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Lets go back 10 years  Ten

years ago we bought this property across Washington street which at that time was a tire and auto repair shop.  What to do? – This has been a question for the last 10 years.  Well

nothing was done and now we must act.

What are some of our options with the Clem Building? We can … sell it (more than likely for a loss)  … tear it down and use the property as a parking lot  … continue to do nothing with it and allow it to continue to deteriorate …


repair it in stages and use it

Cost vs loss We have done some preliminary work on gathering some prices.  The building was acquired for roughly $250,000.  The cost of repairs which need to be made, from a lack of previous up-keep, is roughly $175,000.  We also believe that given today's market place that all of these repairs must be done before selling would even be an option and we probably would only be able to sell the property for $200,000 or less. 

How have we used the Clem Building in the past? We’ve worshipped there with the “Cross the Street” worship services  We’ve used it to store Cursillo equipment  We’ve housed people’s property in it (especially the Gossett’s property after the tornado of April 27, 2011)  We’ve stored the bus and trailer in it  We’ve stored materials and tools for our annual Mexico Mission Trip  We’ve used it for additional parking space 

 The

Clem Building is now an eye sore because of the deferred maintenance we’ve not done on it. As a result, it’s a poor reflection on FPC’s stewardship of its property.

     

We’ve been discussing what to do with the Clem Building ever since it was purchased. Several Clem Building Task Forces have been established and their recommendations have all been the same – “Do nothing with it for now.” Unfortunately, we can’t wait any longer to act. The roof has been collapsing since the fall of 2011. Water, mold, and high humidity have forced us to keep our bus and our trailer outside. The Clem Building has huge possibilities. If we were to remodel it as a multi-purpose building: It would take a lot of pressure and use off of our Rodger’s Center It would allow us to host more than one group at a time It was designed to have a second floor built above the original showroom It would be a much easier (and less expensive) place to build showers for hosting mission groups Etc.

ď ľ Unfortunately

we have pretty major damage that we must bring to light.

A multi-purpose building could be used for:  Yoga

classes  Pottery classes  Ministers of the Cloth  Quilting groups  Christian Sporting gatherings  Civic meetings  etc.

ď ľ This

is a space that we believe could be easily converted into a shower and wash room for traveling mission work.

ď ľ This

area could be converted into a clean room for the pottery class so it would not damage the Church’s ageing plumbing.

Clem Building presentation  

Clem building presentation

Clem Building presentation  

Clem building presentation