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Customer Service STRATEGIC PLAN


Provide Excellent Customer Service Improve our customers’ experience • Improve service and efficiency through electronic communication strategies –– Implement upgraded E-Mail Bill and provide upgraded bill to all customers –– Provide immediate notification to all customers who pay online –– Implement final notice and deposit documentation through email –– Provide proactive email notifications to improve single contact resolution –– Expand use of text messaging –– Partner with Marketing & Communication to develop digital customer experience strategy –– Increase use of automated services • Support cross-functional initiative to improve J.D. Power Business Satisfaction scores • Continue to improve incident response and crisis management processes

Aggressively prevent customer dissatisfaction • Continue to reassess and improve complaint resolution process to identify, react to and address problems in real-time • Partner with Power Delivery to improve service reliability to key customer segments Maximize the benefits of smart grid • • • • • • • •

Implement smart meter opt-out program Deploy Commercial/Industrial smart meters Continue to reduce line loss Develop Customer Service Operations Center to monitor real-time customer data in one location Streamline Customer Service processes that use smart grid data Explore new opportunities to use smart grid data to improve processes Complete Meter Enclosure Alert Service pilot and recommend next steps Efficiently manage “smart” assets through expansion of Smart Grid Product Tracking System

Leverage technological opportunities • Ensure technology is updated to facilitate top decile performance ranking –– Design Next Generation Customer Care technology –– Implement new Customer Account Management Portal –– Evaluate mobile field device technology • Deliver on Innovation Center projects • Partner with Information Management to update Customer Information System strategy • Explore innovative technologies such as crowdsourcing, gamification, IBM Watson, and robotics

Promote Cost-Effective DSM Solutions Achieve successful goals reset • Gain Florida Public Service Commission approval for 2015-2019 goals to be set with lowest impact on customer rates Effectively deliver DSM programs • Achieve current MW and GWh savings targets for residential and business customers while continuing to reduce cost

Leverage new technologies and industry trends • Evaluate new and emerging technologies to keep pace with industry trends –– In-home technology –– Energy efficiency –– Demand response • Identify and monitor regulatory actions which are relevant to Florida’s regulatory environment

Deliver Financial Results and Increase Use of Data Analytics Maintain strategic focus to ensure Customer Service cost per customer is best in class • Achieve Project Momentum savings commitments through 2016 –– Better align Residential Field staffing –– Improve Customer Care –– Optimize organizational structure –– Streamline back office processes –– Improve operational efficiencies at Meter Technology Center and Field Meters Operations • Continue to reduce uncollectible accounts receivable Develop and support growth strategies • Support growth in electrification technologies • Ensure readiness in anticipation of potential 2015 Vero Beach expansion Extract insight from data that allows us to be more predictive, proactive and strategic • Partner with Information Management to develop Customer Service data strategy • Leverage data analytic tools to improve operations Develop capability in quality and continuous improvement • Expand use of Six Sigma methodology and tools

Attract, Develop and Retain Top Tier Employees Improve employee safety and welfare • Continue to execute ZERO Today! vision to proactively eliminate injuries and vehicle incidents –– Improve driving safety –– Introduce human performance tools Ensure employee engagement • Summarize and communicate 2014 engagement survey results • Implement employee engagement action plan based on survey results –– Emphasize raising engagement in all departments to “High Performance” level • Continue to improve collaboration with bargaining unit Manage workforce change and continue focus on employee development • • • • •

Implement Field Service Operations organization Support 2014 bargaining unit contract negotiations Continue to support employee development through Meter Electrician A apprentice program Provide formal change management support for key initiatives Continue to improve effectiveness of business unit communications with “Get to the point!” tips

Attract top talent • Implement programs to develop future talent –– Summer internships –– Expansion of Florida International University (FIU) CustomerCare Center –– FIU/Meter Technology Center smart grid project collaboration


Supporting FPL’s vision to be the best electric utility in the U.S. by 2016

2014 Strategies Provide Excellent Customer Service

Be forward-thinking, dependable, practical, approachable and fair in our delivery of customer service


Promote Cost-Effective Demand Side Management Solutions Be a provider of energy efficiency and demand response solutions that meets both customer and company needs

Deliver Financial Results and Increase Use of Data Analytics

Contribute to corporate profitability while effectively using data analytics to drive continuous process improvement

Attract, Develop and Retain Top Tier Employees Be a sought after place to work where our employees are engaged and provided with the tools and opportunities to realize their potential

FPL Customer Service 2014 Strategic Plan  
FPL Customer Service 2014 Strategic Plan