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"Young Talents" 2010 The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation

Valentina B`in]an - TV producer, TVR Cultural

through its "Young Talents" programme offers study

Virgil Scripcariu - sculptor

grants and promotes artists at an incipient stage

Florin Stoiciu - graphic artist

of their career who need financial support for

Iuliana V책lsan - artist

their talent development. The aim of the project

Ileana Dana Marinescu - artist

is to enable young artists who lack financial means to create up to their own talent and to improve

The "Young Talents" grants are awarded for a

their skills.

period of 1 year. The number and amount of the grants, as well as the artistic fields supported by

The age range of the grantees spans from 14 to

this programme vary annually, depending on the

24 years. They are students of arts schools and

funds raised through the Royal Charity Concert

universities located in Bucharest.

and from sponsorships.

At the beginning of each year our professional

In 2010 The Princess Margarita of Romania

juries consisting of artists and academics select

Foundation has offered 20 grants of 2,000 Euro

the best of the candidates. In 2010 we had the

each, to 10 musicians and 10 artists. The grants

honour to have the following jury members:

have enabled the young artists to purchase materials and instruments and also to participate

Prof. univ. dr. Stelu]a Radu - pianist

in competitions, exhibitions, concerts or master

Conf. univ. dr. Florin Croitoru - violonist

courses in or outside Romania.

Prof. univ. dr. Mihai Cosma - musicologist R`zvan Popovici - violist

The Foundation organised an arts camp at Tescani

Assoc. Prof. dr. Silvia Voinea - soprano

between 7 and 14 September, where the grantees



had the opportunity to work and study, as well as learn from and know each other closer. At Tescani the grantees devised a cross-area project which they presented on 23 September at the Foundation event organized at the US Ambassador’s Residence, under the patronage of HE Mr. Mark Gitenstein and Mrs. Libby Gitenstein.

Throughout the year we have also helped and supported the young grantees through various events organised with the aid of some of the project sponsors: Edipresse, BRD Group Société Générale, RBS - The Royal Bank of Scotland. These initiatives have not only provided the "young talents" with opportunities to exhibit their work and appear in public, but also to interact with accomplished artists and with people interested in their art.

Royal Charity Concert to the benefit of the "Young Talents" project In 2008 we opened the series of Royal Charity

of Romania Foundation and of the "Young Talents".

Concerts which thereafter The Princess Margarita

On 25 October Nelly Miricioiu will be joined on

of Romania Foundation organised each year on

the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum by baritone

25 October - the birthday of His Majesty King

Yuriy Tsiple and the Romanian Youth Orchestra

Michael of Romania - to the benefit of the "Young

conducted by maestro Horia Andreescu.

Talents" project. The number of grants to be offered by The Princess The first event in the series was the extraordinary

Margarita of Romania Foundation in 2011 is

recital offered with generosity by the renowned

dependent on the generosity of the sponsors and

pianist Dan Grigore. Maestro Dan Grigore’s concert

of the participants to the Royal Charity Concert.

in 2008 and then, in 2009, the concert of the Radio Chamber Orchestra conducted by Cristian Mandeal managed to collect from sponsorship and ticket sale a total of Euro 140,000. This amount was turned into grants for 36 young exceptional musicians, painters, photographers, actors and choreographers.

In 2010, soprano Nelly Miricioiu, one of the most prominent names of the lyric stage worldwide, will sing to the benefit of The Princess Margarita

“Young Talents” in figures • 40,000 Euro - the total amount of grants offered in 2010 through the “Young Talents” project • 20 young people have received "Young Talents" grants in 2010: 10 musicians and 10 fine artists • 2,000 Euro is the amount of each grant • 18 concerts have been given by the "Young Talents" grantees, of which 3 are international concerts • 2 works have been purchased by the US Government to be decorating the new building of the US Embassy in Bucharest. Raluca Gologan is the author of both works. • 11 1st prizes, 4 2nd prizes and 2 Special Prizes have been won by the musicians of the "Young Talents" project • 5 1st prizes have been won by the fine artists of the "Young Talents" project • 7 days was the duration of the Tescani arts camp, where the young grantees devised a cross-arts performance staged at the US Ambassador’s Residence in Bucharest • 4 exhibitions, 3 exhibition launches, 2 festivals have hosted the works of the young fine artists • 25 October is the date when the world acclaimed soprano Nelly Miricioiu, her special guest, baritone Yuriy Tsiple, and the Romanian Youth Orchestra - conducted by Horia Andreescu, will give an extraordinary concert for the next generation of "Young Talents" grantees


Presentation of the “Young Talents” Grantees

Alexandru Nechifor, aged 25, video art Alexandru is taking courses in the Study of the Image Centre of Excellence and wishes to study Animation at Edinburgh College of Art in the United Kingdom. He is the winner of the 2009 "Ion Truic`" award in the International Students’ Film Festival "CineMAiubit". In the two years since he’s been supported by The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation Alexandru has been able to purchase a powerful computer, a Full HD video camera, a flash board, a photographic camera, and a professional design board. These facilities, as fundamental animation tools, are instrumental to his artistic development, also contributing to the quality improvement of his works.

Ana Maria {tefan, aged 17, graphics For three consecutive years Ana Maria has been the winner of the Golden Palette and Brush Award in the Bitola International Fine Arts Camp in the Republic of Macedonia; this year she has also won the Award for the best collection. The "Young Talents" grant allowed Ana buy a photographic camera which will help her prepare for the entrance examination in the Bucharest UNARTE (University of Arts). Ana Maria is not focusing exclusively on graphic arts, she also wants to approach sculpture, stage design, as well as mural and painting.



Andrei Florin Mu[at, aged 22, mural In his graduation work presented this year in the Decorative Arts and Design Department Andrei has aimed at eliciting the "differences and connections between the exterior and the interior, attempting nonetheless at placing this visual approach within an axiological grid". Andrei was invited to participate this autumn in the exhibition at Curtea Veche together with a group of artists who are members of the Artists’ Union of Romania.

Andrei Geamba[u, aged 18, photography Andrei discovered his passion for and talent in photography when he was 14; due to his enthusiasm and perseverance he has become a participant in the exhibition "Perfect Exposure" / GIA and also ranked third in the photography contest run by Atelierul Foto (The Photo Studio). With the Foundation support in June 2010 Andrei took a photography course run by the Bucharest School of Arts.


Presentation of the “Young Talents� Grantees

Drago[ Serafim, aged 20, graphics Drago[ became aware of his passion for fine arts at the age of 10 when he joined a painting workshop. He has been cultivating his talent ever since and his efforts have been rewarded with a lot of national prizes as well as three international awards. "I believe that fine arts are the only area where I can personally develop since it is the only one for which I feel real passion and for which I am willing to dedicate myself completely", says Drago[.

Ioana Mitrea, aged 19, graphics Ioana is a book illustrator; winner of a lot of world competitions, she has participated in a number of joint exhibitions in Bucharest theatres as well as in the European Parliament. She admires Pablo Picasso "for his artistic versatility alongside extremely variegated expression means; but also Friedensreich Hundertwasser for his water colour technique". By means of the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation grant Ioana wishes to buy the necessary materials and organise an engraving workshop for children of a youth placement institution.



Maria Biliu[, aged 18, graphics Maria belongs to a family of artists, which has enabled her from quite an early age to properly appreciate arts and beauty. Her passion for graphics, emerged while playing in Photoshop, she fortunately further took on earnestly. This is how she came to join various exhibitions and win a lot of awards.

Maria Lumini]a Dumitrache, aged 18, graphics Maria’s wish is to become a famous book illustrator, capable of bringing joy to people by blending drawing and poetry. Before attaining that goal, the young artist will be participating in national and international exhibitions and competitions where "the viewer’s smile should be generated by my own endeavours". For Maria art "is all about what I feel and what I can do with my own thoughts".


Presentation of the “Young Talents” Grantees

Raluca Gologan, aged 22, painting Raluca’s university graduation works have attained the highest mark. Her paintings have been displayed in various national joint exhibitions and this spring also in her personal exhibition. Raluca’s talent has been confirmed by the highest awards won in a number of contests such as the "Europe at School" National Visual Arts Competition in Buzau, and also the Nicolae Tonitza National Fine Arts Competition. The Ambassador of the United States of America in Romania, HE Mr. Mark H. Gitenstein, has admired her paintings, of which he has purchased two to decorate the new building of the US Embassy in Bucharest.

Teodora Gavril`, aged 18, graphics Teodora puts her thoughts and feelings on the canvas, which she turns into a genuine work of art. Two years in a row her talent was rewarded with the Golden Palette and Brush awards in the "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" competition. She adores painting ever since her childhood, when she used to draw with chalk on the street pavement. Fully dedicated to her vocation, she has been studying graphics and is determined to become one of the best painters of her generation.

 Adelina Diaconu, aged 22, soprano Adelina, a graduate from the Bucharest University of Music, has been studying classical singing for 8 years. This year, thanks to the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation’s support, she received the second prize in the Franz Schubert Competition held in Ruse, Bulgaria, which opened her world awards portfolio. Adelina is quite aware that in order to become a prominent artist she should commit her future to "work, work and further more work".

Angela Turchetta, aged 14, violin Angela, a student in the "George Enescu" music secondary school, has been studying violin for 7 years. She has taken part in over 40 national and international contests where she most frequently has won the first or second prize. Since 2009, when she became a "Young Talents" grantee, Angela has won the first award in the national school Olympic music contest, the first prize and the "George Enescu" award in the "Victor Giuleanu" contest and has also taken the Boris Kuschnir’s master course.

Presentation of the “Young Talents” Grantees

Claudiu Marius Danciu, aged 23, clarinet Claudiu, a graduate from the Musical Interpretation Department of the National University of Music, has a collaboration with the National Radio Orchestra. The "Young Talents" grant has helped him take part in the summer courses of the Icon Arts Festival in Cisn`die (Sibiu) and also purchase his own clarinet which previously he only had on loan from the University. Claudiu says that for him an artist’s life does not mean effort exclusively because "as long as you love and live for music, as I do, there are no sacrifices but just complete commitment".

Cristina Uruc, aged 22, composition Cristina participated in composition contests and festivals, published articles in specialized reviews and also got involved in organising various events. This year she took part in two national contests where she received the first prize and a special prize respectively. Her compositions were presented in the concert "Young Emerging Composers" and in the "I’m Alive" young composers concert. In the latter she received a CD release proposal which has been a real launching springboard for Cristina. Recently she has developed an interest in electronic music which she is very keen to explore further.



Denisa Miric`, aged 20, piano Denisa is a piano student in the Musical Interpretation Department of the National University of Music. This year she took part in the Animato competition (Zurich, Switzerland), where her talent was re-confirmed. She is an admirer of Mihaela Ursuleasa, who, in her view, is "an extremely complex pianist, endowed with a childlike colorful spirit".

Georgeta Ioana Iordache, aged 16, violin Georgeta has acquired 55 awards in her portfolio of which not less than 51 are the top prizes. This year she was invited to give a recital in Moscow, Russia, in the International Festival "Moscow Meets Friends" and in October she will be participating in Weimer, Germany, in the International Contest "Louis Sphor". The much regretted violinist {tefan Gheorghiu used to compare her with Silvia Marcovici, whom Georgeta admires for her exquisite technique.

Presentation of the “Young Talents” Grantees

Ionela Florentina Soare, aged 23, mezzo-soprano Ionela has taken Angela Gheorghiu as her professional model and has been working very hard to be able to follow in her steps. Supported by the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation Ionela has been participating in a number of master classes in France and Italy, which will enable her professional evolution. Ionela believes that the "Young Talents" grant has helped her get "one step closer to my dream".

Mihai Ritivoiu, aged 20, piano Mihai has been studying piano from the age of 7. He is the owner of a Prize of Excellence awarded by the Government of Romania for his outstanding awards portfolio as well as for his high position among the Romanian school Olympics contesters. This year Mihai has given a recital in the Small Auditorium of the Romanian Athenaeum. After completing his studies at the National Music University in Bucharest, he further intends to run for a master’s degree at the Royal Academy of Music in London.



Mircea Alexandru Dumitrescu, aged 12, violin Mircea’s amazing talent has been noted equally by the public and critics, and laudatory articles have been released in both national and international media. Notwithstanding his young age, Mircea owns an impressive awards portfolio which the "Young Talents" grant has also contributed to: 3 first prizes, 2 special prizes, 2 extraordinary recitals in Milan, 2 recitals in Munich, 1 recital at the Gasteig Philharmonic in Germany, a concert with the Alessandria classical orchestra in Milan. Also, with the Foundation’s aid Mircea has purchased a new violin which will help him conquer audiences both in and outside Romania.

Nicolae Dobrovicescu, aged 14, violin Nicolae’s debut as a violinist was at the age of 6 in a performance at the Romanian Opera. He played recitals at Strasbourg at the European Parliament and in Hamburg and participated in musical programmes on the national channel Radio Romania Cultural. The young violinist believes that "studying a musical instrument is not at all a sacrifice, but, to the contrary, abandoning the study, a contest or a recital are the real sacrifice".




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