelle Nyberg

Life is busy and we never have time to do anything slow. We have to drive fast (traffic can literally drive some people to rage), watch TV fast (heaven forbid we have to watch a commercial) and get responses immediately (if it takes you over 10 minutes to reply to an email people put out a missing persons report). Out of everything that is sped up, cooking and eating are my least favorite things. It makes me cheerless to drive through a fast food joint, it breaks my stomach to pull out a frozen pizza for dinner, and depresses me when we scarf dinner down in 1.2 milliseconds. I do lots of things to escape this dissatisfying way of

life. When I make that frozen pizza I vow to next time make pizza from scratch all the way down to the dough. This is one of our favorite family activities. We all get our hands floury and the best part is we get to pick what we want on our individual pizzas vs compromising with each other. After eating a dinner so fast that we don’t even taste I make it a point to slow the next one down. My favorite slow eatin’ meal is seafood dinner. I make crabs legs, bbq shrimp with the shell on, knockoff Red Lobster biscuits and salad. It takes us at least an hour to crack our crab and deshell our shrimp. It is a messy meal that can’t be scarfed down and it is oh so enjoyable and delicious. I’m sure the stick of clarified butter that accompanies the crab and the 3 sticks/lb of shrimp have a little bit to do with it. I also enjoy slowing down food preparation by making things from scratch that we usually buy premade. Items such as biscuits, soup, spaghetti sauce, beef jerky, pretzels, and sausage

are a few. A couple of things that I always leave to the professionals are pickles and pie crust because well, I just am not good at making either. With the holidays coming up and having lots of time off I am looking forward to many meals that take longer than 15 minutes to prepare and much longer than 1.2 milliseconds to eat. Making a green bean casserole for a get together? Don’t buy frozen/canned beans- get some fresh ones and cook them all day with some ham hock. Don’t open those cans of cream of mushroom soup- use butter, cream, flour and fresh portabellas. Don’t pop that can of fried onions- slice up a fresh onion, bread it and then fry it to top off your casserole made with the priceless ingredient of time. All that said, even if you order in pizza during these upcoming holidays and eat it before it hits a plate I hope the company you do it with makes it the best meal ever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

SUCCESSFUL BLOOD DRIVE—NEXT BLOOD DRIVE 2/1/2014 The Recreation Committee in partnership with The American Red Cross hosted our fourth blood drive for the year on Sunday, November 30th. Once again, Fairfield’s giving spirit shone bright. Even during a holiday weekend with so much going on in residents found time to give 42 pints. While this number is down a tad from previous drives, that can probably be chalked up to the holiday weekend and this number still exceeded Red Cross standards. The men came out in force to try and close the gap after an extensive guilt

trip was laid out on Facebook about how the women had been out donating them year to date by almost 4 to 1. Not to worry though, there will be plenty of time at our next drive on February 1st for either of the sexes to claim bragging right for the year. Fairfield residents have given a whopping 212 pints since we started having these drives last February and of we can kick this next donation date into overdrive and reach our yearly goal of 300

pints, the Red Cross will make a much needed donation into Fairfield’s recreation fund. While this may be a little bit of a stretch, I just know that all of our awesome friends and neighbors can do it. Appointments can already be made for the February 1st drive from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm by logging on to code:Fairfield, or by contacting Phil O’Brien at either or 770-257-7818. Phil O’Brien


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LET’S GET TECHNICAL Jeffrey Thomas Your worst nightmare: CryptoLocker Ugh. Ransomware is something I absolutely detest, and have touched on in the past: possibly too much ;) It is a particularly repulsive type of malware. The approach though, is quite simple: you’re checking mail, click on an email supposedly coming from someone you know, or perhaps a company you’ve dealt with in the past. There is a .zip attachment, or sometimes a .jpg, which you click on without thinking. Bam! Infected. In about the time it takes the government to spend a million dollars your computer will be infected with malicious software that renders it, for all intent and purpose, unusable. The panel that pops up on your screen will claim to be from local law enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security, or the F.B.I., and accuses you of committing a computer crime or viewing explicit pictures of children. It then demands payment, either in the form of a ransom or a ‘fine’ before access to your computer is returned. Most of these scams want you to buy a gift card for around $200 or $300…

your card number with has instant access to the cash and will siphon the card dry. In Figure 1 there is a countdown timer, typically 72 hours, if you don’t pay up within that period, the private key is destroyed and you literally lose access to your files. Forever. Popular British security expert and blogger Javvad Malik; had this to say this about CryptoLocker. “Ransomware such as CryptoLocker is not new – variations of Ransomware have been around for years. When you look at CryptoLocker, it predominantly comes in via phishing emails. The best way to protect against it is for users to be vigilant against clicking on links within emails. Currently, it looks like there’s not much that can be done once infected and I wouldn’t advise anyone to pay the ransom. It goes back to having backups and data management in

What Is CryptoLocker, you ask CryptoLocker is a special piece of Internet hell targeting computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system from Windows XP all the way up to the new and shiny Windows 8.1. Typically, it spreads as an email attachment, often purporting to be from a legitimate source, including friends, family, or maybe the same company as before. The virus is, of course, an executable attachment. Interestingly though, the icon representing the executable is often a PDF file. With Windows' hidden extensions feature, the sender simply adds ".PDF" to the end of the file (Windows, by default, hides the .exe) and you, dear unwitting user, are fooled into thinking the attachment is a harmless PDF file from a trusted sender. It is of course anything but harmless. CryptoLocker reveals itself only after it has scrambled your files, and your brains. Anyway. When installed on your computer, it attempts to make contact with a so-called “Command & Control” server somewhere on planet Earth. Once connected it generates a 2048-bit RSA key pair, using asymmetric encryption. The public key is used to encrypt and verify data, while the private key is used for decryption, each the inverse of the other. The public key is stored on your infected computer and the private key is stored on the Command & Control server. It then systematically encrypts certain files, typically by pre-defined file extensions, stored on your local computer, as well as ones that are stored on mapped network drives and mounted removable storage. Sorry about the technical gobbledygook. There is no pretense with this piece of work. As Image 1 shows it’s straight down to business: your data is encrypted, we did it, and you will now pay… The odds of you, me, or even the NSA, for that matter, being able to break this encryption before the countdown timer reaches zero is, well, impossible. CryptoLocker asks for you to hand over your cash; either two Bitcoin, (at the time of writing, one Bitcoin is worth around USD $1000), or $300 in either a Green Dot MoneyPak or sometimes Ukash prepaid cards, or the Euro equivalent. These cards are not linked to bank accounts - the money is the card. Anyone you share

Does the email address match up with the purported sender? Were you expecting any correspondence from them? Is the spelling and grammar consistent with what you’d expect from the genuine sender? There are many, many reasons to be suspicious of an email and to think twice about poking in any attachments. Call the person who sent the email first! So. Should You Pay Up? What if your computer gets compromised? You probably don’t know this, but it goes without saying that brute- forcing files encrypted with 2048-bit RSA encryption while not impossible would take considerable resources available only to, say, a government.

Now, thanks to the growing prevalence of a system called Bitcoin and other digital payment systems, it's easier than ever for online crooks to capitalize on these "ransomware" schemes and remain almost totally anonymous. Not nice, right? OK. Now get ready to meet CryptoLocker; the pinnacle of Ransomware evil. Christmas is coming, and so is just about every scam known to man; and then some…

projects/cryptoprevent/). This applies a number of settings to your installation of Windows that prevents CryptoLocker from ever executing and allowing protection on all versions of Microsoft Windows. Like a broken record, I cannot stress enough it is imperative that you really check emails to see if they’re suspect before you open up any email attachments. Telltale clues are:

Sophos, a pretty good computer security firm, has looked at a number of files that have been encrypted by this particular malware and has failed to discover any obvious means in which they can be decrypted without forking over the ransom. They detected this as Troj/Ransom-ACP place…” Having A Proper Backup I encourage everyone, often, to make regular backups, preferably those that are isolated from your computer. You all do this, right? Because as you have just read, using a networked backup solution will be utterly ineffective, as CryptoLocker has been known to encrypt data stored on these volumes. If you use a cloud backup service like Carbonite, or Mozy, you can take comfort in knowing the odds are good that your files are versioned. This means that if you back up an encrypted copy of a file you care about, you can revert to an earlier version. I read this recently on Reddit, from a Carbonite employee.

Hmmm. With that in mind, the only sure way to get your data back is by paying the ransom within the time limit. However, this poses like, a major ethical dilemma. By paying the ransom, you make this skanky “business” profitable and therefore perpetuate it. However. If you don’t pay, you forever lose access to everything you’ve been working on which is stored on your computer. What further complicates things is that it is impossible to ascertain who would be the recipient of any money paid. It may something so simple as a single person working from his bedroom looking to get rich at the expense at others, or it might be something far more sinister. Conclusion The usual warnings apply here; and yes, they are dire, because the stakes just got a whole lot higher. Be sure that all of your security software is up-to date, and all those important security updates for your operating system are installed. Make sure too that you are using your computer’s System Restore utility or a back -up software. Try to stick only to reputable websites, don’t download pirated materials, and only open attachments that you are expecting to receive.

“If you’re affected by the virus, you should disable, or uninstall, Carbonite as soon as possible. If you stop backing up the files, it’s more likely that Carbonite will not have overwritten a “last known good” backup set. There is a high risk of some recent data loss (you’re effectively going back in time, so if we have no record of the file existing at a previous time, you won’t get it back) with this method, but it’s far, far better than losing all of your files”. “When you call customer support, which you should do as soon as possible, specifically mention that you are infected with cryptolocker. It was mentioned in the post above, but I just wanted to put emphasis on it because it’ll get you through the queue faster. Also, just to state the obvious, make doubly sure the infection is off your machine before you call support, please”. Easing Your Woes

Consider installing the MalwareBytes free version, one of the better malware detection and removal utilities. It detects Cryptolocker infections as Trojan.Ransom. However, it cannot recover your encrypted files due to the nature of asymmetric encryption, which requires a private key to decrypt files encrypted with a public key.

So far, reports suggest that some security programs have had a hard time of preventing CryptoLocker from getting its claws onto your system before it’s too late. Fortunately, security expert Nick Shaw, owner of Foolish IT, LLC, has created a handy piece of software called CryptoPrevent (

Consider using CryptoPrevent to block access to your computer. I have this application, and have it installed on all Windows based PCs at our house. It comes with updates for the lifetime of the product for a mere $15.

Better yet, upgrade to MalwareBytes Pro and get protected by malware execution prevention and blocking of malware sites and servers. This software costs around $30, and is well worth the investment. It plays well with other anti-virus software that has an antimalware component. Don’t rely just on McAfee, or Norton. Oftentimes they are way behind the curve on these types of malware.


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KIWANIS CLUB Office Zach Benefield, a Carroll County Sheriff Department School Resource Officer, presented on his work with the EAGLE program at the November 19th Kiwanis Club meeting. This program was developed by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department for middle and high school students. It expands upon the DARE program to include discussions with students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, gang violence, and internet security.

Officer Zach Benefield and Kiwanis president, Brad Robinson

Fairfield Girl Scout Troop. All this and we have FUN! We meet the first and third Tuesday of every month at 11:45 a.m. at the Fairfield Country Club. If you are interested in attending a meeting with a vibrant group of your neighbors striving to make a difference in our area, or are a Kiwanian new to Fairfield, please come to one of our meetings.

Our members volunteer at the Soup Kitchen, make dolls for young children at Tanner Hospital (Villa Rica) emergency Room and ambulances. We mentor at Sand Hill Elementary School and sponsor youth organizations at Glanton Hindsman and Ithica Elementary Schools, Bay Springs Middle School, and Temple High School. We also sponsor Fairfield’s Boy Scout Troop 2424 and Cub Scout Pack 3030 as well as supporting the

THE PLANTATION WOMEN’S CLUB The Plantation Women’s Club met on December 7th and enjoyed another great gift exchange. We were proud to announce and recognize Michelle Nyberg as our "Women of the Year". Congratulations and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for The Plantation Women's Club. We are thankful to announce that The Plantation Women's Club has officially been given Public Charity Status by the Federal Government. We also enjoyed the installation of our 2014 Board given by Rachel Tucker, congratulations and thank you to our new officers. President:Michelle Nyberg 1st Vice President-Fundraising: Tammy Priest 2nd Vice President-Programs: Angie Hurst 3rd Vice President-Cricket Pinckney Treasurer: Melissa Mikos Recording Secretary: Jamie Davis Corresponding Secretary: Christina Henggeler The next Plantation Women’s Club meeting will be held on January 4th at 11:00am at the Country Club. This will be another fun meeting as we will be having our annual silent auction. Ladies are asked to bring item(s) to be auctioned off, so if you got a gift that you feel would better fit someone else's needs bring it in. We are proud to announce that we’ve reached our membership goal of 100 members,

with a total of 105 members. This year we are celebrating 40 years of service to our community and the surrounding area and plan to celebrate each month in honor our anniversary. Ladies are encouraged to bring a friend and to all new residents this is a great group for meeting your new neighbors. New members are always welcome and the fee is only $15 for the year. The Plantation Women’s Club meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Fairfield Plantation Country Club. Social time is from 11:0011:30am, with lunch and a business meeting following. For more information call Michelle Nyberg President (636-4856457) or contact her via e-mail. We ask that you reserve your lunch for the meeting by e-mailing Michelle Nyberg at or giving her a call. Hope to see you there! Jamie Davis, Publicity

Recreation Committee Survey If you haven't already completed the Recreation Committee Survey that was sent out, please try to do so by Jan 10th. A few minutes of your time will help us to plan for the future. We appreciate your participation.


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GLOW BALL TOURNAMENT It happens twice a year, during that unusual period of time each year when the clock mysteriously either falls back or springs forward. During these times, there are a group of people within Fairfield Plantation that take to the fairways and play golf at night. It’s called Glow Ball, and according to the people playing, it’s a lot of fun.

Association, and it continues to grow each year. It is called a tournament, and there are minimal prizes awarded to the top four teams, but it is a tournament like no other. Here, golfers, and non-golfers, are welcome to participate. Jay says there are some people whose only time they play golf is during these night-time excursions.

Glow Ball is like it’s name implies; it’s playing golf at night by hitting a glowing golf ball. These are plastic balls, that weight the same as a regular golf ball, but have a hollowed area to insert a glow stick. The game is 9 hole, 3 par and is played on the front 9 holes of the Fairfield Plantation Golf Course. Glow Ball consists of 18 teams of “This is a social event,” says Jay Cheek, the organ4 people (a 4 person scramble), and two teams are placed izer of the event. “Many people will eat dinner at the club at each of the nine holes to start. Each team plays around before, play some golf and meet new friends, and then the 9 holes. One of the rules this year was that each team often enjoy some adult beverages afterwards.” had to consist of at least two Fairfield residents. This is the third year that Jay has organized this As the players play their rounds, there are opportunith Glow Ball Tournament that’s sponsored by the 19 Holer ties to meet new friends not only from the 8 people that

you’re playing with, but with the players at the hole ahead or behind you, depending on how fast or slow the group may play. It’s during this time that you’re waiting that you get to meet other people while watching glowing orbs being hit through the night-time sky. Jay Walton, the Fairfield Plantation Golf Course Superintendent, worked hard assisting in this tournament. He set up Tiki torches along the course, marked tees with flashlights on the poles to reveal the holes, and his crew was there during the evening to assist with the golf carts. The next Glow Ball will be held in the spring, somewhere around the time change. This year, the cost was $7.00 per person, and if you needed a cart, it was $11.00 per person. Other than this, all you will need is a flashlight, a set of clubs, and the desire to meet new friends and to have fun hitting a little glowing ball in the dark. Steve Barden

PLANTATION PLANTERS GARDEN CLUB On Dec. 4 the Plantation Planters Garden Club

will be painting terra cotta pots as we enjoy each

enjoyed a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the awesome "Garden Lights - Holiday

other's company while sampling different finger foods and sipping assorted beverages. Tickets for

Nights" light extravaganza! During the month of December some of our Garden Club mem-

the Feb. 12 Valentine's Tea for Garden Club members will be on sale at this meeting. Come join us

bers worked very hard on decorating the front and back gates with lights and holiday cheer!

for a fun way to start the new year! Marilyn Coulon

A special thanks goes out to the following helpers: Linda Propp, Dottie Hitzeman, Brenda Rhodes, Pam and Robbie Robinson, Jody Cotton, Habiba Shaw, Lori London, and to Bill and all of his maintenance crew! Our next meeting will be at the Recreation Center on Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 11:00. We

Please support our advertisers for they are the reason that we can provide this paper to you.


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GARDEN CLUB HOUSE OF THE MONTH Scot and Jamie Davis have lived in Fairfield on Britton Dr. for four years and their four children love helping set up the yard for Christmas. When they first moved in all they had were icicle lights and with the height of the roof on their new home; they quickly decided that finding a way to decorate the yard would be the only option. The children love what they came up with and they get excited when they see the cars slow down to look as they go by. The Davis family would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Submitted by Dottie Hitzeman and Linda

LGA The LGA will meet in late January of 2014. The date will be announced in the Plantation Press. There will also be cards and emails sent out to announce the date of the first 2014 LGA breakfast/meeting, and hopefully playday (playday will depend on the weather). Dea Chandler/President

Front: Judy Igarashi/Treasurer Dea Chandler/President Back: Faye Simmons/Secretary June Tyler/Vice-President

Junko Allan the LGA Champion for 2013 also won most improved


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W I L LY ’ S F I T N E S S C O R N E R WILLY’S FITNESS CORNER By Wilhelmina Barry, IFTA Certified Personal Trainer & AFAA Certified Nutritionist ANOTHER YEAR IS OVER, AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? As 2013 comes to a close, many of us will reflect on our accomplishments & what we are thankful for. I am thankful for the wonderful friendships that have come from being a part of the Fairfield exercise class & I believe everyone in that class would say the same. I would like to take this opportunity to share the accomplishments of several of the class participants;

& it has been one of my best decisions. I have strengthening has improved my ability to go thru lost a lot of weight & I feel stronger everyday. You the day pain free! know the best part? I made good friends. If I can SUSAN EMMONS; Not only is exercising with a do it, you can do it. great group of people good for the body, but it is good for the soul too! My muscles are strong & toned from my arms to my core & down to my legs. Your spirits can’t help but be lifted when exercising with this group. We find something to laugh about at every class & laughter is really good medicine! I hope these individual’s accomplishments have inspired you to become active and/or join our wonderful group! Next month I plan to share more inspirational stories with you in case the ‘spirit’ didn’t reach you this time!

JACK HARTMAN; I have had Parkinson’s disease for 12 years. Due to balance problems, I have suffered some serious falls. The result of one of these falls was a torn rotator cuff. After surgery for that, I had more falls & damaged my shoulder beyond repair. I have had some physical therapy but after joining Willy’s class, I have improved more than I thought was possible. I can now lift my arm to reach the top shelf in the kitchen cabinets. I also feel better, have more energy & sleep better. Thanks Willy!! BLESSING KELLER; I AM Blessing, age in mid30’s. Started going to FF class over a year now

We meet Tuesdays 10:30am , Thursdays & Fridays, 9:00am. For more info about classes or Personal Training, please contact Willy at 770-238-9528 or

NANCY DOMBROWSKY; I had surgery on my back almost 5 years ago. My L4-L5 disc was pressing on my spinal nerves causing weakness & “drop Willy Barry foot”. I have found that exercise & core strengthening has helped to stabilize my spine. I have fewer visits to the chiropractor. I have fewer back aches & muscle twinges. All-in-all the combination A Georgia Independent Insurance Agency for 40 plus of aerobic exer• Life Insurance—Term, Whole Life and Universal cise & core

H OL I DAY B OAT PAR A DE We would like to formally invite all of our Fairfield neighbors and their guests to what we hope will be the start of a new neighborhood holiday tradition. On December 22nd at 6:00pm, we will kick off a spectacular display of holiday cheer with a boat parade. Anyone who would like to participate in the parade that has a boat with current and valid registration should decorate your vessel with as many Christmas lights and decorations as you can handle and meet us at The Marina for staging instructions and some pre parade socializing at 6:00pm. We will then parade regatta style around the lake making sure to pass by prime viewing locations like The Marina and Vista Point so that spectators can enjoy the show. Parade viewers should be in place by 7:00pm to ensure they don't miss any of the action. Bring your lawn chairs, warm comfy blankets, and favorite hot beverage. Then just sit back and enjoy the show! We hope to see everyone on the lake and waving like crazy for some great holiday fun! For boaters interested in more details about participating in the parade, please contact Cathy Dunn at

e{Éwxá \ÇáâÜtÇvx fxÜä|vxá

Low Cost Final Expense

Super Low Term Rates

Individual Health Insurance

Group Insurance

Long Term Care

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Financial Services—Annuities

We will provide a Free and Absolutely NO PRESSURE Insurance Evaluation. Please call: Bob Rhodes or Mike Rhodes For info, evaluation and/or FREE Quote 770-214-2119 Visit us on the Web at:


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Tony’s Lawn Care

Mike Taylor

Rick Nolan

Very Reasonably Priced

Fairfield Plantation Resident

Construction , Remodeling, Roofing Boat Docks, Seawalls and Decks

Lawn Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Hedge/Shrub Maintenance, General Maintenance

30 Years Experience Fairfield Plantation Resident 22 years

Phone: 770-328-8106 JAMES OAKES, CPA CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLED Certified by Georgia in 1977 Practice Licensed Since 1984 Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Tax Return Preparation Services Office located at: Corner of Moss Ferry, Sandhill Hulett & Fairfield Roads


Tony Netherland Long Time Fairfield Resident With 28 Years Experience Residential and Commercial Very Reasonably Priced

Al-Anon Meets Tuesdays @12:00 noon. Carrollton Presbyterian Church. Meets Tuesdays @7:00 p.m. Bethany Christian Church on Hwy 61 For more information, Contact: Marge


No Job to Big or Small We will Build you a House or a Deck

Free Estimates Call Today Fairfield Plantation Resident 404-291-8930 770-830-7690 Experienced middle/high school math tutor, SAT/ACT Prep Fairfield Plantation Resident

Fairfield Plantation Resident


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George Hurst Construction


Call: Tony Alvarez

CONCRETE REPAIR Waterproofing, Sinking Concrete Raised, Basements, Crawl Spaces, Driveways & Walkways

Free Estimates


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Tovey’s World

1914 Everett Baby Grand Piano 1914 Everett baby grand piano serial # 41037- great sound - needs refinishing. Top has some water damage and peeling - Very sturdy construction - no bench—I will help move. $500.00 OBO — Pics on Craigslist Search “1914 Grand Piano” 770-832-9962 .

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Miscellaneous Do you enjoy meeting PHriendly new PHolks? Do you enjoy the tropical spirit of Jimmy Buffett's music and writing? Do you enjoy giving back to your community by participating in environmental and community service projects? Come out an join the West Georgia ParrotHead Club, Inc, a social club with a charity habit. We meet on the last Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at Max and Henry's on the Square, 108 Adamson Square, Carrollton, GA. For more information go to the club website at or e-mail IslandTime Bob Abdich, PHounder at PHinz Up IslandTime Bob Abdich, PHounder West Georgia ParrotHead Club


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West Georgia’s Oldest and Most Reliable Ford Dealer. Serving the Area for Over 40

Don’t Forget to Check Out Our AMAZING SERVICE Department

221 East Montgomery St; Villa Rica, GA 30180; 770-459-5132 Visit them at

FPNAV - December 2013  

A Better Community Through Better Communications

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