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October Bible Verse

First Presbyterian Church Weekday Preschoo l


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Parent Night was a great success! Thanks to those parents who attended the virtual event. We loved sahring more about our classrooms with you.

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er Monday, Septemb er 28-Frid Fall Break ay, Octob – No Scho er 2 ol

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Monday, October 5 Lunch Bu nch resum es for 3s a Thursday nd 4s , October 8 Kindergart en dismis ses at noo Kindergart n for en Confere nces Friday, O ctober 9 Kindergart en Confere n Monday, October 1 ces (No K Students ) 2 FPC Staff Meeting-K indergarte at noon; N n dismiss o Lunch B es unch for 3 Tuesday, ’s October 1 and 4’s 3 Chapel fo r 4s and K (Chapel fo r 3s will sta rt in Janua Thursday , October ry) 15 and Fri Sneak-A-P day, Octo eeks for 1 ber 16 ’s Tuesday, October 2 and 2’s 0 and We October 2 dnesday, 1 First Days for 1s and 2s Thursday , October 29 and Fri Halloween day, Octo Parties ber 30

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er Tuesday, Novembe r3 Preschoo l Closed fo r Election Friday, No Day vember 6 or Monda 4s Confere y, Novem nces (Clas ber 9 ses still m eet) **Please s ee your cla ss calend specific to ars for eve you class nts or age lev el.**

Preschool Newsletter October 2020

CONNECTION CORNER: Bridging Home & School


It has been great having our 3’s students back at preschool! They have hit the ground running and are having a great time in class! Thank you, parents for all you did to help with a smooth start. We look forward to our 1’s and 2’s students joining us in mid-October.

Social and Emotional Development One significant component of social and emotional growth is RESPONSIBILITY. Finding age-appropriate ways for your child to help around the house encourages responsibility as well as independence. Here is a list of ideas for engaging your child in your household routine:

Laundry Sort whites and colors Match socks Put clothes in drawers Cleaning Wiping tables and/or counters Sweep the floor after dinner Clear the dishes from the table Caring for Belongings Cleaning up toys Thanks to Jamie Wilson and Jenna Jackson for organizing the Parent Workday for the outdoor classroom . Help Wanted: Thank you to Samantha Angeli for designing the monthly newsletter for preschool for the past several years. Samantha’s boys “graduated” from preschool, and we are looking for someone to help with our monthly newsletter design. Please let the office know if this is something you are interested in helping with!

Feeding a pet Putting shoes and bags in a designated spot Striking a balance of support and challenge is the key. Step back and encourage your children to step up. You might be surprised at what they can do!


Preschool Newsletter October 2020

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Weekday Preschool Newsletter  

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Weekday Preschool Newsletter  

FPC Weekday Preschool May 2019 Newsletter